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Pottery Barn Storage Bed Reviews

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Pottery Barn offers high end furniture with luxury and trendy designs available. When it comes to storage beds, Pottery Barn offers a small selection of beds that come with drawers within the mattress platform. Most customers find these beds to be quality space savers, but there were some that had issues with assembly and delivery. Take a look at our list of top rated 2022 storage beds for alternatives.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Material Quality: 9.2/10

Design Options: 9.3/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

Price: $999-$4899

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Pottery Barn Storage Bed Details

Pottery Barn is known for their high end furniture, including their beds and bed frames. Although their offerings are usually more narrow than department store or discount online competitors, customers find that they offer solid materials and desirable designs. That said, these styles are higher priced than discount options.

Quality of Materials

Pottery Barn has many choices when it comes to their upholstered beds, with options ranging from denim to herringbone, customers find the options quality, though the prices for these upgrades can be higher than some expect. Below, we'll go through their offerings and talk about the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside their Chesterfield Upholstered Storage Beds:

These beds come in two different configuration options -- with the storage unit pulling out from the footboard with one drawer or with two drawers in the side. In either case, customers can customize the upholstered color and fabric of their bed with some fabrics coming with an extra fee attached. Most customers like these offerings, but there were some that had issues with long delivery times and assembly issues.

Next, here is what's inside their Lorraine Storage Beds:

The Lorraine storage beds have a slightly different design than the Chesterfield storage beds, though they come with the upholstery options, like color and fabric choices. These also come in either two side drawers or one footboard drawer for extra storage space. Most customers like the options, though some found the prices higher than expected and had issues with delivery.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Other Storage Bed Options:

There are other storage bed options from Pottery Barn that have different upholstery and headboard designs, though they are similar to the aforementioned two in that their layouts are either a footboard drawer option or two drawers along the sides of the bed. Most customers like these options, but some found them pricey for what they were looking for.

Who Are Pottery Barn Storage Beds Right For?

Pottery Barn's storage beds are ideal for those that want to spend extra on custom upholstery for their beds, but want quality, standard drawer options. Those that want more options for lower prices, see our List of Top Rated Storage Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Pottery Barn Storage Bed Customer Reviews

I absolutely love Pottery Barn

I absolutely love Pottery Barn items! I searched for a king bedroom set for a while and saw the Sumatra storage bed online and fell in love. I drove to Brea to see if they had it on display, which they did. I was simply going to look at it since I don't like purchasing large items before looking at them. I walked in and was greeted by Teri. I told her what I was looking for and she gave me a few options. I wasn't ready since it was a bit pricey and wanted to visit other furniture stores before making my decision. Well, she followed up with a very nice email, which was surprising. I finally made my decision and called her to make sure she'd be there the day of my purchase. Upon delivery, there was an issue with one of the items and I immediately emailed Teri and she was happy to help to rectify my concern. Every time I stop by or email her she's ready to help. It's been amazing working with her. The customer service she provides is a breath of fresh air. And I love my new bedroom set. I'll be ready for new sofas in a few months and will definitely reach out to her.

The employees are completely indifferent

The employees are completely indifferent to you as a consumer, or a human being. I do like the quality of their products, especially the bedding, and will probably shop online rather than go to this brick-and-mortar

Eric was so helpful

Eric was so helpful and knowledgable about designing my bed. I bought a beautiful tall headboard--he designed the bed, with pillows, quilt, throw. He knows everything down to how to fold the duvet. Excellent advice on color. Best of all--he came to my apartment so we could look at swatches in the bedroom with its natural light. The reason I give him 5 stars--is that he called 7 other stores to search for two shams which have been discontinued. Above and beyond. Couldn't ask for more. p.s. the other designers at the store are cheerful and helpful too--a good team.

Pottery Barn's white glove delivery is a total joke

Pottery Barn's white glove delivery is a total joke. They were supposed to delivery my new bed and sofa today. Instead, I received a call from PB asking me when I would like to schedule my delivery. Me: Hello? PB: Hi, this is Pottery Barn calling to schedule your delivery. Me: You mean confirm today's delivery? The delivery is already scheduled. PB: No, we need to schedule your delivery. The delivery that you had scheduled for today was cancelled. Me: What do you mean it was cancelled? Why didn't anyone tell me? I spoke spoke with one of your reps a few hours ago and confirmed the delivery window of 12 to 2:30. What happened? PB: It was cancelled. I don't know why. Soooooo unprofessional! Judging by this situation and the other comments I have seen on here, it is obvious that the operations/distributions system needs a total overhaul. It's a shame that the delivery team is such a fly in the ointment, because I love their merchandise and the folks who work in the store are wonderful. The company really needs to address this.

If I could go with zero stars I would

If I could go with zero stars I would. I paid 3000 on twin bed, trundle, small chest and an end table. I had no problem with the set I picked until I saw how much they were charging for delivery. They were trying to charge over 500.00 for delivery. That is absolutely crazy. I decided to cancel and go to crate and barel. She said that the main office was going to send me a check in the mail. Instead I got a store credit of 2800. I had to call back and complain. What is really funny about this. On my receipt it says full refund within 7 days. It was the next day I canceled. All this stress for nothing. They are horrible! Save your money.

So I walked in to pottery barn

So I walked in to pottery barn to purchase a bed for my son. Not one person came up to me and asked to help me. I asked the blond lady in there if she could help me. She said that she was busy (not one customer in store). So she passed me off to an older lady. We started off good! I wanted to buy my son a twin bed, dresser, and end table. So we looked at a few and I chose one. Bill came to $3008.00 which was fine. I left curious on how the bill came to that! It turns out they were charging me over $600 just on delivery! The very next day I called the customer service line and explained to them I wasn't told on how much delivery fee was! I feel that is outrageous! I told them I wanted to cancel! On the phone for over 3 hours and they r telling me that it's to late! I explained that I changed my mind! She said that they can't give me a full refund!i said mam this is from yesterday I'm having buyers remorse! So they said they said ok they were gonna send me a check in 2 weeks! 2 weeks later I get 2 envelopes opened them up and there were 2 store credits one is for $1320 and other is $1330. Now I am livid, I called back and I explained that, how dare them do this to me when on my receipt is states that I have 30 days to return item and I get my money back! So finally after another 2 weeks they sent me the check for the correct amount! Honestly, I was only upset bc of the delivery fee! But I'm glad that I canceled with them! I found a nicer set at crate and barrel and not only is it a lot less! It is so much nicer! They also charge $99 for shipping! Haha! They are horrible! If u use them good luck I no I won't!

Okay I admit it

Okay I admit it. I am that "diehard PB whore" the other guy mentioned!. But this place is awesome! It can be hit or miss, sometimes all furniture is 40% off or sometimes they have a ton of clearance items. And sometimes it's all regular-ish price (which is still way cheaper than the catalog). They definitely don't have all the items in the catalog, and it may be last season or have a ding in it. If you are flexible there are still a lot of choices. The super super cheap stuff is returned stuff it may have a ding or a hole in it. For 90% off though I'll take it out of the package, etc. When we moved in our house from a condo 2 yrs ago we didnt' have much furniture, so every time I went I found something that worked for a great or reasonable price. Some of the furniture I've gotten has been PB kids trundle bed for $699, Cole side table for $99, Cole tv stand for $99, night stand for $70, dining room table for $699, bar thing with sink for $599. Something like that. Curtains on clearance have been as low as $9 each (up to $40ish), duvet covers anywhere from $20 to $100, pillow covers from $2.00 to $20. And after Christmas I've gotten garlands for like $4. So if you want the bargains, just keep going back! You'll find something! Don't take it all though, leave some for me!

Absolutely the worst customer service

Absolutely the worst customer service I have EVER received. Walked in and said I needed a double bed that day for my 5'10" 12 year old. Bought a floor sample I was told I could pick up that afternoon. Every day for 9 days told the next day. Now next week. No offer for deliver, price credit, or reduction for bedding. Simply told "we can't just leave a mattress on the floor mam." My response, "you mean how my child is sleeping?" NEVER EVER EVER will I shop at any Pottery Barn locations. And I still don't have a date to pick it up....they will call when they get a floor replacement bed. Seriously?

So unhappy

So unhappy. Anyone want a $1400 gift card at best offer? I will never shop here again. Ordered a bed during our remodel, wasn't sure if it would be the right size for the small room once the new wall was completed. I was told the bed would be sent to a local hub warehouse and I could delay the delivery as long as we needed or return it. No mention of a 30 day return policy. It took them over 30 days to first contact me for delivery! The bed will not work, so I asked to cancel the order and I was more than happy to pay the restocking fee, which I did, over $200 dollars. But received a merchandise card instead of funds returned to my credit card.

I am actually writing for online service

I am actually writing for online service but I think they are connected to this store. I am still waiting for parts to a bead that was partially delivered 3 months ago. No one knows anything, no one helps. No one cares. They have my money. I have a partial bed. Really weird, actually.

will never buy another piece of furniture

will never buy another piece of furniture from Pottery Barn and I will be telling everyone I know to do the same. I have never had such a horrible customer service experience in my life. I ordered the farmhouse canopy bed on 5/25 from Roseville. I was told the bed would be delivered between 6/12 and 6/25. It is now 8/8 and I still don't have my full bed. I've had deliveries scheduled 4 times. Haven't been able to make plans 2 Saturday's because I thought my bed was coming. Nobody called to tell me it wasn't. Then when I call the store Multiple times I get the runaround. One person at the store in Roseville, CA even told me they called the delivery hub and it was coming the next day which was a complete lie because turns out, the bed was on back order and not all the parts were in. It took Heidi the manager 3 days to get this information back to me. Last Saturday half the bed was delivered and the canopy was scheduled for today, another week later. I called the hub and my window was 3pm to 7pm. Waited around and no canopy. At this point I feel I deserve to get my money back. This has been the absolute WORST experience of my life. PotteryBarm is not a classy store. They treat their customers like crap and just tell them what they want to hear. They do not deliver on any service level agreements. Do not buy furniture from them.

Have been and still waiting for a bed

Have been and still waiting for a bed that I paid for over a month ago to be delivered. I waited on the phone for 28 minutes for a rep to figure out the location of my last item. He was supposed to call me back yesterday. I have not received any calls. Where they have "high end" quality items, they sure lack in customer service. I wanted the matching pieces for the rest of my bedroom and living room, but I think I'll consider it an expensive compromise and go elsewhere. Does anyone know if I can still cancel at this point?

I love this store

I love this store. I bought both of my sofa's and my bed from Pottery Barn! I love the staff and Naomi you ROCK. Thanks for always helping me pick out the best stuff! My dream is to have a house full of furniture from POTTERY BARN!

I would give negative stars

I would give negative stars if I could but I guess one star will suffice. My dad and I came in here and were curious about the price of a bed frame so we were trying to get some help from an employee. As my dad was trying to get this lady's attention, she walked right by us like we weren't even there, so we tried again, and she put her finger up while walking right past us. Like okay? Can't even tell us to at least hold on? I mean, what was that? None of the employees there acknowledged us or wanted to help. My dad and I will definitely not be coming back, I wouldn't recommend this place at all. Terrible service.

Didn’t believe it until it happened to me

Ordered a king bed and nightstand. Love the Pottery Barn. There was a lack of communication on when the bed would be delivered. First one week, then another. Communication between Pottery Barn and the delivery company is not good. Six weeks after making the order, the bed was delivered and assembled. Had that bed been the bed I ordered, close to 5 stars would go to the Pottery Barn. However I had to enter the customer service world where everyone comes out the other side noting they’ll never buy from Pottery Barn again. I have spent hours, day after day trying to arrange a pick up. The delivery company will not arrange until provided an order# from Pottery Barn. Customer service reps cannot do anything without a Supervisor’s approval. Supervisors are very busy. If you want to find out if the Supervisor approved, you have to follow up the next day. Supervisors need tickets to start the process. Supervisors won’t get on the phone because they want customer service reps to ‘own the ‘problem. Well, they don’t really own the problem now, do they? I own the problem. Day after day, being transferred, put on hold. Now the Supervisor who won’t get on the phone approves a pick up. But too bad, the system won’t let the customer service rep enter the data. A ticket is needed. That will need a Supervisor’s advice, time on hold and approval later in the day. They all promise to call right back with a status. They apologize. But nothing changes. I have the wrong size bed with no hope of a return. Each rep blames yesterday’s rep for an issue. It is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When you read the one star reviews, believe them. I will never order anything from Pottery Barn again. Day after day, I call and get nowhere. The fact that I cant return a bed I started trying to return the day it was delivered, that Supervisors won’t intervene, customer service reps seem to be incapable of initiating a process and there’s no communication with the delivery company puts any purchase you make that is too large to UPS back at risk of becoming a permanent order. This company cannot even resolve issues created by their mistakes. Never again.

stratton bed

Having bought 2 previous Stratton beds, I needed a third one for a guest room. I was extremely pleased with the first two apart from the strong odor from the finishing stain/sealer. Well, the third bed was a disappointment as the drawer hardware was different and of much lower quality, the bed did not come with perimeter rails to keep the mattress centered and the fit and finish was much inferior to the first two beds. I can only think that Pottery Barn succumbed to the financial pressures and started to have the beds made in Asia rather than North Carolina. Now this was several years ago and maybe they dumped the Asian market and returned to the USA but I doubt it. They did offer me a new exchange bed but I declined because it would have been from the same manufacturer (so they said).


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