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Perfect Cloud Mattress Reviews

Perfect Cloud is a mattress company that predominantly sells on Amazon. The prices are very affordable, and overall folks like the feel of the mattress. The main issue is that there have been some reports of durability issues for some sleepers. Because of the low prices, there is not enough money baked in for great craftsmanship and attention to detail while still making a profit. Know that this may not last as long as other online brands.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.7/10

Price: $289-$799

Trial Period: 30 Days

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Perfect Cloud's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Perfect Cloud is made with CertiPUR-US foams, which won't offgas nasty toxins. Though they are very inexpensive, Though they are very inexpensive, to achieve profitablity the foams inside are likely not as durable or well made as competitors. Some have had durability complaints about these mattresses. Their most popular mattress is their Ultra-Plush Gel-Max 10'' memory foam mattress. We'll go through what's inside and how all of their mattresses compare. Here's what's inside:

Layer 1: 1.5'' of air infused memory foam is designed to disperse heat.

Layer 2: 2'' of gel-max memory foam, which also will be facilitate cooling.

Layer 3: 6.5'' of base support foam on the bottom layer will give the mattress structure and support.

Overall Comfort

For most sleepers, Perfect Cloud mattresses will sleep comfortably for the first few months. Some have experienced issues with durability after only a few months. If you are larger in body shape, this could be worse.


See the scale above. Perfect Cloud provides different mattresses for different firmness preferences. That said, some have reported that the firmness does not hold over a few months or after the first year.


Perfect Cloud mattresses will sleep cool for most sleepers because of the use of gel infused foam and ventilation. For those that are extremely warm sleepers, there may still be some heat retention.

Who Is It Good For?

This mattress seems to be a bargain hunter's dream, but some have reported needing a new mattress after a short amount of time. With only a 30 day trial, it may be a risky proposition.

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... plywood and it is a little firm but i like it, thank you

I have it on a heavy piece of plywood and it is a little firm but i like it,thank you.


after a couple years I now require climbing gear to reach the peak formed in the middle..

so comfortable.

Purchased for our motor home (full-time) It is so, so comfortable.

Lives Up to its Name!

The Perfect Cloud mattress lives up to its name, since it’s just like sleeping on a perfect cloud. It was simple to unpack and once fully decompressed, it was ready to use. I’ve been putting off purchasing a new mattress because of the cost and wish I found out about Perfect Cloud a long time ago because you can beat the price for American made and excellent quality.

Four Stars

Enjoying it everyday !

Don't waste your money unless you like replacing your mattress every two years

It was pure heaven for the first year, now, it's a sagging nightmare. Only had for two years. I am 5'3''', about 140 lbs. and sleep alone. No reason for this quick wear and tear. Such a disappointment!!

Excellent purchase!

This memory foam mattress is truly down from the clouds! It is all things at once...firm...soft...cozy..yielding. I love it. I have many back problems caused by arthritis and have now slept on the mattress for a bit over a month. My back feels soooo much better as I sleep and when I get up in the morning. Great price too! You cannot go wrong with this purchase. Plumped up quickly with no detectable chemical odor.

For real, just buy this already!

I waited to review this mattress until my partner and I slept on it for a while. We're now over 30 nights in, and we've loved every minute of it. I researched bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses for weeks before deciding on this one over something more trendy like a Casper, Purple, or Leesa, and I don't regret my decision at all. My partner is 6'6'' and 200 pounds, and box spring mattresses wear out under his size in a matter of years, but this thing supports his weight and hasn't shown any signs at all of squishing down. It's insanely comfortable. He loves it because he sleeps hot and this bed keeps him cool, and I love it because it supports my lower back great. My only negative remark is that the foam smell took over two weeks to dissipate (but our bedroom only has one small window). Once that smell left, though, it's been nothing but night after night of amazing sleep since!

Under 2 years and it is awful

Was ok for maybe 6 months, sags so so bad! Was told it was Medium Firm-Firm it most certainly is not! Poor support! We couldn't take it any longer, we put it in storage and are sleeping on the couches. I hope they come through on their warranty, I see a lot of good reviews, I'm wondering if these people are crazy or if we have a defective product. Purchased 10/26/15, I haven't slept on it since May!

We love it just as much 3 months later as I ...

I wanted to wait a little bit before reviewing...We love it just as much 3 months later as I did the first night. Very comfortable. Boyfriend says 'babe, this thing is like sleeping on a perfect cloud.' Haha get it?

Variety in performance

Bought for RV just now tested sleeps like a brick. Previously had one I thought was identical and enjoyed it. Wish I could still return this one and try another.

Five Stars

Excellent bed extremely comfortable and amazing quality affordable price

Possibly a miracle? Cured my lower back? Either way, awesome bed, awesome price.

Before this bed, I spent over $2,000 on a mattress that I gave away a few months later. I paid 1/4 of that for this and its the most comfortable bed Ive slept on. I have bad lower back problems and since using this bed ( about 2 months now) I have little to no issues. When I bought this bed, my back was in terrible shape, I pulled something and could barely walk. That would happen to me every so often. That went away within 2 days of sleeping on this.

100% satisfaction. Great quality!

Don't want buyers remorse? Get this matress. It's the best in it's price range for sure! No weird smell, and you just open it and it friggin works like how you paid for it to. Imagine that, sad that can be such a rarity nowadays. Definitely lived up to the 'perfect' name!

Perfect mattress!

Love this mattress!! Chose this mattress for our daughter as she transitioned from her toddler bed to a standard twin. Unpacking and set up were easy and straightforward. There was absolutely no smell by the time it was ready to sleep on. Barely any smell upon opening it and removing the shrink wrap!! My daughter and I both love the level of firmness this mattress provides. She definitely sleeps better on this mattress than her previous one! I love it so much, I can’t wait to replace my mattress!! Will be buying this one in the appropriate size for my bed!

You get what you pay for.

I waited about 6 months before I posted this review. You need to give your body time to adjust to a new mattress. I was thrilled about this mattress because of the price and rating but I should have filtered the reviews and read some of the one and two star reviews before buying. The first couple months were good. The mattress was firm and comfortable. After two months the mattress started to cave in the middle. I have to constantly flip and rotate the mattress but as soon as the foam gets warm from body heat it will start to roll me towards the center. My current strategy is to sleep on the outer edges, not good. I developed a lot of back and hip pain since buying this mattress. I wish there was a way to return it. Complete waste of money. Sad.

Gave me a back ache

Purchased this mattress 2 years ago. My husband always complains that he wakes with a back ache. So we rotated the mattress head to toe. Then I started waking with a back ache. There seems to be spots in the mattress that are harder than others. E-mailed perfect cloud and got no response. Anyone know the phone number? They don't seem to want to be called. This mattress is garbage. $599 down the toilet.

5 starts for delivery and instructions for set up. But Strong smell and very soft.

I just received the mattress 3 days ago. I am giving it 2 starts for the delivery process. It arrived even before the scheduled time and I was happy to find it on my door. It's a twin size so I had no problem to get it out of the box in the hallway and pull it to my bedroom. I followed the instructions and managed to open and set it alone. I am 5" 1 and 112 lbs. No mention of the strong smell on the seller description or the instruction sheet. Instruction sheet recommended 24 hours to fully expand. I set it up by noon Wednesday and set up covers 8 pm Thursday, about 34 hours. I tried it last night. The smell was very strong to the point that I even smelled it on my pj. I will it air for another 2 days and try it again. Will get back with more info. I am keeping the box and the plastic covers, but I am crossing my fingers I don't have to return it.

Warranty is 10 years, Cool gel not as expected. Still waiting...

Two weeks in. Delivered Oct 2. Its Oct 15 now. Not exactly what I was expecting. I don't feel the cool gel. I lay on my back and it still feels warm. Giving it another week. Bob's Furniture Sport Hybrid Mattress is a similar cost and 25 year warranty. This mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. Its better than some mattresses... but it's not living up to my expectations.

Best sleep EVER!!!!

All I can say is , this is the best mattress I've ever had, I purchased a serta perfect sleep for double the price of the perfect cloud hybrid, I returned that serta in two weeks, decided to get this one and am so glad I did ,if your thinking of getting a hybrid this is perfect.

Ahhhh - Just Right!

This mattress gave me the best sleep I've had in years. The memory foam (soft without sinking in) cuddled my shoulders and hips, the springs gave me the support I wanted, and it was great not waking up during the night from being overheated. It was/is so comfortable, I was (probably) asleep almost immediately because I don't remember fidgeting and rearranging to find a sweet spot. I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to feel so refreshed in the morning.

This is not medium soft - it is more medium firm but the mattress is still pretty good for side sleeping.

Wasn't sure the first night sleeping on this mattress but after a week it's pretty good. The manufacturer lists this as a medium soft - which is what I need as a side sleeper - but this product is more a medium-medium firm but due to the extra thick memory foam I don't develop any pressure points and wake up without any pain or stiffness so I'm keeping it and see how it does over time. Two tips: DO NOT open this mattress until you have your platform ready and then open it on the platform (very hard to move around once inflated at least the king size is). It took 48 hours to "off gas" the manufacturing smell so plan on airing it out for a couple of days unless you don't mind sleeping with a very strong chemical odor.

I think this is the best mattress I have ever slept on

I think this is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I'm a side sleeper with 40 years of hard labor registered on this old body. It's just as the name implies. I wake up feeling like I slept on a cloud. I paid for this mattress in full and spent 2 months researching before I bought this. I know the names by heart of over twenty foam and hybrid mattresses. I agonized over it. I was so close to spending 1000 for a famous name mattress, Got this for under 700, which allowed me the frame, bamboo sheets, pillows and new quilt. I am about as happy as you can be after buying something...I mean that. Thank You for this wonderful product. It's top-shelf quality, at a great price. I'm blown away by it!!!! UPDATE: bought this in April, it's now the end of July...still very happy with zero regrets!!! DO NOT HESITATE this is IT!

Not Satisfied

I've had this mattress for two months now. I didn't want to spend thousands to get a decent mattress so after many hours of research, I decided on the "Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-Inch Mattress" in Queen size. The delivery and packaging were excellent. It was easy to unpack and set up. That's the end of my praise. I believe in giving products a fair chance so I didn't try to return this right away even though my sleep quality got worse, not better from the get go versus my old, cheap mattress. I'm outside the return window so I'm stuck with it now and will have to sleep on it for years to come. I understand that for less than $700, you can't expect to get the world. I read other people's reviews and see that many are happy so perhaps I just got a bad mattress. However, based on my experience I have to advise you to consider other options.

The bed sags within a week

I am a 135lb 5'5 25 yo female (not very heavy!), and found that the bed sagged under my hips while offering significant, even too much, support under my shoulders. This made for an uncomfortable experience waking up in the morning with my pelvis deep inside the bed and my shoulders and neck propped up. I had back pain a couple of times and returned it. If there was more support under the hips, and a little softer under the shoulders, I honestly think it would be amazing. But because the opposite was true, and it gave me back pain, I don't recommend this item.

This Bed is amazingly comfortable

My son says it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Very comfortable.

Sleeping on a Cloud

I purchased the Cloud Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 11 inch Queen and it truly is perfect. It's not too soft or too hard. I sleep throughout the night without waking up multiple times from being uncomfortable or my back hurting. If you are looking for a mattress that is affordable and will allow you to sleep like a baby that sleeps on a cloud...purchase this mattress. I'm glad I did. It's awesome!

Excellent product

arrived on time in perfect order and very comfortable

Five Stars

We love our new bed!

Great Hybrid

Its been week 3 with this mattress and I love it! Firm yet soft ... like sleeping on a cloud.

Five Stars

Perfect product I really like it


Crazy comfy!!! The softest firm I’ve ever slept on

Quality seems good but not enough support for me

Quality seems good but not enough support for me. My body aches all over and I want my old mattress back.

Very comfortable bed

Very comfortable. 1 less star due to it still smelling more than a month in. It is in a guest bedroom which is closed most of the time but I have aired out with windows several days and there is still a slight smell. I am super sensitive and it is thankfully not enough to bother me once the room is aired out a bit. Very happy with the purchase. Most of our guests love it. Only one said it bothers his back.

Five Stars

Great bed...comfortable sleep all night

Can’t wait for bed

Just love this mattress we purchased for our RV. I feel so comfy sleeping on it.

... mattress was too soft I however thought it was wonderful. I ordered this mattress thinking it would be ...

I switched mattresses because my husband thought our mattress was too soft I however thought it was wonderful. I ordered this mattress thinking it would be somewhere in between. The first night I slept on it I was disappointed thinking it was too hard. Within a week however I adjusted to it and I have to say I get the best nights sleep ever. My back and my neck love it!!! I’m very pleased with my mattress and I would definitely recommend it and buy it again!!!

Five Stars

This is literally the most comfortable mattress I have every laid on.

kinda like sleeping on a firm marshmallow if that makes sense

Even though it was ordered without my agreement, I tried to cancel the order with no luck, when it came, I decided to give it a try. We have had it for a little while now and my boyfriend can't stop raving about it, he hasn't snored since we got it. It took me a night or two to get used to the new feel compared to our cheap box springs and mattress it replace...hard to explain how it feels...kinda like sleeping on a firm marshmallow if that makes sense. We mainly sleep on our sides but sometimes backs. If the shape and feel stays the same for 5 years it is definitely a winner!

This mattress was way too firm for my liking. ...

This mattress was way too firm for my liking. On the positive side, there was not the offensive chemical odor that some others mentioned.

Nice delivery great quality mattress

This came really fast and it makes a great comfortable mattresses. Our daughter loves it.

It feels comfortable and I sleep well on it

We have had this for a few months now and I have no complaints. It feels comfortable and I sleep well on it. There was a small period of time that we had to get acclimated to it but it was not a difficult transition. The major thing that took us time was getting out of bed. It is just a bit more difficult to get to the edge and sit before getting up. I can only assume this is the softer foam compared to a normal mattress. The really great thing about this mattress is that when my wife moves around, I do not feel it as much. I have even been able to drink from a glass of water as she is getting into bed. That is something I just could not do with my last mattress.

Great, well made mattress

We have been sleeping on this mattress for about 4 days now. We gave it about 2 days to expand and fluff before we slept on it. At first I thought it was a little firm, but overall it's a great mattress and I would definitely reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a well made, comfortable mattress!

Five Stars

Great mattress for the price!

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