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Plank Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Plank by Brooklyn Bedding has recently added a new mattress to their offerings, the Plank Firm Natural Mattress, which provides firm mattress lovers with an eco-friendly option.

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding started with their specialty all-foam mattress inspired by the firmer, minimalist mattresses in Asia. The Plank Firm mattress is a two-sided mattress that is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. To keep up with popular demand, the Plank Firm Luxe mattress was released for those who love a firm mattress and the feel of pocket coils. Most recently, the eco-friendly Plank Firm Natural mattress, which features natural Talalay latex and pocket coils, was added to their lineup. With flippable designs, these firm mattresses enable to sleepers to select whichever firm lifestyle they want to live.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $749-$2665

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Plank's Specifics

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are crafted in their very own mattress factory in Arizona, which enables them to use higher grade materials while passing on the savings. Plank mattresses specifically are best suited for those that love firm mattresses or even are used to sleeping on the floor today. With the ability to flip the mattress between a firm or extra-firm side (or medium-firm and firm side), most firm mattress lovers find exactly what they are looking for with this bed!

Quality of Materials

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding mattresses feature high-density foams designed to provide deep levels of firm comfort and support. Their proprietary TitanFlex™ foam helps to add compression support without the sinking feeling. Below, we'll go through what's inside each of their mattress to see which one is right for you.

Here's what's in their original, all foam Plank Firm mattress:

Layer 1: The .75'' quilted top is extra firm and designed to provide a flat, while comfortable, surface.

Layer 2: The core layer is 7'' of high-density base foam that is extremely firm and responsive to the touch. It is also breathable.

Layer 3: 2'' of TitanFlex™ foam that is high density and extremely supportive with some compression ability.

Layer 4: The bottom layer is 1.5'' quilted bottom that creates minimal compression and the top of the firm experience when flipped.

Next up, we'll take a look at the Plank Firm Luxe mattress:

Layer 1: The first layer is a .75'' quilted top that helps to keep things ultra firm.

Layer 2: 2'' of their firmest high density support foam adds support and compression.

Layer 3: The middle of the mattress and main support comes from 6'' of individually encased TitanCaiber™ pocket coils. These coils help to support the mattress while also isolating motion to decrease partner disturbance.

Layer 4: Similar to layer 2, here we have 2'' of high density support foam.

Layer 5: 1'' of TitanFlex™ foam provides firm support and comfort.

Layer 6: A 1.5'' quilted bottom provides sleepers with a traditionally firm sleep experience if the mattress is flipped.

Lastly, let's look into their newer Plank Firm Natural mattress:

Layer 1: First up is a .75'' cover layer of quilted organic cotton and wool, that keep things naturally breathable while helping to wick away moisture.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of premium, firm Talalay latex helps provide pressure relief and a supportive, buoyant feeling.

Layer 3: In the center of the mattress is 8'' of individually encased TitanCaliber™ coils that help provide responsive support and contour to your body. These coils also help isolate motion to help reduce partner disturbance.

Layer 4: Just like in layer 2, here we have 1.5'' of premium Talalay latex, this time with a medium-firm feel. This layer helps relieve tension and provides a slightly less firm feel when the mattress is flipped.

Layer 5: Just as in the top cover, the bottom layer is also .75'' of quilted organic wool and cotton.

Overall Comfort

These specialty mattresses are truly meant for those who prefer a very firm mattress. If you're a back or stomach sleeper, or know that you love a firm mattress, the Plank mattresses may be right for you!


The above chart shows the difference between the medium-firm, firm, and the extra firm version available in these flippable mattresses. These mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Side sleepers could have pain in their pressure points, such as hips and shoulders.

Back Pain Relief

The Plank Firm, Plank Firm Luxe, and Plank Firm Natural mattresses can help with back pain for those that are stomach sleepers or back sleepers. Some may experience pain in the hips and shoulders depending on body type.


These mattresses do not particularly specialize in cooling, but do come with an optional cooling top panel to help provide a cooler sleep surface.

Who Are The Plank Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are ideal for those that want a very firm mattress, while still having the higher profile of a traditional western-style mattress.

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Ultra Firm - maybe too much

The Ultra Firm was surprising too firm, but the other side was perfect.

Off the floor

So, I finally found a mattress firm enough - love the ultra-firm side, happy to be off the floor.

split results

I like it, my wife wishes it was a shade softer. We are sleeping on the firm side, the ultra firm side was too much.

great support

The mattress is firm but comfortable. I am sleeping on the luxury firm side. It has enough softness, so the mattress does not feel like the floor, but I don’t sink in so I feel stuck. The firm and ultra firm comfort level beds were what I gravitate towards in the retail store so I knew this would be a great option.

Could be firmer

I was looking for a very firm mattress and after reading the reviews and with the name "The Plank" I was expecting a firmer mattress than I am experiencing. I am using the firmer side of the mattress - the other side feels too soft. If the firmer side lasts and it doesn't soften or sag then it may turn out ok. Here's hoping!

so far so good

Just received it, but really liking the firmness of it so far

Ultra Firm - maybe too much

The Ultra Firm was surprising too firm, but the other side was perfect.

No more back pain! Really firm.

Delivery ahead of schedule, We suffer with back issues and constantly flip and flop to get comfortable...not since the Plank arrived,we're sleeping through the night on the xtra firm side! I researched for days and am thrilled with the Plank.Fingers crossed it's been 4 wonderful nights .Thank you.

Very Firm

This is exactly what we needed for my husbands degenerative disk disease!


This company really surpassed my expectations. The mattress quality is great and the customer service is outstanding. I'll buy again from this company and will recommend to friends.

Surprising amount of customization for a firm sleeper

As a back sleeper, I tend to like sleeping on harder mattresses, but with all the out-of-box mattress companies out there, the mattresses have always leaned towards that middle-of-the-line firmness. I think the Plank is great in that it provides a very firm option, along with the medium firm road. It provides a nice transition for me, as I think m...Read Morey posture has adjusted over the years (to my dismay) to side-sleeping because of the lack of support from softer mattresses. Having the medium firm lets me sleep on my back, but still allow occasionally side sleeping if I happen to roll over. Overall, would recommend if you're a back sleeper! Quite comfortable. Read Less

Good and firm

The reason I bought the mattress is firmness. As expected, it is firm and I am happy about it. But the only complaint I have is it gets hot though the night. Not sure how to tackle the problem. Appreciate any suggestions.

Awesome mattress if you like

Awesome mattress if you like a firm bed. Love it! Slept a full eight hours the first night I got it, which is something considering I was averaging about only six. Highly recommend the plank.

I love it

I was looking for a firm mattress and I definitely found it! Soft but firm and extremely comfortable.

Extra Firm King - Finally found the one that we want for our backs.

We are from India, where we are used to sleeping on cotton mattresses that are relatively ultra firm. I have spent a lot of money on a lot of mattresses that are firm but that have box springs and they sag and really do not support the back like this one from Plank. Eventhough this assessement is early in my purchase I am hoping it remains the same. ...Read More Nice to have would be a cooling gel top and more sturdier edges of mattress Read Less

Hesitant to Happy

I was a little hesitant to buying something so large and expensive online, but I could not be happier about my Plank mattress. It is certainly firm!

Horrible Mattress

Worst 30 days of my life.

Phenomenal mattress at more than 1/2 the price of the nationally known

Awesome comfort, quality made and fantastic service on line and via phone

Very pleased!

After too many hours of research I luckily found The Plank after a call to customer service Brooklyn Bedding. I wanted a true 'firm' high quality but affordable mattress and so far after a couple of weeks sleeping on.The Plank, I am very pleased.

exactly what we needed

After suffering through 4 years on a very expensive mattress that we could not return (it was the 2nd one we'd had delivered) we finally got it right. Plank provides maximum support and comfort for our worn out backs. Best night of sleep ever.

we love the plank. Would

we love the plank. Would like to purchase another soon if discount is at current 25% or higher.


Great packaging, arrived quickly, easy setup! 2 firmness levels.. one side smooth,slightly cooler, no pillow top. The other side slightly less firm feel secondary to thin pillow top. Pillow top is not consistent thickness though I wish it was though I still have had great sleep on it!!! Bed size king. I am 5’10” 195lbs. Other memory foam mattresses seem to breakdown and become to soft over short time though this has been very consistent!

Excellent quality, and lives up

Excellent quality, and lives up to the advertised firmness. Finally my back feels better

The BEST affordable firm mattress!

We are extremely happy with this mattress. We are sleeping on the extra firm side, and it is the first mattress I've owned that is firm while still being comfortable. Our backs are happy! This is a quality mattress for a great price. We are very satisfied and would recommend this for anyone looking for a firm/extra firm mattress. Shipping was relatively fast, even though we expected delays due to COVID-19.

Walk the Plank

Take the plunge if you like a super firm mattress. Took a few days for my back to adjust after sleeping on a sinking soft mattress that I hated. I am sleeping well now. I am a side and back sleeper and it works both ways for me personally. Deliver was on time No issues. Happy thus far.

Plank mattress

Love the mattress very comfortable worth the money will recommend to friends and families.

Finally found sleep heaven

The best firmest mattress Ive found with reasonable price. I can wake up in the morning without back cramps.

Good so far

Thank you Team Plank. Yes, I am enjoying the product so far. I was looking for an ultra firm mattress and this is close to what I need and found in US. I am hoping that the firmness stays for a while as most other mattress lost their firmness over the time.

What a difference

It's only been a few weeks but already the difference is clear. We're sleeping comfortably though the night, our sleep is deeper and we're waking more rested and refreshed. Love this mattress.

Have had it for about

Have had it for about a month and am I love. If you like firm mattresses, you have to give them a shot.

So far so good. I love it.

My back feels better. I actually sleep longer and I don't wake up every hour on the hour. I hope it lasts.

I went through four new

I went through four new mattresses this year trying to find a firm enough mattress for my constant back issues. This bed is so firm I love it!

This mattress is a miracle,

This mattress is a miracle, it’s actually firm. I went with the firmest side first but then discovered the other side was actually best for me.The mattress arrives sooner than I was told. If you can’t afford a $10,000 mattress this is the best one for value.

Just what we hoped for!

My husband and I were tentative about purchasing a mattress in a box. We both need a super firm mattress and found it hard to believe that a foam mattress would be firm enough. Up until now we have always gone to mattress stores and asked for their firmest mattresses, always with coils, and they always get lumpy after awhile. The review by Tuck Sleep on YouTube helped us make our decision since it featured different size sleepers, like us. My husband, 240 pounds, found the extra firm side perfect the first night. I weigh 130 pounds and it took me one week to adjust to the extra firm side and now I'd say it's perfect. The firm side was not firm enough for either of us. I think it's brilliant that The Plank Mattress offers two sides to pick from. We've slept on it now for one month, and would both highly recommend this mattress for those looking for FIRM.

Great Mattress!

Perhaps not quite "ultra firm" but a great sleep. As for the side support, it's only noticeable for the first week. We definitely do NOT feel like we might roll off while sleeping. So far..... We love the Planck!


It's pretty stiff, I would even like it to be just a tad more firm. I will say it expanded easily out of the box and I'm sleeping well on it. The true test of quality will be how it holds up in 1-2 years. For now, I'm rating it great.

Extremely FIRM and also other

Extremely FIRM and also other side is very firm but with a tiny bit more softness if needed. My husband likes the Firmest Side and I like the other so we alternate once in a while. LOVED that it shipped in a box, compressed! Made shipping inexpensive and easy. Didn't affect the quality of mattress at all!!

Love it

I began my mattress journey with the mattress from parachute. It said it was an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. I have a bad back and suffer if my mattress is not firm enough. It is a lovely comfortable bed but it was just too soft for me. I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to find a firm high quality mattress. However, the plank arrived and my first night I slept on the very firm side. I couldn't believe it. Never have I had a mattress be TOO firm. I flipped it to the firm side the next night and it has been magic ever since. My back feels sooooo much better. Thank you.

Very pleased, we have the

Very pleased, we have the ultra firm side up which my wife wanted and my back has adapted to and feels much better. Delivered in the afternoon, slept on that night.

Sleep through the night

First of all, customer service is awesome and second this mattress rocks. Thanks!

If I could give 10

If I could give 10 stars, I would!!! Best mattress ever!!! I tried to buy real firm foam mattress at the local store, but I couldn’t. I was searching online and gave this a try. Well I am glad I did! It is REALLY FIRM!!! Just what we wanted!

Moms mattress

My 90 year old mother has tried several very expensive mattresses over the past 5 or 6 years, suffering severe back pain every morning. She says she needs something harder but nothing seemed to work until we found Plank. This is, by far, the “hardest” mattress we have tried, and she is no longer experiencing her severe back pain in the morning. I wish we had found this years ago.


I have been searching for a firm mattress that was firm enough for me for a long time. Every time I got a mattress that said it was firm, it usually ended up being too soft and I would have massive back pains and would end up sleeping on the floor. For years I was sleeping on a mattress topper on the ground because that was the only thing that gave me even the remove semblance of a firm mattress with some minor cushion for my shoulders. This mattress has been perfect and I don't wake up with back pains anymore! I love it and if I ever need another mattress, I'm definitely buying this one again

A cool dream

I want to start off with saying the customer service is 5 star! They are prompt and responsive. The mattress seems great so far. You can really feel the cooling top I'm impressed. I love the firmness of it as I am mostly a back sleeper. The packaging was great and the mattress showed up in perfect condition. Cant wait for more nights sleep!

After first night: Good so far

It looks like this mattress will be exactly what I was looking for (firm). The cardboard box it came in was not up to the task and needs to be improved, but the mattress survived shipping.

Love it

So far, so good!


Best mattress ever !!

Great Mattress - Great Customer Support

Love the mattress. Customer service was very friendly and helpful. The combination of firm mattress (support) and memory foam topper (pressure point relief) is the perfect combination for me. Couldn't be happier!

Worth every penny!

The mattress is very high quality, nicely packaged and shipping was very prompt.

Great Firm Mattress

The Plank mattress has been a GOD send for us...Perfect support resulting in a great night sleep! No smell, great edge support!!! All around a great Mattress!!!


This plank mattress is by far the best mattress I have found! I suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis and have have several surgeries with fusions of the back. For the the first time in about 10 years I was pain free when I woke . THANK YOU!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Awesome mattress

Back pain - gone. Sleep quality - improved. Whats not to like?

Just right

I have tried many other bed in a box brands and this one soars with flying colors.

Fast delivery, great mattress.

Fast delivery, great mattress.

Good firm mattress

Good firm mattress


You can't put a dollar amount to how much a good nights sleep is worth...or can you? This was our 3rd different mattress purchase in 16 months, and it'll be our last! The other mattresses were too saggy, spongy, mushy, hot, etc. The plank is great for both my wife and myself. She initially thought she wanted a squishier bed, but she has officially been converted. Time for bed...BYE!

Love it!

Really nice and firm...finally!!! If it maintains firmness through the years, this will be the best mattress ever. Only one thing, wish I could tell which side is which firmness without having to flip and try.

excellent product so far

just bought the extra firm Plank Mattress. So far so good. Excellent product.

Divine firmness I never thought I’d find

Too good to be true, especially the two sides with different firmness. I’m a convert!

Setup very easy. Mattress is

Setup very easy. Mattress is very comfortable. I wanted a firm mattress and this one delivered!

We like it!

I like both sides! It does firm up quite a bit in the first 72 hours. I was unable to find an extra firm mattress in any retail stores and their firm mattresses were more plush to me. I decided to give this a go and found it to be the firm I was looking for. My husband is mostly a stomach and back sleeper and it quite happy with this mattress so far. His words are -- the Firmer side is an A and the slightly softer side is an A+, so it is a keeper for us. He weighs around 200 lbs and I weigh about 130 lbs. Go for it people! You have 120 nights to give it a go and it might just end up being your favorite :)

Excellent choice if you like firm mattresses

I started noticing some lower back aches, so I was looking for a very firm mattress, similar to ones I slept on during a vacation to Thailand. This fits the bill. It provides good support, especially when I sleep on my back. Very happy with it. Haven't tried both sides yet, but I like having more options for flipping/changing the mattress so it lasts longer.

So much less back pain

So much less back pain after we got the mattress.

Very firm mattress. Just as

Very firm mattress. Just as we expected.

Mattress is very pleasing to

Mattress is very pleasing to my wife who has had spinal surgery and needs extra firmness. I just wish the edges of the mattress were a little more firm so when you sit on edge, it does not collapse as much. But a great mattress.

Sleeping finally!

I had a pillow top mattress that was worn out after only 5 years! Also with arthritis in my hips and back, I wasn’t sleeping much! Until I started sleeping on my new mattress!! Sleeping so much better now and waking with a lot less pain! So far I’m very happy with my new plank mattress

Finally off the floor!

I have been sleeping on the floor for over 2 years! I can only sleep on a hard surface or my neck, back, hips ache the next morning or I simply can’t even fall asleep! Within 3 nights my body fully adjusted! And I never had to move to the floor even on night 1! I love my plank mattress! It truly is the firmest mattress on the market!

It’s very comfortable mattress.

It’s very comfortable mattress.

This is the best mattress

This is the best mattress I have bought in years and I have spent thousands of dollars over the past few. I was not getting the support I needed for my back until this one. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone needing a firm bed! My back pain is gone.. I'm 59 and husband 62

Plank mattress

I am very pleased with my mattress. Seldom venders make claims that are exaggerated, but the plank is perfectly firm. Thanks for providing this needed variation.

Finally found what we were looking for!

Excellent quality, very comfortable, too much sleep! Happy with it! :)

Great mattress

Great mattress

amazing mattress

I've been using a foam mattress that was 'firm' but got extremely soft within 3 years. After doing some research and reading reviews on reddit, I was hoping Plank would give me the firmness my back needs. The mattress wasn't very smelly compared to some when they are first opened. I let the mattress air out for a day and had an amazing sleep! I was really happy with how firm the mattress is, and my boyfriend loves it too. I'd highly recommend this if you have trouble finding a mattress with enough support and prefer sleeping on a firmer surface.

Just the right firmness. I

Just the right firmness. I love it.


We love our bed!! We were nervous buying online for a mattress but it worked out perfectly. Came in a box. we unwrapped it and let it sit out for 24 hours it expanded to the size correctly. I LOVE having two sides. One side is extra firm and the other side is Medium Firm. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE our mattress



The best product I have ever purchased for my body in years

I'm 6'3" and weight 230 lbs and am an avid weight lifter. I'm always looking for ways to improve my health. For 2 years I've been sleeping on a mattress that shall remain nameless but has the name of a majestic color...hint, hint. I thought I liked it because it DID help me with some pressure points. However, my "pressure points" went away once I started sleeping on the Plank mattress because low and ACTUALLY SUPPORTS MY BODY. Think of it this way, if you break a bone, do you wrap it in jello? No. Your cast is rock hard, because it's designed to support what's hurting. The Plank mattress is no different. This is the first bed I have ever found that supports my body from head to foot. Its funny, I read a disclaimer that stated that I should give the bed at least a month trial period so that my body could adjust to it. I have gotten 7 straight, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, night sleeps in a row now. And I've only owned it for 7 nights. It's amazing. If you are a bigger person and want that support you've been looking for, hands down, this is it. Period. I tip my hat to you Plank. Well done.

Worth it

Really impressed with my purchase. The mattrass is exactly as explained online. The 1st time i have bought from the plank and really am so wooed. This is the Right place for any type of Mattress. Am not looking any other place hence forth.

Finally a firm mattress that's actually FIRM!

I love the PLANK. For anyone who likes the restful and peaceful feeling of a mattress that knows who it's master is! Very comfortable and firm. No squishy, sinking feeling. It's zen!

very firm and comfortable

This mattress is true to advertisement, it is firm but comfortable and gives adequate support. It might be a little too firm for side sleepers. The dual side is a huge plus, I tried both and settled on the firm side. I recommend also getting the mattress cover.

I am ecstatic that I

I am ecstatic that I found Brooklyn Bedding and bought a plank. I looked at too many mattresses!! Plank is a dream come true. Thankyou

Sleeps great. Feel rested

Sleeps great. Feel rested

Plank Bed

We bought our Plank bed after we moved into a new house in early February. We have been very happy. I knew I wanted something firm. (I previously would sometimes be more comfortable on the floor.) But most importantly I knew I wanted a bed that had little motion transfer, so I wouldn't wake up every time my husband moved. This bed is very good in that regard.

Amazing mattress!!

Amazing mattress!!

Finally found what we were looking for!

Excellent quality, very comfortable, too much sleep! Happy with it! :)

Great firm mattress

This mattress is firm and great for people with low back pains. I like extra firm side. Firm side of the mattress is softer than I thought. If you want extra firm mattress, this is a great choice.

Like A Dream

Love, love my Plank mattress. I've had my eye on the Plank for a while and checked out all the reviews--btw there are many on YouTube. I finally took the plunge and so glad I did. Ordering, shipping, and mattress set up was a breeze. I'm sleeping on the extra firm side myself and it feels wonderful. I'm a side sleeper and I'm perfectly comfortable and sleeping like a dream. Thanks for the Plank team for constructing a true, true firm mattress.

A genuinely firm mattress

After trying two other "firm" mattresses it is great to have found one that is truly firm. We ordered it with the cooling option which is great. Very comfortable bed and no more backache!

Just what we need!

I’ve been looking for the firm mattress that supports the back while we sleep. This mattress definitely does the job, so so happy we bought this during black friday!!

Plank Mattress

The online reviews were true. This is a very firm mattress. My back feels better and my wife and I love it.

Great mattress

King size received in box in good shape set up and slept on same night. This is a firm mattress. The two sides with one side slightly softer just in case was a nice idea. We are using the firm side and it is firm. Crazy comfortable even on your side. This is my first foam mattress and we have no regrets. My back felt better after the first night,

Best bed EVER

We bought two Plank mattresses and absolutely love them. I've always loved really firm beds, and I can't believe I finally found a bed that lives up to my firmness expectations. I was so apprehensive about ordering another mattress online, as I've been burned before, but dang, this bed delivers! I'm a stomach/side sleeper and use the firmer side. I tried the softer side, and I like it, but the super firm side is my favorite...I like sleeping ON my bed instead of IN it, you know? My mother is a back sleeper and uses the softer, but still firm side. She falls asleep so quickly and has been pain-free upon waking up. I didn't realize how bad my quality of sleep was with my old bed. I have Multiple Sclerosis, which comes with a side of insomnia, and this mattress has made all the difference in helping me get the rest I need. Thanks, Brooklyn Bedding...I feel like you made this bed just for me.

3-months in and exceptional

My fiance and I were turned onto the Plank from a Business Insider piece comparing it to the firm bedding commonplace across Asia. Hailing from that part of the world myself I was drawn to the idea - I have always had great rest when camping or crashing on a friend's floor with just a pillow. After a soccer injury to my lower back, overly soft beds were also a nightmare. The final push was the overwhelming marketing garbage from mattress companies that started flooding every nook and cranny of webspace available from the first day I googled 'best mattresses for back pain'. If you dig around, you'll find claims that the reason sleeping on hard/firm bedding is good for you is that your bones support most of the weight and relieve your soft tissue to promote circulation through the night. It makes sense from an evolution standpoint. That and things like Wolff's law suggest that we evolved pretty well to be able to sleep loading our bones. Sure, it may be a tad sore at first and not like sleeping on a cloud. But once you're up, you'll be more energized and any lingering sensations gone. Okay, so great in theory but does Plank do it right? My fiance and I have now slept for three months on the less firm side. It has been a revelation to both of us. Both of us have found our sleep to be significantly improved. This week we flipped over the firmer side of the mattress. We didn't think we'd top the first experience but so far, we love this even more. It's so firm and yet also soft and welcoming. Great job by the Brooklyn bedding folks. If they threw money at marketing the way those other mattress companies do, they'd probably convert a ton of people. Highly recommend. The shipping and packaging were all as expected, convenient too.

very satisfied

I have tried many bed in a box products as well as traditional beds. The plank is by far the firmest box bed. I have an adjustable base which makes a huge difference for mattresses. All my other box types began to sag where I lay and would not return to the hardness I require. The plank goes back to the original firmness after laying bed flat. The sides of the plank are firmer as well. I felt as I was falling off of the sides of the other beds. I have had the bed for approximately one month and have not had any issues. Looking forward to sleeping well for many years. Thank you, Plank

Indian mattress like firmness

I was a bit sceptical about it as I saw a few videos where they were pushing on the mattress and it was compressing but it's not at all like that. It feels like an extra firm mattress like you get in India. My lower back is happy and shoulders are no longer sore. Hopefully it will not wear out quickly.

Excellent mattress for us.

My wife is from Asia and has been converting me to a firmer mattress over the years. When I reviewed the Plank mattress on a search through the internet, I found that it had the firmest level available, a 9. So I ordered it without my wife knowing. We have been sleeping on the Plank for two weeks. It is amazing. My wife and I feel so much better in the back and body. Very comfortable and quite when we move around, not a sound. Thanks.

Finally, a mattress I sleep ON, not IN.

This mattress is just a couple steps softer than sleeping on a plushy carpeted floor and much better on my back. I like a firm feel with enough give to allow for the cotour of my body. What I don't like is being enveloped like I'm a taco filling. When I get up in the middle of the night my wife doesn't notice at all, and when I come back I can flop right down and not wake her at all. Our coil sprung mattress transmitted the info of my eyelids opening to her. Seriously, ai could probably send her morse code messages by blinking and twitching my nose. Honestly the best option for a firm feel that doesn't transmit movement that we have found. Thank you!

Great mattress. As hard as

Great mattress. As hard as advertised and sleeps cool!

Great support and great mattress.

Great support and great mattress. Delivery was fast.

So comfortable!

Love the firmness - such a comfy mattress. Would buy again

Great mattress

If you're looking for a firm mattress - this is it. Really happy with the experience so far.

Nice and firm

Finally a mattress that is as firm as it's claimed to be

A different mattress

I wanted a really firm mattress that I could use with an adjustable base. So I needed to go memory foam. The Plank was an interesting choice and my first mattress purchased online. While it is quite firm for a foam mattress, it isn't as firm as I like. However, it is shaping up to be a good choice for what I was looking for. It works well with the adjustable frame and gives my back the support it needs. After a week of using it, I am pretty happy with this purchase. Go Birds.

As promised: firm and comfortable.

As promised: firm and comfortable. Too early about durability, time will show.

Super firm and comfy

I sleep on the firmer side - it's great. Excellent service, reasonable pricing, and a comfy mattress that will last me for years. Thanks!

Back Pain Gone

I’ve been searching for a true firm mattress, none of this “overstuff it and call it firm”. After the first night I felt an immediate difference when I woke, I gave it two weeks before reviewing to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke and I’ve had a return to full range of motion, no full longer pain that lasts the entire day. During the night I wake less trying to find a comfortable position or readjusting. Now if only they made pillows of the same materials

Definitely a firm mattress!

Definitely a firm mattress!

Perfect and “real” firmness

A mattress that lives up to the reviews and reputation. Perfect firmness and support without feeling like you’re sleeping on carpeted floor. The only improvement would be better edge support. Loving this and ordering another one for my second room as I replace my queen bed with a king.

Greatest mattress

You want a firm mattress, Plank is the way to go! Best night sleeps I’ve had in months!

We could not be more

We could not be more pleased with our purchase. It arrived before the expected day and is as promised.


I have tried 7 Mattresses in 10 Years, they all broke down. I need a Mattress that is hard and substantial. I called Plank Mattress, spoke to the Representative at the Factory.I am also 79, and truly in need of advise and a Product that Works. Plank Mattress diagnosed my Issue, made the appropriate Choice along with me and My serious Problem was solved. I cannot tell you just how happy I am now that I am going into REM sleep for the first time in fifteen Years. Tremendous "Firm" Company.


I have been sleeping on this mattress for 2 weeks now and am totally satisfied. Tried Purple Mattress before (too soft), Tuft and Needle (not bad), but this is the firmest. Easy setup. Just love it.

This mattress is the BEST

This mattress lives up to its name and more. I had been looking for an extra firm mattress. I bought a couple different ones and none of them were firm enough. Then I found the PLANK. We love it! Firm and very comfortable. I have been singing its praises to everyone I know. If you want a very very firm mattress, the PLANK is what you want. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally happy

After trying many "firm" mattresses, I finally found the firm-yet-comfy mattress that makes me excited about my bed.

Better than expected

Box was all torn up but plastic wrapping was not torn. The mattress was folded in half then rolled, Not something two large men could do. It must take big machines. All the air is squeezed out of the mattress, I guess by machines. It looked like a cheap bedroll. Removing the plastic enabled the mattress to flop open and fill with air. Amazing! It turned out to be an excellent, high-quality mattress, very comfortable.

Absolutely love this mattress. Finally

Absolutely love this mattress. Finally an actually FIRM mattress! Worth every penny, sleeping great.

Most uncomfortable bed , but .....

I bought a tempurpedic before this mattress. Super comfortable. But I would wake up sore and I actually threw my back out twice in the first 30 days of sleeping on it. Traded it in for this PLANK. This bed is like sleeping on the floor. Nothing about it feels like comfort , but I’ve consistently woken up feeling better everyday since I’ve owned it 2 weeks now. It might even be defected because it seems to me that the sides never plumped up after unwrapping it from box. But if it keeps straightening me out while i sleep ,so be it.

Amazing mattress with amazing customer

Amazing mattress with amazing customer service.

Plank Mattress

As of noon on 12/17 it hasn't arrived. James Pitts

Perfect for your back and great night sleep

I love this mattress! We no longer have achy backs when we wake up. My husband and I both love it. We do not sink into a hammock like position, nor do you feel the other person moving. No pressure point pressure either!

Best mattress we've ever owned

I cannot overstate how much we love this mattress. My neck and back were sore all the time from our old mattress, and those issues have basically disappeared since we got the Plank. Thanks for helping me feel better!

If you like firm, it's the best.

I was hesitant to spend so much money on a mattress I couldn't test first, but covid19 happened and I had to take a chance. I like extremely firm surfaces after having scoliosis spinal fusion and finding an online mattress was hard. I looked at so many and read so many reviews. Some people would say oh this is so firm whereas other people would say it's soft. I needed consensus. And a mattress literally named after a board was the way I went. Truly both my husband and I find it very comfortable. We did pay extra for the cooling top since desert summer is brutal and it's been lovely. With as much time as you spend on your mattress, get something great. Plank is worth it!

Best mattress ever!

Both sides are great but the ultra firm side is best!

Great firm mattress!

Exactly what I was looking for. Cool to the touch and firm enough to get rid of my lower back pain. Wake up feeling ready to go! Happy with my purchase. Very firm side is super firm though, be ready for that!

Both of us are happy

Will never by a pillow top mattress again. Gone through three expensive mattress sets in twelve years together. This is the first mattress we agree on as wonderful. Can roll over in bed with no effort. No more taco mattress. No more cut off circulation . Best investment in a long time.

We tried two other brands

We tried two other brands as we slowly outfitted our new home. The first two were fine for guest beds but my wife and I like TRULY firm mattresses and the Plank Mattress delivered as prommised. we have been sleeping on it for 2 months and it feels just as firm as the first night.

So far so good

Just got the mattress. But like most companies want instant feedback, making most all feedback useless unless they request feedback at yearly intervals afterwards. This idea was sold to many companies like surveys. Sadly only really good at annoying customers. So after a week or 2 the mattress is good. Time will tell how it holds up.

Firm As Advertised

It seems like beds are never firm enough for me unless I just get something like a sleeping pad on the floor. The Plank Mattress finally delivers. My wife and I have been sleeping on the firmer side for a week. My lower back felt better immediately. I also am sleeping cooler than before. Delivery and unpacking was really easy. The mattress popped right into shape. The quality of the fabric, stitching, etc seems good. The firmer side seems like it is working out but I really like knowing that if it gets to be too much, all we have to do is flip the mattress over to dial it back a little. This beats the heck out of having to fuss with exchanging the mattress. Overall really happy with it!

Very Comfortable Firm Mattress

This mattress so far has been very comfortable. Generally like a firm to very-firm mattress. This mattress has just enough cushion and tremendous amount of support for my back and hips. Love it.


This mattress it amazing, from all the hoes I’ve brought home none have dislike it. It felt so good that all the thots wanted to have a sleep over and my mattress didn’t fail. We fuckednall night and woke up with no back pain. That mattress helped me find the love of my life and we are now thinking about marriage. Me and my five future wives really recommend this mattress, it will change your life!!

Totally love it

I had a hard time to look for a firm and comfortable mattress. Thank God Plank makes the best firmest mattress. I will totally go with Plank if you are like me picky and want form mattress. Couldn’t ask for a better mattress.

3rd Option is the charm!

My husband and I both prefer a firm mattress. We tried a lower end memory foam one from Overstock - we liked it but it did not last more than a year before sagging. We tried a more expensive Saatva Firm Mattress but found it way too soft. We did more research and are pleased to have found Plank - it is perfect!

easy order process, quick shipping, good product

We're enjoying our Plan Mattress and foundation so far! The ordering and shipping process was easy, as was the setup. Very glad we took the chance to try Plank!


If you looking for a firm mattress, this is the right choice. It was firmer than I expected but it was right for me. It has given me a some of the best rest in a long time.

Impressed but still early on

We've been sleeping on the mattress for a week so far and I can't say enough good things about it. This especially applies to back issues which have vrtually disappeared in this time and finally getting a great nights sleep. Definitely an excellent purchase and product. I will try to keep this review updated especially if problems arise.

Was easy to handle .

Was easy to handle . Open wait a couple of hours and then a great mattress.

This is the one

My wife and I like super firm mattresses. We did the traditional brick & mortar thing and the only mattress we found that was stiff enough was at Macy's for over $6,000. I ordered the Plank that day and am soooo glad I did. It's more comfortable and was a fraction of the cost. The first time we laid on it right after opening it we were concerned, it seemed pretty soft. An hour later when we got onto it was the "omg" moment. Super stiff and just what we were looking for. Fantastic mattress, well done Plank 👍

Plank Review

So far so good! Using the softer side. Did not order the cooling panel and we are not having any problems with being too warm. We are both are normal weight for our adult size.

Return Item

I returned it immediately because I was not happy with it

Plank mattress

Really good quality. Two firmness levels, so can't go wrong with it. One will definitely suit you. A little expensive, but in line with other top brands. Recommend

At last , a truly firm bed

So relieved to have a firm bed again

Aurora Mendoza

Thank goodness for this mattress

Excellent mattress. Going to replace

Excellent mattress. Going to replace another mattress with plank. Love that it is firm / extra firm but does not feel hard on your back.

Firm good mattress

I was not sure if buying mattress that came “in the small box” was a good idea at first but I’m pleasantly disappointed. We slept for a week on the firmer side but decided the softer side is better al least for a while - it takes time to adjust. Is this mattress firm? Yes firm an extra firm. You sleep on it not in it and it feels cooler because of it. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes definitely.

Love this

Love this


perfect, just what we wanted firm

so far so good

its kinda early to rate this mattress since i just got to use it for a few day, but so far the mattress stays put even with 2 of us sleeping on it day and night. i like the extra form side more as we have bad backs. i hope it stays this way for a long time.


Ive had a few memory foam mattresses over the years and was wary this one may be too soft or "sinky". I like firm mattresses but also am not a fan of coil and I have to say that this mattress is FIRM. the firm side is very firm. Almost no give but still soft to lay on. the other side is still firm but not as much and I love the fact that I have options, because most other mattresses that is not the case. If you're worried about this thing not being firm enough do not fret. I am 6 feet 195 pounds and have had back problems in the past that are exacerbated by mattresses that let me sink into place. This mattress does not do that. 2 months in and its wonderful. Highly recommend if you're looking for a firm memory foam mattress. It comes in a box thats pretty small so very easy to get into a house or apartment. I honestly have no idea how something this firm fit into a box but hey if it works it works! 5 stars!

I love my plank mattress

I love my plank mattress this mattress is sooo good they way I want. good think is I can sleep in both sides 👍 ❤️❤️

Very happy with my plank,

Very happy with my plank, was worried about the firmness having lifelong back problems and being memory foam, but it is quite firm and really comfortable!



plank review

i am so very pleased the delivery was about a week an a half the packaging was very easy to open and place mattress on foundation the sleep experience is amazing if your interrested in purchasing a firm /semi firm because you have a choice you can flip the mattress it really two mattresses in one

Buy Now!

I felt pretty modern buying a bed in the box, delivered to my door and not strapped to the roof of my car. Now I feel aligned, cozy and seriously this matress completed me. Well made, comfortable and 2 Bernese Mountain dogs and me approved. I purchased the box frame, mattress, frame cover and a set of sheets from this company named after my daughter as well as the owners. From the ordering process to delivery to set up, it was all seamless and timely. I feel this was a smart investment and would recommend this company to others.

Quality Firm/Extra Firm Twin Mattress

This mattress has one side that is firm and the other side that is extra firm. This is a great idea for those who aren't sure of which is best for them, or for a mattress that will be used in a guest room. More expensive than most mattresses, but worth it.

Our Plank Mattress

We are enjoying our new Plank mattress. We like that the mattress can be flipped. So many mattresses today can't be turned over. We like that you can choose from a firm side or an extra firm side My husband loves the extra firm side, but it is too hard for me. The firm side is more to my liking. So far, we are pleased with this mattress, and we like that we have a trial period to be sure we are happy with this mattress. Thank you, Brooklyn Bedding! Pat Ditch

Plank Review

Very comfortable for me. If you like a firm mattress this is it!!!!!!!!


I never knew what I was missing by sleeping on the right mattress! Well made, the Plank mattress gives me the right level of firmness (stomach sleeper) for a full nights rest. I started on the firm side, flipped it over to the firmest side, and that's where I've been ever since.

For firm bed lovers

Easy to set up. I’m currently using the extra firm side. My back is loving it. It’s so firm, my body stays in one position the entire night. Kinda prevents you from rolling to your side. Excellent mattress for the money.

Really firm

My wife tried many brand of memory foam mattress to get a firm one. None of them is firm enough for her. We got this one about a month. My wife was very satisfied with the firmness and comfort. No more complain of back pain in the morning!

Awesome Purchase!

This mattress is exactly as advertised. If you are looking for a super firm mattress that doesn't require box springs with a minimal footprint, then this is the mattress for you. We've been using it now for a couple weeks, and couldn't be happier. I haven't had a bad night's sleep or woke up sore since this bed arrived. I'm a side and back sleeper, and I haven't been uncomfortable in either position. If you're looking for an ultra-firm mattress, then go ahead and pick this one up!

Delivery and set up was

Delivery and set up was easy. I was concerned that it was going to be too firm, but it's not. I live with my dad, who's a chiropractor, and he approves!

Good but not great!

We love this mattress on the softer side, which says a lot as we were enjoying floor sleeping prior to this purchase. However, the mattress doesn't have edge support, so we have to give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Great Mattress!

We had an IKEA king size for 5 years and wore right thru it...I didnt realize how much pain I was in the morning from the old mattress until I got the plank mattress. Super firm and great for stomach sleeping. My back pain has improved notably in one week!

This bed is amazing!! No

This bed is amazing!! No more backaches in the morning.

So far so good

It's very comfortable and supportive.

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