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Okioki Mattress Reviews

Product Update: OkiOki is no longer available as of April 2024. Take a look at our top rated mattresses for competitive alternatives.

OkiOki was founded with a goal of creating quality products at fair and transparent prices. With 4 different memory foam and hybrid mattresses, affordable prices, and a 365-night trial period, budget-conscious shoppers can get excited about OkiOki's mattress offerings. While customers appreciate the value pricing of OkiOki mattresses, there have been reports of durability and support issues.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $400-$950

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Okioki's Specifics

For shoppers looking for a budget all-foam or hybrid mattress, there's much to like about OkiOki's collection mattresses. Available at more affordable price points, OkiOki's mattresses ship in a box and come with a generous 365-night trial. With mattresses geared towards different sleep positions, some customers have brought up issues with durability and edge support.

Quality of Materials

OkiOki carries 2 memory foam and 2 hybrid mattresses. Below, we'll take a look at what's in each mattress to see if an OkiOki mattress is right for you.

Memory Foam Mattresses


The OkiSoft Mattress is their high density memory foam mattress that provides some cushiony support for side-sleepers and those who toss and turn between different positions. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: Their Ice Yarn zip cover is a hypoallergenic cover that's cool to the touch to help with heat regulation. The removable cover is machine washable.

Comfort Layer: 3'' of cushiony memory foam contours and cradles your body. The foam is porous to help with airflow and preventing overheating.

Support Layer: 6'' of high-density polyurethane foam helps to transition the mattress and provide support and prevent sinking.


The OkiFirm Mattress is their high density memory foam mattress that provides firm support, perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: Their machine washable Ice Yarn zip cover is a hypoallergenic cover that's cool to the touch to help with heat regulation.

Comfort Layer: 3'' of graphite foam provides firm support without sinking as much as normal memory foam.

Support Layer: 7'' of high-density polyurethane foam helps to transition the mattress and provide support.

Hybrid Mattresses


The OkiEasy Mattress is a foam and pocket spring hybrid mattress with contouring layers ideal for side sleepers and those who switch in between positions. Here is what's inside the 11'' thick OkiEasy Mattress:

Cover Layer: The removable and washable, hypoallergenic Ice Yarn zip cover helps to regulate body temperature.

Top Comfort Layer: 2'' of contouring memory foams cushions your body without feeling too soft.

Transition Layer: 2.5'' of high density polyurethane foam helps to provide support to the layer above and acts as a buffer between the top comfort layer and the pocket coils below.

Support Layer: A layer of pocket springs provides buoyant support while also independently reacting to the sleeper. Pocket springs provide pressure point relief while also contouring to the body.

Base Layer: 1'' of base support foam.


The OkiFlex Mattress is a hybrid mattress similar to the OkiEasy Mattress, with some difference in the foam used to provide firmer support for back and stomach sleepers. Here is what's inside the 11'' thick OkiFlex Mattress:

Cover Layer: The Ice Yarn zip cover is easily removed, washable, and hypoallergenic. The material is cool to the touch and will help prevent overheating.

Top Comfort Layer: 2'' of graphite memory foam offers firm cushioning and support.

Transition Layer: 2.5'' of high density polyurethane foam helps to provide support to the layer above and a transition to the pocket coils below.

Support Layer: A layer of pocket springs provides pressure relief and support by independently reacting to the sleeper's movements.

Base Layer: 1'' of base support foam.

Overall Comfort & Support

Some sleepers, especially those upgrading from an outdated mattress, will notice an improvement and some initial comfort on these OkiOki mattresses. Still, there have been reports from customers in regards to their mattresses needing more cushion and being firmer than anticipated. Customers have also brought up that they feel a lack of edge support.


Some customers have reported that these mattresses are firmer than they expected. Those who are back and stomach sleepers may be satisfied with OkiOki's mattresses, however, lighter weight and average sized side sleepers or combination sleepers may need more cushion and contour.

Back Pain Relief

Back and stomach should feel some relief do to the firm support of OkiOki's mattresses. However, with no sufficient edge support, some sleepers may still find these mattresses may not help with their back pain.


All OkiOki mattresses come with a proprietary Ice Yarn cover that should help provide a cooling feel to most sleepers. Still, those who sleep very warm may experience heat retention.

Who Are OkiOki Mattresses Right For?

OkiOki's low priced mattresses might be a good option for budget focused shoppers who are looking for a firm mattress or maybe something for a spare room. However, if edge support, durability, and cushion are important to you, check out our top rated mattresses for more details.

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Zero regrets!

Best mattress ever! Both of us are getting the best sleep we've had in two decades!! I'm recommending this mattress to everyone! Great value, great quality, great sleep!.

We LOVE our OkiEasy. It's Changed My Life!

I've been sleeping poorly for a couple of years. I'd wake feeling like I slept on the ground. I thought it was just aging and my multiple arthritic complaints. It took many months to convince my husband to try the OkiOki. He finally caved when I pointed out the fantastic warranty and foolproof return policy. I ordered late Thursday night and the mattress arrived like magic FRIDAY MORNING! We've been sleeping on it over a week and I have to say I don't feel like an arthritic old lady anymore! Seriously, I sleep well and do not wake up feeling stiff and sore. My husband falls asleep in seconds instead of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. This mattress is like a miracle! We couldn't be happier with it. Our pets love it too and the cats fight over their new "cave" box. Thanks for this amazing product. It's changed my life!

Best Mattress and Company around

Customer service was a pleasurer. Very professional. The first mattress I received was too hard for me. I called them told them of my problem they sent someone here to pick it up and sent me the mattress that I wanted which was perfect for me. I highly recommend tis mattress and company.

In Love

I'm in love with this mattress!!! My old Tempur-Pedic mattress was toast so I began searching for a replacement. I stumbled upon OkiOki during a web search. Despite it's relatively low price, all the reviews were excellent and since it has a 365 night trial, I decided to give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did!!!! Quick shipping, despite COVID, easy set-up, and I've slept like a baby ever since! My FitBit sleep score has even improved! And the money I saved even allowed me to buy a new bed frame to go with it. I could not be happier with my purchase! If you're on the fence - go for it - you won't regret it!

Great mattress!

I’ve had this mattress for about a month now. Previously was waking up with either back pain or shoulder pain depending on position. Haven’t had an issue since I switched over to this. The edges can be a bit slippery, but not really noticeable. Great mattress all around for the price.

Best nights sleep ever!!

To say I normally don't sleep at night is a huge understatement. With the oki easy, this is a must for side sleepers or belly sleepers. This is your bed! I am happy to say I must now after years of searching, must be woken up to get up for work on time. Usually I am up many hours BEFORE. Thank you oki oki for giving me the gift of sleep once again!


love it


We both move a lot in our sleep and with our old bed you could feel every movement the other person made but not anymore with the okieasy. Very comfortable


I’ve never been more excited about a bed. I love getting to fall asleep in pure bliss.

So far so great

My husband and I have had our new OkiOki easy for almost a month. So far it's been a great fit. I think we will be enjoying this mattress for years to come.

Great Mattress

Great mattress, unrolled bottom up, but otherwise easy to set up. Had it almost a month and it is still getting better, My back pain is diminishing each day. The sleep test recommended a softer mattress than I would have chosen but it seems to be much better than my previous "hard" for back support from another brand.

Already in Love

It’s only been 3 nights and I already love this mattress and am so happy with my purchase. It’s exactly what I wanted! I hope I will still love it, after it settles in. Takes about a month they say! We shall see!

Cloud surfing

The delivery and customer service was exceptional and on time. I slept the first night like I was on a cloud. It cradled my body perfectly and woke the next morning so relaxed and pain free i wanted to stay in bed all day. It truly is the best mattress I have slept in in 50 years. They are bang on when they say you will never want to get out of bed again it is that comfortable.

Best night's sleep!

I ordered the OkiEasy mattress and I'm in love! It's so comfortable and I sleep so much better. I had the Nectar mattress before this and I always woke up with lower back pain. The OkiEasy is the still soft but has a little more support which I need! I wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

Just do it

Smooth purchase. Great product. Highly recommend the OkiEasy. Some reviews indicate that the Easy isn't suited for side sleepers. Not true in my case at least. Shipping was a bit slow due to Covid19 and FedEx, but OkiOki kept me well informed. I am very happy with this mattress.

Best $500 dollars spent

Best purchase I’ve ever made for the price. Very happy with the bed. I’m generally a side sleep and shoulder or neck pain is no longer a problem. Honestly I sleep very comfortably in any sleep position, and I’m pretty average weight. I have not overheated to date and the bed cools down easily. I was doubtful at first, but I’ve grown to love the bed very much.

OKI Easy for side sleepers...

I have reviewed every manufacturer on line and went store shopping to test as many mattresses as I could before making the OKI OKI decision. I am a sidesleeper...I weigh over 200 pounds and I was sleeping on a solid foam mattress for many years. Once I read about the OKI Easy my mind was made up. Delivery was easy, quick from the west coast to the Northeast. Although I have had the "EASY" for just a short time I am noticing the back or side aches in the morning. A great night's sleep was now mine. I can highly recommend the OKI OKI Easy to all my side sleeping friends !!

Very comfortable

This mattress is very nice!


I purchased the frame, box spring and queen mattress for my teen granddaughter. It’s impossible to get a regular bed up to her room, so this is perfect and she says it’s sooooo comfy.

A whole new rest

Like everybody I was suspect to buy a bed in a box. What I have quickly found out; that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This bed is so comfortable, and easy to get used to. I have been a stomach and side sleeper my whole life; however, I have found myself not tossing and turning and actually waking up on my back with this new bed. I highly recommend this purchase for a good nights rest.


My 16 year old been complaining about back pain so I got him this mattress and he love love loves it. My son is 6’3 and 160 lb football player so he always has some type of ache but since he’s been sleeping on this mattress his back hasn’t been one of them. He’s a side sleeper so it works well for him!

Comfortable, supportive

Great experience so far. Set up is easy and intuitive. The kids had fun watching the mattress expand after removing the plastic bagging. The mattress gives where needed, but provides good long term support when sleeping. Was concerned it would be too warm, as I've never had memory foam before, only coil springs, but it's not too warm at all. After two nights I'm very pleased.

Best sleep in my life

I have only ever had hand me down, or second hand mattresses, and this was my first time purchasing a brand new, and secondly nice mattress and it has hands down been the best sleeping experience of my life. I have slept heavily and cool every night.

Loving it so far

Returned a previous mattress because it was too firm. I like the fact this is a hybrid mattress since I am 6' 240 gives me the great support at the same time the memory foam contours to your body in all the right places so there are pressure points. I also love the cooling feature of the cover from someone who normally runs hot it's been awesome. I just purchased the mattress pad that goes with it.


comfortable on the 1st night and every one since

Huge life upgrade!

I purchased the king size OkiEasy. I’ve had it for almost two months. It’s a monumental upgrade from my old full size spring mattress. I can comfortably sleep 3 people on this monster. We can adjust without worrying about disturbing each other, as long as we don’t tug the blankets.. I’m happy that my girlfriend and I can invite another girl over and we can all sleep comfortably, with room to spare. I also built a platform bed frame that can store 9 totes and a mini-fridge underneath. My room is now super minimalistic and spacious, even though my bed got bigger. I’m not sure how this mattress compares to others, but I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase.


This bed knocked my socks off! I ordered the OkiEasy and foundation. Mattress and foundation shipped separately but arrived within a week. Foundation took about 20 minutes to unpack and assemble. I let the mattress inflate for 24 hours. Ice yarn cover is cool to the touch and slippery. I will most likely put a mattress protector over the bed to minimize my sheets from shifting. This is the best deal in town. Stop looking at other sites!

Comfy mattress

My Okieasy replaced an older king-sized mattress that had definitely passed its prime. I tried the Okieasy since I like a soft, but supportive, mattress. I didn't want solid foam, so the hybrid was the best option. After the first couple of nights, I thought it was comfortable, but wanted a little softer 'sink in' feel, so I added a 1 1/2" memory foam topper to it, which gave me the softness I wanted. So far, I really like my new mattress

Best mattress I’ve ever had!

I bought a queen size OkiEasy and have had it for about 2 months and I absolutely love it! I am plus size and also pregnant and I thought I was just destined to never get decent sleep again. Well, my fiancé and I decided to give OkiOki a try and it was the best decision we could have made! The first night both of us had the best sleep we had had in years. And it’s only been getting better. It’s the perfect amount of support and softness. And again, I am plus size, so a big worry of mine was that I would have springs digging into my hips and ribs, but nope! It’s perfect and I can definitely see it lasting for quite a long time!

Comfort and quality

I purchased this matress in early December. I waited to write a review so I could sleep on it and give an honest review. I am a side sleeper an after taking the sleep quiz the okieasy was recommended. Prior to finalizing my purchase I read and watched some reviews. I finalized the purchase and eagerly waited for my mattress to deliver. With my previous mattress I tossed and turned constantly all night. Now that I have had this matress I rarely toss and turn, sometimes not at all. The matress is comfortable and keeps me cool at night. I am very happy with my purchase. You can't go wrong with the purchase of the okioki matress. The 365 sleep night trial is a no brainer. The customer support is prompt and courtious. The shipping speed is fast. It's a win win.

Comfortable and great value

My old mattress (for which I paid more than double what this Okioki cost, 9 years ago) was beginning to sag. I started my research and found Okioki had the features of the more expensive ones but the best price hands down. Now that we have been enjoying the mattress for a week I am impressed with the mattress as well as the price. Thanks, Okioki!

Omg This Mattress

This mattress is a menace to society! My husband and I bought the OkiEasy and it is SO GOOD. This morning I slept through my husband's alarm (which is super loud and right next to my head), woke up 15 minutes later to kiss him goodbye as he left for work, then fell back to sleep for another 3 hours. I have never been this comfortable sleeping, had this easy a time falling asleep, or slept so deeply. It helps with my joint and back pain, and my husband loves this mattress so much he flops onto it face first the minute he gets home from work. I'm recommending OkiOki to everyone I know.

I love it

It sleeps cool and u don't sink way in like memfoam but it's not super bouncy like normal coil mattress- it's great

Excellent mattress!

I absolutely love my new mattress. It is the best mattress I have ever had. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the mattress is extremely slippery which means that no matter what kind of sheets I use they are all bunched up or off the bed within a couple days. I am researching what to do about this. Oki oki was not helpful with helping me to solve this problem.


Previously we went for a more expensive, more popular mattress with a 365 night trial. It was awful. Both my husband and I woke up with horrible back pain. Before returning it I did a lot of research to find a bed we could return if it didnt work out. I love the trial idea, when I came across okioki I was impressed. The quiz really helped me make the decision of which mattress would be best for us. We ended up going with the okieasy, it has been amazing. Less expensive than the previous one we tried but much better quality! We dont wake up with back pain now and I have told pretty much everyone about okioki!! To save money and get an amazing product.....that's hard to find!!

It seems to be comfortable

It seems to be comfortable and supportive so far. We have only slept on it for less than a week.

Better than Casper

I wanted a new mattress for my new apartment, and a friend told me I should look into OkiOki. I was unsure at first, since I had never heard of them, and the prices were almost too good for me to expect a nice, comfortable mattress. With the amazing warranty and trial period, I figured I had nothing to lose and purchased an OkiEasy King. The box arrived pretty beat up, but the mattress inside was heavily wrapped/protected, and in perfect shape. From the first moment I unwrapped it, I was in love. The cooling zip cover feels amazing, especially since I tend to get hot when I sleep. I suffer from chronic lower back pain, and laying in this bed feels like all of my pressure points are being relieved. The mattress feels luxurious and high-quality, you would think I paid 3 times as much as I did. I previously had a Casper (that was over twice as expensive), and the OkiEasy beats it easily in comfort and quality. I am recommending OkiOki to everyone I know.


I bought this mattress for the guest room because of the reviews and price. The mattress it's so comfortable that sometimes I take naps on it instead of using my own bed. I truly recommend this mattress.


I love this matress. So far it has been so amazing and I’ve been able to sleep. I have severe insomnia so sleeping is very hard for me as it is but honestly this bed helps. I’m comfortable anyway I lay and I get a couple more hours a night than I have gotten before.

So comfy!

I was reluctant at first to buy a “mattress in a box” but after reading so many different reviews I thought I would give it a try. I bought a king size OkiEasy as I am a sleeper, it has been a month and I love it! I love it so much I bought a queen size for my son and he agrees it is a very comfy bed to sleep on....we both highly recommend this mattress :) the delivery was quick and set up was easy, just keep in mind the king size is a big heavy box to move around.

Great mattress

This is a great mattress. Great price and quality product.

So far so good

It hasn’t been 30 days yet but so far we are very pleased with our king size mattress

Very satisfied

So I bought one of my boys a new OkiEasy twin mattress, foundation and frame from OkiOki, yes a bed in a box, and so far he seems to like it. I ordered it late on a Friday night before bed and it was all here on Monday. It was all for just a little bit over $500 in total. Ships locally in SoCal. It unpacked and rose to full height and firmness and has an incredible cool layer on the top. The frame and mattress foundation was no-tools needed assembly and impressively quick that IKEA could take some pointers from. I’ve asked several times how he likes it and he says it’s good. My other sons bed is still currently good but I plan on replacing it sometime though as well as our queen bed. I thought bed in a box a farce but I’m seriously sold.

Sleeping on a cloud

I have only had the bed for a week and sleeping a lot better. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. I suggested it to my parents now the can’t wait to get theirs.


I am a side sleeper & 250 lbs, my partner is a combination sleeper & 200 lbs. I found the bed to be great for my back and had great support as it is a hybrid and it has slight bounce to it which makes it easier to roll over to different positions. My partner said it felt sort of hard to sleep on but other than that no real complaints. The ice yarn cover really is cool to the touch which is great as I am a hot sleeper. However it makes it difficult for sheets to stay in place because it is very slick and ours slide off frequently. The foam top of the mattress was decent, however I wanted a more plush feel and decided to buy a mattress topper to add 2 more inches of memory foam to the top layer (for a new total of 4 in). Now the mattress is pretty good overall, and my partner hasn't said it was too hard to sleep on since I added it. The smell when unwrapped was not too strong and did not last more than a few days. For the price/delivery/warranty, this mattress is a good buy.

Great mattress

We were shopping for an affordable mattress for several weeks. I have severe arthritis in my back and wanted something with a bit more support than just soft foam. I chose the oki easy mattress and Both my wife and I are very happy. It came in about a week during the COVID panic time which was impressive. We love our new bed and would fight you for it! Thank you for selling a very comfortable mattress for people with arthritis. Jeff and Olga from Portland OR.

OkiOki Easy....Didn't work for me.

I wanted to like this. I even switched the foundation three times(from other queen beds in my house.) It didn't make a difference. I had lower back discomfort every night I slept on this.



Excellent Company

The bed is great, and the company is also excellent. Awesome and responsive customer service!

New Digs, New Mattress

Slept on this beauty for the first time, this weekend. Bought the King-size for our getaway home, that needs as much comfort as our full-time place. Cover feels cool even with a fitted sheet on top. Haven’t slept well in a few nights. I was knocked out on the first night. So were my wife and two dogs.

We now have 4 Okoki Mattresses

My husband and I have an Okioki Soft King mattress. It's very spacious and comfy. After a couple of months, we knew just what to get our preKindergartener, an Okoki Easy twin, which has been overtaken by her big sister - My teenage thought she would have the best mattress by paying more, so she saved up the money and bought it herself. She has now been sleeping in her little sister's Okioki for the past two weeks. We returned her back pain, expensive mattress and ordered her an Okioki Easy Full. I figured at this point, we'd go ahead and get our toddler an OkiOki Easy twin too. I've done a lot of research, and it's legit. These are great quality mattresses and the customer service is the best (always call customer services before purchase and ask questions, especially because in a case that you need them later, you want to know that they can be reliable). If you have any questions Okioki is available to assist. #familyof5


This mattress has been absolutely amazing. My bedroom was having some work done so I decided it was also time for a new mattress. While the work was being completed I was sleeping on my pull-out couch and ended up with a huge knot in my back that hurt severely. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and just put my new Oki mattress on the floor and holy crap.... My back felt immediately better. Not only that, but Ive noticed I no longer toss and turn while trying to fall asleep and I also fall asleep much faster. I was skeptical about ordering a mattress online but I’m so happy I did. Thanks for saving my back!

Excellent purchase

I am very happy with my purchase of both the mattress and topper. My order came the very next day! I have been afraid to purchase a new mattress without trying, but I am very happy with OkiOki!

Good deal!

Overall, I would purchase a bed from Oki Oki again. This is my 2nd mattress but the first of this version. I was hoping for something a little cushier but still being slightly firm. This bed is just a little bit too firm but I think over time it will be fine. But the price is right and it was delivered directly to my door!

Pretty good so far

We have been sleeping on our mattress for about a month and we think we like it. The materials are fantastic. I’m a side sleeper and it feels like it could be softer for me. It’s really good for my husband who is a belly sleeper. I have a hard time imagining that Oki has two mattresses that are firmer than this one since it feels so firm. Our bed (from another company) hasn’t arrived yet due to back order, so we’re sleeping with it on the floor. Waiting to see what it’s like when we get the frame!

Queen Mattress

Queen Mattress


I order the OkiEasy. It shipped out on time but I never got the chance see it nor sleep on it. The FedEx delivery sent it back because the driver stated the package was refused which it wasn't it was never delivered. FedEx ask me to call Okioki and asked me to have the package return back to me and they (FedEx)will pay for the shipping. To my disappointment I was told onve the package was returned they cannot send it back and they will not have any mattresses for 6 months. The good thing about this that they've immediately refunded my money and Joshua has great customer service.

Very High Quality

I began my search for a new mattress locally. I tried a lot of different brands and even a couple online brands carried by some stores. I kept coming back to the hybrid mattress style. I had my eye on a floor model marked down from $2900.00 (to $800.00) that was very nice. I waited for the next 25% to be taken off and it sold before I went back. Having see OkiOki online with the impressive 12 month return option was a great selling point, no one else could match. I ordered late one evening and the mattress went out the next day and arrived as scheduled. It is substantial in weight and very well made. The feel is every bit as good as the high end one I saw discounted and the build quality was much better than the online model I saw locally. It is the perfect balance of soft and supportive that I like. It is cool to sleep on, in fact much cooler than the traditional mattress it replaced. I am very happy with this purchase. This really is as good or better than many of the high priced brand you are looking at.

Only a week old and

Only a week old and so far Oki is doing OK!

Highly Recommend - Don't Wait to Buy!

Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but this mattress changed my life. I didn't realize how many of my sleeping issues (such as waking up frequently, hip & shoulder pain, and overheating at night) were caused by my mattress. Two years ago, I purchased a full (gotta love how small NYC apartments are) mattress from a very well-known mattress-in-a-box company (think friendly ghost). I thought it was a good mattress, very tall and plush. I mean, a mattress is a mattress, right? They're all pretty much the same, yeah? I thought my sleeping issues were 'me problems' and started taking melatonin or even benadryl (not daily) to help me sleep through the night, and I still would not sleep well. Fast forward to now, and my bf and I moved in together (yay!). Together, we're 2 people with 3 cats, so we needed a bigger mattress. We didn't want to spend a lot of money (I had JUST bought a new mattress two years ago), and we found OkiOki. We took the quiz, and it recommended the OkiEasy for us. We were hesitant at first, as we had never heard of OkiOki before, but after a few weeks of debating we finally pulled the trigger. OMG -- we are both SO glad we did. We've had the OkiEasy for 2 weeks now, and we're both getting deeper, more restful sleep. All the issues I mentioned above are a thing of the past. And the lack of motion transfer is great when you have 2 people and 3 cats getting in and out of bed at all hours of the night. I can't believe how many of my sleeping issues disappeared overnight just by purchasing a new mattress. Thank you, OkiOki! We couldn't be happier.

High Quality Mattress = High Quality Sleep

Bills were coming in faster than the pay checks, and the little sleep we were getting on our cheap mattress was NOT cutting it. Thankfully, OkiOki popped into our view, and within 2 weeks our lives were changed. This mattress is the epitome of high quality and fair pricing. The best part!? I haven’t felt my small bladdered partner leave or come to bed in months!

Was looking for support

Purchased a "bed-in-a-box" around 4 years ago was all different densities of only memory foam. Didn't hold up. Came across OkiOki. Priced right and had spring coils for support. I was skeptical because it thinner than previous matress. First night it was more firm than I expected but I read it takes longer to fully expand. Second night I slept harder than I've ever slept. It was amazing. Fully supported and didn't overheat. I suffer from SI joint pain for years and I haven't woken up with any positional issues since I've slept on this matress. Must say it is a great mattress and the price is right 👍

Great for price

Softer than expected especially near the edges. Probably should have got a firmer mattress. Might send back.

So good!!!

I've only had my bed for a month or so but it has been life changing!

Oki Easy

Had this mattress for about a month now, it’s a bit firmer than I would’ve wanted. I weigh 170lbs and I would prefer a bit softer mattress. But overall, I have been getting better sleep with this mattress. No aches or pains from sleeping on my side all night, this okieasy does keep your spine inline for a better night sleep. Will give another two months and see if this mattress will get a bit softer.

Great Mattress

I was looking for a new mattress for myself and my adult daughter, who lives with me. A friend convinced me to buy a mattress from a local mattress store, but I still bought the OkiEasy mattress for my daughter, since it was less expensive. Our mattresses both arrived close to the same time. We both tried our new mattresses, and were neither fully satisfied. She thought the OkiEasy was a bit to firm, while I was feeling like my mattress from the store was to soft. One night when I could not get to sleep, she offered to let me try out her mattress (the OkiEasy), so we switched beds for the night. The next night we still used the other persons mattress. After that night I was sure I wanted the OkiOki mattress for myself, so we traded mattresses! Now we are Both happy with our mattresses. I am so glad I bought the OkiEasy, since that is the mattress I like best.

Lives up to its promise

I am 66 years old, and have had lower back pain and hip pain for years. My sleep has been suffering because of it. I didn't really believe a mattress could fix it, and I wasn't willing to spend $1000 to find out. OkiOki was substantially less, and the 365 day trial meant I could find out if a new mattress could help without risk. Bottom line; This is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Firm and form contouring all at once. I am not going to say that my issues are 100% gone. But 80%! I sleep longer and better now. My lower back pain is only 10% of what it was when I get up. This is for real. The price is excellent compared to every other similar mattress I looked at (and I looked at a lot!) The guide to select the right mattress was very good. The order process was very easy. They promised 5 day delivery and delivered in 3 days. I would be the first to speak up if this wasn't as promised. It is. Very happy after 1 week with it.

great so far!

i've been sleeping on this mattress for almost a month and so far i like it a lot! i don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore and it's very cool + temp regulated. my only complaint is it's difficult to get out of bed in the morning because of how much you get comfortable throughout the night.

Best mattress ever!

I've had multiple mattresses over the years including Purple and Casper and nothing compares to my OkiOki. The mattress is soo soft yet supportive. It stays cool through the night and if I'm rolling around I don't disturb my wife. The OkiOki bedding is also amazing. I'll be an OkiOki customer for life!!

Happy Back, Happy Life!!!

I've been suffering with low back problems for months. I'm a side-sleeper, and I thought I'd try out the OkiEasy to see if it might help. I'm so glad I did! I feel much better, and now I often sleep through the whole night without waking up...something that NEVER used to happen with my old mattress. The low price, 10-year warranty, 365 day trial, ease of delivery, and super-convenient payment plan made this purchase a no-brainer. I wish I would've bought it sooner!!!

Skeptical but glad I gave them a chance!!

I was very skeptical about buying a compressed mattress that was delivered in a box and I took time to researched all the companies that offered this. I came across quite a few. I took Everything into consideration and finally narrowed it down to OkiOki. I loved that they let you try it for 365 days, offered a 10 year warranty and their prices were very reasonable. My sleep test lead me to the OkiEasy which is a hybrid. I am so happy I took a chance on this. I have been sleeping great. The bed is a little slippery, I can’t explain it but it’s not horrible. The bed is amazingly comfortable. Thanks OkiOki!!

Still getting used to it

The company is great so far. I received my Okieasy exactly when they quoted delivery. As for the mattress itself, I can not give a full assessment as I've only slept on it for about 7 nights. I will say so far it is very comfortable and have had 6 great night sleeps. The first night was a very big adjustment. I feel as the mattress breaks in a bit it will become even better than it already is. First impressions, it arrived on time. It was well packaged. And a very important thing for myself was that it did not have a terrible off gasing smell. The edge support is what I assumed it would be. A bit more give than a traditional innerspring, but still enough for a person who weights 215 to sit on the edge. One last thing to note is that even for a full size the motion transfer is very very low. At this point I do not see myself wanting to return this mattress. I will update this review after I've slept on it for a month.

It's only been a week with the oki easy

I have multiple joint and skeletal issues and it' s hard to walk much less get up after sleeping. This bed has helped myself and my partner a great deal. We are both sleeping much better and are far less sore. I was afraid it was going to be to soft for him but I was wrong. We both would have liked it a bit softer. You can't beat the price! We both sleep hot and this bed gets high points for staying cool also. The customer service was also very good whenever I contacted them during my research. I would definitely buy a mattress from Okioki again.


It feels nice but is firmer than I expected. I got the OkiEasy with a 6 rating but it feels much firmer. There is not much give on it.

Very comfy

We enjoy our Okieasy mattress we were skeptical with the price that it would be good and comfy but we were surprised. Well worth the price just hoping it holds up longer than our last mattress. The only thing that i'm not a huge fan of is the mattress protector pad that comes on. Its slippery and I almost fell out of bed one day but the pad is removable so that will be coming off when I can have my husband help.

Quite happy with my purchase

Quite happy with my purchase. At first I thought it was too firm but once I lay down I was amazed at how comfortable it was and how it molds to my body

Beats Casper

Assembly was super easy. Bed is not too firm, not too plush. It is also cool to the touch on the top. I did a lot of research about beds in a box and I’m so glad I made this choice.


Just right. I received my mattress and let it gas and fluff for two days. I put it on my frame the day I got adjusted by the chiropractor and the adjustment has lasted. It is firm, though has just enough give to provide great alignment.

Never slept better

Mattress came pretty quick, despite using FedEx, and was easy to set up. I picked out a good bed frame so I wouldn’t need a box spring. It took about a day for the mattress to be fully expanded, but it was still comfortable the night I opened it (a little hard, but I didn’t mind). The mattress is so comfortable, and I can fall asleep in any position on it.

Very comfortable mattress. Great support

Very comfortable mattress. Great support for side and back.


Not going to lie, the first two nights were miserable because it was too firm. Now I have no complaints. It's been about 2 weeks, and I sleep better than I've slept in years

Fantastic deal. No regrets.

Bed of my dreams! Just soft enough to support your whole body in pillowy goodness but doesn't give you that sinking feeling. The ice yarn cover is shockingly cool to the touch and oh so soft. The matress is responsive and it's easy to find the perfect position to settle down into. Getting the queen size box inside and opened was a struggle for one person but it inflated almost immediately and gave me the perfect spot to rest after all that effort! I slept on in the very first night I got it, and although there was a little bit of a smell from the foam, it's faint enough to ignore if you're not burying your face in it!

Did my homework & it paid off!

I did a lot of research before finally pulling the trigger on OkiEasy. I almost bought a Purple mattress then I decided I’d try to Nectar mattress but I kept shaking my head at the price point. I was skeptical about OkiOki but the reviews were good, the price was right so I did it. About a month later and I haven’t had the “OMG sleeping on this thing is a dream come true” but you know what I did find? I thought...”You know what? Come to think of it— I don’t sweat anymore when I sleep” or “Hey, there’s no groans and moans when getting out of bed in the morning.” No sore back, no crick in my neck...nada. It wasn’t until I stopped and thought about the things I wasn’t complaint about anymore to realize that this mattress was worth every penny! Skip the overpriced, popular brand internet mattresses and go get yourself one. You can thank me later. 😉

firm but soft-ish

I wish it were a little softer. I have bursitis in both hips and sleep about half on sides, half on back. The Okieasy doesn't irritate my hips as much as my old traditional spring mattress and I'm not even sure how soft I would need it to be for no irritation at all. My husband likes the firm/soft ratio and I like the lessened motion transfer. I think the biggest fan of the new mattress is my 15 year old pug.

Finally no aches in the morning!

I was skeptical because I am super picky with beds. I have rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints. I have for the last 17 years. I have lots of damage as a result. I usually have to spend an hour in the morning just trying to get the stiffness gone. The first night I got slept in the bed. I woke up with a absolutely no stiffness. I seriously could cry tears of joy. Im so so ecstatic to find a bed that works so well for me, and the fact it didn't destroy my budget is even more mind blowing! I knew I needed springs/coils to support weight and all but I needed the foam for the comfort and less harshness on my body. I usually sleep on my side but tend to thrash and starfish out. Not only has that mellowed out, I find no matter how I'm positioned I am comfortable. I want to add that I also have a 2 inch foam topper just because I had it before and I like the feeling of sinking a bit and it provides that. But honestly, this matress has changed my life. I'm so grateful and I had to share my experience for those on the fence! Defintely make sure you know what type of support you need first! Whether it's all foam, coils and foam, etc.(thankfully they actually have different options that aren't just thickness levels) I promise you won't regret your decision. Even though the year long warranty is freaking rare, it's not necessary. I hope I helped those on the fence. I HIGHLY recommend this mattress. Thank you OkiOki for helping me get rest with less pain!!!

Super Comfy, Super Affordable

One of the best mattresses I've ever slept on and for an amazing price. I would absolutely buy from OkiOki again!

Good but still a little hard

So after 3 back surgeries and a fusion I needed something soft that won’t make me achy but for my husband he wanted firm. This Is a good mattress the sides don’t mush down and my husband loves it. I need to add a mattress topper and I think it will be great. The price was perfect. It took a lot of work from two strong guys to get it up stairs and on the frame. Wish is wasn’t so slick my sheets slide all over it.

Best purchase ever!

The Okieasy came a day later due to FedEx issues but when I got it it fluffed up right away, no chemical smell...I’ve slept on it a few nights now and boy, am I glad I bought this! So comfy I don’t want to get up and great for my back trouble and insomnia

Best nights sleep on this mattress and 10x cheaper than everything else

I have had this mattress for 7 months (never did a box mattress before) and I dream of coming back to my bed after traveling, etc. I was super skeptical with it being cheaper than every other boxed mattress and with the different firmness options I was overwhelmed. We have one easy and one soft mattress but the easy is way more comfy in my opinion. Maybe because of the pocket springs?? I want to sink into a cloud while still having comfort or support in its structure. It does take about a week or so for you and the mattress to get used to each other but once that happens it is the coziest thing ever. I usually wake up on my stomach with my back hurting but that doesn’t happen with this mattress!


We absolutely love the Okieasy! This mattress is still firm, but soft enough that pressure is taken off of your shoulders, arms, hips, and other areas. I no longer wake up with a numb arm, and sore hip, and my husband who has suffered from horrible back pain absolutely loves this mattress and it really seems to be helping him. We have been through several mattresses and I finally feel like we found the perfect one. Even just to lay down on it helps to relieve some pressure and soreness I might be feeling from the day. Anyways, I definitely recommend this mattress!

Great mattress!

The mattress itself is very comfortable. It’s exactly what I was looking for in terms of softness/firmness. My only complaint would be how inconvenient it was to get it to my new apartment, being as FedEx wouldn’t deliver it to my military housing P.O. box. I had to drive 40 minutes with the thing hanging out of my trunk. Quite the experience.

So Far So Good!

Best nights sleep I have had in a very long time and chronic back pain has felt a little relief. The only thing that stopped me from giving 5 stars is that I do wake up sweating once in a while, and I am usually not a hot sleeper. Going to order a cooling mattress pad from Amazon and see if that helps. Otherwise, great mattress and very happy so far!

So comfortable!

This bed has been amazing! The only thing bad I would have to say about it is I don’t ever want to get out of bed in the morning!

Such a great mattress!

It took a little longer to “decompress” after we unboxed it, but this mattress is awesome! Super comfortable, and firm in all the right places. It’s been very hard to get out of bed in the morning! (In fact, I’m writing this from my bed right now!) We highly recommend the OkiEasy!

Sleeping Easy!

When it came time to get a new mattress, we were hesitant as we had our old one for over 15 years! Ready for a foam mattress we did SO much research and it took ages for us to find the right balance of cost and value. We are SO happy with the OkiEasy and are having wonderful sleep! It's definitely a cool touch mattress and supportive. My only feedback is I did think the OkiEasy would be a LITTLE softer based on it's scale rating and the packaging was a bit damaged when it arrived (but the mattress was perfect inside!)

Only problem is getting out of bed

A few months ago I stumbled on an OkiOki ad when we were in the market for a new mattress. We took a chance, knowing little about the company except for their outstanding warranty. I can’t even begin to explain how happy we have been with our mattress. For the first time in well over a year, I feel rested and my back no longer hurts when I wake up in the mornings. It’s truly like sleeping on a mattress that could have cost 2x as much, or more. The only problem I now have is getting out of bed, because it’s just too comfortable and I’d gladly stay there extendedly. I just love our OkiOki!

WOW!!!!!! A+++

We recently remodeled my daughter's room and she wanted a Purple mattress. I did research for months and found OkiOki...I couldn't be MORE pleased! The mattress is excellent quality and she loves it! It is the same / better quality as all the others out there but about 1/3 the price! We won't buy any other mattress from this point forward!

Excellent mattress!

Excellent mattress!

You will not regret!

I purchased a Casper pillow at Target and loved it, so I started exploring their mattresses. When I was doing my research and saw their price for a Queen, my jaw dropped to the floor. That's when I found OkiOki...literally the exact same material and technology but for much cheaper AND a better warranty. I gave it a try and have been so happy with my purchase. One of the best qualities not advertised- when your partner moves in the night, you do not feel them move or hear them on the material/fabric (which was an issue with other mattresses). Buy this now and thank me later :)

Perfect for how I sleep

I often woke up with lower back tightness or downright pain. I’m talking stiff as a board. I sleep on my sides and back and shift around a lot. So far I’m incredibly satisfied with the mattress. Havent woke up with that back pain since I got it.


Fast and easy delivery. Because I wanted specifically a hybrid mattress, I decided to get the OkiEasy. This bed is definitely more so on the firmer/stiff side. Now, I have major back issues and thought a little firmness would be good, but this feels a bit too much. This is definitely my opinion and someone else who buys it, may think it’s great. But being 6”, 200lbs with back issues, it was a bit firm to me. It was also on an adjustable base to try and move accordingly, the base wasn’t able to move it into any position that made the bed feel any better. I’ve reached out to OkiOki to return the mattress(less than a month old), haven’t heard anything so far.

Great Bang For Your Buck

When the bed first arrived it was stiff as a board. I was worried I’d ordered the wrong model. I wasn’t looking forward to returning the bed and swapping it out for a softer one. I decided to give it a couple weeks. After a few weeks it became the most sought after lounging surface in my condo by my girlfriend, roommate and myself. Adding a few gel pillows is a great addition. Great bed!!!

Looking forward to bed.

It's been well over one month and I always look forward to going to bed. I love my mattress!!

The bed has been great

The bed has been great so far! No more back pain and it's hard to get out of bed.

What a mattress

I can’t believe how comfortable this mattress is. It has exceeded all my expectations. The okieasy is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. It was by far the best mattress for the price. I can’t wait to tell all my friends and relatives about this mattress. The 10 year warranty is also the best. I have neck and back problems and this is the first mattress I’ve owned that lets me get a full nights sleep. Thank you OkiOki for a wonderful product.

Love it!

Super comfy. Not too firm or too soft. So happy with this purchase! It was much cheaper than similar competitors so I’m shocked with the quality! Would definitely recommend.

Excellent company

We've been sleeping on the mattress 1 week and love it. It unfolded quickly and was ready to use. Didn't have any strange smells or anything. The company shipped it quickly.

Great Nights Sleep

This mattress is the real thing! We looked at many expensive mattresses before coming to find this one. So glad we tried it! With a 365 day guarentee; you can't beat it! Rest easy at night with this okieasy!

The mattress is good. Just

The mattress is good. Just a lil too firm but it’s not unmanageable.

Firmer than I thought

Too early to tell. So far, mattress is too firm but hopefully it will get better . We've only slept on it 2 nights.


Am really enjoying my bed would definitely recommend this bed

Great bed, foundation, and frame!

We upgraded from our queen traditional bed to the King OkiEasy bed and we could not be happier. I am a hot sleeper and do not feel overheated when sleeping on the OkiEasy. We paired it with the recommended foundation and bed frame. I really enjoy the design of the foundation as it does not require a bed skirt - elevating the visual appeal. My partner and I tend to sleep on our back, sides, and stomach throughout the night and the OkiEasy does a good job providing support and comfort. I am going to order another bed for our guest room and I might try the OkiSoft to see how much softer it is for my dedicated side-sleeping family members. Overall, really enjoy the bed and I highly recommend it! We also purchased the mattress protector and that was a great purchase!

Comfy so far

Just 2 weeks in - so far so good. Mattress is firm than expected but yields somewhat. Hopefully it will live up to its promise.

Love OkiOki!!!!!!

We received our OkiOki and everything was packaged perfectly, came with easy instructions, free and fast shipping, and they were exactly as described! I absolutely love the cool cover it comes with, and I am so happy to say it's the most comfortable and supportive bed! We finally switched to a King (we opted to get two twin XL's) and we can't feel any movement from each other during the night! Also, I am usually a very fidgety sleeper, and since using this bed I barely move and I don't wake up with any back pain. I will definitely be buying a bed from OkiOki again when we re-do our guest bedroom. I did a lot of research when I looked for a new bed, and this by far was the best choice at a great price, too! From my research, it seems that the customer service is phenomenal, too. (Thankfully we haven't had to contact them at all.) We went with the OkiEasy to compromise with firm/softness and it was the perfect fit for us. Thank you again OkiOki!

Greater Better sleepy and Comfort

It has make a HUGE differents in my sleep condition is grear

Queen Mattress

We got this to replace a cheap version. Boy what a difference. Good support without being hatd. Wake up actually feeling refreshed.

I love the mattress

I have slept well after getting past the adjustment period from my old bed. I recommend that the top not be so slippery but a mattress cover fixed that. Also, add handles to the mattress. I got a King size and it’s hard to handle.

Truly Happy with my OKI EASY & Pillows!

I absolutely LOVE my OKI Easy and the Oki pillows!! I haven't slept this good in a long time. I was pretty skeptical at first as Oki is fairly priced but am truly happy. I have even referred Oki to my Family and friends. Thank you OKI for creating an affordable and fabulous product!!


I’ve only slept 3 nights at the time I got this request for review So far so good Only a few nights on the oki easy and already my back feels better and o feel more rested!

Best night’s sleep

I love this mattress! I’m a side sleeper and was looking for a mattress that was more plush but wasn’t too soft. This mattress is the perfect in between and you don’t get that stuck in the mud feeling that you can experience with outer memory foam mattresses. I would recommend okioki mattresses to everyone I know!!

Great service!

Just unpacked my mattress today, easiest set up ever! OkiEasy , didn't get overheated on test nap. Am hoping my 365 day trial is marvelous! solar so good!

All around excellent!

I have been researching every kind of mattress there is. The OkiOki had the best price point of all competitors and similar if not the same materials so I figured what the heck. The shipping was fast and the support team is great! Every question I had, the team helped me. If you are undecided on what bed to buy, look no further. The OkiOki Easy is my favorite! I also absolutely love the tool the mattress came with to cut the plastic! It was a breeze and very satisfying!

Amazing mattress, stopped all shoulder & rib pain

My husband has had shoulder & rib pain for years. We have tried numerous mattresses & toppers with no relief. After a few days of sleeping on this he is no longer in pain and sleeps through the night instead of waking every 2 hours. We would highly recommend this bed.

Run, Don’t Walk

There are a zillion “bed in a box” mattresses out there but the OkiOki Okieasy is, without a doubt, the best value proposition you could find. It’s a hybrid so you get the best if both worlds, the support of individually wrapped coils and the comfort of memory foam. I’m a side sleeper who moves from side to diff and often on my back. The best recommendation I can give is that I sleep seven hours before I can even remember’s so comfortable. We had a Nolah and this OkiOki Okieasy is way better. The best part is that it is at least $400 less expensive than other comparable mattresses. Great product at a great price. Run, don’t walk to buy an OkiOki. You can expect the best night of your life...well, actually without your partner. Haha

The best bed ever!

I was a bit skeptical when it first arrived. I took it out of the box and placed it on the bed frame. It looked thin and uneven. I left the room and a half hour later wala! Full thick mattress and the comfort beyond words!

I. am. AMAZED.

I sleep better, feel more energy when I wake up, and it transfers no movement at all when my partner gets up a million times a night to go pee. In love.

Great Customer Service & A Quality Product

I first purchased the OkiFlex but it was a little too firm for me. I was hesitant about exchanging because I thought it would be a pain but I decided to switch it for the OkiEasy. The process was so simple and quick. I am so glad I did it because this mattress is PERFECT for me.

If you haven't gotten one yet, you should!!

Received my OkiEasy four days ago, after ordering it six days ago. It contours in all the right places. It gives where it should, and is firm for all other areas. You can actually feel it conform and support. 🤯 No more shoulder pain. No back pain when getting up. I fall asleep faster than I did in my old Beautyrest. Hubby is 6'3" and over 200, I am 5'6" and 150. When he gets up in the middle of the night, I don't feel him leave the bed or get back in...that keeps me sleeping all night. I'll write again as time goes by, to see if I still feel the same way, but so far...We love it!!

Better than I expected!

I’ve never had a non-traditional mattress (you know, I always had the kind from a mattress store) so I was hoping for the best. Super impressed by how quickly it expands. It was a bit of an adjustment for me because it’s firmer than my last mattress, but after a week my body wakes up happy and pain-free. I love it!

OkiEasy Mattress

The bed is so comfortable and supportive. I replaced a very soft mattress, so it has been an adjustment moving to a firmer mattress. After sleeping on the mattress for a couple weeks I decided to get the topper to add a bit more comfort. It feels great and I would absolutely recommend the mattress and topper to anyone. The quality is great, the price point is stellar considering how expensive everything else on the market is. A few more things to note, I got the protector for the mattress, while it’s a bit noisy itself, once stretched out and covered with a sheet the noise is greatly reduced. The mattress itself is cool to the touch, which I love as someone who loves to sleep cold. I highly recommend this mattress and the rest of the company products I’ve tried.

3 days in, so far so good.

I got my OkiEasy 3 days ago, unboxing was simple, if a little tough handling the king mattress alone. Bed feels great so far. I am still adjusting but sleeping comfortably. I may revisit in a month or two, but for now it's good. Bang for the buck in comparison to others is good too.

Sleepless and tired

After taking the sleep test, this bed was recommended. I haven’t slept through the night due waking have to change positions because my shoulder is sore or my hip is sore. I was really hoping for something better.

SO comfortable!

We LOVE our OkiEasy. Both my husband and I have a lighter, smaller frame and this mattress is perfect in its comfort and support. We've had it for a few months now, and it feels like a cloud when we get in bed at night while still supporting all the areas that matter. We were going to go with a more expensive name-brand mattress-in-a-box but when we came across OkiOki's great prices and INCREDIBLE customer service, we decided to give them a shot first. It goes without saying that we made the right choice!


My OkiOki mattress just arrived today, and after set up, it's so wonderful. My husband and I are pleased and just come to think, we paid $400 cheaper than the "other" mattress.

You will love it.

You will love it. I received my queen mattress 3 weeks ago and I love it. I had gotten the medium hybrid–took a minute to get used to it because of the firmness but now my body loves it. I can't say anything bad about this bed, you'll love it!

Initially I was hesitant of

Initially I was hesitant of the mattress but I am in love! I wake up feeling great every morning!

OkiEasy...Great Mattress

I am recovering from Laminectomy Surgery 5 months ago. It was imperative to purchase a mattress that would not exacerbate the pain from extensive nerve damage. The OkiEasy provides the essential support needed and cushions the pressure points. I have slept on it 3 nights. I awake with less nerve pain. I am not a fan of the "Cool Touch" top! This will take some adjustments. Mattress arrived a day early! Overall, I give it 4.6 Stars out of 5! YES, I recommend the OkiEasy Mattress!

Queen oki easy

I put it on my frame upside down and still was comfortable. Once I figured out it was upside down I flipped it and was amazed at how comfortable it was. Would recommend this company to everyone. Great customer service both times I’ve called.

Great value

For the price you can’t find a better bed. Fast shipping. Comfortable and overall great product.

High quality with low price

I researched mattresses for literally months because I was tired of spring coil mattresses that hurt my back. I had decided to try Casper UNTIL I saw an ad for OkiOki and checked them out. Not only were they high quality they had low prices. I figured with the 365 night trial I had nothing to lose. Now I struggle to get out of bed because it’s so comfortable. I love this bed. I’m never hot or cold and have slept better than I have in years. It doesn’t hurt my back, my arms don’t fall asleep anymore and I wake up rested finally. Love it.

Don’t know if it’s worth it

I was very excited to try out this new mattress but the first few nights were uncomfortable because the cover of mattress was too big and kept sliding as I moved on the bed. I’ve changed sheets several times. Tucked in my sheets and nothing helped. The bed itself is probably comfortable But the cover That it is entact with it just ruins it. It’s been almost a month now and I thought the bed would expand more to it’s cover size but it didn’t and it’s still super uncomfortable :(

Very comfortable

Very comfortable


Very comfortable. Be sure to air out mattress when first getting as it does have an odor the first 24 hours. After that, perfection!

Better than so many other “big name brand” ones!

The code was a nice surprise when we purchased ours! Easily the lowest we’ve paid for a mattress at only $450 but it’s also the most comfortable! Hands-down! Better than so many other “big name brand” ones I’ve tried! It just arrived today and I’m already in love. Can’t wait to sleep on it tonight!!!

Great mattress!

Easy delivery! Easy install! Was full by next afternoon, however we slept on it the 1st night! Not waking up every night like I used to! Very comfy and accommodating to sore muscles!

Great sleep at a great price

Take the sleep quiz. It help me picked the perfect mattress. I thought I need a a different one. The recommended mattress has been the best one I have ever purchased. Thank you. I am sleeping at night again.

Very nice mattress

I really like my new mattress. It was really easy to set up. It’s still quite firm but it’s been less than a month and it has been getting softer as it expands (apparently it takes around 2 months to fully settle in). Thanks okioki! I love my mattress.

I was sceptical

To be real honest, I was sceptical at first to invest in a bed that was less expensive than the more popular brand names you hear of. After some investigating and reading up on it, I took a chance, well with a year trial and money back promise it wasnt much of a chance, but after using the bed for almost a month, I'm glad I bought an Oki bed! My wife and I love it!. It is comfortable, and it's a well made with quality materials. I highly recommend OkiOki to anyone!

Very comfortable. I sleep well on it.. Would recomend it to friends.

I chose this brand because my sister recently purchased one and i liked it. After i ordered it she let me know you gave her a$50 discount. It wasn't ofered to me. A little disappointed.


My husband and I decided to forget the gifts this holiday and invest in ourselves instead, and what a great decision that was! We were replacing a ~five year old Simmons mattress that had lost its support and caused almost instant back pain when you laid down on it. After several months of research, we decided to purchase the OkiEasy. Based on reviews and Oki's sleep quiz, I figured this would be the best bet for us because my husband and I are both side sleepers. I placed my order on Friday, and the mattress shipped the following Monday. We received our mattress via FedEx that Saturday. The FedEx driver left the package at the bottom of the stairs (we live upstairs and this is one of the reasons we wanted a bed-in-a-box), and we were able to carry it up fairly easily. When we unboxed and unpackaged the mattress, it started to inflate right away. We slept on it that night, and I woke up to about half the amount of back pain that I normally do. The second night, no pain at all! I can see a noticeable difference in my quality of sleep as well. This mattress is GREAT, and at this price point, it is the PERFECT deal! I would recommend anyone try OkiOki.

Great bed!

Had some issues with order confirmation and shipping but customer service was great! Ordered on the 4th and got it i think around the 15th. It took a little while to expand, even though some said it would happen instantly. We laid it out for about a day and a half before using it. So weve been laying on it about 2 weeks now and its made such a difference! I havent woke up sore and neither has my boyfriend! We bought the cover that goes on it as well and its all around just great. The dogs love it too [even though they have new Serta dog beds]

Great Mattress

Shopped around and then found OkiOki. Great price and great nights rest. Did take a while to get it but it's been worth it!

Honest opinion. Still giving it time.

Finally decided on trying out the Okioki brand after a lot of research and comparing prices with other mattress companies. After taking the Okioki quiz and reading about their mattress options, we decided to go with the OkiEasy (recommended by their quiz). For about the first week of sleeping on this mattress, I would wake up with terrible lower back pain. I did not have this issue with our previous mattress, so that was the first thing I noticed. I tend to shift positions throughout the night, but am mainly a back sleeper. That being said, my husband is mainly a side sleeper and he did not have any back pain when we made the switch. I also noticed, even 5 days after unpacking mattress, the edges were not as expanded as the middle of the mattress. I reached out to customer support to see if this was normal. I got one response back saying the mattress could take up to 48 hrs to fully expand. After I replied saying it had been 5 days now and asked if it just might need more time or if our mattress might be defective, I did not hear back from their customer support department. We are now on day 12 and the edges do look like they have expanded some more, but still not as much as the middle of the mattress. I still am waking up with some back pain, but not as much as when we first made the switch. Will definitely give more time for the mattress to hopefully fully expand and for us to adjust, but so far I can't say I am loving it. I would say it is worth the price in comparison to big brands/mattress stores. Especially when they have a discount going on!

Great value for money!

Great value for money!


We love it! Have been sleeping on it about 3 weeks and no complaints. Much less pain in my shoulders and hips compared to my old bed. I am 7 months pregnant so can’t sleep on my back but I am excited to see how it feels that way after baby is here. We also bought an adjustable base elsewhere and it works perfectly with it. No issues at all and the combo of mattress and adjustable base was less than we would have spent on just a mattress anywhere else. I have recommended to several people already!


I wasn’t very sure this would work for us. We’ve had two mattresses in ten years and neither was comfortable. The OkiEasy arrived when scheduled. Heavy but I managed to get it in the house by myself (5’2” female) and opened. I couldn’t believe this was going to be the back relief I was seeking as I watched it expand. The first morning I was amazed - I rolled over with no pain! Same the next two mornings. I sure hope it continues and that it holds up but I’ve got 362 more nights to find out!! So far it’s awesome and I’ve never had a mattress that felt this good literally right out of the box! Great price, great sleep!


I shopped around a lot for mattresses online. I chose OkiOki solely based on price and their 365 night trial. Let me tell you, it was way worth the money. Going from a 10 year old full to this queen was a huge difference. My boyfriends back pain went away instantly, I slept much better on my side with no shoulder pain. And the setup was incredibly easy.

fun to unpackage

fun to unpackage

It's truly the best purchase we ever made.

I love my OkiOki! I recently had foot surgery and I have to sleep on my back with my foot elevated. When I lie on my back it always hurts; I get cramps along my spine I don't even like to lie back in the dentist's chair. But this mattress just cradles me so perfectly that it doesn't bother me to sleep on my back at all. It's truly the best purchase we ever made.

Best sleep in a long time

I came from a conventional firm mattress with a pad to slightly lessen the firmness. It's amazing I've endured this mattress for over 10 years. Answering the "sleep quiz", it was determined I should get the Easy. I basically sleep in any position. I've read reviews it could be "firm", but it's further from the truth. This bed is soft, but supports my lower back and shoulders. I no longer wake up with a sore neck and I actually slept a solid 7 hours! The last bed, I would wake during the night because I kept tossing and turning. Looking forward to many years of a good night's sleep.

Not what I needed

Took your test to see which one I needed,it came up this mattress the okieasy.The mattress is a little to firm for me and has hurt my back.Not what I expected!!

Not sure

We are not fully convinced this is for us. Both my wife and I are side sleepers, so based on the oki mattress questioner, we ordered an Okieasy. No where on the packaging or the mattress can I find any indication we received an okieasy. All tags indicate okioki. I checked with customer service and they indicated they shipped an okieasy. I don't care for the mattress cover, as it tends to slide all over the mattress and my wife continues to wake with back pain. We are planning to give it another few weeks to see if we get used to the new style mattress, but we may need to explore the return method.

Rolling the Dice

My wife and I looked on line at mattresses for months. Read reviews, blogs and articles. I have no idea how many mattress companies there (loads). After considering prices and reviews we decided to go with OkiOki. And we are so happy we did. We have had the best sleep imaginable. No more waking up stiff and sore. We love our week old mattress. And highly recommend the OkiEasy to all. And it did not cost us a thousand $s or more to get our great nights of sleep either! Absolutely SUPERB!!!

Just Right

The OkiEasy has the perfect combination of a soft feel and support. My husband and I are both side sleepers so we didn’t want something too soft or too firm. We could not be happier with our purchase.

So Very Comfortable

I purchased the OkiEasy and it is perfect! Just the right support where I need it, and I awaken refreshed every morning. The best mattress I have ever slept on! I love my OkiOki!!

Very satisfied!

I'll start by saying, I have never purchased my own mattress so this is all a first for me. I needed something with good quality and reviews for half the money spent. I kept seeing ads for OkiOki mattress and checked it out, saw the price, watched some mattress reviews on youtube and was sold! I purchased the OkiEasy. Well, about a month in I ended up with the worse shoulder pain I've ever had and I couldn't take it anymore. I contacted OkiOki and it was a little difficult at first because it seems the information is never relayed correctly between customer service reps over there, but eventually it all came together and I was able to trade my OkiEasy for the OkiSoft and WOW! I've never felt better! Great product for the price definitely!

Great mattress at a great price

I am very happy with my OkiOki OkiEasy mattress purchase. Great feel; great sleep; great price.

Better Than Expected

I took your mattress quiz and decided to buy an Oki Easy. The mattress was delivered right on time and sustained no damage in transit. The setup was quick an easy and I was surprised the mattress was so thick. I've slept on the mattress for two nights and wake up refreshed and energized in the morning. The firmness level of the Oki Easy suited my needs perfectly; thanks to your quiz. When it comes to firmness levels one level doesn't fit all, everyone has different needs. I'm very satisfied with my Oki Easy and would recommend it to anyone

Good purchase

Wish I had known about this company before. Good prices for a good product. It arrived quickly and so far my child is definitely liking the comfort.

Best Purchase Ever

Originally I had looked at Purple mattresses. I found OkiOki and bought it on a whim, it has been the best purchase so far. Sometimes I find it hard to get OUT of bed on work days. It is perfect for me. I feel like it was made just for me. I am so happy I went with OkiOki instead of Purple.

I finally know what a good night sleep is

The only problem I have now is leaving my bed! It’s absolute heaven and I wish I’d got it long ago.

Best sleep ever

Before my mattress I rarely was able to sleep more than 4-6 hours a night due to lower back pain. Now with the OkiOki Easy i’m sleeping as long as 9 hours with NO MORE back pain. I wake up feeling like I have actually slept. Best sleep ever! I’d stay in the bed constantly, but my life is too busy. 😢


I had been shopping around for beds for a while, I had heard about this company through a friend. I really love how affordable and transparent they are about their prices. I was about to buy a more expensive Purple mattress and I’m glad I found OkiOki, same quality and cheaper! Just got my bed and I had an amazing sleep! This mattress is the perfect combo of soft and firm. So glad I bought this mattress.

Great quality for the cost

My partner and I are really pleased with our OkiEasy, it is nice quality and you can't beat the cost. We've been both sleeping happily!

Best sleep ever

Love this mattress. I have never slept better on a bed. I would recommend this bed and company to everyone

OkiOki easy

I took the sleep quiz to find which mattress would be best for me and it chose the okioki easy mattress & I’ve tried it out for about a week now & I hate it. My boyfriend loves it and says it’s super comfy but I can never get comfortable on the mattress and think Malone I just got the wrong style of mattress. Definitely sending my back


It was well worth the wait! I've had my OkiEasy for a little over a week now and I've already noticed a drastic change in the quality of sleep I am getting compared to my previous mattress. I wake up feeling more refreshed and not tired. My back and joint pain is also lessening. I love the feel of the Ice Yarn cover, and am tempted to just sleep on it without a sheet, it's that cool! The mattress was packaged very well and easy to open and set up. For the price and quality, this mattress can't be beat!

Best sleep ever

Very very happy 😊!!

Best sleep I have had in years.

It's a seriously great bed. Best sleep I have had in years. Feels very cool to the touch!

Great mattress and box spring !!!!

Bought the OkiEasy mattress and box spring a few months ago and am absolutely delighted. No more tossing and turning!!! Great products at a great price!!!

Most restful sleep EVER!

My cousin suggested I get this mattress and I’m so glad he did. I have a lot of back pain and was sleeping 6 hrs a night at most. Sometimes way less due to the pain. Now that I have the OkiEasy I’m sleeping 8 - 10 hours a night. The most restful sleep EVER!


I am a side and stomach sleeper and this bed is so comfortable from the moment I get in it each night. It’s the perfect blend of support and cushion. I am 5’4” 130# so if you’re heavier or lighter your experience may differ. The mattress cover is a bit slippery, though.

Getting to know my mattress

My California King Oki Easy arrived on Tuesday. I have to tell you, the box was so heavy, and it was a big struggle to get it upstairs. We ended up taking it out of the box and sort of toppled it up the stairs until we could slide it the rest of the way. Unpacking it was easy, and it got to full size fairly easily. The top is super cool (literally) and I think it will be great in the summer. But, I do have a complaint. I was worried that this would be too soft, but to be honest, it is almost too firm. There is no pillow top or soft layer on it, and it is pretty darn firm. I've slept on it now for 4 nights and I am hoping my body gets used to the firmness. I had a Serta pillow top that was HORRIBLE and this was to replace it. It's definitely an improvement, and much easier for my dog to jump onto, but I am a bit concerned that my bad back and hips may not love it the way I wanted to. Will see how I feel in a few weeks.

Big Fan!!

This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’m no longer tossing and turning all night or waking up with back pain.

Best Decision

We got the OkiEasy. My husband has a lot of back and hip problems and I was a little afraid it would be too soft for him after I unboxed it, but he thinks it's just right! We've slept on it for over a week now. A couple nights ago, I slept on our old mattress again to compare, and I definitely much prefer our new OkiOki. I had a bit of back pain a few days ago (due to standing too long in a poor position), but the pain was gone as soon as I laid on our OkiOki. I slept pain free! The soreness was still there when I got out of the bed, but I was amazed that I was pain free throughout the night and slept well. This mattress is for our guest room, but we will be ordering one for our master bedroom soon! I was nervous to buy a mattress online, without trying it first, but I'm so glad I gave this one a chance!

Awesome affordable mattress!

Like most I was Skeptical about buying a mattress online. I went ahead and bit the bullet and purchased my Okieasy. So far my only complaint with this mattress is I can’t seem to wake up on time for work anymore!! seriously comfy mattress. Would highly recommend.

Great value and excellent customer service

We initially tried the OkiFlex for over a month and found it to be slightly too firm. Getting in touch with customer support was easy and the staff was responsive and helpful in confirming that the next level down in firmness was the OkiEasy. The shipping was quick, the mattress was easy to unroll, and the comfort level was great after the second night! Customer support did not rush us in terms of getting the OkiFlex return picked up prior to the OkiEasy delivery, which ensured that we had something to sleep on throughout the process.

A Solid Choice

My wife is falling for our new mattress. She is experiencing less hip pain. I am not overwhelmed but it is nicer than our ten year old pillow top. For the price, if it doesn’t cripple you it is a great deal. We could have spent triple on a low end mattress from a store. The bed is firmer than I expected but not unpleasant.

Fantastic Mattress

We bought our mattress about a month ago (12-27-2020) and it has been the best mattress we have ever bought. We are up in years and have bought several mattresses over the years and again this is the best, I would recommend this mattress to everyone and if we ever needed one again, I would buy the same one again. Thank You OKIOKI

I like the way it

I like the way it cradles me yet now and then I wake with a stiff back. Don’t know if it’s me or the mattress. My grandkids love it. Thank you.

The best decision I've made.

I was sleeping on a bed falling apart. Box spring was busted and the mattress, a torture of coil springs giving me constant back pain. I needed an inexpensive solution, and proce shopped and compared all of the beds in boxes. I decided to give OkiOki a shot because it was inexpensive, and I like that they had a sleep quiz and different mattresses for different sleepers. Based on this recommendation I ordered the OkiEasy. It took about two weeks to arrive, but when it did? I have to say...the quality of the materials is noticeable. In a good way. The mattress covering really is cool to the touch, and it all expanded so quickly. It is so quiet, not like my dumb coil mattress constantly making all kinds of cricks and boings through the night...further disrupting sleep. I have been getting some of the best sleep in years, and have literally not stopped telling my friends about where I ordered this awesome, and inexpensive mattress. Coupled with a frame I ordered on Amazon I had an entire new bed for under $800. I will rant, race, scream from the mountain about how much I like Okioki. This is a month in and I hope it continues.

Great for the price

My husband and I have had our OkiEasy for a couple of months now. It took both of us a long time to get used to it after our traditional spring mattress, but it’s been really nice. I think it’s excellent for the price point. I had spent a long time researching and it was a little scary to buy something I couldn’t try out anywhere, but the year-long return policy made me feel better about it. The OkiEasy felt a little firmer than I was anticipating, to be honest (I’m a back and side sleeper, roughly 170 pounds), but it feels supportive. It’s a fairly cool sleep, but while I love the cooling fabric on the top, we got the mattress protector and it feels like we get none of the benefits of that for the sake of protection. All in all, we’ve found it to be worth the money and we’d recommend it.


I purchased the OkiEasy Queen hoping to improve my sleep. I'm a side-sleeper and my old mattress (

Comfy and good value

I am happy, this is my first hybrid and it is as comfy as my memory foam mattresses. I'm sleeping well, although my sheets do tend to come off at night so will need some corner holders.

Staying in bed ALL day

I was skeptical purchasing an OkiOki mattress because I haven’t heard if the brand before. But after unwrapping the mattress, all my nerves were calmed. This mattress, and OkiOki, is the real deal and they make amazing products. I couldn’t be more excited to go to sleep. Now lazy Sunday’s are spent laying in my OkiOki bed all day. I previously slept on a Temperpedic due to some lower back pain. I was shocked when I was still waking up with back pain. I mean Temperpedic’s are supposed to be top of the line. After one week of sleeping on the OkiEasy mattress, I can happily say that I’m not waking up with back pain anymore. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and comfort of this bed.

Late to work!

I can’t get out of bed. Ever. It’s amazing. I’ve never been more comfortable. My dog even loves it. If you need a bed- this is the best value on the market.


I LOVE my mattress and pillows. Within a week my migraines drastically improved and now I never want to get out of bed in the mornings. It’s amazing!

Best decision ever!

My husband and I were miserable sleeping on our old King sized mattress and had accepted our fate, thinking that buying a new one that would be well made and comfortable was out of our budget. Well I was wrong! After LOTS of research (so many options out there) I settled on the OkiOki. My husband was skeptical that anything that was so low priced would be any good but I’m so glad to say that I would have paid double for this mattress! It’s amazing. No more neck and back pain and I sleep sooo much better!

Best purchase I've ever made!

Extremely comfortable! Especially for the price. It easily compares to the other companies that change up to twice as much

Keeping us cool in the heat wave!

We love our OkiOki bed. Just got it 3 days ago and every night of sleep has been amazing. We love the memory foam and how it helps keep us cool at night,

Really helped my back pain!

My back felt so much better after just one night! I love the support. The mattress is a tad firmer than I expected but I believe it will soften up with time.

Cool and comfortable

We love this bed! It’s a smaller depth than our old mattress which makes it easier for my wife to get in and out of bed. I love the just right amount of firmness to sleep comfortably, but soft enough for me to sink in a bit. And I can’t begin to describe how cool it feels. I sleep warm and living in the Southwest after a hot day a cool bed is just about as close to heaven as one can get! Highly recommended and will be telling our friends about it as well! Thanks OKkiOki!

Love it

It took a few days for it to get soft, but I l be this mattress

First hybrid mattress. Never going back!

This is my first hybrid mattress. The OkiEasy is by far the most comfortable night's sleep I have had in a very long time. I have had the mattress for over a month and have not had 1 bad night's sleep due to the bed. Without a doubt this is my favorite bed.

Best Bed Ever

I wasn’t sure which mattress to go with there are so many companies out there that claim to have the best bed. I found OkiOki though and I’m so glad I did. First they have a quiz that matches you to a mattress. I went with the OkiEasy. I liked the fact it was a hybrid and not too firm or too soft. I have had back problems since my time in the military, this mattress has helped a lot! I paid around 500 plus tax easily worth 1500 plus tax. You will not regret buying from OkiOki and I know where I’ll only be purchasing my mattress from in the future.

Wallet friendly comfort

I shopped around for mattresses a lot... I mean... A LOT! My wife and I originally purchased a California King original purple mattress, which I really liked, and she hated. We decided to get a split king adjustable base and get the mattress that each of us wanted for our side. I had nearly pulled the trigger on an OkiOki mattress the first time around, but because I didn't know anyone that had one, I opted for the other guy's mattress. Since I was buying a Twin XL for my side, and the other brand was literally twice as much as the OkiOki, and y'all offer an amazing 365 night trial, I opted for the OkiEasy mattress this time. As I thought might be the case, the inner coils of the hybrid model supports my 6'8" 275 lb frame very well, and yet still has a soft foam top. I am sleeping very well after about three weeks, and my only complaint is the Ice Yarn cover makes it difficult to get my sheets to stay on the bed, when I elevate the head of my adjustable base. I do otherwise like the IceYarn because it does do a good job of keeping this big man cool at night. Thank you for providing a very good quality mattress for not a ton of money! We will be buying a couple more for our kids and our guest bed.

Great Mattress! (Soft Edges)

After sleeping on the OkiEasy for just one night, my back stopped hurting! After several weeks, I am sleeping so much better and I never want to get out of bed in the mornings (so use at your own risk!) I'm a big position shifter, but I sleep on my side a LOT, and my arms don't fall asleep when I'm lying on top of them with this mattress. I like to to prop by head up at a pretty steep angle to read in bed, and now even if I fall asleep without getting my neck into a better spot, I don't wake up stiff any more. Literally my ONLY critique is that the edges of the OkiEasy are very soft, it's almost impossible to sit on the edge of the bed, even just to put shoes on, I slide right off. Also, be careful when you open your mattress, I opened it according to the instructions, but the cool-touch cover (which is very chill!) was on the bottom and I had to flip it, and this mattress is heavy! All in all, for the price, this is a GREAT mattress, I highly recommend.

I am honestly not sure yet.

I bought the OkiEasy because I was having bad lower back issues and owned a traditional mattress. I did a lot of research both online and in local stores and OkiOki had the best overall trial period, warranty and price. I have now been sleeping on it for just over a week. I wish I could say it solved all my problems and I am sleeping solidly, but that is not the case, yet. The mattress is a bit more firm than I am used to, so that takes time to adjust, my back is still hurting, but there are times during the night when I notice no pain, so I am hopeful with time, I will adjust fully. I love the cool topping, I like that you can't feel motion transfer like on a regular mattress. Time will tell if this is going to work for me, but with the trial period, I feel secure in allowing myself that time.

Sooooo comfy

Such a good mattress! I’ve been sleeping in a super firm full size bed for the past 20 years so an upgrade to a super comfy king has been amazing! Love this mattress and never want to leave my bed!

Great mattress for the price

My husband and I were in the market for a new mattress, so we ordered one online that he had heard about for $1500. It ended up being the worst mattress I'd ever slept on. After that, I was really worried about buying a mattress online but I decided to give it another shot. I'm so glad I did! I ordered the OkiEasy, and it was so comfortable the moment we put it on the box spring. It is firm enough that I don't feel like I'm sinking, but soft enough to be relaxing at the end of a hard day. We've only had it about a week, but I'm so happy with it so far- plus you can't beat the price or the trial period!

New bed!

Luv it so far!

One month in...

So far so good. I am primarily a side sleeper and felt pain immediately on my old coil spring mattress. There is no pain at all with the Oki easy. Our backs have felt better as well. One person at oki recommended an oki easy and a different person at oki recommended the oki flex for me so I was a bit confused but ultimately got the easy for the side sleeping. I wonder if the flex would have been better for our backs though. Comfy and cool. We are happy.

Wife sleeping Normal again!

Good or bad it has added many extra minutes of good sleep to my wife's sleep time ( 60-90 minutes) !


I bought this mattress for my mom. She is hard to please and has arthritis and is in pain a lot. After 2 nights she says she wakes up with no pain. She loves the mattress. We are planning on buying 2 twin XLs and an adjustable base for us. Did I say she is very pleased? The quality for the price can’t be beat.


What service! We ordered the wrong size mattress, and the customer service was amazing at helping us get it right. Within a week the entire thing was resolved and our new foundation and mattress delivered. I did not want to get out of bed today! The mattress was so comfortable, it’s almost like it wouldn’t let me go. Hands down the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’m telling everyone I know!

So far so good

I’ve been telling everyone I know about this mattress. I got the king sized okieasy, and I definitely underestimated the size and weight of the box. Holy crap so heavy. But aside from that, it’s been great. There was a weird smell for about 3 days but that then went away.

Dangerously comfy

Very impressed with my okieasy mattress, I hate leaving it in the morning! I did extensive research in boxbeds prior to my purchase and I have to say I’m proud of myself for choosing the right one (:

Not for me or side sleeping but read review

I have been searching for a mattress for years gone through about 6 in the past 10yrs and nothing not even sleep# could help now my fiance is in the same sleep boat as me I got this because of the year return policy I was skeptical there are so many fly by night beds coming in on FB these days and I took a chance hoping not to get scammed and loose my money. Got it in really fast set up easy and when I got in bed it was very cool slet well very nice but as I slept more on my side it began to hurt my hip and hers if I sleep on my back which I cant to often I was good. So decided to send it back after 35 days they were amazing with the help and had my money back in 4 days like they said very awesome. If you can sleep on your back or maybe go with the softer bed it may work thank you for the trial and really easy return!

Excellent Service!

Placed an order for an OkiEasy King mattress and found it was on backorder due to being out of stock. Customer services responded quickly and got everything squared away with a date of stocking and I got my mattress 2 days later. Been about a week sleeping on the new mattress and so far it's been great!

I woke up WITHOUT back pain for the first time in a year!

I slept on mine for the first time last night and I woke up WITHOUT back pain for the first time in a year. Hope it continues to meet our needs, thanks OkiOki!!

Feels amazing!

I’ve had my mattress for about 2 weeks now and it’s given me some of my best sleep. Mattress truly does have an affect on your health. Do your self a favor and try oki oki because it’s a quality mattress at a great price! Thanks oki oki


So far it’s been absolutely amazing. The best I’ve slept since having children. Love it!

Excited to go to bed, even more than usual

I already love sleeping. But now I can rest even easier knowing that bones are resting easy where they’re supposed to be. It’s seriously the perfect mix of firm and soft, and I can’t get over the silky feeling of the mattress cover itself! It’s way fancier than I expected. And where else are you going to get a 365 night trial with this amazing price and customer service!?! Don’t buy a mattress from companies who sell everything under the sun. Buy a mattress from a company that sells only mattresses. Trust me I did way too much research on mattresses...

Great mattress for the price!

I can finally sleep nearly pain free!

Great bed

I got a King and I love the size. My lower back is still getting used to it but it’s betting better. When I move my fiancée isn’t bothered and vice versa. My dog is also taking advantage since we don’t notice when she jumps on the bed.


After months of not wanting to pull the trigger on another mattress that could end up equally as upsetting as our amazon foam one, we decided to go with oki oki. THANK GOODNESS WE DID. It's better than the tempurpedic ones we tried in a big mattress store and 1/3 of the price!!! I was a bit worried that the okieasy would be too firm since I'm a side sleeper but it's incredible. Woke up for the first morning without back pain in months!

YES!!! Fabulous product at unbelieveable prices!

Try OkiOki out! Definitely worth the money! Our bed arrived fast and in perfect condition. No smell when we unboxed it and no wait time to sleep on it. We had the most perfect night's sleep. I traded out my expensive Simmons BeautyRest mattress for the OkiFlex and am so pleased with the quality of our sleep every since. Don't blow your money on a high dollar name brand. OkiOki is FABULOUS!!!!

Sleep Queen

I randomly came across this mattress while on the hunt for a mattress with a competitors. I am so so glad that I decided to purchase with OkiOki. I HAVE NOT slept like this in YEARS, and that is not a joke. Soft yet supportive in all the right places. My daughter who is 1 also go sleeps and she even sleeps in longer :)



Best night's sleep in a long time

I've only had my OkiEasy for about a week, but I have already slept better this past week than I have in a very long time. The price with the available coupon made it hard to pass up. Shipping was super fast.

Very happy with my purchase

Very happy with my purchase

Finally a wonderful mattress for a bigger person!!

As a bigger person, I’ve gotten used to sagging mattresses, and waking up sore but not anymore!! Our Okisoft has saved my aching body!! It’s the best nights sleep I’ve ever had and I can’t feel my husband tossing and turning all night! Love it!

Comfiest Bed Ever!

I regularly brag about my bed. It’s completely as advertised. I’m a side sleeper and my partner sleeps in many positions and this bed works perfectly for the both of us. It’s not too soft so that you feel like you’re sinking in to the bed, or too firm that you’re on a rock. You also can’t feel your partner moving on the mattress while you’re lying down, so late night disruptions with that are completely gone. If you get hot easily too, this keeps going cool. If you’re on the fence about this mattress, let me ease your mind and say that this is the best purchase I’ve made in a while and I have no regrets.

It’s okay

The box arrived pretty banged up and the plastic had a hole in it that went through to the mattress cover. Thankfully, there were no rips in the cover. The bed isn’t nearly as soft as I was expecting, but I guess it isn’t awful. I’ve found I cannot lie close to edge or I nearly fall off the bed because it isn’t sturdy. I’ve never owned a memory foam mattress before, so I am guessing it’s just a thing with them. We haven’t decided if we want to return it or not yet. It just seems like it would be a pain waiting for a new bed.

No edge support

We were very excited to try the mattress out, unfortunately we will be returning/donating it. The lack of edge support is mind boggling. I felt like I was rolling off the bed quite a distance away from the edge. I shared the sentiments with my wife as we both were bumping into each other all night. Not a good bed for a couple. I’m 175 and she weighs 125, so not large folks.

Just what we needed

Somehow my tall, back sleeper husband and I (stomach sleeper) both needed an Oki Easy. We have had it a week and his back feels better. It is so different from our traditional mattress, but seems to be just what we needed!

I love my OkiOki!

I love my OkiOki mattress so much. I can’t wait to sleep on it every night!

Full night sleep

I have slept on my new mattress for 3 nights and have sleep better than I have in years.

My daughter has fibromyalgia and with her OkiOki she sleeps comfortably through the night!

We love our OkiOki so much that we bought one for our 18-yr old daughter who has fibromyalgia. Last night was her first night with the new mattress and she got up this morning with a huge smile, color in her cheeks, and NO STIFFNESS or Pain! She is beyond thrilled with her OkiEasy! Thank you so much for our wonderful mattresses!

Love ours so much!!

It's absolutely worth the investment and the quality is top notch!!!

Almost Perfect

Purchased an OkiEasy mattress and have been sleeping on it for 2 months now. Can’t beat the price for the quality of the mattress. It is a little firmer than I expected but I enjoy it overall. Will probably buy more mattresses from OkiOki in the future.

Worth the money

Comfortable bed, as advertised.


I bought the OkiEasy and I've had it for about a month. It is slippery and rock hard. Now I cant get customer service to tell me how to return it. Don't bother.

Way too firm

This mattress is so firm it gave ma a debilitating head ache. I requested a refund they claim they scheduled a pickup for Friday November 27th, 2020 but no one called, emailed, or text me for pickup. I replied to the email about setting up a pickup and they replied with we're sorry you don't like the mattress qould you like a refund. Wait I already scheduled a time to pickup.

Maybe not for the heavier sidesleeper

I purchased the recommended okioki easy hybrid and while I feel it is a quality mattress at a very reasonable price it is to firm for a 265 pound side sleeper and I wake up with hip pain especially if the room and mattress are the cool temp I prefer to sleep in,this will be fixed with a mattress topper but I should have bought the soft.I am not a fan of the slippery mattress cover as well but again minor fix and overall a great mattress for a combo sleeper!

Great value for a budget mattress!

I had my eyes on a Nectar mattress for at least 4 months, waiting for a great sale to come around so I could finally replace my old and caving in mattress. I was planning out my budget to accommodate the purchase when an Instagram ad for OkiOki came up - I clicked on it and was immediately wooed by the lower price tag. I read through the reviews, but I am always skeptical of reviews that a company shares on their own website. Did some searching on google for what other people were saying about the mattress and decided to go for it based on the reviews that mention their great customer service for returns, just in case it didn't work for me. I ordered it on 10/14 with the expectation (based on their COVID statement) that it would take more than two weeks for delivery. It arrived on my doorstep 10/18, a Sunday! I immediately hauled it in and let it start airing out and expanding. I slept on it that night still a little squished, but within two days it was fully expanded. My biggest concern was that it would be too firm for me as a side sleeper with pronounced hips. I was trepidatious for the first few sleeps, but either my body adjusted or the mattress did, because now I am sleeping wonderfully on the OkiEasy. I decided to wait a bit on leaving a review, just in case it was a buyer's high that made it such a good experience, but a month and a half in and I am still loving this mattress. 5/5 on the price. 5/5 on the comfort. 5/5 on the speed of delivery.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Love love love

Love my OkiEasy! I finally enjoy going to bed at night! I’m an overweight person and I have finally found a mattress that doesn’t sag on my side!

Best Mattress Ever!!

I love my OkiEasy mattress!! It’s super comfortable and was exactly what I was looking for! I highly recommend this mattress to those who are looking for a better night sleep.

Amazing mattress

I'm so glad I finally decided to order a mattress from OkiOki. The mattress shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. I looked at and researched a lot of different mattresses and you really cant beat the trial period and the 10 year warranty, free shipping and no tax. Just all around great quality, great price and awesome customer service. This mattress is the best one I have ever had, it is just so comfortable and supportive and I can honestly say I truly have not slept this good in years. My entire experience with OkiOki has been 5 stars. I just love my OkiOki mattress!

My only regret is not finding it sooner

I bought the OkiEasy as an upgrade from a 14-year-old pillow top that left me aching and drowsy all day, regardless how long I slept the night before. After my first night on this mattress, I woke up with no back pain and noticeably more energy. I did extensive research to find the right mattress and I can honestly say this was a miracle of a find! The materials are high quality, supportive yet soft, and keep me cool throughout the night. I’m sleeping better than I have in years and I LOVE that you can sleep on the mattress on night 1, there’s no 24-48 hour ‘Fluff up’ period. The cost is unbeatable compared to any other online bed in a box or retailI mattresses, shipping was fast and convenient, and the 365 night trial period was the cherry on top of a perfect purchase. I can’t say enough good things about this bed, and my cat loves it too! Thank you OkiOki!


I’ve always had issues getting quality sleep, but this bed changed it all! I fall asleep faster, and I wake up more easily and in less pain. Could not recommend this more!

Love our Oki Oki bed!

We bought a sleep number years ago and I never really liked it. We bought that bed because of my bad back. My back did improve some but never was just right with my sleep number. Also, that mattress hurt my shoulders and I would wake up often with my shoulder killing me. We just moved into a new home so we decided to replace the mattress. My buddy suggested an Oki Oki. While I’d never heard of the company I did some research and decided if we didn’t like it we could just send it back. Turns out it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My back and shoulder pain are gone. My wife and I truly love this bed and we highly recommend to anyone considering purchasing a new mattress.

Purchased for my son and

Purchased for my son and he loves it.

new mattress

We have only had our mattress a few months ,i have to say its the best mattress we have ever had.

Great bed

The okieasy is a great mattress! The cooling cover it’s fantastic and actually does feel cold to the touch. It’s actually crazy like every time you move a bit the cover is cold again. The okieasy is a hair more firm than I expected but that’s not a huge deal for me. If you want something soft the okisoft might be for you. The quality tho is top notch and I honestly can’t find anything to complain about.

Heaven for my injured back

I had to stop sleeping on my old mattress because it hurt my back so bad. I broke my back a few years ago and I have so much pain at night that I toss and turn a lot. We got a new mattress about four years ago, and it was nice for about a year. Since receiving our new OkiOki Easy mattress, I hardly ever toss at night and I'm finally able to get some sleep. Thank you so much!

Oki Easy

Third night on the Oki Easy. Mattress came in very nice packaging and seems to be very well constructed. I have always slept on traditional spring mattresses with pillow top. I am a side and stomach sleeper. Taking longer to transition than thought. Second night I had to get up and move to my old bed. Hopefully I adjust quickly. If not, will need to test out Oki refund policy.

Finally, a chance for some sleep!

I took months to look around at all of the online mattress companies before deciding on the OkiEasy mattress. In all of my research, I was excited to have everything I wanted: coils AND memory foam, delivery, easy set-up, and a great price. The only reason for the 4-stars (instead of 5) is due to the chemical smell that came from unwrapping the mattress. I attempted to air it out, for a few hours, before putting my sheets on, but the smell still comes through at times.

Need Small improvements

I’m 5’11 and 177lb, mostly a side sleeper, my wife is 5’7 and 150lb she is a combination sleeper, we both think that when we are laying on our side we can feel the coil spring a little poking the hips and the cover is a little too lose, we think if the top layer is an inch thicker it will probably fix both problems, at least my shoulder pain is better. Thanks


We got the King OkiEasy in October and have loved it. We decided to put the mattress on top of two twin box springs because we like being a little higher and that has worked out great. I did a lot of research and price of an Oki is the best in the business. Keep up the great work.

So far so good

I was a little skeptical at first because of the price, and because I had a foam mattress before that I had to return because of heat. It took about a week to get used to the mattress and now I sleep just fine. The year guarantee and the price make it an affordable mattress. As look as it keeps up I will be keeping it and spreading the word. Thank you, Former Sleep number owner.

Dreamy Mattress

Best mattress I have ever slept on, and I have traveled a lot and slept in a lot of hotel beds. Whenever I have to sleep on another mattress, I just dream about how I want to go back to my OkiOki mattress. I am so joyous about this bed! Thank you!


Just purchased the OkiEasy mattress after seeing multiple advertisements for different mattress companies all over social media. An advertisement for OkiOki came across my Facebook timeline. Decided to do some research and found a lot of positive reviews!! I would highly recommend this mattress brand for both the comfort and support as well as the value!! Thanks OkiOki!!

5 stars

5 stars

So good

It's only been a week... AMD it's our 1st experience with Memory Foam with is a bit "weird" at 1st. But I like it so far. Am sleeping well and dont seem to have as much shoulder pain as I was before on my 10 yr old Serta pillowtop mattress. I only gave 4 stars because it's only been a week. Check back with me in 6 months for a serious rating !

Top knotch quality

Looked online for a new mattress for quite sometime before I found the OkiEasy. Received it within a week of ordering, so shipping is fast. We ordered the kingsize, so the package was quite a chore to wrestle to our upstairs bedroom. I would definitely recommend having an extra pair of hands available to assist due to the kingsize mattress weighs in excess of 120lbs. Only problem that I really had was getting the plastic wrapper opened. After that, it opened up just as I was told it would. Been sleeping on it now for 5 days and I am very pleased with it. I suffer from lower back problems, which seems not to be as bad in the mornings as I had with my previous mattress. Highly recommend this mattress.

Not Bad

We really enjoy the okieasy bed so far. The cooling feature really does work which is nice since I’m a hot sleeper. You can tell it’s build with quality as well. The reason I knocked one star off is because it’s a bit firmer than we thought. Not a deal breaker but could be a bit softer. Highly recommended!

Comfortable bed

Needs to be rotated regularly to avoid body divots.

Need a wedge to hold your pillows

Need a wedge to hold your pillows besides that very comfortable bed feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud.Would like to know if you would supply a wedge for the back So pillows doesn’t slnk down the back thank you for your time

Amazing for the price

Absolutely not bad. This has been the first bed that I have bought. I originally wanted the purple mattress, but couldn’t afford that hefty pricetag. After searching around Amazon for a mattress, I cam across an ad for this one. I usually prefer soft beds while my significant other prefers more firmer beds. This has worked well for both of us and we have no trouble falling asleep on it. I don’t believe that it is as nice as a more luxuric mattress like a Purple mattress, but you’re also only paying a 6th of the price. I would recommend this mattress to anyone that wants a higher quality mattress without paying those luxury taxes of one.

Okieasy Queen Mattres

I like the mattress ok. I decided to go with the recommendation of the firmer mattress, as was told would be better for me as I’m a stomach sleeper. It’s a bit firmer then I expected. Wish I had went with the plush version. But overall a great product and very good pricing!

Good price for good support.

So far, really liking this mattress. Wasn't sure for a few nights because we woke up feeling sore but now, a couple weeks into having it, starting to feel the difference in support. I love the cooling topper/cover, but our sheets slide all over the place. Probably our only complaint so far—excited to see how it holds up long term.

So far, So good!

While I am now into my second month of sleeping on the OkiEasy, I can honestly say that it hasn't cured my back pain but it hasn't really made it worse either. That said, I wasn't expecting it to be a cure-all and just wanted it to be more comfortable than my previous ten-year old innerspring mattress. In that respect, it has lived up to my expectations! Would have given it 5-stars if it had better edge support. When sitting too close to the edge it has a tendency to let you slide off which I find annoying. I understand that to be a problem with almost all foam mattresses and was aware of it prior to purchase. In short, it is the price which sold me on OkiEasy since I believe it performs as well as the over-priced, over-hyped "name brands". Thanks for the fair pricing and great service, OkiOki!

Amazing sleep no edge support

Almost all my morning back pain was gone. Great night's sleep. The big problem is there is no edge support. I can even sit and put my socks on without sliding off. Don't know if that's a deal breaker

Not what I was dreaming of

Two weeks into owning this mattress and as much as I hoped to love it, I'm literally SORELY disappointed in this not working out. I fall asleep quickly and am so comfortable when first laying on this but I fear it is just far too FIRM for me. I have not had a single night yet where I haven't tossed and turned painfully trying to get comfortable, have even resorted to sleeping with my upper body on top of a pillow but I'm still in pain! My ribs and spine are extremely pained when sleeping on this mattress and I feel now it's not something that takes "adjusting" or getting used to... I either need to return this or add a plush memory foam topper to ease the firmness and I'm very surprised.

Not as magical as I had hoped

Let me start with the fact that after reviewing the OkiOki Easy both on the site and through various online reviewers, I was crazy pumped to get my mattress. To start they get it out to you extremely fast which is awesome and the packaging is great and gives you all the information needed. For someone who wanted a hybrid with the functionality of a softer approach I was excited but this has got to be the firmest mattress I have ever had. If your looking between this model and the OkiOki Soft, choose the soft. It’s easy enough to get someone on the phone to ask about a return but they make you wait for various people to reach out via email. After looking into a few options I have still not heard back from the representative so I don’t know what the return / solution wait really is. There seem to be a lot of Pros to the brand but I’ve yet to see this come full circle. Honestly speaking, this mattress left my back in worse shape than my previous one!

Good for price

We needed a new bed because our old one (only a year old) was killing my shoulders. The sleep quiz matched us with the okieasy. My shoulders are still a tiny bit sore but I am hard on my body so thats to be expected. My only "issue" is since my boyfriend thinks he has to sleep strapped to my back I sleep almost completely on the edge of the bed, which I feel like doesn't have much structure or support so I tend to feel like I am going to fall off the bed...but when I get the bed to myself it's great!

Amazing bed, well worth buying

Okay so first off I have been looking at different beds for about a year now and being so indecisive I could never settle on one. Enter the Okioki. After reading the reviews, warranty, product info, and payment plan option, and seeing that the price was so much cheaper then the competitors I was really interested but still unsure. I must of looked at the site everyday for a week before taking the plunge. I did a sleep assessment for my wife and I and it recommended the OkiEasy. I went a head and placed the order on a Saturday during a holiday weekend and it arrived Wednesday. Unboxing and unwrapping was very simple they even included a tool to cut the plastic and once it was free of it binding it inflated to full size in a matter of minutes. Very impressive. It had a very slight packaging smell but it dissapated the same day. Now my wife and I both have back problems so we were excited to see if it helped with the pain. Normally we wake wake sore and toss all night. I'm one of those people that have to get up to pee and with this bed my wife never felt me move. The support and softness is just perfect. It did take a little to get use to a foam style mattress. Since getting the bed we both have been sleeping better and waking with little to no pain! So if your on the fence about trying an Okioki, I have to say just do it! Absolute great bed!

The soft mattress is too firm

We expected a cloud feeling, but apparently the soft mattress is just medium-firm. It is very uncomfortable for light weighted people. Also, they just leave the mattress in front of the door, no help to bring it upstairs or anything.


Having Major shipping issues. OkiOki doing nothing to help. Please avoid this company. After POS, they dont care at all.

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