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Polysleep Mattress Reviews

Polysleep is a popular Canadian mattress brand that sells their all-foam mattresses across the Canada and the USA. One of their claims to fame is their use of antimicrobial foam, reducing the growth of bacteria. They have multiple mattress options that range the budget-friendly to price-competitive luxury, with most customers reporting happy experiences.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $625-$2945

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Polysleep's Specifics

Polysleep has five quality foam mattresses that feature certified antimicrobial and medical grade foam. Their options range from slimmer to thicker and firmer to more pressure relieving.

Overall, customers have good things to say about these mattresses with some also reporting allergy relief. Those that reported disagreements mostly mentioned issues with firmness and heat retention in some cases. The Polysleep Pillow is a fully customizable option that goes exceptionally well with their highly rated mattress.

Quality of Materials

Polysleep sells five mattresses with quality materials, like antimicrobial foam. We'll go through what's inside each of their mattresses so that you can learn how it will react to your body...

Here is what's in their most popular mattress, the Origin Mattress 2.0:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is lightweight material that is soft and comfy. It is removable for easy washing.

Layer 2: The top comfort layer is a 1'' thick layer of firm, 'hybrid foam' with an open cell design. This foam is antimicrobial and has a subtle pressure point relief as well.

Layer 3: Next up is a 2'' layer of transition foam that helps provide support to the top layer and layer below.

Layer 4: The base layer is a high density foam for a firm support for the back and spine. It also provides the mattress with its structure and durability.

Next, here is what's inside the well-rounded Polysleep Mattress:

Cover Layer: The soft liquid repellent cover has a similar feel to cotton and comes with mesh side panels that help with airflow.

Layer 2: The Polysleep proprietary hybrid foam fights bacteria and allergens and conforms to the body. It comes with open-cell technology for additional air flow.

Layer 3: There is a transitional foam layer that is more responsive than memory foam, but works to support and provide additional pressure relief.

Layer 4: The bottom layer is made of supportive base foam and is surrounded by reinforced sides for better edge support.

Moving on, here is what's inside their firmer, more supportive Aura Mattress:

Cover Layer: It starts with the water resistant cover that wicks away moisture and is machine washable.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is made of antimicrobial foam that features a supportive feel with some pressure relief on the surface.

Layer 3: A second foam layer is transitional and more responsive while also diminishing motion transfer and partner disturbance.

Layer 4: A supplemental foam layer offers enhanced zone support for the middle spine.

Layer 5: The last supportive base foam layer gives the mattress unrivaled support and is augmented with an edge to edge foam support frame.

Next up, we'll take a looking at Polysleep's most cooling and luxurious mattress, the pressure-relieving Zephyr 2.0 Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover helps you stay extra cool with 'nanobionic' fibres that redirect heat and infrared for a more temperature regulated feel.

Layer 2: A thin layer of KulKote® phase change material advances the cooling abilities of the top layer by regulating temperature across the surface.

Layer 3: The first comfort layer comes with GelFlex Plus infused gel particles, which balances temperature and relieves pressure from the hips and shoulders.

Layer 4: The second layer is an antimicrobial 'hybrid' foam that offers an open cell construction for better airflow and a balanced feel.

Layer 5: A zoned transitional foam layer is designed to relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders while supporting the spine.

Layer 6: The supportive base foam gives the mattress structure and is reinforced along the sides with a firmer foam support frame for better edge support.

Lastly, we'll take a look at their most affordable mattress, the 9'' thick Sierra Mattress:

Cover Layer: The Sierra's cover is mechanically sewn, allowing Polysleep to keep overall costs low. The biggest difference with this machine sewn cover is that sleepers will need to tuck the corners into the cover to keep their mattress looking tidy.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is their antimicrobial foam, which helps prevent bacteria from growing and spreading for a cleaner sleep environment.

Layer 3: The main support comes from a base foam that helps keeps the Sierra mattress sturdy and stable.

Overall Comfort

Customers describe comfortable mattresses overall with the Origin being best for discount-seekers that don't mind some firmness, the Polysleep being ideal for those that want some pressure relief but still desire something medium-firm, the Aura being best for those in need of extra support, and the Zephyr being best for side sleepers who sleep hot.


Take a look at the scale above. These mattresses all straddle the medium-firm sweet spot with the Zephyr being the most pressure relieving. However, there are some that describe mattresses being too firm in some cases.

Back Pain Relief

With supportive mattresses and those with zoned support designs, customers describe comfortable mattresses for back pain overall.


While most customers had good things to say about temperature regulation, there were rare complaints about heat retention in the lower priced options. The upgraded Zephyr 2.0 gets especially good cooling scores.

Who Are Polysleep Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are great for those that are looking for a supportive mattress feel and are looking for antimicrobial technology.

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Did my research and made the right choice

Bought a Polysleep for my guest bedroom and couldn't be happier. I really have nothing but positive feedback to give with regards to the ordering process, dilevery, product reliability, true to advertisement and after sale service as well! Couldn't be happier and more proud of the Montréal produced product! In addition to all points mentioned..... Management is paying it forward by offering their business expertise to HEC students! Bravo à toute l'équipe

Belle surprise

Je suis surpris du confort du Matelas. Je dois avouer que j’étais plutôt septique mais avec les 100 nuits d’essais le risque n’étais pas élevé. Apres seulement 2 nuits la décision étais prise que je gardais le matelas


Fantastic I don’t feel any part of my body!

Meilleur matelas!

Adieu les maux de dos! Le corps se replace de nuit en nuit. Les courbatures!? Aucune!


Se réveiller sans douleurs c'est incroyable

Excellent mattress

We love our new mattress! It arrived on time and was super easy to roll out and set up. It feels fantastic and I just wish I had bought one sooner. It’s the perfect firmness.


Très confortable

To soft

Shipping was fast, and it seems like a quality product but unfortunately is to soft for me. I was expecting a firm mattress, I would say it's a medium firmness.

All around exactly what I wanted

Great product, very comfortable and better for my back. At first I thought it would be too soft for me but now I can't get out of bed anymore

Un gros WOW

Livraison rapide. Confort incroyable, meilleur matelas. J'adore les matelas mou et mon conjoint ferme, il aime autant le matelas que moi. Un juste milieu parfait.

Could I get free pillows?

Please. Ps: Love you

Confort Confort etConfort

Confortable et juste assez fermé pour de bonne nuits.

My back says thank you

Very happy with this purchase, quick delivery, easy installation, and my back hurts less than before. So big win :)

Vraiment un beau produit

Ça fait quelques semaines que nous utilisons notre matelas et sommes entièrement satisfait!

Highly recommend it

I had a queen zedbed. We bought a king polysleep. I prefer the polysleep and cost half the price of the zedbed. Furthermore, we had 20% off when we purchased it on Dec 20th, on boxing day, it came 30% off. I wrote to the client services and they gave us the 10% off right away. Great product. Quick delivery and excellent client services.

Love, love, love my Polysleep Mattress!

As this was my first time purchasing a memory foam mattress I was a little unsure as to how I would like it. However, since my first sleep on my mattress a few weeks ago I have loved it! There was no ‘breaking in ‘ period whatsoever, it felt right for me that first night. It is comfortable and I no longer toss and turn trying to get to sleep. I highly recommend these mattress’s.

SUPER !!!!

Très confortable et le service de livraison hyper rapide. Extrêmement satisfait!

I live it

Je suis au ciel, après une journée travail parfois mal au bas du dos et après un sommeil le lendemain comme neuve aucune douleurs

Very satisfied

I hope it will last for the rest of my life l am. 88years it is comfortable I like it very much thank you Dorius fontaine

très confortable

Le matelas est merveilleux, j’avais des douleurs au dos avec mon ancien matelas et maintenant avec le Polysleep elles sont disparus :)


J’aime bien , super confos

Really comfortable, corners of mattress still up from delivery

Loving sleeping on my Polysleep, I had returned a Silk and Snow mattress bc I found it was too hard for me (I am a petite female and prefer a softer mattress for back/ sleeping). One thing I don’t love is that I have had the mattress now for about a month I believe and the bottom two corners still haven’t settled into the frame, they pucker up from how the mattress was rolled up for delivery. Anything I can do to make it settle?

I love my new mattress

Fast delivery. Very comfortable!

Really comfortable

I’m really happy with my purchase! The mattress is so comfy! I just hope that it will keep the same firmness with time.

Polysleep is pretty thing

Very good, the mattress is Confortableand help to ha e a great nignt. I bought this mattress for my daughter and i think to buy one for me too

Very comfortable

The bed arrived quickly. Was easy to set up. I was actually surprised how comfortable it was to sleep on.!!!

So far so good

Very comfy so far, very happy with the purchase. But please provide help to bring the box up when people live in uper levels appartments. I barely made it on my own and I can't imagine an older person doing this without getting hurt. Thanks :)

Comme sur un nuage!

Nous avons fait l'achat d'un nouveau matelas pour notre lit. Nous avons choisi POLYSLEEP, un matelas en mousse fabriqué 100% au Canada. Nous sommes tout à fait satisfait de notre achat. Pour un matelas qui arrive dans une boite, nous somme très surpris. Ferme en dessous et les coté ne s'affaisent pas. Il est moelleux et offre un très bon support. On se penserait sur un nuage. Nous avons choisi le modele Polysleep. Il est certain que je vais remplacer mes autres mateas par de Polysleep. Je vous recommande ce produit!



Un service à la clientèle exceptionnel

Le service à la clientèle chez Polysleep est vraiment incroyable ! J'ai dû leur écrire à quelques reprises et on m'a toujours répondu rapidement. Malheureusement, en ce qui concerne le matelas, je le trouve un peu ferme à mon goût. Je préfère un matelas plus moelleux. Je crois tout de même que c'est un excellent choix pour un grand nombre de personnes, d'autant plus qu'il s'agit d'un produit québécois !


The mattress is fantastic and supremely comfortable. The cooling technology works very well as I have noticed I do not sweat at night anywhere near as much as I used to. The pillow is also incredibly comfortable!

tres comfortable

je trouve que c'est un excellent investissement


Très satisfait, livraison rapide et matelas tés confortable!

Best investment of the year

I can’t recall having that good of a sleep. A game-changer, worth every penny. I can’t see myself going back to a traditional mattress at this point.

Love it

Bought for my son the bed and pillow. He loves them both.


Very comfortable!

Très confortable :)

Matelas confortable et répond aux attentes :)

Love this mattress!

Could not be happier with this mattress! I love that it is a bit firmer than other foam mattresses on the market.

Agreablement surprise

Je suis très satisfaite de mon matelas pour le moment. Il repond bien a nos besoin. Par contre, je crois qu’il serait bien d’ameliorer le service de livraison. Je n’ai pas ete en mesure de choisir la date de livraison et comme je ne voulais pas laisser le matelas a l’exterieur de la maison, j’ai dû prendre congé afin d’etre presente, sauf que la livraison a ete retarder d’une journee, ce qui m’a fait perdre 2 jours de travaille. Lors que mon colis est arriver, la boite etait enormement endommagée.


Very good mattress! I recommend it.

Je dors bcp mieux avec mon nouveau matelas polysleep par contre il manquerait un petit plus de moelleux

great mattress, great company

Our mattress was shipped fast. unpacked mattress and let it expand for 48 hours. Mattress provides excellent support, both myself and wife are side sleepers. Transfer motion is very limited. Love the side support of the mattress.

Would buy another one anytime!

Very confy, I love that mattress.

Bon matelas

Personnellement, je le trouve un peu mou mais ma fille de 11 ans l'aime. La livraison a été très rapide!

Matelas king

Très impressionné , c’est vraiment super confortable

Love the mattress

I really like the mattress as I prefer a firmer one. Reinforced edges make a big difference.

Very good ! Not too soft, not too firm

Very Comfortable

I took the polysleep mattress (king) with the protective topper, and I can say that it is very comfortable. My wife and I are having peacefully and relaxing nights since.

Our second polysleep

We bought ourselves a king size polysleep last year. This year it was our daughter’s turn to get a queen. Well built and comfortable as usual.

Incredible customer service

I will preface this email by saying that we have not yet been able to enjoy our mattress, but it feels very comfortable and the cover is incredibly soft. I purchased this mattress on sale to give as a Christmas gift. The mattress arrived quickly, and was marked as a king so it was put away until Christmas. Upon opening it on Christmas eve, we found that we had been sent a queen mattress and the box had been mismarked. I called customer service, and quickly got through to a representative who instructed me to send a photo of both the box and the mattress tag to illustrate the mix-up. Within an hour of sending the email, I already had a reply from the company, and another email confirming that my order for the replacement had been processed. ON CHRISTMAS EVE! I even get to keep the mattress that was accidently sent, as it is more economical than trying to send it back. I would recommend this company to anyone who is in the market for a new mattress, based on their customer service alone.

Merci beaucoup. Je dort beaucoup mieux depuis que j'ai mon matelas

Awesome Mattress!

We bought the mattress for our 90 year old mom who suffers from serious back pain. She told us that she slept for 9 straight hours the first night on the mattress, and since she has slept on it (10 days +) her her back pain has significantly improved. She told us that it is extremely comfortable and easy to get out of. Would definitely recommend.

Very happy

Fast shipping,, very great mattress we love it

Good company

The company is great, the mattress is quality made. It’s just too firm for me. I’ve found it very painful to sleep on but I need a very plush bed. If you need something more medium firm, this is the bed for you, it’s great. If you need a lot of pressure relief and something you’re really going to sink into, this isn’t the bed for you.


Been sleeping on a Polysleep kingsize for a few weeks and extremely happy! Don't notice if someone moves beside you and sooooo comfortable! Can't go wrong with one of these mattresses. Definitely buying more for our spare rooms!

Worth it!

I think it could be a bit more firm at the hips, but ultimately I am sleeping way better! Should have ordered years ago.


Super. Never slept as well And two friends just bought.

Matelas and pillow

So far very comfortable no intention of returning them

Very satisfied

Very comfortable and resting. I do recommend

Matress in a box

I feel as good as my old matress I was expecting this one to be a little softer. I was afraid it would smell but it did not. Overall very happy with the purchase.


Nous sommes deux à être très contents de notre achat. Nous avions une certaine appréhension d'acheter sans essayer mais avec la possibilité de retourner si ça ne convenait pas nous sommes allés de l'avant. Nous n'avons plus de courbatures le matin et lorsqu'un de nous bouge l'autre ne se réveille pas. Nous sommes super satisfaits. Ça respectait notre budget en plus.


A date ca dort bien!!

We love it !

It's difficult to get out of bed now !

Best mattress I've owned :)

Extremely comfortable and i'm a side sleeper

Love it!

Was a bit worried at first cause i was used to really soft ones but aster sleeping on the polysleep, my doubts were gone, i just love it and i sleep very well! No more back pain.

Nice and comfy mattress

Great mattress. Have been sleeping through the night since switching to the polysleep.

L’achat de mon matelas en ligne

Je dois avouer que j’ai été enchantée d’avoir reçu mon matelas aussi rapidement! Je suis très confortable et j’ai enfin un p’*** nid douillet pour bien dormir! De plus j’ai profité du rabais et mon petit budget a bien aimé. Merci beaucoup et je vous recommande sans hésiter !


Very comfy so far and fast delivery! I recommend!

Super dodo!

Impressionnant !

Too firm

Would like to return the item as it is WAY too firm. We enjoy a more solid sleeping surface but this feels like sleeping on the floor. Will be returning this mattress. Good quality, just too bad that it is SO firm.

Mon matelas

So far so good


Matelas vraiment confortable mes douleurs aux épaules sont presque disparu

Time will tell!

The unboxing was great. My immediate reaction was that the mattress might be too soft for my taste. I'll have to sleep on it some more to determine how I truly feel.

Super comfortable mattress

I love it. It's super comfortable.

Matelas moelleux

Livraison super rapide, même dans un petit village éloigné. Très confortable dès la première nuit. Ferme et moelleurx à la fois, je crains qu’il perde de sa fermeté avec le temps. À voir. Grande qualité.


Perfect for me and my boyfriend


Wow et rewow!! Tellement confortable!!

Très satisfaire

Je suis très satisfaire de mon matelas, king. Confortable, juste assez ferme. Épouse bien le corps. Je dors définitivement mieux depuis l'acquisition de mon Polysleep. Rapport qualité prix imbattable. Livraison rapide. Article arrivé en parfait état.

Polysleep mattress

I purchased this mattress over a year ago, and wanted to wait before I gave a review. It was the first time I bought a bed in a box and wasn't sure how it would turn out. Its been absolutely amazing! It helped reduce allergies, joint pain and is super comfortable. I highly recommend this mattress. You won't be disappointed, its totally worth the money!


I LOVE the polysleep mattress. I was a littlw skeptical about box mattresses but i would DEFINITELY recommend !!

Polysleep Queen Mattress

Simple for opening and getting the mattress ready. Just love the comfort. Highly recommand!


Il est parfait!!!!

Very firm

This mattress is much firmer than most foam mattresses, almost a little too firm. However my experience is that foam mattresses tend to soften over time, so it should be just right in about a year. Overall I like it, although I do get some pressure points when side-sleeping. For bigger people like me, it's a good option as it isn't so mushy that you sink right through it.


C’est bien confortable

Excellent service

Je suis très satisfait du confort du matelas. Je tiens à souligner l’excellence du service à la clientèle. J’ai reçu le matelas dans un délai plus court que promis. Aussi, suite à un léger problème de qualité, on m’à contacté rapidement et le problème a été réglé d’une manière très satisfaisante.


Vraiment execellent mattela. Mon mal de dos que j'avais chaque matin est maintenant disparue. Je ne derange plus ma blonde durant la nuit lorsque je me retourne la nuit et elle adore ca elle aussi.

Très bon matela

On l'adore, très comfortable. Excellente qualité

Good matress

Easy purchase, delivery was good, mattress is good and comfy

Polysleep Matress

It is very comfortable. It has just the right amount of firmness for my bad back without being hard. My wife and I really love it.

Matress is amazing for my back pain

I love my mattress

Great Upgrade

I've had the same mattress for 12 years and thought it was finally time to upgrade. I chose Polysleep mainly because I was on a budget, and I loved that they offered the option to use PayBright AND the 20% off promotion unlike other mattress sites. I also chose it because of the liquid resistant cover and the antimicrobial foam. We've been sleeping on it for about a month and love it so far. I alternate between my side and my stomach, and my partner is a back sleeper. I was a little worried it would be too soft for us, but so far so good! I have scoliosis and back problems and this mattress and has definitely helped ease my pain so far! Hopefully as we get used to it it just gets even better!

Amazing mattress

I received the mattress very quickly, so that was a first great surprise. I also had to call the customer service before ordering and the service was just amazing, very kind, clear, professional. Regarding the mattress itself, I just love it! It's firm but not too much and very comfy. Exactly how I wanted it.

A dream mattress

My back doesn’t hurt anymore! I am so happy with the purchase of this great comfortable mattress

Polysleep twin mattress

Excellent product. Extremely comfortable.


Perfect, no smell, comfi and nice


Zzzz and zzzz so zzz!

Comfortable sleep

The first mattress I received was damaged, they replaced it right away with no problems, the only problem was that it took them over a week to pick up the damage one. Service was great, mattress is super comfortable.I totally recommend it!

I slept very well every night for 2 weeks so far

The experience is great if I have woolen socks! I don't know why or if it is related, but since I have received the mattress, I can't fall asleep without woolen socks, I'm freezing and it is 20 degrees in my bedroom... But it is comfy, very comfy : no rough shoulders, no headaches, no waking up in the middle of the night.

Tres bonne qualité

Le matelas est très confortable et d’une belle qualité. Un moin par contre est le déballage de la boîte de carton qui est très difficile et aucune information à l’intérieur sur l’installation lors du déballage du sac, l’entretien de la housse, avons nous besoin de faire une rotation du matelas quelque fois par année bref un manque de ce coté.

Excellent Matress and good customer service

Quick delivery, good customer service. Excellent quality

Best sleep

Wake up without any pain since a long time I give it a 5 star review

Meilleur matelas de toute ma vie!

Dès le jour 1, matelas fantastique, confortable, on s'endort et c'est tout! le meilleur!


The back sleeper mattress, build in Canada! What else to say!

Très bon matelas

Super confortable

Very comfy

With all the choices of bed in a box, we decided to go with Polysleep based on edge firmness and reviews. So far, we're glad we did. It took a few days to get used to, but we're finding our sleeps to be longer and deeper. There's no transfer of motion, which is great for my partner as I move around A LOT. I'm finding that I am comfortable on my back, sides and stomach. So far so good (about a month)

Whole experience - simple, quick, and easy

Everything was simple, quick and easy. I have been using box spring mattress more than 10 yrs and decided to try memory foam this time. After more than a few researches - decided to use poly sleep one. I like the pillows as much as the mattress, I've used other memory foam pillows before but this one is very comfy, kinda feels heavy, and also thick which is good.

Best sleep ever

I absolutely love this mattress. I was looking for something softer than the average mattresses in box. I am a side and back sleeper and I wanted to feel less pressure on my shoulders. After watching many mattresses reviews, this one was the winner. And it feels extra good to know it's all made in my city.

5 stars

Excellent rapport qualité prix

5 étoiles

Super confortable

Love this mattress

initially didnt feel right because I generally slept on hard mattress previous. After few days, I found that I tend to wake up earlier but still maintain energetic. No more back pain on the hard mattress.

Jusqu'à maintenant, c'est assez épatant!

J'ai reçu mon matelas le 22 octobre avec une dose de scepticisme je dois l'avouer. Après quelques nuits voir une semaine d'adaptation, j'ai été surprise de voir disparaître mes douleurs aux hanches ainsi qu'à l'épaule et que j'avais depuis le mois d'avril. Incroyable. Ce lit est épatant, s'il demeure ainsi bien sûr. Jusqu'à maintenant aller dormir est un réel bonheur. Je suis vraiment tres contente de cet achat. Je crois les doigts ...faites qu'il me surprenne très longtemps. Merci..vraiment


Nice comfortable mattress. A bit on the firm side, but great support and no sinking. I especially like the stiffer edges for sitting in the side

Perfect balance

This mattress is the perfect balance between firm and soft. Before I used to always toss and turn during the night due to pressure points and I don't anymore. I sleep like a baby! I also used to have back pain and would sometimes wake up feeling like someone beat me with a baseball bat while I was sleeping. It took about a week or so for this mattress to align everything and I no longer have pain. I love this mattress, The best mattress I ever owned. As if the sleep quality wasn't enough, on top of that the edges are so firm and don't cave in when you sit on the edge. Would totally recommend this mattress.

Appréciation indéniable de la qualité de mon sommeil!

Bonjour, Après avoir prise la décision d'acheter local et de qualité mon nouveau matelas et oreillers. Mon choix chez Polysleep est énormément apprécié et je ne pourrais plus m en passer tellement moi et mon chum en sommes devenus addict! Merci Polysleep de conserver votre entreprise au Québec pour les québécois avisé. Marlène


I purchased the topper and I am very pleased. I had been looking for a topper for a while and had never found a brand that had good reviews. I was worried about the smell many have complained about and the uneven shape the toppers might be in when they arrive. I found polysleep and the reviews were great and it's they're Canadian. I decided to try it out. I am so happy I did. The topper is perfect, it's smooth and no awkward smell. I opened it and let it sit unused for a few days as it had a hint of a "plastic wrap" smell, but you could barely smell it.

Great sleep

No more back or hip pain. Relieves pressure spots great! Mattress isn’t too firm or too soft. Very happy with the purchase.


Je l'adore il est parfait, pas trop mou juste bien ! Service à la clientèle impeccable !

Great mattress

So far I am enjoying, sleeping in this mattress, very comfortable and firm at same time, I feel not hot at night also with the feeling of a great night of sleep.

Im a truck driver and the polysleep is very great

Excellent matelas

Sommeil profond et réveil sans courbatures.

Love it

We love our new polysleep mattress!

Love it

Very comfortable! I always have a good night's sleep

Good job

Bon service et excellent confort


The firmness is what I was looking for. Not been with foam mattress originaly but now it's what i'm looking for. Thanks

J’adore !!!

Un parfait mélange de fermeté et de douillet Excellent matelas


Je l’adore tout simplement,. C’est une pur bonheur de me coucher dans mon lit le soir. Je recommande de faire l’achat de polysleep à ceux qui souhaitent bien dormir et surtout se sentir reposée le lendemain matin.

Only one sleep to date.

Has met all our expectations right out of the box.


Le matelas est confortable et le délai de livraison a été de moins de 48 hrs. Je vais l'essayer encore un moment car mon conjoint n'est pas convaincu mais chose certaine, le rapport qualité-prix est bien

Love our Polysleep!

We’ve had our Polysleep King mattress for about a month now and I can honestly say I haven’t woken up with a sore neck or back since! I’m sleeping through the night and don’t toss and turn nearly as much as our old spring mattress. So far we are thoroughly impressed by this mattress! Thanks Polysleep


Absolutely love this mattress! I'm honestly having the best sleeps ever. Well worth the purchase.

Great sleep

Awesome !!so great

Excellent Mattress for an Excellent Price

Have not regretted my decision to buy this mattress. It was everything they said it would be. Will be my first choice next time I buy a mattress for another room.


******* dope af

100% satisfied

very good experience

IT was for my daughter, sur geeks very comfortable.


Super équilibre fermeté - confort


Livraison rapide, matelas confortable, un bon support. Je le recommande.

Très bon matelas confortable et excellent service a la clientèle

Le matelas est super confortable. Ce que j'apprécis le plus c'est le service client, j'ai acheté la mauvaise dimension et la compagnie m'a renvoyé la grandeur que je voulais sans frais additionnel et rapidement.

Comment ai-je pu m'en passer?

Le seul problème avec ce matelas c'est que je ne veux plus en sortir!

Amazing sleep

Can't say enough about this bed! Best purchase ever!!!

Little bit to squishy for me.

First mattress received was quite faulty, has been produced almost 6 months prior to delivery and did not unroll properly (both ends of mattress) and also came unglued. Sent email with some photos and was promptly sent a new mattress (old one picked up by charity). Finding new mattress a bit too squishy, I am a side sleeper and am finding that most mornings (depending what side I was sleeping on the most) my shoulder/arm/hand is always numb and my right hip (injured side) is always quite tingly and numb. Hoping it does not get much softer for a 5'9" 180 pound side sleeper (with multiple injuries) like myself. Will try for another month or so however, waking up with numb shoulders/arms/hands in addition to a sleeping leg that needs to be "walked off" to wake up after I do just may be a bit much for a broken old fellow like myself.

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