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Puffy Mattress Reviews

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+1.3x side sleeping

+1.7x back pain relief

+3.3x cloud like

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Puffy has recently added their most luxurious hybrid, The Puffy Monarch Mattress to their lineup. Some recent customers mention appreciating the pressure relief of their Puffy mattress.

Puffy is an online mattress brand that makes four mattresses: The Puffy Cloud Mattress, The Puffy Lux Mattress, The Puffy Royal Mattress, and The Puffy Monarch Mattress. Each of these offer a highly rated, pressure-relieving feel that is making a splash in the mattress in a box industry. Folks find Puffy's mattresses more plush than many other options, which is great for those with a lighter body type. With a goal of providing a balanced, fluffy feel for less than in-store and a lineup that includes both all-foam and hybrid designs, Puffy is worth a second look!

Mattress Score

Overall Score 9.4/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10
Price Value: 9.4/10
Back Support: 9.1/10
Price: $1949-$6698

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Longevity: 9.2/10
Body Conformability: 9.6/10
General Support: 9.1
Softness: 9.5
No Motion Transfer: 9.3
No Odor on Delivery: 9.3
Good for Hot Sleepers: 9.4
Sex / Bounce: 9.2
Good for Heavy Folks: 9
Silence: 9.3
Warranty: 9.7

Get $1350 In Savings

Puffy Specifics

Puffy offers four different mattresses to customers: The Puffy Cloud Mattress, The Puffy Lux Mattress, The Puffy Royal Mattress, and The Puffy Monarch Mattress. While the Puffy Cloud Mattress offers an all-foam design, the Lux, Royal, and Monarch models include the addition of pocketed coils. With pressure-relieving high profile mattress designs, these mattresses offer a luxurious pillowy feel for a smaller price-tag than the major in-store mattress brands. If you are considering a high profile cushy mattress, Puffy's Royal and Monarch mattresses could be the right options.

Quality of Materials
Each of Puffy's mattresses feature high grade memory foams with firmness ratings that are focused on side sleeping and pressure point relief. Over the years, they have enhanced their mattresses with additional layers of cooling technology for those that have trouble with warm sleeping, and the addition of pocket spring hybrid designs for those that prefer a traditional, balanced feel versus a memory foam contour. Below we'll go through what's inside each of their offerings so you can learn how their mattresses will work with your body.

First we'll go through what's inside the 10'' thick Puffy Cloud Mattress:Top Layer: The cover is Oeko-Tex certified, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and moisture wicking, which makes it perfect for sleeping cool and dry all night long. This cover can also be removed for easy washing.

Comfort Layer 1: The first comfort layer is 2'' of Cooling Cloud™ foam, which features a patent pending foam design that diffuses heat using convection and conduction, with greater airflow than many other foams available. It uses gel infusion with an open cell design that provides 8x more airflow than many other foams.

Comfort Layer 2: 2'' of Climate Comfort™ foam that further regulates temperature and is humidity resistant to bring the same cooling feel all year long. Also, its feel is slightly firmer for a pressure relieving but supportive transition.

Support Layer: The last layer is 6'' of support foam that was designed to be more responsive and provide lasting support to the spine in multiple sleeping positions.

Next, we'll go through what's inside the 12'' thick hybridPuffy Lux Mattress:Top Layer: The Puffy Lux cover is made of the same Oeko-Tex certified, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and moisture wicking fabric that sleeps cool and dry throughout the night. The cover can be zipped off and easily cleaned.

Comfort Layer 1: The first comfort layer is 1.5'' of Cooling Cloud™ foam, which features a patent pending foam design that has more airflow than many other foams.

Comfort Layer 2: 1.5'' of Plush Dual Cloud foam will further contour and adapt to the body's curves to provide a 'cloud like' feel that soothes the muscles and joints.

Comfort Layer 3: 2'' of Climate Comfort™ foam adds a gentle, but supportive transition while also continuing to regulate temperature and resist humidity.

Support Layer: The last layer features 7'' of encased pocketed coils that adapt to the curves of the body independently. This tension provides more adaptive support to keep pressure points relieved without leading to a 'stuck' feeling.

Up next, let's take a look at their 14'' thick hybrid Puffy Royal Mattress:Top Layer: The Puffy Royal mattress starts off with a quilted cloud cover that has cooling yarns knitted into it to help provide a comfortable sleep surface.

Comfort Layer 1: To further promote cooling, a .25'' layer of wool followed by a .25'' climate fiber layer are found under the top cover. The wool layer wicks away moisture to keep things dry while the climate fiber layer is made of heat-resistant fibers.

Comfort Layer 2: Next up is a 1'' layer of plush foam infused with cooling gel to help reduce heat retention.

Comfort Layer 3: 2'' of Reflexive foam responds to your body, alleviating pressure points while providing contouring support.

Comfort Layer 4: A 1'' layer of Cloud Comfort foam provides support to help keep your spine in alignment.

Comfort Layer 5: 2.5'' of Cloud Sculpting Technology foam features zoned support across 5 regions of your body, providing cushioning support to your head, neck, shoulders, back, and legs.

Support Layer: A 6'' layer of foam encased pocket springs independently adapt to the body to cradle the spine and cut down on motion disturbance while supporting the soft, contouring layers above.

Lastly, we'll dive into their thickest hybrid mattress, the 16'' Puffy Monarch Mattress:Top Layer: The Monarch mattress starts off with a quilted, cloud-like cover that's cool to the touch.

Comfort Layer 1: Underneath the cover is a thin, open weave support layer that helps enhance the durability of the alpaca layer below.

Comfort Layer 2: A .5'' layer of hypoallergenic and luxuriously soft alpaca wool helps to regulate temperature by wicking away moisture.

Comfort Layer 3: To further help keep things cool, a climate fiber layer made of heat resistance fibers adds cushioning while also promoting air flow.

Comfort Layers 4-5: Next up, a pressure relieving layer contours to the body while cradling the spine and curves. A 1'' layer of quilted, soft foam provides additional cloud-like cushioning and comfort.

Comfort Layer 6: 1'' layer of latex provides unique support with a bounce back feel, while also providing added airflow to keep things comfortable and cool.

Comfort Layer 7: 2'' of Reflexive memory foam contours to your body to relieve pressure. This responsive foam adapts to your body as you change position to provide ultimate body support.

Comfort Layer 8: A 3'' layer of Cloud Air Technology foam provides targeted, enhanced support to 5 different zones including your head, neck, shoulders, back, and legs.

Support Layer: A 6'' layer of individually pocketed coils surrounded by a perimeter of high-density foam provides the main support for the Puffy Monarch. These pocket springs provide soft comfort and stable support while also working with the 1.5'' foam layer to isolate motion.

Overall Comfort
Puffy has gone through multiple design iterations with their mattresses, launching cooling and zoned support enhancements that customers have rated highly and more recently making the shift to hybrid options in their higher end offerings. At a universal medium-firmness comfort level that some customers describe as softer, Puffy's mattresses will work best for slimmer and average sized sleepers who are looking for enhanced pressure relief.

FirmnessThe Puffy Cloud Mattress is medium - medium-firm in feel for average sized sleepers. The Puffy Lux, Royal, and Monarch provide somewhat of a progressively softer feel ideal for side sleepers that want all the benefits of memory foam without the negatives. Stomach sleepers may enjoy the Puffy Cloud mattress more for having less contour, while the thicker options are more contouring and pressure relieving and therefore suited more to side sleepers looking for a high level of adaptive pressure relief. Overall, Puffy reviewers are about 1.3x likelier to mention a positive side sleeping experience* versus the average comparable mattress.

Back Pain Relief
For those that are average sized, there is a good amount of support and spinal alignment that can lead to back pain relief. Our review analysis shows that Puffy reviewers are 3x likelier to mention pain relief versus the average comparable mattress.

These mattresses have multiple layers of cooling and airy foam that Puffy has put a lot of emphasis on developing, particularly in their Puffy Royal and Monarch mattresses. These layers should keep most sleepers cool throughout the night.

Who Are Puffy Mattresses Right For?
These mattresses are really comfortable for most average-sized sleepers, and particularly great for side sleepers looking for a mattress design focused on flexible pressure relief.

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No more back pain

No bounce. Very comfortable. Had some minor back pain with the old mattress and now it's gone!

Soft & Firm

This Puffy is just the perfect amount of soft & firm and we can't stop loving it.

Great price, great support

After 2 weeks of having the Puffy mattress, I can say that is has been nothing but pure pleasure sleeping on it at nights. It took us couple nights to adjust from a spring type to a memory type but now there is no way I will ever sleep on a spring one again. I feel it slightly adjusting to my body and protecting my pressure points. In my opinion is on the firmer side and that's why I like it so much. My last mattress was on the softer side and after 6 months it started to get deformed. We have been very happy with our mattress so far.

I sleep much better because of this mattress.

Wonderful quality mattress! Never expected it to be this nice right out of the box.

5 stars

Arrived at our door quickly. No strong odor out of the box and it expanded within minutes so we even slept on it that very same night even though they say it fully expands in 24-48 hours.

Delivery was on time

Recommend it! I have to give it up to Puffy for having not only a perfect mattress for my wife and kids, but also having a customer service team that will go out of their way to help us out. For some reason FedEx was not updating the tracking information for 2 days, so I called in and the service team member helped us track it down a assured us that we will be getting the mattress.

Way better than my $4k mattress

WOW Great Price. Very nice cover and overall cloud design. We literally saved a few thousand dollars on this mattress, we made the purchase for the King 2 months ago so I had time to check it out before writing something on here. My wife and I both agree that Puffy has very good body support that does allow and sagging into the bed. I used to move around a lot at nights causing my wife to wake up so that problem is solved. I move around a lot less now and when I do she says she doesn't feel anything and sleeps through he night.


So far so good with our Puffy Mattress

Cooler nights

My old mattress was a heat magnet. My fav thing about this new mattress is that it does not trap heat like my old Temper Pedic did. I would definitely recommend this mattress especially for the price, it is a great one.

Buy One. NOW.

This mattress is the bomb. It's literally the best ever. Highly recommend it to any and everyone. I like soft mattresses and my wife likes firm ones and we're both ecstatic about it. She's also 36+ weeks pregnant and sleeps like a newborn on it. Plus, it was cheaper than our last brand new mattress from Mattress Firm. Go get one!


We were sceptical to purchase a mattress that we had not only never heard of but also never tried out, but this proved to be a great risk to take. The mattress is as described, very supportive without feeling like a very firm mattress. We had been sleeping on a Sleep Number bed for 15+ years so needed to renew the bed. We had only considered another Sleep Number bed (because we had heard that it was the best out there)until my husband did some reseach into what had been voted as the most comfortable bed by consumers and thats when he found out about the Puffy. Now we have changed our opinion and will definitly by the Puffy mattress for the other beds in the house as they need changing. We would highly recommend this mattress.

Like the feel

like the feel of the mattress however, i'm not quite convinced. I am having back issues, not sure if they are due to having a foam mattress, new mattress or just not a right fit for me.

Puffy is awesome

Love it very comfortable easy to put together!!

Good mattress. Pleased so far

Good mattress. Pleased so far



Haven’t slept this good in

Haven’t slept this good in a long time. Makes it hard to get up for work in the morning.

My wife and I love

My wife and I love it.

Great top quality mattress

My daughter says the best sleep she has ever had.

Sleeping through the night

I had called myself a light sleeper pre-Puffy. I am now sleeping through the night and feeling great’

Puffy purchase

WOW! We Love our new puffy mattress

Love it

It’s soft but holds you firmly. I love it. It helps my back and hip pain.

Great Purchase

I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before I sent my review. The purchase and shipping were great, arrived in 4 days to my front door:) my lowered back feels better that it has in years. I sleep soundly through most of the night and I like that I don't disturb anyone when I roll around etc!

And then I wake up

I've had my Puffy Mattress for about 1 week. I'm still getting used to it. All I can say is I go to bed about 11ish then my alarm sounds at 6 am. By day 3, I did not wake up exhausted and stiff. I'm sleeping through the night. I love it.

The cloud is King

I just recently moved and took a chance on purchasing 2 queen size Puffy mattresses based on reviews. I am so happy I did for as the name implies, its like sleeping on a cloud. Very very comfortable and no more back pain. Thank you Puffy. Ron Ret USN Submarines

Like sleeping on a cloud

I’m in love with this mattress - it’s like sleeping on a cloud. It’s not too firm or too soft, it’s just right and makes you feel very light.

Puffy is Perfect!

My husband and I both love the new Puffy mattress we ordered. No complaints from either of us. I am sleeping so much better!

Love this mattress, so far, so good

We've had our bed for less then a month and so far it has been a great mattress. I've been sleeping very solid, not waking up in the middle of the night. The whole experience has been great. Thank you!

Love Love Love it! Super

Love Love Love it! Super comfortable on my hips. Stays cool to sleep. Finally sleeping thru the night again. Highly recommend giving this mattress a try.

Puffy Save

This mattress saved my back. The pain I woke up with every morning was gone after the first night of sleep on this mattress. Now I’m waking up earlier feeling more rested.


Very comfortable. We love it!


This mattress is a great one we really like it!

Puff Full Size memory form

Went from 5 hours a night to easily 8 hours of good sleep within 3 days after I got it.

Recently Purchased Puffy Mattress



My 3rd mattress. No need to break it in. Which some mattress company's say you need to do. Comfy from the start. I started to wonder If I would ever find a mattress that would help my aches and pains. It's all good. We're happy

Very good quality

We’ve only had our Puffy mattress for about a week, but so far so good!! It is quite firm but very supportive. We like a little softness on the top of our mattress and since you don’t get that with any memory foam mattress, we added a fiberbed mattress pad on top. The mattress is very good quality.

Great mattress

Best night sleep in years. Quick and easy ordering and FAST shipping. Highly recommend

extremely comfortable.

great for my shoulders and hip pains. would highly recommend.

Mattress is comfortable

I think the mattress is very comfortable, my neck pain has completely disappeared. However I am a back sleeper and I can't sleep very well due to getting extremely hot and sweaty. Hopefully this will get better cause it's very difficult to get any sleep when you feel so hot/cold. I also Love that we can get in and out of bed without disturbing each other. Its amazing. Our old bed squeeked and bounced when one of us even moved or adjusted.

So far so good it

So far so good it has only been 1 week

Fantastic don’t hesitate

Wow you can rest assured this is a quality investment you will be telling your friends and family about

Holds perfect body temperaure

Worth every penny. I had never slept on a foam mattress before so I had to get used to it the first few nights. This Puffy mattress has a different feel and support compared to my old mattress that was little slumpy. The last 2 weeks have been great, the new mattress is perfect. I have had no issues with it retaining body heat or sweating at nights.

Looks even better in person

I received this King size mattress about a month ago and to my surprise, it has a beautiful soft quilted cover with clouds on it. I would consider this a firm plush because it has a nice soft feel to my body when I first get on the bed but it holds my weight nicely in place so I do not sink in. It a mattress in a box done right.

Best sleep I have had

Amazing and comfortable mattress. It is on the firmer side but I work in construction and the support is really good for my back.

Oh, what a wonderful six and a half hours of sleep.

I have not slept in a bed in years. Last night I had 6.5 hours of sleep on my new Puffy. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept upon. I was able to walk with my walker after I got up with very little pain.This may be my miracle. PB

Great mattress and customer service

The Puffy matttess is truly like being on a cloud. It is so soft and plush. And you just feel like your in heaven. The mattress however did not work for me long term and I returned it (by donating it at a thrift store). Puffy immediately refunded my account. Even though the mattress didn't work for me personally, it is an extremely durable well made a comfortable mattress and their customer service and return policy are simply unparalleled. I would still recommend this product to anyone. What do you have to lose?!!?



Puffy review. No puffery.

The service and mattress were everything Puffy said it would be. Extremely comfortable.

It's basically what we thought

It's basically what we thought it would be. A feature we like is that we don't feel movement from each other in the bed!

Good but too soft and warm

The special memory foam is fast enough and it may be cooler than standard memory foam, however I still find it a bit warm. It's also too soft for my taste. I sink a bit too much for my weight ~155 lbs. It feels like puffy-marshmallow.

My puffy

I am a side sleeper with back/neck pain. However, I love sleeping on my Puffy mattress! I wake up more rested and without the aching pain that used to bother me. The mattress inflated quickly and did not have any odor. I just wish they made Puffy pillows, too

The Best Sleep Ever

This mattress provides the best sleep ever. It contours to you and your partners body shape, provides the right support and give to eliminate sore spots and discomfort, and is easy to handle. We had another type of mattress that was so heavy, you had a very difficult time putting sheets, but the Puffy is so functional, in so many ways, as to earn a 5 star rating.

Finally Feeling Rested

Beat night's sleep in years!

Dog stopped snoring!

Was not sure when I removed it and laid on it the first time… My first thought was oh God how do I send this thing back!. The next morning I was texting all my friends about this mattress I got it now

Awesome mattress

Having never ordered a mattress online before we decided to take a chance. The reviews we read were excellent. The deal with 101 night free trial was perfect. The price was in line with all the local retailers so what the heck right? Good news! we love our new king size Puffy. The first day it arrived I took a nap on it and slept better than ever. My wife and I highly recommend this mattress!

Great mattress and convenient delivery!

Great mattress and convenient delivery! We ordered for our toddler, fit bed perfectly and super comfortable.

First Puffy

Back and legs hurt with my old mattress, but with my Puffy problems gone. Best and most comfortable mattress.


Best nights sleep ever!!!!!! Thank you!!! Recommending Peggy to everyone we know!!!!

Very comfy!

It is the best decision I have made ever. Great firmness and does not get too hot. Feel very supported all time. Especially if you are sleeping with someone on the same bed, this mattress is the best choice. It does not sink or slop to one side.

It really is Great!

Support feels like a high-end foam, but sleeping on it doesn’t make you hot like all the others I’ve been on! Great job Puffy!


I waited purposely a couple months to give a better review. I was sleeping on a similar mattress and was very uncomfortable. I would always wake with a back ache and found it difficult to even roll over during the night. I researched mattresses and found the Puffy, thank God. This has been the best mattress I have ever slept on. I no longer have back pain, roll over easily and wake refreshed and am able to get right out of bed without any pain at all. Thank you Puffy, I will recommend you to everyone I know. It's finally great to get a good nights sleep.


My wife and I are large in size and have had a difficult time finding a mattress that works for both of us. She would always complain that the mattress trapped too much heat or that her back hurt in the morning. She hated staying in bed. Now she hates to get up. We've had the mattress for around 2 weeks and she's only been hot 2 times and no back pain. I'm a very large man and have had back issues for a while but not with this mattress. I've been getting the best sleep ever. I researched 10 other mattresses and yours came out on top. The price is reasonable too. Thank you for making a mattress we both can sleep on. My wife loves it so much she talked 3 people at our vet's office to check it out!!!

Week 2

We expected it to be bigger. It looks like an air mattress. We’re trying to get used to the smaller bed overall, but it’s been challenging. It’s also hot. I thought it would keep us cool, but that hasn’t been the case. We plan to give it more time before making any final decision.

No way!

This is being returned. This mattress is hard and unsupportive. I’ve woken up with low back and neck pain daily. At least the returns process has been easy so far so I guess there isn’t much risk.


I loved the bed I had but my fur babies were not leaving me enough room to sleep!! So HAD TO HAVE A KING!! I was fearful ......but this PUFFY is as comfortable or more comfortable as the bed I had !!!! I am so impressed would never have thought a bed could be this comfortable!! I never get up with aches or pains due to the pressure point sensitivities of this bed!! EXACTLY what I wanted !! And of course the fur babies are very happy as well!! WE ALL LOVE this bed!!!!!!

Comfort of a cloud

The most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned in 40 plus years. I would suggest it to anyone. Now for some pillows!

Best mattress

Fast delivery and extremely comfortable. Highly recommended.

My new mattress

It took a few nights to adjust to the difference between my old mattress and my new Puffy. But, now that my body has adjusted, I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time.

Love the mattress

Our puffy mattress was delivered on time and the quality is outstanding. It offers a wonderful nights sleep!

Highly Recommend

Was considering Purple at first until I saw the You Tube video on the Puffy Mattress which I recommend people view. This mattress is so comfortable, supportive and good for people with back problems. The best part is there’s a lifetime guarantee! We were so pleased that we ordered a second one for our guest room. Don’t put off owning the best theropudic, comfortable mattress you’ll ever own. Thank You Putty!

Nice Mattress BUT

Time purchase was easy, the delivery was quick, tine installation was simple but the mattress so far too soft for me. I expected it to be firmer and its not, if you like soft and sinkable this maybe the mattress for you. I found that changing positions during the nigiht difficult due to the softness. I’ve yet decided to return yet but getting close.

I've had major back surgery

I've had major back surgery 5yrs ago and since I've purchased this mattress, I wake up in pain terrible. Do not recommend for people with back problems

Never buying a traditional mattress again.

This Puffy mattress has really changed the way we fell in the mornings. My husband no longer wakes up with a stiff back. I am now waking up with a full night of straight sleep and it honestly makes a remarkable difference while I am at work all day. Never actually knew how terrible our traditional mattress was until we bought a Puffy.

Exactly how my sister descibed it to be

Better than any 5 star hotel mattress I have slept on. Very good customer service both on chat and over the phone. Customer service was very knowledgeable while answering all my questions. Mattress comes with nice soft beautiful cover.

Very Good

It gets very humid here in Miami, this bed works good for this place. Good for my back also.

Should be called INST-ASLEEP

Ok, so I usually like to fall asleep relaxing on my bed, for years I would always have a hard time doing that with my old one. Would be flipping over side to side and struggling for an hour before knocking out, I would even time it some times and check the clock to see how long I have actually been up. From the first day have owned this mattress I have not had a single problem falling asleep, actually as soon as I get in I'm gone in a few mins. This has helped me have less anxiety and more energy when I wake up, I'm convinced this mattress is the best ever.

Best bed yet

After having my last mattress cave in on me after almost a year of owning it, I did some research and found an exceptional mattress. I have been sleeping 10 times better since owning this one. Perfect amount of support.

Five stars

Described perfectly. Moved into our new apartment and this bed was a real blessing. I've been sleeping like a baby on this thing, and the foundation works perfect.

Love,our mattress

Love,our mattress

We are more than pleased

We are more than pleased with our purchase. We moved and had to buy a queen size after having two twins put together for 23 years. I was afraid I would be disturbed by my husband getting in and out of the bed at night. It is like sleeping by myself. I am sleeping for the first time in years. I have fibromyalgia and am amazed the difference this bed makes. Asked what it feels like and I have replied, "it feels like I am sleeping on air."Thank you Puffy.

The matress is very comfortable.

The matress is very comfortable. We're both sleeping much better.

Best mattress!

Perfect find for both me and my husband. We both struggle with back and neck pain and are now sleeping much better.

Wonderful Mattress

Mattress comforts to body, excellent support We've only had the mattress for 2 weeks, but are very happy so far

Great bed, sleep well

I was waking up several times throughout the night, but now I am not. Very comfortable.

Nice Mattress-Does Sleep Hot

We have been using the Puffy Lux since March 2019. I can sleep on my stomach and back and it is very comfortable. However, both the wife and I are ovens. The mattress feels cold where our bodies do not touch so I can move around a bit to find cold spots but it does not take long for the foam to pick up my heat and retain it. I have not made up my mind yet on whether to keep it or not. Internet review searches show this mattress to be the best and to control heat but I am not seeing it. My wife too has experienced it mattress being hot under her. She is a side and back sleeper and has a light frame. She said she has increased body pain on this mattress so again, we are not sure if we will stay with this or not. Our last mattress was a sleep number bed. Don't get one of those. They sag over time in your torso area. Bad for the back. Those are simply air mattresses in a mattress cover. We are considering the EightSleep Pod but the electronics for that mattress are limited to one year. Kind of leary of a company that does not stand by a part of their mattress. The electronics is the big selling point. We will see...

W nobles

I am very pleased with my mattress one of the best night sleep I've had in a long time would recommend to anyone looking to better there quality of sleep.

Puffy mattress

Unbelievably comfort. Bought this for my disabled daughter she is in heaven. Old mattress was pillow top innerspring There is no comparison worth every penny of the price. My daughter use to roll around trying to g some relief from the pain fell out of bed several time. Now she sleeps like a baby. doesn't move all night. No snoring or breathing issues at all. Need to find some new pillows to match the Puffy. Thanks so much Puffy team.

Avoid this company!

We purchased two Puffy twin mattresses to replace our King mattress. After 75 days of use, I had to return to our old mattress. Severe back pain, tossing and turning all night. The company has been giving me the run around for two weeks and will not honour their 101 day guarantee. Having visited Better Business Bureau, it appears this is typical behaviour. Lots of unhappy puffy customers. Also noticed that my review that I posted to their website never appeared. They only post favourable reviews, or they are all fake. Avoid this company. Karl M.

Better than a fancy hotel bed

I get great sleep every night with this mattress. This is actually like sleeping on a cloud. You know when you're excited to go on vacation because you're thinking about staying at a fancy hotel with the really nice bed? Well it's like that only better. You get to sleep on it every night! And it makes going to work easier because there's no tossing and turning. It's soft so easy to relax. Taking it out of package was easy too. The box is nice because the mattress fits in it. And when I got mine, a pillow was included in it. And well my dog loves sleeping in my room. Sometimes he wants to sleep in bed, but he also uses the included pillow as a luxury pet bed. It's amazing.

Highly recommend

Excellent mattress. I also got the foundation base for inside an existing bed frame. Very comfortable, easy to assemble, hassle free. Highly recommend!

Highly recommend!

The Puffy mattress sure lives up to its reputation. Both my husband and I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Love, love, love it!

Puffy Lux

My husband and I are just loving our Puffy Lux! It is so comfortable and it sure helps with pressure points! I would highly recommend! Great night sleep! We ordered the sheets as well and they are so soft!

Best ever!!

I love this mattress so much! I was super skeptical about buying a mattress without testing it out first, but this was soooo worth it! It is beyond comfortable and exactly what I was looking for!

Rolling on a Cloud

Puffy mattress is a great mattress for whatever side suits your sleep best! Puffy lets me sleep on my stomach, back, and side without any problems. Many mattresses that I've tried are great for back and side sleeping, but Puffy works great when I inadvertently end up sleeping on my stomach. No joint, hip, and back pain at anytime! Love my Puffy! It's doggone good!

Take Sleep Serious

I love this bed. If you want to step up your sleep game. I would highly suggest investing in a Puffy mattress.

Worth every dollar

As a customer with fibromyalgia, and problems with my knees and back I couldn’t have invested in a better mattress than Puffy! I was a little hesitant before ordering because I couldn’t fathom that a mattress in a box would be ideal. But, I decided to take a chance and I did! And let me tell you i am so happy with my mattress I wake up with no back pain or any pain I wake up refreshed and energized it has been a life saver . Totally satisfied with the mattress , the pillow, and the bed frame . 5 stars all the way. Thank you Puffy for giving me the best sleeping nights

Very pleased

I was weary to order a bed online but with some research I took a leap of faith with the puffy lux. I figured with the money back guarantee, I felt I had a little safety net if there was any regret. However, there is no regret! I truly love this bed. I have arthritis and this bed is the perfect balance. It forms to my body with a nice mix of soft but firm.

Sleeping like a baby

I sleep so much better now that I have this mattress, and I love the pillow as well.

Love my mattress

This mattress has really helped with my back pain , never slept better in my life, love my mattress

Best mattress yet!

I have a bad back, and have tried many mattresses, toppers, almost anything to get a good nights rest. Until now, I haven’t had much success. I used to wake up sore from sleeping. Now, I’m starting to remember what a good sleep feels like. Thanks for such a great mattress, and competitive pricing too!


Cannot speak to anyone regarding missing half of shipment. One tracking number for two packages, only one delivered and company form letter said all delivered. Over 72 hour wait by email for response from company and still waiting.

Best nights

Puffy has made the best 4 weeks of sleep ever!

I had no idea

I had no idea a mattress could feel this comfortable. I’m a believer in foam mattresses now! Customer service is great too.

Shipping and customer support lacking

Ordered mattress pillow and foundation. Received mattress shipping info and received mattress in about a week. So far so good but no foundation and no answer as to when i will receive. I submitted a revierw on the puffy website and guess what happened ???? Because it was not 5 star it did not show up on their web site. This makes me very concerned. Getting back to mattress and foundation... what good is the mattress without thew foundation.. i am not putting it on the floor. They have yet to ansewer my question about where my foundation is and i have not received shipping info. It is going on 2 weeks. I am not very pleased.

Customer Service is TERRIBLE

I was unhappy with my mattress and it took me 10 days to hear back from the company regarding my return. When i finally did get a return email it just sent me to fill out a return form on their website, upon completeing the form i was informed i would be hearing from someone about picking up the mattress. It has been two weeks and i have heard nothing. I have called twice a day for two weeks and have not been able to reach a single live person. The mattress is just sitting in my house taking up space and I have no idea what to do with it. Strongly recommend not falling for their "101 night trial"

Their Customer Service is Really BAD

I bought the Royal Mattress. The firmness of the mattress is comfortable. The problem is i am a hot sleeper, and the mattress retains heat. I did not have a single night of good sleep. When i emailed customer service i get a response they will reach out in 72 hrs it has been two month and is still pending. No phone calls can be done to customer service. I do not recommend it to anyone who wants to sleep cool.

Our Puffy Lux

It took us a little while to get used to our Puffy Lux, but now we can both sleep comfortably together and wake up feeling really good. Many of our pain issues have gone away and we are very pleased. We no longer dread going to bed!

Sweetest Mattress Ever!

I have had my Puffy mattress a little over a month now! I sleep like a dream and love that the mattress reads my body. I wake up pain free and refreshed each morning! Thank you!!

Proof is in the PUFFY

As many people, we were truly hesitant to purchase without trying but once I convinced my husband that it could be returned without risk, he agreed. I'm so happy we took the chance. We LOVE our Puffy. I can even sleep on my back now without pillows stacked under my knees. Believe me, take the chance. I'm sure it will be as puffy good for you as it is for us. If not, no risk, return it.


We had trouble getting to (and staying) asleep so we tried a Puffy Lux. Oh myyyy, no more problems! We love it so much at our condo that we are buying a second one for the house. BTW, the dogs love it too!


ORIGINAL PUFFY IS THE BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER HAD!!! It is literally like sleeping on a cloud. Soooo happy with it!

Sooo comfortable

We love this mattress!!! It’s so comfortable and so much support. My husband has nerve damage and sleep is hard to come by, he sleeps better in this bed than any other we have had. We love the soft sheets and my husband won’t sleep with our the body pillow. We bought the sheets for our boys too. We are saving to get them puffy mattresses. Our 12 year old golden loves it so much she won’t move for me to make the bed if she is napping!

No more back pain!

I bought a new mattress two years ago but was already having issues with it losing support. My back pain was horrible from the lack of support ...It was so uncomfortable that I have been sleeping on my couch. I decided to give the puffy mattress a try and I am glad that I did. The back pain is now gone because of the Puffy mattress. Thank you

Our second Puffy is amazing

We purchased a second puffy mattress for our master bedroom. We selected the Luxe hybrid queen and it took about 30 days for it to fill out and get firmer. Now it is perfect and my husband and I sleep incredibly well with fewer aches and pains. Our first Puffy in another home continues to be amazing and is a firmer sleeping experience.

Puffy Comfy All Night Long

Before we bought the Puffy Lux mattress, I had trouble sleeping all night through. I have back and hip pain and would awaken most nights in terrible pain to toss and turn a while before falling back to sleep. Since the Puffy Lux, I have slept soundly almost every night as has my Husband. On top of the comfort, it seems as though my Husband's snoring has been reduced. A nice bonus. A great investment. One of our friends even bought the Puffy after hearing how much we loved it.

Love love love my puffy !!!

I was skeptical of this mattress before trying. We have had it nearly 3 months now and I cannot say enough about this mattress. We get a wonderful night sleep and our achy bodies are not so achy any more ! I never thought I would be one to say it but WE LOVE OUR PUFFY !!!! This is our third mattress in 10 years. We finally found the one we were looking for !!!!

Our Puffy Lux

It took us a little while to get used to our Puffy Lux, but now we can both sleep comfortably together and wake up feeling really good. Many of our pain issues have gone away and we are very pleased. We no longer dread going to bed!

Sweetest Mattress Ever!

I have had my Puffy mattress a little over a month now! I sleep like a dream and love that the mattress reads my body. I wake up pain free and refreshed each morning! Thank you!!

Proof is in the PUFFY

As many people, we were truly hesitant to purchase without trying but once I convinced my husband that it could be returned without risk, he agreed. I'm so happy we took the chance. We LOVE our Puffy. I can even sleep on my back now without pillows stacked under my knees. Believe me, take the chance. I'm sure it will be as puffy good for you as it is for us. If not, no risk, return it.


We had trouble getting to (and staying) asleep so we tried a Puffy Lux. Oh myyyy, no more problems! We love it so much at our condo that we are buying a second one for the house. BTW, the dogs love it too!


ORIGINAL PUFFY IS THE BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER HAD!!! It is literally like sleeping on a cloud. Soooo happy with it!


We’ve had the Puffy Lux mattress for 2 weeks now. We have really noticed a difference in our sleep and how we feel in the morning. A great mattress.

I Wish

Comfortable from day 1. No break-in time needed, I’m so pleased with my puffy mattress. They only problem is that I’m always in it! I prefer it over my expensive couch and chairs. I read, write, draw, watch Television, and play video games in it! Wish I purchased a puffy mattress in the past because my other expensive mattresses had me waking up all stiff and sore. Thank you puffy mattress I wish I could afford to buy more pillows, covers, and sheets from you guys. However, honestly if I did, I probably use that money to buy another puffy mattress to put in another room, haha!

Love My New Puffy

My new Puffy Lux arrived exactly when they said it would and was very easy to set up. It expanded very quickly and within about 20 minutes I was lying down on the most comfortable mattress in the world! It is so much better than my old mattress and the best I have ever experienced. This mattress is top quality! I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it.

Amazingly comfortable!!!

We have been looking for a new mattress and we’re a bit skeptical about purchasing one that came in a box..boy were we wrong!! This mattress is so comfortable but most importantly it is dense enough that when your partner rolls over or moves, you cannot feel it on your side...this is a huge plus for a good night sleep... thank you puffy mattress!! We could not be happier!!

Big Fraud company

Purchased Puffy Lux King Size Mattress and after 3 months of use, the mattress becomes so soft and doesn't give any support to lower back. I started having severe back issues because of this mattress. Moreover this company is a fraud one, they don't post any negative reviews on their website. People like me get fooled by looking at all 5 star ratings. Never ever purchase mattress from puffy.

one star for customer service!

Bad Customer Service they don't answer phone calls or emails, I was out of the town due to illness and death of relative and when i come back i got the chance to sleep on the mattress, i realized my back pain is back. Puffy"s customers service refuses to exchange or refund my money. Think twice before you purchase. I'm not sure how they got 5 stars only. i hope they posts all reviews. Proof of purchase can be found with my email address. If this review wouldn't post, the 5 stars rate for this company is not accurate and might be controlled by the company.

Puffy Lux review

I have slept on the Puffy Lux for 90 days. I am a back/side sleeper and found it not to be as comfortable as I had expected from the reviews. For me, it is a bit better for side sleeping than back sleeping. If I lay on my back for too long, my lower back starts to ache (it has not helped with my back issues or with sleeping longer at a time as I had hoped). I am keeping the mattress but will get a mattress topper for the added comfort.

If only I was allowed to use it all...

Boy this is fantastic! Just like sleeping on a cloud and the pillow is divine, supporting my neck perfectly! Regretfully my dog may love them both more than myself because he literally sleeps in my bed like a human with his head on the pillow!

Best Sleep in a While!!!

After hours of research I came across Puffy, I was hesitant at first, but the 101 days free sleep trial won over. I bought my mattress in October and I have to say - "best sleep in a while". Im a Special Needs High School Teacher and I need a restful night sleep if I'm gonna bring my A game to the classroom. Puffy really has been a game changer. I will definitely look into other products by Puffy.

Did NOT meet my expectations

Because of health problems, I could not sleep on the mattress (Puffy Lux) right away, but my husband did. But after 2-3 weeks my husband told me that it wasn't firm enough. Eventually I felt good enough to go upstairs into our bedroom but I too was disappointed. I am a side sleeper but also suffer from serious osteoarthritis in my hips and back and in addition I have MS which causes me mobility problems at times.

Big dude mattress

I checked everywhere when it was time for a new bed. I’m 6’5” 330lbs former high school and college athlete. Wife is also a former athlete and is a foot shorter than me. My friends swore of there $5k mattress and I thought for sure I’d have to pay that for someone my size. Anyhow I did the research and saw other reviews. The wife and I love our puffy! Just over $2k! I even let my friend try it and he said it’s too close to compare. Felt like a win to me. Take it from someone with previous knee, back, and abdomen surgeries. With those you get sore and having a good mattress is a difference maker- I’m now sleeping 6-8 hours and it’s much better sleep too. Not waking up sore at all.

Costumer Service

I have to return my mattress because my wife used to sleep on very firm mattress and the cloud mattress was to soft for her, costumer service was excellent so effective and courteous, solving my return so promptly and easy way! Thank you

trying to buy and get credit approval worked like a 1940 Chevrolet

I wanted to purchase a Puffy, and wanted to get a credit approval and after no reply sent an email to was I thought was customer service and was told to call the credit company, which is what I did and got a foreign service rep who barely spoke English and was told she had no record of my e-mail. I believe this is probably a great Mattress, but Ill never know because of the barriers. Im going to go to a local store where I can talk to someone and get the kind of Service that says we want your business. I know this review will never make it to the reviews on line but I gave my opinion

Love my bed and pillows

I wanted to wait until I had my bed and pillows for a while before I wrote my review. I do love my bed and pillows. The pillow that came with the bed softened up more than I wanted but is still comfortable. The one I ordered was extremely hard when I got it but has softened up nicely, I wish the one that came with the bed was more like the one I bought. I got my bed and pillows in April and it is now October and I am happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this bed.

The O Review

Initially we purchased the PuffyRoyal is was liked but it was very soft andI had to climb out the bed...we slept on it fo about 8 days::: it was just too soft. We then purchased the Puffy Lux and this bed is FABULOUS!!! It was well worth the money...we are so happy with our bed and can’t wait to go to bed every night. I had to write a review we are so pleased.

Best mattress I've ever had

Live had a bad back for more than 15 years and a lifetime of of other injuries that always made sleeping through the night a major problem. I've tried every kind of mattress out there but after a few weeks to a few months the support disappears or everything goes back to being painful. I read everything I could find on Puffy mattresses and didn't know what to think but the 101 night free sleep guarantee decided it for me. If I didn't like it by then I would never like it. The mattress was the most expensive thing I've bought in years and I held my breath until it got here and we got it on the bed. It only took one nights sleep for me to forget whatever doubts I had and worries over the cost. That was the first morning in 12 years I did not wake up with a back ache or aches of any kind. Puffy mattresses to the rescue!

Wonderful customer service, high quality product

I cannot recommend Puffy highly enough, both in customer service and in the superiority of my mattress topper (soft, Q size). Customer service support was wonderful in resolving an issue quickly and with understanding, and I'm now enjoying an amazing mattress topper. It is not cumbersome, nor was there any type of gas-off odor that can accompany memory foam. I have purchased toppers in the range upwards of $800; these by Puffy are superior to any others I have tried. The cover which accompanies is perfect for keeping it clean; indeed there isn't an issue with heat (I tend to get warm during sleep and this didn't exacerbate a thing) and the amount of cushion is just right, not too plushy but definitely adds softness to a pillowtop mattress which didn't offer cushion for the spine. I notice that the topper is supportive regardless of back or side sleeping (*not a stomach sleeper). Also ordered sheets, excited to try them, and the pillow I ordered does provide neck support. Overall, the topper and the customer service are what makes Puffy a definite 5 star company and I will recommend to anyone who asks. Easy to remember, just look at the sky...see even one cloud, remember Puffy. Sleep and self-care are so incredibly vital. This is a company I trust with those enormous investments in my health. A+. Thank you to the team at Puffy. I'm blessed to have found your product and your staff; what a great combination!

No wow factors

This mattress is pretty average for the price. There are no wow factors to sleeping on it - it is a decent mattress. I was really disappointed with the pillows as they feel like you are sleeping on soft legos - you can feel every bump of the shredded memory foam within. I thought we were getting a good deal with the whole package but not so much. I did contact customer service to see if this was a one off issue; they kindly informed me to seek out a memory foam pillow from other retailers as their pillows are made this way. If this is the best deal vs comparable mattress companies then go for it, but if you’re torn, then note that it isn’t worth the extra money. I really wish my experience was better - I was so excited!

Don’t buys

This mattress is so hot to sleep on! Wake up sweating every night, haven’t slept on this mattress in over a year. Don’t waist your money!! Also not comfortable. Would have returned but how am I supposed to do that!!!

No back pain relief

Customer service was top notch but the mattress did not meet my expectations in relieving back pain.

Good but sags in middle after only 3.5 years

This mattress was excellent when we first purchased. Unfortunately, the bed has developed a large dip in the middle after only 3.5 years. For $2000 we hoped it would last at least 10. Too bad. We liked that it was Canadian made.

Finally, a Great Night's Sleep!

Although my Puffy Royal took about two weeks to off-gas, the wait was so worth it. Due to arthritis, I have awakened often during the night for the past two years. This problem vanished the first night I spent on the new mattress and has not reoccured. The cushioned, comfortable support is fabulous!

Frequently Asked Questions About Puffy

Is the Puffy mattress worth it?

Side sleepers report great experiences overall with the Puffy Cloud mattress and its value versus name brands like Tempur-Pedic. While side sleepers are 1.3x likelier to mention a positive experience with Puffy versus the average mattress, those that are looking for more firmness may desire something with more support.

Does Puffy mattress need a box spring?

No. Actually Puffy mattress does best on a solid foundation, such as those with slats that are less than 5 inches apart. The slight elasticity of box springs may cause a lack of support.

How long do Puffy mattresses last?

On average, all foam mattresses last 7 - 10 years with firmer varieties having longer average life spans. Due to the luxurious softness of Puffy mattresses, they may last around 7 years, but this will depend on each sleeper's body type and duration spent on the mattress.

Is Puffy Mattress toxic?

The Puffy mattress features an Oeko-Tex® certified cover and CertiPUR-US® certified foams, which is an emissions standard for low VOC (volatile organic compounds) foam. Those with severe chemical sensitivities may require something with additional certification.

Which Puffy mattress is best?

The Puffy Lux mattress is the most popular Puffy mattress, which provides increased luxurious pressure point relief over the Puffy Cloud mattress. Customers report that the hybrid version provides better balanced support.

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