Pillow Top Mattress Pads Reviews

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Pillow Top Mattress Pads

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Pillow tops are one of the most popular mattress features, but not every mattress comes with them. For those that are looking for a pillowy sleeping surface, there are multiple options in terms of design. From natural feathers and wool to synthetic alternatives, not all pillow tops are created equal. There are some that tend to degrade and break down quickly, while others are fluffy for longer. We've selected our favorites in a variety of design choices to help you find the pillow top pad that is best for you. Read on for our full list...

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Comfort: 9.3/10

Support: 8.8/10

Cooling: 9.6/10

Price: $79-$849

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Pillow Top Mattress Pads Details

Pillowy comfort on the top layer of the mattress is a popular request from sleepers. However, with products with wide ranges of materials, it is not always a simple task to find the right pillow top pad for your mattress. However, we've selected our favorite pillow top mattress pads to help simplify your search--with multiple designs to choose from that are highly rated by customers.

Mattress Topper Selection

Below, we'll go through our top 5 favorite pillow top mattress pads that feature high end designs and well-rated comfort.

Here is a breakdown of Plushbeds Wool Topper:

The Plushbeds wool topper is an all natural pillow top with a luxury feel. With an emphasis on sustainability and humane practices, Plushbeds wool is perfect for those that suffer from chemical sensitivities but want a pillowy surface layer. Customers give this high marks for its fluffy comfort that stays fluffy for longer.

Next, here is what's inside the Twillery Down Alternative Topper:

The Twillery topper is ideal for those that want the benefits of goose down without the humane considerations. With polyester micro-fibers, this pad provides superior loft and a fluffy characteristic that is similar to a down or feather topper. Customers really like this mattress topper, with 1000s of positive reviews. The few negative reviews were those that responded that you have to fluff it regularly.

Next, here is what's inside the Alwyn Home Serenity Waterproof Down Alternative Pad:

The Alwyn Home Serenity mattress pad is ideal for those that want a waterproof design but with fluffy comfort. These are especially popular with parents of young children who appreciate the softenness of a pillow top pad, but also have considerations around waterproofing. This mattress pad uses hypoallergenic fiberfill in a quilted .5'' thickness, making it ideal for those that need only a small amount of fluffiness.

Next, here is what's inside the Plymouth Home Feathers Topper:

The Plymouth Home Feathers topper is for those that want all natural materials and prefer higher end feathers. With 95% duck feathers and 5% down, this pillow top pad will breathe well and provide a good amount of loft, but at a higher price due to the materials. Most customers like this mattress topper for its pillowy comfort. The few negative reviews, mentioned flattening issues.

Lastly, here is what's inside Sleep Innovations 4'' Memory Foam Topper:

Those that want the best of both worlds should take a look at the Sleep Innovations memory foam topper. It has the pressure relieving and cooling benefits of gel memory foam in a 2'' topper and also a 2'' polyester microfiber fill pad that lays above. This provides a fluffy, but contouring comfort that most customers love.


As you can see from the above scale, most of these pillow top pads are ideal for those that desire really soft surface layers. Most of the options above will allow you to still feel and experience the support of the mattress below.

Back Pain Relief

Because of the softness of these mattress pads, they won't really help with providing the adequate support that is needed for back pain relief. The mattress below will mostly play a role in helping or hindering that.


Due to the airy designs of these mattress pads, these should sleep cool for most sleepers. However, there may be some in very warm climates that need more specialized cooling materials.

Who Are These Pillow Top Mattress Pads Right For?

These mattress pads and toppers are ideal for those looking to soften up the top layer of their mattress without losing the base support and feel of their mattress below. For those that need even more pressure relief (or greater support) for their mattress below, see our list of top rated mattress toppers for more information.

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Wish I Had Purchased It Years Ago - Give it 10 Stars if I could [Plushbeds Topper]

Very well made. So much attention to detail in the seaming, fabric weave, and hand tying. We are farm people with bad backs, shoulders and such. CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS TOPPER HAS DONE FOR US. No waking up with aches and pains and stiff. Plus every night when we crawl into bed we think we are staying in a lavish hotel. On top of all of that, the real reason I chose the wool topper is due to many health issues related to chemical farm sprays, sensitivities and molds. It's been three years since I have slept properly. I LOVE this topper. For me a life saver! Time to purchase the pillows. (Tell the sheep I Love them and thank you ;)

Wool Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

I really like my bed topper. It is very comfortable to sleep on.

Eric and Joelle [Plushbeds Topper]

We love it! We go to sleep right away and don’t want to get out in the morning! Excellent product!

Heaven [Plushbeds Topper]

It feels like I slid into a cloud!

Great bed topper [Plushbeds Topper]

This topper is just like advertised. It keeps you comfortable temperature wise, not to warm and not to cool. I really like sleeping on this topper.

Comfy [Plushbeds Topper]

Comfy topper. I put it right under my fitted sheet...it really adds some softness and comfort.

Great Product good value [Plushbeds Topper]

Beautifully made - very comfortable - not too firm and not too soft - adds support without pressure points - great restful nights sleep- Thank You

Amazingly comfortable [Plushbeds Topper]

It is truly the best purchase I have made in a long time, I am very happy. If I could steal my wife's side I would.

Like sleeping on a cloud [Plushbeds Topper]

Got this topper for my bliss medium firmness mattress extremely happy with it like sleeping on a cloud now. Doesn’t make me hot either and helps keep me comfortable I usually always move around while I’ll sleep but it’s helped me keep still for some reason lol

Materials are quality and made with integrity. It took one year to find this company. [Plushbeds Topper]

The PlushBeds Luxury Wool Topper is the height of luxury. You are placed in a deep slumber with such comfort. I feel very confident in this company’s products. And, they are made in the U.S.A.

Perfection [Plushbeds Topper]

Loved my plush beds so much better than expected!

Who knew wool could be so cool! [Plushbeds Topper]

Heaven on earth! Makes my bed hard to get out of in the mornings. Soft, yet provides support and sleep cool

Wool topper [Plushbeds Topper]

Have had a plush bed for a few years. Recently added the topper. Sleeping better than ever!

100% Wool Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

You can lie on top of this luxurious topper or lie under as you do with a feather bed. Either way, it will lull you to sleep easily and you'll feel so cozy and comfortable. I highly recommend it!

Outstanding comfort! [Plushbeds Topper]

This was the perfect complement to my 12" Soft Botanical Bliss I bought back during the summer. I used it for the first time last night, and had an amazing night's rest. The combination is truly superb. Definitely worth it, IMO, at least if you like a softer sleeping experience. I used a Tempurpedic bed for 11 years, and thought that it was the best purchase I ever made ... until now. This combination is much, much better IMO.

Very nice topper! [Plushbeds Topper]

This topper is a nice addition to my bed. It's very plush and comfortable. I have never seen a wool topper in stores before but I read that it helps to regulate your body temperature and maintain it throughout the night. After sleeping on it for 30 days, I agree. I sleep comfortably and cool throughout the night on it.

Very Plush and Comfortable [Plushbeds Topper]

My daughter is starting her first year at college and the dorm room beds were a little firm. I bought this topper to make her dorm bed more comfortable. I just received the topper and I am very pleased. It's very plush and comfortable. It will soften up her bed and make it much more comfortable. She will be very happy.

Super comfortable [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Super comfortable. Straps keep it in place. Doesn’t slide around.

Lasting [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Lasting! It doesn’t lose its shape.

I love it [Twillery Trahan Topper]

I love it. It was exactly what I wanted and did not disappoint.

We put it on a mattress [Twillery Trahan Topper]

We put it on a mattress that was sagging, to the point we were going to but a new mattress. It saved us hundreds of dollars.

Sooo [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Sooo comfortable

Its made a huge difference [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Its made a huge difference in my daily sleep. My bed feels so much better.

The other reviews [Twillery Trahan Topper]

The other reviews said it would be like sleeping on a cloud. Funny enough, my hubbys comment was ‘this is like sleeping on a cloud’. Really comfy.

This topper provides the ultimate in comfort [Twillery Trahan Topper]

This topper provides the ultimate in comfort. The only problem is, I have a real hard time getting out of bed now. It feels like the ultimate luxury.

It really does feel like you are sleeping on a cloud [Twillery Trahan Topper]

It really does feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Bought it to go over a firm mattress and i sleep better now

Needs refluffed [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Needs refluffed often but definitely helped hubby’s back pain.

Love it [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Love it going to order one for my king to was just a little small for the the bed but love it

Nice mattress topper [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Nice mattress topper for the price

My bed now feels [Twillery Trahan Topper]

My bed now feels like I am sleeping on a cloud!

Was great at first [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Was great at first then became lumpy and uncomfortable. Had to take it off after 3 weeks. I don’t recommend this topper at all.

It was so easy [Twillery Trahan Topper]

It was so easy to put on the bed. and is very soft

Very [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Very soft!

Has to be flipped [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Has to be flipped and fluffed daily

Makes all the difference [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Makes all the difference for my mattress!! Now it is so comfortable and I get a good night’s sleep!! Very happy!

Soft,thick,takes off the pressure points [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Soft,thick,takes off the pressure points...enough said

Super [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Super cozy and lofty!

Love [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Love it comfortable and near

Super [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Super comfy and stays in place on the mattress. Worth the money!

So [Twillery Trahan Topper]

So so comfy!

Amazing [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Amazing x10 I love this topper!

This lost its shape [Twillery Trahan Topper]

This lost its shape and flattened out within the first few weeks. Spent decent money on something that I threw out within a month.

I've slept on my mattress topper [Twillery Trahan Topper]

I've slept on my mattress topper for 4 nights so far. It helped a little. The center of mattress is flater then the sides which are fluffey. For me its not as good as all the reviews on this Item . My Mistake.

I Bought a twin size [Twillery Trahan Topper]

I Bought a twin size for my granddaughter and it’s perfect! She loves it.

Absolutely beautiful product [Twillery Trahan Topper]

Absolutely beautiful product. Was struggling with sleep for years, I haven't had better sleeps since I got it! Love it!

Reasonable price [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Reasonable price for a mundane product.

Thick [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Thick and very comfortable. Very nice mattress pad.

Amazing [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Amazing pad, my kids asked to by the same pad for their beds.

Its excellent [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Its excellent. I have a big sloppy, loving dog and it protects from his messy games

Great quality [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Great quality, excellent

Holy mother of comfy beds! [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Holy mother of comfy beds! This is sooooo soft and comfortable, I really can't say anything but goodness about this mattress. Bought a full size for my 12 y/o son as a replacement and it's not only soft but it is fluffy and has height. I felt like abandoning my $2k mattress and sleeping on his bed. That's how comfy it is. Get itttt!Read Less

A little noisy [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

A little noisy when you move around on it...

works great [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

works great, doesn't make that annoying "crinkling" noise some mattress pads do.

As described by other people [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

As described by other people, this pad retains heat. I normally run cold and wear socks at night but after sleeping on this, I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. I purchased a replacement and moved this one to the guest room. My guests complained that the room was too warm - it was the mattress pad.

This came at the perfect time [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

This came at the perfect time. Grandson came over and fell asleep watching tv with us in bed. He’s three. Needless to say he had a little accident but the mattress stayed dry. Highly recommend.

it works [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

it works! Wayfair works!

Very [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Very comfortable

It fit my 12'' memory foam mattress [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

It fit my 12" memory foam mattress just great. I washed it before using, but didn't put in dryer because of plastic liner. It will protect the mattress and is comfortable.

It's a fine mattress pad [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

It's a fine mattress pad. Not super plush, but it's water resistant and just soft enough.

very nice straight out of the package [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

very nice straight out of the package, smooth, easy to put on deep gel foam mattress

Very happy with my purchase [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Very happy with my purchase. Delivery was quick.

Does exactly [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Does exactly what was expected.

Very good condition [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Very good condition for a fair price

So easy to fit [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

So easy to fit on the mattress and great quality.

Great comfort [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Great comfort and quality

Perfect [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Perfect! Very comfortable and easy to clean

The mattress pad [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

The mattress pad arrived soon after I ordered it. It's just as described and is well made.

Soft [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Soft, comfortable, and perfect for visiting grandkids!

Great quality [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

Great quality - do not put in the dryer

It’s perfect with having toddlers [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

It’s perfect with having toddlers! You would never know it’s waterproof since it doesn’t make the sound most plastic protectors make. I bought 4, one for each bed!

So [Alwyn Home Serenity Mattress Pad]

So cozy

I purchased this topper [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

I purchased this topper to use on top of an air mattress for spring tent camping. I am older and need warmth and softness. As a child, when my family visited our grandparents, we slept on homemade feather beds so I know the comfort and warmth they provide.Read Less

Comfortable and cozy [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Comfortable and cozy. Great quality. I’m using it as a mattress topper for my pullout sofa bed... my houseguests have commented how comfortabley they’ve slept on it! Top quality!

We have slept like babies [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

We have slept like babies amazing topper

So comfortable! [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

So comfortable! We put this underneath our mattress protector and it holds it in place. Hugs your body just right. We have been getting better sleep now!

Very average [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Very average made my body hurt

Flattens [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Flattens real quick.

Absolutely [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Absolutely love it

My granddaughter absolutely loves it [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

My granddaughter absolutely loves it. Very comfortable and cozy. Easily fluffed and adjusted.

Product is as it appears in the photo. [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Product is as it appears in the photo. Fluffs up nicely once out of package, and really improves a firm/aging mattress. Good product, good price. My one complaint: The website description states that the product is machine washable, however the care tag on the mattress topper clearly states that it is dry clean only. Disappointing.Read Less

You just sort of melt [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

You just sort of melt into the bed. We find it very comfortable.

INCREDIBLE [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

INCREDIBLE! My husband and I never want to get out of bed. Love this mattress topper!

What I was looking for was comfort [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

What I was looking for was comfort. I got it!

If feels more like it 2in than 4in [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

If feels more like it 2in than 4in. Makes noise when you move in your sleep. Regrettably about buying it.🤨

very soft [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

very soft and comfortable

Ok [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Ok. It flattens out a bit after a little use. I wish it had a little more filling but I didn’t pay too much for it so I’m content with the purchase.

I like it a lot [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

I like it a lot. Just needs a better way to stay on bed

I love it [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

I love it!!! I would give it 5 stars only every now and again the feathers poke me a but. But it's amazing!!

Wonderful [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Wonderful! Love it. Just make sure to let it fluff up and air out for a few hours before using (as recommended on the insert) as it has a slight chemical smell from the packaging.

Excellent [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Excellent. Havent put it on the bed yet, but will do. For now I want to keep the airtight package intact.

This mattress topper [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

This mattress topper is absolutely amazing! I haven’t slept this well in ages. So happy with this purchase.

This is a perfect product [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

This is a perfect product, just as advertised, doesnt lose its shape. Great purchase!

This topper was so flat [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

This topper was so flat it hardly felt I was sleeping on anything. Unfortunately I’m disappointed

Love [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Love this topper. Very comfortable. My current mattress is new 1 year old however it was just a little too firm. This topper added that extra bit of comfort.

Love [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Love it.

Great [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Great buy, helps me fall asleep as if I am on a cloud!!!

This is a quality mattress topper [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

This is a quality mattress topper. I do have dogs and therefore have always used a waterproof mattress pad. I’ve covered my topper with it and recommend this for anyone using a feather topper as it’s common for an occasional feather to poke out. My previous topper lasted for 20 years. I am really happy with this product and Wayfair price is phenomenal. Sweet dreams for all with this bundle of feathers! )Read Less

Comfortable [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Comfortable. Wish it had corner straps to keep in place... otherwise 5 star.

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to buy a feather mattress topper. I love it. It’s like sleeping on a cloud and there are no prickly feathers poking through, Best purchase ever

Totally satisfied [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Totally satisfied with this item

Comfortable and thick [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

Comfortable and thick, but since it is primarily composed of feathers with minimal down, I find it a little too pokey when I sleep on it. Next time I would get down.

I was on the fence [Plymouth Home Feathers Topper]

I was on the fence about this mattress topper since there are so many mixed reviews, but for the price I was willing to give it a shot since I've been looking for a feather topper for a while. Our bed isn't necessarily uncomfortable, but I love the feeling of being cozy and sinking into my bed and our memory foam mattress doesn't necessarily provide that type of comfort. Some people have reported this topper is flatter than 4"; this is untrue. Yes, when you lay on it, the feathers compress and the topper gets a little flatter, but it still provides tons of cushion and comfort and all you have to do is fluff it up a little in the morning before you make your bed to give it that plush look. Also, it still feels very puffy while you sleep on it, so I'm not sure what the people leaving such negative reviews are really expecting out of a mattress topper filled with feathers. There wasn't a weird smell when I opened the vacuum sealed bag, but I still fluffed it up and gave it a quick spritz of Febreeze. My regular, queen sized sheets fit just fine over the topper and mattress, so no "deep pocket" sheets required. Once I made my bed up, it had that department store, cozy look to it that makes you want to climb in and take a nap. When it was time for to hit the hay, I found that I actually happen to love this topper more than I thought I would! It's exactly what I was looking for and for the price, you can't beat it. I feel like I'm sleeping on a cozy cloud, and with my electric fleece blanket under my down comforter that I use during the winter, I'm snug as a bug in a rug! The only bummer is that it doesn't come with straps to hold it down like some of the more expensive ones do and the sleek, "cooling" fabric of my mattress makes it slide around a little, but I just ordered a mat off Amazon that should fix that problem. :) If you're debating whether or not this topper is worth the investment, I'm here to tell you that you will not be disappointed!Read Less

Has really made my firm mattress soft [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Has really made my firm mattress soft, comfortable, and eased lower-back discomfort (which was the primary reason for the purpose).

So comfortable! [Sleep Innovations Topper]

So comfortable! The top layer is soft like a cloud and the bottom layer is firm. It’s the perfect combination. I’m sleeping through the night, no hot zones, less tossing and turning, and waking up more energized with no aches and pains! Yay!

Foam portion flattened out nicely [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Foam portion flattened out nicely. Topper adds that bit of softness- would like it to come to the edge of the bed more

Great mattress [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Great mattress No smell

Awesome [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Awesome! Way to put on. Easy to clean. Very comfortable

It’s really nice [Sleep Innovations Topper]

It’s really nice and comfortable

This mattress topper has been great [Sleep Innovations Topper]

This mattress topper has been great. The best sleep I have had in a long time, and I am not waking up in pain. Definitely worth the money.

Its been a week [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Its been a week and so far its been a good night sleep. Best decision on the purchase. I recommend

Love [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Love it. So comfy and soft and my back issues have disappeared!

Great product [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Great product arrived on time and is helping my daughter with her back pain

Worked on my old king mattress well [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Worked on my old king mattress well. Supportive but yet not too hard, the topper is a very nice addition

The topper is very comfortable [Sleep Innovations Topper]

The topper is very comfortable with just the right firmness. A good purchase

Best night sleep EVER! [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Best night sleep EVER! I tried other mattress toppers & this one takes top prize in quality & comfort! Well worth the investment!!!

My bed [Sleep Innovations Topper]

My bed is heaven now

Have only slept [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Have only slept on topper for 2 nights, great so far.

Great [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Great topper!!

This mattress topper [Sleep Innovations Topper]

This mattress topper is incredibly hard! Not at all what I expected! I hope it qualifies for 100 day return.

I was dubious [Sleep Innovations Topper]

I was dubious about having a topper, but this one has convinced me it was necessary. It's well made and I like the 2 piece construction. Very cushy, like sleeping on a feather bed. It's very comfortable and I find I sleep better and wake up with fewer aches and pains.

Very soft [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Very soft but may be too soft because it almost reveals the hard bed underneath. Overall, it made thing much better though.

the mattress and topper [Sleep Innovations Topper]

the mattress and topper was surprisingly comfortable, for any one who needs to take a hard mattress and make it comfortable should love this topper.

The combination of memory Foam [Sleep Innovations Topper]

The combination of memory Foam for Support and the Plush and Softness of the Pillow Top finally allows me to sleep without tossing and turning all night and waking up with Crushing pain in my Hip since I am a side sleeper . This will allow me time to find the Perfect Mattress for my sleeping needs when I am ready to invest in a New Bed . For Now .... I do Not want to get out of Bed ...

Worth [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Worth the price

Perfect [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Perfect for myself and my husband. We were staying at a swank hotel in Atlanta that had toppers on the bed. We decided to do the same at home because it was so comfortable. With this topper, our bed is heaven!

Well made [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Well made and has helped with many of my back issues.

Great [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Great Topper! It inflated quickly. It didn’t have a chemical smell. Extremely satisfied!

Perfect [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Perfect for cabin

Wow [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Wow, Wow, Wow! You want to make a dramatic comfort difference to your bed? Buy this topper combo! Your body just melts into it. I will be telling all of my friends and family about this sleep changer.

Super [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Super comfy!

I was a bit skeptical [Sleep Innovations Topper]

I was a bit skeptical buying a mattress topper online without testing it out first. I needed a mattress topper for a less than comfortable mattress we had in our travel trailer. My husband and I have lower back pain, but sleeping on this mattress topper alleviates our pain. We found it to be quite comfortable and very plush.

Very comfortable [Sleep Innovations Topper]

Very comfortable topper and fits well on king size bed.


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