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Propel Mattress Reviews

Propel was discontinued in February 2023. Check out the Spartan Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding for a comparable mattress. Propel Mattress is a flippable hybrid mattress made in Arizona by Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam Bedding. With features including a performance fabric cover, customers that are looking for a pressure relief and refreshing feel will do well to consider the Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $1059-$2499

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Propel's Specifics

Propel Sleep mattresses have been winning acclaim from customers with its focus on rejuvenation and cooling. With dual-sided designs, one of their primary differentiators is Upcycle™ technology in the cover layer that absorbs heat and transforms it to far infrared rays that stimulate blood flow and may help with muscle recovery.

For a price that is very competitive versus others, customers who sleep warm at night report enjoying a more restorative sleep for less.

Quality of Materials

When it comes to materials and construction, in addition to the special material in the cover, Brooklyn Bedding's proprietary foam offers high value for the price. As with all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, the Propel Mattress is constructed in their Arizona factory.

Let's take a look inside their Dual-Sided Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The Upcycle™ Performance Cover features restorative European performance fabric that cools and rejuvenates the body.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a 1" layer of firm Copperflex™ foam. It delivers a firm feel, while still contouring a bit to the body without feeling too soft.

Layer 2: Next up is 2'' of high-density foam that helps provides sleepers with a nice, traditional firm feeling on this side of the mattress.

Layer 3: The main support comes from a 6'' layer of individually encased pocket coils. These coils provide balanced pressure relief while decreasing motion transfer to help prevent partner disturbance.

Layer 4: 2'' of Energex™ transition foam offers a responsive feel, which complements the supportive structure on the firm side, and acts as a gentle, pressure-relieving layer for the soft side.

Layer 5: The last layer is 2'' of soft CopperFlex™ comfort foam that gives the soft side a cozy contour for side sleeping while keeping things cool.

Overall Comfort

With the cooling technology on the top layers and the generous layers of pressure relieving and supportive foams, customers report enjoying both sides of the mattress with the softer sides doing best for side sleeping.


Propel offers 2 firmness options in their Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress. Average sized side sleepers will often feel best on the soft side due to needing more pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. Those who are stomach sleepers or larger in body size with often prefer the firm orientation.

Back Pain Relief

Many customers report feeling rejuvenated and average sized sleepers with discomfort from a sagging mattress may experience some relief with this mattress. Some customers with back issues have specifically described feeling better with the hybrid version of this mattress.


With the CopperFlex™ foam and the UpCycle™ technology, these mattresses do very well cooling. Sleepers report that they are able to sleep cool and comfortably.

Who Are Propel Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are ideal for those that are active and in need of muscle rejuvenation and relaxation while sleeping. Those that sleep warm will also see a benefit in these mattresses.

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Found our long lost love.

We visited a hotel that had this company’s mattresses on their king sized bed. We loved it! We came home and purchased and we are so comfortable. It helps with my chronic joint pain and temperature changes while I sleep. My husband noted that his back no longer hurts after waking.

Oddly comfortable

I normally like a very firm mattress so the first time I lay down on my new Dreamfoam matress, I thought I had wasted my money. It feels really soft when you lie down. It molds to your body, which is why I got concerned. But unlike other soft feeling mattesses I've had the misfortune to try to sleep on, this one doesn't keep sinking. I actually have been sleeping better; more deeply and longer, than with my last mattress. I love my new mattress! Read LessRead less about I normally like a very firm mattress

Perfect mattress! I call it

Perfect mattress! I call it the make you late for work mattress because it makes you oversleep and not want to get out of bed.

Received my mattress . Wish

Received my mattress . Wish it would be much much firmer, regardless kept it for now.

Great sleep!

Easy set up. Very comfy! Never work up from shoulders or hips hurting! Love love the bed!

Cool, Restorative Mattress

For the past few months, the advertising on this mattress has been on-point. The mattress stays cool, is supportive (without being overly firm) and I wake up feeling energized for the next day. I'm an active individual so anything that helps me recover and be aware during work and my workouts is perfect. Would highly recommend this mattress to anyone; especially for those that like to sleep cool. Great hybrid mattress for the price. Read LessRead less about review stating Cool, Restorative Mattress

Never want to leave bed

I've gotten amazing sleep since getting this mattress. Exactly what I was hoping for. I love the cooling feature but it definitely is less intense through sheets, not sure if there's a solution to that but I can't complain. Not sure how to monitor the effectiveness of any of the technology in the bed but I feel like my recovery has been great so far. Definitely recommend Read LessRead less about review stating Never want to leave bed

Propel mattress

I love my new mattress. Perfect firmness! Tried another brand first and sent it back as it was much too firm. I’ve always liked firm, but this mattress is just right. It’s like they read my mind. Thanks Brooklyn Bedding. Arizona rocks!!!


I was hesitant on the bed because all the mattress review sites said it’s recommended for athletes and/or side sleepers since is soft bed. I’m having amazing sleep. I’m primarily stomach sleeper over 230 lbs. This bed is the perfect balance between support and comfort. I usually take an hour to fall asleep but I have been falling a alseep without noticing and forgetting to charge my phone. It’s that’s good! Read LessRead less about review stating Wow

Quality mattress

Looks good, has a solid construction and a lot of bounce. However is too firm for me so I will be returning.

Full Size

I bought the Full size, but their email review was for a twin size. So here it is anyways. Very good mattress, especially for the price. Easy to set up. Just as I was hoping, it was firm and soft at the same time. Need more time to say if it sleeps any cooler. But, I recommend buying!!

too soon

too soon

The bed was super easy

The bed was super easy to set up. My only complaint is it took 3 weeks to receive my bed.

Sleeping Cool

Love how it feels cool. Getting great sleep this summer.

Didn't know what I was missing!

I don't usually leave reviews, but I felt I had to with this one. I can't remember the last time I slept so well! I've had this mattress for a little while now, and I've never woken up as refreshed and well rested as I have since getting this mattress. Not only is it super comfortable from the moment you lay down, but I haven't had any issues with back pain. Highly recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a great night's sleep! Read LessRead less about review stating Didn't know what I was missing!

comfortable and cool

Only a couple weeks in, but mattress is comfortable and cool throughout the night. We are liking it so far.

Finally found my perfect mattress!

After testing out several other mattress brands a friend referred me to the Propel saying it changed his life. I have been sleeping on it for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! Best sleep I've ever had.

I'm Obsessed!

I had no idea how badly I was sleeping until this mattress came into my life. I'm sleeping like a baby, so cool and comfy!

Finally, a good nights sleep.

I'm really glad that I purchased the Propel. Over the past few weeks of sleeping on this mattress, I fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. The quality of my sleep has greatly improved!

Amazing Mattress

Very happy with this purchase. The firmness is perfect for me, and I love the cooling fabric on top. I'm sleeping much better and wake up more refreshed in the mornings.

Loving my new mattress

I was a bit hesitant to by a mattress online, however; I am SO happy I did! In the weeks that I have been sleeping on this mattress I fall asleep easier and wake up well rested!


I am so happy I decided to purchase this mattress. I have been sleeping on it for a few weeks now and notice a huge difference in the quality of my sleep at night. I am waking up refreshed and I love it!

Design, comfort, and affordability

I absolutely love the design of the mattress. From the outside to what’s inside that makes it so comfortable. It is a joy to sleep on.

love it!!!

Amazing quality mattress for such a great price! Best sleep of my life and soooooo easy to unpack and set up. I've been looking for a mattress like this for what seems like forever so i'm glad I found this website!

Love the feel

Just received the mattress - love the feel of it. Will update after a couple months but am expecting good things.


Top notch, optimal comfort level. I would definitely recommend this to all of my family and friends.

Great mattress so far!

I’ve had my mattress for one week now and so far so good. It’s a lot lower profile than my previous mattress but it does have a very supportive feel. I sleep on both my side and my stomach. It is comfortable, regardless of position. It’s hard to tell if I’m sleeping better because I needed a new mattress so badly or because of the Upcycle technology. Either way, I’m very happy with my purchase. Read LessRead less about review stating Great mattress so far!

Love the mattress

Very satisfied with the comfort of the bed. I can't imagine sleeping on anything else

No Bad Sides! Propelled in to each new day!!!

I can definitely say there's something to the far red infrared technology. This new matresses has changed the way I sleep, paired it with an adjustable base and I really love it. I'm only 3wks in now this is my 1st week trying the firmer side. I noticed after only 2 night I no longer toss and turn while on the softer side I slept more on my back tRead more about review stating No Bad Sides! Propelled in to each new day!!!he firm side I'm on my stomach. I definitely noticed a huge change in my back pain. I take pain meds for over 20yrs for a spine injury along with lidocaine patches. I've been able to cut my meds in half and there are days I forget to put the patches on it it doesn't even matter. Honestly I feel like I'm in my 20s again. I never knew a new bed could make that big of a difference.

sleeping on cloud 9

i can't say enough great things about this mattress! it has been an absolute dream every night. I wake up well rested and don't toss and turn throughout the night. If i could give 10 stars, I would!

Nurse approved!

I'm a nurse working the night shift three days a week while also rising my kid so needless to say, sleep is very important to me. this bed is so comfortable and i feel well rested each morning i wake up! (even when the little one sneaks in bed with us at night)

I Love This Mattress!

After doing a ton of research, we decided to go with the Propel dual-sided hybrid and are so happy we did! Not being able to test a mattress before purchasing it is always a little scary and being able to flip between a soft and firm side is what sold us- we prefer the firm side. This mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support. It truly does provide pressure point relief

Better Night's Sleep

First off, I have to say that this mattress had very little smell - even right out of the box - which was a really pleasant surprise because some we have purchases have had a very noxious smell for months! As far as comfort goes, my husband and I have both been sleeping better since we started sleeping on the Propel. We are sleeping on the softer side because I prefer a soft bed, but my husband prefers a firmer mattress. So far it is working out well. I will also say that you don't sink down into the mattress as much as I thought you would (which I found a bit disappointing, personally) and while my husband has complained that he feels hotter while sleeping on this mattress, I have not noticed any difference in my body temperature while sleeping. I will also note that while most memory foam mattresses are not recommended for stomach sleepers, I have had no problem sleeping on my stomach on this mattress. For reference, I am 5'7" and weigh about 160 lbs. I sleep in all positions and I find this mattress to be fairly comfortable no matter what position I lay in.

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