Pocket Spring vs Reflex Foam

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Pocket Spring

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coil systems that are stitched into mattresses below a comfort layer of foam or other material. Unlike traditional innerspring systems that are interconnected, pocket springs are entirely independent allowing for added contour and pressure point relief than older innerspring models.

The general rule on pocket coil systems is the more coils, the more responsive and motion controlled the mattress is, while still providing support. This directly translates to more comfort.

In most pocket spring beds, there is a layer of memory foam or latex foam above the pocket spring array so that the sleeper gets both the benefits of contouring foam and the comfort of the pocket springs.

Pros: Durable materials and superior comfort to traditional innerspring systems.

Cons: Sleepers should be equally as interested in the foam that is wrapped around the coil system - if that is low quality, the bed still may be uncomfortable.

Reflex Foam

Reflex foam is commonly found in the transitionary and base foam layer of foam mattresses. It is higher density than memory foam, but still has enough give to it where it isn't as hard as a solid surface.

Reflex foam, like memory foam, is a polyurethane foam blend, which has been adjusted for higher density during its manufacturing.

Although some very firm mattresses are made completely of reflex foams, most foam mattresses are a blend of memory foam on the top layer followed by reflex foams in the middle and bottom layers.

Pros: Firmer, supportive foam that enables enough contour for heavier sleepers and support to traditional memory foam mattresses.

Cons: Lower quality foams can offgas toxic chemicals and sag faster than alternatives.

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Material Scores

Overall Score:
Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.6/10

Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.7/10

Pocket Spring: 9.4/10
Reflex Foam: 8/10

Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.1/10

Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.1/10

Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.1/10

General Support:
Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.1/10

Pocket Spring: 9.8/10
Reflex Foam: 8.1/10

Price Value:
Pocket Spring: 8.4/10
Reflex Foam: 9.2/10


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