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Organic Mattress Reviews

Organic mattresses are becoming more and more popular and with all of the newest studies about the effects of chemical sensitivities and allergens on everyday health, selecting a mattress that keeps you and your family healthy is more important now than ever before. But with this boom in demand, there are plenty of lower quality brands looking to cash in. So, we've aggregated customer and certification data on 20+ organic mattresses to help you learn which organic mattress will work for you. Read on...

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $799-$6999+

Trial Period: Depends On Brand

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Organic's Specifics

Organic certifications, toxicity, and sustainability are all important considerations when selecting a new mattress. Oh and did we mention comfort?! While we may want to find a mattress that checks all the boxes, there is an uncomfortable truth:

Not all organic mattresses are comfortable (or even eco-conscious)!

This is due to the way the certifications work. Often, organic mattresses are made from latex, which is harvested from rubber trees (which like tropical climates where rainforests are happiest). While organic latex may sound best, unless it is also Rainforest Alliance and/or FSC® certified, it may actually be harming the rainforest due to improper land management, but as you can imagine, latex that ticks all the boxes can get quite expensive due to demand on a small group of certified latex farms. So, what this all means:

Shoppers must balance budget and comfort with all the certifications out there.

While certifications matter, the sheer number of them can make heads spin. In the end, you know what your goals are for your comfort, health, and environmental impact.

We'll be as transparent about these factors as possible for you.

Read on for our full break down...

Organic Mattresses

There are few different categories of organic mattresses, high value organic latex hybrid (with pocketed coils) brands, high-end organic brands, and family owned latex mattress mattress brands (which may have some organic products). We'll call out these differences in our break down.

#1 Avocado

Avocado is one of the most popular organic mattress brands. They also have the certifications for organic and sustainability covered, including GOLS certified organic latex, USDA organic cotton and wool, Carbon Neutral certified, FSC® forest management certified, GREENGUARD Gold, MADE SAFE®, and more. Their Avocado Green Mattress is a latex hybrid that offers a medium-firm feel with an optional pressure relieving pillow top that side sleepers love. They also offer an all latex option for firm mattress lovers. The best part is that their prices are quite competitive for the materials and certifications.

Price Range: $999-$2598

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#2 Awara

The Awara Mattress is all about driving high value for the materials. This means that they have focused on Rainforest Alliance certification for their natural dunlop latex, and organic certified cotton and wool. Their mattress is one of the highest rated due to its comfort and high value price. In terms of feel, it has a good blend of support and natural responsive pressure relief. The big downside is they have focused mostly on high value rather than expansive certification presence.

Price Range: $999-$1499

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#3 My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress is a family owned business focused on crafting organic mattresses that defend sleepers from chemical sensitivies. They use GOLS certified latex and GOTS certified cotton in their mattresses and craft them in their GOTS and GOLS certified organic factory. Many of their mattresses are on the firmer side in terms of comfort. However, with their competitive prices for the materials, this is truly a brand to consider.

Price Range: $689-$1699

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#4 Naturepedic

Naturepedic is a high-end luxury organic and certified non-toxic mattress brand that has gone through extremely diligent process of getting certified on some of the most stringent standards. When it comes to their adult mattresses, they feature organic latex comfort layers in their mattresses. Children's mattresses include organic wool and cotton comfort layers. Most customers have good things to say about these mattresses, but there are rare complaints about feel and price value due to the stringent sourcing of materials and non-toxic construction techniques.

Price Range: $1199-$4799

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#5 Plushbeds

Plushbeds is a boutique mattress brand that focuses primarily on natural and organic latex mattresses. Their organic Botanical Bliss offers GOLS certified latex and GOTS certified cotton and wool. They also have certificatons for USDA organic cotton and wool, FSC® sustainably managed forests, and GREENGOLD Gold, among others. With three layers of latex, it comes in two firmness options and three thickness options. With this level of customization and competitive prices for the materials, this definitely is a brand to check out.

Price Range: $1049-$3298

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#6 Happsy

Happsy is the relative newcomer to this list and offer a very competitively priced organic latex hybrid. The mattress is GOTS certified and does not use glues or adhesives for a MADE SAFE certification in addition to GREENGUARD certified. It is also FSC® and Rainforest alliance certified. See full list of certifications. Shoppers have good things to say about the mattress and its mission, with some complaints about comfort in some cases.

Price Range: $899-$1699

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#7 Sleep EZ

Sleep EZ is another family owned mattress manufacturer with its roots crafting latex mattresses since 1976. It offers a customizable organic latex mattress option that features four thickness options, per layer firmness, and also split firmness options. Their certifications include GOLS certified latex, Rainforest Alliance, Cradle to Cradle Gold, and Oeko-Tex certifications. These mattresses provide high value for the customization options with some disagreements about edge support and longevity.

Price Range: $749-$2598

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#8 Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding is a trend-setting mattress brand that offers a competitive organic latex hybrid and organic latex mattress. Both of these mattresses offer firmness options, which is a big benefit for sleepers. It features GOTS and GOLS certified materials and is also GREENGUARD Gold certified. Their prices are somewhat higher than other options found here, but they get good sentiment for customer satisfaction overall.

Price Range: $2149-$4699

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Runner Up: Birch Living

Birch Living defines itself as natural rather than organic, but it still has some organic ingredients and leading certifications. They offer a latex hybrid mattress with organic cotton cover, free range sourced wool, and latex with OEKO-Tex, eco-INSTITUT, and Rainforest Alliance certifications. Most customers give Birch Living high marks for comfort with some exceptions on firmness disagreements.

Price Range: $1049-$1799

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Alternatives to Organic Mattresses

While we think that organic mattresses are excellent choices, they may not be for everyone. The responsive feel of latex is a unique feel that some may not love. Additionally, many top mattresses have put an extra focus on emissions standards (such as CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold) in recent years.

If the feel of an organic mattress isn't for you, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Pay for the delivery service! [Avocado Mattress]

Love the mattress, but don't use the free shipping! FedEx was a nightmare. Ruined the first mattress and still delivered it, then the second one they left blocking the bottom stair at my apartment and didn't bring it to my door because it weighed too much! Pay the extra for delivery and set up! My only regret!

Worth the wait, meets all my expectations! [Avocado Mattress]

I had my eye on this mattress for a few years and wanted to check it out. I loved that it was made out of natural materials, but that it wasn't all latex or coils or wool, but was a combination, a hybrid. I also loved the 25-year warranty, which on top of the choice of safe materials used, made the mattress worth the asking price. I saved up for it and Labor Day 2020 rolled around and I purchased the queen size mattress without a pillow-top add-on. It came all rolled up and the mail delivery guy said it looked like a water heater package :") My sister and I got a heavy duty dolly to roll it into the garage and were able to get it into the house without too much effort. We are both very petite, but with some muscle, we were able to do it. I bought a metal non-spring boxspring for it (I know, it sounds weird - but it does exist, look on wayfair for the highest rated boxspring and that is it). It hasn't felt too bouncy with a boxspring and feels sturdy. The first night I had it, it took some getting used to because it was a tad firmer than my last mattress (which had a 2" medium firmness latex topper on it and felt like a marshmallow at times). After that night, I slept great in it. I was concerned that the tufted buttons would bother me because I have quite bony arms and shoulders, but it doesn't. I put a sheet and a heated mattress pad on top of the mattress and I can barely feel them. There wasn't any off-gassing or weird smells and I haven't had any bad reactions to it. All the stitching looks well-done and it looks like a high quality mattress. I love getting into bed at night because I know it will be comfortable. Also, even on days when I am in bed a lot (either a rest day or doing a lot of virtual school), I don't get tired of how the mattress feels. With my old coil mattress, my body would feel tired of the bed by the time it was time for sleep. Not so with this one. Really pleased and have no complaints.

Amazing sleep [Avocado Mattress]

The wait is worth it! We decided on an Avocado after sleeping on one at an AirBNB. We got the topper and it's been such a dream. And, while we were waiting on it, the support team at Avocado was amazing. I was nervous based on some of the things I was reading, but every time I chatted or emailed, I got a prompt and friendly response. Highly recommend!

I was concerned that all [Avocado Mattress]

I was concerned that all of my research and the fact I was unable to physically test the mattress would be questionable/or disappointing. That said, upon arrival and set up, and then a couple nights of sleeping on when I woke up each pain in hips, back, etc. Oh my goodness such a relief. Now after less than a week I cannot wait to crawl into this dream world.....Consumer Guide was my source of trusted information that finalized my decision to purchase along with several hours testing mattresses in various stores locally.

Perfect! [Avocado Mattress]

I chose the mattress without the pillow top, and after reading some reviews I was afraid it would have been too hard. It is actually perfect, even for someone like me that sleeps on the side. Best choice! In the end I never liked the pillow top solution also in other mattresses before. I love my new mattress and I didn't wake up one single morning with pain in my back since I have it. Before, with my old mattress, it was a struggle.

Super satisfied, every night! [Avocado Mattress]

The organic, natural materials are perhaps what separates this bed from others, while it’s the amazingly comfortable and superior support that I think tops my list. CR’s #1 rating helped me decide to give the Avocado Green mattress a try. Over the last six months, I’ve now purchased three, all without the pillow top: two queens, and a full supported by an Avocado Foundation. These mattresses are definitely worth raving about! I’m resting well, and perfectly satisfied.

Reduced my hip pain to [Avocado Mattress]

Reduced my hip pain to 0

Sleeping on a High Quality Cloud [Avocado Mattress]

Just received our new king size pillow top avocado yesterday and I slept better last night then I have in years. I didn't realize how bad our old mattress was until we got this new mattress. If you're hesitant about the cost of the Avocado mattresses just know you're investing in yourself with a high quality product that you will not be disappointed in. Highly recommend to everyone.

Sleeping through covid-19 [Avocado Mattress]

This is actually the second avocado mattress I’ve bought. Lost the first one in a divorce :( It was for sure one of the more important topics of who gets what. After losing that battle I decided I wasn’t going to “lose sleep” over it so I immediately just ordered another. I love a firm mattress so the pillow top is not for me. The firmness keeps me on top of the mattress allowing me to better maintain my body temperature but has just enough kush to give in on pressure points like my shoulders and hips. Definitely recommend for hot sleepers like me. And, as a red blooded American, I also appreciate that they’re made in the 🇺🇸

It's super comfortable. You stay [Avocado Mattress]

It's super comfortable. You stay pretty cool at night, so that must mean it negotiates body temperature pretty well.

Absolutely LOVE this mattress. I [Avocado Mattress]

Absolutely LOVE this mattress. I was really nervous buying a mattress without testing it first but I was not disappointed. Many reviews found it too firm and I don’t feel that way at all! It’s the perfect amount of firmness while still being incredibly comfortable.

My first 2 nights were [Avocado Mattress]

My first 2 nights were not nearly as comfortable as the following 6 nights - adjustment period. The mattress absorbs just enough of my body weight for my liking and still allows for freedom of movement. I feel that I am getting a more sound sleep with less interruptions. Both side and back positioning are equally comfortable. My decision to purchase the AGM was made easy for a few reasons: Consumer Reports Recommended and rated it the highest; environment-organic materials are used in place of synthetic, where possible; a $200 discount was also nice. I definitely recommend this mattress for those with similar preferences.

Great mattress, difficult delivery [Avocado Mattress]

I am very happy with the mattress. Delivery was an issue. It was left at the foot of my porch and the bottm of the box was shorn and the mattress slipped out while I was carrying the 130 pound mattress up the stairs into the house. I was promised a $75 rebate for my troubles. It never came.

Used memory foam from Tempurpedic [Avocado Mattress]

Used memory foam from Tempurpedic for last nine years with good results for many years but did not like it lately. Have been very pleased with the Avacado green even though it's only been a week of use so far.

I love the mattress because [Avocado Mattress]

I love the mattress because it’s firm and yet still gives. I’m giving it a week or two before considering getting the pillow top to add to it to make it a bit softer on my aging joints.

An “indulgent firm” mattress that’s beautifully made and worth the splurge! [Avocado Mattress]

This was a gigantic splurge for me, but I am so glad that I did it! I was very nervous about purchasing something like a mattress without being able to try out first, and had limited my choices somewhat on that basis - but at the 13th hour a friend mentioned Avocado. Based on lots of information in reviews, and my own online research, I decided to make the leap - and the avocado guarantee/warranty made that a lot more comfortable. It’s the perfect amount of firmness – I definitely needed more than what I had. But it’s not “stiff” - it’s an “indulgent firm”. Very beautifully made too. The customer service is also outstanding!! And bottom line: I can say the expense, and the wait, are well worth it

Works great for us! [Avocado Mattress]

I have had this mattress for about 5 months now. It's a king with the built in pillow top. In short we love it. Our biggest concern buying on line was would it work for us? We are both 5"11, wife is 170-ish, I am 260-ish. Neither of us is average and we both have our 50+ year old body with our own aches & pains. We have both been Very happy with the comfort, cooler sleeping temperature and sleep experience of this mattress! I can roll over! Which is something I could not do easily or painlessly in my previous memory foam bed. So YES we are happy! Delivery was quick like they said in the Site. A Warning! this mattress is VERY heavy & bulky & rolled (170 lbs) don't expect to get it up stairs without help. Materials and workmanship are wonderful. If I have one complaint I wish the top could come off for washing. We've tried a mattress cover but it made the bed noticeably warmer. I recommend this mattress to everyone, especially my larger friends It's so hard to find good information about all the mattresses available and what is best for my size beyond what company may say. This one truly is comfortable! I'm glad we took the chance. Great product! and I appreciate the military discount too! Thank You

I can not give the [Avocado Mattress]

I can not give the technical details as to why I like it. I love the mattress because I sleep well and my back pain has significantly improved. Besides I loved the customer services.

Bought for our daughters first [Avocado Mattress]

Bought for our daughters first bed. We love it

The mattress is firmer than [Avocado Mattress]

The mattress is firmer than I expected, but I love it. I’ve never slept better, and I no longer have back pain every morning. I highly recommend!

We absolutely love it! This [Avocado Mattress]

We absolutely love it! This is a wonderful product. Expensive but worth it. Knowing that it is made out of organic materials give us peace of mind. We ordered the pillow top, which makes it very comfortable. Whether you sleep on your back or side you will get a good night sleep. I love a mattress where you do not just sink in. We get a restful night sleep. We are recommending it to our family and friends. Thank you for this great product.

My husband and I love [Avocado Mattress]

My husband and I love this mattress. We had a terrible mattress that hurt our backs every morning and into the day, since having Avocado our ailments have subsided! We highly recommend this mattress for a perfect nights sleep and to have quality time hangs with your people watching your favorite show or movie or just chatting it up, we all crave sitting and laying in the bed! The combination of the mattress with the pillows makes me sleep well through the night and arise every morning happy and energized to take on the day ahead!

Perfect Mattress [Avocado Mattress]

Wow. Just wow. This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I frequently go on trips - and I’m always SO excited to be back in my bed. Couldn’t be more perfect. I opted for the plush top addition. It’s not too much! I like medium-ish mattresses, and this is just the perfect amount of extra comfort.

Finally! [Avocado Mattress]

I have been in mattress purgatory for over 2 years. I have always struggled with sleep and as I have aged, I’ve had the pleasure of adding night sweats to my list of ailments. My naturopath suggested that I invest in an all natural mattress. Because I couldn’t try it out in the store and because I loved my memory foam mattress so much (minus the temperature), I wasted two years and three mattresses (they all went to good homes) coming to terms with the fact that I had tried everything but a natural products mattress. As the price and the trial policy improved, I FINALLY invested in Avocado. I was so sad I wasted so many nights sleep getting to this point but now I’m just grateful to be sleeping well. I love the firmness. The wool tufts and motion transfer are non-issues ( I’m a very light sleeper). I still have the occasional warm night but I can manage it SO much better. I could not be happier with my mattress. Good riddance memory foam!

I love it! It’s firm [Avocado Mattress]

I love it! It’s firm support, yet plush. I love the support around the edges. You can sit on the edge and not slide off. I hung out in bed for 12 hours and my back never hurt. My husband is sleeping great, too!

Quality Product [Avocado Mattress]

It took me a few days to get used my new Avocado and I was worried that I’d have to return it. Good return policy so that wasn’t concerning. The pillow top model is very soft when you get in, but then you feel the firmness from the spring system. I was feeling that it might be too firm, but it’s actually just right. I find it very comfortable. There was no smell right from the get go, so no airing out was necessary. Quality product and I have no buyer’s remorse.

Its divinely comfortable, everything I'd [Avocado Mattress]

Its divinely comfortable, everything I'd hoped. it didn't off gas like some do. I don't awaken when husband turns over, i melt into the comfort. Delivery went badly, with Fedex rescheduling six times. You should use some other provider or contract differently. it was bad. but mattress is great.

I like the mattress, but [Avocado Mattress]

I like the mattress, but it's new. I want to find out if the sleep surface will remain even with time, or if it will swag and form indentions where I sleep. That's the real test for me.

So far the bed feels [Avocado Mattress]

So far the bed feels very well made and it feels like it should last a long time. The weight reminds me of the old style bed made years ago. Not like the flimsy beds typically made today.

Great mattress for sleep, play [Avocado Mattress]

Great mattress for sleep, play and try e planet!

Comfortable plus [Awara Mattress]

The mattress is extremely - and I do mean extremely comfortable. It’s on the firm side but not too firm. Supports you body completely. Not hot either. You don’t feel your partner move at all. I give this mattress a ‘10’ in all categories such as comfort, quality and value.

LOVE! [Awara Mattress]

This mattress has changed my sleep! I love the ventilation (it doesn't get too hot). It has more bounce than I'm used to but I like that it has back support and is made from all natural materials! I no longer wake up with aches and pains, definitely recommend this mattress :)

Really sleeping well with this [Awara Mattress]

Really sleeping well with this new mattress. I thought it might be too hard, but it is NOT. I feel well supported. I highly recommend the Awara Organic Latex.

I love this mattress! It [Awara Mattress]

I love this mattress! It doesn't make a noise when you turn in bed and it is so comfortable- best sleep I have had in years!

Love it [Awara Mattress]

I love my mattress! I’m used to a very firm mattress and at first thought it might be too soft. But after a night or two I realized how perfect it was. It’s very cozy and plush but not too soft. The handles on the side made it easy to put on the bed once unwrapped. Compared to a regular mattress it is much heavier. I could move a regular mattress myself, but not this one. That means a little more energy to lift the edges to put sheets on , but it’s not a problem. I’ve already recommended Awara to friends.

We are so pleased with [Awara Mattress]

We are so pleased with our new mattress—no more back pain for my husband. Upon opening the mattress there was no odor thus we could use it right away. Couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase.

I needed a new mattress. [Awara Mattress]

I needed a new mattress. This is, in fact, a new mattress. Five stars.

Very happy [Awara Mattress]

We have been very happy... no overheating, comfortable, and it is extremely well constructed. I also appreciate that it is a deep mattress...I have seen many that are thin and flimsy looking. We both sleep well on it and have not had an adjustment period. (we thought we would since we had a 5 inch feather bed on our previous mattress. I have not needed or had the desire to put it on the Awara mattress.) After taking the plastic off, there was absolutely no smell. I searched for a long time to make sure to get a mattress made from materials that were clean, and we could feel good about sleeping on.

The whole family wants one [Awara Mattress]

We bought this mattress for my daughter’s new bed. She has slept on it for two nights. She is absolutely in love. And the entire family is jealous of her new bed. It’s super comfy, no odors associated with opening the bed which are a huge turn off in our house. Itfeels healthy and comfortable and gives the most wonderful night sleep. It’s equally supportive and squishy and luxurious!

Very comfortable mattress [Awara Mattress]

Very comfortable mattress

It’s great!!! [Awara Mattress]

It’s great!!!

Perfect [Awara Mattress]

The best purchase I've ever made. My back loves the mattress! I recommend it most highly.

This mattress is straight up [Awara Mattress]

This mattress is straight up awesome. Perfect combo of soft and firm, and we are having some of the best sleep we've ever had.

Awara Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress - Queen - Purchased - Nov 23, 2020 [Awara Mattress]

I had begun to really suffer pressure points on the mattress I was sleeping on and I had been doing research among all the different organic mattress brands for several weeks. I am not able to sleep on memory foam or any regular store brand mattress due to sensitivities to the things they are made from so I have to be careful in purchasing such things as mattresses and pillows. I choose Awara because it was made from safe components, priced reasonably and could be shipped immediately. I was home for Thanksgiving week and wanted to take delivery while I was at home to receive it. I ordered on November 23rd and the mattress was delivered on November 25th. I have now been sleeping on my Awara mattress for eight weeks and I am sleeping comfortably with no sensitivity issues and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much Awara!

Bye Bye sleep number bed! [Awara Mattress]

The Awara replaced my "sleep number" bed. Unbelievable difference!! I'm finally able to sleep like a log. The Awara hybrid mattress is incredible. Very comfortable. Soft yet firm. Support in all the right places. Getting a good night's sleep makes all the difference in the world. I wake up with a smile on my face everyday! Worth every penny. With a one year trial period, you have absolutely no risk. Fantastic mattress. All organic. No weird smells.

Amazing healthy bed [Awara Mattress]

Super comfortable, healthy sleep. No foam odor. Delivered quickly, easy to open and sleep on the first night. Our daughter has lots of allergies and sensitive skin, and no reactions to the Awara mattress other than a terrific sleep right out of the box. We shouldn't have waited so long to get a new mattress!

Great mattress, no complaints! [Awara Mattress]

This is a great mattress. It took a few days to reach its full plushiness, but it was still quite comfortable from day 1. It has the right amount of support and softness. Would buy another!

Best Sleep Ever [Awara Mattress]

I didn't think a bed should make such a difference. I have never sleep so well or had such deep sleep. I love my new Awara bed. It was the best decision I made.

The perfect sleep. [Awara Mattress]

I was having countless problems sleeping and finally determined it was the memory foam mattress. I weight 115lbs but don't like a bed too soft. I am not goldilocks, but finding the right firmness is important. I thought their return policy was very fair and took the risk of purchasing. I am a big fan of this bed. Buy it. Take the riskl. There was no "breaking in" period. I guess the worst thing I could say is that it's very heavy for a small woman to but up on the bedframe alone.

Firm but not like sleeping on a rock [Awara Mattress]

My husband and I prefer a different firmness in a mattress. He can't sleep on a memory foam and I like the plushness of one but not the way it makes me feel hot while sleeping. After much research, we found that a latex mattress might be right for us. Awara sent our mattress very quickly and it didn't have the usual smell of a mattress in a box. My husband likes an extra firm mattress. Awara is firm but enough softness that I don't feel like I'm sleeping on the floor. We have had it for about 2 months and it seems to be working for us.

From skeptical to a fan [My Green Mattress]

We bought the natural escape with the topper. We had a high end mattress that needed to be replaced. We've also had a high end foam mattress. We were leaning that way until a friend told us about Natural Escape. So we ordered one. It came fairly quick with good communication from the folks at Green Mattress. We can feel the difference between this and our others. The individually wrapped springs make all the difference. We don't bounce or sag with one of us gets up or moves around. I would say the support is firm but not hard. The topper doesn't change that. It just makes it, as my partner says, "a notch more comfortable." Not that the mattress itself without the topper isn't. We thought about storing the topper but liked the added feel with it. All I can say in closing is that we're happy we bought this mattress, and we're pleased to recommend it without reservations of any sort to others

Perfection [My Green Mattress]

This bed is unreal in how comfortable it is! I have never had a bed that felt this good and I smile every time I get into bed. Well made, sturdy, and not a smell to it! I am a side sleeper who likes a firm bed and didn't know I could be so comfy all night.

Reliable! [My Green Mattress]

I am loving it so far! I appreciate no strong odor when I open it. The firmness is just right for me. I have three green mattresses in the house so I really like how reliable this company is!

Very happy with the mattress [My Green Mattress]

Very happy with the mattress

AWESOME Bed!!! [My Green Mattress]

We just switched to this bed because we wanted something bigger. I thought our saatva was comfortable, but this is on another level and I sleep like a baby, next to my toddler, knowing that it is free from harsh chemicals. I'm THRILLED with this bed and so is the whole family!

Waited a long time to [My Green Mattress]

Waited a long time to get this mattress.. was worth the wait. Love it.

Love it! [My Green Mattress]

Love it.....and love that it is non-toxic!

Love it [My Green Mattress]

Super comfortable mattress! Worth every penny.

Perfect combination of soft and firm [My Green Mattress]

We love the mattress. We also really love that it’s chemical free and made in the USA. Thanks for your company. We wish you well!

So cozy [My Green Mattress]

This bed is amazing. I love the quilted texture. So cozy. This is our 3rd mattress from My Green Mattress.

No regrets! [My Green Mattress]

Most comfortable non-toxic mattress I've laid on yet! Better than expected. Going to need deep pocket sheets.

Bought for my parents [My Green Mattress]

I purchased this for my parents since it was organic, no chemicals, can be used with an adjustable frame and they have a few months to try it out. They both say it's very comfortable. My Dad reports less achiness. Mom says it's a little soft for her. They've had it a few weeks so far.

Love our mattress! So comfy!! [My Green Mattress]

Love our mattress! So comfy!!

Great mattress [My Green Mattress]

We just purchased our Natural Escape mattress. I will not buy a different mattress again. It was firm, supportive yet soft. It is the best mattress I have ever had. Thank you for making such a wonderful mattress!

Review on Queen size Natural Escape [My Green Mattress]

Love it....not too soft and not too hard. I've slept really well on it since we got it.

Healing sleep [Naturepedic Mattress]

My husband and I love this mattress so much! When we first purchased it we went a little too firm. Customer service was great and talked us through exchanging the layers so we could get exactly the right fit for us. You can't even tell it's split. My husband said he feels like the mattress is giving something back. And no smelly off-gassing of chemicals.

Comfy [Naturepedic Mattress]

It's comfortably plush. Very plush. I like that it's made without harmful chemicals. It did need to air out its natural smell for a while before it could be slept on.

Best Bed Ever. [Naturepedic Mattress]

This is such a nice bed. I got the EOS Trilux King Comfortably Firm. I no longer wake with back pain. I no longer sink uncomfortably into the bed. I will no longer purchase any other bed in the future. You can def tell it's a latex bed, it's firm like a mat but has a good amount of give. As someone who's had a spring, memory foam, and bamboo mattress I can honestly say I like this one the best. I dont wake up in a pool of sweat (I sweat even in the winter time) and it doesnt feel uncomfortably cold (I've heard the purple mattress is freezing). It's a really nice bed. I like that we can customize the firmness on both sides if we want. Thanks!

Perfect mattress for our family! [Naturepedic Mattress]

We are so happy with our mattress!! We never thought we would spend this much on a mattress but we did it and we couldn't be happier. It was easy to put together. Yes, it was heavy but it goes with the material. We sleep better now and it's just nice to have a restful sleep on our new bed. Definitely worth every penny!

Comfort and Health [Naturepedic Mattress]

We were looking for a low profile 10' mattress and organic. Naturepedic made this purchase very easy. We love that the latex pieces can be swapped and replaced without the need to purchase a new bed. We are very pleased. So very comfortable and we have peace knowing that there are no harmful chemicals in our sleeping space.

Great mattress- child sleeps through the night! [Naturepedic Mattress]

We purchased the mattress for our 2 year old who was transitioning from his crib to a 'big boy bed'. The mattress is magical! I was getting up 2-3 times a night because he would wake up crying in the crib but since day 1 of switching to the Serenade mattress he sleeps through the night which is very much appreciated by the entire house. Mattress is soft yet firm enough for him to bounce on. Only problem is his 5 ye old sister wants the same mattress now because she has the now discontinued 'Firm' version of the same mattress and it is indeed very firm in comparison

Great health investment! [Naturepedic Mattress]

This mattress is a very good health investment. Great mattress, very comfy and gives me a piece of mind knowing that I'm sleeping on a toxin free bed. The store manager Melchor is super nice and helpful as well and I will definitely go back to your Irvine store.

Best sleep in a long time [Naturepedic Mattress]

This mattress is extremely comfortable to sleep on. I no longer have back pain when I wake up. This mattress also does not trap heat at night, it feels like it adjusts to my temperature because I do not wake up sweating anymore.

Awesome mattress [Naturepedic Mattress]

Love it! Super cozy and no toxins

Great mattress [Naturepedic Mattress]

We also purchased a twin size and both mattresses are great! They are just the perfect amount of firmness with still being very supportive and comfortable! No more back pain in the morning as before this mattress! Definitely recommend!

So Comfortable! [Plushbeds Mattress]

We have never used a latex mattress before, so were anxious to see how it would work. After trying this, we will never go back to conventional mattress. We bought the 10" split king mattresses and they are so comfortable - worth every penny.

Very comfortable mattress [Plushbeds Mattress]

Very comfortable mattress. Works well with our new adjustable bedframe.

Luxurious! Very Happy. [Plushbeds Mattress]

Luxurious! Very Happy.

Super happy with our Botanical Bliss Mattress [Plushbeds Mattress]

This was my first purchase from Plush Beds but my second organic latex mattress. The Botanical Bliss is extremely comfortable! I thought we might want the firm version but we went with more popular medium. I'm so glad we did! We've been sleeping on the mattress for one month and both my husband and I have been very happy with it. It was delivered in two boxes and arrived in perfect condition. Easy to assemble. The housing for the mattress is well made and seems sturdy. We also got a bonus

Great Mattress!! [Plushbeds Mattress]

I love my bed. Fifteen years and going strong!! I would sure buy it again!!

VERY pleased customer [Plushbeds Mattress]

I just received my new Mattress yesterday, tried it last night and am TOTALLY satisfied with it. It is very good quality materials and labor, well packaged, timely shipped, great communications and reasonably priced. I could not be happier !! Thank you.

Completely satisfied [Plushbeds Mattress]

I’ve wanted a latex bed for years. I purchased the Plush bed botanical bliss. So far I am completely satisfied. I can sleep in any position now! I do like having the option to change my firmness on my 12” mattress.

Cuddles Me To Sleep [Plushbeds Mattress]

I am enjoying it very much. It is very soft and cushy compared to the mattress we had. I feels like it cradles me and I am enjoying that very much.

Buy it and enjoy! [Plushbeds Mattress]

I am very happy with this mattress. Non-toxic and comfortable!

Comfortable mattress. [Plushbeds Mattress]

Comfortable mattress. No odor, easy set-up.

Very comfortable and supportive! Favorite mattress yet! [Plushbeds Mattress]

My husband and I love this mattress! We purchased the 12" Botanical Bliss, Medium. It has a soft feel, with cushion and kind of spongey; while at the same time it is supportive. We had a Tempurpedic Cloud Pillowtop for the last 17 years, which we loved, and we like the Botanical Bliss even better! I am a very sensitive sleeper in regards to pressure points, and I feel none with this mattress - wonderful! The mattress is really awesome! Love that it is made from organic materials, and there is absolutely no weird odor like I found with some memory foams.

Thank you Plushbeds and Mark Cueves for a great experience in investing in a great product that I will have for many years to come. [Plushbeds Mattress]

I am so very happy with my Botanical Bliss PlushBed. Mark Cueves was very instrumental in getting my bed for me. I caused a delay in the bed being made and Mark straightened out the situation. Plushbeds is so fortunate to have a dedicated and hard working employee. Thank You Mark. Rebeca O'Neill

Love the Mattress [Plushbeds Mattress]

Love the Mattress cool and comfortable!

Botanical bliss mattress awesome [Plushbeds Mattress]

Awesome mattress an awesome company to work we have have been very pleased with my experience

So comfortable [Plushbeds Mattress]

My husband and I love our new mattress. It is so comfortable. I also like that it is organic and doesn’t have a plastic like smell.

We love everything about our mattress! [Plushbeds Mattress]

We love this mattress so much and we like the ability to change the layers, if we want it to be firmer. There was no chemical smell at all, when we took it out of the box. The cover is luxurious and it was very easy to put the layers together. Thank you Plush Beds! We also have a soft topper on another bed in our home, and love this also.

Great Bed! Even better than what I was expecting! [Plushbeds Mattress]

Absolutely love this bed. After 12 years on a memory foam mattress and uncomfortable nights of sleeping, we decided to research and buy a new bed. I was very skeptical of buying bed online but decided to make the purchase given the great return policy. Having slept on and loving the sleep I got on a latex mattress in another location I knew this was the right choice. We wanted the taller bed and went for the 12” Botanical Bliss. You’ll also experience the best night’s sleep you’ve had in

The best night's sleep we've ever had!! [Plushbeds Mattress]

We've had our new mattress now for about six months and we couldn't be happier. I hesitated to buy online without a chance to test it out in-store, but I am so happy we went for it. This is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had in 30 years of marriage. We bought a king, which allows for each side to put the layers of foam in their own order of preference. My side is has the "soft" layer on top and his side has the "medium soft" layer on top. Then the top layer goes on over everything and makes one perfect king bed for both of us. We couldn't be happier.

Good product, good warranty, stellar customer service [Plushbeds Mattress]

"We purchased the split queen 10 inch Organic Bliss in medium 3 months ago. We did not want a memory foam mattress after 15 years of use; and were looking for a medium soft natural latex, made right here! The mattress is well made and came with zero chemical smell. It is more responsive than memory foam and still has good contour edge support. The mattress does not heat up and keeps the body comfortable. We also do not get leg cramps anymore as we used to with the memory foam. No neck pain as

Very good quality mattress! [Plushbeds Mattress]

Very good quality product! It’s hard for me to get out of this bed!!! I want to stay all day!!!


This I love!... I love this! It’s extremely comfortable! I have pretty serious musculoskeletal issues, especially in the cervical spine and pelvic region. I used memory foam for years. And then I realized, part of my problem is getting stuck in one position and not being able to get out without climbing out of the spot I was just in. When sleeping, it was putting my body in something like a cast. I would get in a crooked position, and stay in a crooked position throughout the night, or until I

We love our new mattress! [Plushbeds Mattress]

We love our new bed and rest easier knowing that we are not being exposed to all the harmful toxins in other mattresses. It is comfortable, easy to put together, and both of us have been sleeping soundly for the three months we've had it. Great product. Well worth the money!

Very Happy. [Plushbeds Mattress]

Very happy with the mattress. It's a very comfortable mattress.

Great, comfortable bed [Plushbeds Mattress]

It’s an extremely comfortable bed and I would recommend it. I chose firm and can’t be happier. The best part is the layers can be changed. I look forward to going to bed each night because I know I’ll be supported and will sleep the night through.

One of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made! [Plushbeds Mattress]

It far surpasses my expectations! I had had at least 7 others, but nothing like this. There is no smell, it’s evenly distributed, attractive, and feels like sleeping on a cloud! I have rheumatoid arthritis, and this is a game changer for my aching joints.

Queen [Happsy Mattress]

So comfortable. My husband’s neck pain went away within 2 nights of sleeping on this mattress. Great to know there are no chemicals. So glad we made the switch to Happsy.

I love this company [Happsy Mattress]

We love our mattresses, but I especially love how quickly we received our order, as well as how friendly and helpful Customer Service was.I called them twice, once to ask questions before ordering, and once because, after I placed my order, I realized I had made a huge mistake. It was quickly fixed by a cheerful, helpful person.

Quality and comfort all in one mattress! [Happsy Mattress]

Love this mattress...healthy, safe, and has zero smell! Excellent quality! Would recommend in a heart beat! I bought the twin for my son and we are all very happy with it.

Best beds! Bought twin and king w/pillow top [Happsy Mattress]

We bought a twin as well as a king with pillow top. Both are perfect! Can’t believe how comfortable the beds are- not too firm and not too soft. We’ve tried many other brands and Happsy seems to be best deal and right feel. I am amazed we finally found the perfect fit for us!

Love the mattress! [Happsy Mattress]

The biggest concern I had w/ making a mattress purchase was toxicity/safety of materials because I am pregnant and have a toddler who sometimes sleeps with me. There was no off-gassing or chemical odor at all! And as far as comfort goes, my husband thinks it's the best mattress he's ever slept on (he has back issues) and I love it, but wish I had purchased the topper as well, especially as I progress in my pregnancy and need more cushioning (I first fell in love w/ Happsy at a friend's house - she had the topper). My husband and I will have to negotiate a compromise as he thinks the mattress is perfect as is :) I'm also very grateful that Happsy isn't prohibitively expensive for someone like me -- very conscientious about chemical exposures but also very much on a tight budget. I'm so happy with the purchase that I've already recommended it to a cousin who's looking to buy a mattress. I also work in holistic health and will happily recommend it to clients. In the meantime I'll be waiting for a good sale so I can get the topper before this baby comes! Thanks for making such a safe, comfortable, and lovely product!

Best mattress [Happsy Mattress]

Hands down the best mattress!

Comfortable, High Quality Mattress & Great Customer Service [Happsy Mattress]

I had been eyeing Happy Organic Mattresses for a while for many reasons. I found Happsy through Irina Webb's review of non toxic mattresses. While buying a true, non toxic mattress was on the top of my list, budget was also an important factor. I had looked at Naturpedic before and while you can choose levels of firmness, among other factors, I wasn't sure without being able to visit their show room and try out the beds that returns would be as easy. I believe the founder of Happsy is the same as Naturpedic and that gave me a lot of reassurance in my purchase with the quality of the beds. I love that Happsy offers a non toxic organic mattress at a price that I can swing and also offers free shipping and a 120 night guarantee. I know that buying a mattress online can be hard, but they made it so easy. When the bed arrived, it was an easy unpack and had great instructions on how to un package everything. It had a bit of a nutty smell for the first couple of days, but I opened a window and let it air out during the day and after maybe three or four days, didn't notice it anymore. The bed is super comfortable, even without the latex topper, which I did not purchase, but I don't think I'll need to. I did contact customer service regarding the delivery of the bed. The man I spoke to via email, Dave, responded promptly and was very kind and great to talk with. He was so willing to help with my questions and concerns and I truly appreciated it! My whole experience with Happsy was such a positive experience and they will be at the top of my list for any future mattress purchases.

Comfort and Safety! [Happsy Mattress]

We are super happy with our mattress so far - very comfortable and love knowing that it is safe and not full of toxic materials

Wonderful mattress [Happsy Mattress]

Much much better than the mattress it replaced. I need to sleep slightly elevated in a hospital type bed and those mattresses are horrible. This one articulates and works well with the bedframe.

Impressive all around [Happsy Mattress]

A great experience overall! Customer service was really friendly and helpful in answering my questions before I purchased, the mattress came exactly as described, set up was easy, and the mattress is really comfortable! I appreciate Happsy’s commitment to creating a non toxic mattress that is good for people and planet! Would recommend.

Newly arrived mattress [Happsy Mattress]

We received our mattress on Wednesday. So, we’ve only slept on it for a few days. It’s seems to be a good combination mattress and is comfortable thus far. It has the right amount of firmness we need. I’m not sure if we will need a topper yet. We will determine if the comfort level in the next several weeks.

Hate this rock hard mattress after giving it a try for almost a year [Happsy Mattress]

I kept waiting and hoping this mattress would get softer/more comfortable. Some reviews say these mattresses soften over time. I even shelled out extra money for the topper, which did not make any difference. Now I'm out almost $3K and have to start shopping for another mattress. I wake up at 3 a.m. with my hip pressure point screaming (I'm a side sleeper, and I'm not that old.) Very, very disappointed.

Absolutely love!! [Happsy Mattress]

I did a LOT of research on mattresses, looking for an organic, Gots certified mattress and please to report Happsy did not let me down. Not only is it certified organic & clean but insanely comfortable. Even my fiancé is saying days later how amazing our new mattress is. Highly recommend. PS customer service is awesome.

2nd Mattress Purchase [Happsy Mattress]

Purchased a second mattress for my daughter since we were so happy with ours. It’s great knowing my family is sleeping on an organic mattress with no chemicals! Thank you for creating this product! I want to add the mattress pads are worth the money! Nothing leaks through...nothing!

Mattress, topper, pad & sheets [Happsy Mattress]

Excellent products, excellent service! Thank you Happsy!

Love Happsy!! [Happsy Mattress]

We have several Happsy products, and are very happy with them all! The mattresses are so comfy, and we can rest easy knowing that they don’t contain harmful toxins that other mattresses contain. We will definitely be ordering from Happsy for all of our bedding/mattress needs!

Very comfy. Recommended! [Happsy Mattress]

We’ve been sleeping on it for 2 months now and it’s great for us. Love the stiffness as it’s more supportive than our previous softer mattress. It is heavy so be prepared to have some help bringing the package in

We have two Happsy mattress’s. [Happsy Mattress]

We have two Happsy mattress’s. We love them. Comfortable and non toxic. We sleep wonderful on them. Customer service (Dale) has been so helpful. So thankful we found Happsy!

Twin Happsy [Happsy Mattress]

We recently purchased a twin sized Happsy for our young daughter. Shipping was quick, and setup was easy with the detailed and assisted instructions. Even more, the mattress is very comfortable. We’ve found ourselves sneaking a lay on it when possible! We also purchased the mattress protector and organic sheets - top notch all around.

It's ok [Happsy Mattress]

I am just not sure if it's the best mattress option but I feel like we are stuck with it.

Perfection [Happsy Mattress]

I love, love my Happsy mattress! Spent the first night of wonderful uninterrupted sleep in decades. Why oh why did I wait so long. Highly recommend. Thanks

Mattress is smaller than spec size! [Happsy Mattress]

I wanted to love this mattress, but after carrying it upstairs and unpacking it from the packaging - it is 4 inches shorter than it’s meant it be (full is meant to be 53.5/54 inches and it’s 50) and leaves a big gap at the side of my daughters new full size bed. Which her foot has already gone down once and isn’t safe. I had high hopes for customer service but it’s been a week now, and am still waiting to hear back what their operations team propose I do they forwarded it on to with photos. I can’t see how returning this mattress is going to be easy even getting it back into any sort of box, and I have zero confidence in the sizing to try a replacement right now.

Love it! [Happsy Mattress]

I don’t know what else one would want from a mattress; organic and comfortable. I used to work at an organic bedding company and you can’t get a better mattress, for the price, than the Happsy.

Really Happy with Our Purchase! [Happsy Mattress]

We have had the Happsy twin mattress just a couple of weeks so far, but our toddler son is thrilled with his 'big boy' bed. For us, it shipped quickly and was easy to unpack (though it is heavy! Just bring a friend to unpack it with you). There was no smell at all, and you could tell the quality is excellent. It fit our 100-year old twin bed frame really well. We also purchased the mattress cover, which is soft and thick (in the way that it will definitely prevent any liquid from getting through it) and also appears to be excellent quality. We're thankful that a company wants to make something as safe as possible. It was worth the cost.

Good but hard [Happsy Mattress]

Very good to know that the mattress is organic, but I do wish it was a bit softer. I'm going to have to find an organic mattress topper because the matrix is a bit stiff.

Comfortable, but smaller than advertised size [Happsy Mattress]

I bought the full-sized mattress. It's advertised as 53"x75" (which is already 1" thinner than the standard. The mattress I was sent is 52"x73". These missing inches makes a big difference since my feet hang off the edge of the bed if I don't sleep with my head at the baseboard. In addition, my fitted sheets are very baggy around this mattress. I will need to buy a custom-sized fitted sheet. I didn't notice these problems above until a month when I decided to buy a second set of pillows and a fitted sheet to use with the mattress. Happsy, please be more strict on the mattress size during QA.

Excellent mattress and customer service [Happsy Mattress]

We love our new king mattress. The quality for the price is excellent. We had an issue with our foundation and customer service responded promptly to our concerns. Excellent company and experience.

A very, very good matress [Happsy Mattress]

HAPPSY was recommended by a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council for their premium mattresses and sound manufacturing practices. I couldn't be, um, happier. It's also nice to be able to support US companies. Definitely makes for a good night's sleep. Note: Instead of an Amazon card, you should select a more forward-thinking business to support. Or make a smart $10 donation to a conservation group.

Fantastic Mattress, well made and [Happsy Mattress]

Fantastic Mattress, well made and just the right firmness. Excellent customer service.

Fantastic [Happsy Mattress]

This is honestly the best bed I’ve ever slept on well worth the money and you’ll definitely get your nights worth of sleep I sleep like a baby every time !!

Not 100% sure yet [Happsy Mattress]

We purchased the king mattress (along with a topper and mattress protector). I am currently pregnant, which is why I felt so strongly about switching to this mattress from our old Serta Memory foam (which i’ve wanted to get rid of for a while), so I did research and put a lot of time and effort into choosing the best organic mattress option for my husband and I, and I landed on Happsy. I was SO hopeful that it would be perfect and I really wanted to love this mattress. But unfortunately, after sleeping on the bed for a few nights I’m upset to say that we just didn’t feel fully satisfied with the experience. My husband initially thought the mattress felt flat and unsupportive. We are adjusting a little bit though, being that our old mattress was totally different, so we are giving it a 30 day trial to see how we do. I have been sleeping fine so far, the mattress is just not as great as I imagined it would be. Another big downside is that Happsy doesn’t offer an option to pay extra for any type of setup service, which I would have gladly paid for since our bedroom is on the third floor. Being pregnant, I am exhausted after the whole process of getting rid of our old mattress which was a hassle, then hiring someone to help my husband move the new Happsy mattress up our 4 flights of stairs and set it up for us. It has been such an ordeal and I really want to do everything possible to keep the Happsy and make it tolerable for myself and my husband, rather than go through the process of returning it and finding another one. That being said, we do have a platform bed and the mattress is currently on slats, so I wonder if a more solid base would help the bed to feel more supportive? I have heard wonderful things about Happsy and it’s customer service, so I did reach out to them for a solution before making the decision to return the bed altogether. Although customer service was extremely kind and gave me a thorough response, there was really no solution they had to offer other than if I make the choice to return the bed, then that’s fine. I was sort of expecting they would at least try to win me over with some type of extra gift like pillows or sheets, which is what good companies usually do if a customer is unhappy. Again, I really, really wanted to love this mattress and am just so disappointed and upset that I don’t have better things to say about it! As a consumer, I do appreciate the concept and the values the company stands behind, as a truly non-toxic and high quality product is extremely important to me. This is what originally sold me on the product, so I am grateful that a healthy bed like this exists.

Too firm. [Happsy Mattress]

Too firm.

My daughter loves her new bed! [Happsy Mattress]

We purchased a full size Happsy bed for my daughter and received it a little over a week ago. It’s her first big girl he’s and she’s in heaven. She says it’s cozy and that she loves it. It is actually very comfortable. Not hard more medium. And the fact that it’s made of non-toxic and organic materials is why we chose this bed. When we opened the packaging there was a slight smell of newness but that smell dissipated by bed time. Everyone is happy so far!

Sleeping through the night [Happsy Mattress]

My husband and I were on a queen hand-me-down mattress for our first 3 years of marriage. But when we finally got a king, we wanted to do it right! My brother got this mattress and I decided to trust his opinion and get one too! We have now been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks and have noticed that we sleep through the night. My husband raves about this mattress and feels so thankful that he can sleep better now. He is a side sleeper and I'm a back sleeper, yet we both feel absolutely comfortable!

Cal King 13” [Sleep EZ Mattress]

The folks at Sleepez are very helpful and respond right away. They communicate the status and ship on time. Good quality products assemble quickly. It’s really a comfortable mattress with good support. Really like the ability to swap different firmness layers from each side. Should have done years ago.

SO FAR SO GOOD [Sleep EZ Mattress]


Great for side sleepers! [Sleep EZ Mattress]

We've had had our split King Organic Latex 10" mattresses for 2 months and are very happy with them. I talked to someone from SleepEZ before deciding to go with the recommendation for side sleepers for both of us. I love that you have options to change the order of the layers or even get a new one if needed. It was easy to put the layers in the correct order in the casing and once in, it looks like a normal mattress. It's very comfortable when on our sides but also on our backs. We already had an adjustable bed and these worked great with it. Overall, we're both very happy that we decided to try latex!

Very Happy [Sleep EZ Mattress]

I'm from Sangamon County, Illinois. Purchased the mattress 01/21. Only had it for a short time so far, but my wife and I are very happy with it. The spit design made it easy to put the California King together. I also had a very good experience with the customer service from Sleep EZ. 10/10 will recommend to friends and family.

Organic Latex Mattress 9". [Sleep EZ Mattress]

I had gotten to the point of being satisfied if I got 4hours sleep a night. The perfect comfort! I got the 2 layers of soft on top of a firm. After 1 month I'm still impressed at the 7 hours sleep I'm getting and waking up only once for bathroom compared to 3 & 4 times in the past. I have more energy & even less fussy with my husband. I wonder why I hadn't decided on this product long ago.

By far the best mattress I’ve slept on [Sleep EZ Mattress]

After doing a nauseating amount of research, I decided my next mattress was going to be latex. I mainly called SleepEZ just to get information but after speaking with their salesman Jim, I knew this was the company I trusted with my purchase. Jim was extremely knowledgeable, patient and completely low pressure. I actually spent far more on a mattress than what he originally recommended. I have never slept this well on any bed I’ve owned and can’t recommend this company enough.

Great purchase [Sleep EZ Mattress]

So far so good the ordering process was easy, the representatives really help answering my question, delivery even during the pandemic with Fedex was outstanding. The mattress has been good but haven't slept on it for two weeks yet so still adjusting from my previous latex mattress. All in all good experience

Marvelous bed! [Sleep EZ Mattress]

The SleepEZ queen size bed is amazingly comfortable and well worth what I paid for it. Just a quality product and couldn't be happier!

Best Bed Ever [Sleep EZ Mattress]

I used to prefer sleeping on my couch. Now I look forward to bed time so I can enjoy my new bed.

SleepEZ is the best!! [Sleep EZ Mattress]

This is the fourth mattress we have bought. The first three were latex or a latex hybrids. All three felt like I was bottoming out and gave me hip pain. The SleepEZ 13” all latex mattress has been great. We love the mattress and the customer service. We have a split king bed and both sides are now a Xfirm, 2 firm and a medium layers. We started with one side Xfirm, firm, med, and a soft. The other side was a Xfirm, firm, and 2 medium layers. We then took advantage of the $30 layer swap. All configurations were better than the other brands. I also should mention that the bottom layer is Dunlop and the top 3 layers are talalay latex. Much springier and actually feels luxurious. If we replace any beds in the future we would definitely go with SleepEZ again!

certified organic hybrid latex mattress [Nest Organic Mattress]

super cozy. game changer.

Excellent comfort, highly recommend .... assembly not convenient. [Nest Organic Mattress]

Love sleeping on this mattress! Love the health of it even more. I can definitely recommend the product. Putting it together was the reason I gave it only 4 stars but it would probably would be too heavy if not sent separately in 3 layers, plus a cover. Instructions that come with the bedding would be helpful.

Comfortable and cozy mattress. I [Nest Organic Mattress]

Comfortable and cozy mattress. I love it!

This bed is heaven. Supportive [Nest Organic Mattress]

This bed is heaven. Supportive and soft at the same time.

Healthy and Happy Home [Nest Organic Mattress]

We did a lot of research on different mattress brands, before choosing to go with Nest Bedding's Certified Organic one. So far, we are just over our 100-night trial and haven't had one bad night sleep on it, so comfort isn't an issue. Delivery took a little longer than hoped. But, we are overall very happy with this mattress!

Nice bed a little pricey [Nest Organic Mattress]

Nice bed a little pricey

Organic firm mattress [Nest Organic Mattress]

Truly the organic firm mattress wasn't for me after using it for 30 days.

I think it's worth my money. [Nest Organic Mattress]

They don't say this on the site, but when I was speaking with a member of their team, they told me that this mattress is made in a certified clean facility where none of the staff are even allowed to wear perfume or cologne. This bed is simply amazing and I feel completely comfortable introducing this organic experience into my sleep life. I tried the medium in store but ended up going with the softest version just because I like my mattress to hug me a little.

Firmer than the Hybrid Natural [Nest Organic Mattress]

We went into our local Nest store pretty much knowing we wanted a "hybrid" after sleeping on a temperpedic for 10 years. In the store they had the Hybrid Natural and the Certified Organic Hybrid but not this one. We liked the Organic one better than the Natural one, and for those of you curious they really are nothing at all alike. The Hybrid Natural has foam along with the latex and coils and feels much more like a memory foam bed, the Certified Organic is foam free and a much firmer feeling, as well as feeling more like a regular mattress or a latex mattress. We could not afford the "Certified" Organic Hybrid so took our chance ordering the Hybrid Organic Latex. Luckily our gamble paid off and this mattress much more closely resembles the "Certified Organic Hybrid" than the "Hybrid Natural". The mattress was really, really firm (we ordered a firm) and I was regretting my decision not to get the medium until a few weeks into sleeping on it, it seems like it has gotten softer. I am incredibly happy with my purchase, although I'd probably give it 4.5 stars, it could be just slightly softer on the top. I'd recommend getting a medium firm if you don't want REALLY firm.

We love it [Nest Organic Mattress]

Now when we travel, I can’t wait to get home to my bed. It is spoiling me!

Excellent mattress [Birch Living Mattress]

This was the first *real* mattress I've purchased in my life, which is to say one that cost more than a couple hundred bucks at Sam's Club or secondhand. Struggling older millennials like me who (despite stagnant wages, multiple economic recessions/crises, and student debt) have had to wait a long time and suffer a lot of back pain before we could afford a ~$2K mattress. So, buying a good mattress was a big deal, and it mattered to me that it not be made of trash that would never decompose. I purchased the Birch mattress in December and it arrived on schedule. From the start, it was firm enough to provide good support while giving just the right amount of cradle for a body. It's comfortable for back and side-sleeping, and after a few weeks I had a realization: my back doesn't hurt every day. It's amazing what being able to buy a good quality mattress made of better materials than plastic can do for your life and your sleep. I would recommend the Birch mattress (and the promotional free pillows that accompanied my order) to anyone.

Good mattress. [Birch Living Mattress]

Good mattress.

No buyer's remorse here! [Birch Living Mattress]

I am so pleased with this purchase! I haven't slept this good in years and my spine is so appreciative. I used to be a back sleeper, but after years on my outdated mattress, it evolved into side, but I was never truly comfortable. Now I'm back to sleeping in whichever position I feel and don't regret this purchase at all. Thank you for making a wonderful product!

We love our Birch mattress! [Birch Living Mattress]

We love our Birch mattress! We got the topper and it’s the perfect amount of softness. We had a tempurpedic mattress before and it got moldy, so I did a lot of research before choosing our next mattress. I chose Birch and I thought there was a good chance I would return it but we were happy with it right away and continue to be. I have always had lower back problems and have trouble sleeping in hotels or any where that’s not home so I just assumed changing beds would cause a problem but it didn’t. Who’d a thunk a bed in a box would work out especially in 2020 ?!?

We love it! It is [Birch Living Mattress]

We love it! It is in our daughters room along with the mattress. We purchased hers after we got ours and loved it!

Perfect Balance in a Mattress [Birch Living Mattress]

We need a firmer mattress since my husband had back surgery, and were worried this might be too cushy. But I just loved the philosophy of planting back what you take away, so decided to spring for it anyway, thinking worst case a tree gets planted in the woods and we can just stick the mattress in our guest room. However it's wonderful. Strikes the perfect balance between pillowy lushness and firm support. My husband is a stomach sleeper and I am a side/back sleeper and both of us cannot wait to sink into bed at night, and we wake up completely refreshed. It's so good all around we bought another one for the guest room after all.

I've had my Birch mattress [Birch Living Mattress]

I've had my Birch mattress for 8 months, and I'm very happy with it. I bought it because I was looking for an organic mattress, in order to avoid VOCs. I love how sustainably made it is, and it has absolutely no smell whatsoever. It's a medium-firm mattress, and since I like a softer mattress I put an organic topper on it (not made by Birch) and that system has worked out well. I think most people would be fine with its current firmness, I'm just sensitive to mattresses in general due to joint pain. Another thing I love is that after 8 months there is still no sign of indentation in the mattress. I'm sure it'll last for years to come. Overall I highly recommend this mattress.

The pillows included w/ my [Birch Living Mattress]

The pillows included w/ my purchase are of the same high quality as my mattress. They are just a little too thick for me as I have major neck issues and need something a little slimmer to keep my neck aligned. My partner however, loves them and we are both getting the best sleep of our lives. Thanks Birch for making such high quality products!

I purchased a Birch mattress [Birch Living Mattress]

I purchased a Birch mattress and topper and two pillows were included as a bonus. I have bad back and neck issues and sleeping on the Birch mattress has all but eliminated my back pain. I have slept better in the past few weeks since my purchase than I have in years! Thank you Birch for making such a high quality product. I would not hesitate to purchase from this company again.

Best Mattress [Birch Living Mattress]

Perfect firmness and I fall asleep very quickly every night. I haven’t had good sleep like this in a long time. The king size mattress is heavy but setup was super easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organic

What is the best organic mattress?

The Avocado Green Mattress has the highest ratings for the comfort and value for an organic mattress. It features many certifications like GREENGUARD Gold, MADE SAFE™ and more, while featuring a design that most people have good things to say about.

Are organic mattresses worth it?

For those with severe chemical sensitivities, organic mattresses definitely can make sense financially. Also, top organic mattresses like Avocado, tend to have secondary certifications for sustainability, toxicity, and conscious manufacturing. However, some customers have complained about firmness, value, and comfort for some organic mattresses, which is why they aren't for everyone.

What mattresses are non-toxic?

Those that are looking for the strictest standards for toxicity will want to look for highly certified mattresses, like those with certified organic ingredients (like GOLS and GOTS standards). Also, stringent emissions standards like GREENGUARD Gold are essential. Due to these certification requirements, specialty brands like Avocado, My Green Mattress, and Naturepedic may fit best.

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