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Pranasleep Mattress Reviews

Pranasleep makes a variety of latex, latex and memory foam, and latex-hybrid mattress lines. You may see them sold under the names Lotus, Om, and Karma in addition to Pranasleep. They use high end latex in most of their mattresses, which drives the prices up into the luxury category. Most customers find their mattresses comfortable, but some had complaints about durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $1549-$13124

Trial Period: No Trial

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Pranasleep's Specifics

Pranasleep focuses on building mattresses with natural materials like latex, cotton, and pocketed coils. Their mattresses are in the luxury price range and are often quite expensive for the materials. Customers find these mattresses initially comfortable, but some have claimed that these mattresses have issues with durability at times.

Those that are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses or our top rated latex mattresses, which use natural materials to properly cradle the body.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Pranasleep has five mattress collections, the Pranasleep, Karma, Om, Organics, and Lotus mattresses.

We'll go through each of their mattress options in depth below:

Here are the details about the Pranasleep Mattress Collection:

The Pranasleep Collection is a latex-focused mattress line that features layers of Talalay latex, with softer foam on the top layer and firmer latex core as the support mechanisms. On the top layer, there is the UltraQuilt® layer that includes softer foam for a pillowy top feel. With multiple firmness options and prices starting just over $4000, these mattresses are quite expensive for the materials used. Some customers also had issues with the durability of these mattresses, complaining about sagging over a shorter duration.

Next, here are the details of the Karma Mattress Collection:

The Karma mattress collection also uses latex comfort layers and UltraQuilt® technology. However, in lieu of the latex core, there is a pocketed coil matrix that reacts independently. These mattresses come in multiple firmness options, but there are some complaints about durability.

Next, here are the details of the Om Mattress Collection:

The Om mattress collection comes with both Talalay latex comfort layers and Talalay latex core. The NaturalQuilt™ pillow top is also made of Talalay latex foam, which makes this mattress nearly all-natural, which is an important point for some shoppers. Overall, this mattress gets good reviews for initial comfort, but also has some challenges with durability according to some customers.

Next, here are the details of the Organics Mattress Collection:

The Pranasleep Organics line comes with all-natural Talalay latex in both their comfort layers and their latex core support system. Their pillow top quilt layer is also 100% Talalay latex and provides a subtle bounce. These mattresses are quite expensive for the materials used, starting at just over $6,000 for a mattress. Overall, customers like their mattresses at first, but there were some difficulties with the durability for some sleepers.

Lastly, here are the details of the Lotus Mattress Collection:

The Lotus® collection features an all-foam design with layers of Talalay latex on the top layers, but firmer high density synthetic foam beneath. Overall, this mattress is considered their budget-friendly option, starting at $1,655. Most customers like the feel of these mattresses at first, but there were some issues with durability for some sleepers.

Overall Comfort

Pranasleep has some mixed reviews when it comes to comfort and durability. While there are some sleepers that have found comfort, there are many who had problems with lasting durability.


See the above scale. Pranasleep has a variety of firmness options. Those that are smaller in body size and side sleepers should consider on the softer side, while those that are stomach sleepers should consider something firmer.

Back Pain Relief

Due to the issues with durability and initial feel for some sleepers, back discomfort may be an issue for some sleepers if sagging occurs.


Latex generally does a good job keeping cool. For those that live in a warm environment, you may find that these mattresses retain some heat.

Who Are Pranasleep Mattresses Right For?

These options may be best for a guest room or other temporary solution due to the mixed reviews about long term comfort. For those looking for long term quality and more competitive prices, take a look at our top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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We love it

We love it because we both get a great night's rest! We have had the Sleep Number mattress and waterbed mattresses. There is a size difference between us that is quite a difference. This mattress fits both our needs!!

We have been sleeping

We have been sleeping on our mattress for about a week. Every night I am amazed at how comfortable it is. We wish we bought one long ago.

After our experienced salesperson

After our experienced salesperson at Jordan's Furniture showed us the PranaSleep mattress, we were shown other brands in comparison. Our tired and sore back bodies kept seeking the PranaSleep mattress. After a smooth delivery

we find restful sleep...enriching and restoring life's energy

We bought a memory foam

We bought a memory foam. But found it too soft and movement was different. We returned it and purchased a PranaSleep (Vinyasa Plush Mattress). The difference was dramatic. The Prana Sleep gave us great support. Ability to change

sleeping positions and comfort. We are happy with our Prana Sleep mattress.

I suppose this will be my last note for a while

I suppose this will be my last note for a while to you. I cannot tell you the difference this bed had made in my health. Each morning I feel less like taking any medication for my back!!! I had so much trouble after my hit and

run car injury. And then I found the PranaSleep system. This bed has literally changed my life. I have not once awoken with shoulder pain. Not once with neck pain, and my lower back does not ache. I wake up feeling alive, happy

and renewed. I will never sleep on anything but latex again if I have my say, but the quality of latex matters too. This bed is my answer to so many years of upset and pain. Thank you PranaSleep for creating a piece of art. I am

an artist by the way and I am so impressed with this bed, I only have one complaint now when I go out of town I can't find the sleep I have at home. I love you all, thank you. By the way I hope it feels good to know you have made

an actual tangible difference in my life and the lives of others I am sure. Isn’t that why we are here to help others. Thank you again. Bye for now.

I had a spring pillow soft mattress

I had a spring pillow soft mattress and exchanged for my PranaSleep mattress and I'm glad I did. I sleep through the night no turning and tossing. I can't wait to go to bed at night. I love my new mattress. I have arthritis

and I don't have any more pain.

I have been through several mattresses

I have been through several mattresses since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 17 years ago. Nothing has helped my pains and poor sleep patterns until I got my PranaSleep mattress. Finally I am getting relief from pressure point

pains and I am getting quality sleep. I believe this mattress is going to give me a better quality of life. Thank you.

Had our first night's sleep on our new PranaSleep

Had our first night's sleep on our new PranaSleep mattress last night and it was wonderful! No sore back in the morning for Robin or sore shoulders and neck for Mark. Really comfortable mattress. Looking forward to more restful

nights to come!

I Love It!!

I Love It!! My hip and back no longer keep me up at night - so glad I made the investment!

We love our new PranaSleep adjustable bed

We love our new PranaSleep adjustable bed. We bought the PranaSleep Vinyasa Super Plush adjustable and must say it is the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on! No pressure points and felt like we were on a cloud!

Thanks so much for being true to your word.

I honestly have never slept better in my life

I honestly have never slept better in my life. I didn't know a mattress could feel this wonderful. It keeps my body cool! No more night sweats. I love you guys!

I truly love my Prana mattress

I truly love my Prana mattress which I bought seven years ago. Every time I travel I can’t wait to come home to my Prana.

It is so comfortable

It is so comfortable - like floating on water. It was a bit pricey - but I think it is going to be worth it. My back is not sore when I get out of bed anymore.

Slept on it last night for the first time

Slept on it last night for the first time. Had my best night sleep in a long time. Very Happy with my buying decision. I'm sure it will only get better as the bed breaks in.

We had never heard of PranaSleep mattresses

We had never heard of PranaSleep mattresses until we went shopping at Jordan's Furniture. The salesman led us to PranaSleep and we bought one after trying it in the store. So glad we did! We love the comfort and support...not

to mention the luxury.

After 2 years

After 2 years we had body impressions and the mattress started hurting our backs. We are only 115 and 150 lbs.

We could have bought

We could have bought two mattresses for the price and now the only place that is comfortable is the middle, but I end up rolling to the sides. Not supportive any more.

great for first year, then aweful

Bought the king for my husband and myself. It's been 13 months, 11 of which were good, and then it just kind of gave up, and it's taco-ing where we each sleep, mostly where our buts are. It's supremely uncomfortable, and I didn't notice it at first, but my husband and I are experiencing back and hip problems and in the last month, suddenly and we're in physical therapy for problems we never had before. So, now we're looking into the warranty to see if we can get a different bed. This bed doesn't stand up at all. Poor value for the money, but it's amazing on day 1. So, if you need a great mattress for 6-10 months, maybe this will work for you. But for $1800 it doesn't work for us. FYI, we're not even big people. He weighs maybe 170 and I'm 130LBS.

Latex Matress

This has been a comfortable mattress but it is very difficult to make the bed. The mattress is extremely heavy, putting the dust ruffel on was almost impossible. Tucking the sheets is equally as hard. I think a lighter weight mattress would have better suited our needs.

Hate it

The worst mattress I’ve ever owned. I’ve only had it a little over 2 years and it’s already sagging. The store where I bought it sent someone out after I PAID $60.00 to have them come only to be called and told the manufacture wouldn’t consider it bad enough. Imagine what it’ll be like in 2 more years. Total waist of $2,000.00!

Prana Falls Short

We bought the Prana based on guidance from the sales person. The first mattress broke down quickly, they agreed to provide a pro-rated credit that we applied to another Prana. Honestly I find hotel beds more comfortable. The Prana shows well and in the show room is comfortable but my wife and I have struggled to get the advertised comfort. Most days we wake up with hip, back and neck pain. Prana is very pricey and I feel like we could've found a better, more comfortable bed for a lot less. We're now contemplating biting the bullet and making a change, it won't be the over-priced Prana.

Absolute rubbish

I've never spent this kind of money on a mattress. Was assured that it was one of the best warranties in the business. The warranty is nonsense and neither the local dealer or the manufacturer has stood by their product. I am purchasing a new mattress because after 6 months in attempts to have them warrant their product they are hiding behind the fine print of their warranty which I suggest your read before purchasing. It requires a minimum VISIBLE deflection. It doesn't matter if the mattress has moved more San Andreas fault - if you cannot see it under the tight top mattress pad - it will not be warranted. I have a Tuft & Needle bed I purchased for our guest bed I started sleeping in because this mattress is literally worse than a camping mattress.

Did not last

We bought a Prana mattress a few years ago and after about a year or so, the mattress got way too soft and we both wake up with back pain on a daily basis. It was Avery expensive mattress that lost their firmness after too short a time! Won’t buy again!

Good while it lasted, which was only 6 years

This mattress was very nice and I slept well for about 5 years. Then about year 5.5, this mattress started to soften dramatically and has started sagging a bit. The sag isn't THAT much, maybe 0.75 inches, but it's the softening of the material that has killed my back. The last six months I woke up aching and feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I had to consume lots of Tylenol and ibuprofen to get back to normal. Then it was like Groundhogs Day...the same. I thought I was just getting old, then I moved to my cheaper guest bed and woke up feeling amazing with no back pain. I tried this 2 or 3 more times over the course of a month and this bed is most definitely the problem. I also purchased a very nice EuroSlat system for my Super Vinyasa. I have reached out to who I bought it from, but they've stopped selling Prana and said to contact Prana. Prana has not returned my phone call or my email that contained all the original sales information. I suspect their warranty is a sham. I figured with the price tag and warranty, it was actually going to be a lasting product. Caveat Emptor.

Worst Mattress ever for the very high price

We paid $1900 dollars for this mattress and after 6 months we wake up every morning with the worst backache ever. I don' t know what to do about this but its horrible. Can't get a good nights sleep. I would like to hear from the company why this is so bad.

I would give it 0 stars if I could

Worst mattress ever, causing back/neck pain. That’s my issue. My husband’s complaint is his shoulders/arms. When not using this mattress, we don’t have these issues. Had I known , salesman never mentioned, that this mattress is made by City Mattress, I wouldn’t have paid 4000 thousand for this piece of garbage. Now looking elsewhere for a new one.

PranaSleep changed my life

I love my Super Vinyasa Plush from PranaSleep. I have a bad back from growing too quickly as a child, and it gives me the right amount of support, with a hint of plushness. I've tried too many mattresses in the past and always disliked them after less than a year. I recommend PranaSleep to all my neighbors, family, and friends.

one year old and sagging already

While it seems comfortable enough in showroom, it began to have sags and soft spots in just a few months. Despite rotating this mattress regularly and then purchasing boards for under the hip and shoulder areeas, we still cannot get a full night's sleep. We are not big people - 160 and 135 lbs. Just one year old and need to find another mattress - don't waste your money.

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