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Pangeabed Mattress Reviews

Pangeabed's mattresses are out of stock and may not be returning to the market. Pangeabed is well known for their development of a muscle-relieving copper-infused mattress. There mattress is exciting because rather than infuse memory foam, they opted to infuse all-natural Talalay latex with copper. This, along with gel-foam and supportive poly foams, makes a bed that is alleviates aches and pains while having a playful bounce on the top layer. At a medium firmness and under $1,000 for a queen, it is definitely a mattress to consider!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.9/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7.1/10

Price: $745-$1145

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Pangeabed's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Pangeabed's mattress is made with high grade Talalay latex, which comes in different densities throughout the bed for an evening firmness. It also has copper infusion in the top layer of to facilitate cooling and help with aches and pains. It's foams below are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they don't offgas nasty toxins. Here is what's inside the mattress:

Layer 1: The first layer is soft foam quilted into the cover. It provides a gentle squishiness to the top layer.

Layer 2: The second layer is 100% pure Talalay latex infused with copper. This helps with pain relief and is anti-microbial, while still being cool.

Layer 3: The third layer is cooling gel foam that relieves pressure points and facilitates greater cooling.

Layer 4: PangeaBed support foam offers gives deep support and provides structure to the base of the mattress.

Overall Comfort

Customers really like the Pangeabed, but some had issues with the firmness of the mattress and heat retention on the top layer.


Pangeabed is going to run firmer than most medium firm mattresses. Latex is generally firmer than memory foam so if you are looking for a contouring feel or are a side sleeper, know that this may be a little firm.


The cooling layers should help keep the mattress the same temperature throughout the night, but those in warm environments may still be warm. The top memory foam layer in the cover may cause some heat retention for those that are very warm sleepers.

Who Is It Good For?

The Pangeabed mattress is great for most sleepers! For those looking for a firmer mattress with latex, have aches and pains, and are interested in the health benefits of copper, this mattress is a top choice!

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Keith B.

It’s been about three weeks since I purchased a king size mattress. So far I’ve been really happy. I was close to pulling the trigger on a $8000 bed. luckily I’m cheap and continued to research top mattresses and kept going back to Pangeabed. I’ve had back issues for over twelve years and not being able to rest comfortably is terrible. Now my eleven year old son wants one for Christmas. Keep exceeding expectations Pangeabed!

love my new mattress

I've only been sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks, but so far I love it. It's definitely on the firmer side, but that's my preference so I'm really happy with it. It stays cool throughout the night even when full of 2 people, 2 cats, and a dog. It was ready to use right away, easy to unpack, and gave off no chemical odor. I'm sleeping great since switching to this mattress. Delivery was timely and I also love the foam pillow that was thrown in with the deal, it's so bouncy and supportive. I would highly recommend this bed to someone who likes a firm, but luxurious feeling mattress.

Very Happy With My Pangea Bed!!

Sleeping better than ever on my PangeaBed Copper Mattress!! You’ll be glad you bought one!!!

Love it!!

I love this bed. Since my husband and got it, we both have slept better. He doesn't sweat as much and I don't have to take pills to aid me in sleep as much. Having g more room as well is very nice..we recently had a full size bed.

I have only had my

I have only had my Pangea mattress a few weeks. I suffer from back pain and bursitis in my hip. The pain was the worst when I got out of bed in the morning. I am now waking up without back and hip pain. I sink down in the mattress just the right amount whether sleeping on my back or side. This has mattress has been a great prescription for my pain relief. I would also like to thank Martin for aiding in my purchase. Great service and great product! If you are suffering with aches and pains, I’d say give this mattress a try.

So far- so good.

As expected.

Love this mattress!

I've been enjoying this mattress for almost a year. For the quality of the mattress you get, the price is great and it was so easy to order, receive and set it up. Much better mattress that the one I replaced that had cost me triple the amount. I am ordering another one for my daughter.

Very comfortable - between medium and firm

It took a bit of getting used to after a lifetime of spring mattresses, but now I absolutely loved my PangeaBed mattress! It's super comfy, the quilted cover is very nice, it's a nice firmness (not too soft), and I feel supported as I sleep. One note is that the week to produce the mattress and week to ship it (mine came from New Jersey to California) is not an exaggeration. It took my mattress 2 weeks to get to me from when I ordered it. But as long as you're aware of that, it's totally worth it!

Love Pangeabed!

Feel like I am sleeping sounder and waking up rested. Very happy I chose Pangeabed after much research

Your Pangea bed

My wife is very happy with the Copper Mattress. She sleeps a lot longer on the Copper Mattress and is more rested in the morning. Mike from Onsted , Michigan


I am extremely picky and was nervous that my mom ordered me a mattress for my college apartment without testing it. After 1 month of sleeping on a PangeaBed mattress I can honestly say I sleep better at night. It's a perfect combo of firm and soft. Highly recommend!!

Great Value for Maximum Comfort

A high quality mattress has always been a priority with me. This one is the best yet and at a much lower price than any others I’ve bought in the past. I’ll have to wait for hot weather to see how the copper acts as a heat sink, but that will be a bonus added to a product with which I am already very satisfied.

I wish I could give this mattress 10 stars!

This is a fantastic mattress. I did hours of research on which mattress to get before I finally committed to buying the copper mattress from Pangeabed. And I have zero regrets. I am on Night #3, and I couldn't be happier. We spend at least a quarter of our lives asleep, and this mattress is absolutely worth the investment. This is the first mattress I've ever purchased, and my parents thought I was crazy at first to forgo the $0 option of taking my cousin's extra mattress. But I'm so satisfied with every single penny I paid for my Pangeabed. The customer service is also spectacular. Shout out to Martin who has been take care of me from the moment I placed the order and decided I wanted to change the size from a Full to a Queen up until the moment the mattress arrived at my place. You can tell that this company really cares about their customers, and, in an age when customer service seems to be more lip service than anything else, Pangeabed's commitment to making their customers happy is refreshing.

Great Nights Sleep!!

Right out of the box the first night I had the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. The mattress was fairly firm yet contoured to the body making it comfortable. I am a side sleeper and with the copper infusion it helps with blood flow, no more tingling hands. Great mattress, great company, great customer service. Highly recommend this mattress and company.

The absolute best!

My husband and I are absolutely in love with our new mattress. It has the perfect amount of firmness while still softly cuddling your body. The bed feels so delicious to sleep on and we have been having much better nights of sleep. I would definitely recommend this bed! In addition, the customer service has been impeccable. Very happy to have purchased from this company.

Very supportive

Life Changing Mattress!!

So comfy

Good Mattress Great Company

Good mattress

It has only been a week and

I have to say that I am very impressed so far. I have owned high end mattresses by Serta, Sealy, Stearns & Foster and Simmons and this is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I like a firm mattress and this one is firm but not hard or stiff. Prior to sleeping on this mattress I always would find myself waking up part way through the night and that hasn't happened yet on the Pangeabed. I did a load of research prior to this purchase. I read and watched at least 30 reviews on the different Bed in a Box mattresses and settled on this one and I am happy to say that I made the right choice. I was moving when it came so I left it in the box for about a week and a half before I opened it and I was pleasantly surprised how it sprang to life in just a few minutes and within a few hours it was at it's full size. The only suggestion I would have for this company would be to have a discussion with UPS about expectations of delivery. The day it was scheduled to be delivered, per UPS tracking code, it showed as being on the truck and then later in the day it showed as being in the terminal for a future delivery. I called UPS and they told me it would come the next day. I made it a point to hang out in the lobby of my condominium and when UPS came the driver had 1 small box. When I asked him if he had another package he hesitated. As soon as I said it would be a large, heavy box the driver asked me if my unit was #10. And when I said yes he told me it was buried on the truck and he would have to dig it out. It was easy to see that he didn't intend to deliver it so they could contact me and tell me I had to pick it up. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed in UPS and the lazy driver whose route I was on. Pangea A++ UPS D


So far so good . Really do not feel the cooling part of it.

AMAZING customer service!!

We received our bed quickly and it took about 20 minutes to unpack it and replace our current mattress. After a little over a month of sleeping on the mattress, I was very satisfied with the comfort. However, my wife found it a little too firm for her taste. When I reached out to request a refund, I was preparing myself for a "fight" to try and return the mattress and get a refund. Boy, was I surprised! Martin responded immediately and made the return and refund process as painless as possible. I have not received customer service like that in a long time and it was such a refreshing experience!

review FREAK

bought two of these. ive had the first one now for about 9months. liked it so much I bought a second one. I read the reviews and paid attention to the construction of the numerous different bed in a box mattresses. this is the best mattress you can buy in a box PERIOD!! I absolutely love it!

Love Pangea!

I purchased the Queen size Pangea mattress & I have to say that it is well built, great quality & materials. I had never had a mates before with copper & it does help to keep you cool at night if you are somebody who sweats. I experienced top notch customer service like no other!! Awesome, awesome service! I have no regrets! And if you buy at the right time, you may be able to catch a great deal!!

5 stars for comfort, 1 star for heat

I really want to like this bed. To just lie on it is wonderful. No aches or pains in the am (didn't have before but many reviewers mention so adding here.) I waited for a few months to review because the first weeks were awful. I asked Alexa after the first night and 'she' said I woke 17 times and asked what time it was!

I don't have perspective on traditional beds as I have spent the last 20 on a soft-sided water bed. That is the definition of sleeping 'cool'. You can wear pajamas in the winter and still not over heat. But you cannot move these beds and changing linens is a pain.

I keep the room cool (first year EVER to use the air-conditioner) with a fan overhead and one blowing across. No issues with overall body temp but the heat under my hip (side-sleeper) wakes me 3 or more times a night. I can change positions and go back to sleep but that is not a good night. I often resort to moving upstairs to a couch.

A little too firm

Decent bed. Not hot like another foam bed we have purchased in the past. I’m a side sleeper, and found that my arm gets numb due to the firmness. Overall I’d recommend at least to try it out.

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