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Plushbeds Mattress Toppers Reviews

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Plushbeds, which has made a name for itself with its high quality latex mattresses, offers a variety of mattress toppers that range from contouring memory foam to all-natural wool. With an array of firmness options and material choices, most customers can find something that will suit their needs and increase the comfort of their current mattress. Their toppers are also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is one of the highest independent emissions standards, which is great for those with chemical sensitivities.

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Comfort: 9.6/10

Support: 9.6/10

Cooling: 9.3/10

Price: $288-$787

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Plushbeds Mattress Toppers Details

Plushbeds offers a variety of mattress toppers to customers that range from softer memory foam to firmer latex. With four toppers to choose from, most customers can find what they are looking with a Plushbeds topper. There are some that felt they bought the wrong firmness for them so read on to learn about how each option will work with your body.

Quality of Materials

Plushbeds has been known for its high grade materials -- using higher density memory foam and GREENGUARD Gold certified latex. We'll walk through each topper available and discuss how it works for customers.

Here is what's inside their most popular Natural Latex Mattress Topper:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of 100% organic cotton that zips for easy cleaning. This surface layer is soft to the touch without retaining or diffusing heat.

Layer 2: This layer gives an option between 2'' or 3'' of Talalay latex that is GREENGUARD Gold certified (which is one of the most stringent third-party emissions standards). The latex foam comes at either a soft, medium, medium-firm, or extra-firm option. Latex is bouncy to the touch and does well at pressure relief in softer versions. Firmer versions will provide superior support to the spine. Customers really enjoy this option with their favorite element being the high quality and firmness options.

Next, here is what's inside their Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Topper:

Cover Layer: The cover is 100% organic cotton and is zippable for easy washing. This layer is soft to the touch.

Layer 2: There is an option between a 2'' or 3'' thick layer of GREENGUARD Gold certified gel memory foam that provides deep pressure relief and contouring, making it ideal for those that want more softness in the top layer. It also does a great job sleeping cool due to the diffusing effect that gel infused foams provide. Customers have great things to say overall, but note that it is a softer topper.

Next, here is what's inside their Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

Cover Layer: The cover is 100% organic cotton that is soft to touch and refreshing for customers without being too warm or too cooling.

Layer 2: The memory foam layer is either 2'' or 3'' of medium-firm or softer Plushfoam™. The open cell design helps cool the sleeper without the help of infusion technology. Although most love the mattress topper, there were some that found it too soft for them.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Handmade Wool Mattress Topper:

Cover Layer: The cover is 100% organic cotton sateen with 400 thread count that is soft and airy while having a plush, luxurious feel.

Layer 2: Within, naturally soft Eco-Wool® creates a 3'' high profile. It is not treated with chemicals so it provides an all-natural comfort that is ideal for those that have chemical sensitivities. Customers describe it as pillowy and adding a soft comfort to firmer mattresses.


Plushbeds mattress toppers have something for everyone when it comes to firmness. The most common complaint is about people finding the memory foam topper unexpectantly soft. If you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, consider getting one of the firmer versions.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the wide variety of firmness options and high quality materials, there have been customers that have claimed to sleep more soundly and experience some elimination of discomfort. However, be aware to choose the firmness that will work for you. Also, if a mattress below the topper is degrading badly, then the topper may not be able to help that underlying problem.


Due to the technology used, such as gel-infused foam, latex, wool, and open-cell memory foam, most sleepers will sleep cool throughout the night.

Who Are Plushbeds Mattress Toppers Right For?

Plushbeds mattress toppers are great for those that want all-natural and high quality materials, or desire a multitude of firmness options.

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Very Good Quality

I purchased a mattress for our sofa bed. Loved it so much I decided to get a mattress topper for my father who is 95 years old. He says it is much better on his body to be surrounded by comfort at night. Am so glad I purchased it for him

Superior Product & Customer Service

Jolene in Customer Service feels like a family member with her 'can do personality'! The memory foam topper has been a true God send for my insomnia & sciatica.....we placed a twin size Memory Foam on top of the California King Plush Beds Organic Latex 10" Botanical Bliss bed (just on my side of the bed). Believe me when I tell you it has changed my life!

Soft, Nice Feel

I have 2 beds in my guest room which are older and my guests often mention that they are too firm. I decided to buy 2 toppers to soften them up. This memory foam topper certainly did the trick. It has a very soft feel. Very comfortable. It made the bed feel more soft and much more comfortable.

Very Soft

I purchased this topper for my mother who is older and needed a softer bed. It made a nice difference for her. It feels great on her body and gives her the soft feeling she was seeking.

Soft and Comfy!

I was looking for a topper to soften up my hard mattress. This memory foam mattress did the trick. Super soft and comfortable. It's perfect!

Perfect Topper

This is the perfect topper for me. I was looking for something to soften up my firm mattress and this did the trick. It has a soft, body contouring feeling. Feels nice.

Saved the day

My parents called me last month & said they were coming to visit me that weekend! What a surprise. I was looking forward to seeing them but the mattress in my guest bedroom was very old and uncomfortable. I called Plushbeds in a panic and ordered a 3" memory foam topper. They were able to expedite the shipping for me and I received it on the morning that my parents arrived. It completely renewed that old mattress and made it very comfortable for my parents. They really enjoyed their stay and they praised the comfortable mattress. Thanks Plushbeds! You are a lifesaver.

Very Comfortable

This memory foam topper completely renewed our guest bedroom mattress. I slept on it the first night to "test it out" and I loved it so much that I just ordered a second one for the master bedroom. It really feels great on your body and you sleep so comfortably. Great product.

Soft and Comfy

This topper is great for my daughter's bed. Her bed was a little old and uncomfortable. This made a nice difference. She loves it.

Woo Hoo!

I love my memory foam topper. I am no longer waking up with back pain from my firm mattress. This works nicely.

Very Soft

My husband and I have a Plush beds mattress for our bedroom and now that the kids are teenagers, we decided to buy them new mattresses as well. John told us about Plush beds new Memory Foam mattresses. The Heavenly Plush seemed perfect so we bought it for our kids. They are enjoying the softness and comfort of their new mattresses. Our kids have no problem going to bed early on their own now.

A little too soft

We are back sleepers and our mattress feels too firm on our backs. We bought this topper to soften it up a bit. The topper is just too soft. We like more of a supportive feel since we are back sleepers. It comfortable and well made, just too soft for us.

Great topper

Great topper, quick delivery. Zippered cover so you can unzip and wash. Nice!

Amazingly Comfortable

Excellent. This topper is heavenly and I have never slept better.


We are extremely delighted with our purchase. We didn't realize how much difference a good quality topper could make. This topper is very comfortable. The customer service department was great to work with, too. They delivered our topper exactly when they promised and there were no surprises except that the topper was so much better than we expected.

Exactly what I was looking for

I like the 5.34 lb density a lot. Not too soft and not too hard. Exactly what I was looking for.

It works on an older mattress

I've been enjoying my new mattress topper for several weeks and I am very pleased. Samantha on chat answered all of my questions and helped me pick the perfect density. I weigh 160 pounds and the 3" topper and 4.0 lb density works perfectly for me. I wanted to soften up my firm mattress and this works nicely.

This topper did the trick

I bought this to soften up my 8 year old son's firm bed. This topper is perfect. He loves it and doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning!!

Too soft

Back and neck problems. I bought this to soften up my old mattress. It made my matress softer. After sleeping on it, I realized that I actually needed support to ease my pain so this was too soft. I tried a natural latex topper and it worked well for me. It's soft but more supportive than the memory foam topper.

Refreshed old mattress

We never knew that adding this memory foam topper to our bed would make such a difference! We are very happy with this purchase.

Memory Foam topper

This topper is wonderful. It is exactly what we wanted. It softens up our mattress. Great product.

Had high hopes but too soft for me

I went for the gusto and purchased a 4" full size topper. It is soft, but I didn't expect it to give you a sinking in feeling. I'm a back sleeper and I like more of a supportive feel. I should have purchased the natural latex topper. I think it would give me better support.


Perfect. It made my firm bed feel soft and comfortable.

Did the Job, and then some

I am very cynical of testimonials on company websites, however I decided to give your topper a shot. Long story short I have chronic back pain after having surgery from an injury I got in a car accident several years ago. Trying to sleep and feeling pain seemed go together hand in hand in my world. The first time we put it on our King size bed, my 12 year old son jumped on it and she said that it felt like a soft cloud. Great product.

Much needed relief - thank you

My husband looked around and researched toppers everywhere, including the local stores and online. The topper we bought from Plushbeds seemed to be the best value for what we wanted. We got it for our queen sized bed and it fit the whole bed perfectly. Then we ordered one for my son and his wife loves it. They are extremely comfortable to sleep on and this helps with the good old aches and pains.

Love the topper

Breathed new life to our old mattress! We slept great the first night and every night since. We live in South Florida and the topper didn't make us feel any warmer which was a concern of ours. We let the topper breathe for a few hours as we read on different sites it's good to do, although there really wasn't a strong odor or off-gassing. I like how I can see my hand impression on the foam, and love the feeling on my back when I lie in bed.

Promises kept - delighted

This product that I purchased recently does exactly what the description really promises, the mattress topper does cradle around your body. The main reason I bought the topper was because the bed that I had for a while just did not seem to have enough support. Also, I have chronic mild lower back pain after sitting all day at my desk at work. My body doesn't feel sore and tender now when I get up. This topper feels great on my back.

Winter happiness

Don't expect this to be some miracle cure for back pain or to put you magically to sleep, however it is very comfortable. I live in a drafty house in Chicago and while the January gales are blowing early, this mattress topper makes the bed a much more comfortable. The bottom line is that it's soft enough for my fianc?e, and supportive enough so that I don't wake with back pain. Everyone's a winner

Fallen in love

love it , love it, love it !!!!!!! I have an old bed that is over 9 years old and was thinking about buying a new mattress. The problem though, my budget was saying that it most likely wasn't going to happen for a while so this topper was to be a stop gap until I could afford to get a new one. Was I wrong? Now I don't even need to spend any more money on a new bed as I love this mattress topper.

Saved them thousands

I bought this mattress topper for my dad. He was going to go out to one of the local stores and spend over fifteen hundred dollars on a new memory foam mattress that he really couldn't afford. He was stressing out about it, however my mom in the mornings would wake up sore and would have to take pills first thing. I paid them a visit and suggested we look online for some other options. I bought this memory foam topper and it did the trick. Very comfortable. My parents are both happy and sleeping peacefully every night.

Fabulous comfort

I bought this mattress topper recently, and have to admit I am in love. Fantastic price for a great product! It's just like I am sleeping on marshmallows. It's quite thick and I when I get in it feels like it's being surrounded by fluffy clouds. I opened up the package and let it air out for a good few hours, however, I hardly noticed any odor at all from the foam. 110% satisfied

We Love These!

We received our new mattress yesterday (we ordered two of the firm queen size toppers) and, after spending a night on them, we are grateful. Owing to our traditional spring mattress, my husband hadn't had a good night's sleep in years---until last night. These toppers are very comfortable, support your body, and breathe to regulate temperature. You really have to sleep on one to realize what you've been missing. When we got out of bed in the morning, there was no stiffness anywhere in our bodies, my husband didn't sweat in the night, and we felt well rested. I love that these toppers don't contain chemicals (when we removed them from the box, they smelled fresh and natural.) Thank you, Plushbeds, for making such a wonderful, safe product that we will enjoy for many years to come!

Sleeping on Cloud 9

We have a Tempurpedic Cloud mattress (high quality), but I have a hip problem, and since we keep our bedroom at a chilly 63 degrees in the colder months, it's too hard for me (it's temperature sensitive). So, I needed a stay-soft topper that is not temperature sensitive. I knew I wanted the natural latex, but would 2" be enough? YES!!! I'm 5'3" and 120 lbs (about a size 4), and this topper is plenty thick and cushy for me even at my critical pressure points. My hip problem is solved by this, and I highly recommend it. It envelops you in Cloud 9. :) Sweet, comfy dreams to you all!

Hip pain completely gone

I purchased the three inch Natural Talalay Latex topper in the Medium ILD to see if it would help the chronic hip pain I'd been experiencing. Within a week the pain was gone. I now believe that the memory foam mattress I was sleeping on was causing the problem. The Latex pushes back so you don't sink in and get stuck like you do on a memory foam bed but it is still soft. If you are having hip or back pain, I would definitely try out the Latex. I've since purchased a latex mattress and now have my topper on top of that. It is heaven!


This topper is heavenly. What a difference it made for my bed! I heard great things about the feel of natural latex but I never expected it to feel this good on my body. It soothes my back and it makes my bed feel so comfortable. I sleep so well now.

Wonderful Feeling

I love the way this topper feels on my body. It cushions you and relieves back pressure. It feels wonderful. I sleep so well. It softened up my old mattress and gave it great cushioned support.

Amazing Purchase!

If you have an older mattress and you are achy because of it, then buy this topper. It is amazing! There is nothing like it. You feel like you are floating on a cushioned, supportive cloud. Wonderful.

So Comfortable!

This 100% natural latex topper is AMAZING! So comfortable! It completely renewed my old mattress. I sleep so well now. It cushions my whole body. Feels great!


This is the most amazing topper. It completely renewed my old mattress. I had no idea that a topper could feel this good. It cushions your whole body and gives it a nice support. Very comfortable.

Cushioned Luxury

Wow - extremely comfortable topper. You will not want to get out of bed. It feels amazing on your entire body. Cushioned luxury!


After much research on latex mattresses after visiting a chain store and was shocked at the cost of talay latex, I discovered PlushBeds on line. I would never think of purchasing a mattress or topper from an on line company. I can not say enough about Plushbeds products! I have purchased a mattress set, two toppers and a mattress for our pull out sofa. The aches and pains of my shoulders and knees have disappeared!! Nothing like a great nights sleep! My 80 year old parents also purchased a topper and love it! They ordered a second one for there condo. Great product, great cost and great customer service! Cant go wrong!

Renewed My Mattress

This topper renewed my old mattress. It supports my back but it feels soft and soothing like a massage.

No Odors

I absolutely love my new 3" latex topper. It is very comfortable and I have no more lower back pain.

One last tryto save my mattress

My mattress is very old (over 10 years) and uncomfortable. I decided to give this natural latex topper a try before I splurge for a new mattress. The topper is wonderful. It's nice to see what 100% natural latex feels like. It definitely gave my old mattress some life and saved my back from it. However, it is not majic and in the end, I still need a new mattress.

Excellent Product

I rented a summer home and purchased a few of these 100% natural latex toppers to put over the old mattresses that are in the house. My family really appreciates them. It made the old mattresses feel very comfortable. It saved our summer.

Truly a slice of heaven!

This topper is very comfortable. 100% satisfied. It renewed my old mattress.

We love it!

We Love this Mattress! Due to Dust-mite/mold allergies We bought over 5 years ago. It's an allergy suffers Dream come True. We love Organic and that Wool is the fire retardant instead of Chemicals. We love the 25 year warranty. We delight in how Comfy Soft it is but firmly supportive. Sex is less bouncy BUT I never feel my Wife's movements AT ALL during sleep. This bed promotes Very Sound Sleep! C

Perfect Topper

My 10 year old memory foam mattress was not giving me the support that I needed so I bought the 3" natural latex topper to get some support and comfort until I can buy a new mattress. It did the trick. It feels amazing on my back. Great topper.

Perfect for college dorm

Perfect for my son's college dorm room. The bed in there was too hard. He loves it.

Helps Me

I have had my natural latex topper for about 6 months. I ordered the medium firmness to soften up my firm mattress a bit. I have some lower back problems. This gives me the support to alleviate the back pain and the softer feel that I was seeking.

Good topper

Good topper but it took almost 3 weeks to be delivered.

I like this product very much

It is a good mattress topper. It is comfortable and I would recommend it to others.

Nice Surprise

I ordred the medium which was a bit more firm than I expected when I first laid on the bed but I think that's because my innerspring was getting so bad. However, my first night's sleep was amazing. Usually I wake up 5-6 times a night and I only woke up twice - and have not woken up more than 3 times any night since. It has a firm yet slightly cradling feel - I do not have any of the shoulder or back pain that I used to have.


Refreshed my old mattress. Gives great support and comfort. I am 160 lbs and 3" is perfect.

Great Topper

I was hesitant about buying a topper online, sight unseen, that I could not return. I researched various types of toppers and companies online and came up with 100% Natural Talalay as the best. I am very happy with my selection. I sleep so comfortably now. It gives great support but comfort at the same time.

Excellent Latex Topper

Great topper. It renewed my old mattress. It feels great on my achy back.

Truly a slice of heaven!

I purchased this topper because I'm approaching my mid-fortys and was concerned that I might suffer from overheating at night in the near future and didn't want to buy a full latex mattress that could contribute to my body over-heating. I thought if I got too hot, I could just remove the topper. I am using the topper on my primary bed and it is simply wonderful. The back pain I had disappeared

Nice difference

I am 200 lbs and purchased the 2' natural latex topper to refresh my old mattress and give me more support. This topper is great and definitely makes a nice difference, but I should have purchased the 3" natural latex topper at my weight.


I am a senior citizen and have 5 herniated disks in my lower back. I also have had a terrible time because of pressure when sleeping on my sides with pain in my hips and shoulders. "Judy" a wonderful consultant helped me choose the proper Topper for me. She was so helpful and although I was a little nervous because of the "no return policy." After talking to her I just decided to take the chance and boy am I glad I did.

Rubber stamp of approval

Very comfortable, restored an old firm mattress. More importantly, it never had a strong odor as would synthetic, petroleum, latex product. FYI, just buy only 100% latex, not the cheap stuff as it will breakdown quick. It comes with my rubber' stamp of approval. Sorry couldn't resist.

Sleep I can look forward to

I've been blaming my back and joint pain on having 4 children. I would get up in the morning to get them off to school and would feel like I was sixty years old, Im only 41, really stiff and very sore feeling. By the 5th night on the 3-inch latex topper, the pain had almost disappeared completely. I am unable to explain how much this latex topper from your company has changed my life after a few days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Very Happy

I'm very happy with my new mattress. Thanks!

We could not be more pleased

Last night, was our first night sleeping on the king-size latex topper we received from PlushBeds. We could not be more pleased. My wife, who suffers from joint and shoulder pain, can already see the benefits of the latex topper. As we become acclimated, I'm sure we'll experience further positive results. Thank you, so very much!!

Great topper

I received the mattress topper on the 2nd as you promised and I'm very happy with it. FYI, the box was damaged and partially open because UPS left the mattress in my driveway. The mattress itself though was fine as it was wrapped in plastic. Thanks for your help. Steve

This time I lucked out

When I unpacked the latex topper I bought from your company, the first thing that hit me was it was a bit of a challenge to put the cover on. Its zipped on three sides, but still took some effort getting it on. Once on however, the cover and topper were amazing. In the past I have definitely paid more for way less, so this time I lucked out. Compared to the ones we have had before this is for sure the best quality natural latex topper that I have ever seen.

Great Mattress Softener

We bought a somewhat-firm mattress from another company, and bought this topper as a way to make it softer. We looked at toppers in the same store, but they were blended latex and felt no better than memory foam. The Plush beds representative explained how natural latex is much more resilient, and even a soft natural topper would have a nicer feeling. He asked us several questions about our sleeping patterns and helped us select the perfect mattress. Great job.

Wife loves it

I received my mattress topper a few weeks ago and I am extremely happy with it. I bought a topper from a local wholesale company a few months ago and I just couldn't handle the awful smell from it. While I was browsing your site I noticed that it talked about how the topper is manufactured and that it is 100% natural latex with no off gassing. My wife has had the best sleep since receiving this. No odors.

Feels like a new bed to him

My son Kevin suffers from epilepsy. We bought a bed that was way too hard for him. Bottom line is that he had the mattress for 9 months, so it didn't make any sense to buy a new one. So I bought this topper to help him out. I was careful not to buy one of those foam mattresses that everyone seems to sell online because I know that they "off-gas" chemicals and goodness knows what else. After searching we found Plushbeds. 100% natural with no chemicals. We bought the best for our son and he is very happy.

Could not be more pleased

Martine, sorry we missed your call. We are more than happy to give you our opinions. Last night, was our first night sleeping on the king-size latex topper we received from PlushBeds. We could not be more pleased. My wife, who suffers from joint and shoulder pain, can already see the benefits of the latex topper. As we become acclimated, I'm sure we'll experience further positive results. Thank you.

Great Latex Topper

This is my 2nd latex topper purchase from your company. Same great value for the price I paid. A tad firm at first but adjusts over time. I definitely recommend to anybody looking for relief for their back

Realy a fantastic product

I just like to tell you how please i am with the two inches green latex mattress topper. Realy a fantastic product .Heaven is right ,it is heaven. Thank you

A1 Company

The topper we got from Plushbeds feels terrific. It has great support and it doesn't cost a lot of money at all. I looked online and I know without doubt I got a really good deal for 100% natural latex. I further found out that most companies out there sell a synthetic latex blend, however I was rest assured by your customer services dept that I was getting 100% latex without any chemicals. You can really feel the difference. Don't settle for anything less than 100% natural latex.

Devine is all I can say

To anyone reading this, you should research online and know the comfort and value of latex. You will then realize that this is the company you want to get your mattress from. Its 100% natural latex and contains no chemicals whatsoever. I got $100 off, free shipping and no sales tax. The cover was missing from the original package, which was sent later, so that was ok. My old mattress has become ab

So happy to be wrong

When our latex topper arrived I didn't even want to take it out of the box. It looked just like a rolled up piece of foam rubber. On the insistence of Judy, in your customer service department, I unpacked it and put the cover on it (some effort required). I am embarrassed but happy to say that I was dead wrong to pre-judge. Its made the world of difference sleeping on our old Queen mattress and it feels great.

Double delight!

Judy, we got the topper yesterday. I didn't have time to put it on our bed before I went to work so I left it out. When I got home I couldn't find it anywhere at all. So I went into the kid's playroom and my son Jake and his friends were laying on it playing their video games. I didn't have the heart to take it off them because the floor is tiled, so I just hung up from placing another order with you.

We chose the right company

It makes us believe even more that we chose the right company to deal with. We received our topper about three weeks ago and from the very first night my husband and I were sold. We've only had our King size mattress for a little over a year and it was terribly uncomfortable. We just couldn't break it in like the salesperson had promised. Im a few pounds heavier than the norm and Im about to undergo surgery. This topper completely renewed our mattress and made it very comfortable. Thank you for that.

Great Topper, Great Service

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in making sure we are completely satisfied with our purchase from plushbeds. We just recieved out topper yesterday and me and my wife agree its the best night of sleep we ever had! It really makes a huge difference in how we slept. I will be recommending this bed to everyone! Thanks again!

Dad is very happy

I bought this topper for my 92 year old fathers' birthday. He had a very old mattress and now tells me that it is like sleeping on a soft cloud. The topper was well packaged and was everything as described. It is very comfortable and very well made. I hope that he will enjoy it for years to come.

Comfortable and cool

I have had the topper now for a little of a month right now and it has been great. The firmness is consistent throughout the whole topper, and there are absolutely no odors. I am able to get a really good night sleep again. Thanks so much. You guys are great. This topper helps me keep cool at night especially in the summer heat.

In a word comfortable

We've only had this for about two months - I can't really comment too much on the durability of it yet, however I am extremely happy so far, it did just what I wanted it to and made my sons' bed much more comfortable.

Good pricing excellent product

I now own 5 of these and I have referred some of my friends and family members to buy one also. We bought them for every bed in our house, but didn't get the cover as we already had mattress protectors we put them under. Makes more sense than having to go and purchase a brand new mattress. They are everything Plushbeds says they are and more. Buy one & you won't regret it !!

Don't want to get out of bed!

I bought this topper to help relive shoulder and hip pain as well as night sweats caused my menopause. I absolutely love it! It stays cool all night and has helped with the intensity of the hot flashes. I wake up without shoulder or hip pain. It's the perfect density and provides nice back support while feeling like you are sleeping in a cool cloud!!

Worth the money!

There are definite pros and a few cons to this specific topper. It is very soft - very. If you have a difficult time getting out of bed physically I might not recommend this because depending on where in the mattress you are laying you pretty much have to roll to get out. Above that, I have never in my life gotten such good, consistent quality sleep. I never wake up stiff or sore. It's the type of soft where you'd think it'd be too soft to give support but this is simply not the case as it really is the best of both worlds.

Comfortable yet supportive

This topper is very comfortable. It made my firm bed feel softer. It is more supportive than I expected - you do not sink into it like you do on regular memory foam pads. It gave my bed just the right amount of softness that it needed without taking away the support. It is perfect for me.

Very Nice

Good quality topper. Nice material. Soft and very comfortable.

Feels great on my body

This topper feels soft like memory foam but a little more supportive. You do not sink into the topper like you do with memory foam. I seem to sleep cooler overall as well. Inexpensive and it does the trick!

Firmer than expected but nice overall!

I was looking for a topper to soften up my mattress and to keep me cool at night. I tend to have night sweats. This topper is comfortable but it is firmer than I expected. It does the trick. It definitely sleeps cool too. Nice overall.

Nice Difference

I have an older memory foam mattress. This topper really spruced up my old mattress. It gives me more support and it seems to sleep cooler than my mattress. I wish I purchased this years ago. It makes my bed much more comfortable.

Amazing Topper

I rent a summer home on the beach every year. The mattress is old and uncomfortable. This topper is incredible. It completely renewed that old mattress and made it feel very comfortable. It also sleeps cool which is great since it is 80 degrees every day. Very happy with my purchase.

Helped Me So Much

Great product. I am going through menopause and suffer from overheating at night. I bought this topper for my side of the bed to help control my body heat and it does a nice job. I sleep so much better at night and stay cool throughout the night.

Feels Great

I was a little hesitant to buy this topper online. But I did some research and Plushbeds is a great company with good quality products. A good night's sleep is priceless. I could not believe how comfortable this topper makes my bed feel. I have been sleeping on my old bed for many years. I should have bought this years ago. My only issue is that it arrived 12 days after I purchased it. I wish I had it sooner.

Cool and Soft

I decided to try out this cool gel topper before I purchase the mattress. It really makes a nice difference. Cool and soft, comfortable.

Glad I took the chance

I must admit I was somewhat hesitant to purchase on the internet like this. I read other consumer reviews and was encouraged. I am glad I took the chance. The topper is wonderful. Very comfortable. We have slept well every single night since we received it. It feels great to wake up refreshed every morning.

I love this topper!

I love this topper! It's very plush and comfortable and there is no off gassing. I will definitely purchase more for our vacation home.

Spruced up mattress

I purchased this cool gel topper to spruce up the guest bedroom mattress for my sister who is staying with us this summer. She absolutely loves it. She says she sleeps so well every night and never wants to get out of bed. It brought a new life to our old guest room mattress.

Great for college dorm beds

I surprised my daughter with this Gel Memory Foam Topper for her dorm room. She was so happy. She loves it. It renewed her old dorm room bed and made it very soft and comfy. Thanks Plushbeds.

Sleeping on marshmallows

I'm a 67 year old woman with a chronic back problem, who was looking for some relief after gettting up in the morning. Prior to having this topper, getting out of bed in the morning was agony! NOW, my pain is 70% reduced! I sleep better; Get out of bed better; and I'm in a better mood all day!

Sleeping Cool and Comfy Every Night

My wife gets night sweats so I purchased this topper in a twin xl for her side of the bed. She loves it, says it is very soft and help keep her sweatting under control. It's a little too soft for me but I'm glad she is happy.

Cool as a Breeze

My wife sleeps hot and this topper really made a nice difference for her. She no longer gets night sweats and it made our mattress much more plush and comfortable as a bonus. We are both very happy and wake up feeling refreshed.

Nice Overall

The topper is the best - very high quality. But it does not sleep as cool as I expected. Overall it's very nice and comfortable.

The Best Topper

The best topper. Very comfortable and It does keep you cool.

Very comfortable

My new 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper is wonderful. I have slept on memory foam mattresses before and it made me very warm. Your gel topper doesn't create body heat the way those other memory foam mattresses did. Very comfortable.

Great topper, Renewed my old mattress!

I bought this topper to use on my primary bed. It completely renewed my old mattress making it feel very comfortable and supportive. The cool gel is nice too - no more night sweats, sleeping cooler every night!

8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

Very comfortable. My back pains have disappeared. It always stays cool so it has kept me from tossing and turning as often as I used to. I easily get my 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep now.

Renewed My Bed!

Great topper! Very comfortable and cool. It renewed my old bed and saved my back. Thanks Plushbeds.

Sleep I can look forward to

Im only 41, but have 4 kids and a really stiff and very sore back. By the 5th night on the 3-inch cool gel topper, the pain has almost disappeared completely. I am unable to explain how much this wonderful cool gel topper from your company has changed my life after a few days. Going to bed used to be awful, because I knew what was in store for me in the morning, now I can't wait.

Very Comfortable and Cool

great topper! we like our guests to be comfortable when they stay. this topper made such a nice difference! the mattress now feels very soft and very comfortable and it will keep our guests cool in the summer. it looks like we will have many guests in the future!

Nice treat

It took a few days to get used to my new topper. Once I did, it was wonderful. It conforms to my body. It is soft where needed and supportive everywhere else. It sleeps cool too. Nice treat.

Highly Recommended

We like to go to a lake house for the holidays and the beds in the house are old and hard. We bought 4 of these toppers to soften up the old beds. What a huge difference! We slept on them last night for the first time and we are thrilled! The beds are now very comfortable and it has made our vacation even better!

Soft, Comfy

Very soft and comfy. A little less supportive than I expected but it made my old hard bed feel softer.

Perfect Topper

This topper made my bed so comfortable. It is the perfect amount of comfort and softness! Wonderful!

I am so happy

I purchased this topper last month and I love it! I highly suggest you get one too. It makes my bed so much more comfortable. I am so happy!?


It feels like I slid into a cloud!

Wish I Had Purchased It Years Ago - Give it 10 Stars if I could

Very well made. So much attention to detail in the seaming, fabric weave, and hand tying. We are farm people with bad backs, shoulders and such. CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS TOPPER HAS DONE FOR US. No waking up with aches and pains and stiff. Plus every night when we crawl into bed we think we are staying in a lavish hotel. On top of all of that, the real reason I chose the wool topper is due to many health issues related to chemical farm sprays, sensitivities and molds. It's been three years since I have slept properly. I LOVE this topper. For me a life saver! Time to purchase the pillows. (Tell the sheep I Love them and thank you ;)

Great bed topper

This topper is just like advertised. It keeps you comfortable temperature wise, not to warm and not to cool. I really like sleeping on this topper.


Comfy topper. I put it right under my fitted really adds some softness and comfort.

Great Product good value

Beautifully made - very comfortable - not too firm and not too soft - adds support without pressure points - great restful nights sleep- Thank You

Amazingly comfortable

It is truly the best purchase I have made in a long time, I am very happy. If I could steal my wife's side I would.

Like sleeping on a cloud

Got this topper for my bliss medium firmness mattress extremely happy with it like sleeping on a cloud now. Doesn’t make me hot either and helps keep me comfortable I usually always move around while I’ll sleep but it’s helped me keep still for some reason lol

Materials are quality and made with integrity. It took one year to find this company.

The PlushBeds Luxury Wool Topper is the height of luxury. You are placed in a deep slumber with such comfort. I feel very confident in this company’s products. And, they are made in the U.S.A.


Loved my plush beds so much better than expected!

Who knew wool could be so cool!

Heaven on earth! Makes my bed hard to get out of in the mornings. Soft, yet provides support and sleep cool

Wool topper

Have had a plush bed for a few years. Recently added the topper. Sleeping better than ever!

100% Wool Topper

You can lie on top of this luxurious topper or lie under as you do with a feather bed. Either way, it will lull you to sleep easily and you'll feel so cozy and comfortable. I highly recommend it!

Outstanding comfort!

This was the perfect complement to my 12" Soft Botanical Bliss I bought back during the summer. I used it for the first time last night, and had an amazing night's rest. The combination is truly superb. Definitely worth it, IMO, at least if you like a softer sleeping experience. I used a Tempurpedic bed for 11 years, and thought that it was the best purchase I ever made ... until now. This combination is much, much better IMO.

Very nice topper!

This topper is a nice addition to my bed. It's very plush and comfortable. I have never seen a wool topper in stores before but I read that it helps to regulate your body temperature and maintain it throughout the night. After sleeping on it for 30 days, I agree. I sleep comfortably and cool throughout the night on it.

Bad experience

If you want to waste $500 and get a miserable sleeping experience, tossing & turning all night then finally getting up with sore hips & back, then buy this mattress topper. I've "slept" on it for the past 2 nights and it's gone from bad to worse. I got the 3" medium firmness but it's too hard, and it doesn't even come with a cover. Since it's non-returnable, I'm stuck with it, but it's coming off the bed today and will look for a better alternative. Maybe cut it up into smaller pieces for the dog & cat. I'll let you know how they liked it.

Very Plush and Comfortable

My daughter is starting her first year at college and the dorm room beds were a little firm. I bought this topper to make her dorm bed more comfortable. I just received the topper and I am very pleased. It's very plush and comfortable. It will soften up her bed and make it much more comfortable. She will be very happy.


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