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Personal Comfort Mattress Reviews

Personal Comfort is taking on Sleep Number to create a better number bed that can be personalized to your desired firmness. Is Personal Comfort the better bed at a lower price? We think there are many positive attributes, but there are also elements that we aren't so sure about. With problems ranging from durability to technology, we think there may be a reason to steer clear of number beds.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $499-$4199

Trial Period: 120 Nights (Restocking Fee)

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Personal Comfort's Specifics

The Personal Comfort Mattress company is a direct response to the other major number mattress company, Sleep Number. Personal Comfort's mission is to ship a better number bed but for a price that is more reasonable and with a better customer service experience. But, to customers, it isn't that simple of a task. With issues with the design of number beds in general, high prices versus other online brands, and discouraging comfort statistics from customers on adjustable mattresses, Personal Comfort may be fighting an up-hill battle.

If you are concerned about a long lasting comfort and are interested in finding a more cost-effective long term approach, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Specifically, if you need a dual firmness mattress, take a look at Amore's Hybrid Mattress. Alternatively, if you are looking for a smart mattress, take a look at Eight's new Pod mattress with dynamic temperature and smart features.

Quality of Materials

The Personal Comfort mattresses stay competitive when it comes to material quality against the Sleep Number mattress. They have manufacturing facilities in the U.S and use high quality foams and textiles that are CeriPUR-US certified not to offgas nasty toxins.

However, some materials have issues. The adjustable air capsules have some issues with mold / mildew buildup and durabilty concerns. These are issues with Personal Comfort as well as other number beds.

Mattress Types

Personal Comfort features 5 mattress collections that come with a variety of comfort layer options and pricepoints. We'll go through them in depth below:

Classic Series (A2, A3, A4)

The Classic Series is the lowest cost and most affordable option that Personal Comfort ships. They range from 8'' - 10'' in height. The A2 is very similar to any other air-bed with the air chambers being the primary comfort layer. The A4 is the only mattress that comes with egg-crate foam as an additional comfort layer. These mattresses are good for a spare bedroom, but due to the lack of comfort layers other than the air chambers, these mattresses are best suited for short term use.

The pros: Very affordable number bed option.

The cons: Some issues with the durability.

Price Range: $499-$1499

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Advanced Series (Online, A5, A6)

The Advanced series features more comfort layers than the classic collection. The online edition bed comes with dual number customization and a layer of egg-crate foam above the air chambers. The A6, the highest grade mattress of this collection also comes with 3 layers of foam and a bamboo top panel. At a pricepoint well above most online options for other designs of mattress, these mattresses aren't cheap however.

The pros: Mid-grade number beds with multiple comfort layers.

The cons: Prices are high for materials used. Durability is an issue.

Price Range: $1099-$2249

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

Elegance Series (A7, A8, A10)

The Elegance Series by Personal Comfort comes with more layers of foam and higher profiles. These mattresses are 14'' - 15'' in height. They come with 3 layers of foam above their air chambers, including gel-infused memory foam and aloe vera infused fabric. These mattresses have more foam in them, which provides greater comfort. However, there are still some complaints about the air chambers' durability and other complaints about long-lasting comfort.

The pros: Layers of comfort above the air chambers.

The cons: These mattresses are still high priced for materials used versus other online retailers. Some durability complaints.

Price Range: $1699-$3999

Final Score: 7.6 / 10

Memory Foam Series (H10, H12)

The Personal Comfort memory foam are between 10'' - 12'' in height and have multiple layers of foam, including gel-infused memory foam and evolution foam. These mattresses continue to be very expensive versus online options without a number option. There are also some durability complaints.

The pros: Good quality memory foams over the air chambers adds to the contour.

The cons: The price is quite high for the materials used. There are some issues with the longevity.

Price Range: $1799-$2799

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

Smart Bed Series (A10, H12)

To stay up to speed with Sleep Number, Personal Comfort offers smart features for the A10 and H12 mattresses. They come with an innovative sleep tracker and monitor, the Reston monitor which is made by Sleepace. This allows you to understand your sleep quality and adjust your mattress to it. It seems like that feature is the big addition to make it a smart bed as the rest of the features appear identical.

The pros: Smart tracking features available on select Personal Comfort models.

The cons: The prices are higher for the materials used. Not many proprietary features.

Price Range: $2199-$4199

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

Browse Personal Comfort Customer Reviews

Best bed I have ever slept on

Best bed I have ever slept on. Easily half the price of a Sleep Number and the quality is so much better. The mattress is outstanding and the frame is great too. The frame is actually a Reverie which is another bed company, which I thought was interesting but it is simply perfect. The only complaint is that the website for the company is a little outdated so I had to call my order in. No issues whatsoever though.

Compared to Sleep Number functionability, theirs are almost

Compared to Sleep Number functionability, theirs are almost on an equal scale BUT the exceptionally strong rubber odor lingers for more than 3 weeks after assembly. Unsure if breathing this while asleep will have a health issue later.

Be prepared to spend hours assembling the bed and referring to their video. No white glove service.

A piece from the whole package was send wrongly but the waiting time for the correct one was quick. It seemed that there were not more than 2 customer service persons who are not thoroughly knowledgeable when an isolated problem comes up. Kept referring us to the video.

When told that we want to return the bed sets, they ask that we continue to try them longer as the 120days trial was not fulfilled. WHAT! We were breathing in rubber fumes, was that not enough reason! The return was a painstaking process of waiting of more than a month with continual calling to ask about the possible paperwork was annoying. Unbelievable!

My son recommended Personal Comfort

My son recommended Personal Comfort after he had done a lot of research. Since they had the adjustable base I wanted and matched a lower price I found online, I decided to go with them. Upon delivery, I discovered that the wrong bases were ordered (Cal King vs. King) and the delivery service took the bases back. Personal Comfort was able to verify that I ordered King vs. Cal King, based on the phone recording of my order, and had the correct bases sent right away. Mistakes happen; it's how they are handled and whether or not they are satisfactorily resolved that makes a huge difference. And, Personal Comfort did an excellent job in resolving the issue quickly, without hassle and to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend Personal Comfort to anyone in the market for a new bed or base.

I did a lot of research on an air mattress bed

I did a lot of research on an air mattress bed. I purchased the Personal Comfort A8 queen single mattress. I only need to adjust for me. The highest adjustment is 50. I put it at 32. I am 45 days into the bed and I believe that this bed may be the reason that I no longer hurt when I wake up. I can get the support I need for my back, hips and shoulders and I can get out of bed in the morning without being bent over in pain. I have scoliosis of the back, arthritis in my spine and a hip replacement that left one leg shorter than the other and my pelvis shifted. With my prior conventional mattress I went to sleep with spine adjusted from my day's exercise and stretching, but I woke up in pain every morning feeling crooked and unable to stand up. With the Personal Comfort bed my body feels great every morning. I have only had it for 45 days, but I am so grateful that I finally found a bed that is working for me. I am also sleeping through the night; no waking up with arm numbness or shoulder discomfort. I have started using a thin down pillow, very little loft. My neck feels good when I wake up. All those special memory foam head and neck pillows I have, and I have every tempurpedic pillow they sell, are not necessary for my comfort to sleep. I found the 'free gift' pillow with the bed purchase too hot to sleep on. I don't recommend that.

We are very happy with our new Personal Comfort bed

We are very happy with our new Personal Comfort bed and adjustable base. We were also satisfied with the purchase experience. During that process we were well aware of the company's return policy, unlike other reviewers here. My guess is that the company made this policy clearer and perhaps more visible on their website. We previously owned a Select Comfort bed for many years so we knew what the bed would be like before we bought it. If you've not slept on an air chamber bed before, be sure you understand and can accept the return policy before you buy. Every body is different and some may not enjoy this type of bed.

We previously bought and used the Big Name competition number bed

We previously bought and used the Big Name competition number bed. It was a miserable purchase experience, and we almost walked away due to bad salesman and sales tactics. But we liked the adjustable air bed experience. Then I stumbled across Personal Comfort. I had a bit of trepidation about buying it over the phone. It turned out to be a wonderful buying experience resulting in what I feel are superior materials. Instead of the competition's tactics of adding more and more charges, and making you feel bad for not buying every possible option and upgrade, the Personal Comfort phone sales kept tossing in extras and discounts and "no charge", saving much aggravation and a few hundred bucks over the competition. The accessories were a bit on the high side for price, such as the simple bed frame, but it was decent quality, easy setup and nice to do one stop shopping. The bed arrived promptly, with no issues on the order (everyone I know seems to have order issues with the competition). Do not be scared by the "assemble it yourself". This is not rocket science and good instructions are included. One point of warning. They tell you to air out the foam for a day. We did not notice much smell from the foam. BUT, the air chamber reeked of plasticizer, and took a couple weeks to air out, since we discovered this after assembling the bed. Find a place outside or in the garage to air out the air chamber as soon as you get it, and plan on a few days to a week or so to air it out. The only issue we have had is the power plug seems to have a flaky connection to the pump and is disconnected if you look at it wrong. I will likely duct tape that in place as an easy fix. We love the Personal Comfort A8 bed, and bought two twin XL to make a king size, for versatility (snoring and old age issues), even though its a pricey way to buy a king size. Definitely a superior product to the Number competition in this model. Regarding firmness complaints.... Read the instructions. You may need to do the simple calibration process. I also note I use a very low setting compared to Sleep Number. I use about a 45 on SN, but for PC I only use 17-20. Don't be afraid to try very low settings. Unlike a regular soft mattress, the air number mattresses do not keep getting softer over time.

Bad experience

Bad experience! I don't normally write bad reviews but it is warranted here. I bought the bed through Amazon and waited a few weeks to set it up. after putting it together i slept on it for two nights of tossing and turning. My arm started getting numb, my shoulder hurt and my neck still isn't right. I called immediately when they told me that because I went through Amazon they can't honor the 90 day sleep guarantee. So they sold me the extra padding package for another $350 and I had to reassemble the bed, (understandable). So now I'm sleeping on it for two weeks and while the bed is much better it still does not compare to my old Serta. Don't waste the money.

This is a horrible product

This is a horrible product and the company has such an awful return policy that you cannot get out of this contract. The bed is hard as a rock and they sell you pillows that are so small that they are worthless. it is honestly a joke that the pillows are sold as a real pillow. The bed does not change when you change the settings it just gets higher or lower the firmness never changes. Save yourself trouble and buy a air mattress it will be better quality. They tell you that there is memory foam on the bed but it is nothing like memory foam. I have never made a purchase that I regret as much as this mattress. They talked me into the Silver sLE it is not a comfortable mattress. Do not buy this unless you can go and try it out. They told me they have a cooling product as well it is simply not true.

Personal Comfort Beds BUYER BEWARE

Personal Comfort Beds BUYER BEWARE!!!! I purchased a Personal Comfort bed in March 2014. I broke my neck in a car accident and at the suggest of a Chiropractor I looked into this type of bed. I researched the best value naturally and found a website claiming to be unbiased and detailing the Personal Comfort bed with a review rating of 100% (i guess I am naive and believed the website to be unbiased) it also list a detail of return policies which now I know to be inaccurate as it list Personal Comfort as 100% satisfaction guaranteed with NO fee on returns - MAKE SURE YOU READ THE PERSONAL COMFORT FINE PRINT! It is NOT offered on the A2 minimal model! and you MUST keep the bed for 45nights! I woke up to a STIFF neck! tried it with a memory foam topper, and a down topper. TWO weeks of therapy on my neck! Of course in calling I was told again about the 150.00 return fee! but then ALSO informed that the BASE could NOT be returned! They want to deduct ANOTHER 200.00 from the purchase price, and stated that I agreed to that? REALLY who in their right mind would agree to that? NOW after SEVERAL emails, and calls, etc. I have received the required RMA form! BEWARE! that's my advise! TAKE PICTURES! as within their BBB file, they always seem to claim that foam is torn, or a tag is cut! If you have an issue, email them to have PROOF of what you are and ARE NOT told about! They claim the phone conversations are recorded? Guess we will find out as the credit card company and the BBB will investigate it during my dispute process!

So I ordered the A8 Top panel XL

So I ordered the A8 Top panel XL. Total $186.00 in comparison to what I had the A2 top the basic entry level. The Rep. Faiza Mansoor was very helpful and courteous. After sleeping on this Top I was led to believe it was going to be a Total of 13". but when measured it measures 7". In the 2 pictures I have The one from the 8" top there are 5 pieces that make up the Top. In the 13" top there are 11 pieces. When i received the A8 Top there were pieces not like what is shown in the picture that are missing. Overall it is better then what I had but Honesty is the Best policy and what I have is not what is shown.

The bed works as expected

The bed works as expected. While not being a miracle cure my wife's bad back feels much better when she gets up. Set up was easy. Compresser does make a little noise, but after you find your number does not run that much. Air chambers have held air well. No leaks. Air chambers do not separate from each other Mine took about a month to be delivered.

We love our Personal Comfort bed

We love our Personal Comfort bed. It was really easy to set up (once we figured out how the frame went together) the bed itself was really easy. We have enjoyed sleeping on new bed for a little over a month. We did have a few mornings we woke up still until we realized that the number setting Sleep Number gave to us was too hard. We lowered the air to a comfortable 38 and now we sleep deep and cozy.

Great bed

Great bed, great service.

Awesome bed

Awesome bed! Very happy!

Great air mattress!

The only thing which made me consider a four star rating was the time it took to get the bed once ordered, 59 days. However, Personal Comfort made things right by sending some free sheets. The bed is very comfortable, and appears to be made of quality material!

Best bed ever

The company was wonderful to work with, and the bed had exceeded every expectation. My husband used to have a Sleep Number Bed, and this one is so much better. No gap or displacement between the two halves, and both our backs are doing SO much better. We switched from a Tempurpedic to this, and will never have another kind of bed.

The ONLY problem I have (which is just…

We LOVE our Personal Comfort mattress!

Everything I expected

Everything I expected. Relative to the competition a great value.

so far very good

so far very good

when I call they are very helpful…no problem

when I call they are very helpful noproblem

Nice mattress, but lots of hassle getting there.

I found Personal Comfort by Google, and I needed a new bed. I really love number beds, but couldn't afford Sleep Number. In fact, I ended up on Personal Comfort at first thinking it was Sleep Number. I seemed to have trouble getting the sale price to show, so I called. Ann was extremely friendly and helpful while ordering the mattress. When she said it would take up to 20 days for the bed to arrive, she wasn't kidding. It was a long wait and multiple shipments. I wasn't happy that when I called to inquire how many shipments I could expect, they couldn't tell me. Then I got to putting it together. I put it together alone, and consider myself a competent smart woman. However, it took over four hours, grit, frustration and more frustration. I ordered a Twin XL and the foam kept falling over, the sides of the base pad didn't come up over the sides, like the instructions show. The instructions show a couple putting together a king or queen size like it's super easy. It's not. Then I found out as I was trying to put on the head board the company sent me a queen. Now to the Company's credit Shawna corrected the order and sent out a new headboard as well as fixed some other issues. Just to note to first time buyers, the fold out base along *with* the snap tight frame sits very high and rocks/see-saws as you turn and move at night, it's not comfortable and at minimum it's annoying. So if you want the snap tight, get the basic frame. Read all descriptions before ordering. Personally, too I have to add, I truly love the brushed microfiber sheets- super comfortable!

I have owned a Sleep Number bed and…

I have owned a Sleep Number bed and Personal Comfort beds are more comfortable, better quality and more than half the price of Sleep Number. My only wish would be to make the remotes wireless, but they have an app for that.

bed is just OK..

bed is OK... no back ache, but also not comfortable. customer service is really lacking training on products !!! i could not get answers on most questions. order was VERY late and incomplete. when i called to ask where the other piece was, i was treated as an annoyance. I dont want anything extra .... JUST WHAT I PAID FOR ! bad experience. wont buy again


Excellent i like

I thought the experience was great and…

I thought the experience was great and I love the mattress, but my husband, who weighs a lot more than me, doesn't like it.

The bed is good quality and…

The bed is good quality and comfortable. I really do not like the controller. It works odd. I click on control to see the number and then it shows that it is changing. Customer support calls but is not really helpful. Answered my question wrong and did not reply after email for correct information. Still happy I purchased Personal Comfort bed. Saved alot of money over you know who.

Bad experience!

While people were nice to me, sales people were not very knowledgeable in product and my needs. They did not take in account my specific medical issues which I explained in great detail. The first bed I received for 1900$ was truly a joke, not only wickedly uncomfortable but very cheap material. The upgrade was an improvement but still very uncomfortable. They kept wanting me to upgrade and spend more money, meanwhile I'm getting no sleep and back killing me. They were very prompt on refund so I could buy new bed that I'm happy with and cost a lot less.

Personal Comfort Beds are the way to go!

Quick service and a high quality bed at a fraction of the cost of a sleep number bed. What a great nights sleep!

The bed itself is fine

The bed itself is fine, though I feel overpriced for something which you need to assemble yourself. The process took me about 90 minutes including unboxing, but wasn’t terribly complicated. The shipping was an absolute disaster...took 3 weeks longer than it was supposed to and when I called the customer service manager tried to guilt trip me by saying “well we are behind but I’ll put tourneys order ahead of people who are suffering from cancer and dying”. Seriously? Wow. So overall I like the bed but strongly disliked the service and the company itself.

So comfortable!

We have had our split king for about four months now and absolutely love it! Sometimes, as I wake up during the night, my first thought is how incredibly comfortable the bed is and how much better my back and hips feel. We would definitely give a five except my "air mattress" had to be replaced as it wasn't holding air. But they responded positively and immediately to address the problem, it was shipped the next day, and it was easy for me to replace. I love that defective parts can be replaced (in this case free) instead of replacing the whole mattress. I hope this bed is as good in ten years as it is now!

Good in the beginning

My husband and I purchased this bed in 2014. It was fine in the beginning, but after about three to four years, I began to ache all over. I noticed quite a bit of sagging (I'm not all that big), but when I unzipped it, to change out the foam, there was no sagging. I knew I could probably get a new cover, but sadly, my husband died and I couldn't lift the bed to exchange the cover by myself. The pain I was experiencing was so great that I just replaced the entire mattress. Perhaps too costly of a thing to do, but I no longer wanted to put more money into the mattress and then learn that didn't make any difference.

Very Good bed

We have had a basic queen Personal Comfort brand air bed for 4 years now and like it... our mattress is a 10" thick queen size and was $800 . One of the two controllers went bad after 2 years and was replaced very quickly and hassle free under their 3 year warranty. The bed itself is trouble free.. Never leaks..In fact, the air pressure changes a little based on the atmospheric pressure on a particular day-up or down, but the valves etc do not leak and pump has been trouble free. There is no 'valley' between the two twin mattresses that form the queen size, so 'cuddling is the same as other mattresses. The side rails have held up well. Overall it is a 'firm bed on which we have a cheap foam pad. The main advantage to air beds is that they do not get lumps and valleys like an innerspring. we suggest that you get the mattress 'toppers' at Walmart etc for Much less money.

Not a comfortable bed

We purchased the personal comfort bed after watching the video that said it was better than a sleep number bed. My husband and I both have back problems and was looking for something we could rest on. We were unable to rest and got up every morning aching all over. I purchased the bed they suggested and was told I could return it within the first 120 days if I didn't like it. What they didn't tell me was that the adjustable base, which cost $1800, in not returnable. We had problems with the bases when we first received them and had to deal with the company that makes the bases, which is a different company, even had to climb under the bed on the floor, to get it working properly. The people that delivered the bed left without it working . There were even staples sticking out of the bottom of the bases where papers had been pulled off and left the staples. I would not recommend this bed but if you do decide to try it be aware that the base in nonrefundable. I personally cannot afford $1800 for a base that I cannot use.


Think twice before purchasing a bed from Personal Comfort! There is fine print they don’t tell you about, such as, the bed base is not returnable or refundable! We researched for months before purchasing this bed. They had us on the phone over an hour during the initial sale, answering every question we had, reassuring us we had 120 DAYS to change our mind, and also selling us on extra mattress protectors etc, worth hundreds of extra dollars. You only have the website to see the products. And when our bed arrived, it looked like a hospital bed, not like the one on the website. It wasn’t until we started having problems in the first few weeks of having the bed, that we learned that we unknowingly agreed to some fine print, that our base was not returnable. That was NOT made known during the call. We were told multiple times that we had 120 days to change our minds. It wasn’t until we took them up on that offer that, in fact, you cant. On top of that, the bed was manufactured by multiple companies, and the base of the bed ( the part you will have problems with) is made by Reverie, and reverie has a customer service number that, if they have a high call volume, and wait time is more than 5 minutes, you have to leave a message and wait for them to call you back. VERY inconvenient. After 3 months of back and forth phone tag, my control box for the bed was finally replaced, and still would not work properly. I was promised an extension and a compensation for all the trouble, which was never given. But several times I insisted that I just want this bed gone and my money back, and I was denied. And when it went past my 120 days, they said “sorry, youre past your 120 days.” Personal comfort offered a 0% interest for a year, which turns out to be a credit card. I started a dispute with that credit card company. This credit card company did not ask my side of the story, and when personal comfort LIED on many accounts about the status of my account (such as, the customer wont contact us…) the credit card sided with merchant. I have had this bed since July and it is now March. One side of the bed hasn’t worked since 6 weeks after I got it, and the other side of the bed hasn’t worked since about Christmas. You have 4 different companies you work with for this one bed. (personal comfort, reverie, the repair company, and the credit card company.) This has been an absolute DISGUSTING experience.

Worst mattress and customer service ever

After much research we purchased a bed on April 8,2020. Due to Covid the order was delayed(not the company's fault). After contacting the company in May to find out the status of our order they agreed to ship but not do the in home setup, we agreed to this as we had already paid for the bed 2 moths prior. We received the bed and the base the end of may. We watched the you tube video for set up as no instructions came with the product only how to attach the guard around the edge of bed. First complaint (DO NOT BUY THE SPLIT TOP BED) the split in the top is very uncomfortable, its not like it shows in pictures as you or your spouse will slide though the split, it does not matter if the bed is flat or raised(more if raised). Secondly the bed is super uncomfortable, it is as hard as a rock and no matter what number you put it on. Third we slept on this bed for two weeks only and immediately requested a return(in June) they sent us the paperwork RMA to fill out and FAX in you can not email it, we did that they received it and confirmed in Email with a ticket number. Never heard back so called again in July only to speak with another representative that stated only the mattress is returnable not the base, told her was never told we could not return a $2500.00 base and she said they would listen to the original sales call to verify and if that was the case they would take the base back. We never heard back so we have had this ginormous bed sitting in our living room for 5 months, Today I call once more and get yet another representative that tells me I need to send in yet another RMA for the return of the mattress only, I ask to speak to a supervisor and the response I got was no and you can not return the base period, (I WOULD NEVER SPEND OVER $2500 ON SOMETHING I CAN NOT RETURN). Lastly the customer service is a JOKE. They intentionally make you wait the 120 days so you can not dispute with the credit card company.

8 Months And Loving It

My wife and I had slept on waterbeds for the first 30 years of our marriage and loved how comfortable they were, but we got tired of having to constantly having to drain them to patch the tiny holes that would develop. We tried a lot of different mattresses, but decided the smart airbeds came closest to matching the waterbed comfort. After looking at the way the different beds were made and the prices, we selected the PC A6 King Size. After 8 months, the bed is still just as comfortable as the day we set it up.

The worse customer service

Please same your self the trouble the worse customer service. They will not call back and no way to get refunded.

The Good and the Bad

Purchased about three years ago. Love the bed and it is very comfortable. However, it developed a leak where the air filling hose is sewn into the air chamber (found it in my neighbors pool). The majority of Personal Comfort components are backed by parent company "American National Manufacturing Inc." When dealing with them, I discovered that the chamber was at the 50% warranty coverage due to age. Normally, I would find that acceptable, however, this leak was clearly a manufacturing issue due to location. I offered to send it to them so they could use it for quality control or perhaps improve design. They stated that since they had very few failures in that area, they didn't want to look at it. I found that humorous as if that were the case, I would have liked to see them support me with a 100% covered replacement air chamber as this would have been highly unusual. Oh well, 50% is better than nothing and the bed is great but a little disappointed at that they didn't take a stronger stand behind their product.


I am very pleased with my bed. It makes me happy. That's about it. I bought a sleep number mattress that fell apart within a year but I used it for years until I searched for years until I decided to pick one and I picked a winner. I am planning to upgrade and I hope I can easily. Buy one you won't regret it.


These crooks sent a CHEAP INFLATABLE Mattress to me and when I returned it, they are refusing to provide me a refund. Even lying to my Discover card Merchant, telling them it was NOT returned!! Liars!!!! I Am Only 22 Years Old And Got Duped By These Crooks Into Spending $1,000+ For An Inflatable Mattress And They Don't Honor They Refund Warranty!! They Said 100% Money-Back - Liars!!!!

Queen Cransfield spt

I got the queen cransfield almost three years ago. I havent found a comefortable number to use for sleep. It has developed a low spot that I cant resolve. I tried letting all the air out and re-inflating but to no avail. I cant flip it because of the pumps. I paid to much to throw it away and buy another mattress. This turned out to be a bad purchase on my part. Your sales person sounded very convencing.

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