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+2x back pain relief

+1.8x price value

+1.8x better allergies

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: PlushBeds is shipping mattresses normally, usually within 7-9 business days. Recent reviewers have mentioned positive customer service experiences.

PlushBeds is a manufacturer & retailer of luxury organic mattresses. They are certified organic, going through the rigorous process of having their source materials, factory and products certified GOTS and GOLS organic. Also, their mattresses are GreenGuard Gold certified, passing strict tests against offgassing harmful compounds or allergens, ideal for those with chemical sensitivities. Their luxury organic mattresses include the luxury Organic Latex Mattress, organic Hybrid Latex Mattress, a Vegan Mattress, competitively priced Eco Mattress, and their organic Pillowtop Hybrid Mattress.


+2x back pain relief
+1.8x price value
+1.8x better allergies

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $2149-$4598

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Plushbeds's Specifics

PlushBeds is one of the online leaders in selling latex and natural mattresses. Their most popular mattresses are latex foam and latex hybrid mattresses. Their latex Botanical Bliss, Natural Bliss, Luxury Bliss, and Eco Bliss mattresses have won accolades from customers that look for high quality natural mattresses. Also, their newer pillow top line, including the Organic Bliss and Signature Bliss hybrid offer great choices for those looking for more pressure relief.

Quality of Materials

PlushBeds claim to fame is their latex line of mattresses that feature GOLS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and GreenGuard Gold certifications. These standards are essential for those that have chemical sensitivities and are looking for the highest quality in textiles and latex materials.

In addition to the high quality latex mattresses, they also have certified memory foam varieties to choose from too. These mattresses are also competitive with available memory foam options and some include high quality latex foams as well.

Latex Mattresses

PlushBeds sells a variety of mattress models on their online storefront, but first we are going to go through their classic latex varieties.

Here is what's inside their Botanical Bliss® - Organic Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It is all natural and breathable to help promote air flow.

Layer 2: Next up, a layer of GOTS certified organic wool keeps things breathable while also regulating temperature and providing a pillowy support. A GOTS certified organic cotton panel helps keep this wool layer in place.

Layer 3: GOTS certified organic Dunlop latex is customized to the height and firmness level selected at checkout. The options range from medium to firm, with mattress thickness options being 9'', 10'' and 12''. These layers provide superior support while also helping relieve pressure points.

Layer 4: For enhanced durability, the base of the mattress is made of an extra dense organic latex core. This talalay latex helps to provide back support while also relieving pressure.

Their next mattress is animal-free and vegan and available in 8'', 10'', and 12'' thickness options. Here are the details for the Natural Bliss® - Natural Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It is all natural, has stretch, and does well breathing.

Layer 2: A layer of natural talalay latex provides sleepers with a bouncey, well-balanced sleep surface. The natural latex helps gently relieves pressure while remaining comfortable and supportive.

Layer 3: Depending on the selected thickness of mattress, differing layers of GOLS certified Arpico organic latex make up the main core and base of the Natural Bliss mattress, offering sleepers support and proper spinal alignment.

Next up is their high-end latex hybrid that features pocketed coils and additional support. Here are the details for the 12'' Luxury Bliss® - Organic Hybrid Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the GOTS certified organic cotton cover that is stretched, not woven. It breathes well and is soft.

Layer 2: New Zealand organic wool fire barrier also provides a pillowy and temperature regulating top layer.

Layer 3: The GOTS certified latex layer is pressure relieving and responsive. It works great for both back and side sleeping.

Layer 4: The last layer is fabric-encased coils that provide superior independent support for the spine while reducing motion transfer.

Their last latex mattress is their budget-friendly latex hybrid that offers a streamlined latex and foam experience. With options from 8" through 12", here are the details for the Eco Bliss® - Hybrid Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is a super stretch cotton cover, which is soft to the touch and keeps things airy.

Layer 2: 100% natural latex provides a bouncy, response for the surface layer. Its height is dependent on the mattress height selected.

Layer 3: The last layer is a PlushFoam Core, which is CertiPUR® certified. It is firm, sturdy, and supportive for a lasting feel.

Pillow Top Mattresses

PlushBeds has expanded into plush-comfort pillow top mattresses as well with the same high level of natural material quality as their other mattresses.

First, here is what's inside their 15" Signature Bliss® - Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress:

Layer 1: Similar to their latex mattresses, it all starts with the GOTS certified organic cotton cover offering natural air flow.

Layer 2: Next up, a layer of GOTS certified British organic wool keeps things breathable while also regulating temperature and enhancing the pillow top.

Layer 3: GOLS certified organic Arpico Dunlop latex offers customized firmness selected at purchase. The options range from medium to medium-firm. This layer adds extra pressure relief and a responsive feel to the layers above.

Layer 4: The last layer is a fabric-encased coil support system, which provides support and loft, while cutting down on motion transfer.

Their last mattress is a pillow top for those that want all the benefits of organic latex comfort. Here are the details for the 15" Organic Bliss® - Organic Pillowtop Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It provides an airy, comfortable feel with a little bit of stretch.

Layer 2: GOTS-certified British wool offers a pillowy feel to the top layer, while also providing superior temperature regulation.

Layer 3: A tailored layer of GOLS certified Arpico Dunlop latex is tailored medium or medium-firm in firmness based on the firmness chosen at purchase. This layer offers pressure relief with a responsive bounce, perfect for those that appreciate the unique feel of latex.

Layer 4: Lastly, another GOLS certified Arpico organic latex core layer provides support and structure to the mattress, while still facilitating responsiveness and loft to the sleepers above.

Overall Comfort

PlushBeds gets great responses from customers when it comes to their natural mattresses. The fact that they have customizable firmness options, a 100 night trial, and certified mattress materials means peace of mind for even the most selective shopper.


PlushBeds has a variety of firmness options in both their latex and memory foam mattresses. This means that most customers will find what they are looking for. As a general rule, those that are lighter and side sleepers will prefer a softer mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers or heavier will prefer firmer options.

Back Pain

For those that are looking for relief from a sagging mattress, PlushBeds medium-firm and firm mattresses will do well here. When compared to average mattress, PlushBeds reviewers are 2x more likely to mention a positive experience with pain relief*. Their Luxury Bliss provides extra stability and spine support with pocketed coils.


Latex is naturally cooling and Plushbeds latex mattresses should do very well with staying cool. Those in very warm climates should steer towards the latex varieties to ensure cooling.

Who Are PlushBeds Mattresses Right For?

PlushBeds are wonderful mattresses for selective shoppers looking for all-natural and certified mattresses. With customers over +1.8x more likely to mention being satisfied with the price value versus the average comparable mattress, coupled with their selection of firmness and high quality mattresses, most sleepers can find what they are looking for.

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Natural Latex for the W

I found a latex pillow about 12 years ago and won’t sleep on anything else. A few years later decided to try a tempurpedic. The result was that it lost its support and my investment was at the end of the road I’ve had this New latex bed for 6 weeks and I have woke up feeling really good. I’ve been able to get restful sleep. My pillows last a long time. And I’m confident that this bed will outlive a tempurpedic.

Good product

My wife and I love it. Its great how you can change the levels of firmness.

The mattress I purchased is

The mattress I purchased is great. I wake up without back aches or stiffness.

Wish I would have bought this years ago

I don’t wake up with headaches anymore! It’s amazing. Not too firm and I am 112 llbs

We love this mattress! While

We love this mattress! While it feels soft when you first get on it, it sleeps medium and is just so comfortable. More comfortable than our tempurpedic on my neck and shoulders. Highly recommend.

Superb mattress. Ordered the extra

Superb mattress. Ordered the extra firm and couldn’t be happier. Setup is easy but requires a second person. I feel I sleep better now. I’m a true believer in latex!

I never write reviews...but this

I never write reviews...but this bed is beyond fabulous. I'm not kidding!!! It was a leap of faith to order something like this from a website and hope that it would work out. Its worked out beyond my wildest dreams. I love it!

Absolutely love it!

The best bed I have ever slept on and I absolutely love it! Quality for the cost is excellent!!!

The first night I slept

The first night I slept on the organic latex mattress, I knew this was the one. It rolled right out of the box with ease and onto my adjustable bed. I slept on it that night. No odor whatsoever. Very happy with this mattress after three months of sleepful bliss.

Fantastic mattress

I loved my mattress and slept so well that a couple of years later I bought one for my son too. Very happy he loves it too. Comfort level is off the charts. An absolutely fantastic mattress without the noxious smells that often come with new mattresses. I'm a side sleeper and the medium is really the perfect fit. It feels like you're sleeping on clouds. The temperature is also a non issue. We had an older mattress that caused over heating, but with our beautiful organic mattress that is not a problem. Would recommend the purchase without hesitation.

Great mattress for the money

Great mattress for the money

blissful sleep since night one.

blissful sleep since night one. so happy that i made the decision to get the Botanical Bliss!!

Love my bed!!

My new bed is very comfortable and I am sleeping well! The best thing about this bed though is that it’s made with organic materials! That was very important to me as I researched for a new bed.

I love my mattress. It

I love my mattress. It is just the right combo of soft and firm! I like how I have options with the layers. I required a low profile to suit my bed and this was perfect. AND it’s better for the environment! Love it!

This mattress exceeds expectations. I

This mattress exceeds expectations. I find it to have good temperature control (I usually sleep hot). It has no weird odors, in fact it really doesn’t have a distinct smell at all. I find it supportive yet soft enough for my hips which can hurt on a too firm mattress. Before I had this bed I thought I had terrible insomnia because my sleep was broken and not long enough. Now I don’t wake up during the night at all, and I can sleep 7 hours straight! That feels miraculous! There are few cons to this mattress. One is that it is quite heavy, so getting a bedskirt under the mattress is difficult. It also makes the bed almost important to move to allow easy access underneath the bed for vacuuming.

Feeling much better, thanks!

Before getting my new mattress my back and neck were killing me. It only took one night on the new mattress before the back pain went away entirely, and after adding a couple feather pillows into the equation my neck feels much better as well. If your neck and back feel injured but you don't remember injuring yourself then it's probably how you're sleeping. I got the medium firmness and it's quite firm but still cozy. I mostly sleep on my side and I'm glad I didn't go firmer.

Pure gold

The most comfortable bed I've ever owned.

Queen Plush Medium Soft

We are very happy with the mattress so far. We had some initial issues with one of the layers being damaged in shipping, but Plush replaced it and made good!

Botanical Bliss

Ordered the Botanical Bliss latex mattress and found it to be very comfortable. There was an issue with one of the layers of latex, but the company remedied the situation by sending a new one. All in all, very happy with this purchase. One word of advice - be sure the mattress is placed on a very firm support.

No coils, no jiggling awake!

Years ago we purchased a Saatva brand mattress. After having had a memory foam that was way too hot for sleeping we wanted something cooler and this was a great mattress. In the last few years however my husband started having restless legs and with inner coils in that mattress meant I was being awakened every few minutes. We decided to give a fully latex foam bed a try and a month into it we are very pleased.

Very comfortable bed. Worth every

Very comfortable bed. Worth every penny!


Have used a latex foam mattress for nearly 70 years. This was a perfect replacement for us. It was very easy to put together on my bed. We are sleeping well. Really appreciated the good customer service when one layer was damaged by the shipping company.

Best mattress ever! I feel

Best mattress ever! I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud!

Botanical Bliss mattress

We chose this mattress for several reasons. Most importantly, the two of us finally have the mattress firmness that works for each of us as we chose the split firmness king size. My spouse loves his firm side. I made made a comfort adjustment to my medium firmness side and am now happy with it. So that brings me to the 2nd great aspect of this mattress. The cover completely zips open to allow you to rearrange or exchange the latex layers to meet your comfort needs. The zippable mattress enclosure keeps the 2 sides snug together, so no gapping. It is excellent quality materials all around. The 3rd feature unique to this mattress is the top layers of the mattress that include a thick, 3” layer of wool. It’s the first mattress I’ve ever had that doesn’t concentrate heat. Latex is a great improvement over other foam mattress materials. We’re hoping that latex lasts as long as they claim. The softer latex does sag or form to your body shape somewhat whereas the firmer latex does not. Overall we are very happy with our purchase of the Botanical Bliss mattress.

Trying the new bed out

Trying the new bed out right now.

All our beds are now

All our beds are now Botanical Bliss. We love them! Comfy, with support, plus no dangerous chemicals. As a two-time cancer survivor, that is important. Plus, the mattresses aren't unnecessarily thick, making it easier to purchase bedding, and easier to actually make the bed.

Best Quality Latex Mattress for your Health

My husband & I LOVE our new Latex Organic Botanical Bliss mattress. We ordered the 12" King size, medium firmness. It has provided us much comfort in the past 45 days that we have owned it. It was delivered within 10 business days - awesome! The sheets we got are very comfortable & soft. I called the co. to place my order & ask a few questions. The ordering process was so quick & easy & the gentleman I spoke to was very knowledgeable, thorough & friendly. I have researched many mattresses on line... this was the best product & warranty!!! Not the cheapest but the best materials & customer service. Organic Latex & 100% organic mattress cover is best for your whole body & skin. Recommend client to know what materials a mattress is made from, not just look at price. Quality for your health & great warranty!!! TY Plushbeds for providing quality materials & workmanship to make a comfortable mattress that is free from chemicals & no off gassing smells. Remember this purchase is investing in the quality of your health, skin & sleep for many years ahead!!! Even my 3 yr. old grandson is approves - this is where he prefers play on his tablet as I work from home - with desk in my bedroom.🙂

Really really great mattress!!!

Really really great mattress!!!

Highly recommended

I’m so happy with this mattress! It’s nontoxic & the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. I highly recommend!

Satisfied Customer

As a previous bedding salesman , I am convinced that California Plush Beds are the finest beds ever made! As a recent owner of the Botanical Bliss, I find that it is the most comfortable and restful mattress ever hands down!,

SO comfortable & perfect for those with chemical sensitivity!

Love our botanical bliss (in “soft”, 10 inch). I am recovering from mold toxicity and mast cell/multiple chemical sensitivity and we wanted to make our sleeping environment just even more healthy and conducive to healing by choosing an organic mattress! I didn’t have any negative reactions to the mattress at all! I am so pleased with the comfort level and quality, as we did trial a different one before this from another company and it was incredibly uncomfortable. It really is SO comfortable. Note that you will likely want a platform to go under it because it is definitely much much thinner than the mainstream mattresses out there, so it’s very low to the ground if it’s directly on your bed frame. We just used some bed risers that we already had to elevate the whole bed for now and will eventually get a platform. Anyway - if you’re on the fence, give this mattress a try!

What I've always wanted...

Loving it! So glad I made this purchase! Sleep like a log...

We love our bliss king

We love our bliss king mattress! We both have different sleeping preferences.. me a little more soft, him a little more firm... and it actually works great for both! Service was excellent... getting bed delivered when promised! Thank you for a seem-less experience... hard to find these days!!!

Super Comfy BUT Difficult to Move

First off, it was quite an interesting process to put together the bed. I definitely broke a sweat positioning the mattress. After I finally figured it out though is when the magic happened. This bed is SOOOOO comfy. I barely needed any period to adjust to it. Night one I slept like a baby and have slept that way ever since. Firm enough to provide nice support and soft enough to cradle my body. The latex layers when opened up have a natural smell which assured me of their organic materials and design. Overall the bed's comfort is 5/5. Moving the mattress temporarily or when moving to another home is a different story. This thing is HEAVY and FLOPPY when trying to move it. And after moving it, I had to open it back up and adjust the layers back into line. Other than that, super comfy. Would buy from PlushBeds again in the future.

Love my new mattress. I

Love my new mattress. I have never slept better. The firmness is just right and I feel better knowing it is organic.

excellent product ....extremely pleased...l;ike sleeping

excellent product ....extremely pleased...l;ike sleeping on a cloud no pressure just pure float

Sleep like a rock

Love this Bed!

We have had our mattress

We have had our mattress for a couple of months and could not be happier! I spent two years researching latex mattresses and it was worth it. My fiancé has a ton of allergy and respiratory issues so we needed the organic materials. But I am a solid side-sleeper and needed a softer mattress. Latex tends to be more firm. Not wanting to sacrifice my comfort for his health, I searched for a softer latex solution. This mattress is perfection from the instant you take it out of the packaging. The perfect amount of support and soft, springy bounce. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it makes it so difficult to get out of bed in the morning because it is so comfortable. I am obsessed with this mattress. We opted for the 12” split Cal king in medium firm. I absolutely recommend getting the extra layer of latex. Worth every dollar. The construction is top notch and the quality of the materials is unmistakeable. I love this mattress.

I love the mattress- it

I love the mattress- it is very comfortable. I also love the sheets that came with the mattress

Great decision to go with

Great decision to go with plush beds.

Worthwhile purchase

Before we ordered our new mattress, we did a lot of research! We had not yet found a platform frame we liked when it arrived, so even though they say to put it on a frame, we had it on the floor for about a month. At first, we were concerned that we wouldn't like it because it felt so very different from our memory foam. BUT, once we put it on our frame, it is like sleeping on a (supportive) cloud!! It does smell a little funny when you first open the package, but once it's assembled and you put mattress protector over it, we don't smell it at all. Note: the foam is pretty delicate when you are trying to line up the layers, so just be careful not to yank or pull. Just use the technique that they give. I call it the wave and flop :)

Lower back pain from sleeping gone!

We bought one twin XL Botanical Bliss mattress and two twin XL foundations (wife already owned a very firm twin XL) to make basically a split king bed with the firmness that we each preferred to replace a queen bed that was no longer comfortable to either of us. I bought the “Medium” firmness as I don’t like a super firm bed. I tried it as it came for almost two weeks and was still having lower back pain in the morning. A little too soft. So we moved the top soft layer to the middle and the middle medium-soft layer to the top. It’s been a couple weeks and my lower back feels great! Figure if I need to, I can switch more layers in the future. That’s why I wanted to buy this bed because it gave me more options to customized to what I need. This is a very well made, high-quality organic bed. There was zero smell when we unwrapped it which is nice. The cover is luxurious. It is pretty heavy and difficult to move once unwrapped (very bendy), so have it on your foundation when you unroll it. The 5” Low Profile Orthopedic Foundations were not difficult to put together. I did two by myself and had no trouble building or putting covers on. No noise from the foundations whatsoever. Altogether, I am very pleased with the Botanical Bliss mattress and foundations. We’ll likely buy one for the better half when her current mattress wears out. I sleep very well and wake up rested with no back pain. Can’t ask for much more than that! Thanks for all you do, PlushBeds!

My favorite mattress I’ve ever

My favorite mattress I’ve ever had.


We are really happy with our purchase. The mattress is comfortable and supportive and has improved the quality of sleep - doesn’t get too hot and you’re not sunk in a hole. I wish we had purchased the mattress sooner

perfect size very comfortable like

perfect size very comfortable like sleeping in a cloud

Love it

Love it

I've been sleeping on my

I've been sleeping on my new latex mattress for over a month. In all honesty, I don't wake up with neck and shoulder pain since my first night on this mattress! Having a latex allergy, I did research on the latex foam inside the mattress. I haven't had any issues with it and I handled the foam when putting the layers inside the casing. Everyone is different but the research I did was very reassuring. I wish I bought this mattress sooner. I love it!!

This bed is wonderful. My

This bed is wonderful. My husband has not had any back pain since we purchased it. Thank you for the restful sleep.

Love It Now w/Adjustment

My husband and I have been sleeping on our new mattress since 12/23; we ordered the 12" split king. Based on the website's advice, we chose the medium firmness. Unfortunately, we found the medium way too soft; we are side sleepers and no where near the recommended weight for the firm mattress of 275 lbs. We have moved the layers around to adjust for firmness and are awaiting another, firmer layer to arrive in exchange for the soft layer. The mattress is extremely comfortable with the firmer layers rotated to the top but the mattress started to sag at the bottom due to the soft layers now at the bottom. The quality is excellent and it is wonderful to be able to customize the mattress to one's own comfort level. Our previous mattress was a Tempurpedic.

This bed is fantastic, very

This bed is fantastic, very happy with purchase.

Love the bed so far

So comfortable. Also love that it is free of chemicals. Very happy with purchase so far.

I love it! I choose

I love it! I choose the medium, but it was too soft, so I contact them and they send me another lawyer, the medium-firm one, that I put in the middle, between my medium and my my medium soft.It worked!! My back is happy now! The soft layer was too much for me. I love that you can change the Sequence of the layers. Great service and solution for a personalize mattress if you need it.

Love this mattress

Love this mattress. Only have had it for 2 months so I can’t speak to its longevity but so far so good. Much more comfortable than an inner spring. I like that I don’t “sink” into it like a foam mattress. Easy to shift positions. I’m a side sleeper and got the medium firmness for my side and hubby got firm for his (he’s a stomach sleeper). So happy we took a chance and got this bed.

One of the smarter decisions I’ve made

I wanted a mattress that would be sufficient for someone with a hyper mobile genetic disorder. - ehlers danlos syndrome. My joints dislocate and my lower back must be supported. I also required all of the eco benefits. I probably searched for about four years. I had planned on buying a temperpedic, but the off gassing breakdown and sleeping hot turned me off of that idea. I also wanted a long warranty and I did not want to have to think about buying another mattress for 15-25 years , and friends who have a temperpedic SD have told me about their beds softening and warming up . In all cases they mentioned this as a concern about the ten year mark. am delighted I bought this. As mentioned, I bought the matress in the firm configuration. I was not planning on buying the foundation, but I was confused by my options and decided to simply buy that from plush beds as well. I’m delighted I did. The matress is almost perfect- I’m very slight, about 100lbs 5’4 and have a juvenile bone structure. I could possibly have bought this in a medium, I think I understand why most people do order the medium. I am happy with the firm for me though. It’s true if I sleep on my side, once in a great while I get some mild pressure on my shoulder and hip, but I have only had the bed about a month. I may purchase a wool topper at some point , and for simplicity will likely buy it from plush beds. They were wonderful to work with, made extra effort to ship it out in the most prompt manner. I would have liked the option of a split side firmness option, but few bed companies offer that in a double / full/ matrimonial size bed.The only disappointing thing is though the fabric on my foundation cover was very well made, the zipper was sewn incredibly poorly and broke the day it arrived. I honestly didn’t want to deal with the hassle of sending it back. But please stitch your zippers with more care. This looked like a five year old had basted it. I also honestly didn’t think much of the free sheets thrown in. They are just sheets, very cool nice sheets, but aren’t made in the States or labeled organic.( but free) It would be nice if organic bedding was offered with a discount when purchased or included if their price prohibits the first option.Cheers. If it is any help to the peruser, please know know I was against a hybrid. Being so petite , the extra springs seemed unnecessary, and I often feel springs( and creases in sheets, and scratchy blankets etc.. I narrowed down to the usual brands of non hybrid organic mattresses, as well as the temperpedic. I think the other brands would have honestly been ..fine, but for the reasons of health ,ecology and price, warranty and customer service I am very glad I chose my mattress. I bought the firm in a double/ matrimonial size. I share it with my partner. I had worried about the edge support (based on some rankings) but I find it wonderful, and it does not sleep hot. I had to previously sleep on the sofa as my old bed was useless, and excruciating. This bed is as perfect as it could be for me. 98% AMAZING ( the 2% is me needing a firmer surface than my body weight recommends. ) It did take several days to get used to. Chances are if you are like me you waited until your mattress was deceased before you replaced it. For three days I wavered between the mattress as it was and my old foam topper( I know, defeats non toxic benefits of mattress ) on the third day I tried the foam topper one more time, to decide if I. Should return mattress or not ( I can be indecisive) that night I tossed and turned and woke up in agony. Day four, I tried just the mattress again. It was perfect. My only regret was buying a foam topper in a misguided attempt to save my previous mattresses. This was my Christmas present and best one ever. Last important thing, I never feel the bed move when my partner gets in or out of bed. He and I were both worried about that. I think we both breathe better as a result of the purchase. Thank you 🙏 plush beds!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The bed is amazing!!! I

The bed is amazing!!! I wake up refreshed and my back feels great! I love it!

Assembly it’s easy, fit its

Assembly it’s easy, fit its great my back feels much better since i have plushbed Great firmness

Perfect firmness. I immediately felt

Perfect firmness. I immediately felt the difference. Quality is outstanding.

Wanted a new mattress and

Wanted a new mattress and was looking for an organic with wool Was a bit hesitant as on the expensive side but I’ve been getting great night sleeps

Not yet installed.

We have NOT even put the mattress on the bed yet!! However, it should be soon. Keep sending these requests and we will advise when applicable if you still wish. Thanks

Love that the bed has

Love that the bed has different layers to move around to get just right for your bodies needs. I have had to change them around a bit and get sent other layers to work with and the company has been amazing do work with.....great customer service!. Thee quality of all is excellent as well!.

Great choice easier assembly

I am loving the latex mattresses! They made it easier to assemble. The cover and bottom layer are already together. Just put on the 2 additional pieces. Was easier than I expected. After 6 weeks it is a great mattress. I do feel it is somewhat warm, but not as much as foam or pillow top.

Great buy. Blissful sleep.

The mattress takes time to break in. It comes in 3 layers. You need to figure out which layer works best for you. I am a stomach sleeper and medium firm works best for me as the most firm matters causes to much pressure at my joints. We love the cooling effect of it too. Very relaxing. We fall asleep and awaken blissfully. Great buy. Waiting upgrade our kids mattress too.

Great investment

At first I thought it was too soft for us, but we were sleeping on the same mattress for over 13 years. The back pain is gone. The king mattress was easy to put together and there's no smell whatsoever. Very happy with our purchase.


We selected the medium firm king with a 2” soft topper, both with organic cotton covers. This is the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on. We had to assemble the many layers within the covers which was a surprise, but we got it together. We love it!

Sleeping better on our new mattress

We did a lot of research and were looking for a firm fit ... After deciding on latex, we ordered the Medium Firm which is perfectly comfortable. It was fairly easy to put together with 2 people. We also ordered an adjustable bed frame which we love.

Luxurious and heavenly.

This bed has been so luxurious and so comfortable we’ve had it for about two months. I can’t imagine ever sleeping on anything else now that I’ve slept on this bed. It’s like sleeping on a cloud but fully supported. I sleep on my side, my tummy and my back and I feel comfortable in every position. My husband feels the same way. We are ecstatic with our purchase.


Everything about this mattress is perfect; shipping, packaging, quality, & firmness. Love it.

This was my second purchase

This was my second purchase because these mattresses provide such wonderful support without pressure points. Sleeping on them is as close to sleeping on a cloud as I could imagine. I don’t even use a pillow.

Great service, customer support is

Great service, customer support is very excellent. if need more mattress I would prefer Plus Beds and refer to my friends too.

Organic Latex Mattress, the Botanical Bliss.

Great Latex Mattress. Even added 2" for a better side sleeper with pressure point.

It has been a month

It has been a month -so far so good! We started with the medium layer on top but switched to med firm - nice to have the options. It is a workout to put the layers in to the cover and you need to be careful when moving the latex layers ( not grabbing front the edges since they can tear- we had one small casualty ) definitely need to watch a you tube video on how to assemble!

We've only had the mattress

We've only had the mattress for a few weeks. So far, so good!

Non-Toxic good night sleep

I sleep well and appreciate the organic, non-toxic materials.

I’ve enjoyed the bed. Firm

I’ve enjoyed the bed. Firm and comfortable.

The Botanical Bliss Firm

I purchased the Plush Bed Firm for my husband and he loves it! The set up was very easy and we love that fact that it is created with all organic materials too. Thank you for a great product. Lori B.

The mattress fits my 5’4”

The mattress fits my 5’4” 116 lb. size very well. No odor Truly like it

Excellent product.

Excellent product.

feels like it Hugs you.

feels like it Hugs you. Best sleep ever!

Excellent Customer Service

Thank you for your rapid attention. GREAT product!

excellent comfort nice relief after

excellent comfort nice relief after years of sleeping discomfort

Wow, love the mattress. I

Wow, love the mattress. I was little doubtful when materials to assemble your own mattress arrived in a box but it took 15 min to assemble and this is the best mattress I have ever had.



Botanical Bliss

- Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress - King / Firm / 9 Inches × 1 - Orthopedic Foundation - King × 1 - Quiet Balance Bed Frame - King × 1 Extremely happy with the product and customer experience with PlushBeds! The back support is perfect no matter sleeping on back or side. Any reviews saying otherwise are nuts especially those picking apart any small imperfections on the natural layers.

Love this bed and the

Love this bed and the sheets that can with it! Super comfortable and I love the peace knowing the mattress is free from harmful chemicals.

Love at First Nights Sleep

I love this mattress! It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Expensive, but worth every Penney! I certainly would recommend it to a friend.

Great Night’s Sleep

I wish that I had purchased this years ago. I bought the one that is 12” thick. It is very heavy but worth every penny. Great product, so 😀pleased, thank you , thank you, thank you! Great night’s sleep.

Excellent mattress , sleep so

Excellent mattress , sleep so nice , never been so happy with mattress, Thank your .

love it!

love it!

Cushiony comfort and easy set

Cushiony comfort and easy set up. Really like this mattress. Enjoyed it from the first night!

Perfect firmness for both of us

This bed is so comfortable. I was worried because my husband prefers a firmer mattress, while I like a softer one. We ordered the Medium, but arranged the layers with the Medium soft on top and Soft in the middle. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to change anything. We both sleep through the night now and have no back pain in the morning.

Love it

We both love it.

The quality is awesome best

The quality is awesome best mattress ever, the option to adjust the firm is very cool. Extra bonus bed sheets were not delivered and we had to send a reminder after 4 weeks. Very friendly people in the phone. Goods were delivered in time.

We both get a good

We both get a good night's sleep with this mattress. Fewer back pains in the morning as well. Snd it was easy to assemble. Thank you.

Amazing, I'm so happy!

FANTASTIC MATRESS! The organic foam is so freekin comfortable. Softens and supports those hard body points which allows the body to get to a comfortable state quickly. The adjustable layers can help tailor the perfect amount of support needed in just a few easy steps. The foam has no smell and is actually more cooling. I love this bed and will continue to recommend this to my family friends and clients!

Sleeping well

I've been sleeping very good since I purchased my botanical bliss and my allergies have seemed to improve. My girlfriend does yoga first thing every morning and has noticed she is less stiff in the beginning of her practice compared to how she felt with the old mattress. I would definitely recommend!

was easy to set up

was easy to set up and is very comfortable to sleep on. thanks.

Worth the Price

Very comfortable. My body no longer hurts when I wake up. My only regret is not going with the thickest option.

The mattress is absolutely fabulous.

The mattress is absolutely fabulous. I am so happy I bought the mattress. I will have many years of very healthy sleeping.. And I wholeheartedly recommend it. Very sincerely Elisabeth Brewster

I ordered the medium softness

I ordered the medium softness and after trying it out i needed a softer mattress so they sent out a softer layer and I switched it out and now it is perfect.

At first I was uncertain

At first I was uncertain about the mattress, but after speaking to a support person they walked me through changing the layers slightly, and since that time I've been very happy with it. I have arthritis in my shoulder and terrible back issues and this mattress provides great support to both.

great news.

I did a google search for the best mattress for persons with back issues. Yours came up, so I thought I would try it. I have slept on it every night for over a year. Now I have one at my vacation home. I love these mattresses.

Great mattress for a great price!

We have had our mattress for three months now and find it extremely comfortable. There was no smell when we got it, it was very easy to assemble and it’s just the right balance of softness/firmness for us. We got the smallest thickness but honestly don’t feel we needed any thicker and we like that it’s easy to use with our fitted sheets. We actually have a custom size mattress they cut to fit our space with a custom frame and the process was very easy. We are pleased we have a mattress that fits our room well! We also would only buy a mattress with the organic certifications and natural latex. We had a natural latex memory foam mattress previously from another company that had a smell for a few weeks and then lost its shape after a couple years. When we considered a new mattress we researched companies extensively and found nothing better for a very reasonable price. Also most importantly, my back and neck are no longer sore when I wake up in the mornings!

Great night sleep

Love this mattress!! We have been sleeping on it for about a month and I couldn’t be happier!! I wake up feeling rested and ready to start the day. We went with the firm mattress which definitely feels firm, but I feel great!


It’s so hard to buy a mattress online. That being said we researched for months to find a mattress we thought would help with the joint pain I experience from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Also, my husband is a back sleeper and I’m a side sleeper. We were very intrigued by the idea of the different layers which makes up the desired firmness of the mattress. Speaking to the companies representatives, they were very helpful and answered all our questions. Delivered on time. Easy set up, and very comfortable the first night.

Best night's sleep ever.

Best night's sleep ever.

I am happy with the product mainly the mattress

The mattress is very good quality mattress . It is my second time ordering your product and I love it . The pillow is an okay product and it didn’t work for me . Customer service is also very good . Over all it is a great product and I truly recommended it .


I was in the market for an organic and VOC free bed which felt almost impossible to find until I came across PLUSHBEDS, they really stand for the customers best interest and health. This mattress is geared more towards heavier stomach or back sleepers. My only complaint is I wish more stores sold PLUSHBEDS!

We like the bed very

We like the bed very much. We both are sleeping better. No body aches. There wasn't any smell and it was easy to assemble. Appreciate being able to chose how we wanted the layers. It was worth the investment. Will recommed to family and friends.

Love the mattress so far,

Love the mattress so far, both side and back sleepers got the medium bed in king. We have the layers as they suggested but you can swap them around if you need more firmness.

Don’t delay!

Changing the layers is one of the best features. It’s almost like trying different beds in one. The smell is good. Wife said it smells like peanut butter (keep in mind she’s pregnant). You definitely do not get that “new furniture smell” (aka horrible gasses that are released into your room). Lastly, the sleep quality is through the roof. I brag to everybody about my new bed. Truly life changing.

Amazing mattress, no sheet set delivered

After a lot of research I settled on latex foam and chose plush beds because of the ability to rotate the layers of firmness. I have lower back issues, which is what prompted this purchase. On my old mattress mornings were painful but I don’t wake up in discomfort anymore. It feels amazing to fall into this mattress at night. I feel supported in my hips and shoulders. I don’t feel its hotter than the old standard coil but not sure if it’s cooler. The runner up was avocado but my partner suggested no more coils. So far I’m not bothered that there’s a bit less support to the edges. I rarely sit there, neither of us has rolled off while asleep. I recommend this to anyone! And I have to friends. Especially to those with back issues moving away from coils, who still want some bounce to their mattress. I love that it’s organic. It doesn’t feel “foamy” to the touch it to lay on. I’ve never experienced numb arms from sinking in. We both sleep on our sides and back, purchased 9” medium firmness but moved the most firm layer to the top.

Best thing that happened this year

Best purchase i did for a bed. I never want to get up its so comfy and helps me get long lasting Sleep.

Love our New Botanical Bliss

Bought new Botanical Bliss to replace our previous 10 year old memory foam mattress and live it. We are both side sleepers and the medium firmness mattress is perfect. We love the allergen free and organic materials as we both suffer from allergies. Wonderful mattress and recommend highly!


We've been sleeping on the mattress for the past month. Both my wife and I love it! I'm about 265 and my wife is about 130. We got the firm mattress and it's working great for both of us.

Sleeping on a cloud!

Our Botanical Bliss mattress was super easy to set up and is SO comfortable! It contours to your body for a supported and comfortable night's sleep. The first night I slept on it, I woke up and forgot where I was!

Have been waiting fifty years

Have been waiting fifty years for a night's sleep like this. Easy need to fear "bed in a box".

I just got my bed

I just got my bed set up.Took alot longer to get the frame than it did the matress.I have had 4 night sleep on my new matress and love it

This is the best mattress

This is the best mattress I ever had! My morning pains are gone and I wake up feeling refreshed. Ordering process was a breeze and it was very easy to set up my new bed.

Super soft, super comfortable, feels

Super soft, super comfortable, feels like a womb

Sleep well

Sleep well

Thankyou for sending the sheets..I

Thankyou for sending the sheets..I appreciate it

The order process was easy.

The order process was easy. The installation process, with help, was doable that’s far I’m very satisfied with the bed. Thank you

Thank you for some wonderful

Thank you for some wonderful sleeps!

Full size bef

It lives up to it claims. Very comfortable.


This bed I has been great for both my husband and I. Can’t feel the other person moving around. We both sleep like babies. Glad we are able to move the layers around to get the desired firmness!


This is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in

Love It

even with a split queen both mattresses fit snug and we don't even notice. The medium firm is fine and we are sleeping better

Great Mattress!

This mattress is so comfortable! We love that we can change the position of the different layers to customize the firmness we need. Highly recommend

Great comfort

Very comfortable I’m sleeping much better without waking up in the middle of the night. It was very easy to set, I was sleeping in it the same day it arrived. Absolutely love it!

High quality. Extremely comfortable.

High quality. Extremely comfortable.

Sleeping good!

I had problems sleeping on my sides, my hips would hurt. I've only been sleeping on mattress for 5 nights and my hips don't hurt. I love the sheets and pillow that came with the bed. I look forward to many more wonderful night's sleep.

In love!

I went with PlushBeds because 1) I appreciate their eco-friendly creds, and 2) all the other "mattress in a box" companies I looked at seemed to be on the firmer side, whereas PlushBeds is a bit softer, which is recommended for side sleepers and those with lighter body weights (of which I am both). I was not disappointed - my mattress is perfect for me! The sheets and foam pillows that came with it on sale exceeded my expectations, too. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.


Superb quality, very comfortable, healthy materials.

Love It!

I love this new mattress!

Excellent mattress

I picked the 12 inch in medium and it is pure bliss! I like the extra layer and the option to make it slightly firmer or softer depending on which layer goes on top. And I really appreciated customer service delivering it on a specific date. Highly recommended!


This mattress is a much better sleep experience than my previous Temperpeudic mattress. I don't feel hot like I started to plus with all the natural materials I feel much better. I do have to say that I would opt for a firmer than the medium for me but did not want to go through hastle of returning it . It is very heavy so you will need help installing it on a frame and will need either a solid foundation or base. Mattress arrived within time specified and in a very compact box. I am satisfied with this purchase and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a HEALTHIER mattress without giving up on comfort.

No smell, no chemicals.

tried every mattress to replace my old tempurpedic. this was the best by far. just get your head around this being three layers of organic laytex. and dont fall for the pitch of the cheaper tuft and needle, etc. that is just a bunch of chemicals.

Best bed I have ever owned

This is my first new bed. My husband and I got to rearrange the layers for our individual ideal firmness without having to purchase an air bladder mattress. The latex bed is my favorite material. We paired it with an adjustable bed frame and I have been oversleeping every day since setting it up.

Comfy bed!

We really appreciate the staff's commitment to getting the bed at the comfort level we want They were great and now the bed gives us the great sleep we were looking for.

Why did I wait so long!

I am one who spent 7 months researching organic mattresses. Yes, there are other companies but I learned the 'devil is in the details' making it essential to understand the words and phrases used via research. My research brought me back to the Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress. From military service I have a damaged left shoulder that on other mattresses if I laid on I would wake up--not with this mattress. But, I also do not move as much during the night. Bottom line I highly recommend and will be purchasing another in the coming year for the guest bedroom.

Worth it!

We have been sleeping great on this mattress since we got it. We also love that the firmness is adjustable, that there are no EMFs b/c of no coils, and that it's made in America! Worth the money!

Great night sleep

We would highly recommend this mattress to anyone. We have been sleeping better and waking up feeling well rested. Thank you for making a high quality product at an affordable price.

Best nights sleep I’ve ever had

I have never been happier. I wake up refreshed. I can breathe better because I’m not inhaling toxic particles like I was on my previous mattress. It’s worth every penny. S

Like a Dream

This mattress is wonderful! The morning after my first night of sleeping on this bed it felt like I had been sleeping on top of sheep gently meandering through serene meadows. This is the actual thought and picture that popped into my mind as soon as I woke up. This mattress is unbelievable soft and gentle. I no longer have any aches in my back that I think were due to my old mattress. I get so excited to go to bed every night knowing I have such a comfortable, soothing bed awaiting me! I would recommend the expense to anyone!! It's also wonderful knowing this bed will last me 25 years!!

Good sleep

I got a 9" Botanic Bliss medium firm. It is firm and supportive but still is comfortable to sleep in various positions. It is not the sort of mattress that one sinks into, but it yields a little at pressure points for a more comfortable support than my previous, spring mattress. I actively enjoy going to sleep on this bed and have been sleeping better too. I was also happy that the mattress came already assembled and just had to be taken out of its packaging to decompress. And I like knowing it's made from organic latex and that it had no unpleasant smells or offgassing. So far a great mattress.

Comfy, Affordable bed and great service!

They were much lower than equivalent mattresses nearby, similar organic quality, and were great to work with. The topper we bought was too soft, so they honored their guarantee. We got a firmer one after returning the first. Thank you, Plush Beds!

The best mattress that I ever had!!!

Natural materials and comfort of this mattress was a perfect choice for my family! Thanks for quality!

So far so good!

We’ve only had this mattress for less than a month but so far, we love it! We had a couple issues at first with the layers but customer service was very helpful and got us sorted out. We have this same mattress in a twin for our son and we liked it so much we had to get one. The only thing I might do differently next time would be to order the 12” over the 9”.

All the right features

I was looking for a latex mattress that met the strictest standards of certification, which this does, as well as being covered in organic cotton and wool. Key for me as well was that there would not be any smell from the mattress, and from day 1 it was great! Also, I am a side sleeper, and so ordered the Medium firmness, but with hesitancy because I was used to more firm. After a couple weeks on the medium, my back was giving me some problems. But the great thing about this mattress is that I could unzip the cover and switch the Medium and Medium-Firm layers to get a more firm mattress. It was an easy switch and it resolved my back issues. I really like the flexibility to change the firmness. That is also why I went with the 10" so that I could get three 3" sections that could be interchanged symmetrically. I expect that if I wanted another firmness level, I could probably buy just one section. Anyway, I am pleased all around.

Most comfortable mattress ever!

We love this mattress! We chose to replace our top of her line tempurpedic mattress with a safer mattress. We LOVE this mattress! It makes my back pain fee so much better! It is so comfortable! We highly recommend this mattress!

Super firm sleeper found his match

Ive been a floor sleeper for a very very long time. If anything I'd sleep on a hard mat laid out on the floor. I always found it better for my back, neck and overall sleep. Thing is,I'd have to accept the occasional discomfort on the hip and shoulder, but could never find a "conventional" mattress that I didn't uncomfortably sink into. I finally ordered my plush beds and layered firm and extra firm as top layers and since day 1 I haven't returned to the floor yet. 6 weeks running. First time im my adult life! Thank you thank you. Every penny worth it

Best Night’s sleep

Provides the perfect balance of comfort and support. Worth the investment. 2nd Plushbed that I have purchased.

Like the bed

Like the bed

Love my new bed !

Love my new bed !

Once I've learned about the

Once I've learned about the dangers of using toxic mattresses, I went in a mission to find out what's out there in the nontoxic market, there's a lot of misleadings and it's hard to find a good nontoxic product that is also affordable as much as can possibly be, especially if you need to get 5 mattresses. They are comfortable, my back pains are over, plus the service we got from Elisa is excellent. I recommend plush beds to my entire family.

10" Botanical Bliss Mattress

Love my new bed! Easy to put together. Perfectly comfortable.

comfortable mattress

we have slept on this for about a month and are very pleased with the comfort


The whole family loves. Including a toddler, a newborn and a cat.

Awesome bed!

My wife totally loves this bed.

California king 10” Bliss

Having the split mattress is perfect for us. I preferred the firm section on top but my husband needs the extra firm on top for his back. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. I hope it last for the rest of our lives.

We have had the mattress

We have had the mattress for only a few weeks. It is fantastic. We get a great nights sleep

Great mattress

I found springs in mattresses to be inadequate. A memory foam mattress made us hot no matter what cooling system added. Trying the latex foam was next The warranty is fantastic and the trial period helped the skepticism. It is a perfect mattress for us. The support truly surprised and the cushioning is very comfortable. I will admit we have had a topper for a long time and kept it on this mattress, though the review stands. All stars.


I've been elated since night one sleeping in my new mattress. I'd recommend this to anyone that really wants to sleep sound! I didn't have to make any as adjustments to my bed at all. It's nice to know I can, if i ever need to. LOVE LOVE LOVE MY PLUSH BED!!! It's even easier to make your bed with these mattresses too. Can't say enough about my bed. Everything I've been wanting


I ordered the 9 inch twin XL botanical bliss latex mattress. I’ve had it for about a week now and absolutely love it. Came packaged in a heavy duty box with two pillows, sheets and mattress protector. You will not go wrong with this mattress. Organics are the best! Since we all spend most of our time in bed it’s best to go with the healthiest materials. No odors or fumes and an exceptionally comfortable sleeping experience. Thanks PlushBeds

Plush bed and adjustable bed

Love it

Amazing comfort.

Finally I closed on my new house and was able to unpack my new mattress. Neatly shipped in two boxes I followed the directions (pretty easy) and unleashed the beast. Went together well. I was impressed with the quality of the organic cotton cover, especially the zipper. I got the latex stacked and before I knew it I was laying on the most comfortable surface. Just amazing. Sleep is lost time. Crash out hard and the next thing you know it's morning! No aches, pains, lumps or troughs.....two nights of bliss. I highly recommend this mattress. I anticipate it holding up well. Great decision to buy this as opposed to a big box store overpriced big brand mattress.

we purchased for our granddaughter,

we purchased for our granddaughter, who has MS. She loves the bed.


This is by far the best mattress on the market. Forking over $2000 for a mattress was not an easy decision for me... let me tell you, it is worth every penny! I have never slept so great. Not only does this mattress offer peace of mind knowing it's made of pure, organic materials; you can really feel the difference compared to traditional mattresses! AMAZING!!

Love it!

Love it!

I can finally sleep without

I can finally sleep without shoulder and hip pain. Excellent bed.

My back thanks you.

Due to numerous sport related injuries through my life this bed give me perfect support without being to firm. Also it works perfect with our adjustable base also.

Love our new bed

Couldn’t be happier!

Love my Latex mattress

My son purchased this mattress. He told me if I wanted a good mattress to go on-line. He told me to order from Plushbeds. We love the Latex mattress. I love being able to adjust the mattress to my comfort level.

The best ever

The best ever


Warning, you will not want to get out of bed in the morning! Very nice medium firmness providing support and cushion to the areas needed.

So far, so good!

First nights sleep was great! Hoping it will help with my lower back pain but too early to tell atm.

Good quality mattress, durable and

Good quality mattress, durable and very comfortable. This is the third one I buy for my house and I am very happy with all of them.

Back feels like a million

Back feels like a million dollars after getting a good nights sleep on a Plush Bed!!!

Nice Mattress

Fast delivery. Well packaged. Easy setup. Very comfortable mattress.

Great nights sleep

Just experienced the first night on the bed and it was amazing. I didn't want to get out of bed. I wasn't sure about the pillows, but they were amazing also!

No more aches and pains!

No more aches and pains!

Great Mattress

We are finding this mattress to be the most comfortable that we have ever owned Sleeping better and waking up with a lot less discomfort

Love it

I bought the organic Latex mattress. No smells, very comfortable. I love it!

Best bed ever

Best bed ever

I reversed the order of layers and its much better now

The bed is great after you reverse the order of layers. Now mine is firm, medium firm and then medium, from top to bottom. Thanks!

4th purchase from this company

I finally got a new bed after 13 years of my old coil spring.. Wow, I'm totally in love with my new bed. I had purchased 2" latex toppers for my work, needed them for another purpose, and when I finally decided to buy a new bed, I knew I'd get the best deal out there.. Very happy with my purchase, it's super comfortable, best price out there, got some free stuff with my holiday weekend purchase. Thank you!!!

12 out of 10!

Incredibly supportive and very comfortable. I was concerned about buying online but was so pleased.

Love our new mattress

We have only been sleeping on our mattress for about 5 days but both my wife and I have never been more confortable. Should have done this sooner. Latex all natural mattress is the way to go.


I love my new mattress and pillows! My husband and I no longer experience neck and back pain. Neither one of us find it necessary to stretch after getting out of bed every morning. For once, we feel rested and energized. I might also add that the sheets are fabulous! I plan to purchase more items with Plushbeds....

Queen Medium Firm

Very comfortable for us side sleepers. We both feel like we’ve been sleeping better.

Good bed

Good bed

Love, love, love this bed

My husband and I absolutely love this bed. We both love the fact that it is organic without the off-gassing and all of the toxic materials that are used in other mattresses. We have gotten the best nights sleep since we have had the bed. I have severe low back and hip problems and since we have gotten this bed I have had much better nights sleep. Thank you.

Love this mattress!

I did a lot of searching for a mattress that was not going to off-gas, was made from natural materials, and would last for years. I'm happy to say that so far the botanical bliss mattress has been fantastic. So comfortable - not too soft, but not too firm. Really happy with this purchase.

Split Queen

The bed is more than we expected, fantastic!

Comfortable bed.

Comfortable bed.

Excellent Mattress

We’ve never bought such a high dollar item sight unseen, but we’re very glad we did! We’ve slept on our new organic latex mattress for 2 weeks now and it’s been wonderful. The medium firmness was a shot in the dark, but we’re so glad we went with that one. It’s a different feel than the firmer mattress we had for 10 years—it feels a lot softer—but the amount of support is exceptional. We wake up pain free and we’ll rested every morning. Best part: nontoxic, organic, and very well made. We’re very happy and satisfied with our new Plushbeds latex mattress!

My plush bed

The bed is amazing. It's soft yet ferm with plenty of support. Best bed I've ever purchased.



Love it!

We are sleeping so much better now that we replaced our old mattress with the 10" Botanical Bliss latex mattress and pillows!!! We had purchased another latex mattress from a different company, but had to return it because it was too firm. This one is just perfect (we got the medium firm king)- thank you!!! The bonus sheets and mattress cover are great quality too!

We love our bed!

I did a ton of research. Visited many sites to read more reviews than I can count about a number of mattresses. I knew going in that I don't sleep well on a typical spring mattress, yet my partner does and we just recently bought a house together. I knew I wanted a foam mattress, but knew of the hazards of the materials, hence I wanted something natural. My concern though, was that I have never experienced a latex foam mattress so I had no direct experience. I also was concerned about the materials used. After much research I decided that Plushbeds was my best bet. They gave ample information on their process with more detail than perhaps any other manufacturer and I felt good about the ability to change a medium to a medium/firm. First night - amazing! We were so happy. We were both so surprised by having felt an immediate difference that I chalked it up to just being in our heads. But here we are a few weeks in and still in love with our bed. It is everything I wanted. Could not be happier. I also love the sheets and the pillows. I was surprised to love the pillows so much. It was also important that it not sleep hot, because being over heated is what ruins my sleep more than anything - 5 stars here too. We love it all so much that we ordered the wool comforter and excitedly waiting for it. Because if they got all of this so right, I trust I will love that too. Hope this helps you with your decision.

Plush bed

I love it. It’s so comfortable. I used to have back pain going down both legs and I couldn’t turn over without pain. It was totally gone in 3 days. Love it!

Best Mattress ever king split

I ve had my mattress for a week and its the best sleep i ve gotten in months. Its softer than i expected but supports my body very well. We added the cooling gel topper and we stay super cool through the night. So happy with our organic sheets also.


I have always been a futon user, but switching to this medium-firm latex has surpassed expectations. Pleasantly resilient, not hot, and mold-resistant. For anyone who knows a para or tetraplegic, this mattress really does minimize pressure points.

great mattress

Great service, great work to create this bed, and great mattress and pillow, and great deals from Plushbeds! I do not regret having purchased from them.

Excellent on my back

We purchased this mattress because our previous mattress was causing me back pains and would also sag. We are very happy so far with the feel and comfort level. It took us awhile to get setup because the other layers would not allow us to properly close the cover, so we decided to take all the layers out and lay them one at a time and it worked out well.

Best Mattress Ever!

I don’t think I’ve gotten this good of a night sleep in a very long time. It’s perfect for my scoliosis. I don’t wake up stiff anymore.

Botanical Bliss

Best latex mattress on the market!

I'm Sleeping Great!

I'd never had this type of mattress before, and when I first lay down on it, I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be for a whole nights sleep. I like a firm mattress, but I'm thin, so I also need some kind of padding. I purchased the 9" Botanical Bliss with medium firmness, and I couldn't be happier. It provides the right amount of support along with a comfortable layer of softness. On waking after the first night's sleep, I felt terrific--no pains in the body and well rested. Additionally, I found PlushBeds customer service to be responsive. It was easy to find someone to talk to at their company instead of the usual endless automated menus and wait time. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Set it up about a

Set it up about a month ago. Great so far

Sleeping on Clouds

I got the soft 100% organic latex king for my boyfriend and I and we both look forward to going to sleep each night! I love that it’s soft yet firm so that you don’t get stuck ( like you do in chemical foams like memory foam). It also has a natural bounce to it but it doesn’t disturb your partner’s sleep when you move around! Now I can rest assured that I’ll be exposed to all natural organic material during the 1/3 of my life spent in bed! And yes, I plan to buy another latex bed from Plushbeds 30 years down the road because latex beds last a really long time- longer than other bed types! I also love the fact that latex is eco friendly and doesn’t hurt the Environment! Latex is made similar to maple syrup! I’m actually writing this review in bed but I feel like I’m suspended in the fluffy organic clouds of environmentally friendly soft yet buoyant latex! Thank you Plush Beds for the best bed in all the land!!!!

Botanical bliss mattress

Awesome purchase, great mattress! This my second purchase! I have one that I bought 4 years ago and it’s still like brand new, no change to the mattress at all! It is very comfortable to sleep on and you can rest well! I got tired of changing mattresses in the past and I choose to buy a little bit expensive one like the botanical bliss. I will recommend this purchase to future buyers!

Sleep like a baby

Sleep like a baby

Like sleeping on a cloud

Two weeks into sleeping on my new botanical bliss 9in and so far I'm loving it. It might be a tad too soft so I'll probably try moving the layers around a bit but I'm so happy I went with Plushbeds. I researched beds for hours on end and almost purchased two other beds, my finger hovering above the purchase button.. but something told me to keep looking and thank the gods I came across Plushbeds. I love that I can unzip my mattress and see what's inside. It's so cool to know that the place I spend 1/3rd of my time isn't filled with toxic glues and other weird stuff. I even received a set of Uber comfy sheets and two shredded Latex pillows that make my cloud bed even fluffier and plush. The bed was more expensive than others I was looking at but i believe it's 100% worth the money and I don't feel cheated or ripped off. The quality is there. Plus it's 100% organic! Simply love it! Thanks for making a product I feel great about supporting.

A little soft.

Wish I would have gotten the firm choice. I do like the bed, just like something a bit more firm. Seems very quality. Think I have a little less back pain in the AM.

Good for now but time

Good for now but time will be the real judge :)

Correct firmness and softness and

Correct firmness and softness and no sign of dips/indentations. Has handled well on our adjustable platform.

only 4 stars because of

only 4 stars because of the price , really like the bed so far.

Versatile mattress and I like

Versatile mattress and I like how the layers can be mixed and matched. I’m sensitive to strong smells and this mattress wasn’t bad at all. Customer service is excellent and we’re very impressed overall.

I tend to sleeping my

I tend to sleeping my side and tummy and occasionally my back. I feel supported even with two tiny creatures with four legs sleeping on top of me. It’s super comfortable.

Great quality mattress made in

Great quality mattress made in the USA!

Awesome bed, super comfortable!

Did no take time at all, to get used to the bed, super comfortable and no smell at all.

Nice mattress

It's the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.

Plush Bed

overall great mattress. I like that you can layer the mattress according to how firm you want it and that it’s changeable. Never received the sheets that were supposed to be delivered with the mattress though.

Good so far

Good so far

Very nice quality

The best you can get in organic mattresses at this price point for sure.

Less than 30 days in

Less than 30 days in - I am good so far!

Not as advertised - bad experience

HARD ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED: I did quite a bit of research on mattresses before buying this one and was really looking forward to our purchase. We've had a great mattress for the last 10 years, but it was time for an update as ours was wearing down. I was pretty excited for my new mattress and foundation to arrive. I did NOT expect to spend 90+ minutes assembling my foundation and mattress. The foundation is just rough pine 1x3's and 2x3's and you have to assemble it. It isn't like you are building it from scratch, because some pieces are staples together, but it does NOT come with instructions and the wood is not smooth (MY WIFE GOT A NASTY SPLINTER). You have to put the cover on it, too, which is a pain and there are no instructions. The mattress comes in 7 pieces and you have to put it all together - without instructions. Each piece of latex is very heavy and pieces of latex will get all over the place. It is not fun. HARD BED - OUR BACKS ARE TIGHT AND HURTING BAD: I haven't had that bad of sleep since sleeping on a camp cot meant. It is not soft, even in the softest configuration. If you are looking for a bed compared to your old plush or pillow top mattress then YOU DON'T WANT THIS BED. It is very firm even in the softest arrangement. RETURNS ARE EVEN HARDER: You can't speak to anyone in America - their phone system is designed to avoid conversation and it is out outsourced call center. If you want to return the mattress within 30 days it will cost you $100 RETURNS ARE A MASSIVE PAIN: If you decide that the frustration of assembly and the discomfort of the mattress is not worth the high price then if you try to return it within the first 30 days then you will have to pay $99 (NOT FREE RETURN IN FIRST 30 DAYS). furthermore, the is no way to get the mattress back in the original boxes, because they arrive compressed. However, REQUIRES THAT YOU BOX UP ALL THE MATTRESS PIECES and you have to buy the boxes to return them in. It is a nightmare. BEWARE OF FALSE ADVERTISING: Their $1200 off and $400 in free accessories is a scam. The sale is a rolling sale and every time it expires they just change the date - don't fall for it. Next, the accessories are very low quality and if you open any of them and return the mattress then you have to pay $99 since they won't take opened items back. The box mattress is a complete rip-off and they don't allow you to return it. Furthermore, TRY TO CLICK ON THE REVIEW LINK next to the foundation and you will see it is a fake image and there are no 5-star reviews on the item. It's $30 worth of wood and they charge $400 for it. Next, they say "sets up in minutes" but they don't tell you it is 90-120 minutes. And finally, they don't make it clear that you will have to assemble everything or box everything back up if you decide to return the items. This company will be out of business within 5 years and that 25 year warranty will be useless...

High quality; not for side sleepers; unresponsive customer service

I bought a "super plush" Plushbed a few years ago. As a side-sleeper it was the perfect bed. I recently ordered another one for a second residence. Although they didn't have the super soft one- I ordered the softest they had, which is actually a medium firm. The bed is beautiful and well constructed, all natural, no odor. BUT, I wake up stiff and sore on it because I side-sleep. I weigh 185 lbs. My problem is that I have called them several times for a return, and each time they tell me someone will call me to arrange the return, and no one ever does. It has been nearly five months, and I'm stuck with a bed that I do not sleep well on. Very disappointed with the utter lack of customer service from this company. It appears they do not honor their 100 night guarantee.

Comfortable and love knowing l

Comfortable and love knowing l am sleeping on a clean and safe mattress!

Almost perfect

Almost perfect


We purchased a Queen and Twin bed and the process was simple and the time from purchase to delivery was good. Easy to unpack and didn't take long to fluff up. The mattress, a medium, 10", is very comfortable and provides nice support. I put a 3/4" pice of finished plywood ontop of our old box spring and then put the mattress on that. I believe we will enjoy this mattress for a long time.

Love my bed!

Love my bed!

Pretty comfortable

This mattress is pretty comfortable. It's firm but not too firm. The best part about it is that it doesn't smell or emit toxic fumes like memory foam mattreses do.

Great bed

We are happy with the purchase

It is too early to review, I have slept on my new mattress for 5 nights.

So far so good. But, when I look at reviews, I want to see more experience with product. I have had this new mattress 5 days. I like it, it is comfortable, it was easy to set up. I hope it stays this way...I'll get back to you!

Love my non-toxic sleep!

Wake feeling rested and ready to tackle my day. It is comfortable and best of all non-toxic. I can rest easy knowing my environment is free of ick!

Love it!

We love this bed! We ordered the king size 10" botanical bliss and couldn't be happier. No more back pain and no more waking up when my partner gets out of bed.

Nice mattress

The mattress is very comfortable.

Super good

Don't search anymore! Customer service and quality is top notch.

Amazing Bliss

I love it very happy ,I should got it long ago

A Great Mattress at a Great Price

I just want to say a few words of praise for Plushbed's Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress. For the longest time my wife and I both complained about the mattress we were using, without doing anything about it. Sometimes we would get up mornings grumbling about soreness in our backs, shoulders, or sides. A little over a year ago, we finally took action. I talked to one of our neighbors, a chiropractor, and he told us that 100% natural latex is the best. We researched and asked around and found Plushbeds to be the best. We are very pleased with our decision.

Easy and comfy

Very pleased with our queen size platform bed; couldn"t have been easier to assemble. The only product I found that easily converts a box spring to a platform

highly recommended

Would highly recommend this bed for a good nights sleep. No back aches in the morning and no pressure points.

Our Search Is Over

The bed had no odor. It sleeps very cool. Little motion transfer.We sleep soundly. It has given me pain relief for my aching joints. The bonus latex pillows that came with it, give great relief for neck pain. The box spring is easy to put together, very strong. The free sheets and mattress pad protector is very nice.

I Love my Botanical Bliss!

Love it. Really helps my back. I like firm and my husband soft. We are both happy since it is customized.

So worth it!

It is perfect for sleeping-just the right amount of firmness for great support and softness for comfort, cool while sleeping, no odors. purchase ever!

I absolutely love it!! So comfortable and always look forward to sleeping in my amazing bed after traveling for work. The pillows are so awesome, just took a bit to get used to a different heavier feel of materials. Sleep like a Baby every night! Love the feel of the sheets that came with it as well....thank you so much! Thinking of buying a second one for the spare bedroom.

Most comfortable bed I have ever slept on.

Most comfortable bed I have ever slept on.

Excellent bed

Excellent bed. Have the instructions available without having to open up the plastic wrappings.

This is our second mattress from plushbeds. Love it!

This is our second mattress from plush beds. Love it!

Just right - right out of the box!

I am thrilled to say that this bed is so comfortable that I don't even notice it. I sleep well and no longer need to flip over to the other side due to sore shoulders or hip. I was a bit nervous about the medium thinking that it might be too soft but it's not soft it's adaptive to your body weight. And it has no smell at all and seems to balance temperature very well. Yay!

great mattress

I am very happy with this mattress, it is comfortable, firm yet soft.

Very Comfortable mattress and foundation!

Most comfortable bed ever!

Love it!

I've had the bed for a few weeks now, and it is wonderful! So much better than an old style mattress! I wanted an organic bed, with no chemicals. I sleep so much better- it is not too hot! What a plus!Thanks!

Very Happy.

Very happy with the mattress. It's a very comfortable mattress.


I love my new mattress and pillows! My husband and I no longer experience neck and back pain. Neither one of us find it necessary to stretch after getting out of bed every morning. For once, we feel rested and energized. I might also add that the sheets are fabulous! I plan to purchase more items with Plushbeds....

Everything was perfect

Everything was perfect, no complaints

Heaven in a mattress

Best sleep I have had in years! I have chronic back and hip issue and significant chemical sensitivities. My first night sleeping was incredible. I no longer need a heating pad to help ease pain while I fall asleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. The mattress is perfect! Thank you plush beds!

Dreams really do come true !

Best purchase I've ever made. The most supportive and cloud like bed in the world. I do not want to get up in the mornings. I researched beds for a few months and am delighted I finally chose the Botanical Bliss. Great company to work with and fast shipping. Easy assembly of bed. No smells and the softest wool filled cover. I give this bed and company service the highest rating because you are truly dealing with luxury here in all respects!

Customer service is extremely poor.

I purchased a botanical bliss split queen. pictures on the website show a bed with separate firmnesses incased in a single covering. My bed arrived and it was 2 completely separate mattresses. Yes basically 2 twins side by side. When I looked at the layers inside some were marked as to the firmness they were while others were not so I was not certain as to what firmnesses we actually received. My husband' side was too firm so I requested a replacement layer. I had to pay a deposit of 150.00 and I had to find and pay for boxes to ship the layers we did not want. When the replacement layers arrived they were both to be soft but they looked different (hole pattern was different ) and they were not marked as to the firmness so again we were not certain of what we had. They also looked as they were not new. We also received free sheets and a mattress protector. They were split halfway down. I have a heated and cooled topper that I use and those sheets would not work. I emailed customer service to see if I could exchange the split sheet and mattress protector for a traditional queen. The first response I received was in broken English. I called to see if I could get assistance and when I asked for the exchange she asked if they had been used and I told her no. I told her I had opened them to see what "split head queen sheet" meant and once I saw the sheet was split in two I put it back in the package. I assured her it touched nothing but the brand new bed they had just sent. she wanted pictures to prove they were in proper condition. (I just spent 2500.00 with the company) I gave up on that. After thinking about the poor attention to detail and customer service I decided this was not a company I wanted to work with long term so I asked to return the mattress. I was sent an email with instructions. When I called to clarify a few things I was given instructions that differed from what were emailed. I was also told that I would be charged 99.00 for the sheets because I was keeping the pillow and I could not break up the set. The pillow I bought was not a part of the promotional bundle but they didn't bother to check before calling me. again no attention to detail. Also I was told I could not return the base that I paid 300.00 for. It was made from 50.00 worth of lumber and was not a good value. I spent 70.00 on boxes tape and plastic sheeting. It is impossible to use the boxes they sent the mattress in because they vacuum pack the mattress to half it's size. The bed was ok but I was not in love like I hoped I would be for 2500.00 My advice is find another company that has better customer service its not worth it.

Great service and a fantastic product

My wife wanted to purchase a Plushbeds mattress because she is concerned about chemicals out-gassing from other types of mattresses. She inadvertently ordered the wrong size of mattress. Plushbeds customer service people did not charge us for returning incorrect mattresses and credited the purchase against the purchase of the correct mattress. They made sure we got what we wanted and the mattresses themselves are incredible. We are using two twins for a daybed that converts into a king size bed in our guest room. The mattresses are incredibly comfortable and the fact that they are greenguard certified gives our family peace of mind about chemical exposure. I highly recommend Plushbeds both for their commitment to excellent customer service and because they make a fantastic product.

Lasted about 14 months. Very, very Disappointed!

We bought a botanical bliss mattress a year and a half ago. We loved it for the first 14 months: firm comfort (hubby, 192 lbs and I, 135 lbs, and are both side sleepers), good temperature regulation (I'm a hot sleeper), great motion transference control (hubby is a night kicker!,) and no off-gassing. But about 3 months ago I started waking up multiple times a night. I realized that I was uncomfortable so I kept having to change sides - a lot! As the months progressed, I was waking up with burning pain at my pressure points in the hips and shoulders. And now, I just don't get to sleep period on this mattress period so now I sleep in the guest bedroom (alone)... And this after purchasing an expensive mattress. Now we are, once again, on the search for a great mattress that actually will last for a few years. So frustrated!! I'd keep looking...

Better than my old mattress...

But since the first few weeks of sleeping upon it, my opinion seems to be less ... for some reason my queen size botanical bliss semi-firm mattress had 2 deep indentations on both sides that never went away (less than the 1.5'' that the company states would be recognized as their defect). I also purchased the orthopedic foundation so as not to have any issues with my old foundation. I have since turned the 1st latex layer (of 3) under the zippered cover over and it is slightly better but i still can see and feel the middle area to be firmer than the 2 sleeping sides at all times. I was told to stretch out the middle area but i can't even reach that far with my that is the problem. I just hope it lasts the 25 year warrenty.

Great customer service, OK bed

I definitely give 5 stars for the customer service. Everyone has been so nice, so accommodating, so helpful. It could not be better. We are still in the 100 day trial, and I think the verdict is still out for us on the actual bed. We ordered the 9'' Botanical Bliss in Medium Firm and it felt surprisingly too firm to us. I like a really firm mattress with a soft pillow topper. My husband likes a softer mattress. We thought this would be a good happy medium but we both found it too firm. We called for a comfort exchange, but it wasn't possible to go softer with our configuration, so they sent an additional topper. Now we have an 11'' Botanical Bliss! I like that the bed is higher and a little softer, but maybe now too soft? Just not sure. It's a very expensive bed so we want to LOVE IT! And we are not yet in love. I've got a traditional cheap $250 mattress in the guest room, extra firm, with a soft topper (the kind you buy separate at Home Goods or Bed Bath) and frankly I like that more right now. I know with the PlushBeds we get all organic, chemical free, and that's a big bonus, but right now it feels like we are paying for that over a blissful comfort mattress experience. Not sure yet if we will keep the bed, but again, the customer service has been outstanding, so it's worth a try if you are thinking about it.

Buyer Beware

I purchases a mattress and foundation after being told if I was not happy, it was refundable. Well when I was not happy they insisted I try another topper for another $99.00. I did and was still not happy. I was finally able to schedule a return pick up and then was told they would not take the foundation as it is not refundable, not to mention it is made with exposed wood on top and when tucking in the sheets I got splinters! Now I am out $500.00 and stuck with a foundation that is subpar quality that I have no use for. Beware, you may not be able to return what you purchase.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss / Customer Service

I recently bought a Plush Bed Botanical Bliss after reading copious amount of reviews online. I felt comfortable knowing I could return the bed after 30 days. I bought the botanical bliss as it was stated as the best seller. I also called the company to ask my various question and state what I was looking for and was advised the Botanical Bliss was the best option. Unfortunately the mattress has no edge support or any real motion isolation; the latex also had dark smudges on it, but that's probably just part of the manufacturing process. I called about a week in to troubleshoot and was told to swap the larger latex with the smaller layer (no easy feat) to see if that made a difference. It did not. I called again to ask if there were any other remedies and was told they could ship me another firmer layer of latex or send me a topper, but then the 100 day trial would end. I didn't want to take that risk so I asked about swapping out for the hybrid model and was told they could do that but it would also void the 100 day trial. I asked if I could speak to a manager and was told "you're speaking to me" and I said, but you're a call center and I keep getting the same answers I can find on the website (their customer service is outsourced to the Philippines.) I had to call three more times to get someone to agree to have a 'manager' call me back where they said it would be next business day; it wasn't, it was four days later and only after I called one more time to say I'd like to return the bed. The conversations with the call center people and the amount of time I spent trying to sort this bed out has been MADDENING. A manager called me back after I said I wanted to return the bed, but I missed the call and there's no return number to reach the person, only the call center. I was told someone would be calling me to arrange pick up off the bed, but that was three days ago and I'm still waiting. All I wanted to do was swap the mattress out and not void the trial (who would buy an expensive mattress without trying it and agree to a no return policy!?) This is hands down the most INFURIATING purchase/process I have ever endured. I will never buy a big ticket item from a website that doesn't have legit customer service again. I would advise going to your local mattress stores (there are a gazillion) and actually sitting on the mattress and taking solace in the fact that there is a person who's actually vested in helping you get the mattress you want.

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