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Performasleep Mattress Reviews

PerformaSleep™ is a mattress maker that ships a mattress in a box that focuses on helping athletes and the highly active have a better night sleep so that they can recover properly. They use an all-foam design with the addition of technologies like copper-infused foam. Overall, their customers have good things to say about PerformaSleep.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $525-$975

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Performasleep's Specifics

Quality of Materials

PerformaSleep offers one type of all-foam mattress that was developed with athletes in mind. In terms of what materials it offers, it has a few interesting technologies -- including copper-infused foam and TENCEL™ fiber. Even though these are beneficial enhancements, we expected more in terms of athlete specific materials being used. That said, their price is quite competitive for the materials used and is a big selling point.

The PerformaSleep mattress comes with a three comfort layer design. Here are the complete details:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of TENCEL material, which is naturally soft, breathable, and moisture whicking. This layer is ideal for those that are still sweating after their workout as it diffuses moisture.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is CopperCool™ gel foam, that further diffuses heat with the benefits of the copper's conductivity. This layer also alleviates pressure point pain.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is a transitional Enersorb™ foam that is more responsive than the top layer. It ensures that you don't sink into the mattress but still get the contouring benefits of the top layer.

Layer 4: The last layer is the PerformaBase layer that gives support to the spine, hips, and shoulders.

Overall Comfort

In terms of overall comfort, most sleepers find it cooling and comfortable. However, there are some others that have had issues with the firmness -- especially those that are side sleepers and were hoping for something softer. Others who were very warm sleepers had problems with the heat.


See the above firmness chart. This mattress is rated as medium-firm. It will work best for back and stomach sleepers who are average sized. Those that are side sleepers will do best if they are larger in size so that they don't experience pressure point pain in their hips and shoulders.

Back Pain Relief

There are some that have described good back pain relief with this mattress, though others have had issues. If you are average in size, you will likely feel the best back sleeping. Also, there may be an adjustment period.


Although the copper infused top layer will keep most people cool, some athletes have very warm temperatures, especially after workouts. Those that work out in the evening before bed or live in a very warm environment, may still experience some heat with this mattress.

Who Are These Mattresses Best For?

This is a good mattress for the athlete on a budget due to the very competitive price point. For those that are very active, it may make sense to invest in something more cooling.

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Best choice ever!

I was a little hesitant in buying this mattress not knowing how it would feel. But I went for it and am now recovering and sleeping the best I ever had! It’s a must buy!

Mattress and pillows

We can’t say enough good things about our purchase! We both sleep great. And best more lower back pain for me.


Absolute best mattress and pillows I’ve ever experienced (68 years)

Love my new mattress!

I was a little skeptical at first, because it came in a box. Don’t be fool. Best decision ever. Set Up: Super easy. Be careful when cutting the bag so that you don’t cut the mattress. I just wished it gave a hint as to “this side up.” Support and Comfort: Right Firmness. The mattress targets certain pressure points on the body. I did an 18-mile run, laid in my bed and noticed how relaxed my feet were. My recovery time was seamless. Cost: It is pricey, but it is so worth it if your workouts are intense throughout the week. There is an option to purchase the mattress through credit and pay it off by installments Sleeping pattern: Wow! I have been able to sleep my full 7-hrs. Rest is key.

Great sleep

I have to say was very sceptical but it has been awesome

Amazing Sleep

It had been at least 12-years since I’d purchased new mattress, so looking for a new with all these different types of mattresses was going to be tough! After extensive research and reading reviews; I bought my performasleep King mattress! Well needless to say it didn’t disappoint. Great mattress and from the moment I laid on it; I felt my body just starting mold into the mattress with all support it needed still!

Game changer!

This mattress has brought sanity and sweet, sweet slumber to our lives. We feel the need and urge to tell all our family and friends about it. It has been a blessing for sure!

Wonderful sleep cloud

I haven't felt so happy about going to sleep before my matress arrived. Help my lower back pain significantly. Very happy.


Absolutely the best sleep I’ve had in my life, through my marine corps career and now a veteran with back shoulder knee and other problems I’ve found a bed at least for now which satisfies my needs. Excellent job.

Best bed!

I love this bed. Such better sleep at night. I should have gotten pillows to match!

Amazing Product

I've been sleeping on my queen size mattress for a week now and have been extremely happy. I wake up well rested and feel refreshed. The perfect combination of firmness and comfort. Great bed!


The mattress has changed the quality of sleep for both me and my life. We both feel like we have better quality sleep

Two weeks in

I bought this with some skepticism because of all of the differing models out there. I have used this for two weeks now and its great. It shows me just how much I needed a new mattress. Getting great sleep and not waking up with a sore lower back anymore. Worth the investment . JH

Still waiting for delivery

Cannot until it arrives


Best night's sleep in years!!!

Sleeps cool!

First time sleeping in a foam mattress. I thought it would feel mushy and hot. But its actually comfortably firm but not too firm and not too squishy. I also thought it would be hot. It feels comfortable. It doesnt get too hot or too cold. Back feels better too!

So far so good

We've been sleeping on the mattress for about a week now and if it holds it's current firmness I will be very pleased with it. It's a really good combination of softness and firmness.

Great products and great service!

Great products and great service!

The best

Extremelly happy with my new mattress. So comfortable and no back pain. Love it!

Great support

I had problem with my old mattress and would wake up with lower back pain all the time. This mattress fixes that problem. I’ve been sleeping great since I’ve bought it and have not been nearly as tired in the morning when I wake up


We were on a search for a decent bed that was affordable for a good year. It came down to choosing a box mattress but it's so difficult choosing a brand! Ultimately we choose this mattress because my wife competes in Crossfit competitions and Spartan races and she liked the idea of a mattress to play a role in her recovery. We are now both sleeping better at night with no tossing and turning and seem to wake up more rested.

Never Slept Better

Thank you for making an affordable quality mattress! Worth Every Penny!

So Far So Good....

I have had the bed for a couple of weeks and it has preformed as advertised.....and I am very happy with the purchase. I have had no lower back pain that I used to have after sleeping on my old conventional mattress.

Best Sleep Ever

I’ve never slept Harder or Better on this thing! I used to snooze for hour or two every morning, now I’m rested, rejuvenated and excited to get up at my first alarm and get to my morning workout.

We love this mattress. It

We love this mattress. It shipped quickly, easily set up, and sleeps great. Highly recommend!

So far so good

We received our Performa sleep mattress a couple weeks ago and so far we are in love!!

Dreaming Again.

Been sleeping on a king size for a week now, I’m a severe Sleep Apnea case and haven’t had a dream I could remember without wearing a CPAP for a very long time. That changed last week when I got a Performa...I’ve constantly woke up this week and remembered having vivid dreams. It’s kind of nice knowing I’m actually falling into a state of better rest. Getting back to training this month and can’t wait to see the improvement while recovering through better sleep. Seriously, considering a purchase of the pillows offered.


This is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on in my life. I lie down and don't want to move. This is the only bed I've ever been able to sleep on on my back. It is definitely cool. My fitted sheet feels almost cold to the touch. I haven't gotten overheated at all. I was able to carry the box to my bedroom and unpack it myself (full size) Such cool packaging! I did that in the afternoon and it was perfect at bedtime.

Best night sleep ever!

Noticed a big difference in my sleep the first night we got the mattress. Didn't wake up once during the night and the copper infused pad helped keep me cool all night. Can't imagine sleeping on another mattress.

It’s about time!!

For years I’ve had trouble sleeping and waking up feeling rested in the morning. I’ve been sleeping on my new PerformaSleep mattress for 9 days and I’ve already seen a drastic improvement. I wake up much more rested and without back pain. It’s been years since I’ve felt this good. Thank you PerformaSleep for an incredible product.

The Best

Bought a Queen mattress a year ago and had to buy a king because we just needed that much more amazing!

Very Comfortable Mattrewss

The mattress arrived very quickly and was a snap to set up. It is extremely comfortable. I am glad I made this purchase.

Best sleep in 5 years

I purchased this bed based on reviews and not sleeping well along with waking up sore because of a crappy mattress. Now that my body has become used to the performa sleep mattress I sleep great and wake up feeling rested and never sore. Also, it was incredibly easy to unpackage and start using.

Great Product!

What a great bed! It exceeded my expectations!


After the first night I wondered why I had waited so long to switch to PerformaSleep! I have spent my adult life with back pain and pain in my hips from sleeping, since I've had my PerformaSleep mattress I've been pain free. I expected an adjustment period because I've spend my whole life on a traditional style spring mattress but I had zero issues adjusting and from my first night I've been sleeping better than I have for years!! And customer service, top notch. They responded to an email within hours, on the weekend!! Thank you PerformaSleep, I recommend you to everybody that will listen!!

So Far So Good

Have had this mattress for a two weeks now and no complaints. I'm actually getting less hours of sleep but waking up more fresh. I feel it's definitely helped my recovery also.

Amazing just amazing!!!

Love my new mattress and let’s not forget the pillows!!! Best pillows ever!!! You guys are the best, you really care about your product and making you customers happy!!! 100% recommended... I’ll definitely change all the mattresses in my house...

Comfortable and supportive

This is not a super soft pillow top mattress. This is a mattress for an active individual, it is firm allow your muscles the time need to relax and recover. If you are used to a softer bed give this mattress a few week and you will feel the difference. Great Mattress!

Happy with my new bed

Happy with my new bed


I received the pillow first, and my boyfriend instantly fell in love with it. A few days later the mattress came, and I haven’t slept this great since I can remember. It’s truly amazing. Oh and my dog and my boyfriend fight over the pillow. We definitely are very pleased with our purchase!

Great mattress!

Great mattress!

Killer Customer Service

I have had a PerformaSleep mattress for a couple of years, and when the pillow came out, I got that right away! I recently moved and was going to be needing a bigger mattress. I had a couple of questions, so I emailed support. They got back to me immediately and delivered full force! I now have my new, bigger PerformaSleep mattress and it is just as amazing as my other one! I would never get a different brand

We have our PerformaSleep mattress

We have our PerformaSleep mattress for 2 weeks now. It is amazing!! No back aches for me, no shoulder pain for my husband! So thankful that we bought it!!

Love my bed

Love my bed

Best mattress on the market

From sleeping in places all over the world being in the Navy, sleeping through a whole night felt impossible. Since receiving my mattress, I have slept so much better and have now decided to order one for my kids rooms and guest bedroom as well.

already submitted

please see my previous submission regarding my review of both the mattress and pillow. Also, should the mattress be rotated periodically? Please advise.

Best mattress

Most comfortable mattress I have ever slept in.

I've been late to work everyday

The bed feels great, I was worried about the hype and it being a gimmick and buying online without trying. But the bed feels amazing.

Best in bed

I’ve always been a troubled sleeper but have been sleeping so soundly with my new Performasleep mattress! I still wake up a little hot every now and then but the benefits of feeling great after a good nights sleep and having your body recover quickly are invaluable!

Neck issues from an injury...

I have had terrible neck issues after a bad fall roughly 5 years ago. Every morning I’d wake with major headaches after not sleeping all night due to the inability to get comfortable...I can’t tell you the last time I slept through the night without waking at least half a dozen times... and then I slept on this mattress and pillow. The very first night I slept soundly... the very next morning I woke without a headache. I was actually a bit mad I had to get up and go to work. I would have paid to stay in bed all day. The mattress is so firmly comfortable, it keeps you cool, and the pillow gently supports your neck and head without losing its shape. I couldn’t be happier with my purchases.

Best sleep I have had in years

I am still adjusting to this bed but after two weeks, I love it!

Love it!!

Great price, quick delivery, sleeping harder every night and super comfy! Get one now!!


I love this mattress! It's so much better than my old one. Highly recommended it to anyone looking for no back pain in the morning.

Extremely comfortable

Great investment! My Wife and I were hesitant at first with not testing before purchase, but are so happy we made the leap. We sleep through the entire night and are feel restored in the morning. The pillow is great as well highly recommend. Thank you

So far, so good

I was very optimistic the first time I laid on the mattress, but I know it can take time to really learn if it's a fit. It's been a few days, and my sleep has been noticeably better than before. I like that it's got a decent firmness while still soft, almost like there's just a thin, soft topper on a firm mattress. I put a cover with the recommended material on it, not sure if that may reduce the cooling aspect, but it at least seemed prudent during the trial period. I like the pillows, but I'm so used to thicker ones it will likely take a while to adapt. Those feel great for stomach sleeping or arm under the pillow while on side, though.

Great Mattress and Pillow

Great Mattress and Pillow

Couples can agree!

My wife and I both agree this mattress is awesome! We were hesitant to get rid of our fancy “air mattress” because it cost so much, but after 5 years it just wasn’t performing like we were promised... Now this mattress performs! We both noticed right away that we are getting a more restful night sleep and our bodies are recovering faster. My wife and I highly recommend this mattress to everyone!



Best bed ever!

I’ve never ever been a great sleeper. I have tossed and turned for years and always would wake up constantly. I was really skeptical to buy a mattress I’d never tested out but we bought it and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve slept all night, every night since our bed arrived two weeks ago. I’ve not woken up one time at all. I wake up actually feeling rested and ready to work, workout hard and take on the day. Literally the best bed ever!!!

I've had my Performa for

I've had my Performa for a few months now. Took a few days to get used to it but otherwise I sleep sounder and I think it's far comfortable than my old mattress. Not sure if it's coincidence or related to my Performa but my gym performance has seen an improvement since I got my mattress. I recommended this to a co worker as well. Side note though I wouldn't suggest putting a mattress protector on made it super hot while I was sleeping some nights. Ever since I removed the mattress protector I've had nothing but comfort.

New bed

Since we switched mattresses my shoulders don’t hurt when I wake up nor do they fall asleep when I sleep on my side.

Still relatively new to the mattress

Only a couple weeks of sleeping on the mattress, but so far my wife and I have both had very restful nights. No complaints at all.

Best Decision Ever!

This is a great mattress and worth every penny. I am a very warm sleeper, and this (and the pillow!) have kept me cool and comfortable at night. I also work out heavily, and my body needs a good nights' rest in a bed that can rejuvenate my sore muscles. I now sleep through the night with minimal, if any wake-ups. It feels solid, firm but still pleasantly soft and you sink into it perfectly. I'm seriously in love with this mattress!

Skeptic At 1st

I 1st found out about Performa apporx. 4yrs ago when they had just started up. I was judging at WZA 2k14 and they were still reaching out. I slept on one of their beds during one of my shifts and immediately fell in love. At the time I was unable to purchase one and was skeptical to even have a bed shipped to me that I could not test before hand excluding the test bed I slept on. I have been very happy with my purchase and love spending every minute in my bed. I honestly can not recall the last time I have slept through the night without any interruptions and woken up fresh. Literally best purchase I made in 2k18, you will not regret it!

A cloud

Back pain gone instantly, can jump out of bed and feel great. It’s hard to get out of bed now..... thanks!


I have really bad back problems and since switching to this mattress have been able to sleep through the night. It's firm but let's your body sink in at all the right places. Highly recommend!!

Excellent Mattress

Have had the mattress for a little over a week and am very happy with this purchase. Sleep quality has noticeably improved.

Mattress is awesome. Skip the pillows!

I love the mattress, great sleep. Pillows are terrible. Too firm.

Meets the hype

Hands-down, the best mattress that I've ever owned. Within 3 days my back pain was gone. I'm not waking up with stiff legs, I sleep throughout the night without waking up numerous times, and I can tell that my body is recovering much better. Worth the price and investment for your health! Definitely recommend purchasing.

Keeps You Cool

First thing you notice is how cool the mattress is. It keeps you cool throughout the night for a good night's sleep, no more waking up overheated or sweaty in the middle of the night! Unpacking and getting the mattress set up is simple and easy. Shipping was fast an efficient as well.

Very comfortable!!

Very comfortable!!

New Bed - Finally

We had our previous mattress for, I am embarrassed to say, 17 years. It was so comfortable we just could not part with it, but we were no longer sleeping well and knew it was time. We shopped and shopped and simply could not find something that we liked. I had been reading about these "box beds" for some time and based on the reviews we decided to try Performa. We are so glad we did, we are sleeping better, we no longer wake up with a sore back or hips and my husbands snoring has improved!

Feels great. Nice and sturdy

Feels great. Nice and sturdy on back

Very happy with Performasleep

So easy, and fun to set up. And its the most comfortable/best sleep I've ever had. I wake up in the same position I went to sleep in.

Best mattress!

I heard about this mattress through listening to Marathon Training Academy podcast. I bought this mattress for my fiancé and I because we just upgraded to a king size bed and needed a new mattress, and we both absolutely love it! It keeps you cool, comfortable, and sleeping soundly every single night. We are both athletes and have felt improvements in recovery with this mattress. Definitely a mattress that I would buy again and recommend to anyone with difficulty sleeping and/or joint pain. Very happy with this purchase and well worth the money.

Thank You Performa Sleep!

My husband and I have never agreed on a mattress, but found peace with this bed! Thank you for bringing restful nights back to our lives!


Love this mattress!

Oh hell yea

Mattress is tight. Love it.

It's just Awesome!!

The best bed that I've ever sleepy on.

Love it

I was very aprhencive about buying a box mattress, but saw all the great reviews this one had and made the purchase so happy I did not only is the mattress comfy but I am waking up with less aches and pains. I will not be buying a mattress in a store again. Thanks performa sleep for a sound night's rest!

King Size

The bed is amazing. It is like sleeping in a luxury hotel every single night!

Great mattress!

Have had it for about a week and a half, no problems with it!!!

comfortable and affordable mattress

Great mattress for the money. Liked the first purchase so much we bought a second mattress for the guest room.


Best. Mattress. Ever. We decided to purchase a new mattress after having our old mattress for over a decade. We are both avid Crossfitters so we fell in love with your brand. No more hip or back pain & I now sleep straight through the night!! Not to mention our two pitbulls LOVE the bed. Now that we have a king all 4 of us can fit on it comfortable. Not to mention we also got the two pillows also. Amazing. Especially bc I get imagines. Thank you!

Game Changer

Best investment I’ve ever made. There is no doubt that I am getting deeper, more restful sleeps. Perfect combination of cushion and firmness. I wake up feeling awesome. This was long overdue!

The bed is very comfortable

The bed is very comfortable and the customer service is great!


Extremely comfortable bed which remains cool throughout the night. Firm but yet soft enough to be comfortable allowing for a good nights rest and a relatively easy time getting out of bed in the morning which for me is a huge thing. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who is searching for a good nights sleep and some recovery!

Looking forward to every night of sleep

Our old mattress was getting old and we found that we often woke up with back pain and not well rested. We were optimistic about PerformaSleep and our mattress has far exceeded expectations. We look forward to every night of sleep!


Sleeping great!

The Performa Sleep

We love our mattress, and the name Perfoma Sleep is a perfect name. Easy to get into and out of the bed..We bought a Cal. King, with no regrets..Love love it....



Incredibly comfortable

We love our mattress. Have never slept better!!!

Cozier Than Tuft N Needle

This was firm yet a little softer to sleep on so we like it better than our Tuft N Needle mattress which we also liked. We saw this mattress on Nastia Liukin's instagram so cheers to your marketing team on solid product placement!! :)


Had a slight issue with the first bed sent to me and they fixed the issue and sent a new bed no questions asked. Customer service is out of control. As far as the beds comfort....this bed is awesome. I’m a little larger(250#) and it is perfect. For my gf it is a little firm; but a mattress pad fixed that for her and still works for me. Very happy.

okay guys, we need to talk..

SO, i love the whole "best night of sleep ive ever had" thing but you guys are making it really hard to get up for work in the morning! not cool! please figure out a way i can work from home and stay laying on this amazing mattress, great work guys! Going to have to grab another queen for my guest room too, feel free to send a free mattress my way!

This is a good product.

This is a good product. The cost was reasonable. We enjoy our new mattress a lot.

New Purchase

We love it!

Best sleep ever!

My sleep has been deeper than ever! I'm dreaming all the time and waking up more refreshed every day. The pillow is a must as well!

Sleep Like a Baby, Exercise like Rich Froning

Since receiving our PerformaSleep mattress both my wife and I have been getting exponentially better sleep. I also purchased the pillow for myself, and will be purchasing one for my wife here shortly. We had a small issue with our mattress (some sort of blemish on the cover that also got onto the underlying foam) and the PerformaSleep customer service was top-notch in getting our situation rectified! Not only does the bed lead to a great night of sleep, but the amazing customer service leaves no reason to lie awake worrying about anything. I would absolutely recommend the PerformaSleep mattress (and pillow!) to anyone out there, not just athletes. It's an amazing bed for the price and the convenience of having it shipped to your door step is great!

Everything it is advertised to

Everything it is advertised to be!!! Very Happy Customer!!!

Great Mattress

Couldn’t be happier with an amazing comfortable bed. Not too soft, not too firm. Right in the middle


I wish I would have bought this mattress a long time ago. I’ve been sleeping like a baby since I got it. Definitely recommend!

Very happy with my matches

Very happy with my matches 😃

Great Purchase

For the price this bed is ideal!! Nothing fancy but very comfortable. Customer service is fantastic

Amazing. Instantly better sleeps and

Amazing. Instantly better sleeps and better wake ups

Pain free. Finally!

I’m an athlete and have been my whole life. I’m also a firefighter. And for the longest i thought that i had acquired a bad back from the years of pounding in basketball and football and now weight lifting. Little did i know that it was mainly due to what i was sleeping on. Didn’t realize that not tossing and turning and waking up sore was normal. Not saying This mattress is for everyone, but being slightly more muscular and active than the average person, this mattress allowed me to sleep undisturbed and very comfortably. It’s soft but not to soft with that added firmness i haven’t seen in any other foam mattress. Perfect for physically active people. My only gripe is that i cheated myself and didn’t just go all out for the pillows (money has been tight for this Fireman) but when it comes down to rolling out of bed in a hurry to save lives or waking up early for some cardio, it’s really nice to not need 30 mins to loosen up. In my line of work every second counts. The recovery aspect of sleep has been restored in my life and i thank you!

Need more time

Need more time


Since my partner and I are athletes this bed has not only with sleeping, but recovery. I recommend to anyone! I've already told several people at work, Friends and Family.

So Cool and Comfy

I have been having back problems for a while, mostly my sciatic nerve with numbing pain shooting down my right side. I was having trouble sleeping and when I got up in the mornings it tooke me a while to get going from the soreness. Even since I have been sleeping on my PerformaSleep Mattress I have not had trouble sleeping and have been waking up feeling refreshed. I don't normally do reviews but this mattress defiantly deserves a great review!


Très confortable dès la première nuit !

Best ever

I could normally only sleep on my side and restless, first night on this mattress I laid on my back and woke up in the same position. My girlfriend said it’s a marshmallow dream.

Best mattress!

After dealing with a couple of months of back pain we decided to get a new mattress. We could not be happier with our purchase. This mattress has to be the most comfortable one I have ever laid on. Our back pain is going away and it also helps sooth our tired muscles after our workouts (we do crossfit and Olympic weightlifting 5-6 days a week). I also suffer from chronic migraines so we purchased the pillows and they are amazing! Only complaint we have, we can no longer get out of bed in the morning :)

I love this bed! In

I love this bed! In just a few weeks, I've gotten the best sleep I've had in years and I wake up in the morning completely refreshed. Best online purchase I've ever made!

Love my new mattress!

Just as I hoped, it is so comfortable!

Great bed.

Great bed.

It’s been great!

It’s been great!

Best sleep/recovery mattress out there!

Sleep to me is extremely important. I am an Active Duty member in the military and Coach and train CrossFit so recovery is so important. Ever since I received my Perorma sleep I have slept better and recovered faster. Cannot thank you guys enough for such an amazing product!!!

Awesome mattress!

I sleep like a baby every night now. The mattress material is very supportive and feels amazing on my back.


In the marines I injured my back, now doing crossfit it tends to get aggravated. Purchasing this bed and sleeping on it has allowed me to wake up with no back pain. On my old bed I would wake up with pain, this bed is awesome and would recommend it to everyone.

It has been great so

It has been great so far.

Game Changer

This mattress is worth every penny! I've suffered with lower back problems that I thought were from weight lifting, when in reality they were coming from a crappy mattress. The pain has gone down significantly over my first week of using this, and I'm able to get better sleep since I don't roll around as much. It won't take you anywhere near 100 days to figure out that you want to keep this mattress.

Best Matress Ever!

We love our PerformaSleep!! It keeps us so cool at night and we have waken with zero aches and pains since the first night of sleeping on it! Also, if you get the mattress, you have to get the pillows too! They're without a doubt the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned! Side note: opening up your new bed and pillows is so fun! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

King Size

So far so good. We have been sleeping on our new bed for about 3 days now. Very comfortable mattress.

This mattress is amazing!

This mattress is amazing!

Restful Sleep!

We have had our mattress now for almost a month. It took me a week to get used to it since we came from a super plush mattress. When you sleep on a PerformaSleep mattress, you don’t sink into it like traditional memory foam mattresses. There is way more support which is what the body needs to keep the spine aligned. I absolutely LOVE this mattress as does my husband. His Fitbit sleep tracker is showing way less pink (which is restless sleep) and way more deep sleep patterns. I don’t wake up stiff with lower back pain anymore. I also don’t wake up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat like I used to. The quality of my sleep has definitely imporoved quite a bit. There’s really nothing negative to say about this mattress or the company/customer service. 10/10 will recommend to family and friends!

Great mattress

Fantastic mattress. My spouse was skeptical as he doesn't sleep well at baseline and now sleeps soundly through the night without waking.

I am sleeping much harder

I am sleeping much harder and falling into deep sleep nightly.

In love with my new mattress

Great customer service and great mattress I give a 10+++++¥

Awesome bed

The bed is great! Softer then what I expected, but not to soft by any means! Just need to make sure you have the right pillow to make your sleep amazing!


My son loves his new mattress!!!!!

Great Mattress!

My fiance and I needed to replace lout queen sized TempurPedic. After reading reviews and researching the mattress we pulled the trigger on the king PerformaSleep. It takes a bit to get used to but we both sleep much better than ever before.


Love this matress, super comfy and can tell it'll last a long time. ❤️

king size performasleep

Feels great sleeps great even the dog likes it

This bed is very comfortable.

This bed is very comfortable. It is not what I am used to but love it!! I don't wake up in the morning with aches!!

Best sleep in years

Besides the fact I waiting too long to replace my old one and slept in a hole basically. I'm glad I did. This mattress is so comfortable and supportive. My back doesn't hurt in the mornings and I don't get hot at night. Not to mention the price is excellent. Definitely recommend to everyone

Snooze button

It is reallly hard to get out of bed now. Will be ordering pillows soon. Best purchase I have made in a while.

This mattress is an actual

This mattress is an actual dream. While I can't speak to its cooling properties, it is the perfect amount of firmness -- it's made a noticeable difference in how I feel when I wake up in the morning, and I'm just sorry I waited so long to actually make this purchase.

The perfect bed

This bed is just the right consistecy. I was concerned that it would be too soft or too firm. After about a week of sleeping on the mattress I have to say it's been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I don't have anymore lower back pain, because my body is fully supported throughout the night. And I wake up more revitalize since my body isn't achy or uncomfortable.

Excellent! No more tossing and

Excellent! No more tossing and turning at night! We love it!

PerformaSleep has helped eliminate my

PerformaSleep has helped eliminate my lower back pain that plagued me for months.



Two night-sweating bodybuilders love new PerformaSleep Mattress!

My boyfriend and I are both bodybuilder athletes. We have suffered from terrible night sweats and often having to sleep at the far sides of the bed. We just moved in to a new place and decided to try a new mattress to meet our needs. After searching, we placed the order for PerformaSleep Mattress. We have had it for about two weeks now and are in love with it! It definitely offers a cooling effect and we have noticed incredibly reduced night sweats. You will still feel your significant other move on the other side of the bed but it does not interrupt a good nights sleep, I'm just a light sleeper. I highly recommend for muscle recovery as well, because of the copper technology.

Firm and bouncy

I never have a hard time falling asleep on this bed. You can hardly feel the movement of your partner or pets jumping onto the bed, it's great. Wished I hadn't waited so long for a good nights sleep.

Great Mattress and Customer Service

For a few years my arms were falling asleep every night, first night on this mattress that quit happening. Very comfortable and I wake up much less sore then I did on my old mattress.

Shockingly good!

My wife and I are both extremely active in athletics and ask a lot of our bodies. My wife is a very light sleeper and I'm a toss'n'turner. She also prefers extremely firm mattresses while I prefer a giant pillow. We've decided to give up on using the same mattress and stick two twins side by side. As we set out to do this I purchased a Performasleep for myself (although concerned it would be too firm for my taste). My wife, being the light and picky sleeper, wanted to get something "nicer" and went to a reputable mattress place. She figured the Performasleep would be too soft anyway. Well now about 3 months later, and 2 different fancy mattresses later, my wife has completely stolen my Performasleep after I let her try it a couple times after all my raving about it. I am now putting in an order for a second one for myself now to complete our needs. We both sleep like we're in a coma on this mattress and can't believe how good we feel in the morning. It's so good that we're kind of shocked and confused really. Needless to say we highly recommend it if you're looking for anything even remotely close to this price point. I'm guessing that once you get well into the 4 figures you might be able to find something better, but I'm so impressed with this that I can't imagine what that would be. I'm sleeping like a rock and waking up feeling more recovered and refreshed them ever.

I didn't buy a mattress.

I didn't buy a mattress. I bought the pillows and a mattress topper

Great sleep!

I've been sleeping on my mattress for a little over two weeks and no longer wake up stiff and sore in the morning (finally). I've also been able to sleep soundly for 2-3 REM cycles instead of constantly tossing and turning. Highly recommend. :)

King size

I have noticed a good amount of sleep I've gained while using this bed compared to my last. Although my last bed was half the price and a full.

Great bed! Very comfy and

Great bed! Very comfy and cool. Love it!


Best sleep I've had in years!

Very comfortable, excellent price compared

Very comfortable, excellent price compared to similar mattresses, would highly recommend!

Sleep again

So far after two weeks this bed has been very nice. It is certainly more firm than other mattresses built similarly but I suspect my spouse and I will enjoy this mattress. We bought a Queen. it arrived in a week. setup was easy. So far so good!

Absolutely Worth It!!!

This mattress is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Words cannot describe the feeling when you first lay on the mattress. You have to try it for yourself.


I was a little skeptical when making this purchase since foam mattresses tend to be a little too hot for me. This mattress is firm and cozy while keeps cool though out the night. I'm very happy with the purchase so far and would recommend to others!

Love it!

We love this bed! How firm it is yet how comfortable it is too!!

Best Recovery Sleep Ever

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I was having problems sleeping and getting full recovery now I wake rested and ready to tackle all my training.

I have scoliosis and it's

I have scoliosis and it's been years since I have been able to sleep on any side other than my back and it's also been years since I've woken up and not been in pain. This mattress was literally life changing I feel like I've finally been able to get a full nights sleep comfortably



Good nights sleep

The mattress is so comfortable. I have slept so much better on my new california king than the old matress I would highly recommend one. I am purchasing one for my kids as well. Not to mention how easy it was to unpackage. I also bought two large pillows and that is the only pillow my son will is so that's a win as well. Highly recommend!

My bed is now my

My bed is now my new favorite place!

The hype if real!

No more back pain in the morning, no more waking up in the middle of the night bc the Texas heat is unbearable... this mattress performs as advertised!

Best mattress I've ever slept on

This mattress is soft, yet firm. So pleased with this purchase!

Firm without being too hard,

Firm without being too hard, it seems to keep my body cooler somehow (I was sleeping with just a sheet and kicking even that off and after getting the mattress, I use the blanket also) and joints don't crackle in the morning getting out of bed

Great for back and side sleepers

After just 3 nights of adjusting to the firmer support of the performasleep mattress (felt the better support in my shoulders the most), I now enjoy a deep restful sleep through the night. It's a great mattress for those post workout aches!

I'm a believer!

I was a little skeptical about the mattress but have been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say I am a believer in this mattress! I was suffering from insomnia with my previous mattress and had trouble falling asleep and staying alseep throughout most of the night. I've noticed I am also not tossing or turning as much either. My friend and I tested out the motion transfer (or lack there of which is great!!!) I was on the mattress turned the other way and she was shaking the mattress-could not feel a thing! It was hard to believe she was even moving it. I love my mattress! Definitely the best sleep I've had in a long time! Thank you PerformaSleep!

Very comfortable.

Very comfortable.

Best Mattress EVER

I absolutely love the performasleep mattress!! It's the most comfortable mattress I've ever had. Just the right amount of firmness under just the right amount of softness in the top layer.

sleep longer and better

My old mattress was worn in. getting this added 3 hours of quality sleep to rest according to my fitbit. Proof is there! feeling much better! thank you performa sleep!

I recently bought my performasleep

I recently bought my performasleep mattress and I honestly love it. I'm an athlete who works out 5 times a weeks and within 5 mins of laying on this bed I'm asleep. It's one of the most comfortable mattress I've every purchased. I prefer firm a mattress over soft ones. This mattress is firm, but still soft enough to hug your body for the perfect comfort. For people who are active and like to put their bodies to work, I recommend it.

Sleeping Through The Night

Sleeping through the whole night is really important to me as a full-time student and athlete. I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair all day studying and in class on top of working out for 90+ minutes a day, so I wanted to invest in a mattress that will give me the ultimate recovery tool. I have been sleeping on the PerformaSleep Mattress for a few weeks now, and it is amazing. I was hesitant to order any sort of 'mattress in a box’ from anywhere, but the reviews did not lie about how amazing and wonderful this mattress is. I sleep great through the whole night, I have no problems falling asleep, and I wake up ready to go the next day. I will be recommending this mattress to many friends and family members when they need a new one.

Love our PerformaSleep!

We were worried that this mattress's reviews were all submitted by crossfitters/people who are endorsed by PerformaSleep but it's not true. This mattress is awesome for athletes and non-athletes - super comfy and a great price. We've been loving it and it really does keep you cool! We normally keep the A/C at 67 (I get so hot when I sleep) but we've been getting chilly at night and now keep it at 69!! Get one before they increase the price as I'm sure they will with a product like this.

Best sleep I've had in

Best sleep I've had in years.

Great mattress

Easy to setup and a great nights sleep

Better Sleep!

I recently purchased this mattress in a Queen size and I laid mine on wooden slats versus a box spring. It has been wonderful for my husband and I. As we train daily, it has helped our recovery for the following day. Best mattress we have ever had thus far!

no regrets

Love this mattress. Sleeps cool and no back pain. I went out of town with my wife and slept on a traditional mattress - Definitely noticed a huge difference. I didn't realize how much less movement you feel from the person next to you with the PerformaSleep until sleeping on the traditional for a few days.

Best sleep ever!

I was a little worried since I've never had a memory foam type mattress. But with a 100 night guarantee I decided to take a chance and it was the best decision ever. From the very first night I've been sleeping better than I can ever remember. Even the rare time I do wake up in the middle of the night, I'm able to go right back to sleep. The PerformaSleep mattress is so cool and comfortable, combined with the pillows, you can't go wrong.

So Comfortable

I've been sleeping on this mattress for about two weeks now and it is perfect. I haven't had any issues with overheating while sleeping, and I've been waking up completely refreshed. My partner and I are on different sleep schedules, but when he gets into bed with me I can never feel the bed shift, so it never wakes me up.

Full Size Mattress Review

I have serious back issues and my old mattress was not cutting it. I took a risk on this mattress since the reviews hyped it up and so far I love it! I have used it for a month and my back pain has been reduced by plenty. Great purchase!

Every review is accurate of this mattress

Before buying the performa sleep mattress I was skeptical of all its claims. Like any new consumer to a product I made sure to do my research, in order to make an informed decision. The mattress has exceeded my expectations from my initial skepticism. Not only do you sleep cool, but zero energy transfer between one and their partner. I've noticed an ease in getting out of bed in the morning with fewer aches and pains, to which I contirubite the cool sleep too. I recommend anyone at least try this mattress for the 100 days.

KIng Size.

So much lighter then my last king size mattress right off the bat and I don't have to flip it.. Had to let it sit for a day after unpacking then got one inch thick wood to put under for a proper base. Haven't had one bad night sleeping yet, and I've had it for 2 months. Very impressed so far. Also, great customer service. They answer all questions quickly and efficiently and were there for all steps of the buying process for me as well as helping me retain a discount. Only thing is I don't know how long this bed will last. It seems very durable and a pleasure to sleep on right now. I just hope it stays true for the long haul. Only time will tell but as of right now it's fantastic. Best, D

Game changer, not only for athletes but great for chronic pain sufferers!!

I bought this mattress because my current memory foam mattress was making me unbearably hot overnight, I suffer from low grade fevers due to my chronic illness and they seems even worse with the memory foam, I felt like I was on fire every night. The Performa was intriguing to me because it was supposed to be cooler and good for the body with recovery, and even though I’m not an athlete, I do have chronic pain (fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis) so I figured it could only benefit me and I was right! Not only does it keep my body temp cool and comfortable, it’s easy on my body, soft but supportive. Even my one little dog isn’t jumping pff the bed at night anymore to cool down! Great investment, I couldn’t be happier, I’m finally resting comfortably!!

The best bed I've ever owned!

I seriously love this bed. I can't believe how affordable this level of comfort is. I purchased the PreformaSleep memory foam pillows as well and my sleeping experience has been transformed. I fall asleep faster and sleep better than I ever have in any other bed and I wake up feeling refreshed. As an athlete, this is the best recovery tool I have ever invested in.

Had the new mattress for

Had the new mattress for a week and so far so good

Great Mattress

We have been extremely satisfied with our purchase. Comfortable and cool!

Excellent Mattress

This mattress compares to the Tempurpedic mattress I was sleeping on previously, but is a fraction of the cost. I have been tracking my sleep with a FitBit, and sleep quality has been great. I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. I wake up feeling good. True to the claims, this mattress stays cool throughout the night. In addition, the PerformaSleep customer service is excellent. I had a concern that I e-mailed them about, and they were quick to reply and address my issue. I’m very happy I made this purchase!

Real Comfort!

So far this mattress has made sleep so good, especially for such a great price! No complaints so far.

Finally a solution

My husband and I had been debating whether a new mattress was worth it or not when I found performasleep. Best decision ever! We've wanted to upgrade to a king for more room, but don't want to buy new furniture. Now, since the performasleep holds its shape so well, it feels like our queen has more room than any other we've been on before. We are both athletes, and have noticed a significant difference in our recovery, most definitely attributed to better and more comfortable sleep. I don't think we'll go back to any other mattress ever again.

So comfy

I sleep like a baby and stay cool at night.

Performa Sleep mattress

I am really enjoying sleeping on the mattress, I feel it has really helped my back issues that I have. I wake up & get right out of bed with no problem. I'm very glad I made this purchase, thank you very much.

So far, so great

Its only been a couple weeks and everything is going well. It took a night or two to get adjusted from my old mattress but now I am loving it

Best Bed Ever!

Thank you to PerformaSleep for making our tossing and turning, restless nights COMPLETELY diminish. My fiancé and I are so happy with this bed and even better, we went from a queen to a king. We sleep through the night, and wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day. We do CrossFit and this helps our sore muscles. Thank you SO much!


My husband and I LOVE our PerformaSleep so far! It came quickly, was reasonably priced, and is so extremely comfortable. Just be careful when you are opening it because my husband accidentally put a little slit in the bottom of ours since it wasn't super padded in the box. Overall, we are extremely happy with our new mattress!

The wife loves it!

My wife and I are pretty active. I lift 6 days a week, she lifts and runs on her days off from being an RN for a surgical unit. Her job is tough and draining so when she comes home she needs a good nights sleep. Our previous foam mattress started to give out (think sinking into your spot -no support). I did my research and liked the fact that this was a mattress designed for athletes. Recovery being key for the both of us! So I took a chance. Out of the blue my wife told me how much she likes our new PerformaSleep mattress! Score one for the husband!

Way overdue!

Waited 10 years to replace my mattress. Holy cow what a difference. Better sleep - cooler sleep - all the Recovery! Thanks PerformaSleep!

Best Sleep Ever!

I was still using the mattress, which was a hand me down, from back in college. That was like 7-8 years ago. I would always wake up with shoulder and back aches the next morning. I wouldn't feel rested and felt miserable throughout the day. I'm a personal trainer so I get up bright and early to train my clients. Now that I have a performasleep mattress, my sleep has been the best I have ever had. I wake well rested and ready to take on the day. I feel great with no shoulder pain or back aches and stiffness. Performasleep is the one of the best if not, the best purchase I've made in recent memory. Thanks Performasleep!

This mattress is awesome! I

This mattress is awesome! I can sleep an hour less each night, but wake up feeling just as rested. So glad I made this purchase.

Must have!!!

Love coming home and ending my day with jumping on my performa mattress. It keeps me in a comfortable position no matter which way I lay. I personally like to sleep on my back, which most mattresses does not make me feel comfortable, with Peforma sleep that's not an issue. Thanks for an fantastic mattress.

The best bed ever made for the active person!

I absolutely love my mattress, it has been a life saver in so many aspects in my life. I train hard daily in the am, spend 8hrs working then several hours at night coaching. Before getting this mattress I was always exhausted, never sleeping through the night and waking up with pain. I had recently herniated 3 discs in my neck and one in my back and before this mattress I was always waking up from the pain and not sleeping. Now, I sleep like a baby all through the night. I am rested and able to train hard in the am, work and coach even injured. All I can say is "Thank you so much, PerformaSleep for giving me my life back! I was recommend this mattress to everyone!!"


Pleasantly pleased that it's softer then I expected, thought it would have been more firm. Don't real feel any cooling effects, however I do really enjoy the bed.


I instantly fell in love with my mattress. I have back and shoulder issues that make consistently get uncomfortable during my sleep, I end up tossing and turning and eventually wake up in more pain because I get all out of wack. Since using this mattress I have been sleeping soundly waking up with less back pain and actually feeling recovered after a solid training day. I also love how the mattress keeps me nice and cool I run pretty warm and the mattress definitely helps with regulating my temperature. Over all definitely a great mattress and next step I need to purchase some of their pillows!

I never want to get

I never want to get out of bed!

No more sleepless nights!

I've always had a difficult time sleeping through the night, constantly tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position with no luck. I purchased this mattress several months ago and didn't want to submit a review until really getting some good use out of it. Let's just say I haven't owned a mattress as comfortable as this one before. Happy to say that there are no more sleepless nights for me. Thank you PerfmaSleep!!

love this bed

I sleep rally well after a long day of work. Especially when I work out, this mattress allows me to sleep comfortable and is really easy to get out of. Since I don't really like that quicksand feel that most memory foam mattresses have. firm enough to give the support my body needs with just a little give to be comfortable.

We love our new mattress!

We were nervous to buy online and not being able to "try out" the new mattress before purchase, but we don't regret it a single bit! Better than expected!

Best we’ve slept in years!

We absolutely love our new mattress and are big fans of the cooling feature. For years we have woken up to sore muscles and joints. This is the first mattress that leaves us feeling refreshed in the morning. 5 stars!

Awesome Bed!

Pretty good sleep no complaints. It's just as comfortable as advertised. And for the price i would strongly recommend buying

Solid Sleep

It took a few nights to get used to it but I love this mattress. I was sleeping on an old hand-me-down for far too long and this was what I needed. It definitely helps recovery; aids it at least. I don't wake up in the middle of the night as much as I used to. Quality product and quality sleep!

PerformaSleep Twin Size

Amazing bed. Huge improvement in quality of sleep

Daniel Smith

I absolutely love my new Performasleep mattress!!!! As soon as I laid down I knew it was going to be amazing! I'm staying cool and sleeping through the night and feeling refreshed when I get up!

Best sleep ever

You have to sleep on it to understand. This mattress is absolutely amazing.

Best Evarrrrrrr

Best Evarrrrrrr

Great Bed

Best mattress I have ever owned. So comfortable. My sleep is much better

Love this mattress!

My pregnant wife and I have been getting great sleep since we got this mattress! We slept on a hand me down before hand and didn't think too much about it. This mattress has alleviated some of the stiffness we've been dealing with for years. Huge plus is that this allows her to comfortably sleep on her side. Love this mattress!


We really like it. But a few nights I woke up a bit sweaty. it seems to sleep a little hotter than we thought. Comfort is great.

Best mattress hands down

The queen mattress is unlike anything I've slept on! It supports your body very well no matter how much you move around in your sleep, it stays cool, and I feel refreshed every morning when I wake up. Highly recommended to everyone looking for a proper mattress!

Worth every penny

I was skeptical at first because 1.) I didn't see many bad reviews and 2.) I couldn't see buying a mattress without testing it out. This mattress turned out to be worth it though. If you're on the edge, buy it you won't regret it. I won't say that this mattress changed my life, but I have definitely slept better on it than any mattress I've had before. You will not regret buying this mattress

Amazing Mattress

This mattress is very comfortable and exceeded my expectations.

Love it

Love it

Love it!

Love it!

Best Mattress I've ever slept on!

Love this product. I lift weights and a lot more than the average gym goer. I'm sore most days from my activities. Since I bought this mattress I wake up feeling more rested and fall asleep much easier. Very satisfied with the purchase!

Extremely comfortable

I've had my mattress do several months now, and it's extremely comfortable. I've slept better these past few months then I did for 8 years on the coat effective mattress I owned. I will say I haven't experienced this " copper cool " cooling effect. My bed has slept rather warm, but it's still been a major step up. I'd definitely recommend giving this mattress a try.

Love it!

Sleeping so much better. Very comfortable.

I love this mattress!

It was a little weird at first, be we had another memory foam mattress before, so we adjusted quickly and LOVE it now.

Love it

It did take me about three nights to get used, but once I did, it was the best nights sleep in a while. I look forward to crawling in bed every night.

Great Bed but took time to adjust

Brief Bio of my body type: 155lbs, 5'9'', back and side sleeper, usually sleep fairly hot waking at times sweating and would have lower back aches first thing in the morning. I exercise daily, clocking around 20 miles a week running and lifting 4 or 5 days (point is I'm very active). I've also used Sheex Performance Sheets for the past couple years on all which helped a bit but still slept hot. I continue to use these sheets on this bed. Bed: Originally was going to give it one star! For the first two weeks I felt like I couldn't get comfortable and my arm felt like it was going to go numb (side sleeper) but never actually did. I continued sleeping on it because my lower back pain in the mornings had stopped AND I was no longer getting hot at night!!! Then about a month into it something changed (maybe proper body alignment, I don't truly know) but I began having the best consistent sleep of my life!! It truly is the best sleep I've ever had, I stay much cooler and have not woken up sweating, and I feel refreshed in the morning. Side or back, I sleep great! I'm now into month 3 or 4 and about to purchase the pillow to complete the set. Additional Info: I originally purchased the Black Beauty Sealy mattress from Mattress Firm, costing around 3500, and returned it after 2 months because it didn't feel much better than my original coil spring bed of 5 years. So GLAD I gave PerformaSleep a chance!! And I saved nearly 3,000!!


I have had approximately 12 mattresses in 5 years trying to find the right bed for me. I have had everything from cheap to very expensive...firl, super plush, pillow top, memory foam, sleep number...literally have tried almost everything. I honestly thought there was something wrong with my body because NOTHING worked for me. I honestly slept better on my couch than ANY of the beds I have tried in the past. I had back pain, neck pain, arms and legs that fell asleep during the night, tossing and turning, waking up exhausted. My wife was referred to PerformaSleep by a co-worker who just raved about this bed. So we decided to give it a try. Very hesitant at first because of the many, many struggles of previous beds. At first the bed was just ok for that I mean, it was just a bit too firm for my body but my wife liked it. I could also feel just a small amount of motion transfer when she moved. (which was better than past beds but I still felt her move...She flops around like a fish out of water so only feeling her move a little was still GREAT!) I gave it a while and then contacted customer support. After explaining this, they immediately sent out a complimentary topper for me. Since we received our topper I am overjoyed to report that... ...I HAVE NEVER SLEPT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shopping at a furniture and bed store a couple weeks ago and there was a couple there looking at beds. We got to talking and they explained they have been struggling to find a good bed and had the same issues I USED to have. I immediately suggested they try PerformaSleep. I will recommend this bed to everyone I can! Thank you so much for making such an AWESOME bed!!!!!! I am forever indebted to you!

Life changer

Better sleep from day one after we received this mattress!

In love with this Mattress!

Best sleep we have gotten in years! My back and joints no longer hurt and we feel totally supported while we sleep! Don't hesitate if you've been on the fence about getting this mattress!

the best!

i've had trouble sleeping for quite some time now and straight out of the box, i was comfortable and have been dead to the world sleeping since! the only aches or pains i get is when i fall asleep too quickly without a pillow and have a sore neck


We were looking for a mattress that would provide support for two people with two totally different needs. It's great for my husband who is 6'2' 280 and for me, about half his size. We also purchased because the mattress is designed with the athlete in mind, supporting in all the right areas. The mattress isn't as hot-sleeping as other foam mattresses which is great! We would definitely recommend!

Highly recommend

The bed came in a medium size box. It was protected with layers of plastic and very clean. Once I got it out of the box, it inflated itself and was ready for sleep. I've been using my bed for over a month now and can't believe how comfortable it is. It feels great to finally own a mattress that fits perfectly with my active lifestyle.

highly recommend

I have had lingering back issues for many years, I had always suspected due to a very unsupportive mattress. My girlfriend and I purchased a performasleep about 3 months ago and have both seen a marked improvement in our sleep quality and my back problems have cleared up a ton. I'm super happy with the purchase.

It's pretty tough to get

It's pretty tough to get out of this bed.

Still Loving it.

Love it love it love it. It's a miracle mattress. I recommend it for any high activity athlete.

Love my bed!

I've had this mattress for 5 months and I am still in love with it! I never have a hard time falling asleep and I can barely feel my boyfriend or dog moving around in the middle of the night! I have 3 friends who have bought a PerformaSleep and they love it too!

Money well spent! I sleep

Money well spent! I sleep great and the usual morning aches and pains I'd feel upon waking up are a thing of the past.

Great Sleep!

The PerformaSleep Mattress has completely exceeded my expectations. It is the perfect mix of soft and comfortable yet still firm and supportive. PerformaSleep supports my back in a way I have not found with any other mattress. As someone who has undergone back surgery finding a comfortable mattress that is still supportive was a very discouraging task until I found PerformaSleep.

Great mattress!

Great mattress!

Best sleep in years

I love my performasleep mattress. It is the best purchase i could have made



Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress


We purchased this mattress after sleeping on an old mattress for many years and waking up with horrible back, shoulder, and neck pain that would last through the day. We exercise daily and are often sore from that, and I'm training for a marathon so needed to start getting some better sleep with less pain. We love our mattress. It took about 2-3 nights to get used to but then pain suddenly disappeared. After working out when our muscles would normally be sore for 3-4 days, it is now 1-2 days. It's crazy. I can't believe it worked so well. We have never slept better! Trust me, your back will thank you.

Great purchase!

I'll admit, I had to get used to this bed at first. It was significantly firmer than my other bed, and I wasn't sure I would like it. However, after a few times sleeping in it I started to appreciate the firmness and now prefer feeling more supported versus sinking into a bed. After sleeping on other beds while travelling I look forward to getting back to my performasleep. I also like the fact that I don't feeling my significant other moving around or getting into bed after me. Definitely recommend!

Great Bed

We love our mattress, our sleep has been great ever since getting it. And that is even with having a newborn at home!

Best mattress I've bought yet

As I approach my 60's I can tell you I have had quite a few mattresses over the years. I am diligent about my health and fitness which also means being diligent about my quality of sleep. My daughter suggested I try this mattress out and I can't begin to tell you how much better I have felt just from switching mattresses. I no longer feel achesnin my back or toss and turn. I truly am comfortable and can tell the difference the following day!!

Awesome Mattress!!

We love our mattress and will def purchase more in the future! Our only regret is that we didnt also buy the pillows as the new mattress is so amazing it makes our old expensive "specialty" pillows feel awful! Get the pillows when you purchase your new mattress!!!


My Performa Sleep mattress has far exceeded expectations. As an active duty member of the military, my body takes a beating on a daily basis. I sleep peacefully through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to crush the day. Thanks.

Perfect . Very happy .

Perfect . Very happy .


These guys sponsor my buddy Adam PRIMETIME Townsend a MMA fighter. He got one of these told me it was the best thing he had ever slept on, so I got one for myself and you can't beat it, especially for the price!


Best mattress ever! I love it. What a great purchase!

Best bed

Love it!!! Can't sleep without it. So so happy to have this mattress.

Very happy

I was worried it would be to soft after unboxing it but after sleeping on it a few nights it turned out to have more support than any mattress I ever used. And after a few weeks the constant pain in my back slowly went away.

Excellent mattress! Recommend it to

Excellent mattress! Recommend it to everyone

Best sleep ever

I am 165 lbs, 5' 10" with an athletic build. This mattress keeps me cool, I fall asleep fast and stay asleep. It is slightly firm, but it is super comfortable. I researched all of the different online mattresses and chose this one because of the price and the copper gel layer that keeps you cool. This mattress works as advertised, keeps me cool and comfy. I am extremely happy with the purchase, great job PerformaSleep!

We love our mattress!

We have had our mattress for four months and absolutely love it! My husband had constant back pain on our old mattress and his pain has been eased. I love that I don't feel him tossing and turning in the night. PerformaSleep is awesome!

Exactly what we had hoped

Exactly what we had hoped for, love it!

Love the mattress and pillows

Love the mattress and pillows

Unreal amazing

Unreal amazing

Best bed, ever

I absolutely LOVE my PerformaSleep Mattress. At first, I was a bit skeptical when I got it in the mail but I can promise you, it has been superb ever since. I fall asleep immediately, no tossing all night, no hot spots, and 100% comfort.

Mattress and pillows

Honestly not that “cool” for me. I just don’t burn up as easily now. It’s all quite comfy though.

Still adjusting to the mattress

It’s a wonderful mattresses, just a little firm. Looking int the mattress topper.

I want to believe

Alright, I believe that my body is still adapting to this mattress even though I’m a month and a half in. I’m not sure how long it will take for me to fully adjust, but I look forward to that occurring. I believe that after sleeping on a spring mattress for about a decade is playing a role into adapting. With that being said, the mattress does everything the say it would. I think four stars is fair, because it performs as advertised but a month and a half in I’m still not sleeping like a baby. Hope it helps!

Just What I Was Expecting

My husband and I upgraded to a King Sized bed, but didn't want to pay the price we did for our Tempurpedic that we did for our Queen Bed, years ago. So I thought I'd give PerformaSleep a try. So far, it has lived up to the expectations I have had and I sleep really well on it. Only reason I did not give it a 5 Star is because it's not as cool as it stated it would be. There have been several times I have woke up sweaty from sleeping too hot on it. I'm going to try cooling sheets and see if that helps. I did buy a bed protector that is a cooler, too, and that has already helped. We experienced this with our old mattress, and I had been hoping it would be a little better with this one, but hasn't really been the case. But the protector has helped and I think sheets will do the trick, as well.

performa sleep

good bed too pricy

Great bed

Comfortable and better than any bed before. I just hope it lasts a long time.

So far so good

I made a decision to invest in my sleep so I purchased this mattress, a Marpac Dohn-DS and a BearPillow. Good combination for me so far.

Pretty good

We haven't had the bed that long. We were excited about the "cooling technology" but haven't felt it. The bed is soft and warm. We still need more time to figure out if we love it or not!

Good bed for the money

Good bed for the money

Sleep SO much better now

The quality of my sleep improved almost immediately after switching to my PerformaSleep mattress. Very happy with my purchase!

Great overall mattress

This is my first memory foam mattress and I really like it so far. I like how it does not disturb you when others move around the bed. I have not woken up with any aches in my neck or shoulders. It sleeps cool. I would recommend. Shipping was the only trouble I ran into, it took longer than expected.

Good Mattress, good sleep

I bought this mattress for my second apartment b/c the one I wanted wasn't available in Atlanta. I needed one which was firm and could be delivered in a box to avoid the hassle of being there for delivery. After trying out other similar mattresses I decided this was the best one for firmness and value. It came in a box about 110lbs and quickly inflated to a king size mattress. There was no smell and it was easy to set up. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I sleep well. I do wish it was slightly more firm but I like a mattress that is a 9/10 firmness. I had back surgery 2 years ago and I'm a competitive weightlifter. I train 5 days a week and so body need as much recovery as possible! Getting a good night's sleep is very important to me and I can say that I have been sleeping well on this mattress.

Good initially however the feel

Good initially however the feel like they are just marketing towards people with an "athletic lifestyle" rather than this mattress being/ feeling any different than any other boxed mattress out there... gimmick??? Still deciding.

Not quite as good

Well I got this to replace my 12 year old futon mattress with tatami mats. While it is comfortable, it doesn’t beat my top of the line futon mattress. A bit too early to determine if it has any impact on my muscle recovery and athletic performance.


Incredibly comfortable but not much temperature difference from a regular mattress. The pillow gets very cool but the mattress lacks in that field.

My husband and I went

My husband and I went from a pillow top mattress with a thick memory foam topper to the performa mattress. It delivered quickly, was easy to set up, and was definitely comfortable compared to our last mattress. We are both side sleepers, and still feel that it digs into our sides when we sleep and isn't as forming and soft as we need. We just purchased a memory foam topper to help with this. I wish there was a mattress That was comfortable enough to use without this, but we have yet to find one.

After 3 nights using the

After 3 nights using the performasleep, the only complaint I have is it does not seem to cool, as advertised. Does the use of a mattress pad have an adverse effect on the cooling properties? Having a 100 day warranty, I assume you prefer the use of a mattress pad, in case the mattress is returned. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase so far.

Works for my wife, not for me.

I've been putting off reviewing this mattress in hopes that my body would become used to the new bed. Unfortunately after a month I've almost come to the conclusion that my body is not made for this mattress. I am constantly tossing and turning and waking up with aches I have never had before. The mattress itself is of outstanding quality from a reputable company and I am afraid I may have to take them up on the 100 day money back guarantee. This is truly unfortunate due to the fact that my wife is sleeping so well, she claims that she has recently started dreaming again after 6+ months of unrestfull sleep on our 8 year old mattress. I am still hoping that I become used to the bed and will immediately give a new review if I do.

Good quality mattress

We bought this mattress for a guest room and also to try it. Overall, it seems like a good quality mattress. It is not quite as firm as our current mattress, so it would take some time for us to adjust if we slept on it every night.

Good but not cool

The mattress is nice and my husband and I have no complaints about the quality of the mattress. However, we have experienced little to none of the cooling effects it was advertised to bring about.

Mattress cover

I love the bed and how well I sleep every night! The only complaint I have is that the mattress cover isn't machine washable.

Good nights sleep after some adjustment.

Initially we were not loving how firm this mattress was and we were going to return it. I called customer service (which was outstanding) and they offered to send a foam topper to "soften the feel" at no extra charge. Ever since we put that on I have slept great and so has my wife. For the $, this is a great mattress!

Super comfortable

It does not keep my cooler at night like it advertises, but I do feel less sore when I wake up and I sleep pretty great every night.

Great Sleep

After transitioning from a pillowtop to this bed, it has been really wonderful. I love everything about the way the bed feels and how it holds your body. It took a couple weeks to get used to but after that it has been some of the best sleep. The only downside I think I have noticed is that it's not as "cool" as I was expecting. I am a hot sleeper and was excited for the copper cooling, but I don't know that I notice that difference a whole lot. The bed still seems to hold my body heat rather than keep me cool through the night just like previous mattresses. Overall very happy buyer! Great bed especially for this price point.

Very comfortable. Soft to get

Very comfortable. Soft to get in but once in bed very firm and supportive for the body.

Best Matress I've Owned

Super comfortable and firm. Guaranteed me a sound post-workout sleep every night. Not as cool as I thought, but. I still look forward to returning to it after I've been away. Not disappointed me.

A very nice mattress

Our mattress arrived with very easy instructions to unroll it and get it ready to sleep on for the first time. I feel like a spot on an edge is a little funny, because it is different from the other sides, but other than that it is a nice mattress. I like the cool/memory foam feel of the top. It is also quiet when we toss and turn, and then toss again.

it was good for couple

it was good for couple of days then, my back starting to feel hurt

Too firm

Tried the bed for 30 days, don't love it unfortunately :/ it's just too firm for our liking and have a backache when we wake up.

Still waiting to wakeup pain free.

I was verh skeptical about buying this mattres. Took me a while to decide and go for it. I did. After reading so many good reviews and everyone saying how well rested and how their aches and pains went away. Also cause im the type of person who likes to sleep with a lot of fans and reading the cooling feature that oretty much sold me too. The first couple of nights we slept like babies. But now; it seems like the aches are still there or walking up with beck pains/back pains? I dont know what it is. If i still need to wait some more? I really dont wanna give up on this mattress. Im just hoping itll start feeling better.

Too early to tell

I've had the bed a little over a week, and I thought I would be sleeping better than what I am. Maybe i'm just not used to the bed yet. However, the pillow is amazing!

Not cool!!!🔥

This bed is comfortable but not cool like advertised. Much hotter than our older pillow top mattress. Very firm.


Comfortable but nothing special. I had high hopes that this mattress was going to help at least a little with my back problems but nothing yet.

1st: 11/8/17

Still getting used to it. Def better on back/stomach vs sides. Only been a week giving it time.


The first few nights sleeping on the PerfomaSleep were great. However after a few days I still seem to have the and aches in my hips. I'm not sure exactly if it's not firm enough or to firm just yet. However the pillows are amazing and definitely keepers. The mattress I really haven't decided I may be taking you up on the trial!!

Sore back

Lower back pain every morning now, but sleeping not sure if it will get better after a bit long? Not hot but definitely not cool either. No smell, pretty firm

Still getting adjusted

Since getting the performasleep bed I haven't slept as great as I thought I would. However, it's been only a couple of weeks and they say to try it out for a month. Hoping it gets better but if not I might return.

It's more of a softer

It's more of a softer and cushioned mattress than I thought it would be. It for sure does not keep you cool though. Super easy set up. So far, it's okay. I'm glad I bought it when they had a huge discount though, still not sure how I feel about it. I will say I thought I'd be getting a lot better sleep than I have been getting for the price of the mattress and all the things the mattress is supposed to come with though.

Not for me, but a good mattress

This mattress was not for me. I was looking for more of a memory foam feeling. The first mattress I received was the wrong size, which was a pain. They (Performa) had it picked up, and delivered a new one. I wish they had never delivered a replacement, because I had already decided the mattress was not for me. The first few nights I had it, I thought it was quite comfortable and I slept well. It is soft when you press on it, but oddly for me, as someone 120ish pounds, the mattress seemed to get firmer. I a mostly a back sleeper, but it is definitely too firm for side sleeping. The material has bounce back in it, so when you lie on it, it feels like it's pushing back which gives the firm feeling. If you are someone who wants bounce and does not like the sinking feeling of memory foam, this may be a great mattress for you. It seems like it would last. Customer service was helpful in sending me a topper for the mattress when I said it was too firm, but I did not like the topper. The topper has almost no support, which I need as a back sleeper. It did make the mattress softer, but again, not the typical memory foam feel. Overall, the customer service was responsive. Getting the mattress to the charity is a bit of a pain, but other than that customer service in this company is good. Overall, I think it's one of the best foam mattresses out there right now. It just wasn't a good fit for me.

Still not sure

My boyfriend and I have had the mattress for almost a month now. I was dissatisfied when it arrived, it was left in the driveway with a hole ripped in the box. The unwrapping of the mattress was neat, we let it sit for 10 hours before laying on it. The first week took some adjusting, the two of us woke up with sore backs the entire week. Now he has adjusted to it and likes it, I still have trouble getting comfortable and find myself tossing and turning as much as I did before

Probably a great mattress but just not for me

Feels very firm, I would prefer a little softer but other then that I have no complaints about it!

Cal king

We live in hawaii just got our delivery. We have only been able to sleep on this for 2 weeks. So far my husband likes this for keeping cool and for its firmness but softness it provides. For that we have rated it 2 stars. We would like to rate it again after 30 days. Please ask us again

To hard

Mattress is soft to touch but sleeping on it is way to firm. Was unable to get comfortable. My wife’s hips hurt and couldn’t sleep all night on bed.

2 week review

We recently purchased to Performa Mattress. The mattress is still off-gassing - It smells too bad to sleep on it. Any suggestions on how to reduce odor?

Not sure

I've had it for 2 weeks. Still getting used to it, bot sure if I like it yet.


I received my mattress about 3 weeks ago. I am not blown away like all the other reviews, my lower back still hurts. But luckily is not worse than my old mattress, so I'm sticking it out and seeing if it will get better. I will update this review if it gets better.

Too firm for our liking.

Too firm for our liking.

Blissful sleep...FINALLY!

After years of tossing and turning on a popular "air chamber" mattress (it was 17+ years in our possession, so time for a new mattress!), my husband and I FINALLY have found a mattress we both agree upon! He loved sleeping in a "pit" (squishy, soft, unsupported), I still can sleep on a floor comfortably, so we never expected to find a happy medium. And, well, we did not. Performa Sleep is not a "medium" ground for either of us, rather the very best mattress either of us have ever slept on! We are active and often achy from the days workout, yoga, or just plain tired from stressful jobs. We sleep comfortably, supported, no pressure points, numb limbs, twisted necks, or sore backs. Our only regret is not purchasing sooner!


Awesome mattress...then when you look at the price difference between a similar mattress and a performa sleep there is no question. The cooling technology is the real deal No more sweating.

Awesome Mattress and Great Customer Service!

Love the mattress and how it feels. I definitely feel less sore the next day and I always look forward to sleeping compared to my old bed! Highly recommend to anyone!

Love this mattress!

We weren't really sure what to expect, but after giving PerformaSleep a try (got both the mattress and pillows), we're believers! This bed is incredible. My husband and I are both triathletes and work full-time, so we understand how important sleep is for recovery. With our old mattress, we were waking up with back pain, feeling overheated in the middle of the night, and just generally not rested in the morning. Not so with this mattress. We noticed a difference after just a few nights with it. Worth every penny!!

Easily the best mattress I've ever had.

Being an athlete, I subscribe to a couple athletes on Instagram. ( And this is just proof that social media marketing is taking the old lifestyle of retail by storm -- seeing this mattress advertised on various different accounts led me to want to purchase it). I have been sleeping on an old mattress and I started having back and neck problems, which did not help my lifting regimen in between all of my schoolwork. I found myself feeling like I never even slept, never achieved that REM sleep, even after 8 hours. Since the night that I started using this mattress, I have looked forward to a rejuvenating nights rest rather than resenting it. I enjoy laying in my bed during my half hour wind down before calling it a night after 12 hour days. One thing that I WISH performasleep would do is provide a sheet for the mattress that fits. I love that the top zips off, very helpful to wash. But I cannot find a sheet that fits over the height of it properly. I also wouldn't normally spend THIS much money on a mattress. I would like to say it's worth it, but it's expensive regardless and I'm positive it probably doesn't take that much money to create. I wish performasleep would offer more deals than $125 off sales ... One observation that I have made is this company tricks it's customers into thinking the $125 off deals per holiday or code is JUST for a short period of time when it's not. It's actually year round. So they trick us mentally into thinking we're saving money when they're really just charging you the basic number they truly wanted to sell it for. I've figured you out, performasleep. Reviewing the mattress BY ITSELF, however, is a 5/5. Easy packaging, no weird smells, instantly inflated for first use.

Love this mattress

I’ve had my Performasleep mattress for a year now and I absolutely love it. I have chronic neck, back, and hip pain and have a difficult time sleeping and getting comfortable and this mattress has been soft enough to ease those pains but firm enough to remain supportive. I bought the king size mattress and have it on a inexpensive frame from amazon and love it. I’ve tried out other memory foam mattresses such as temperapedic and always felt “stuck” to or sinking on those. I’m a hot sleeper and feel that this mattress is a lot cooler than most. I have only rotated my mattress once since purchasing it and don’t feel that there has been any compression or sinking despite sleeping in the middle of the mattress most nights. This mattress is so reasonably priced compared to most memory foam. I would definitely purchase again in the future and recommend to others!

Life Saver

I have been sleeping on this mattress for a little over a month now and it has truly been the best mattress I have ever owned. As busy as my life is, and as valuable and rare as sleep is to a medical student, this has been one of the best investments I have ever made. The mattress perfectly supports my back and me legs. It is the perfect combination of soft and firm. I fall asleep fairly easily and wake up feeling refreshed very day. I have not had one bad night of sleep, thus far, on this mattress. The price and quality of this mattress is unmatched in today's world of "create your own foam mattress and sell it on Instagram," to which this mattress and this company make all of the others out there look silly. I could not be happier with my purchase, and will likely be purchasing another one of the guest bedroom. Thanks, PerformaSleep!

Incredible bed and service!

Had an issue with the bed and it was corrected immediately with great customer service. Would highly recommend this to everyone. Sleeping great and so happy with this company!! Thank you!

When I think of comfort, I think of this mattress.

My entire career has been in the health and fitness industry, and I've had sleep issues my entire life. I'm constantly on the go and very active, and I've never been able to find a mattress to help combat my issues. Until now. I've had this mattress for exactly three days, and they've been the best three nights of sleep I've ever had. I was very skeptical when purchasing, but Performa Sleeps stellar customer service made me want to buy this mattress. To be candid, I just can't say enough positive things about this mattress for the price. I also think it's nice to see a company who's honest and forward in their approach. When I asked them for case studies, they were forward about the fact that they didn't have any, but numerous anecdotes from athletes, doctors, fitness practitioners ect have provided a foundation for the products effectiveness. I'll add my own anecdote that this is an amazing mattress. I got the king size and it's working out fantastic. Looking to pick up some pillows now as well, that's how impressed I am.

Sleep Is Precious!!!

As a mom, wife, full-time teacher and competitive masters CrossFit athlete, sleep is precious! I never knew how bad my mattress was until I had my first night sleep on my Performa mattress. It was rare to get a undisturbed night sleep before getting Performa. I am thrilled to have a quality mattress to help me rest and recover in order to attack my day ahead!! Thank you Performa!!

Not supportive enough for a back sleeper

My husband and I are both back sleepers and were trying to find something more affordable to replace our Tempurpedic mattress with. We're both average size and he's very athletic. This bed actually slept much warmer than our Tempurpedic did, was much softer and less supportive. A side sleeper may like this, but as a back sleeper, I tossed and turned and need more support. I like the firm support of traditional memory foam that molds closer to your shape so you don't toss and turn. It's not the worst mattress I've ever slept on, but coming from a Tempurpedic, it didn't measure up. We're trying AmeriSleep now since it's closer to Tempurpedic and has different firmness levels. Also returning was a bit of a hassle. We ended up having to find our own charity to donate it to in order to get a refund. They say they will help arrange a pickup, but after 2 weeks with a mattress in my hallway, we arranged ourselves. Though they did immediately refund us once it was picked up.


Not going to lie I was a little hesitant about my purchase 1. Never heard of PerformaSleep 2. The only things i saw about it were from sponsored athletes (to me not the most reliable source) 3. I had a bad experience with a competitor but I bit the bullet and gave them money and I don't regret it. I previously had an overpriced mattress that was giving me back pains like I was 80 and I'm 30, on top of that I sleep hot so I was a literal hot mess. I'm three weeks in and I'm loving it; no back pain after one night, I'm getting 8ish hours of sleep, and I'm actually sleeping with two blankets because I'm cold at night now.

Love our new mattress!

My husband and I were a little wary of ordering a mattress online without trying it, but it is amazing! I didn't realize how terrible I was sleeping on our old mattress until we got our PerformaSleep and I've slept better and without any back pain since we got it! One of the best purchases we've ever made!

Last night was my first

Last night was my first on my Performa. The mattress has a nice appearance, firm, thick, and surprisingly awesome side support. After sleeping on the Leesa bed for months and waking in horrible pain because of inadequate support, I can say Performa is far superior all around.

This bed is incredible! The

This bed is incredible! The moment you lay down, your back is just as relaxed as in shavasana pose (corpse pose) at the end of an intense yoga class - every vertebrae is aligned perfectly. I've had the bed for about three weeks now, and I can already notice a difference in my energy when I wake up in the morning - completely rejuvenated. I got the $125 off coupon code from a friend who recommended the bed to me. The feeling of complete relaxation when I am asleep is worth every penny.

So much support for my

So much support for my back! Hips feel much better and my muscles aren't so sore after every workout. I've recommended it to 5-6 people already. Don't know what I did without it!!

Ever since we received this

Ever since we received this bed my performance has suffered immensely. In the morning I struggle to get out of bed, and I am always ready to lay down in the evenings. I spend less time with the family and husband. This is probably due to the amazingness that is this PerformaSleep bed. Honestly, I can't wait to lay down in this bed in the evening and in the morning I struggle to not sleep in. I was having horrible sleep waking up every hour prior to buying this mattress and now I feel rested for the first time in 3 years. I cannot wait till the summer, to see how this bed will keep us cooler.

Was skeptical when it arrived

Was skeptical when it arrived before I slept on it. Quite not what I expected but it's a really good mattress. Body feels great definitely enjoying it.

I usually have to adjust

I usually have to adjust to sleeping on a new mattress, it takes several sleepless nights to finally find a comfortable position. This mattress was extremely comfortable on the 1st night. Have been sleeping like a champ ever since! Very happy with the mattress

Very comfortable. I'm very happy

Very comfortable. I'm very happy with it.

For several years I had

For several years I had the same mattress, which was a hand-me-down mattress from my older brother, and my sleep never really bothered me until I started training for higher level competitions in weightlifting. On my old mattress, tracking my sleep, I would get 8-9 hours of sleep, but only 3 hours per night was actual deep sleep, the rest was restless or awake! After 2 months on my performasleep mattress and pillows, I'm getting up to 7.5 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep, and my recovery and training is improving exponentially! This is the best purchase I've made for my recovery yet.

The mattress seems to be

The mattress seems to be working out so far with my rest and recovery. The pillows did take some time getting used to. I would wake up every morning with a very sore neck for the first week. I guess my body and sleeping patterns have adjusted since because no more sore neck. All in all, great mattress for the price.

I love my mattress, however

I love my mattress, however it is a little too firm for me and my husband's liking. My husband is on his feet all day and has complained of lower back pain after waking up! Not sure if it needs to be broken in more, but that would be the only thing we dislike. We have received great customer service and were pleasantly surprised how quick we got our mattress!

I love my mattress and

I love my mattress and have not slept this well in years.

It sleeps hot. Performs sent

It sleeps hot. Performs sent cool topper but still too warm. Giving it a few more days but most likely will return. Sorry.

Best money I have spent

Best money I have spent in such a long time. So greatful

We love the mattress! My

We love the mattress! My wife and I sleep much better now than we have in years. We wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I wish we would have bought this mattress a long time ago!

My husband and I are

My husband and I are both 55+ and are active -- CrossFit, wakeboard, ride motorcycles and are also gym rats! I thought during the Open Games last year I had hurt/tweaked my lower back and all of my WODs since have been modified due to this. Well ... when we sat down to really try to figure it out we realized when we downsized after last kid left ... and with that move we bought a very crappy bed. YES! it was at the exact same time and so worth the change anyway just to get rid of that crappy bed!! My CrossFit Coach (love you Sheryl) suggested checking our PerformaSleep beds and she had seen a lot of good writeups from other Crossfitters and active folks on IG and she sent me a screen pic. I went home that night, read the reviews, watch some YouTube vids, and bought a King size ... along with 2 King PerformaSleep pillows. ONE NIGHT and I feel a difference ... I did not wake up 5 times in the night to shift, turn or try to get comfortable. AND I woke up and could touch my toes with no pain. I immediately sent a text to my Coach (sorry Sheryl) and said Thank You!! I just cannot believe I have been waking up for 8 months with back pain and the solution was here. I hope my review can help someone else make this purchase and change out their bed ... and not wait so long like I did ... then they pass along their results!! I now look forward to getting a good nights sleep and recharge my body ... thank you PerformaSleep and thank you Sheryl!!

This mattress is pure heaven.

This mattress is pure heaven. Prior to purchasing it, I was sleeping on a 15 year old spring mattress. It was passable - but every morning I would wake up stiff and sore. Enter performasleep, the mattress superhero! It cradles my body like none other, and no matter which position I sleep in, I always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Each night i look forward to crawling into bed! Thanks, Performasleep.

WOW! When I first laid

WOW! When I first laid down, I knew this mattress was for me. Being a professional mixed martial arts fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach I need to recover as fast as possible. Therefore my bed needs to aid in my sleep, so that my body can recover. PerformaSleep delivered what I was looking for in a mattress. So thankful I found PerformaSleep!

Love it! Bought the mattress

Love it! Bought the mattress the tail end of last year and immediately felt and slept better. Ended up buying the pillows around Christmas time and really happy with them. The cooling technology is great and I sleep much better these days.

Loving our new bed! Being

Loving our new bed! Being newly pregnant it has been a life saver with staying cool and comfortable all night. If my husband or I get up in the night we don't disturb one another. I couldn't have gotten a better bed for such a great price!

I have been sleeping like

I have been sleeping like a rock every night on my mattress! I absolutely love it! I am so happy with it that I plan on replacing the king size mattress in the other bedroom with one eventually. Our king size mattress is a $5,000 sealy posturpedic memory foam and I sleep like crap on it, especially compared to my performasleep mattress. Highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a new mattress.

Freaking amazballs that's all.

Freaking amazballs that's all.

My boyfriend bought me the

My boyfriend bought me the pillow for Christmas and I am OBSESSED with it! I immediately ordered one for my dad because I knew he needed a good pillow as well. My boyfriend and I definitely want to order the mattress for our bed but we are waiting for the right time to purchase it. This product is amazing quality I am super impressed.

Very awesome mattress. I was

Very awesome mattress. I was alittle worried about ordering a bed I have never tryed out in store, but it was great. We upgraded from a $4000 queen space bed as my friends call it to the Performa Sleep mattress in a king and love it. Very good support for people with back problems. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. A++

I've had this mattress for

I've had this mattress for about 3 months now. I researched many mattresses for a months and decided to take a chance on performasleep since it caters to the athlete's body. I transitioned from a normal, spring mattress that was very old and warped. The first couple of weeks were hit or miss. Some nights were great; others were not so great. What I did notice though was that I was getting much deeper sleep and waking up not nearly as stiff or sore as before. I don't think I buy into the copper technology, but the firmness of the mattress is really great for what my body needs. I would say it is just a touch on the "firmer than I would like" side, but I have no regrets and would buy it again.

This was a gift for

This was a gift for my fianc̩e. He loves the coolness and is not waking up with neck pain anymore. He used to be a two pillow sleeper so that is taking him a bit to get use to.

I am a CrossFit athlete

I am a CrossFit athlete and a CrossFit gym owner. As a small business owner, I don't get as much sleep as I should so the quality of the sleep is huge. Sleep is a huge part of recovery and injury prevention for me and my athletes. I did not realize how poorly I was sleeping until I tried the PerformaSleep mattress. With my old mattress I would wake up sore and aching and I would toss and turn throughout the night. With the PerformaSleep I wake up rested and recovered. I am recommending this mattress to all of the athletes at my gym. I am so glad I got this mattress.

While the mattress wasn't "for

While the mattress wasn't "for me" (I found I needed a more firm surface), the customer service at this company was top-notch! They handled the return and refund quickly, politely, and incredibly hassle-free!

Absolutely in love with my

Absolutely in love with my new mattress!! It's nice and cool when I go to sleep and you can barely feel the other person (pr dog) moving around while I'm sleeping! It's scary buying a bed from the Internet based on these reviews, but I'm glad I made the choice to get it :)

This is a game changer

This is a game changer for recovery!

Easily one of the best

Easily one of the best mattresses I've slept on. Upon unfolding, it settled pretty quick and from day one I had better, restless sleep! The pillows are also great making the entire performa sleep experience stellar. Awesome products, cheers guys!

The mattress is great! My

The mattress is great! My mattress came with a defect but their customer service was great and they send me a new piece in the following 2 days. They are great!

Best decision made! Before this

Best decision made! Before this mattress I would wake up every morning stiff and pain in my back. From the first night sleeping on this mattress I have woke up feeling great! I recommend this mattress to everyone and hope it makes a huge difference as it did for me. It's a life changer if you know how it is to wake up every morning in pain

This mattress and company are

This mattress and company are fantastic, best sleep I've ever had

Love the pillows! Perfect softness

Love the pillows! Perfect softness with support-great for side-sleepers. They stay cool throughout the night, which helps me sleep better.

Love love love my new

Love love love my new pillow

Expectations were met! Love it!

Expectations were met! Love it!

Love our new Performa mattress!!

Love our new Performa mattress!! Our old mattress was a pillow top. After 8 years we were both sleeping in "ditches" with a hump separating us in the middle. Both of us were tossing and turning at night and I was waking up with back aches. We decided to try a memory foam mattress. It took a week or so to get acclimated, but both of us agreed we should have made the switch sooner. This mattress provides the support we both need plus ordering and delivery were a breeze!

I was skeptical about buying

I was skeptical about buying a mattress without having tried it. I was even more skeptical of the promises that this mattress made. With that said, their description was everything that I was looking for as an athlete so I couldn't not try it with the 100 night guarantee. I didn't need more than 5 nights to know that this mattress has changed my life. I sleep better, more soundly and wake up more well rested to crush workouts. I've seen my energy levels improve and my performance in the gym benefit even moreso. If you're skeptical, try it. And if you're like me you're about to start buying one for every single room. Thank you PerformaSleep!

After almost three months of

After almost three months of using this mattress, I can't count how many times I passed out before getting a chance to turn off the light. I should get a timer for my lamp! True story. Thanks, again!

Awesome, awesome, awesome mattress. Great

Awesome, awesome, awesome mattress. Great price and very comfortable. Got pillows to go along with the mattress. Best sleep I've gotten in a long time. Would recommend it to everybody

This is a great mattress.

This is a great mattress. After the first couple of nights of getting used to it, I'm sleeping great and not waking up with a chronic headache! Thanks so much.

I work as a full

I work as a full time police officer, part-time SWAT officer/medic and Crossfit 4-6 times per week. My wife is also an avid Crossfitter, and on her feet all day working and spending time with our daughter. We have spent thousands of dollars on other name brand mattresses over the years, but nothing compares to comfort and the quality of sleep we have been getting after purchasing our PerformaSleep mattress and pillows. These are fantastic. I had perviously struggled with existing back injuries and discomfort, which has all but gone away. My wife has dealt with hip and lower back problems in the past, none of which have been present since making the switch. The quality, the price point, and the customer service we have experienced are second to none. We even purchase a second mattress for our guest room! Thank you!

We're very happy with our

We're very happy with our purchase. The bed is comfortable with great support; firm and soft at the same time. We've been telling everyone about it! It might be time to try the pillows!

My husband and I love

My husband and I love you for developing a mattress that we both get a great nights sleep on ! Thank you PerformaSleep and keep up the good work ! ��� :)

I got this bed one

I got this bed one day ago. I slept on it for the first time last night and I can honestly say that I haven't slept that hard in a long long time. Normally after getting a new mattress it takes my body a few days to adjust, this was instant! I am so shocked by how amazing this bed was instantly! Ready to get some good recovery time with this bed!

Love the pillow! Wish I

Love the pillow! Wish I had it years ago!

I've been struggling to sleep

I've been struggling to sleep well because I always have neck and shoulder pain. I bought the performasleep pillow, and now can't wait to get the mattress, this has changed sleep for me. Greatest pillow I have ever had.

So far really happy with

So far really happy with this mattress. Stays cool at night, provides good support and for the price you can't go wrong. Definitely would recommend.

I used to have lower

I used to have lower back issues when trying to sleep because my mattress didn't contour properly with my body and would leave an unsupported gap at my lower back arch. This new mattress supports literally every inch of my body, and everyone who tries it out says "Wait.. there isn't a mattress topper on here? It's literally just the mattress?" So comfortable and the copper cooling is phenomenal. The only negative is that the box weighed 88 lbs when it arrived and the delivery guys just left it at the bottom of my stairs- took me about a half hour to drag it up to my front door step by step, so make sure you have a friend or family member around when it arrives!

This is the most comfortable

This is the most comfortable mattress I've laid on in my life. I look forward to laying in it at the end of every day. Since I've had it (almost a year now), I haven't had a single night where I can't get comfortable in bed. It feels like I'm laying on a bunch of clouds. It molds to my body like a TempurPedic mattress, but it also isn't so firm that I feel like I'm stuck, which is how I've felt when lying on a TempurPedic. It's also a lot more affordable than a TempurPedic, which made this mattress accessible to me. The mattress advertises a cooling copper top layer. I'm not sure I've specifically noticed my body feeling more cool, but I'll also say that since having this mattress I haven't ever felt like I'm burning up or trapping heat at night, so I guess that means it is working as designed :) The bed is advertised for athletes. I suppose it's useful for athletes since it promotes good sleep, and good sleep is important for an athlete. However this mattress is just as useful for anyone looking for a better night's sleep without spending a fortune. I was nervous about buying this mattress without ever having tried it, especially since the brand is still relatively new. I did a lot of research on how the mattress is made and asked a lot of questions. Their customer service team is excellent. They responded to me quickly and with a lot of detail, and totally appreciated my perspective in wanting to make sure I got the purchase right. The only thing that could make this mattress better would be a pillow that's made by the same people. I have a TempurPedic pillow, which is way too hard and ends up feeling like my neck is propped up while I'm sleeping. I usually just ditch the pillow and sleep flat on the mattress since the mattress is so comfortable as is. Thanks PerformaSleep for a great product!

We loved our king so

We loved our king so much we got a queen for our guest bedroom and a twin for our son!

Bed was just a little

Bed was just a little to firm for my liking as I have very specific sleeping requirements. Called Performa and was able to get a full refund. Great customer service!

Love my Performa mattress and

Love my Performa mattress and pillow! Easy to order and fast delivery.

I've never had a better

I've never had a better night sleep. It's so comfortable I pass out almost immediately after tucking in. I've always had trouble falling asleep, but I think I just might have found the answer!

I bought this mattress for

I bought this mattress for my guest bedroom... but it never made it there! I wanted to try it out to make sure my guests (kids) would like it when they came to visit. I found myself wanting to sleep on it every night. I ended up buying a king for our room too. Nice work performa sleep!

I was skeptical but am

I was skeptical but am hooked after a month. It feels "different" at first but when you wake up feeling way better you are happy for the "different". I get up less sore/stiff/like I need oil since the PerformaSleep and am glad I am on a PerformaSleep and no longer sleeping in my car (kidding, I was in a traditional bed).

I usually don't write reviews,

I usually don't write reviews, but I am so impressed with this bed I had to. Fast shipping, easy set up and its so comfy. I have had lower back pain for about 3 years, since this I got this bed I have been feeling so much better.

I dig PerformaSleep! I didn't

I dig PerformaSleep! I didn't think I would sleep cooler, but it really works. I am sleeping longer and better than ever before. Thanks Performa!

We sleep great! Wife is

We sleep great! Wife is pregnant and doesn't complain about back pain from sleeping any longer. We train regularly and the way this bed conforms to your body to help stabilize and recover is awesome. When she moves in bed I can't feel her movement. The only thing I would say is that the corners of the bed don't have a lot of support but other wise we love it!

I have been searching for

I have been searching for a comfortable pillow for a long time. Then newer memory foam pillows are either rock hard or too soft and you get really hot as the retain the heat. This pillow is amazing! It feels cool when you lay your head on it-- it is amazing. My wife even tried it one night and thought something had been spilled on the pillow cause it was "cool" to the touch. She realized it was so cool and comfy... she tried to steal it from me! Do not hesitate, great product!

Been sleeping on this mattress

Been sleeping on this mattress for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I love how cool it keeps me and how I can easily fall asleep!

Comfortable, cool, and supportive. Get

Comfortable, cool, and supportive. Get some nice cool sheets and you'll be set!

Love this mattress. After first

Love this mattress. After first night my neck/shoulder pain disappeared!

Great mattress! Sleeps cool and

Great mattress! Sleeps cool and doesn't swallow you up like some memory foam mattresses. I highly recommend this product, especially to those who are very physically active.

I love my performasleep mattress.

I love my performasleep mattress. My previous mattress was a 20+ year old pillow top mattress that I was not sleeping well on and having significant back pain. I have had so much more restful sleep since purchasing my performasleep mattress. It was so easy to set up and is so comfortable. I would definitely recommend the performasleep mattress.

I had to be patient

I had to be patient transitioning from a spring matress to a foam mattress. After 2 weeks of getting acclimated, I was getting way better sleep than I had in years. I Highly recommend this bed.

This new mattress is great.

This new mattress is great. My wife is an avid runner, and I am a Crossfitter. This has been the perfect way for us to recover after hard workouts. I have struggled with insomnia for the last 4 years and this is the first mattress I have slept on that lets me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. I have found 1 problem with the mattress. Since beginning to sleep on it I have become significantly worse at crossfit as I don't want to get up to go to a 5:30am class. I now go after work so I can stay in my performa sleep longer. Thanks for showing me what a great night of sleep can really do for me!

I love my Performa Sleep

I love my Performa Sleep mattress. I've had it for a month now, and my quality of sleep has never been better. I wake up each morning feeling fresh and rested, and I love the fact that the mattress stays cool during the night. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone.

This is, by far, the

This is, by far, the BEST mattress I have ever slept on. I used to wake up still tired, feeling fatigued. Now, I wake up feeling well rested, refreshed, and relatively alert! (Even before I get my morning coffee in!) I'm a crossfitter with meathead tendencies so even through the rigorous workouts of the day before, my body has never felt better waking up since sleeping on the Performa Sleep mattress.

Love the bed. I sleep

Love the bed. I sleep much better than I did on our old mattress. I can't feel any movement when my boyfriend gets in or out of bed. It took me a few nights to get use to it but my boyfriend has been sleeping like a rock since the first night. My only negative comment would be that it is not as cool as I had anticipated.

Absolutely loving our PerformaSleep Mattress.

Absolutely loving our PerformaSleep Mattress. I would strongly encourage anyone that leads an active lifestyle to invest in a PerformaSleep.

Absolutely love our Performa Sleep

Absolutely love our Performa Sleep king mattress! With our old 15 year old inner spring mattress I would wake up with neck and shoulder pain almost every day but since sleeping on the Performa mattress the pain is gone. Prior to changing our mattress I spent a small fortune on visits to Physical Therapist and Chiropractors, but no more!

A huge improvement in my

A huge improvement in my sleep and recovery! No more back and shoulder pain.

2015 ended with a huge

2015 ended with a huge move for myself and my husband. We had closed the 7 year chapter in Las Vegas, NV and moved ourselves to New Mexico to start a new one. Packing our items, we decided to get rid of our bed thinking we would just purchase a new one when we got here. Long story short, it took 7 1/2 months to finally decide on a mattress that fit both our needs. During that time, we rotated between padding on the floor and an air mattress. Sleep was nothing we enjoyed but still did out of necessity. Frustrated, I stopped looking at the usual furniture outlets for pillow tops and memory foam and started searching through blogs and posts and looking at some selections advertised on social media. I noticed a few of the CrossFit athletes on my Instagram were promoting PerformaSleep and so I did some research. At first, I was a skeptic. Everything I read was what I wanted to read so it all seemed too good to be true. I tossed up other options for about a week before doing a bit more digging and coming across a particular review written by a Physical Therapist that got to try the mattress and wrote about his and his wife's experience. The selling point of his review was when he mentioned that he had no issues falling asleep but his wife always struggled with finding her zzz's. After they started using the PerformaSleep mattress, she had no issues. Much like them, I have no issues falling asleep and my husband is always tossing and turning to get comfortable (even with our old mattress) and would need background noise or to be extremely exhausted to fall asleep (usually resulting in him getting only a couple hours a night during the week). In addition to this, I had issues staying asleep once i dozed off mostly because I would wake to aching body parts from the beds we slept in and being sore from my workout routine. After countless hours of research and almost giving up and settling for a "soft like a cloud" pillow top, I read the review and decided to discuss it with my husband. After I peaked his interest with the possibility of him finding sleep easier, we reviewed the price. Although not the cheapest "memory foam" type mattress, it definitely is affordable (at $975 for a King size mattress). I was a little scared but determined to give something a try. The 90 day return policy sealed the deal for our final purchase and we ordered our King size PerformaSleep mattress in mid-July. It arrived in box a bit shorter than me. Unpacking it was easy and watching the mattress grow to full form was exciting. The first time we laid on the mattress was a bit euphoric. It was soft but not too soft and it was firm. We didn't sink to the bottom or into the mattress like memory foam, but we also didn't feel like we had nothing under us (preventing us from completely relaxing our body and muscles). In less than 10 minutes, I had dozed off for a nap and my husband had to wake me so I didn't end up breaking my sleeping habits. It's been two weeks since we received our mattress and we couldn't be happier. The mattress does not require a box spring because it is firm enough to hold itself up with the weight of sleeping humans. My husband falls asleep with no issues when he gets into bed and we both have no issues staying asleep throughout the night (I was almost late the first two days with the mattress after I snoozed through my alarms). We've had a number of friends test the bed and come out of it smiling and impressed. When I go over the price and the science per the website, they are in shock. As of August 2016, we absolutely love the PerformaSleep mattress and have been getting some of the best sleep of our adult lives. Thank you PerformaSleep for the amazing product and for answering the needs of myself and my husband almost to a T. AMAZING PRODUCT!

So far the Performa Sleep

So far the Performa Sleep has been "amazing!" My wife and I are sleeping better than we have in years. She even said, "Why didn't we buy this earlier!" Not to rush time but i am interested in seeing the longevity.

I'm used to sleeping on

I'm used to sleeping on a traditional mattress. I dislike the normal memory foam beds because they get too hot and have the quicksand effect. Although it has taken some time for my body to adjust to this mattress I can definitely say that there is a huge difference in sleep quality which continues to get better and better. I enjoy all the features of the PerformaSleep bed over all the other companies as well. There's nothing to complain about or could be better so I'll give it 5 stars. Hopefully it lasts 10+ years. As a CrossFit enthusiast and exercise scientist I highly recommend this to anyone.

My performa sleep has completely

My performa sleep has completely changed my sleeping habits... I am finally sleeping through the night. I haven't been able to do that for 10 years. My wife and I are more than satisfied.

I already feel the difference

I already feel the difference in my sleep quality and comfort. I get very hot when I sleep and the mattress has definitely helped me cool down. It's great to not be in a knot when I wake up every morning!

I was looking to upgrade

I was looking to upgrade to a foam mattress and was interested in Performa Sleep and GhostBed. I was sold on the fact that Performa mattress has a cooling layer in the mattress. The copper technology is also a bonus. I haven't really had any difficulty adjusting to a new mattress as some people have mentioned so I'd say this is a good deal for the price!

Immediate difference in sleep and

Immediate difference in sleep and overall stress reliever. working in construction has its days of brutal stress to the Body and coming home to this bed now has changed the game for me. Absolutely recommend this bed to anyone.

We were needing to get

We were needing to get rid of our mattress but never felt like we could be reassured that a mattress could fit our needs (both financially and personally) until we saw performasleep and read about the background. We were instantly sold and couldn't have been more excited. Our back pain went away within the first couple weeks, awesome product guys! Keep it up! :)

I've been sleeping on this

I've been sleeping on this mattress for a couple of months now and it is completely amazing!!! So excited every night to just lay in bed! Thank you Performa Sleep for creating such an amazing product!

Right away the customer service

Right away the customer service is top notch. Before I made my purchase, I went onto their Instagram and Facebook accounts to see if they had any coupons. I did not see any so went ahead and made the purchase. Right after the purchase I saw a coupon on the top of their site. I contacted customer support and they were happy to apply the coupon. For the past couple of years I have been sleeping with a mattress pad. I decided to purchase another mattress pad before I purchased this mattress. For the first 2-3 weeks I was having average to poor nights of sleep. I was not sure if it was due to the 30 day adjustment period or having just moved into a new place. For some reason, I decided to see if there was any improvement with the removal of the mattress pad. It made a huge difference in my sleep. Taking Progenex Cocoon and sleeping on this mattress is amazing. I am glad I took a chance on a mattress I never felt prior to the purchase.

I run a busy Chiropractic

I run a busy Chiropractic clinic and I am am a competitive Crossfit Athlete so I understand the massive importance of recovery. Since the majority of your body's recovery happens while you're sleeping, a good nights sleep is imperative. Patient's routinely ask me for mattress recommendations and until I purchased the Performasleep mattress for myself I could not honestly give them a great option. I have slept on mattresses that have cost many times the investment you will make in this mattress and none hold a candle to the comfort and level of recovery I experience while sleeping on this mattress.

If you are an athlete

If you are an athlete or active individual, this mattress is for you. I feel rested and recovered every morning from sleeping on my Performa Sleep mattress. The top layer technology keeps me cool at night, and the dense foam supports me without being too stiff. This mattress is a must!

This is the mattress I've

This is the mattress I've been looking for. I notice a difference in my sleep already and it's only been a few weeks. I especially notice how much cooler it keeps me throughout the night. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!

I was hesitant to purchase

I was hesitant to purchase a mattress that was shipped in a box at first. Being an athlete who is 6'4 and 250lbs, I have been through countless mattresses that never quite gave me the support in the right places. I would often have a mattress with a giant valley from where I slept while my wife would suffer when ever we rotated the mattress. We decided to give Performa a try. The first week took some adjustments, however, I cannot sleep on any other bed comfortably anymore. If they could make a travel mattress, I would find a way to carry it on with me to my next destination. Believe me, Performa Sleep is the best mattress for you, especially if you are an athlete and looking for the support you need.

This bed is great if

This bed is great if your partner moves a lot! There is no movement transfer at all, yet it doesn't give you that sweaty feeling like traditional memory foam mattresses. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Best purchase I have ever

Best purchase I have ever made. I almost spent three times as much on a mattress! I do not feel my wife moving in the bed when I am sleeping, I wake up feeling better, and I recover faster from hard workouts. I use sleep tracking devices and my quality of sleep has drastically improved. Going out of town is miserable because no other mattress compares.

The only major complaint about

The only major complaint about this bed is that we actually have to get out of it. We get so much deeper and more restful sleep. An actual negative is that it's not any more cool to sleep on than any other mattress. We will be purchasing a cooling mattress pad and that will solve the problem.

My wife kept telling me

My wife kept telling me night after night for the first week or so; "I am not sure about that new bed - I just don't know". A week or so later, she commented, "I know why I was having a hard time believing that new mattress was all it was advertised to be; that's because I have been sleeping so soundly through the entire night that I didn't realize how much better my sleep was". The "hot sleeping" in a room that was 66 degrees was gone for both of us and we were both sleeping hard right through the night. I can't attest to the science behind the mattress, but I can confidently say that this is the best mattress we have ever owned. The proof is in the quality of sleep we get on our PerformaSleep mattress. We will of course be return customers when the time comes. Thanks - great product.

Okay, NOW I can sleep.

We are recreational Crossfitters and just thought my "advanced years" (post-40) was catching up with me... cracking joints, aches and pains in the morning, stiff neck and hips, etc. My stretches pre-workout were getting longer and longer. We decided to give PerformaSleep a go, after talking with their [amazing] customer service. No regrets. I wake up refreshed, no aches and pains, no stiffness or cracking joints. My workouts feel better, and I am overall more rested. Recommending this mattress to all my exercise aficionado friends.

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