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Pottery Barn Daybed Reviews

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Pottery Barn is well-known for its high end furniture sold in-store and online. When it comes to their daybeds, they have a variety of designs with luxury touched and styles in mostly wooden craftsmanship. That said, their items are very high priced versus other online brands. Some customers also have experienced some difficulties with assembly.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Material Quality: 9.2/10

Design Options: 9.1/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

Price: $664-$5624

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Pottery Barn Daybed Details

Pottery Barn sells a variety of higher end furniture items across a wide range of types. Some of the most popular daybeds include upholstered and wooden versions that range from mid to high priced. Most customers like their Pottery Barn daybeds, but there are some complaints about delivery issues and assembly.

Quality of Materials

Pottery Barn uses steel, wood and fibreboard, and high end upholstering in their daybeds. Most customers find the quality to be high, but there were some that felt that the prices were too high for the quality. Below, we'll go through their available daybeds and discuss the ins and outs of their designs.

Here is what's inside their Toulouse Daybed:

The Toulouse Daybed is constructed with fibreboard, meranti, and kiln-dried wood, upholstered with grey fabric. The wood is distressed for a rustic look that fits a contemporary asthetic. With a high pricepoint, this daybed does not include the mattress. Most customers like their daybeds, but some may find that it is too pricey for the materials used.

Next, here is what's inside their Lewis Slipcovered Daybed:

This daybed has a solid kiln-dried wood frame with a 100% linen slipcover. With two raised sides at the foot and head of the bed, it is a great lounger or sleeper. These may come in multiple color options depending on the store. Most customers like their daybed, but there are some that had issues with the design and assembly.

Next, here is what's inside their Loleta Iron Daybed:

The Loleta Daybed offers a metal frame with raised sides at the foot and head of the bed. It accomodates a twin size bed and comes in a semi-gloss finish. Most customers like their Loleta daybed, but assembly is an issue for some customers.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Morgan Upholstered Daybed:

The Morgan Daybed comes in a variety of color and fabric options. With three sides, it can easily act as a sofa or a bed. This daybed gets good reviews from customers, but there are some that had problems with delivery and assembly.

Who Are Pottery Barn Daybeds Right For?

Pottery Barn daybeds are ideal for those that prefer luxury designs and options and are happy with the few styles offered. For those looking for more style and design options, see our List of Top Rated Daybeds for great alternatives.

Browse Pottery Barn Daybed Customer Reviews

Love my daybed

Easy experience but delivery was delayed and assembly hard for my husband.

I bought a Madera Teak daybed online

I bought a Madera Teak daybed online. They delivered it with a broken canopy. They apologized and said they would bring a replacement piece next week. Which they did (but that too was broken). They said the next replacement piece was coming in 3 months. They offered a $100 gift card for my 3 month inconvenience of waiting with the furniture in boxes. I asked them to pick up their defective furniture which they could not assemble, and they said no. After explaining it to another reasonable customer service rep who had common sense, they apologized for the last rep. Moreover i was frustrated because the last rep was playing the game where they put you on hold for more than 15 minutes without an opportunity to know you will be placed on hold (I called and wrote a separate internal pottery barn review of that rep b/c she deserved to be called out for "playing games with customers). I asked on two occasions to speak with supervisor but they won't let you. When they finally picked up the furniture they said they would issue a credit. wait one week, no credit. When i call to find out why, they said we decided to ship you a new teak daybed instead. My mind was blown at this point! over 3 hours of time processing their return. One time they came to pick ip the broken bed, and the delivery guy said, i don't want to do this today Unbelievable. 4 visits for this non-sense. Today i called to find out why they had not issues the credit they promised when they picked up the daybed. 39 minute conversation with greater than 34 minutes of wait time. Honestly it wasn't the wait time, it was just the disrespect. "No i will not give you my manager. I will ask the manager to call you later" -- this is from Breean ID number 7165218. A lot of other little games that frustrate us to no end. You just know it when they pick up the phone you have an "angry rep" on the other end. BTW, i am not a negative reviewer. i hardly ever review. I tried writing this letter through their online review portal instead where i laid out the facts and gave them the opportunity to respond. no acknowledgements, no call backs. No apologies. just a waste of time. Whatever, i will get through this. I just wanna warn fellow consumers -- stay away from Pottery Barn: they are on another planet with regard to customer services. Hopefully market forces will make things right... Buyer beware. Bad employees, bad policies, bad experience.

Don't waste your money

Don't waste your money. TOP dollar and worst of all, everything comes unassembled and wrinkled - when they tell you the daybed slip covers will not be wrinkled don't believe them. Also delivery was a month late. The day bed came one day, the slip covers another (3 different delivery dates). They said when I purchased that the delivery would be a month prior to them actually arriving. I ordered the Lewis Slipcover day bed - DO NOT DO IT. Its so expensive and the slipcovers are junk. It looks so much cheaper than it was. And the woman in the store told me the slipcovers will fit standard size twin mattress - and sure enough it was too big for the mattress.. they don't actually provide you the size of the slipcover. And you have to put the slipcovers on yourself (very difficult). So I spent time ironing and putting them on the bed - and in the end, I absolutely am not satisfied. And they are non refundable. So please whatever you do, watch what you purchase. They will come out to your home and make it seem like this is an easy process and will help you but they truly don't... DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Pottery Barn Madera Teak Daybed

The bed itself was nice... while it lasted. Unfortunately, after about 4 years in the sun, the canvas canopy fell apart. I spent over 4 hours on the phone with Pottery Barn. I had two of the wrong item shipped to my house to replace the canopy. Finally, after working on replacing the canopy for over 3 months, Pottery Barn called to say that they would not replace the canvas canopy and that there is no way to order a new one. This bed cost over 5,000 USD mind you. Every other part of this daybed is sold separately EXCEPT for the part that gets the most sun and falls apart first. Unless you will be keeping this bed inside, I would say avoid this Pottery Barn Madera Canopy Daybed. It will fall apart and Pottery Barn will not stand behind the product to replace the perishable parts.


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