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Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews

The Puffy Lux has won acclaim from customers and reviewers alike for its enhanced pressure relief and competitive price for the thick materials used in the construction. Coming in both a memory foam and hybrid version, customers have good things to say about the Puffy Lux overall. Rare exceptions mostly mention desiring more support.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $1749-$2449

Trial Period: 101 Nights

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Puffy Lux's Specifics

The Puffy Lux is the most popular Puffy mattress available. It has additional softness in the top layer vs. the original Puffy mattress. The all foam version focuses more on contour, while the hybrid version adds pocketed coils for additional support. Overall, customer have good things to say about the Puffy Lux, with some rare disagreements about support for some sleepers.

Quality of Materials

Each of Puffy Lux's layers and constructions are crafted in the US. They have proprietary contouring Cooling Cloud™ foam, which comes with open cells for added airflow.

Here are the full details of what's inside the Puffy Lux Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of a Oeko-Tex certified, stain resistant, and hypoallergenic fabric that is designed to sleep dry and cool throughout the night. The cover can be zipped off and cleaned easily.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is 1.5'' of Cooling Cloud™ foam, which features a patent pending foam design that has more airflow than many other foams.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of Plush Dual Cooling Cloud™ foam also further contours and adapts to the body's curves to provide a 'cloud like' feel that soothes the muscles and joints, ideal for side sleeping.

Layer 3: 2'' of Climate Comfort™ foam adds a gentle, but supportive transition while also continuing to regulate temperature and resist humidity.

Layer 4: For the all-foam version, the last layer is support foam that works to support the back and spine, while being responsive so you don't feel stuck in the contour. For the hybrid version, the last layer features 7'' of encased pocketed coils that adapt to the curves of the body independently. This adaptation of this layer provides more better support to keep pressure points relieved but also give the spine much needed support.

Overall Comfort

Customers are very happy about the pressure relief this mattress achieves, with the happiest customers being side sleepers. However, there are rare disagreements about support, especially for larger sleepers needing additional firmness. Those that need additional support may do best with the hybrid version.


The Puffy Lux is quite pressure relieving and is ideal for side sleepers. Those needing additional firmness will do best with the hybrid option.

Back Pain Relief

Due to these pressure relieving qualities of the Puffy Lux, common discomfort around hips and shoulders are alleviated for most. Those that require more support in the middle spine may desire a hybrid mattress.


Due to the proprietary open-cell foam on the top layer, customers have described an airy feel and good temperature regulation throughout the night overall.

Who Is The Puffy Lux Right For?

The Puffy Lux is a great option for soft mattress lovers looking to relieve hip and shoulder discomfort.

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Cozy Atmosphere

When I was looking for a mattress, I literally typed in “Best Mattress in the world” sounds funny, but I did. I was tired of my old mattress and not having the best sleep at night. It was horrible, I was having sleepless nights, and I knew I deserved to sleep on the best mattress in the world. When I saw puffy mattress website, I went straight to the reviews and people said “ its like sleeping on a cloud ☁️“ My significant other and I promise you we do NOT REGRET buying puffy mattress. It’s like our sleepless nights had gone away and the backaches. If we could buy these for our whole family we would without a doubt. Thank you puffy mattress !

Best nights sleep

I sleep so well every night. This is the best mattress I’ve ever laid on. It’s like you’re hugged with a cloud of pillows. Such great sleep. We replaced our camper mattress with this one and it was the best decision ever. As you can see in our photo - my husband shares my sentiments. Lol I waited several months to submit my review to give you a proper review.

Great mattress

It took about a month after my knee replacement surgery to feel comfortable on this mattress. I definitely recommend the company’s guidelines to give this mattress at least two weeks for your body to adjust. It’s been great!

Dreaming All Night Long

We recently redid our master bedroom and decided to purchase a King Puffy Lux. We had never bought a bed online ~ so this was a little daunting. The first night I slept on the bed I knew this bed was for me. My husband took a little longer to convert. It has been over 2 months and this bed is definitely a keeper for us. Puffy’s excellent return policy allowed us to make this purchase knowing that we could return the bed if things did not work out; with a full refund. The bed is amazing. Cool and very comfortable. Each night I truly do look forward to getting into bed and falling asleep. We are extremely pleased. We have also recommended this bed to numerous friends. 5 + STARS! Happy slumbering ~

Excellent mattress

I have chronic back pain. This has been my 3rd try for a mattress. The 3rd try was the lucky charm. No more back pain with the Puffy Lux and I sleep soundly all night. I have incorporated the office into the bedroom. Now when I am a bit tired, I can take a quick nap on the Puffy Lux.

This mattress is a dream!

Imagine sleeping on the most comfortable mattress and that is what you get when you purchase a puffy. We ordered this for our child’s room and she said she has never slept more soundly! It is thick and soft and supportive and was the perfect touch for her recently remodeled bedroom. She highly recommends the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress.

Excellent Mattress

I was not sure whether the hype was real or not, but went ahead and purchased the Puffy Lux Mattress, since it had a money back guarantee. I was glad I purchased the Puffy Mattress and now have the best sleep I've ever had in years. It is comfortable, allows you to move freely and needs no maintenance. If you are on the fence as I was, then jump on this mattress and get the best sleep.

Best mattress ever

It is an incredible mattress, the comfort level is fantastic, I do not roll at all and I wake up I n the same position that I lie down

Great mattress

We love our new mattress! So comfortable and no more hip pain when laying on our side too long

Wonderful bed

I purchased this bed not knowing if this would help or not. If you like firm mattress the standard is the way to go. I am a side sleeper, my old mattress was not doing its job I was waking up with body aches and a sore back. Since I purchased Puffy no more aches and pains and I sleep so much better. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

The best mattress of all time!!

I had back pain for months and 1 week of sleeping on this baby and it’s gone! We’re buying the Puffy pillows because we’re so addicted!

We love our mattress

Like sleeping on marshmallows, or puffy clouds. It has become a family favorite for watching movies together.  Can’t keep the kids out of it.

Sam’s Opinion

I am extremely satisfied with my Puffy Hybrid Mattress and Pad. This was the best mattress purchase I’ve ever made. My wife also loves the Puffy Hybrid Mattress. As a consequence, happy wife means happy life!!!

Comfort is everything

As you can see, my dogs love the mattress as much as I do.My brown girl is almost 12 and her muscles get sore. The black and white guy is almost seven and has disc and hip issues. Even though I literally only get to sleep on one third of my Puffy mattress, I can guarantee it’s the best nights sleep the three of us get.

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time in a little cabin in the woods, There lived a couple and their dog who were not sleeping good. Their innerspring mattress was old and saggy, And without a goods night sleep everyone was crabby. The search for a new mattress made them feel like Goldilocks and the three bears, This bed is to hard...this bed is to soft...they couldn’t find one anywhere. After internet searching and reading review after review, They narrowed it down to a very select few. The puffy lux hybrid was rated one of the best, Would this finally be the answer to finding a good nights rest? The ordering process was easy, shipping was fast, The old saggy mattress was now a thing of their past. As the sun set low and bedtime drew near, They snuggled in for the night and it became very clear... Sleep would be be better than it ever had been before, But now there is another problem... Papa Bear SNORES!!! THE END! Side Note: We originally ordered the 10 inch puffy mattress. After several weeks we felt like it was more firm than what we wanted. With amazing customer service, and help from Josh and Ria (did not get last names), we were able to process a return. The mattress was donated locally and within 3 days we had a full refund. We were so pleased with customer service and craftsmanship of the mattress we ordered the step up to the puffy lux hybrid. We are so incredibly happy with our purchase that 5 stars isn’t enough. The memory foam layers atop of the individually wrapped coils provide amazing softness mixed with the perfect amount of support. Thank you Puffy for giving our story a happy ending!!!

Life changing!

My partner and I were starting to dread bedtime as sleep was becoming more and more difficult! This mattress is amazing!! We now have excellent nights of sleep and we don’t even feel each other move. Highly recommend

True Believer

I had a 15 year old mattress and couldn't get any sleep especially since I started working nights. I went online and saw reviews for the Puffy mattress. I selected the Puffy Lux thinking it would be more durable. When it arrived, I cut the plastic away and let it inflate over my box springs. This is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on and it only gets better with age. I also have the mattress protector, 1 pillow, the comforter, and I just ordered a large blanket from Puffy. My parents got me some bamboo sheets and an ultra fuzzy throw. My next plan is to get rid of my box spring and replace it with a Puffy Foundation. I like my original bed frame but it doesn't support a mattress by itself. Anyway, each Puffy product I buy makes me more of a True Believer! Thanks!

Love Our Puffy Mattress!

Our new Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress was delivered yesterday and I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and try it! I was able to move the box myself and get it up on our bed foundation, unwrap it and remove the plastic by myself, so it isn't impossible to do it yourself if you are able, and I am in my mid 50's. We got this mattress to replace our 15 year old uncomfortable one that we had. I mostly sleep on my side and was waking up with sore hips and back every morning. I was looking online for a mattress, watched videos and read reviews and finally decided to order the Puffy mattress. I wanted one with the coils for extra support and this one is great! I usually end up getting pushed to sleep on the edge of the bed due to our dog sleeping with us and I didn't feel like I was going to roll off of the bed while laying on the edge of it. I also sleep hot and felt cool on the Puffy Lux Hybrid and I didn't have to throw the covers off of me during the night. It is the right amount of firmness for me as I don't like a mattress that is too firm or too soft. Just enough softness to help with pressure points like on my hips and enough firmness that I didn't feel like I was sinking into the mattress or making it hard to get off of it. It was so nice to finally be able to sleep without hearing springs pop every time we moved. We are very happy with our mattress even after just one night on it! I am very glad also that Puffy will be donating a new mattress to a child in need, thank you Puffy!


I purchased the foundation, Puffy Mattress, mattress topper and blanket. Received the free King size pillow. It's been 2 months now and this has been the best sleep for me in a long ...long..time. My hips and shoulders no longer hurt and no more tossing and turning. You have a customer for life!!

Excellent mattress

The puffy lux has been amazing, I tend to roll a lot while I sleep and would hear the groans from my wife as I would wake her up throughout the night. Since we switched to the puffy lux we both sleep soundly and couldnt be happier getting a great night sleep.

Still not out of the box!

After 31 years of marriage we decided that we could share a bedroom. Thanks, c-pap. So we ordered a king bed on Oct 22. Delivery for the 31st. Ordered the Puffy about a week later. Got our mattress very quickly, still waiting on the bed. So far the mattress has been content to wait in the corner quietly with the new sheets piled on top and the new bedspread at its side. Hopefully very soon we will get our furniture, or another update on when we can expect it to ship!


I have to admit, I was very skeptical spending this much on a mattress. However, my mother is 80 years old and has back issues. It was important to have her comfortable while she was here during Christmas. This mattress is top notch. We only got the twin size for her as well as the collapsible bed frame. It’s perfect for storage and will be available the next time she visits.


This bed is the most comfortable, cozy, and best bed ever!! Me and my husband have now been sleeping on our puffy lux mattress for over a month now, and we have never felt better. We both deal with back pain and our last spring mattress was killing our bodies. We would be extremely sore every morning and we hated getting into bed. But NOW this mattress has changed at all! We couldn't be happier, thank you puffy mattress for making this the best sleep we could ask for!

Oh soooooo cozy!

I love crawling into bed every night. It’s a really comfy mattress. Takes some getting use to though. It hasn’t fixed ALL my aches and pains, but that’s not realistic! I was very anxious buying a mattress online, but I am so glad I did it. The easiest thing ever, and it sure beats going out shopping for a mattress! Goooooo Puffy Lux! Puffy Lux is just fun to say! Haha I’m Sleepin tha Dream people!

Amazing nights sleep!

We love our new Puffy mattress! It sleeps like a dream. My husband and I both are very happy with this purchase!

Puffy finds a home

We love our new king size Puffy mattress. From day one, our sleep and comfort has improved. I would highly recommend Puffy to all our friends and family!

Heaven sent!

A couple of months ago I was preparing for shoulder surgery, and a new mattress was going to be a necessity. After much research we settled on the Puffy Lux California King, and we couldn’t have made a better decision. This mattress is perfect for a 60 year old couple who need the comfort and support for the aches and pains of life. We are now singing the praises of Puffy! Thank you!

Comfort level

Extremely comfortable! I sleep better without any back pain

Dream Fest

Your reviews sold me on the mattress and you offered the adjustable bed just to make the whole dreamy package. I have had reflux for years and I have used old pillows and sliced foam to prop up the mattress under my head. Your package was my dream.


This is the best bed I've ever had. I had a lot of back pain before but from the first night I slept on it, it actually did feel like a cloud.

Love my puffy lux hybrid!!!

The very quiet adjustable frame with USB plugs on both sides of bed, message feature is simply awesome! The puffy sheets I purchased are so soft, I'll never use any other material ever again. And the free pillow is my favorite. Will be getting a few more for sure. Overall the best purchase I've made in a long time. Mattress is supportive yet soft enough to melt in. Health issues keep me in bed a lot of the time. So was so important to find more then "just" a bed. Just love it all! Pic with and without flash. Happy pup as well!

Puffy in Hatfield, PA

My wife and I are in our 60's and we have slept on a coil spring mattress all our life. We were both a little apprehensive about buying a foam mattress online. I'm glad we tried something new. We both absolutely love our Puffy Lux mattress. It is by far, the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. I'll never buy another mattress that isn't a Puffy. Ps. The Puffy pillows are fantastic also.

We sleep so well!!

My spouse and I were having really bad back pain because our old mattress was starting to wear down, even though we’ve only had it for about 5 years. His pain was so bad to the point he couldn’t even sleep in our bed anymore, he would sleep upright in the chaise lounge in our bedroom. I did lots of research looking for the best mattress and came across the Puffy Mattress. I ordered the Puffy Lux and my back pain significantly improved in the first few days. My spouse didn’t care much for the new mattress at first, but his back pain finally improved in about 2 weeks time and now we both have NO PAIN AT ALL! We both get such a great nights sleep and we are so well rested in the mornings! We love our Puffy!!

Most Comfy Healing

While it arrived while I was hospitalized with Covid-19, upon arriving home, my comfortable Puffy mattress made my recovery even better. Just being lucky enough to survive this virus was wonderful, but having the Puffy mattress to cozy up on, was an absolute blessing. It's soft without feeling like I'm falling through, and, so far, sleeps cool without feeling like I'm burning up. Thank you for making this fabulous mattress! I recommend to everyone!

Love my puffy

Took some time to get used an all foam mattress, for the first week I would wake up to turn over. Months later, I love it! It’s firm enough to be supportive in any sleeping position & also soft enough to be cozy and lounge in. No more waking up with back pain. And at an affordable price too!

Our Piece of Heaven on Earth

I bought this mattress because it looked and sounded like what I was after. I have never purchased a mattress without being able to lie down on it even for a few minutes. I could not have been happier with Puffy! I surprised my husband with it. He has back problems and he has significantly less issues with his back since we started using it. My sleep has improved and overall we are very happy!

Queen size 12 inch Hybrid Memory foam mattress

OMG this Mattress is the Best Mattress I've ever owned hands down! The sleep and comfort I get from this purchase is Surreal. Thanks PuffyLux. 5 stars

Sleep Camping on a Cloud

We purchased our king size Puffy Lux mattress for our 5th Wheel Camper. We had been sleeping on a rock hard basic mattress with a 3 inch topper. It was pure misery. But after sleeping on our Puffy Lux for two weeks, we are in pure Heaven!!! Thank you Puffy. We love our new mattress

Puffy Lux Mattress

I’ve had this mattress since August of 2020 and I’m in love with it. It’s beautifully made and extremely comfortable. Collapsing into this bed after a full day of work feels like heaven. I used to have neck and back pain until I got this mattress. My adjustable base is on the way and I couldn’t be more excited.


We love our Puffy bed with adjustable base! My husbands back doesn’t hurt anymore and I hate sleeping away from home away from my Puffy bed! Great investment!

Best Bed Ever

We have been looking for a new mattress for over a year. Reading reviews seeing comments and photos and making comparisons we decided on the Puffy Lux King. The best sleep and comfort in years. No regrets!!! We love the sheets and mattress cover too. Money well spent.

Sweet Dreams

Was hesitant to spend the money for a new mattress. However, having back issues resulting in insomnia, I was willing to do anything. I ordered a queen size Puffy mattress. When I received the box, I was skeptical. The first night was pure heaven! I slept as I hadn't in years. Every night I feel like I'm sleeping in a warm hug. Love love love this mattress!

Much improved sleep!

Very comfortable mattress!!! We had a much firmer foam mattress that was a bit hard on our hip and shoulder joints. Puffy is the perfect combination of firm, yet soft enough to form to our curves. Also sleeps cooler than our previous mattress.

So Comfortable!

Our mattress is so comfortable, we don't know why we didn't do this sooner! We have been using our new Puffy mattress for about 2 months now, and it's the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned or slept in. My husband and I are feeling more rested in the morning and has helped with back previous back pain...not to mention our doodle loves it too :) Thank you so much for providing just what we needed.


With my Puffy mattress I have been able to sleep in different positions. And feel more rested when I get up.


Like sleeping on a cloud! Easy to set up! Slept on my back for the first time in years! Also the adjustable base is everything i had hoped it would be! Love watching tv in bed! Also helps with indigestion during the night with the head part up alittle! I do not wake up with back pain or hip pain or shoulder pain anymore!!! Absolutly love the puffy lux bed and adjustable base!!

Love the Puffy mattress

Everyday I would wake up not rested with back pain. After sleeping on the puffy mattress for just under 3 months, I have regained restful sleep. My back problems have significantly decreased. I love this bed.

Sooo... Comfortable :-) Best Holiday Gift

After reading countless reviews I decided to purchase my newest mattress. I am particularly please that the Puffy Lux price was half the price of my previous mattress purchase. The pillow compliments and adds to the comfort level of my bed ensemble. I was a bit skeptical on the relief of back pain issues. I can now verify that indeed the mattress does perform in this area. My lower back pain has decreased substantially. More impressive is how the stabilization of my lower back has had a positive impact on correcting my knee issues. I believe the main factor is the firm but accommodating support the mattress offers. I am looking forward to enjoying comfortable and restful sleep for years to come. So glad I decided to gift myself this luxurious addition to my bedroom.

Love Puffy

We purchased our Puffy Lux a few months ago. I am a picky sleeper and often have a hard time finding a mattress that works for me. I was skeptical to buy Puffy without ever laying on it, but decided to give it a try since I could return it. I am so glad I made the decision, because I loved it from the start! I also do not see any change now after using it for a few months! Thanks for a great mattress, Puffy!

Feeling luxy on Puffy

I ordered my puffy lux about two weeks ago. The whole set up was impressive to watch. The mattress feels so good and my body is adjusting well to it so far. I really wanted to love the puffy pillow since it came with the mattress, but no such luck. I been having really bad neck cramps. It may be just a little to flat for me.

Puffy Queen in rv

Put this Puffy queen in our motor home and we really love it!. Hope get a king for my home here in the neat future.


After weeks of searching for the best mattress on the internet, my mother finally picked the Puffy Mattress. I was skeptical about ordering it for her, and she was skeptical about a mattress rolled up in a box. But we took the chance. She had been complaining about her hip pain increasing after sleeping, and her mattress was over 15 years old. After just two nights with the Puffy Mattress, her pain was almost gone. Now she sleeps comfortably every night. Thank you for a Great Mattress.

The Best part of 2020!

I had a reasonably new very good quality queen foam mattress from a reputable company. I decided i needed a king size. After a good amount of research, I purchased a Puffy King. This mattress has changed my life! It is extremely comfortable and offers the perfect amount of support . I had significant spinal fusion surgery a few years ago. And can have sleep issues. No longer. I sleep beautifully. With little if any need for even rolling or moving during the night. I cannot say enough about this company and the wonderful product they have designed and built.

Puffy Lux

I have never had a better nights sleep!!!vThe Puffy Lux is the most wonderful mattress we have ever had.

No more back pain

I never thought it was possible to be free from the pain that greeted every morning I got out of bed but a friend suggested this mattress as the remedy to eradicate my morning ritual of agonizing pain and suffering. I can’t believe I’m writing this review to say this is unequivocally the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. I have experience sleeping on many mattresses as I travel a lot and have stayed in many hotels around the world, so I speak from experience and some authority on managing pain based on the quality of the mattress I slept on the night before. I’m not sure what magic is in this foam or in the way this mattress has been constructed but it has been an absolute miracle the experience I have waking up every morning. So magical that I bought a mattress for my sister as a Christmas gift and recommended this to a friend who in turn ended up buying one as well. Well done Puffy Mattress!!!

Luxurious Deaming!

We’ve had our Puffy Lux for a good two months now and we really love it. I have neck issues (Stage 3 Cervical Stenosis) and had so much trouble with insomnia from pressure points I just couldn’t bear our old spring mattress anymore. But with Puffy I am no longer worried about pressure points. I can lay on my sides or back and am finally looking forward to bedtime again. Thank you Puffy!


I’ve been in chronic pain for 3 years now. For the first time in a few years, after just ONE night sleep on this mattress, I was able to bend over after getting out of bed to put my shoes on without pain.   I waited a few months to put in my review so I can have a solid honest review. I’m happy to report that after months, I continue to wake up with zero pain and the best nights sleep I have ever had. This is by far the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned.  I’m so happy I pulled the trigger and bought this mattress. It was the best decision I have ever made, aside from leaving my crappy ex-husband.

Sleeping on a Cloud!!

I love my puffy mattress and adjustable bed! I had sleep issues for years, tried therapy, medications, aromatic therapy...nothing helped! I purchased my single puffy mattress and bed. The mattress is just right, not too soft not too firm. The pillow a dream! I used to sleep with multiple pillows and now have my one puffy pillow. From the time My head hits my pillow and I elevate my bed about 30-45 degrees - I am asleep in minutes and sleep well. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned and the bed frame amazing with a light underneath and plugs for my phone. I hate to get out of bed now- so comfortable that now when I go too bed I do not fear a restless night of no sleep, but welcome a good night sleep awakening with no aches and pains! Truly a remarkable product and well worth the investment!

I Dream to Sleep

I purchased my mattress in early September. I had 6 wonderful full nights of sleep. I then had to fly to California to work until mid-December. I immediately missed my Puffy Mattress and my Puffy Mattress Topper. I have returned back to my Puffy Mattress and once again I have experienced no pressure point discomfort and I do not toss and turn all night. I dream and I sleep well. Thank you for my wonderful nights.

Loving the Puffy Mattress

Been using the mattress for 15 days now ... so far so good. No back pain. A very good night sleep indeed.

Wonderful rest for this old body!

I was skeptical when my husband wanted to order a mattress online. He said it was highly rated but what sold me was the 100 day sleep trial! I was willing to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised when we opened it and it did not have a strong foam odor! From the first night sleeping on it, I was sold!! We are in our 60's and for both if us to wake up without a sore back or shoulders has been fabulous!!

Puffy Lux Changed My Back and My Bedtime

I've had my Puffy Lux for a few months and I love to go to bed now! Before I would stay up as long as I could because my mattress was over 20 years old. Now I LOVE to go to bed and read, listen to music, or watch TV. Laying on the lusciousness is one of my favorite pastimes these days!


My back no longer hurts!

All my life I dreamed of....

This mattress! OMG. I am getting THE best night's sleep. I can sleep more comfortably on my sides, back and stomach. We got the 2 XL twin and made a king bed. I LOVE it. Been showing it off to my friends. Only sad I didn't get one sooner. I have neck and back pain and wake up feeling strong, spine was supported all night. I have the pillows too. At first I thought they would be too high, but they cradle and support the head without neck strain. I've been telling everyone!


We love our new Puffy Mattress. It’s comfortable and gorgeous in our new home. Can’t wait to get in it at the end of the day and don’t want to get out after that alarm jars us from a great night’s sleep.

Sleeping on a cloud

My dog, girlfriend and I recently moved to a house on a lake. To make the idyllic setting complete, we needed a mattress as restful as the view. We researched several options, and settled on the Puffy Lux King Mattress. The reviews said it was "like sleeping on a cloud." We thought, "yeah, ok..." But it's true! This is the best mattress upon which either of us has ever slept. We're both morning people, but we don't like getting out of bed anymore.

All I want for Christmas is my new Puffy

My husband and I love our new Puffy mattress and pillows. Never slept better and no neck and back pain. So super comfy.

A Very Puffy Christmas

We love our puffy mattress, mattress protector, pillows and dog beds. Our favorite Christmas present to ourselves and our fur babies! Our sleep is so much better and we wake up refreshed! Thanks Puffy!!

Worth $2000.00

These are the second and third puffy purchases we have made! We are so happy with all three Mattresses! We recommend puffy to all of our friends! We can wait to buy another one!

ALL the Zzzz’s!!

We are OBSESSED! Okay, so to be honest... when we first opened it we thought it might be too soft for us and we weren’t sure we would sleep well. However, we decided there’s nothing to lose since Puffy offers the 100 (101?) nights of sleep trial. I loved it on the first night! My husband is 6’3 220lbs and would always wake me up when he got out of bed, but not with Puffy! I can sleep right through the night and don’t feel the mattress moving as he wakes up. For him the best part of our new mattress is that he no longer wakes up with back pain like he used to. So... PUFFY FOR THE WIN! We definitely recommend!

Awesome Bed

This bed is extreme! It took about 3 weeks for me to completely get acclimated and my husband almost immediately. We also got the mattress pad which truly makes it feel like the clouds are hugging you as soon as you get into bed, it's glorious!. Was worth every dollar!!

My new mattress

I like the puffy mattress because it's cooler than the tempurpedic mattress that I had for more than 10 years. I also like the clouds design coz it feels like you're really sleeping on top of the cloud. I guess that's how it feels like

I Love My Puffy

Great night's sleep. I haven't slept this well in years!!

Puffy Perfect!

p is for Peaceful sleep u is for Ultimate value FF is for Fabulous and Fantastic comfort Y is for Yeah! Everyone should own a Puffy.

Puffy all the way

I am enjoying my puffy. Sleep is better. Waking up is better. I did not know how bad my old mattress was treating me. The aches, constant tossing and turning to find comfort. Not anymore. Instant comfort from day one. The hardest part now is leaving it.

Everyone in the family loves our Puffy!

From our very first night sleeping on our Puffy mattress, we knew we had made the right decision! No more tossing and more back more sleepless nights! This is what sleeping on a cloud feels like!!! Thank you so much for your incredible product and for your amazing customer service.


I love my new Puffy Mattress, I am having the best sleep after years of trying new mattresses and pillows!

Didn't Know

I had no idea that a mattress can be so comfortable. I call it Luxury Bed! One of the best purchases I have ever made!

My oasis!

I LOVE my Puffy Lux! I have struggled with knee and shoulder pain and it is gone! I get a full nights sleep for the first time in decades. Best purchase ever!

Best mattress I’ve ever had

We've never owned a mattress this comfortable for both of us in 34 yrs. We’re planning on getting another one for our RV. My husbands only complaint is that he can’t get me out of it, lol. Bad back, shoulder pain, & sciatica are no match for our Puffy Lux. We tell everyone we know about it too.


In my 70+ years I have slept on many mattresses. I recently purchased 2 Puffys, 1 King and 1 Queen. Finally I have experienced a dream- like sleep with a feeling of peace and serenity! This well engineered mattress has greatly reduced my need for pain medicine taken for fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I no longer wake up with sore muscles and stiffness from tossing all night. If only I had known about Puffy's comfort and quality long ago! I have recommended Puffy to so many others. At last, with my Puffy mattresses, sleeping is nirvana!

I love this mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I've ever had . Good for side sleeping. I like that its made in the USA. Feels like the tempurpedic I almost bought but wasn't paying 3 grand for .LOVE IT!!!!

Puffy Lux for my new home master bedroom

Puffy Lux is the best mattress I have ever purchase d. I will never purchase another brand other than Puffy Lux. It lives up to it's top 10 rating on Google.

We all love sleeping on this mattress

I struggled with sleeplessness nights due to hip and lower back pain for sometime. I sleep through the night now!! Yeah! The dogs love it too!

Soooo Comfortable!!

I recently moved across the country, and had to leave my comfy waterbed ( Soma) behind, as the bed would be upstairs. I slept on an air bed or the other lumpy bed in the other bedroom. My back was injured in a car accident a few years before, so I needed something comfortable. I started comparing all of the mattresses out there and after much investigation, I decided on a Puffy Lux, as it was softer than the basic Puffy. I still needed something softer, I contacted Puffy and they sent me a free Soft 2 inch topper to try before returning the mattress, that did the trick, it's truly like sleeping on a Cloud, I love it I'm planning on getting a King for the other bedroom, maybe a Puffy Lux Hybrid.. Thank you so much for you great customer service and an American made products!

Sweet Dreams

Had struggled with sleeplessness due to hip and lower back pain. I sleep through the night now. Yeah!! I am excited to say!! Love the new mattress!!

Puffy mattress review

The bed and mattress is amazing. I sleep well and my back even feels better too. I’m very satisfied. We have a California king and it is amazing.

Dream mattress

i been looking for a good mattress for a long time, and i bought puffy mattress no regret and until now i will say im very satisfy and i would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good mattress, it is a worth buying.

Heavenly and kitty approved

I actually received my puffy mattress early in October. I had to wait until end of November for my bed/frame to arrive. So there it sat, in its box for over 60 days. Then the day arrived...the bed was delivered and set up. After 61 nights sleeping on an air bed, I was excited to snuggle into a “proper” bed. How easy it was to unpack, roll out and watch the mattress “Puff up”. Then it had to be inspected by my 3 Siamese. Once it got the kitty seal of approval I was able to make up the bed. My first night...I went to bed 2 hours early....I had the best nights sleep in about 4 years. I also have the puffy pillows. Ahhhhhh my head was softly surrounded and it felt like my head was being caressed. If you are wondering which mattress to buy...wonder no more, it has to be a puffy!

You will not be disappointed!

We love the Puffy Mattress. Our first purchase was the standard mattress in a King. We wanted a more firm mattress and this did NOT disappoint. Was a bit disappointed with the height once it was in our frame, but as able to adjust the footing and it is fine. The next purchase a few months later, was for our second home in Arizona. I wanted the thicker mattress so we took a chance on the Puffy Lux. When it arrived I as concerned with how soft it was compared to the standard we already purchased. Boy, was I wrong. Thicker mattress and just as comfortable. Placing the order was a breeze. Very attentive customer support, let us know when we could expect delivery and it was spot on. Would highly recommend the mattress!

It really is an amazing wonderful cloud!

I went an entire year year without being able to sleep longer than 2-3 hours waking up with back pain. Neck pain hip pain.. since the day I got my puffy I sleep 8 hours every night and feel so good and rested in the morning.. this mattress has really changed my quality of life.. I am so glad I took that chance to try it out.. now my only problem is I can't wait to go back to bed because it so comfy..Thanks so much for making such a great mattress!!!

Nothing better than Puffy

We love our new mattress. Best ever. Great night sleep. Forms to your body for support. When one person moves you don’t even know it. SOO glad we bought it.

Highly recommend

I purchased our Puffy Mattress(deluxe Hybrid) 2 months ago. Best decision ever! My husband has chronic back issues and difficulty sleeping at night. Since sleeping on this mattress his back has felt great and he is sleeping all night long uninterrupted. We definitely recommend!

Perfect for our camper van!

We got a full sized puffy mattress for our sprinter van van conversion and we LOVE it. We have a cal king pillow top mattress in our bedroom and are now seriously considering replacing that with a new puffy mattress. Outstanding comfort and temperature. Could not be happier.

Finally a mattress for both of us!!

Love our Puffy! I'm a side sleeper. My spouse has a bad back. We both sleep comfortably finally! We have tried another "box" mattress for 2 years, hated it! Regular mattresses prior. Puffy is all they it will be!

Puffy mattress

The Puffy is very comfortable. I have no hip or back pain after a nights rest.

We love our Puffy Lux mattress

We’ve had our Puffy Lux mattress for a couple of months and just love it!!!! My husband & I don’t feel each other roll over or get out of bed! And I can actually lay flat rather than feeling like I’m always laying on a slope I’m in my 60s and believe it’s the best mattress I’ve ever had!!! Thanks Puffy!!

Awesome Mattress.

The Puffy mattress is a very soft and perfect product. . I am sleeping like a chick sleeping in their nest. Worth for the price.

Puffy products are a dream come true!

I purchased a King Puffy Lux and couldn't be happier. I've since purchase the Puffy Mattress Protector. I rest easy knowing my investment is now protected! I wake up rested and ready for each new day, love these purchases!

Best night sleep ever!!

I have never been a good sleeper. Wake up several times a night toss and turn and cannot remember the last good night sleep. My husband and bougth the Puffy Lux King 3 months ago and I have never slept better. No tossing and turning and sleep for a full 7 hours with no interuptions. We both love it and would highly recomend the Puffy Lux.

Living like a wealthy person

I’m so enthusiastic everything time I have to go to relax on my puffy mattress I bought a full size puffy mattress and I had lower back surgery and also I have problem with my neck ,arms elbows always in pain and this puffy mattress help me a lot it’s like a suspension it hold my weight and relax my upper and lower back I had made one of the best choice in my life by purchasing this puffy mattress and I fully recommend others to not hesitate when time come to buy a mattress, buy the puffy mattress.Everything I go to bed and lie down I feel like a wealthy person it’s so soft ans feel like I’m floating.

No more interrupted sleep.

Our old mattress had a way of bounce that when I was sleeping, my husband would toss and turn waking me up EVERY time. I don't get woken up by that, but, he seems to not be tossing around that much anymore. He's sleeping too!! Worth the money for sure.

Took a gamble and it totally paid off!!

It’s always risky buying a mattress without being able to test it out at all beforehand but Puffy’s 100 day return policy made the gamble less risky. And here’s the thing- we almost used the return policy because the we got the 10 inch queen mattress and it just wasn’t “cutting it”. But after contacting Puffy, they offered us a 2 inch foam/gel mattress topper (valued at nearly $300) for free if we wanted to try it with our Puffy mattress instead of returning it. And if we STILL didn’t like it, we could have sent it all back on their dime. Turns out the mattress topper did the trick and we are now in love with it. 10 out of 10 Love a gamble that turns out to not to be a gamble at all !!

Love The Puffy!

We had an old 8” thick Tempur Pedic King, and we upgraded to a Puffy King! Love it, nothing more to say except it’s a terrific mattress. It make’s going to bed at night a real pleasure! We also recommended to a friend, she purchased one, and is extremely pleased. I would recommend Puffy Mattresses to anyone!

Good mattress

I had this mattress for about 60 plus days, it is soft, but very supportive. My husband has back and knee issues (primarily side sleeper), needed a mattress for support, however, I wanted a mattress that was soft (side sleeper). So far so good-nothing is perfect, but it’s better than the last couple of mattress that we tried.

Even moon pie likes laying on Puffy Clouds ☁️

I bought my Puffy mattress in September, I have experienced better sleep zzz since my purchase. It's extremely soft but still gives great support. I received a free Puffy pillow which I love , I would recommend this purchase.

Puffy Paradise

Very soft, but at the same time supportive. It negates "hot "spots" since the mattress conforms to your body. LOVE IT!!!

The Best Bed: For More Than Just Sleeping!!

This mattress has changed my life!!! I went from sleeping on a lumpy, stifling mattress pad to this luxurious cloud. Yes, I said cloud. It feels like my body is literally floating when I lay on it. I have even switched from studying (I'm a wine student) on the couch to studying in bed, it's so comfortable. Any my boyfriend agrees...He no longer thrashes around; he lays there peacefully ALL night. Thank you, Puffy Lux mattress!!!


We love our new Puffy lux Hybrid. We are getting so much better sleep!

Best Mattress Ever

I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in years. My boyfriend and I both love this mattress! Our cat seems to be enjoying it as well! It’s the perfect combination of soft and firm. It truly is like sleeping in a cloud. Extremely happy with this purchase.

Now I don’t want to get out of bed!

Our daughter recommended this mattress when we were looking to replace our 17 year old Sleep Number bed. We are so glad we listened to her. We bought the split king so we could adjust to each of our needs. My husband sleeps a bit elevated now to help his shoulder. I used to get out of bed about 5:30 every day and I had some body aches. I didn't realized it was because of the mattress. Now I’m getting an extra 2 - 2 1/2 hours of sleep. I love it but I don’t want to get out of bed now.

Everyone is comfy on our Puffy mattress

We love our Puffy mattress and pillows. My husband was skeptical because of the low price. The 110 day trial period convinced him to give it a try. We both love it, and sleep more soundly because one person rolling over doesn’t shake the whole bed. I’m very sensitive to smells and worried it would be days or weeks after opening before I could use it. But, absolutely no off-gassing and no overheating. We love it.

Goodbye insomnia!

Moved into my new home after four months of renovations. Ordered the Puffy on my sister’s recommendations and haven’t slept better in years! If I slept three hours straight, it was a great night. Now with my king sized Puffy, I sleep! It’s the most comfortable mattress. Goodbye night sweats, and hours of tossing and turning! So comfortable that after friends tried mine and one purchased a Puffy and another one considering! Exactly what was advertised, easy set up and ready to go! PS...order the mattress pad too!

Catching my ZZZZZZs on my new PUFFY

Recently moved to a new place and decided to try a king Puffy.. soooo glad I did. The comfort and support is outstanding.

Love my Puffy!

I bought the original puffy and I have never slept better. I really like that it came with a pillow made out of the same material as the mattress, no more stacking pillows to get the right comfortable height. I’m a side sleeper and no longer toss from side to side during the night. I also love that every mattress comes with a mattress protector as I have a little dog that sleeps in the bed as well. Easy to remove and clean. Highly recommend!

Ordering my third Puffy mattress and foundation

I am the owner of two queen size Puffy mattresses and foundations. I’m getting ready to place the order for my third set. I just can’t say enough good things about these products. Love that they’re made in the USA!


Best mattress ever.

My son's new mattress

I got this mattress for my son who lives in Georgia, and when he got it i asked him to send me a review, this is what he said " OMG Thank you so much mom! To be honest i haven't slept this well on anything other than my puffy mattress, and its especially a huge upgrade because it fills out my bed frame. its so soft and springy, and the pillow it came with is soft yet firm and just cups my head wonferfully. I can't imagine going back to my old mattress. It was so cool watching the mattress transform too! How its was rolled and flat and it turned into a big puffu cloud in minutes! I love my puffy

No more back pain.

I’m a stomach sleeper and always had lower back pain. It was time for a new mattress and saw that Puffy received high reviewer ratings. We took the plunge and prefer the mattress. I am so glad we did. We also ordered the mattress topper. My back pain is now gone and we sleep like babies. Now thinking about switching out all or mattresses.

Love this bed

It’s comfy & provides just the right amount of support. The king size puffy pillows are also very comfy & conducive to a restful sleep! 5 star Rating !

King Cloud

Love my soft Puffy cloud!

Wonderful sleep

I researched for several months and was still nervous. No need to be nervous because Puffy Lux provides outstanding comfort. Best sleep I’ve had. No more hip pain. Highly recommend.

Soft AND Supportive

We've enjoyed the bed so far! I can sleep on my shoulder better than I ever have.

Love this mattress!

My wife and I have been using the puffy mattress for more than a month now and absolutely love it. We highly recommend puffy.

Our Puffy Lux

It took us a little while to get used to our Puffy Lux, but now we can both sleep comfortably together and wake up feeling really good. Many of our pain issues have gone away and we are very pleased. We no longer dread going to bed!

Sweetest Mattress Ever!

I have had my Puffy mattress a little over a month now! I sleep like a dream and love that the mattress reads my body. I wake up pain free and refreshed each morning! Thank you!!

Proof is in the PUFFY

As many people, we were truly hesitant to purchase without trying but once I convinced my husband that it could be returned without risk, he agreed. I'm so happy we took the chance. We LOVE our Puffy. I can even sleep on my back now without pillows stacked under my knees. Believe me, take the chance. I'm sure it will be as puffy good for you as it is for us. If not, no risk, return it.


We had trouble getting to (and staying) asleep so we tried a Puffy Lux. Oh myyyy, no more problems! We love it so much at our condo that we are buying a second one for the house. BTW, the dogs love it too!


ORIGINAL PUFFY IS THE BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER HAD!!! It is literally like sleeping on a cloud. Soooo happy with it!

Sooo comfortable

We love this mattress!!! It’s so comfortable and so much support. My husband has nerve damage and sleep is hard to come by, he sleeps better in this bed than any other we have had. We love the soft sheets and my husband won’t sleep with our the body pillow. We bought the sheets for our boys too. We are saving to get them puffy mattresses. Our 12 year old golden loves it so much she won’t move for me to make the bed if she is napping!

No more back pain!

I bought a new mattress two years ago but was already having issues with it losing support. My back pain was horrible from the lack of support ...It was so uncomfortable that I have been sleeping on my couch. I decided to give the puffy mattress a try and I am glad that I did. The back pain is now gone because of the Puffy mattress. Thank you

Our second Puffy is amazing

We purchased a second puffy mattress for our master bedroom. We selected the Luxe hybrid queen and it took about 30 days for it to fill out and get firmer. Now it is perfect and my husband and I sleep incredibly well with fewer aches and pains. Our first Puffy in another home continues to be amazing and is a firmer sleeping experience.

Puffy Comfy All Night Long

Before we bought the Puffy Lux mattress, I had trouble sleeping all night through. I have back and hip pain and would awaken most nights in terrible pain to toss and turn a while before falling back to sleep. Since the Puffy Lux, I have slept soundly almost every night as has my Husband. On top of the comfort, it seems as though my Husband's snoring has been reduced. A nice bonus. A great investment. One of our friends even bought the Puffy after hearing how much we loved it.

Love love love my puffy !!!

I was skeptical of this mattress before trying. We have had it nearly 3 months now and I cannot say enough about this mattress. We get a wonderful night sleep and our achy bodies are not so achy any more ! I never thought I would be one to say it but WE LOVE OUR PUFFY !!!! This is our third mattress in 10 years. We finally found the one we were looking for !!!!

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