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Ortho Mattress Reviews

Ortho Mattress is a proud American manufacturer of mattresses based in southern California. They are also a mattress retailer that sells name brands like Serta and Tempur-Pedic alongside their own brand. With desirable price points that work for budget conscious shoppers, they offer a wide array of mattress styles, including all-foam and coil varieties. Most folks have good things to say about their Ortho mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.3/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $149-$2539

Trial Period: No Trial

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Ortho's Specifics

At Ortho Mattress stores, they sell a variety of name brand mattress products such as Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, and Serta. However, they also manufacture their own brand of mattresses that come with 5 collections at budget-friendly prices. While many customers report enjoying their Ortho mattresses, there were some that reported complaints about longevity in some instances.

Quality of Materials

Ortho mattress offers a legacy of American craftsmanship. They offer a variety of material innovations, such as aromatherapy, CoolQuilt™ top layers, and firmness profiles that work for all varieties of sleeping positions. Many shoppers describe cozy night sleeps at a comfortable price and being able to find a mattress that works for them, with some reports of exceptions in some cases.

Mattress Types

Ortho Mattress provides 5 different mattress collections that vary in terms of support and quality. We'll go through each and discuss what the positives and negatives are for your body. Here are the details:

Club Collection

The Club Collection is the most affordable mattresses that Ortho Mattress offers. With five mattresses to choose from, that range from ultra-firm to medium-soft, there is something for everyone here. These mattresses are innerspring with layers of foam or cotton for the comfort layers. With prices starting at attractive prices, as low as $249, budget-conscious shoppers can find something for them. While most report happy experiences, there are some who report durability concerns in some instances.

Dr. Preferred Reserve

Dr. Preferred Reserve Collection offers the best innerspring and hybrid offerings that Ortho Mattress provides. With prices starting at just over $1,000, these mattresses offer higher profiles and are competitive against higher priced name brands. They offer pocketed coil mattresses with multiple firmness varieties to fit any type of sleeper. They include zoned support designs in some cases for proper spinal alignment as well. Most customers like the selection of these mattresses and have reported good experiences with some exceptions in some instances.

Avant Collection

Ortho Mattress's Avant collection is their memory foam focused line using CertiPUR foams and is competitive with Tempur-Pedic mattress models. They focus on having a wide array of firmness options and prices -- starting at $419. In terms of the design, the higher end models offer three layers of foam, including CoolQuilt™ technology for additional cooling on the top layers. Most shoppers have good things to say about these mattresses overall.

CoolQuilt™ Collection

The CoolQuilt collection is designed to sleep cool for those that are the warmest sleepers. In this collection, they offer innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam options in a variety of firmnesses. Their prices start at $1,600. For those that are looking to stay cool and have specific firmness requirements, these mattresses may offer a good option.

Entice™ Collection

The Entice Collection is the aromatherapy line by Ortho Mattress. This is a unique offering that infuses aromatherapy into the quilted top layer, which is designed to increase romance. There is a firm, medium-firm, and medium-soft offering with prices starting above $1,400. They offer pocket coil designs with memory foam and Entice™ with Airflow latex layers. For shoppers that are looking to spice up their bedroom experiences while still having a well-balanced mattress, these mattresses may be an enticing option.

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Great experience buying a mattress

Great experience buying a mattress. Knowledgeable, helpful, and not sales-y at all. There's a huge selection, but Johnny was able to help us narrow it down quickly based on our preferences and needs. Prices are reasonable (especially when you buy when there's a deal going on). We made our purchase at the end of the day, and the mattress was delivered (free) the next day without a hitch. Highly recommend!

Read the returns policy

Read the returns policy very carefully. We bought a $2000 mattress here 7 months ago. We carefully selected it in the store and it was delivered the following day. The first night we slept on it the mattress felt as hard as wet sand. I rang Ortho the next day to say I hated the mattress and wanted to exchange it. They told me to check the 'Comfort Guarantee' on the invoice. The customer must sleep on the mattress for 30 nights before exchanging it and there will be an additional $100 delivery fee and a 20 % restocking fee, bringing the cost of our mattress to $2500 (now that is getting expensive). I told them I thought the mattress in the store was much softer than the mattress we were sent. They told me mattresses in the store had softened over time and so would mine. I thought why bother trying a different mattress in the store if the sample mattresses are so different to the delivered mattress? $2000 is a lot for a mattress but $2500 is seriously expensive and out of my price range. Now 7 months have passed and I still hate the mattress and it still is very hard and hurts my shoulders and neck. I wish we had bought from a store with a more generous returns policy.

I had purchased a queen size mattress

I had purchased a queen size mattress from Ortho (Culver City, CA) in August of this year. For a long time (since I purchased it) I have been experiencing severe back pains when I wake up in the morning. At first I thought it was because of my pillows or because I may not be sleeping correctly, but after changing the pillows the pains till remained. I consulted a doctor and he told me that it could be because of the mattress! Now, after trying the same pillows on different mattresses and sleeping on that mattress without any pillows, or I would say all possible combinations, I think the problem is with the mattress. When I was at the store, the salesman was not at all helpful. I was there with my friends and all the time he was talking to his colleague while we had to figure out what mattress should we purchase to get maximum comfort. We had to ask for him every time we had a question. Besides, before purchasing the mattress I asked them if there were any exchange or return policies and the salesman told me that the mattress was neither exchangeable not can be returned! Which means that if the mattress doesn't suit you then there's no way you can exchange it with, probably, a better and expensive one and you are stuck!! I have spent over $400 on the mattress and now I cannot exchange or return it. I just wanted to mention that inspite of the poor customer service at the store I bought the mattress and I will say that this was THE WORST $400 I have ever spent in my life.

Went to get a new bed

Went to get a new bed because it was time to move beyond the queen size mattress. I've bought two other mattresses in the past 4 years and this was the best experience by far! Dan was very knowledgeable and respectful and didn't give off that annoying mattress sales hustling vibe I have experienced at other places. We even left after choosing the mattress to just be sure by visiting other stores and that only confirmed that this ortho store was the best place to buy from. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was for the range of selection behind their internal brand, but even that was good just not ideal.

Don't make 'em like they used to!

Four years ago I replaced my very long term Ortho Cal King Extra firm. It had a 25 year warranty and I had it for about 28 years. I loved that mattress for years and years and wanted to replace it with another, only a Queen based on the space now available. I went to a store in WeHo, CA, listed as an Ortho store and bought what the representative said would be closest to what I'd had and the price would be about $1,500.00, 50% higher than the one being replaced. We’ve had a lot of inflation in the intervening years so I shrugged and said, 'Ok.' I bought it. It was nothing like the one being replaced, much too soft. After about 18 months there started the development of a depression in the part of the bed where I sleep. That depression now requires SEVEN towels to raise the hole to the point where my back is not severely distorted. This is far worse than the Kapok mattress I slept on as a child. The reason for the original Ortho was on the suggestion of the surgeon after a reconstructive back surgery. It worked and I slept wonderfully on that mattress. This new one has a 20 year warranty, full replacement up to five years. I ask you, why would I want to replace it with another expensive piece of junk. I feel very ripped off and would like to know what happened to the products Ortho used to make? In the introductory comments there is mention that Ortho basically is a budget mattress. According to the Individual styles with commentary it would appear that they do have more lower end products than I'd known, but while it might not be the highest end unit on the market, I certainly do not consider $1,500.00 in the budget range. If you are considering an Ortho mattress I would strongly urge you to spend your money on something else. Sign me, "Oh, my aching back!"

This place is a fraud

This place is a fraud..... I purchased a mattress set paid $1,500.00 for it less than 3-years ago, and the mattress is worthless! I was given a 10-year warranty, which is worthless. I called to get the mattress set replaced since it suppose to be under warranty, because the mattress is sagging, when we sleep you sink into the mattress, which causes us to have back aches and sleepless nights, plus it's difficult to get in and out of bed since you sink in. When I called they said I had to pay $60.00 to have a third party inspector come to my home and inspect the mattress, so I paid since I had no choice, it took 3-weeks to get an inspector to come to my home to inspect the mattress, they I get a letter saying my claim is denied. They do not stand by their warranty, dishonest company.

I have been shopping for a mattress

I have been shopping for a mattress and have visited several stores. Johnny here was the most knowledge and courteous salesperson I have seen in all the stores. He took the time to really understand our needs and concerns and did his best to address them. I would definitely recommend him.

Adam was fantastic

Adam was fantastic he is a wonderful sales man and a great person. You should ask for him anytime you go. He bent over backwards to meet our needs.

My husband and I...

My husband and I walked in not knowing what to expect we were greeted by Cliff he listened to our needs made several suggestions was very knowledgeable and helpful. We walked away with a great mattress and very happy with service.

Great mattresses

Great mattresses. Great service. I can't say enough great things about ortho mattress. Its a family owned business and even though I am in the military and tend to go to the Navy Exchange I will never go there for a mattress again. Pricewise the better deals and better mattresses are here. Navy Exchange had unknowledgable sales people. The location and delivery is convenient and quick

Just bought a mattress

Just bought a mattress with Bernard at the mission valley location. I was shopping around all day at various places, Jerome's, Macy's, etc but found the best deal here. Not only did Bernard spend time going over the various types of mattresses but he also asked questions to ensure it was the right mattress for me. It was a very comfortable and non sales approach. I recommend you stop by and ask for Bernard if you're shopping around, give them a shot!

The salesman was awkward

The salesman was awkward, condescending, and eventually insulting. He spoke to us like children... He would have never treated us like that had my husband been there. Most uncomfortable sales experience in which I have ever been involved.

Adam was vary helpfull

Adam was vary helpfull. He got us set up with the best matrices I have ever been on. Got us set up with delivery and protection. This was the best experience of purchasing a mattress or any other furniture in my life time. This man was so friendly and nice, he realy helped us out on getting everything we needed.

I was very happy

I was very happy with their salesman Adam. He is both knowledgable about mattresses and a very likable guy. I felt at ease making my selection and not needing to go to other stores to shop further. There was never any pressure and he worked with me on the price. The delivery was on time as promised. I recommend Ortho and cheers to Adam! ... thank you.

Great customer service

Great customer service. Manager Michael goes out of his way to help and is very knowledgeable on different options. Shop when holiday sales are happening for the best deals.

Great costumer service

Great costumer service and great variety of quality products. Michael was very helpful and friendly.

Purchased a mattress and 2 pillows

Purchased a mattress and 2 pillows. Do not purchase pillows here! The pillows are the worst. Felt like we were sleeping on rubber tires. They are unusable. I talked to the corporate office and they said I could pay to ship the pillows to corporate office and if there is a defect they would send replacement pillows. I already payed $200 for the pillows and refuse to pay for shipping to their corporate office. They would not honor paying for the UPS shipment. Hope no one else buys pillows from Ortho Mattress. Go to Sleep Train!

As soon as my husband...

As soon as my husband and I walked through the front doors we knew this was going to be the right place for us to get our mattress. there was a very welcoming atmosphere and Scotty was one of the nicest guys ever! ! He really knew everything about mattresses! ! He gave us an incredible deal as we are newlyweds and we will definitely be coming back and referring family and friends. great place great customer service TAYLOR & GEOFF

If you're looking for a great mattress

If you're looking for a great mattress with phenomenal customer service, look no further! This place is the absolute Best! Michael and Joshua are knowledgable, genuine, and patient. They truly have your best interest at heart. Best mattress buying experience .


Ok, here's what's gonna happen. After endless nights, weeks, months, even years of sleeping on a sub-par mattress you're gonna take the leap to get a new bed. You're going to go to Ortho Mattress. You're going to ask for Karl. He's going to be incredibly knowledgable on all the different types of mattresses and beds out there. You're going to try different beds in the store, possibly to humor yourself with due diligence. But really none of that is going to matter because the mattress that you want is the Stearns & Foster Villa Julietta. You're going to melt into this mattress. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. You're going to look at the price and think, "I can't afford this." Then you're going to mention this review and ask for the "special Karl price". He's gonna take care of you. Within days your new mattress will be delivered and you will live happily ever after. The End.

Good store

Good store, very knowledgable staff. Mary was so insightful and caring. My latex mattress is the best and I have her to thank. She was very patient with me. Choosing a mattress can be difficult when you don't know anything about them! These guys know the biz well. Very impressed. I'm extremely happy and I sleep awesome now :) I may go back for the adjustable addition one day.

Came in to browse mattresses

Came in to browse mattresses as mine was totally ancient and needed to be replaced. All the employees were very helpful here, but adam ended up giving us a great deal that we couldn't refuse, so we ended up getting a mattress that day and didn't need to shop anywhere else! Thanks Adam!


Excellent service from Michael! He walked me through a selection of mattresses for our guest room and I found the perfect one in less than 10 mins! Highly recommend!

Great selection

Great selection of mattresses and knowledgeable, friendly staff. I highly recommend working with Danny who helped me choose the perfect bed. He listened to what I was looking for and matched the perfect mattress accordingly. He did not up-sell me on an expensive mattress, in fact, he recommended I buy the mattress Ortho manufactures- which I did. They have great prices! He was honest and weighed the pros & cons of the various mattresses. They offer free delivery and free hauling of my old mattress. My sister had previously bought her mattress at this exact Ortho and had a great experience. I will gladly recommend this Ortho location to friends & family.

I've bought several beds from this location

I've bought several beds from this location. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my mattress needs! PROs: Just bought my second iQ mattress from this store. By far best customer service that you could ever expect! The salesman "Scotty" was extremely knowledgable on all items in the store. We discussed exactly what we were looking for and he knew the perfect mattress for my wife and I. We bought one mattress set 2 months ago and loved it so much that were buying another set for our mom for Christmas. If you need a new mattress, pillows, or bed frames this is the BEST PLACE TO GO IN SAN DIEGO! CONs: Zero!

This place is great

This place is great. Had the best customer service from Michael. Highly recommend this spot for a mattress

Excellent service here

Excellent service here so happy with our purchase! Adam Pennington helped us out and he answered to our 100 questions, let us lay on every mattress and ultimately his initial suggestions were the best fit for us! Super fast service, worked with out budget and stayed at closing to finish up with us. Highly recommend!

Never thought I would rate...

Never thought I would rate and write a note about a mattress purchase, however, we received exceptional service and it is worth it to let others know of a great experience. Mike, the manager of this mattress store helped me months ago and explained in detail the features of the final three I was considering. He explained the pros and cons of each and I went with one that just felt better in the store. He said the only advantage of the one I didn't go with was that it stayed cooler at night and with the "good night sleep guarantee" I could exchange of not completely satisfied. I always wonders how genuine that promise was and sure Enough I ended up feeling warm at night and put the guarantee to the test. When I went back, Mike was there and was very receptive to my request to exchange and even had me try the one I wanted again to see if I still liked it. He said no problem Abd in fact that it was great sleep that he wanted for customers and that it was not inconvenient at all and that he was happy to exchange at the very small stated fee I. The guarantee. Kudos to ortho mattress for that policy and for Mike and his store for making it a pleasure to do business. Will shop there again next time needing a new mattress.

We seriously needed a new bed

We seriously needed a new bed! We wanted a cool, fairly firm bed at a reasonable price. My husband is a back and side sleeper. I am a stomach and side sleeper. We had our work cut out for us... We went to the store on Camino de la Reina to check things out. That is when we met Scottie Beason! He is extremely knowledgeable, asks a lot of questions regarding sleep position and pointed us in the right direction. We are thrilled with our pick and are sleeping so much more comfortably! Lastly, I want to mention the two delivery men (Rolando and Brian) who went out of their way to set up the bed and remove our old bed. They were neat and thorough and very friendly.

I really enjoyed picking up a mattress

I really enjoyed picking up a mattress here. They were quick and efficient with all of the choices. I needed a mattress immediately and didn't have a long time to spend in the store. I was in and out in less than an hour and I have an amazing mattress. I am so satisfied. Michael is a great person to talk to if you come into the store!

This is my second Ortho mattress

This is my second Ortho mattress, and the deal this time was just as great as last time! Adam worked with us for an hour to help us pick out the proper softness. Such a good experience I've even considered getting mattresses shipped from here to my family up north for my sister/her husband and my mom.

A lot more variety

A lot more variety than other stores. Easy, a little more than we expected to spend but they helped us out a lot.

I went to this store

I went to this store because of their Sales tax promotion and the need for a more supportive mattress. Scottie was super helpful and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. So I sent my girlfriend over since her opinion really mattered the most. She met with Karl and found the right fit. I went back a week later and made the purchase that afternoon and it was delivered that evening. Now that is service! Highly recommend this shop. The delivery crew was super nice and cooperative. They even covered our old mattress in plastic in our garage, since we were donating it that weekend. Took about 40 minutes from beginning to end. My only complaint is there is a larger space between the head of the mattress and the headboard, so our pillow tends to fall into the gap after returning it from incline to flat. But that is minor at best.

I pretty big showroom

A pretty big showroom with a wide selection of mattresses and very helpful salespeople. There is a parking lot located on the side of the store so no need to drive around looking for parking. You should be able to find a mattress that suits you. As we walked in, we were overwhelmed with the variety of mattresses and what the differences were. Mary helped us decipher what kind of mattress was best for us. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and very easy to talk to. She knew everything about the different mattresses and what kind of mattress fit our needs (taking into account back problems, etc.). She was comfortable and not pushy at all. We were able to get a very good deal on a mattress and felt comfortable with our purchase. They have a generous return policy and warranty. Delivery was free and the entire purchase was just very comfortable and easy. We will be returning for our next mattress purchase.

This was my first mattress

This was my first mattress buying experience and I'm very satisfied with my visit. Adam is very knowledgeable, non pressuring, and really helps you pick the right mattress for all of your comfort and financial needs! Thank you!!

They delivered the mattress

They delivered the mattress and set it up. I told them it was set too high off the floor. They told me to try it and they would return and adjust it if I still felt it was too high. Well it remained too high. When I called the store they said it would cost me $120 to have them return and adjust it. I complained and they agreed to charge $65. The bed was over $ 4,200. They were in a hurry to get back home and did NOT TELL ME IT would cost me over $120 to have them return. Otherwise I would have insisted they set it up correctly in the first place. The manager acted like it was a big favor to charge me half to return. They also told me I should go buy special adhesive to attach the headboard as they didn't believe the included hardware would work. The customer service at this store sucks. Once they have your money it's very difficult to cancel. Go to any mattress store except this one.

I been shopping for a mattress

I been shopping for a mattress for a couple of weeks now. Stopped by at Jeromes where I had an amazing sales guy spend over an hour educating me on mattresses, then went to mattress firm and thirdly went to ortho mattress with a guy named Alex. The guy didn't spend 5 minutes with me explaining nothing but rather half ass answering questions and after those 5 minutes he starts pressuring me like crazy that I needed to walk out with a mattress sold by him before I left. This guy has shit for brains! I won't even go back to Ortho mattress or consider them for anything. If they have a sales guy that is so crude and clueless and wants to force a sale when he hasn't spend any time educating me, the only thing he did is shit talk Jeromes and Mattress firm but gave zero technical data about why I should buy from them other than I've shopped enough and should buy their mattresses now. What a crude ignorant buffoon! then when I told him to give me his business card he got all upset and said don't bother ... what a jack ass! ... its hard to pick a mattress by lying on one for a minute but at least the Jerome's guy was a perfect gentleman and educated me rather than pressure me after 5 minutes in the store! ... this guy Alex reminds me of those meat heads that buy a girl a drink in the bar and think they are going to get laid after a 5 minute conversation! lame lame lame!

Loved our experience

Loved our experience at Orho mattress today. Scott was super helpful, gave us a great deal, and provided great customer service. This was our second purchase at this Ortho location and my wife and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Can't wait for our mattress to get delivered on Monday. Highly recommend Ortho mattress and especially this location.

The salesman here was terrible

The salesman here was terrible. A thicker, bald guy, he was heavily pushing the temperpedic mattresses so much so that he wouldn't even answer questions about the other types without steering the conversation back to temperpedic. He would give no info (which were soft, firm, number of springs whatever), The only things he had to say about other models were reasons why they were a bad idea. Finally it started to feel like a waste of all of our time so I directly said 'We don't want a memory foam mattress.' He then immediately stopped speaking or making eye contact with me and spoke only to my husband, going so far as introducing himself and shaking my husband's hand while making no effort to shake mine! He asked my husband about our budget and when my husband gave him a number (less than a temperpedic) he began pushing the store brand memory foam mattress. When my husband didn't appear to be interested the salesman then stated that if it was a price issue we really did not need a king size and that a queen size temperpedic would be all we needed because we would be moving less because of how restful they are. Seriously?! As someone who has sales experience I understand that there were two things he was probably going for- the fat commission from a temperpedic and the points he received from his store for selling their brand. As a salesperson I can also tell you that when someone isn't interested in what you wish they would buy you suck it up, move forward, and show them something they could be interested in. This guy didn't even pretend to care about what we were interested in. And honestly I'm not sure there was anything I could've been interested in buying because the he was such a turn off I got out of there as soon as possible. I strongly suggest the sleep train right across the street for more options and better service.

We had a great experience at Ortho

We had a great experience at Ortho onWashington Blvd in Culver City. Our salesperson was so knowledgeable and friendly. He was so helpful and answered all of our questions. We didn't realize the multitude of options when it comes to buying a mattress! We found a great mattress thanks to Johnny Sawyer (I think that was his name). Never met a better salesperson! Very nice and genuine. Would highly recommend !

Ortho Mattress ended up being the last stop

Ortho Mattress ended up being the last stop in a string of retailer visits that my partner and I went on in search of a new mattress. After years of sharing a full size Sealy spring mattress, it was time to step our sleep game up! We started, of course, online. Research, research, research. However, like many important purchases, hands on experience was necessary. For several consecutive weekends we laid on numerous mattresses and learned more and more what we liked and didn't like. Upon entering Ortho Mattress, we were met with a friendly greeting from Sally and Scotty. Sally took us under her wing immediately. She was candid, but insightful and was very receptive to our personal preferences and experiences. She lined up a handful of mattresses for us to try out. She broke down the pros and cons of each one based on hers and her clients' experiences. Needless to say, she guided us to our perfect mattress and offered us a great incentive to buy. Still, we were not completely ready to commit, but she did not pressure us one bit. She did offer the chance to put down a small refundable deposit to give us the chance to think it over and lock in the offer she had presented us. We put in the deposit. After little deliberation, we were back and Scotty had us written up and approved for our brand new mattress! This past week we received our mattress. The deliverymen were prompt and efficient! They took away our old mattress and box spring and had our new mattress on our new platform frame (bought elsewhere) almost instantly. They even managed to unbag the mattress with almost no contact with it. They slit the bag down one side and slid it off the mattress whilst laying it on the frame... magic. My partner and I have been sleeping better than ever. As a matter of fact, she doesn't have to "go" to sleep on it more than she actually "falls" asleep on it. If you are in the market for a new bed, do NOT pass up on Ortho Mattress. They have their own line of mattresses as well as exclusive mattresses that they produce in partnership with the major brands, all with superb craftsmanship and excellent value. Many thanks to Sally and Scotty for all of their care and attention!

i came in to check for mattresses

i came in to check for mattresses for my new purchased 5bedroom home. If i could give this place zero stars i totally would. worst experience ever! do not go here. The manager is terrible! he tried to help but it was the most awkward, aweful experience i have ever had! he was asking non of his business questions irrelevant to the sales. totally lost a customer right there and never coming back.

Rolled in here looking for a bed

Rolled in here looking for a bed and was met by an extremely knowledgeable and personable sales lady (possibly the manager). We told her what we wanted and she showed us a certain bed (the one she had in fact) and as soon as we laid down we were sold. She knew everything about it and hooked us up with a pretty bitchin' deal! The only reason I can't give this place 5-stars is because it took over 2 weeks for us to get the pillows we wanted that were supposed to get delivered with the bed. Definitely recommend!


Great and attentive service by Michael and Angel. And you can't beat the free, same day delivery!

Just purchased a mattress

Just purchased a mattress from Ortho mattress in Moorpark ca. The smell of chemicals coming from this mattress is so strong I don't know if it will ever smell normal. Plus the person who delivered it was short tempered and got rather irritated when I wanted to inspect the mattress before signing off on the delivery. His hands were dirty and he was rude. I hope the smell goes away soon. I am sleeping on the couch tonight and have to leave the windows open because of the smell. Not a great experience. Also no trial period. So if you are not happy you can't return without penalty. Need to go back to Stearns and foster brand at least I could use it the same night I bought it. This was not a cheap mattress either. Sales person seemed knowledgeable about the mattress being made in the US and how much care they take in quality and chemical carefulness. How long will I have to sleep on the couch until the awful strong smell goes away as well as my headache.


THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! I desperately needed a new bed because my old bed was killing back. I did my research and I found this place had really good reviews, not only in terms of merchandise but also in terms of customer service. Walked in, started looking around, and was instantly help by Henry. I thought I knew what I wanted but Henry walked me through all the different kinds of beds they had and in the end found the perfect bed. I also knew I wanted to invest in a good bed and I received a really good deal with their financing option. Overall, some of the best customer service I've ever received and I more than satisfied by my purchase. Will definitely be recommending this store to all my friends and family. PS. Got my bed the same day and my old one taken away!!! (#bonus)

So I bought a mattress here

So I bought a mattress here. They had a 100% guarantee. We did not like it so exchanged it for which I was charged a fee. That's not a 100% guarantee... Anyway, the mattress isn't that good - it's actually quite uncomfortable and this is our second try. My recommendation- buy online. It's cheaper plus the return policy is better.

This Ortho Mattress is AWESOME

This Ortho Mattress is AWESOME! After shopping around (waste of time) I finally found this store. Sally was so great and understanding. She asked me what I was looking for and showed me a few beds. The winner was The Strand. This bed is amazing! Every night I feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. I have never felt a bed so soft but supportive. I feel like a new person after sleeping on it every night. The whole experience was fabulous and easy. Sally was one of the best salesperson I have ever met. I highly recommend everything about this store, and The Strand of clouds I now sleep on every night. :)

Just purchased the mattress

Just purchased the mattress of my dreams from here! I appreciated the excellent quality and service. Make sure you ask for Micheal with the beard and mustache. He is a treasure and a pleasure!

Great place to buy a mattress

Great place to buy a mattress. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Our salesman Carl was very knowledgable and gave us great insight into our options. He was not pushy and helped get us a great deal! Very happy with our mattress! Will definitely be back for our next purchase. Thanks again! - John Barbara

I purchased the adjustable king

I purchased the adjustable king and paid about $4,500. I can't remember any time that I had more regret than I do now. The bed is "OK". It's not terrible. It's definitely not the amazing bed that I thought I was paying almost $5K for. I don't blame the store for giving me the hard-sell because that's there job. I am writing this simply to warn others out there. My main gripe about Ortho Matrress is their no-return policy. They tell you you can try it out for 60 days and if you're not happy, exchange it. What they fail to underscore is that if you exchange, you must do so for a mattress (only no frame) at an equal or higher price. YIKES! But more crazy is that you have to pay an additional 20% fee. So basically, since I'm not happy with my purchase, I would have to pay another $900 + the difference in the cost of a more expensive mattress. That means I will have spent almost $6K and still not maybe be satisfied??? Bottom line- go to a larger mattress outfit that has more than just two sales people (the one I got seemed to not know much and couldn't work the computer).

Recently bought a mattress

Recently bought a mattress here on their Memorial Day sale weekend. Had a very good experience at the store, and spent lots of time trying out the different mattresses. They let me rest and weren't pushy or hovering, which I loved. The 4 star reason isn't technically their fault, but the mattresses I bought is definitely being returned after the required 30 day trial period. It is way firmer than the model that was on the floor, which is to be expected, as the floor model has had plenty of people jumping on it, but it immediately felt so much harder than the one in the store. I've been sore waking up every morning since I have gotten it. I also didn't notice in the store, that the mattress is super deep, and that coupled with a normal box spring, the bed is so tall! I didn't even think to ask about getting a low profile box spring when I was buying it, as this wasn't mentioned as an option, but I wish I had asked. Overall though, a really great and easy buying experience! If my bed doesn't start to feel softer soon, hopefully swapping it out is just as easy :-/

Don't go here.

Don't go here. Or if you do, be ready for nightmare delivery and trash customer service. We bought our mattress here and the delivery movers were late, and broke a light in the hallway. Then we needed to exchange the boxspring, and the movers the second time didn't show up after we took the day off. No one called to let us know that the delivery wasn't coming. We finally got the exchange a week later, but in the meantime, it took the supervisor a week to call and apologize. The delivery fee was not waived. Just try the bed in the store and order it online.

After weeks

After weeks of procrastinating I decided it was time to buy a new mattress. I went into Ortho Mattress just to try to get a feel for what I was looking for when I was approached by Larry. He was very personable and patient, showing me multiple mattresses in my price range. I ended up liking a mattress so much I decided to buy right on the spot. Throughout the selling process Larry made sure to make me feel like I was getting a good deal. I would highly recommend both him and Ortho Mattress to anyone in the market for a new mattress!

Scott was our salesman and he did a superb job

Scott was our salesman and he did a superb job. He was knowledgeable about different bed types and gave us a wide variety of choices based on our needs. He knew our price and showed us what was below our price, at our price, and above our price. My fiance and I had a great understanding about the different types of bed and what a good price range was for what we wanted. After shopping around at least eight other mattress stores, we went back to Scott and purchased an icomfort mattress. It was delivered the next day (we got lucky) and the delivery men were super polite and professional. We've been sleeping on this bed for a little over two weeks now and love it so far. Highly recommend talking to Scott at some point during your mattress search!

This business went from excellent service to...

This business went from excellent service to horrible service! So disappointed. They delivered the bed and forgot to give me a remote. I have called in 5 times, every time with the same excuse, Saying they will call me back. I spend $5000 on a bed that is supposed to recline but I can't use it because there is no remote and I can't seem to get any help.

WE love our new mattress

WE love our new mattress! We've been needing one for almost 3 years. I've been sleeping poorly, waking up sore and stiff. After talking with Michael, he really zoned in and listened to my/our needs. I like a softer yet firm mattress and my husband likes a very firm one. We were able to get something that suited BOTH our needs and at an affordable price! Can't beat that! We loved working with Michael, he was professional, funny and he's easy on the eyes ladies We would definitely do business with him again! Here's to a good night sleep!!

Excellent service

Excellent service and info from Michael at this location! He was able to furnish be with much needed info for a possible mattress purchase for my Guest Room! Thanks, also, for telling me about The Shopping Pass, which I DID get! Avie Kimbell Los Angeles, CA

Angel Was So Helpful

Angel Was So Helpful & Patient & Got Us All The Answers We Needed !! Amazing Customer Experience !!

Bought a mattress here after visiting Mattress Firm

Bought a mattress here after visiting Mattress Firm down the ways. We actually had customer service where we were walked through our options by Adam. Basically got the cheapest thing but way better quality than Mattress Firm for less! Adam came out to our car to check and see if the bed would fit too which was really nice. The store is medium sized in my opinion but enough product to go around. We are picking up the bed this Tuesday so I will only come back if something's wrong.

Nice selection

Nice selection of mattresses. I bought a twin sized mattress from Michael on Labor Day sale and received an excellent price on the mattress. He was very helpful and helped me choose the best mattress for my needs. The only thing is that there was some miscommunication on when my mattress was going to be delivered but it is settled now. Great customer service.

I'd walked or driven by this place a zillion times

I'd walked or driven by this place a zillion times, but finally popped in a couple Saturdays ago. Buying a new mattress had been on my to-do list for a while, but I couldn't decide what to get. Scott was a wonderful resource and I ended up going with a Temperpedic + a new mattress pad and two fabulous new pillows. He even gave me the Black Friday discount despite the fact that it was some time past then. Delivery was fabulous; got a four-hour window in the morning and a one-hour heads-up, and on Monday night enjoyed my new bed for the first time. The experience felt more personal and less "salesy" than other mattress stores. Highly recommend.

I went into this store

I went into this store a few days ago looking for a mattress. I had already been to another ortho mattress store a few minutes before this and the service there was great....I really didn't appreciate how I was treated at the sepulveda store. I went there because I read online that they were putting their displays on sale. The ortho store I visited right before this had told me that the sale is going on at all locations and some store will have different displays available because others have been sold (which makes complete sense to me). When I went into the sepulveda store I asked about the sale and which models were part of it. The sales person showed me the first 3 at the font door and I asked if this was all. He said "no, it doesn't matter what mattress whats's your price range?" I asked again which models are on sale and he still didn't answer my question. Then I told him we came from another Ortho store and then it didn't seem like he cared about selling me a mattress, now he was checking up on his other employees. This man I'm now talking to now claims he owns 65 stores and thats one of his. I hesitated to answer any of his questions about his employee because I found him to be very helpful and answered everything I asked him and then some. The salesman gets back to 'selling' us a mattress and says "what's you price range? We have mattresses from $200-$10,000 what do you want to spend?" when we tell him the price we can spend (which is in that huge price range he gave us) he suggested we CHECK ON CRAIGSLIST or go to ikea. I found this to be so rude. because it was in the price range and never showed us anything after that. I would never want to work for a person like this. I will never buy a mattress from one of his stores now that I know he owns the all. Good luck Ortho, maybe you should look at what you're doing before pointing fingers at employees.

We just bought two mattresses

We just bought two mattresses from Ortho. Angel was great. Very knowledgeable about the product, but not at all pushy. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a mattress. They even have same-day delivery if you buy before 2 pm.

Walking into Ortho mattress

Walking into Ortho mattress today was one of the best decisions I ever made. Henry greeted us as we walked in. He was prompt in acknowledging our presence and instead of trying to sell us something he took the time to get to know us, our comfort level, our sleeping preferences and was patient to work with us to find the exact mattress at the exact price. Henry was not only knowledgeable but a great guy to meet. Walking out of Ortho mattress I felt confident, I felt understood and I didn't feel like I was pressured to buy anything but I did because this place is amazing. Thanks Henry and Ortho Mattress.

As requested I called Ortho Mattress

As requested I called Ortho Mattress' customer service. Had a lot of runaround, I felt. Leti claimed she was trying to help me but all of her information contradicted what I had been told by the sales person. I also discovered that they have two sizes of box springs but when I was in the store, the sales person did not volunteer the information. I was not given the choice I would certainly haver selected the five-inch box spring. Naturally, I was astounded. She said she couldn't really help me and that a Regional Manager would call me within twenty-four hours. It has now been forty-eight hours and no regional manager called me. This is not a company that does business in an ethical manner.

My husband and I worked with Michael

My husband and I worked with Michael and he was knowledgeable about all the mattresses they had to offer in the store. He had a friendly demeanor and was not pushy which I appreciated. He let us lay on every mattresses we wanted to and did not rush us in the process. We ended up going to a few other stores but ultimately came back to buy with Michael. We recommend this as a great place to look at good quality mattresses.

We had a great mattress shopping experience

We had a great mattress shopping experience here. The store was nice and clean and there was a big selection. The manager Michael was really knowledgeable about their products and didn't pressure us to buy right away which we appreciated. We got a good deal through their holiday sale and had our new mattress delivered very quickly. They took away our old one too really easily. We are so happy with the Ortho mattress we got and have been sleeping so much better already!

I decided to purchase a mattress

I decided to purchase a mattress from Ortho based on the stellar price and customer service. From the minute we walked in we were helped by Adam who walked us through our options, and made sure to give us the best mattress at the right price. The selection was comparable to any other store-- with all of the name brands. I had shopped around at other mattress stores, but felt I was getting the best deal and the most for my money. Definitely worth stopping in if you're in the market for a new mattress!

I put off my mattress purchase

I put off my mattress purchase for too long. Big Mike was great. Great personality, funny, yet presented the beds tailored for my back issue. In addition, got my new mattress delivered same day. Thanks for listening and alleviating my back pain. A+ Service ! thank you Big Mike and Ortho Mattress. Ps: love the stache!

We started out at Mattress Firm

We started out at Mattress Firm up the street and boy are we glad we left...and went to Ortho Mattress! We paid less $$$, had a great experience, and are getting next day delivery. Highly recommend!

Customer service ends when the sale is complete

Paid around $3500 for a firm memory foam mattress which the sales lady insisted we try in the showroom, lay on it for at least 10 minutes, and enjoy the comfort. After we received our mattress, I and my wife noticed it was a lot harder than what we were shown. We went back to the showroom to verify, and we were right, hard as a rock. The sales lady told me, a 60 years old man to walk on the mattress with my knees to break the fibers and make it softer, not a chance. My other option was to pay $500 for a replacement. I called the main office and when they found out I was asking for the mattress I was shown, their tone changed, I insisted and they sent a "CERTIFIED MATTRESS INSPECTOR", I am sure he went to college for this, to inspect ours. I received a letter back saying our mattress only dipped 1/8" and not covered under warranty. But this wasn't what I was asking. This is not even a month since I bought the mattress, and they treat us like enemy. I wonder what they will do in year 24 of the warranty if I have a real issue.


Purchased my mattress just about 3 years ago and had a great experience when deciding which mattress was for me and the salesman was very nice and helpful. Now fast forward and my recent experience was quite the opposite. The main reason I chose my mattress is because of the warranty, I was told that if my bed had indentations that it would be covered and that my mattress would be replaced. I thought that was great, the brochure says to rotate the mattress to prevent indentations and I did that. So at 2 years and 10 months of owning my mattress I noticed there are very noticeable indentations on both sides of my mattress and that it's been quite uncomfortable so I decide to call and pay the non refundable fee of $60 for a third party to come measure my mattress. I thought for sure my mattress would get replaced because when you are sitting on either side of the mattress you can definitely feel that you are sitting in a "pocket" as the guy who measured it called it. He noted I had 3 "pockets" on my mattress and he measured using a very lightweight ring which I was a bit leery about but since he said he felt indentations I felt ok and assured I'd get a replacement. Fast forward 2 weeks later and I hear nothing from Ortho! I was told I'd be contacted in 5-7 days. I patiently waited for a letter or email and nothing so I decided to call. I called the warranty department and left Linda a voicemail and the next day I received a call, I missed the call so about 2 hours later I call back and she was rude. I told her I was returning her call from that morning and I gave her my name, she proceeds to say, " For what? I made many calls this morning and I can't remember who I called". Rude. I told her I've been waiting to hear back on a decision for the warranty of my mattress and tells me it's been declined, I had to ask why because she didn't offer an explanation and she tells me that my mattress is only 1 inch indented and it needs to be 1 1/2 inches. She says nothing else, I was very surprised so I said ok, I may have said that's fine and then said bye. First off I heard absolutely nothing for 2 weeks and second this lady didn't apologize, was rude on the phone AND didn't have any kind response to end the call or even ask if there was something else I needed. Linda needs to take a course in customer service! I am now stuck with a very uncomfortable mattress with a warranty that expires in a few weeks, I did not spend $3000 expecting this. I chose a firm mattress because I have back issues due to scoliosis and figured this was a great brand. It did not take more than a year before noticeable indentations appeared and I'm very confused on how they decide how deep the indentations are without even actually sitting on the mattress, it's very noticeable when sitting on it so how they measure a firm foam mattress and soft foam mattress for the same indentation measurements does not seem fair. If my foam was soft and not firm I believe this would be different. Based on customer service and this warranty I would not recommend this company. I even brought the mattress protector from them to make sure my mattress would be protected to make sure I would have my warranty and receive a replacement. Very disappointed.


Make this sweet and short. Bought a mattress from ortho for 1k. Sags in the middle , my mf and I roll into each other. they replace it with new one... Same issue...Stuck with a terrible 1k mattress... Consider your self warned.


I have had this mattress for about 6 weeks and the smell is awful, burns my eyes and nose - what recourse do I have?

Totally unhappy they won't replace mattress

Ortho Mattress Culver City. Worst store to purchase mattress. Paid $2500. for California King. Less than 2 years. Mattress sinking and causing back pain. I complained only to be told if there any stain it couldn't be replaice. Had to paid $60. for inspector to come out from that I lost more money. Ms. Linda told the invoice stated they wouldn't replace it because slight stain was found. The stain was described as faint and small. I used the Mattress cover now I was told to call them. They informed that would have to take more pictures send to them along with that return mattress cover more money out my pocket which I don't have. Then they have to inspect along with pictures, tags invoice to there address. I'm suffering with bacl pain and sleeplessness nights. They don't answer and when they do it's nothing they can do. If I had money I would contact an attorney to fight this abuse. Can't afford to purchased another mattress. Don't buy read all fine print. Salesman said sign here and that what I did because I trusted him. No matter if was it a stain and you can't get it replaced. I'm unemployed with a bad back and out of more than $ 2600. They don't care a out the customer's that complain. That have your Money. Has anyone else had this experience with them trying to get mattress replaced. Maybe I should report to consumer affair and I will be checking with them. 4/30/2020


Had 2 matresses in 6 months, they both sank in the middle. i am not overweight. After speaking and emailing multiple people, they would not replace. Small claims court case in progress!

bad service

they say pay 60 dollar for inspection for them to see if their mattress is defective! scam

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Ortho mattresses range in price from budget-friendly to luxury priced. Some customers report being happy with the initial comfort of their Ortho mattress, however, there are some complaints with the durability and longevity.

Which is the best Ortho mattress?

Ortho mattress has 5 different mattress lines tailored for your specific needs, including their CoolQuilt™ Collection for warm sleepers. With some customer complaints surrounding durability, it may be best to shop around online to compare different options.

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