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Purasleep Mattress Reviews

Purasleep is no longer selling mattresses. Purasleep is an affordable online mattress company popular on Amazon for selling memory foam mattresses. Their foams are CertiPUR-US certified not to offgas and they offer different firmness options for various budgets. Most customers find their mattresses comfortable, but some had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $249-$2549

Trial Period: No Trial

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Purasleep's Owner Satisfaction

There were mixed feelings about these mattresses. Many feel cozy in their new mattresses, but there were others that didn't enjoy their mattress. To ensure what one of these mattresses will work for you, take a look below for more information.

Purasleep's Supportiveness

It's important to have a supportive mattress for a good night's sleep. Sleepers describe these mattresses as highly supportive at first, but there are those that found their mattress less supportive. Before purchasing, read the reviews to make sure you get the right fit for your body.

Edge Support
Edge support is key for those that like to sit on the sides of their mattress. These mattresses are okay in terms of edge support, but some may experience the edges to dip more over the long term.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
In tests that measure the density and supportiveness of these mattresses, support is initially even throughout the mattress. Some folks, however, have described issues with support degrading over time.

Purasleep's Durability

Mattresses don't give sleepers the same kind of lasting comfort they used to. A mattress that continues to stay comfortable after 15 years is becoming rarer and rarer. However, finding a mattress that remains comfortable that long can save you thousands. Unfortunately, sleepers have mixed thoughts about these mattresses. Many folks feel comfortable with their mattress and are happy, but others have issues with comfort on a quicker time frame than average.

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This bed was perfect and everything I'd hoped it would be

This bed was perfect and everything I'd hoped it would be... at first. After having if for a few months it seems like it's wore down in the middle of the bed where I tend to lay more often. If I try to lay on the edges I just roll to the center. It seemed to good to be true at first, but I don't think they're built to last.

I feel like it already may be sagging in the middle since ...

I feel like it already may be sagging in the middle since that is where I sleep the most, but is very soft and comfortable

After 18 months...

I waited a long time to write this review because most beds are great when you first get them. But there are huge sleep indents where my wife and I sleep, and one big raised lump in the middle of us. I'm a big guy over 250 pounds, but my wife is barely over 100 pounds. I understand how my side has been messed up, but not hers! Now after 18 months of sleeping on the mattress it is way too soft and way too lumpy and we are searching for a better brand.

Very Pleased. Great Value!

I wanted a memory foam mattress for years after sleeping on one on a hotel. I refuse to pay $3000 for a mattress. I bought this after reading the reviews. I have had the best several months sleep ever. I don't wake up sore anymore. We did not experience any of the smell reported in other reviews. You absolutely cannot beat the price!

There was little to no off-gassing smell and my niece says it sleeps very comfortably. Very good purchase

The mattress arrived timely. We let it rest a couple of days before using it on the bed. There was little to no off-gassing smell and my niece says it sleeps very comfortably. Very good purchase! Thank you.

I like as it is 10 inch thick

When I see this in the Amazon Primeday, I said to my self 'I Want One Of Those'. I have full size bed frame that needs a bed mattress. As advertised, a full size is measured 75 x 54 x 10. I like as it is 10 inch thick. Ordered a full size, got it. packaged like a vacuum seal, it is heavy . Opened and placed it on my bed frame. And now I said to my self, Oh! NO!! S....!!!. It is wider than it is advertised. It is 56 inch wide, and it won't fit my bed frame. Mattress is firm and has a nice cover. I will return it and now my problem is re-packing it back to its box. Maybe return it in several pieces. Very dissappointed

Excellent product. Excellent price

This mattress was a steal!! I was so skeptical due to the low price but I am SO happy I ordered it anyway! It's firm, yet soft. Excellent quality. I've never slept so well. The only downside is being so comfortable that it's difficult getting out of bed in the morning!

so easy to set up

so easy to set up. SUPER comfortable. My husband who is in chronic pain from just being a dum-dum when he was young sleeps better on this than any bed we have ever slept on.

Cloud 9

Wow, I love this mattress. Just a fair warning, I never owned a memory foam mattress before this 1 so maybe I'm just too biased towards it. It's firm enough to support me sleeping on my back and soft enough for me to sleep on my side with no issues. It supports edge sleeping very well not that I like to sleep on the edge since I tend to fall off my bed when I do lol. The only thing I really really really disliked was the VERY strong smell coming from the mattress when you first unwrap it. Highly recommended you let the mattress air out for about 2 days. After I've done that I haven't smelled anything coming from the mattress.

Five Stars

I used to have insomnia. USED to.

A Great Mattress at a more reasonable price

The mattress is great I would say up their with the serta i comfort line and without the high price.
The mattress has great support for the body and even has edge support and does not heat up like other memory foam mattress.
I am not really a one position sleeper and have no complainants unless you want a extra firm or a ultra plush mattress as I would rate it the sweet spot.

I love this bed

I love this bed. I was a bit skeptical initially as I have never purchased a bed without actually going to the store, however I did a little research on the company and made the purchase. I am very happy with it. I look forward to purchasing another one when I have a place to put it.

Nice mattress (but VERY firm)

It was hilarious seeing a queen size mattress come out of that (relatively) tiny box. It had hardly any 'memory foam' smell out of the bag, even less after letting it sit for 24 hours. Very comfortable, but one of the firmest mattresses I've ever slept on. If you don't like a very firm mattress this might not be the mattress for you.

Edges a bit soft.

Good mattress for the price. Hard to tell if it will hold up over time. Edges a bit soft.

Two Stars

I received what appeared to be used mattress with oil on one side and tears on the other.

I'm soooo pleased, cool and rested

We have had the mattress about 3 weeks and it has exceeded my expectations. My old mattress was very expensive and it was never this comfy. I always woke up extremely hot and sweaty,so you know my concerns about switching to memory foam. I'm soooo pleased ,cool and rested. LOVE IT!

Excellent bed for the money

This bed is firm. If you like a firm mattress, you'll probably love this one. Personally, I expected more shape contouring from a bed this expensive. To find out why it's not great I unzipped the top cover to discover it is simply an 8-inch piece of upholstery foam with a 2-inch piece of memory foam glued on top. That's it.

On the plus side, the cover is stretchy and seems like relatively good quality except for the fact that it has a part where it wasn't sewn correctly and is falling apart along 2 inches or so of the seam. My wife likes (but doesn't love the bed). I am sleeping OK, but find it uncomfortably firm. I've gone ahead and put another 2 inches of memory foam on top of the bed and I'm hoping it will soften things up to my satisfaction.

Another positive feature is that there was very little odor when we opened the package and it dissapated quickly.

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