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Parklane Mattress Reviews

Parklane manufactures a variety of innerspring, hybrid, and foam mattresses, sold in local stores in Oregon and Washington. They focus on providing a local customer low prices and high quality materials. With a legacy from 1920s, they have been in the mattress game for quite a while. Most folks find their mattresses comfortable, but some had issues with service and odor.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $198-$2915

Trial Period: 90 Day Exchange - $150 Fee

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Parklane's Specifics

Parklane Mattresses are known for being middle of the road quality and pricepoint. Versus other big mattress retailers, Parklane mattresses have a good price for the materials that are used. However, the new online mattress retailers have Parklane mattresses beat on price for the quality.

Quality of Materials

Parklane crafts their mattresses in their own mattress factory using materials like Talalay latex, CertiPur-US certified foams, and pocketed coils. Their materials are good quality overall and customers report feeling good about their mattresses initially. There are some that disagreed with the firmness and had some sagging issues over time.

Mattress Types

Parklane offers a variety of mattresses that feature innerspring and coil systems with memory foam and latex comfort layers. We'll go through their different mattress types and describe their offerings in detail so that you can learn if they could be right for you. Here are the details:

Marshall Coil Mattresses

The Marshall Coil mattresses feature eight different mattress options with various firmness varieties and comfort layers used. Marshall coils are another name for pocketed coils that react to your body independently. These mattresses are generally some of the most loved by customers. The most popular Marshall Coil mattress that Parklane offers is The Arlington. The Arlington features Talalay latex and gel-infused memory foam that provide pressure point relief and deep support. Starting at $976, these mattresses are higher in price than other online options. However, most customers like the initial feel.

The pros: A variety of hybrid options using pocketed coils for a mid-range price and good quality materials.

The cons: Some initial feel complaints and better price value found elsewhere.

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

Offset Coil Mattresses

Offset coil is another way of describing traditional innerspring mattress feel with interconnected coils. These types of mattresses have grown less popular over the years because they can be associated with pressure point issues. That said, Parklane mattresses have tried to solve this problem by including plenty of comfort layers and in some cases adding pocketed microcoils above the traditional innersprings. The Aldercrest is the most popular mattress of this line and comes with generous layers of gel infused memory foam and mini marshall coils. Most customers find that these mattresses are comfortable at first -- though there are some that have pressure point and sagging issues long term.

The pros: Traditional innerspring options with innovative designs in some cases. Pricepoint is fair versus other in-store varieties.

The cons: Some reports of sagging and initial comfort issues.

Final Score: 8.2 / 10

Springless Mattresses

The Parklane Springless mattress lines contains all-foam mattress types including those that use memory foam and latex foams. These types of mattresses have been made popular by Tempur-Pedic style mattresses over the recent years. The Alameda is the most popular mattress in the line. It comes with a variety of gel memory foam and two layers of different firmness Oeko-Tex® certified Talalay latex. Most customers find these mattresses to be comfortable, but some had issues with the initial firmness. Additionally, Parklane's foam mattresses are more expensive tham many other comparable online options.

The pros: All-foam mattresses that most customers feel comfortable with.

The cons: Some complaints about the initial feel and prices are a bit high.

Final Score: 8.1 / 10

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My wife and I slept on a Parklane

My wife and I slept on a Parklane mattress while house-sitting for a relative and promptly fell in love with it. After that, trying to sleep in our own bed after that just made us frustrated and in pain. There was no question about what brand we wanted but what we didn’t expect was the affordability. This is a “no-brainer”, seriously, try it and see for yourself.

My wife and I slept on a Parklane

A great mattress shopping experience! It’s softer compared to what I tried in showroom.

A very comfortable night’s sleep

A very comfortable night’s sleep on this bed. It arrived very similar to the floor model in store and is on the firm side as described. Holds it’s shape well and provides a solid sleep night in and night out. Service: Unfortunately, the service was the disappointing side. Delivery date was confirmed at time of purchase and given a time window. This delivery was missed with no notice, and when I called to inquire I was told it would be ready the following day and someone should have called me. I called the main corporate number to complain and was bounced around and promised a call back from the “manager”. Call never came, though the bed was delivered the next day which made me take another day off from work to wait for it. The delivery crew itself was prompt and professional, though I likely would not buy from this company in the future if narrowing down a delivery time was important.

We love the mattress and how rested we are

We love the mattress and how rested we are in the morning. Don’t wake up achy as we used to from sleeping on our old mattress. Very happy with the mattress.

A fantastic mattress

A fantastic mattress for those who need or want firm support. It’s only getting more comfortable with use. Excellent firm support mattress. Service: Delivery was on time and professionally set-up.

Sleep wonderful sleep!

Sleep wonderful sleep! Parklane takes the mystery out of mattress shoping. There knowledgeable staff leads you throught the choices, no confusion, great service. I love the nighttime sleep I receive from my excellent mattress. You can also be assured that your mattress is never co-mingled with other peoples used mattresses because they use two trucks one to pick up your old piece and one truck to deliver your new box springs and mattress.

This is my first new mattress purchase

This is my first new mattress purchase. I am so glad that I found a company that is local and makes the bed for you. The price was fabulous. My son had just purchased a mattress from another company and spent 5 times as much for pretty much the same mattress. I sleep really good and I love how light weight it is when changing the sheets! I love it.

So far so good.

So far so good. I had been having lower back problems from sleeping on my last couple mattresses. With the Morrison I have been waking up feeling rested and like my back is actually improving while I sleep instead of getting more sore. I’ve only had the mattress a couple months, but love it so far.

I love this bed!

I love this bed! I was so impressed with the service I received from Parklane, from the sales person to the 2 men that delivered and set up my new bed. Very professional! Best purchase in a long time!

I bought a Parklane mattress

I bought a Parklane mattress with great pleasure and was very surprised that it came with an overpower chemical odor. It gave me a headache and made my eyes water the two nights I slept on it. I have never had a reaction to anything before in my life. I opened windows, ran a fan and air filter, and even stayed elsewhere for two-plus weeks, but the strong toxic smell lingered. Everyone who came in my home could smell it and I had to finally send it back.

Nice firm mattress.

Nice firm mattress. It was important to us to buy from a local company. Disappointed the customer service was not better.

Great price

Great price, great service, great product! Love it! Great Service too

I wanted a firm mattress

I wanted a firm mattress and this one was really firm. AT first, I wasn’t sure I liked it but after giving it a month, I really feel comfortable sleeping on it and the best news of all, my back feels great, too!

If you want a firm mattress

If you want a firm mattress, which we did, this is the one for you. I used to wake up 4-5 times a night with our old mattress. Now it’s once, if that.

This is a great mattress

This is a great mattress. The best part is the sales staff. Super informative and helpful, but not pushy like some of the bigger chains. Delivery guys were quick, efficient and friendly. They use two trucks for delivery and pickup so your new mattress doesn’t carpool with old ones!

I have only had the bed

I have only had the bed for about 2 weeks but am extremely happy with the bed I chose. The best part was the process of the purchase. Very low key and no pressure to buy the most expensive mattress. The salesmen were more concerned with what I was looking for and helped me find just the right bed.

Excellent bed for the money

Excellent bed for the money – my first night on this mattress was the best sleep I had in two years! Definitely recommend it to friends

I am a customer relations representative

I am a customer relations representative in the banking industry – And I have to say hands down, Parklane Mattresses provided the most positive customer experience I have received for quite awhile. The store’s staff very friendly without pressure selling tactics – highly knowledgeable and informed on products. I had already decided to buy from Parklane even before walking into their store – Because I truly believe in supporting our local businesses, and try to always be conscientious of our environment and how products are made. But upon speaking to Micah at the Lake Oswego store, I knew not only would I be buying all future mattresses from Parklane, but I would be recommending all my family, friends and associates looking for new mattresses there as well. I researched on many different brands and firmness from all over the metro area. When it comes to value, integrity, and service of product… Parklane cannot be beaten. Probably not a good thing since I have a highly busy day, everyday,.. I find it so hard now to get out of bed – I don’t want to because the mattress is that comfortable. I could really go on, and on. But I would lastly say Parklane’s delivery personnel (Jose and his delivery partner) are also highly respectable, and professional – took extra care on our first rainy day in 112 days to ensure carpet did not get dirty; and the best I have experienced as well. I cannot say enough of the staff overall and the product speaks for itself. Well Done PARKLANE.

I liked this mattress

I liked this mattress so much I bought it twice! We bought one for our bedroom, and loved its firm yet comfortable feel that we replaced our guest room mattress with the Morrison. It’s a perfect mattress!

This is our main mattress

This is our main mattress and immediately noticed that our sleep improved during the first night of use (less tossing and turning). We bought the King and it does seem to have a slight bulge in the center of the mattress. However, I believe the sales associate told us that all Kings have a slight hump in the middle. Another plus is the solid/firm sides that don’t dramatically sag when you sit on the edge of the mattress. Overall, we love our Morrison and would not hesitate to buy again from Parklane.

We absolutely love our Parklane mattress

We absolutely love our Parklane mattress. After our first night sleeping on it my husband and I both woke with no backpain. The experience from purchase to delivery was exceptional. Exceptional service, exceptional mattress.

We are very happy

We are very happy with this mattress. We both needed a very firm feel. The neck pain and arm numbness my Wife was having is now gone. My lower back discomfort is also gone. Sleeping in is now possible.

The mattress is great

The mattress is great, firm but comfortable. I will return to Parklane.

really positive experience

A really positive experience from the moment we entered the store to this day as we sleep on the mattress. Exactly what we had hoped for. Megan’s knowledge of the Parklane products made our search for a mattress very simple and the purchase even more so. The gentlemen which delivered the mattress were very courteous and professional. All this accompanied by the fact that a local company and manufacturer is being supported makes Parklane the retailer which we would recommend to any of our friends. Thank you.

I had been searching

I had been searching for a firm mattress that was affordable and well built. I got all these things from this mattress. Great price and a great product.

Parklane is such an asset

Parklane is such an asset for us Oregonians! My last mattress was giving out after 11 years and I was tired of waking up with back pains that would hang around all day or pop up mid day. I knew it was time to invest in a new bed.

I love my mattress.

I love my mattress. It is everything I hoped–firm but not hard, clearly well constructed but light weight enough to allow easy tucking of bedding. I appreciated the accurate notification of delivery and the perfect placement. I’ve been recommending Parklane to everyone I know.

I am so thankful

I am so thankful I found the Morrison mattress. Extra firm means great support for my ever aging body without any harmful effects from sleeping on my side -no sore ribs, hips or shoulders etc. Sleep has never been so good. Delivery was communicated the day before and arrived as scheduled. The delivery setup team was courteous and professional completing the task very quickly. Highly recommend.

It’s been great! The first new mattress

It’s been great! The first new mattress I’ve purchased and I love how firm it is. I love supporting the local co and they made eveything easy when I went in. Delivery went smoothly and I’m very happy.

I have been meaning to write you

I have been meaning to write you for about 9 months. I bought my Morrison mattress from your LO store in the fall of 2016 and I am absolutely in love with it! It is by far the best mattress I have ever owned or slept upon, anywhere. Furthermore, my experience shopping at your store was excellent; the staff member was so helpful and I never felt pressured or rushed in any way. I had just moved to Portland and didn’t know about your store until I heard your ad on NPR. Before learning about you, I had tried one of the popular mail order mattresses, which I did not like and had to return (big hassle!).


I've had my Parklane mattress for about 4-5 years and bought it sight unseen from another state. I saved every penny I had to shell out $4k for a mattress right out of college. The quilting immediately starting pulling 'up' like it was detached from the bed and creating little mountains. They go down when you push on them but I was very surprised to see this. I also cannot sleep at all on my stomach as it makes my back hurt big time because it dips so low. Unfortunately I'm looking for another bed now. It may be good quality but it hasn't worked for me.

Very surprised and disappointed

We are currently on our second set of Parklane mattresses. The first set lasted almost 10 years. We were satisfied. So in Fall, 2019, we bought a second set - called Willamette. Today, 25 months later, they are broken down on the sides...despite regular turning and not sitting long periods on the edges...and the mattress used by a 170 lb man is soft, sagging and uncomfortable all over. Shocked and disappointed and would advise caution in buying this again.

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