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Pottery Barn Loft Bed Reviews

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Pottery Barn is known for its upscale furniture offerings that feature a wide array of designs with quality materials. When it comes to their loft beds, they focus solely on those for children and teens while having prices that are much more expensive than competitors. However, with this extra price, there is incrementally better quality. Take a look at our list of top rated loft beds for alternatives.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Material Quality: 9.5/10

Design Options: 8.8/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

Price: $1039-$3545

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Pottery Barn Loft Bed Details

Pottery Barn is known for its high end furniture designs. When it comes to their loft beds, their designs offer more storage and special details than discount offerings, but for a price that is often over twice as much as discount brands.

Quality of Materials

Pottery Barn tends to err on the side of luxury rather than skimp on quality, which is why their designs are oftentimes more trendy and stylish than discount brands. However, these styles are much more expensive than discount online brands. While most customers like the styles, there are still some issues that customers face when it comes to assembly. Below, we'll go through their most popular loft beds available and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside the most popular Sleep + Study® Loft Bed:

The Sleep + Study® loft bed comes in multiple color options and has a built in desk in the bottom area of the bed. It comes to 73'' high and 700 lbs weight capacity, which makes it quite sturdy. With kiln dried wood, it focuses on long term use and durability. Most customers like these beds with some feeling discouraged by the price and the assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Beadboard Loft Bed:

The Beadboard loft bed comes in three color palette options and a wooden design. It is made of pine, plywood, and rubberwood. At 76'' tall, it provides ample space beneath for studying and entertainment. Customers like this loft bed, but some had issues with assembly and set up.

Next, here is what's inside their Chelsea Vanity Loft Beds:

The Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed comes in a white wooden design with both desk space and adjacent areas for storage. It is made from hardwood and medium-density fibreboard. The bed is 79'' high with 200lbs weight capacity. Overall, it is a good option and one of the more budget friendly options available from Pottery Barn. Some customers had issues with assembly.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Waverly Loft Bed:

The Waverly loft bed comes in both a full or a twin option and is constructed of poplar, plywood, and spruce. Overall, these loft beds are 75'' high and can fit a desk or other entertainment below. Overall, customers like these options, but there were some that had issues with assembly.

Who Are Pottery Barn Loft Beds Right For?

Pottery Barn does best for the luxury shopper who is planning on keeping this furniture piece for years to come. Others found them a bit too pricey and could find better value elsewhere. See our List of Top Rated Loft Beds for great alternatives.

Browse Pottery Barn Loft Bed Customer Reviews

My twin sister and I are always greeted promptly...

My twin sister and I are always greeted promptly and if we do have a question they are always happy to help. My nieces and nephew both have bedrooms that are furnished and designed by Pottery Barn Kids. The designers did a phenomenal job utilizing the space as well as the color and theme. I hear a lot of people complaining about the prices and that's fine however you get what you pay for. You're definitely not going to find the quality at IKEA or Target. Whenever we go to the Galleria, this is definitely one of our stops.

Worst experience

Worst experience and service ever. We ordered a loft bed for my daughter in may and didn't receive until after a month. I spent hours and days calling there service line witch is horrendous every phone call started out with we can't find your order then 30 min later they find it. Reading other reviews it seems like others had the same issue. They ended up giving me 570 off the bed but to be honest it wasn't enough dealing with this headache wasn't worth it. If it wasn't for me daughter wanting the bed so bad I would tel them to keep it. Also when it arrived it was missing a screw for shelf but I didn't event bother calling them back because I was tired of event bothering. When getting the 570 refund they still haven't applied it yet so we shall see with that challenge. For being as big as they are it's a shame that they don't have their logistics in place. My best advice is stay away from them and don't event bother they are a waist and full of lies as they promised me the bed and gave me 5 false delivery days. I will be writing letters to the president and vp as I truly hope they can get this issue fixed or else I don't know how long they will last in business with this type of customer service

Their website...

Their website is absolutely terrible. Ordered a bed that said 2-4 week delivery, even upon checkout, and got an email 24 hours later saying the bed will deliver in four months. They won't let me cancel it. Half of the items on their website are no longer available and you have to click through several screens and then click to add to your cart just to find this out. A complete waste of time. Customer service says they'll "look into things" and then never follow up, emails go days without being answered and no one cares AT ALL. Their competitors have much better service and value, it is amazing that this firm is still in business.

We ordered a bed going on 2 months ago...

We ordered a bed going on 2 months ago. We are still waiting on a bookcase that's part of the bed. We were originally told 1-3 weeks for delivery. Now we are told to call every 10 days to check on our order. After every 10 days we repeat these steps. At no point had there been any communication on the company's end or apology for the en convenience. The company feels that since our CC had not been charged it's no big deal.

I've never been in this store before...

I've never been in this store before. I was pretty impressed with this store. The quality of the kids furniture is really nice, extremely well build however it's priced pretty high priced as well. I think it would be hard for kids to tear up. You need this in kids furniture. Particle board furnitures not the best option with kids. They'll kill it. This is furniture that's made to last for many years. The bedroom furniture should be good for toddles through probably 10 or 11, unless your kids grow to be gigantic. The bedding sold there is a great quality as well. This is also somewhat expensive but again should last a long time and again lasting a harsh life of the wild kids. There are numerous styles and colors to choose from. The displays are set up nicely to give you a real feel of how it might look in your home and it also gives you a chance to see and feel the quality of why they sell. I'm not into spending a ton of money on kids clothing or buying a stroller that you have to make like a car payment on. They do have these here by the way, this is because m of the rate at which they'll grow out of it. But with furniture and bedding quality is pretty important since you may want it to last 10 years or so. This is a nice store. Just keep in mind it's a little pricey.


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