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Oso Mattress Reviews

Oso is an online foam mattress in a box company owned by Reverie, which makes lines of luxury foam mattresses and adjustable bases. Where Oso is different than other brands is that it has Dreamcell™ foam springs, which are made of latex foam and provide added support in the base layer, while being ventilated and cushioning the body without pressure points. Most folks like their Oso mattresses!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $700-$1000

Trial Period: 101 Nights

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Oso's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Oso is made with latex and foam layers. The foam layers are all CertiPUR-US certified so they won't offgas toxins into your home. With the DreamCell™ technology, there is a lot of innovation in this mattress. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The soft gray cover zips off and can be cleaned, which is great for those that are prone to spills.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 1.5'' of Talalay latex foam, which provides a subtle bounce and support.

Layer 3: 1.5'' of RevTechTM foam provides pressure point relieve and gives a soft cushion under the latex.

Layer 4: The DreamCell™ foam springs provide support for the back below and add to the durability.

Layer 5: The base layer is 6'' of RevTech™ support foam that gives greater support and a foundation to the mattress.

Overall Comfort

Customers remark that this mattress is comfortable at a medium-firm firmness rating, which is right for most folks. For those that haven't had a latex mattress before, this is a great introduction without it being too firm or bouncy.


Oso has a medium-firm profile and is good for those that are larger in frame and side sleepers or for those of medium build and are back or stomach sleepers.


Latex naturally sleeps cooler than memory foam and will facilitate good temperature regulation. For those that are chronically warm sleepers, this may still retain some heat.

Who Is It Good For?

The Oso mattress is great for those that want to try out latex, but have had success with foam before. It is a budget conscious, while still having some great technology within.

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Amazing mattress

Amazing mattress and Amazing company! I am a professional athlete who competes for TeamUSA and I can't believe the difference this mattress has made in my performance and recovery! If you are looking for a new mattress I highly recommend this one!

Perfect for my back, amazing customer service

All I can say is: get it and try it. You will love it.

I got the mattress and immediately fell in love with how well it treats my back. I can sleep most of the night on my back, with little to no need to toss and turn. My sleep on this mattress definitely feels more restful, and I don't wake up with as many aches and pains. I had a concern with a seam on the mattress, and the customer service was superb. All my questions and concerns were treated patiently and professionally, and met with outstanding resolutions.

I would not hesitate to recommend this mattress to friends and family. I am happy that they offer such a great return policy, because even though I didn't end up needing to use it, it made getting the mattress feel like a safe decision.

Finally 8 hrs of sleep!

I have had the OSO queen size mattress for about 3 months now, and I wanted to wait for a few months before rating it. My wife has had back issues for about 15 years and it seems like we have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the right mattress. We have tried every kind of spring mattress and even tried other memory foam mattresses. My wife has not been able to have a decent sleep in a long time often waking achy and tired. When we received the OSO mattress in a box, very neat by the way, I opened it up and let it puff up for a few hours before bedtime. We tried the firm end the first night and found it was a little too firm for my wife, so we rotated the mattress to the soft end. After three weeks of sleeping on the soft end my wife was still waking up with a sore back, which worried us. But, after the three weeks, she started sleeping longer than her usual 5 hours a night. It was gradual, but now she is up to a 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night and she is loving the mattress. I guess she needed to work out the kinks from the previous bad springy mattresses. Based on how my wife is feeling these days, I would highly recommend this mattress.

Thank you OSO for your amazing design!

Amazing - Simply Amazing

I'll admit it, I was a bit worried about buying my mattress online. I mean, who wouldn't be?? That said, I could not be more pleased. I have had the best three nights of sleep I have had in years, and it's legitimately due to my new mattress. I love the plush/soft side, and my Boston Terrier loves the firm side!

Seriously - thank you for providing an affordable, well-built, non-toxic, comfortable bed.

My arms are no longer numb when I wake up!

I have had major numbing in both of my arms while I sleep since 11 years ago. I awaken numerous times a night and have to reposition my arms so they will wake up. My husband and I received our OSO mattress a few months ago. The first morning after sleeping on this mattress, I woke up and realized my arms were not numb. Every night since then has given me the same results. I am so happy to finally sleep and not have the numbing issues I was having. I just can’t believe how much of a difference a mattress would make. Thank you!!!

OSO many Z's

My husband and I have been sleeping on our new OSO for a couple months now. The setup was super simple. The mattress is supportive yet soft. Our favorite part is that we don't disturb the other person when moving/shifting! So glad we invested in quality sleep.

Very Comfortable

I really appreciate the option of using the soft or firm side of this mattress. I prefer the soft, and find it very comfortable to sleep on. My wife and I are able to move on our side of the bed without causing much noticeable disruption to each other. We are very impressed with our new OSO mattress, and are very glad we made the purchase..

Take a chance

We love our OSO Mattress. We bought it after reading a friends review and thought we would take a chance. We are so happy we purchased it. No other mattress has been this great, it offers support while still being soft and comfortable. Thanks OSO!

Love it!

This is the first mattress that I've ordered that was delivered in a box and I'm never going back. It was quick, free shipping, and I was able to open it and lay it out easily. I love how soft it is and how well I sleep every night! I will never go to another mattress.

Sweet sleeping!

I'd forgotten the experience of a true, undisturbed 7-8 hours of sleep! But I have it most nights on our new OSO mattress. My shoulders sink right in given being a side sleeper and I'm totally acclimated to the soft side. Very happy with the experience!

Perfect bed for all ages

We purchased this bed for our toddler daughter as her "big girl bed", and not going to lie, we are all a bit jealous of her at this point! It is so soft, but just firm enough for a toddler! It is actually also perfect for cosleeping, not to firm or too soft. We have another bed made by a similar company and this one wins by a mile. Recently my mom came over and layed in the bed saying her back hurt. After getting up she felt so much better she literally ordered the bed the next day! Big fans over here...clearly ;)

Woah, Best sleeps ever

I've had probabaly 7 different mattresses in my life and this has been the greatest! I wake up feeling refreshed and not sore like I'm used to. It's quite an upgrade! Thanks Oso!

Amazing Comfort and Value

The OSO mattress is extremely comfortable - it is nice and soft yet still supportive. I like the removable/washable cover, which will make it much easier to clean when needed. I would highly recommend trying one and would not hesitate to buy another the next time I need to replace or upgrade a mattress!

Two Thumbs Up

This is a great mattress. This is my second foam concept mattress. I will never go back to the traditional box-spring style. It really provides support where it is needed most. I would highly recommend.

I love my OSO

This bed is amazing. You will not find a more comfortable or versatile bed at this price!! 10/10 would recommend.

Happy Guests!

The mattress arrived ahead of schedule in a box that was smaller than I expected. The sales person I spoke to when buying the mattress told me that we should move the box into the room before opening it. We put the mattress in our frame on top of the box spring and as soon as we cut into the plastic the mattress started expanding. The vacuum seal is unreal on these things! Within two minutes we had a regular size mattress. This mattress is absolutely perfect for our guest room! When I called my mom to ask if she preferred a hard or soft mattress for her visit she was grateful to have a choice (she picked soft!). Thanks OSO!

Like a cloud, no joke

My OSO mattress is seriously amazing! I love the option between firm and soft and honestly, they both feel great!

Whenever I have friends stay over, my favorite thing is that I can't feel them move at all! I would definitely recommend this mattress to everyone, especially to anyone sharing a bed!

Worth every penny!!

No more back pain

I had terrible back pain and then started taking tylenol before bed. That helped some, but I would still get up with back pain. We got this new mattress and I haven't had to take Tylenol for my back and I now wake up without pain and can finally enjoy my day!

Love this bed!

I got my new OSO mattress two weeks ago, and have loved every night of sleeping on it. I've woken up without ANY back pain, unlike the tightness I had every morning on my old mattress.

I also love the versatility of being able to choose soft or firm! I had no idea what my preference was, and the OSO made it easy to take the leap because I wasn't forced to choose. (I've been sleeping on the soft side.) And with their return policy, I had even more peace of mind.

Great bed

This bed is amazing!!! When it first arrived I unpacked it and laid down a few hours later (after passing out immediately on it) I moved it to my bedroom. I would and have highly recommend it to anyone!

Superior Sleep

My husband and I purchased our king sized OSO mattress about 2 months ago. We have been thrilled. The set up was simple and getting it into our condo (up stairs and around corners) was no big deal with the creative packaging concept. It also had no chemical odor when we unpackaged (which I was concerned/skeptical about).

We sleep on the firm side and both love it. It is as cool as it claims (no waking up with a sweaty neck and back). I also struggle with poor circulation and arthritis and used to wake up every night with limbs that had fallen asleep/very achy from the bends and pressure points of our traditional mattress.

I have had significantly less issues with the OS0 and feel comfortable highly recommending it for arthritis/back pain. When it's time to purchase again, we will stick with OSO and never go back to a traditional box spring.

Sweet Sleep finally

We are happy to finally have a mattress that is quiet, and comfy to sleep on. For years our classic mattress would bounce and make noise with every turn.

The OSO is like lying on a soft raft, supporting the parts that need it most. We like the "firmer' end now but anticipate switching to the soft end as we want- I enjoy options.

If you buy an OSO, buy sheets with regular pockets (not deep) for a smoother, unwrinkled look.

Great Mattress and good value!

Love the versatility of soft and firm. Moving it in was so great compared to moving out our old king (traditional mattress).

Overall we like the mattress a lot.

Incredible better than SleepNumber

Ive had a Sleep Number for years me and my wife like it. But... even with 20 levels you still particular for no reason feel like you are sleeping on an air bed at your moms house lol. We got a California King OSO, to replace the Sleep Number California King. This was a great decision, my wife was so in love she sleep through her work alarms. Its a great bed, id recommend it to anyone.

Extremely Versatile!

I've had my OSO now for over 7 months and couldn't be happier!

At first I was a little nervous purchasing a bed online. However, the 101 Night Promise helped me make the plunge! I loved being able to try out the bed in my own home to make sure it was right for me. I currently use the soft side, but knowing I can change over to the firm side if my preference ever changes is very comforting.

In addition, as a (somewhat) recent college graduate who is prone to moving every few years, the flexibility of the foam mattress and portability (being able to fold it and transport in my compact car) is also a huge plus.

Great bed

I usually wake up 1-2 times during the night. With this mattress, slept completely through the night. Materials look super high quality, love that I could fold it up to get it through doorways.

The best mattress I have own

I love the Oso mattress. There are some nights when I need to lay on the soft side and other nights when I need more support. I don't have to worry about needing a new mattress for different needs. The Oso mattress has also been very kind to my back after major surgery. I love it!

Amazing comfort and quality service

I've had a king size mattress for a few weeks now and this thing is amazing. I have never owned a foam mattress before and this is a great introduction. I love that you can choose what side to sleep on depending on how your body is feeling that day. Top notch!

Cheers to OSO!

I’ve never really had a comfortable mattress before so this has been one of the best decisions we've ever made! I’ve struggled with back pain for a few years and my pain has significantly been improved and I feel a million and one times better during the day!

Great sleep!

The first night we tried the mattress we slept on the firm end and had a great sleep. The next night we slept on the soft end. We slept ok but it just seemed too soft. Even sitting on the bed putting socks on, it was just too soft. We would love a mattress that was completely firm.

Love my OSO mattress!

Very luxurious feeling mattress, yet with a sleek and modern design. I really liked the handles, made it easy to move into my apartment and it's lighter weight. I started with the firm side them switched to soft. Love my OSO mattress! Would highly recommend!

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