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Overstock sells lots of home goods items for discounted prices. In the case of mattresses, Overstock sells name-brand mattresses and cheaper discount varieties. Some of the prices you can find are cheaper than alternatives, but for some of the name-brands, you'll find similar prices as walking into your local mattress store. You may be able to find better value for the materials buying direct from an online mattress brand.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 7.6/10

Price: $188-$4299

Trial Period: No Trial

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Overstock's Specifics

Overstock sells both discount mattresses and name-brands through their online store. They make a profit by marking up the mattresses and reselling them to you. Although this model has been popular for years, the industry is going through a big change -- now online mattress brands that ship direct can offer more value by cutting out the middle man. For high quality alternatives, See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands that design their own products and ship direct to customers.

Quality of Materials

Overstock's online storefront is where you can find hundreds of mattresses, most of which are for a very affordable price. You can find popular name-brands like Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Beautyrest, and Sealy and also discount brands like Spring Air, Lucid, and Slumber Solutions.

We'll go through the pros and cons of these mattress brands so that you can get a sense of what you should purchase. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic led the memory foam revolution in the '90s. Now they have both memory foam, cooling gel foam, and pocketed coil options. These mattresses get good reviews from customers, but they are much pricier than other options with similar materials.

Simmons Beautyrest: Beautyrest has a variety of innerspring and pillow top options with multiple firmness varieties and pricepoints to choose from. Overstock sells lower grade options mostly, which some have complained have durability issues.

Sealy: Sealy is well-known for their Posturepedic line that has zoned support to cradle your spine. Sealy has a bunch of different firmness and thickness options too. When it comes to what Overstock offers, they offer the lower end of their lines for the most part. There are reports of comfort and durability problems.

Serta: Serta's iComfort line is what they are most famous for. They make both all-foam and innerspring mattresses. Overstock sells mostly their lower priced options, which have some complaints about durability.

Budget Brands: Overstock also sells mattresses that are for a very low budget. These include Slumber Solutions, Lucid, and others. Oftentimes these are all-foam mattresses, though there are others that offer innersprings as well. There are many reports of these mattresses not lasting so are best for temporary sleeping arrangements.

Overall Comfort

Overstock gets good marks from customers for initial comfort, but there are some caveats. First, some of their reviewers are incentivized to review their mattresses, which increases the positive sentiment. Also, there are many reports of durability issues with many of the most popular mattresses sold. Although people feel good at first, many report that it doesn't last very long. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands for more options.


Overstock does a good job carrying mattresses with a variety of firmness options. Make sure to read the specifications of the mattress firmness before purchasing. For reference, lighter sleepers who sleep on their backs or sides should aim for medium or softer varieties to alleviate pressure points. Heavier folks should get firmer, more durable mattresses to provide spine support.

Back Pain Relief

For those that found their mattress was initially comfortable, some had good experiences with back pain relief. However, beware that if your mattress is less durable and starts to sag, this relief can be undone.


Overstock offers some mattresses that are good at keeping cool. Though there are others that have reports of sleeping too hot for some. Some of the better mattresses for cooling include those that have gel-infused foam top layers. But, some lower grade foams masquerade themselves as cooling when they aren't -- so make sure to read the reviews if you are buying from Overstock. If you are a very warm sleeper, you may need something more specialized -- see our top mattresses for warm sleepers for those that do the best job.

Who Are Overstock Mattresses Right For?

Overstock mattresses are best for those looking for a temporary mattress and looking for a cheap option. For those that are concerned about the value they are getting, take a look at our Top Mattresses For the Money to see alternatives that will last longer but still save you money.

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I'm buying another...

I'm buying another, this has been so great for my Grand Children, they sleep so well on it, and for the price, can't beat it.

It’s nice enough...

It’s nice enough, but nothing special. Very soft for a memory foam, definitely not medium firm.

I purchased this mattress...

I purchased this mattress to go with the Sleep Sync Zander Padded Upholstered Leather Bed in Black, for my father to replace an old spring mattress from I can’t remember where it came from. I was very surprised to find the comfort in such a lightweight mattress. “Lightweight” meaning, I could lift and move it myself with little struggle. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a mattress that came in a tall box of maybe an 8X8, long rectangular shape. The best news is that dad no longer had back pain and sleeps comfortably. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

The quality...

The quality of this mattress is very good.

Our daughter loves her mattress...

Our daughter loves her mattress. Says it is very comfortable and the best bed she has ever had.

Purchased this...

Purchased this because of the reviews and price. Surprised by how many people found this mattress firm. Found it to be much to soft for our liking. Also can’t be returned so I guess it will be a spare.

Not as firm as I had expected...

Not as firm as I had expected but our teen daughter loves it.

This is my 3rd mattress...

This is my 3rd mattress from them I love them but they are all different heights. I ordered the 11" on all 3 .

Now that I have had this mattress...

Now that I have had this mattress for a few months, and it has been worked in, I will say that it is an absolute delight. It is quite comfortable. It is nice and firm which I appreciate. For this price, the quality blows away any name brand one that I had prior

We bought this for our AirBNB...

We bought this for our AirBNB and much to our surprise, many guests who have left reviews commented on how amazing the mattress was - so much so that we bought for ourselves and it's true - the most comfortable mattress we've ever owned and a great price!

My son loves this comfy mattress...

My son loves this comfy mattress. It’s worn well and has kept its shape well even though he’s a big guy.

Firm but not hard...

Firm but not hard. Conforms to your body. I sleep like a baby - very comfortable mattress. Love it.

I got this for my daughter...

I got this for my daughter when she went away to college she absolutely loves her bed.

Bought this for my granddaughter...

Bought this for my granddaughter because she has been complaining about her bed for awhile now, she is very happy with it and says it is very comfortable. She is one of the types that likes a soft, (or plush as they refer to it now), mattress and this one fills the bill without being so expensive that I have to take out a bank loan to pay for it. Win-win, Grandpa likes the cost, Granddaughter likes the comfort!

Low quality!

Low quality! Details on the item are nothing like the quality. Only slept in the bed for two months and already has a hump in the middle.

Mattress is too firm...

Mattress is too firm, definitely not plush as described. I use in a guest room so, I plan to purchase a memory foam mattress topper to put on top.

The mattress is comfortable...

The mattress is comfortable and I like a firm mattress and this mattress does not disappoint. Great for my back.

What a fantastic mattress!

What a fantastic mattress! I bought this based on reviews and we are beyond happy. It quickly unfolded into a comfy mattress. My husband and I laid down on it and when one person would move, the other wouldn't. It is so freaking comfortable. We want to replace all of our mattresses with this brand. I can't believe the price and quality of this brand. We will absolutely buy more.

It's a great quality mattress...

It's a great quality mattress. It sleeps good. It's comfortable. It shipped nicely and easily. It's a little heavy though. We are very pleased with it.

I purchase this mattress

I purchase this mattress, it came exactly as it was featured, it just the right amount of soft and firm I was looking for. Also was a good price, If you want comfort and get a good night sleep, I recommend this mattress.

I love this gel memory...

I love this gel memory form mattress the cooling gel helps keep you cool while you sleep.

Excellent mattress...

Excellent mattress. Have in guest room and nothing but compliments.

It's just beautiful...

It's just beautiful and it feels great. I could lay on this all day every day. What a great deal. Great quality for a great price! what a buy!

Changed my original rating...

Changed my original rating from 3 to 4 stars after several months of improved sleep. Initially a bit firmer than we would have preferred but find we have less tossing and turning. This mattress always seems to support effortlessly no matter the position.Truly enjoying the benefits of a more restorative night's sleep!

Wow what deal!

Wow what deal! Great mattress. It arrives in a long box, you follow the simple instructions... when you snip open the plastic, it pops into shape.

Came as one of those mattresses...

Came as one of those mattresses rolled up that you let kind of blow up after popping it open. I'm very satisfied-it's firm enough for support but with much more give and softness than some other foam mattresses!

This is a very nice mattress...

This is a very nice mattress for the price! Bought this for my 14 yr old son to have a comfy bed; I paid $1200 for my mattress and it does not compare with this one. It was on sale too which was a bonus. There are choices on here so go with the softest for it tends to be on the firm side.

I had never tried a memory foam mattress...

I had never tried a memory foam mattress - and this one is so comfortable! It inflated within 24 hours, have had good night sleeps on it. Had to get used to it forming to my body, but its very nice. Would definitely recommend.


Horrible. I will never purchase a foam mattress. Didnt live up to the hype

We got this mattress...

We got this mattress for an airbnb unit, paired with the Priage Solid Wood Platform Bed, and our guests rave about how comfortable it is. We've had it for 8 months now, and it's holding up well so far.


OMG AMAZING!!! Bought three more. Comparable to $$$$ memory foam mattresses in comfort.

My 16 year old son loves it...

My 16 year old son loves it. I purchased it to replace his old, worn out mattress and he seems pretty happy with happy as an aloof 16 year old boy gets/shows that he is. The box was intact when delivered and set up was pretty simple, just cumbersome as any foam mattress would be.

Great mattress...

Great mattress: comfortable and easy to set up. Glad I ordered it for our Murray Bed, it is the perfect solution for the wall bed we have for our guest!

I needed a decent queen

I needed a decent queen mattress quickly. I saw this one and ordered it. It not only was a good buy, but it turned out to be I credibley comfortable. It has been over a year and we still love it.

Super comfortable mattress

Super comfortable mattress. I’ve used these in our vacation rentals and they get good reviews from our renters. Very good mattress at an affordable price.

first of all...

first of all, this thing is NOT PLUSH nor soft. Its very very hard. Also its very very HOT! I had this mattress recommended to me, but I cannot recommend it to anyone else. I woke up with aches and pains even worse than my old mattress that is breaking down. Not supportive at all, way too stiff.

The mattress arrived very fast...

The mattress arrived very fast and is extremely easy to set up. We also have the Lucid 10-inch queen size that is not the "Plush" version. In comparison, it is softer to the touch than the regular one, but it is still firm. If you prefer really soft/sinking mattresses then you might skip the gel memory foam type mattresses altogether.

Not very comfortable...

Not very comfortable versus other online memory foam versions I’ve purchased for clients. Doesn’t expand nearly as much either. Disappointed but got what I paid for I guess.

I sleep like a baby...

I sleep like a baby on this mattress

Mine was really hard!

Mine was really hard! I don’t know why! I ended up having to buy mattress toppers ! It came on time though Ana’s quick which I really respecy

I give it 4 stars...

I give it 4 stars because it’s a mattress, it takes time to adjust to memory foam after springs . It arrived here in a timely manner. Unboxed , let it “breathe” for 48 hrs. No odor or smell. It sleeps ok for $. It’s not magical it doesn’t keep me asleep and rested every night. It does feel better than springs . They everyday human being has way to much stress and drama on their minds for that to happen. Back still has normal “ pain” and I don’t sleep for 7hrs straight without waking up. But like the guy jumping out a seven story window could be heard saying as he passed each window on the way down,“ so far , so good”!!!

Firmer than expected...

Firmer than expected, but great! The “new” smell was gone in a day or two. It took less than 24 hours for it to completely expand. Really great price for this type of matress. If you have a bed frame ready, I would open it on the bed frame for ease.

Terrible after about 6 months...

Terrible after about 6 months. Wish I could return it. Does not hold up at all to just normal use. It has no support and though I flip it regularly, it's still not doing the job.

The medium mattress is more firm...

The medium mattress is more firm than anticipated, and we found it to be more comfortable with the addition of a mattress pad. The 10-inch depth is adequate. We placed the mattress on top of the springs from our former mattress, and it sits high on the bed frame in our previous regular bed frame. Plan to exchange that frame for a frame made for the foam mattress, so it will not sit up so high, prefer lower height to climb in and out of the bed.

The best mattress we have gotten...

The best mattress we have gotten so far! It came wrapped up in a box and we allowed it to have its breathing time (I think 24 hours). The bed has been amazing on my back. I suffer from back pain and this mattress has enough firmness and softness (if that makes sense) to work with my back pain. So much room now for me, my husband, and dog 😬

Never knew can sleep so cool...

Never knew can sleep so cool. Had to turn off the air conditioning and use a blanket. Been sleeping long and deeply.

Was hesitant to buy this...

Was hesitant to buy this foam mattress but I'm glad I did. It may be the most comfortable be I have ever slept in.

Before buying I read the reviews...

Before buying I read the reviews and saw that this bed had all 5 stars I received the bed and followed the instructions but sleeping on it for a couple days it is so hard and memory foam is supposed to be soft and you can sink into it even a little. This bed feels like I'm sleeping on concrete.

Our old mattress was a pillow top...

Our old mattress was a pillow top and very uncomfortable. It was hard finding fitted sheets that stayed on during the night. We decided to purchase a new standard mattress. We came across this item and wasn't too sure as we were not able to see or feel this item to determine the firmness. It was shipped quickly and no damages once received. Our previous mattress was bulky, so it was nice to see that is was easy to move and not a bulky. The fitted sheets fit perfect and did not come off on the corners during the night. It is very firm mattress and fits lower at the foot board, as the last one sat higher than the foot board. I did not wake up with back pain with this mattress, which is a plus. Highly recommend

I had been searching for a mattress...

I had been searching for a mattress for a while and FINALLY found the perfect one. This mattress is firm, comfy, and was delivered quicker than I thought. I am beyond happy and am so happy I found a mattress that is affordable!!

I love this mattress...

I love this mattress, very comfy. I use to wake up sore and achy, now I wake up feeling great! Definitely a good purchase.

very basic...

very basic. just spring not enough support. too much bouncy . I bought it because it was serta but i am disappointed with this mattress. will not recommend

Excellent product...

Excellent product with just the right level of firmness and comfort that I was looking for and a great discount to boot. Had no issues with the delivery.

Purchased it for a guest room...

Purchased it for a guest room and it just makes it look amazing and welcoming. Great quality at excellent price and delivered to my door with no hassle.

slept like a baby...

slept like a baby first night and they're after on this great mattress..., wonderful delivery service that was in and out within a few minutes... took my old mattress away for free.. so happy with his purchase and what a great value !!!! Thank overstock. Com

Not a very good deal mattress...

Not a very good deal mattress it's not 9.25 it's only 7.5 inches thick and not thick and it's to firm not satisfied

We ordered this mattress...

We ordered this mattress for a guest room. It’s very firm but comfortable. It works perfectly.

I have purchased far more expensive mattresses...

I have purchased far more expensive mattresses with way less quality and comfort. I'm sleeping like a baby on this one. Amazing comfort for the price.

I am happy for the purchase

I am happy for the purchase, however my concern is the fact that I cannot get rid of the strong chemical smell, from when I took the plastic off. It permeates everything. Update: It has been close to a month, and I still cannot fully rid my bed of these smells. I have used baking soda, I have tried placing it in front of windows to air it out, I have tried a bottle of Febreeze. Nothing is working to rid the mattress of a scent mixed between chemicals and mildew.

Advertised as "Memory Foam" Beware you are not receiving memory foam!! Please read this important article!

Ordered on May 26th /delivered 06/04/21 I ordered: (1) Slumber Solutions Active 12 Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress. Here is what I got including the customer service support. I got home the was out side my front door When I removed the box I noticed right away this was nothing like the description. I removed the box and right away I could see this was not memory foam (Like advertised) How could I tell the difference you ask? I have the same identical mattress 5 feet away that is memory foam that I have had for 2 years without any complaints. Begrudgingly I took it for a test spin. Laying on top of it only to sink down into the most uncomfortable flimsy non supportive Piece of S**t! It might work for a new born or an infant. Realizing I just carried out the old couch pillows dragging it across the back of my filthy apartment complex where transients post daily pees and poops around the dumpster area. Thinking good riddance of this old couch cushion I thought nothing of it to drag it through some human feces. Fast forward to the appointment I new it was time to call Overstock CS and yes the thought had now entered my mind that I may be dragging the old cushion back up stairs. Oh no! I waited on hold after 10 minutes agent Miguel answers with broken English. We got up to the part where I told him No Way This Is not what I ordered. I'm not paying $500.00+tax for this and intend to dispute it with my credit card. Now I have nothing to sleep on. This conversation was followed by more disappointment when the guy says We will have to send a team out to inspect the mattress. OK how long is this going to take? Can he or she come now? No Sir… Mr.Berwald you have to wait for someone to contact you in 4 days to make an appoint meant to inspect the memory foam. So where am i at rt now? To let you know I swallowed a big lump of disappointment and dragged that old thing back thru piss and broken glass. Here is what you should know: I have the same identical modal as described by the manufacture. The only difference is one I already owned is 14’ The one they shipped to me today was 12’ The specs are almost the same as far as the memory foam is concerned. Memory foam is supposed to be memory foam! Does not bounce it shapes slowly to contour your body and it should be firm to the point a groan man 6’2 190 pounds should lay on top with very little give Supportive and firm without actually being a board. You should feel as if you are floating without pressure points and not sinking into a bubble bath. Foam mattress’s are cheap and often get sold to unsuspecting consumers as a bait and switch if it feels like a cushion on a sectional sleeper. You will rarely find true memory foam on a sofa under a $1000.00. This is the end of part one! Part 2 “The remedy and how long it took for Overstock to fix the problem; what they did to fix the problem. I will also up load more description of the materials so you have a better understanding and make a better decision. If there is deceptive practices I will file a complai

Complete lack of professional service

Overstock Order # 33629XXXX Serta Luxe Edition Grandmere Plush Pillowtop 14-inch Hybrid Mattress Lets review this order dilemma so that we have accurate information. (copies of email correspondence is attached at the bottom) Placed the order on on April 1, 2021 Money was taken off my credit card on April 1, 2021. On May 21st, (over 50 days later) I contacted Overstock questioning why I had not received the product, and had never heard from anyone. On May 21st, Elsie V. in customer care acknowledged my request. On May 22nd, rep. York replied and said it would take him 3-4 days to figure it out. 5 days later on May 27th, John J. an Escalations Specialist replied that they tried to reach me at an old number and needed a current number to contact me to set up delivery. On May 27th, I responded with my mobile number that was already attached to my account. I questioned why they had not emailed me. 3 days later on May 30th, Michelle P. an Escallation Specialist II, replied that I had given them the old number when I ordered. Since that number was disconnected a year prior, that could not be accurate. On June 4th, John J. an Escalations Specialist responded saying that the carrier had my new number and would contact me within 2-3 business days. It is now June 14, 10 days after promising me 2-3 days contact, and 75 days after placing the order with no contact, and I have still not heard anything. My thoughts on and their specialists, and complete lack of professional service: They were quick to charge my credit card the full amount (April 1st), and notify me that the status was “shipped awaiting tracking update” (April 1st). That obviously was a lie. But used to justify charging my card immediately. And then Overstock did nothing. I ship and receive many items and have NEVER had a shipper have to call me to set up a delivery. Most supply email updates, but your specialist claims that “Our partners & the carriers they use will not contact you by email under normal circumstances as they will always make attempts to reach you by phone.” NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES? Would you say that not doing anything for almost 2 months is normal circumstances? Does this fall under non-professional service? Probably more like absurd service. When I gave them my other contact number you responded saying that I would be contacted in 2-3 days. That response was already 9 days after I had given you my number on May 27th. Under these circumstances, I would expect a professional organization to have contacted the supplier and requested that they contact me immediately! It has taken 4 different representatives to accomplish very little, to nothing so far. Instead it appears they are doing their best to dodge any responsibility. This falls under the worst customer service of any company, and complete lack of professionality. I can only wonder what story or excuse they will come back to me with now!

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