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Ostrich Pillow Reviews

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Ostrichpillow® was made famous with its interesting looking travel and nap pillows that cover the head or wrap around the neck. These innovative pillow designs offer the ability to 'get away' and get immediate comfort while traveling or working. With their interesting designs, they get a lot of love from younger customers. However, in terms of comfort and long term usability while sleeping, sleepers have mixed things to say.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Material Quality: 8.3/10

Comfort: 7.9/10

Support: 8.1/10

Cooling: 7.7/10

Odor: 8.5/10

Price: $30-$99

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Ostrich Pillow Details

Ostrich pillows are designed to be more than just a travel pillow. They claim their pillows are perfect for napping at work, boosting productivity and imagination. Some of their pillows are even fashion statements on their own, with secondary uses as scarves and ear warmers. However, with these sleak designs and multitude of uses, Ostrichpillow loses something when it comes to its first mission of comfortable sleep. There are some customers that respond that the durability is an issue, with leaking fill, and others just couldn't get comfortable.

Below, we'll walk through each of their current options and how they stack up for their uses. Their first pillow is their Original® pillow:

The Outside: The Original pillow has a unique design aimed at those that want to block out the world around them. The sides are cushioned and there are hand holes above the head for hand comfort while sleeping face down or on one's back. The outside material is a viscose elastomer blend that is superior in softness and also is moisture whicking.

The Insides: The Original pillow's comfort comes from polystyrene microbeads that cushion the head and face while laying on your back, stomach, or against a wall.

What Customers Say: Some love the pillow as a novelty and relaxing head garment. However, there was significant negative feedback. Some customers found the pillow too warm and smothering and others suffered from durability problems with loose fill.

Next, we'll walk through their Light® pillow:

The Outside: Similar to the Original pillow, the Light option comes with a soft viscose and elastomer blend that whicks moisture and provides a soft exterior. With the design of the pillow, it works as a scarf, hat, or wrapped around the eyes as a pillow/eyeshade.

The Insides: Similar to the Original pillow, the Light comes with polystyrene microbeads inside for cushioning for laying down or resting the head against a hard object or wall while traveling.

What Customers Say: Some folks found this pillow very comfortable and many use it as a shade against morning light or napping on the go. However, there were some that found the durability to be lacking with issues with microbeads falling out.

Next, we'll walk through their Go® pillow:

The Outside: The Go pillow is meant to wrap around the shoulders to support the neck while sleeping in the upright position. However, different from other travel pillows, this pillow provides a slim, stylish design. The outside fabric is made of a viscose, elastomer blend.

The Insides: While Ostrichpillow's other pillows are filled with microbeads, this pillow uses visco-elastic memory foam that adapts and contours to the head and neck while providing support and cushioning.

What Customers Say: While some described this pillow as providing better support than other cheaper neck pillows, others felt that there wasn't adequate support, which was distressing versus alternatives. Others felt that the quality was not what they expected.


Due to Ostrichpillow's unique designs, it can be somewhat difficult to pinpoint the supportiveness on a scale. However, we've found that overall, these are 'flatter' less supportive pillows in most sleeping positions. The microbeads in the Original and Light options provide only a little bit of support over the fabric provided. While the memory foam in the Go version gets some complaints about lack of support.

Who Are Ostrich Pillows Best For?

Their pillows are ideal for those wanting to 'make a statement' with their pillow. Due to the mixed reviews from customers, some highlight that their unique designs are more fashion than they are practical. This means that you should buy these for look first and comfort second.

Browse Ostrich Pillow Customer Reviews

I love this pillow

I love this pillow!!! It's so light weight and when I'm wearing it it doesn't make my face hot and sweaty. This is very comfortable to wear and I would recommend it to anyone! Its easy to pack too!

Not that comfortable

Wasn’t as comfortable as it looks

Doesn't work well enough for its price.

I don't know if I have a small neck or something, but I had to bind this uncomfortably tight to get any true support against a dipping head. Sure the high sides may work well if you're at a window seat, but if you're in the middle and your chin tends to dip, this really doesn't shelter against that. If anything the high sides mean that the only place your head will fall is forward. My boyfriend tried it as well and barely got any sleep on the 5 hr flight, it didn't improve his experience at all. It does feel very well made and solid, but it needs to perform its intended purpose, especially when you pay as much as you do. Also out of the box it came with a VERY strong chemical odor - I had to put it in front of a fan and window for a few days before it finally went away.

Not Perfect, but Worth a Try

Very soft, adjustable for a medium/small neck, and comfortable. A little difficult to use resting your head back on a chair. Too hot if you are not cold. Overall, worth a try on an airplane.

Poorly made

Within a day all the white beads came out. Very very poorly made, the seams bust almost immediately upon using.

Great idea, not as well made as the price suggests.

Purchased this for Father’s Day. We’ve had it less than one month (used 2-3 times per week) and the filling is falling out of a small hole and leaking everywhere. The “pillow” itself is a great idea, very light weight and comfortable. It is great for napping while people are making noise around the house. But the fact that a $45 pillow is leaking tiny balls all over the house is very frustrating.

But good as a neck supporter and pillow for the forehead

It presses the eyes if used as a sleep mask. But good as a neck supporter and pillow for the forehead.

Highly Recommended

I cannot recommend this product enough. A good portion of my day is in front of a computer screen. I generally use 30-40 minutes of my lunch with this on my eyes and 'drift' (for lack of a better term). It is very nice as it creates a kind of cocoon for your eyes and ears. I also take this on trips, you can adjust the rear of the pillow around your neck while still using it as an eye mask. These are very well made and worth the money.

Label is peeling off package. Also came as shown ...

Label is peeling off package. Also came as shown with my address label on it. It is supposed to be a surprise so luckily I got home before my boyfriend. Hope it's worth it. Can't wait for him to open it up

Great pillow, but shipping was awful...

I don’t understand what happened—prime, 2 days took 10 days! I needed this for a trip and couldn’t take it with me. I will update this after I actually take it on the plane...

Best travel pillow

This is the most supportive pillow I’ve ever used in flight.

Weird. Just plain weird.

I bought this for a friend as a joke b/c I wanted to see how stupid he looked in it and it did not disappoint. I feel like the creation of this “pillow” has to be a byproduct of some kind of practical joke. FYI, he said it is bulky and very uncomfortable.

Strong chemical smell (unwashable), no pillow cases, not all that comfortable.

Fully agree with Liza May's review on here: 1) What's up with the strong chemical smell & no washing? 2) If I can't wash this, how about some washable pillow-cases? Where can I buy one? So far, every attempt to fall asleep in this thing failed, in part due to the smell, in part -- it's not actually that comfortable. There just isn't enough filler in this thing / it's not big enough / strong enough to have more filler. Should have returned this earlier, but wanted to give it a few more tries.

Comfortable and premium materials.

Love this memory foam pillow that has a removable cover so I can wash it after my trips. The design is really comfortable for leaning my head towards the higher side. Comes with a carrying pouch that I can hook with a carabiner to my backpack so it is easy to travel with and it won’t get dirty going through security.

a must for frequent travelers. the soft material lets ...

a must for frequent travelers. the soft material lets me tune the world out and power nap, whether at work, flying, on the train, driving a car, etc.

Was alright

It worked well. A little hard to get used to and not quite the support I wanted for my neck but overall it was fine. Worst part was it wasn't the 2-way color that i wanted. I ordered red and gray, ended up being red and navy blue. Really ugly color combination but og well.

Best traveling pillow

The ostrich will be your best companion when you want to take a nap. I was looking for a very minimalist traveling pillow, but I did not have any luck until I saw the ostrich. It is easy to carry and easy to set up for naps. My only little issue will be that when I wrap it around my head to cover my eyes it might get a little warm, but it is nothing uncomfortable. I really like the color and the texture of the fabric. It might look a little strange when wearing it, but as long as you are comfortable taking your nap, you won't care how other people sees you. India it for plane, cards, train, trips and for naps at home.

Not worth the cost

Product is soft but relatively useless to lean against something. The seams are weak as well as the little pellets inside leak out with just a few uses.


It gets the job done and it is okay but not over the moon with this product.

Great for long trips!

Got this for a 9 hour flight and couldn’t be more pleased. Way more expensive than a normal neck pillow but way worth it for the comfort you receive.

Pillow exploded on first use

This item was extremely disappointing. The first time I used it (and I was gentle!) it developed a hole and the tiny white foam stuff came out everywhere, all over my clothes and the people on the plane next to me, etc. I threw it out immediately. Huge waste of money!!

10/10 would recommend

I travel frequently to visit my girlfriend and this works great to block out light and noise on my flight! Her dog is a little freaked out by my face when I wear it so I like to spook her with it for free entertainment.

Love this pillow!

I really love that the cover is removable and washable! I have several of these for our family and we've used them in planes, busses, and in the car. It has really helped us rest, be refreshed, and ready to work when we reach our destination. I also love that it has a travel bag protecting it from dirt and germs, as well as making it convenient to carry.

Sleep Later

Our bedroom has a large rounded window that faces morning sun. When I wake up, and it's just starting to get light, I put this on and sleep soundly. It's amazing how much of a difference this makes. It also muffles sound. This is the third one I have bought. The first one I left in a hotel on a trip, and I replaced it. This one was for my wife, and she loves it too.

Highly recommend it. Extremely comfortable

This is the second ostrich pillow I've bought for my husband. He wore the other one out! He suffers migraines and he loves this for the plane or whenever he needs a quick nap even in a bright room. Highly recommend it. Extremely comfortable...not claustrophobic.

Great gift for a new parent or somebody who works night shift

Great gift idea for a new parent or somebody who works night shifts. This is a very comfortable and light compared the original ostrich pillow. Material is light, soft and is not abrasive. A little "personal" to let everyone to try on but hasn't gotten damage in two washes.

Noxious chemical smell? No laundering allowed? That's a deal breaker.

Weird noxious chemical smell ... but cannot wash? No way I'm putting strong-smelling fabric against my skin - and my eyes!!! - without washing first! Who knows what rodent droppings, insect parts, dust mites, bacteria, or chemical contaminants are probably present in this item straight from factory and warehouse shelves. It is certainly not safe to send this out into the public with no ability to clean or sanitize before using. Not to mention AFTER using, even only once! Or use by multiple people without ever cleaning. Great way to spread flu or any other virus or bacterial infection. Good idea ... but dangerous until the item can be cleaned as frequently as a pair of underpants. By the way - this item comes with zero documentation, just the pillow all by its lonesome in a plain brown cardboard box.

A perfect pillow!

I've tried different products, this one is the perfect one!

Best. Hat. Ever!

Ever go to the grocery store and want to hide your identity? Well, THIS IS YOUR SAVING GRACE! Put this hat on and NO ONE will recognize you! Best of all, you can keep them at a distance with the chemical fragrance! I used to use a paper bag over my face, but this is SO MUCH more comfortable! And, when the lines are long, you can just take a nap! As an added bonus, I was so tired of the dating scene. This device has solved my problem! I haven't been asked out in a year! Thanks, OstrichPillow!!!

Comfy, but not very well made.

I received this pillow yesterday. The elastic around the back broke the first time I tried to adjust the tightness of the pillow. It’s very comfy and my flight is tomorrow so I’ll have to keep it, but I’m very disappointed in the quality of the materials used. You also look like a big dumb idiot wearing this thing, but that doesn’t really bother me as long as I can snooze.

Fell apart on first use.

Fell apart on first use. A seam tore open (don't believe it caught on anything) and got the inner/filler material all over the place.

Seams broke open and beads leaked out

As soon as we opened the pillow, we noticed that the white beads were leaking out. The seams broke open. Not sure if this product is meant to be made so cheaply but for the money I paid for it it should be better made.

BEST Travel Pillow Ever!

This is the best travel pillow I've ever used! It's light as air yet provides great support. I love that it can be both adjusted and reversed. It also serves as a great winter neck warmer. Worth every penny!

No more need for a semi-legit comfort animal

Too many people interrupting my sleep wanting autographs because they get me confused with the elite Rebel Commander from Star Wars.

Hygiene & Leakage

I washed mine in the washing machine in a normal wash. However, I had not noticed the fabric had developed a few small holes in the jersey fabric. After the wash had completed I was horrified to find what I thought to be undissolved washing powder in the drum. On closer inspection this proved to be wrong and realised there were many thousands of "polystyrene micro beads" not just in the drum but all over each and every item in the wash. These seem to have migrated everywhere, appearing, most notably inside socks, but no less so in/on other items of clothing that have persisted even after the vigorous shaking they received before line drying and the somewhat violent flapping about of a sunny, but very windy, drying day. Despite this there is a trail of "micro beads" embedded in the carpets and rugs throughout my flat. It has also taken over a dozen washes to clear them from my washing machine. My main concern is being "micro beads" is that they are already manufactured to be becoming micro plastics and, at least from my washing machine, already in the waste water supply, on their way to becoming the next layer of detritus on the ocean floor, no doubt as a side issue entering the food chain. Whilst I am now aware of the care instructions suggesting not to machine wash these items, contrary to similar products, these are not on the item details page, but seem to be much of an afterthought, being added elsewhere. It seems odd that such an item, used so close to the skin, is not able to meet a similar standard of construction, for example, as to kids soft toys. This alone should warrant a warning to parents that any leakage could be easily ingested by small children. I also find elsewhere, many criticisms of not being able to machine wash this product, which considering the recent pandemic, is a no-no for many people and certainly a deal breaker for some. For those of us who did less research prior to purchase, more than several other reports of leakage at various stages of use, from the point of delivery to others of more prolonged usage.

Not good

First pillow is too bulky to travel with except by car. Also very uncomfortable for me. Company is problematic: Ships from China to Canada before according to company going thru customs and into USA. Shipping takes a LONG time, not disclosed when ordering. Tracking info I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT OR THIS COMPANY.


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