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Novosbed Mattress Reviews

It just may be time to try something new! Novosbed has been around for a while making memory foam mattresses comparable to some of the most popular out there. They make one mattress with soft and firm varieties and are still a bit of a secret outside the mattress industry. That said, they put out a great mid-line price with quality materials and plenty of price value that may just be what you need.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $799-$1999

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Novosbed's Specifics

Quality of Materials

The Novosbed is a blend of memory foams with three firmness options. The foams are rated CertiPUR-US, which means they won't off-gas lots of nasty toxins. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The Novosbed has two covers -- a washable top cover made of stretchable soft material and a two way stretch sub-cover that acts as a guard for the foam.

Layer 2: Each of the firmness varieties are slightly different on the thickness of the foams. For the most popular medium firmness, this is 2'' of perforated ultra-dense memory foam that provides a medium firm feel.

Layer 3: 2'' of non-perforated ultra-dense memory foam.

Layer 4: 7'' of support foam to give the bed shape and resilience.

Overall Comfort

This mattress provides great memory-foam style comfort for a wide variety of folks. The firmness options provides good variety to those that are particular and have different body sizes.


The Novosbed firmness options fit both those looking for firm and soft mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

The Novosbed has been reported by many to solve back pain. Clinically, their medium firmness mattress is the best for those suffering from back pain and need spinal alignment.


Though Novosbed has a perforated layer, there have been some that complain of warmth. If you are a warm sleeper this may be a difficulty.

Who Is It Good For?

Folks looking for a memory foam feel, want to customize their firmness, and don't mind a slight bit of heat retention.

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Spare bed score.

Purchased this for our spare bedroom and our guests think it’s better than their bed at home.

Love it

Absolutely love it. The whole experience from delivery to set up was very easy. Probably the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in

comfort +

We ordered the comfort + softening for our mattress and was really impressed by how quickly it arrived and once again how easy it was to get. No sales tactics, just good customer service, clear communication and high quality product. Thanks!


I have the Novosbed for 3 months and it feels and sleeps wonderfully. I never had a foam mattress before but I love my Novosbed and won't ever sleep on a spring mattress again.

Awesome Bed

Purchased a Novosbed in October, 2017 and couldn't be happier. It is so comfortable and the customer service is very friendly. I would definitely recommend a Novosbed!!

I wanted to wait...

...wait, and give the bed a good 90-100 sleeps. WE ARE SO HAPPY with this BED! I'm really, really happy to support Albertan / Canadian business as well. It's very nice to contact customer support and talk to...once again, Canadians! Still, nothing is holding a candle to the comfort of our new Novosbed. Thanks guys.

Queen mattress

I am enjoying my new mattress. And novosbed is a great company to deal with. I had no problems what so ever. Everything was on time and in Perfect shape when I received it. Thanks

Novos # 2

Loved my first novos bed so much, bought one for my guest room. A more comfortable and value for money mattress cannot be had!

Luxurious, Distinguished, and Rediculously Comfortable

This mattress is unlike any other. It compels me to lay in it, even if I am wide awake. My sleep has improved immensely. Sex on this mattress is great too; I can really bring it from the hips without having to accommodate annoying spring-loaded squeaking and recoil. It has been a great improvement to my psychological and physiological health. Than...Read Moreks Novosbed. Read Less

Excellent product

you should mention that it is made in the U.S.; one out of two "ain't" bad.

Love our new King Novosbed!

We received our king size bed very quickly after ordering. It was easy to set up and had very little odour that dissipated within a few days. It is so very comfortable and we are loving it!

Great mattress!

My husband and I both enjoy the mattress when typically we have different opinions on what is comfortable. This mattress is the perfect balance for both of us.

Very comfortable

I no longer suffer from backache.

So pleased!

I love my novos bed! I first bought a twin and planned to buy a king if I liked it. It was good from the first night but both of my hips have been replaced and some times the medium was just a little too firm. I had called about making it softer. They were very pleasant and I found out they offer only one adjustment per customer so I held off in c...Read Morease I needed it on the king which will be used more. Long story short, the king needs to be just a little softer and it will be on its way in a day or two. How refreshing to find such a great customer service company! The matteress description is exactly what you get. Read all the reviews and you can't go wrong. The king size is really heavy. But it is a quality matteress... Something that is hard to find these days. Read Less

Exactly what we were looking for

Replaced a mattress that was about 8 years old and really not of good quality. It's been a few months now and this is exactly what we were looking for. It is on the firmer side for me, but I did get used to it and our muscle and joint pains from the previous mattress have completely disappeared.

Great bed so far,maybe a

Great bed so far,maybe a little less firm than I would like, but that is what sold me on the Novosbed , the option to increase the firmness of the mattress.

Received our comfort plus foamie before schedule! So happy with it!

My body has never been so enveloped in comfort before! I truly value a good night's sleep and changing to a Novasbed has enhanced this for me. Many thanks for your wonderful product and excellent service. Most sincerely, Lorinne MacKenzie

Novosbed trial

This bed makes me sleep much warmer...we are still deciding if it is causing more pain or what is going on...

Definitely not as advertised

From the beginning our experience was not a pleasant one. After countless hours of research, talking to novosbed representatives, and reading reviews, my wife and I decided that a medium firmness would be a good choice for us because it was supposedly equivalent to the temperpedic cloud supreme that the novosbed representative suggested it would be. After a week passed our mattress was lost in transportation. We recieved it a week after our estimated delivery date. I know errors happen but it was just the beginning of our bad experience. Once they were able to locate it and deliver it, the box was hardly a box. After we got it into place and let it air out, we were inticipating it to be stiff from being new. We understood we would need time for our bodies to adjust but still after three weeks of misery, sore bodies and sleepless nights, it was still just as stiff as the day we got it. Once we were able to request a comfort plus kit, we asked for the softer topper. It did not help one bit! We had to put on one of our own 2'' foam toppers on top of that to make it tolerable. I'm 205lbs and it does not contour to the body like typical memory foam does. I'm counting down the days until we're able to take advantage of their return policy.

4 month process-still in progress

Transitions are ongoing in our household with adjustments...Novosbed Service has been great though-thanks!

Very comfortable, would prefer slightly more firm.

will require adding the firm addition.

Novas Mattress

Comfortable and great service

Parents of Recipient .

We have heard all positive comments from our son about the excellent support & comfort.... granting him the best night's sleep each evening. He is thoroughly pleased and very satisfied with his Novusbed. We his parents are most appreciative. Thank you, Dianne & Ewart Locke.

After one year we still

After one year we still love it.

Good Bed

I love my bed!

A great night's sleep!

Very happy with this mattress - as side sleepers we had trouble adjusting to our previous memory foam mattress. However, the Novosbed with the extra layer of foam worked out perfectly. No issues with heat either - it seems to absorb and dissipate body heat effectively.

Helps back pain

It took a while to adjust to. I found it too soft for the first few weeks. The bed sleeps hot, meaning waking in a sweat quite often. It has helped my lower back and sciatic thankfully.


Extremely satisfied with both my purchase and the customer service that I received during every part of my purchase and trial.

So comfy

We tired 2 other mattresses before keeping this one. We live the mattress. It’s very comfy and I wake up with no more back pain. Very happy with our purchase.

Good purchase

It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. There is no discomfort at all from pressure points after six months.

Novosbed Queen Mattress

Great Product We have had a Novosbed firm mattress for over 6 months now and are still enjoying a well rested night sleep. Would strongly recommend this product not only for a high quality mattress but for their customer service. We ordered a Medium firmness at first realizing this was not quiet right and call customer service asking for customer + firming and within days received our adjustment to firm.

I'm so glad I chose

I'm so glad I chose to order from Novos. I wasn't sure how soft or firm I wanted my bed to be, so I bought the standard mattress. Turns out I needed something softer, so loved that the firmness adjustment (comfort+?) was free after a while. It's so comfy, and my only regret is that I didn't pick the softer mattress.

I find the bed very

I find the bed very nice but it is a bit warm. I will want to try a different firmness soon.

Very happy

Very happy with this bed. After years in a waterbed, I was surprised how easy it was to sleep well in our Novosbed. Glad we spent extra to get 2 twins to put on the king frame. Set up was manageable and the crack is not an issue.

Great bed!

We have now owned our King medium Novosbed for about a year, and we still love it. It is the perfect firmness for me and my husband, and it has helped alleviate my back pain. Highly recommended!

Good bed. Should have gotten

Good bed. Should have gotten a king size and a little softer though.

Love our bed! Firm with

Love our bed! Firm with the firm topper is the way to go!


We have had the mattress for almost a year now and it has proven to be the best mattress we have ever owned. Do not hesitate to invest in a Novos mattress for yourself.

Awesome Bed!

We are really liking the Novosbed. Awesome!

Amazing x2!

Bought our first mattress in 2017 and another one this year! Mattress is amazing and would highly recommend!

Like a cloud

Loving this mattress. Anytime we have guests stay and they use it they rave about it. It’s made sleeping much better.

Medium soft mattress

This mattress has relieved my pain from multiple surgeries and helped me finally get some rest. I love my new bed!!

great mattress

I sleep great on it! It was hard to find a comfortable mattress.

Awesome Bed

Love my bed! My only complaint would be that it gets pretty warm at times.

Great bed

Great bed

6 months in - still love it!

Initially ordered in the medium firmness. I loved it but my wife found it a bit on the firm side versus what she preferred. Novosbed promptly sent us the plush topper, which was great. Mattress is ultra comfortable. It does sleep a bit warm in the summer - this being my first foam mattress, but nothing to stop me from sleeping - still not as bad as I was expecting for a foam mattress. No sagging, imprints or grooves so far - still like brand new! Thanks Novosbed

We love our new beds!

They are perfect for us! thank you and best customer service!

A little firmer than I

A little firmer than I anticipated

Very comfortable with Comfort+ system

Since the beginning, we started feeling more comfortable with the firm Queen Novosbed mattress. It was perfect with the Comfort+ system. Very fast shipping. Highly recommended. We will surely tell our friends to go with Novosbed for their following mattress choice.


i would give 6 stars out 5! Delivery was done on due time, the bed is amazing, and super comfortable! Thank you so much

Great investment in great sleep

I have been sleeping in my Novosbed for a month. I purchased it particularly because I was having shoulder pain from side sleeping on my firm spring bed according to my orthopedist. My pain is now gone. For me there’s nothing better than this bed from the experience I’ve had.

Just a little warm.

Love the comfort level. We went soft, then went even softer with the soft comfort+. My wife is fine but l being a little heavier sink deep into the memory foam, so getting hot is a slight problem that I will need to address with a different sheet of mattress liner.

Best mattress I have ever

Best mattress I have ever had to sleep on. No aches and pains during the night and feel great in the morning. Can't go wrong ordering a mattress from this company.

Marshmallow Cloud

It has changed my life. Most comfortable cloud I've ever been on. Would recommend!

Great bed

The Novosbed is very comfortable. I was experiencing back pain with my former mattress after a month on the Novosbed it is completely gone. I’m also getting deeper sleep which affects all aspects of my life.

Almost a year and what a great sleep!

I was a little skeptical of purchasing a foam mattress and after I received it, I thought it was going to be too soft for my liking. Here I am almost a year later and I can't imagine going back! It is amazingly comfortable!


We purchased this originally due to the return policy as we felt we had nothing to lose. It is fantastic! It was a little soft for me and we ordered the firming package. So comfortable.

Our experience with Novosbed

We have slept on our Novosbed mattress for several months and are very satisfied with it; no more backaches and a great nights sleep.

Very comfy.

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would recommend to others that need a supportive bed. Even though I ordered the soft novosbed, I still find it firm, which I like.

Great bed, can't complain!

I've had the bed for a few months now and it has been great! I look forward to sleeping every night :)

So peaceful

We have the softest version and it is like sleeping on a cloud and best of all I don’t feel my husband moving around in the bed. It does take a while to get used to. I would say it took about 4 weeks before I was entirely comfortable.

Love it!

Honestly has changed my life! My back pain is gone. I am a stomach sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper and we both find the "medium" great.

great very comfortable

great very comfortable


I love this bed and literally say that every night - we’ve had it for about 6mos now and it’s only gotten better!

Comfortable bed.

Comfortable bed.

Getting a good night’s sleep!

We are liking our new Novosned mattress so far. We ordered a soft mattress but are thinking we may get the Comfort + add on to make the mattress a bit more firm.

Tried competitors but stuck with novos.

A year later and it's still the most comfortable bed I've tried. Got the medium firmness and initially chose the softer pad theyll send you but took it off and just preferred the mattress after a few months. Great customer service.. love this bed, and so does my GF.

A great mattress, a great decision

Buying a mattress sight unseen seemed risky at first, but it worked out well. We are happy with the sleeping, the quality, and value. Highly recommended way to buy a mattress.


This bed is excellent. The cool foam has been great for significantly reducing body tempature since I naturally sleep quite hot. Other poor quality memory foam mattresses had be sweating every night even when room tempature was cool. Only thing I wish it had was different foam support for the different areas of the body. Hope to see this soon!

Very comfortable!:)

Very comfortable!:)

Purchased the firm mattress

This is a great comfortable mattress. I purchased the firm one and after 18 months, it is still firm and comfortable

Excellent Service

Excellent product and excellent service. Zero complaints.

I generally like my bed

I generally like my bed on the softer side, but didn't want anything too soft so I chose the medium. It was too firm for me so I ordered the Comfort+, too. Unfortunately, it didn't help. I had a hard time staying asleep and woke up with body aches everyday. I don't think memory foam works for me; I returned the mattress. For reference, I am a side/stomach sleeper. The mattress, however, is well made, the Comfort+ system has a smart design, and the customer service I received was fantastic!

Great mattres

Tried a Casper and the Novosbed. A world of difference between the two for basically the same price. The Novosbed wins hands down for comfort, quality, etc.

Bought 3 of them for all of our beds

Great mattress. We bought them for our summer home and now ordering for all of our bedrooms at home. Perfect balance of firm and plush.

Been a Year........ Loving it!

Bought our Firm mattress November 2017. Liked it from day one but still wasn't Firm enough. After 30 days ordered the Firm Topper. Once topper was added mattress was perfect! We couldn't be happier with our bed investment. Novosbed has been great from quality to customer service and shipping. Definately recommend this product........have many times to friends and family. Brent F (Vernon BC)


Purchased the bed back in February and it has been comfortable - happy with the purcahse and the follow up. Thanks, Jeremy

firm bed

very comfortable with lots of support.

sheep for sale

I was skeptical on buying a bed online but the reviews all led me to believe that this bed was good. Turned out to be better than good, it is great. Both the wife and I love this bed, and we are two different types of sleepers !! We both have great sleeps and the support is fantastic.

Great mattress.

We chose the firm mattress and couldn't be happier. We decided to make the switch because the old mattress was giving me neck and shoulder pains and my husband lower back pains. Since we've been sleeping on the novosbed, no more pain! Took a couple of weeks to break the bed in but so worth it 😊

Medium / Queen size

A bit on the firm side... but comfy... Been about 6 weeks... Have yet to wake up stiff or sore...

For me my mattress could

For me my mattress could be softer because I have arthritis and back problems; but overall I do like it.

Queen medium firmness

Loving my new mattress! Getting great sleep!!

So comfy

We love our bed. So soft and so comfy. Were don’t feel each other moving around on the bed and it’s been such a life saver. I’m a side-sleeper and my husband sleeps on his side, back or front, depending on the day. We got the soft California King and we will never look back.

Best bed

Delivery was fast & undamaged. Setup simple. Minor off gassing seemed present for a week or so but not a problem. Opted for the firm unit despite being a lighter weight mostly side sleeper as have always preferred a firmer mattress. First month I experienced some minor lower back discomfort on occasion but suspected it was to do with the change & a break in period as much as anything. Opted to try softening with the comfort plus kit. It too arrived quickly & undamaged. Simple to install. Although that foam layer is NOT memory foam it still softened things up to the goldilocks 'just right" level. After months on this unit that minor lower back issue on waking has long since vanished. Not a night goes by that I don't appreciate just how comfy these are every time I hit the foam. Consistantly sleeping like a stone & reluctant to get out of bed. As my first memory foam mattress I do find it sleeps a bit warmer than a coil sprung unit. Now in the cooler weather that is a welcomed feature. Removable, washable top is a huge plus & one of the deciding factors for the brand. Customer service was prompt & hassle free. Indeed this is the best bed I've had the pleasure of every night. Fingers crossed it stands the test of time. Thanks Novosbed!


Awesome bed! Glad a friend told me about it!

Very comfortable

I did a lot of research prior to purchasing my NOVOSBED, and landed on a few reviews that really helped. After people claimed the medium firmness had better / longer lasting / higher quality foam and paired that with the soft comfort+ kit, I pulled the trigger. It was har to get used to the bed and I had to wait I believe 30 days before I could get the comfort+ kit, however once I had that the bed really started to open up for me and I’m sleeping great. I sleep on my back, stomach, side, and all of them at times throughout the night, and everything feels good. Back doesn’t hurt after my previous mattress and I’m really pleased with my purchase. A+ all the way around.


This mattress is very comfortable and great support. I have been looking for a great mattress and now I have it. I could not go wrong with their return policy. If your bed is not comfortable you have to try this one.

Worth the price

The ability to choose the level of firmness for the Novosbed is definitely one of the top reasons to choose it over its competitors. I got the firm mattress and was a tad concerned it might be *too* firm but knowing that Novosbed already had a solution for it, I felt confident in my choice. However, the firm bed is exactly the firmness I like and I am glad I did not go with the medium. While it is individual preference--this flexibility is awesome and worth the price.

High quality at value prices...

This was our first foray into memory foam mattresses + mail order. The combination of good reviews, no-hassle returns and the ability to tune your mattress post-sale gave us the confidence to try our firm Novosbed. Despite all those safety nets - we never slipped once. Great sleep.


The bed is comfortable, arrived in good time and we are satisfied.

Love it!!

I didn’t realize how bad my bed was until I slept on this bed. I have a very sensitive nose and I didn’t have any issues with off-gassing.

Love it

I looked at tons and tons of review videos and blogs about mattresses you can buy online. I decided on novosbed because of the higher quality used in production. I wanted something as close to tempurpedic without the price tag that comes with it. I absolutely love my bed and have a hard time wanting to get out of it in the morning. If you have laid on a tempurpedic before and liked the feel of it get this, it’s even better!!! Also customer service is so quick to respond to any question. No buyers remorse here.

Novosbed comfy and cozy

I bought my Novosbed 2 months ago. I just fell in love with my Novosbed memory foam mattress. It is comfy and cozy. I requested the comfort kit for my husband. He prefers the softer mattress. I ordered the medium density. It works pretty well for me

Much Better

We purchased the medium and still found it a little soft for back problems. We installed the firm comfort + kit and it is much better. I sleep better and my wife doesn't wake up with numbness and has less pain in her legs.So it did help and the sides are stronger also. So Thank You Wayne & Georgina

Fantastic upgrade over old, tired spring mattress -- fully satisfied!

The Novosbed mattress was part of a complete bed replacement -- out with the old platform, box springs and mattress, in with new bedframe, slat-type mattress supports, and the Novosbed. I did a lot of online research, and concluded that the Novosbed was better long-term value because of thicker, denser foam compared to some of the heavily advertised brands, even though the cost was slightly higher. My husband and I are not petite people, so durability was an important consideration. We had no previous experience with foam mattresses in the home (some at hotels and the like), so ordered the medium firmness with the thought that maybe we would take Novosbed up on their offer of a firmer or softer topper after a suitable trial period. The 100 days came and went and we never once thought a change was needed. We sleep blissfully on the medium firmness, and don't think this has been a mistake. Although I can tell when my husband actually gets out of bed, I'm not disturbed at all when he just rolls over. The whole platform is very stable and promotes great sleep. Compared to a firm spring mattress, you definitely have the sensation of sleeping "in" the bed rather than "on" the bed, which is actually quite pleasant after a brief adjustment period. The king size package was a handful, to say the least, to lug upstairs to the bedroom, but a furniture moving dolly came in handy here. Getting it unpacked and positioned on the bed slats was uneventful. We didn't find any objectionable smells from the new materials -- were able to sleep on it no problem right away. Sheets fit, too! Not much else to say -- very satisfied customer!

bed cover

I'm glad that I asked for the 2 inch foam I sleep better thanks you

Great Bed - Back feels much better

Bought the Novosbed last February so have been using now for more than 8 months. I am very happy with the purchase and have been enjoying the bed. I was a bit afraid to buy online at first but the fact that Novosbed offers to send you an adapter to adjust the firmness of the mattress sealed the deal for me. I have chronic lower back pain and have opted for the firm mattress. My back is much better now.

Novosbed Firm

Very highly quality materials and feel. My wife and I greatly enjoyed the bed, but it was just a bit too form for my liking. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone who wants or needs a firm mattress.

No pillow top needed

I absolutely love my Novosbed! Initially, I felt it was too firm and thought I’d need a pillowtop. I shopped around for pillowtops for a couple weeks, and during that period my mattress “broke in”. I’ve had it for a year now and after those first two weeks, it’s been the best mattress I’ve slept in to date! Allow a couple weeks before making your decision

Great bed

Tried another leading bed in a box, however, it wasn’t working out. So we decided to try Novosbed medium and sod kit. My wife liked it out of the box, I liked it much better after the soft kit. We will be keeping our Novosbed. Thank You for a great bed.

Mattress Comment

The mattress is even better with the extra comfort layer to make the medium bed softer. We are somewhere between 30 - 60 days and so far it is a keeper.

My wife loves it

We bought a firm king size. it is great except I sleep usually on the edge of the bed and the edge isn't as firm as I hoped. I would and have recommended Novosbed.

We are very pleased with

We are very pleased with this bed.

Like the bed

Don't like being pestered for a review


A great bed. Easy to setup. Very comfortable. No complaints.

Great bed

We have tried many different beds and none compared to the ease of purchase and set up , it’s been great so far . A little to hard for me but we have ordered the topper so I’m sure that will make it perfect

Great box mattress for someone who is unsure if their soft-firm preferences.

We weren't a hundred percent sure of the firmness level we needed. we had a hunch we wanted soft (softer than most mattresses out there) but weren't sure if this would be soft enough. When we got it we found it to be comfortable and plush but my wife wanted softer. (We got the soft mattress but she still wanted softer) So we requested a comfort + (soft) topper and it was perfect! The process to request the topper was simple, easy and the topper came very quickly! The mattress cover feels plush and high quality. Overall, we are very happy with our NovusBed and will definitely be recommending it to anyone who wants that peace of mind knowing they can adjust this mattress firmer or softer to their liking with the FREE comfort+ topper. Customer service was excellent as well!

Helpful, knowledgeable staff... fantastic quality construction

Purchased the firm after a very helpful online chat with ... drat! I forget her name! But she was a real-live Edmonton native... :-) Anyway - the bed is exactly as described and... well, my wife and I are very picky about not just the bed but the construction of the mattress cover. The attention to detail and the quality of this thing is awesome. Best yet... it is EASILY washable. Clearly a lot of thought and care went into the design of the cover, and after sleeping on the mattress for several months... we love it. Very happy with our purchase and would strongly recommend to others!

Great product and process

Did some research and very happy with our choice. We chose the soft mattress as we liked the cooling products. Turned out to be too soft and we ordered the adjustment to firm it up. We will use again when we need to order a mattress in the future.

Awesome! Buy it!

Best bed I’ve ever had. I’m a police officer with several back issues and switching to the firm Novosbed has helped immensely!

Best investment in good sleep and a healthy lifestyle

A great nites sleep!!! This company is serious about customer service,there tech support is on point!A company with quality and a money back warranty.A mattress that you don’ feel movement of your partners.

Great bed!

We ordered the medium foam mattress with the base. Easy assembly and solid construction. I found the medium to be a little too firm for us so we placed a topper on it. Now we love it!

Very happy customer!

I ordered this mattress after trying the Endy. Novosbed is so much better quality, you can tell as soon as you lie down on it. I have back problems and this mattress helps so much, as it's so firm and supportive. This company also has really great customer service

A good night sleep

We are enjoying our mattress. The only thing I might have issue with is that there is no support on the sides.

the sides could be stronger

the sides could be stronger

Great bed

I wish I had this bed long before I did

We purchased the medium firmness.

We purchased the medium firmness. I enjoy soft beds, whereas my wife enjoys a harder bed. This suits us both perfectly. I won’t buy another mattress having experienced the Novosbed.

Very happy so far

Very happy so far

Very comfortable but the edges

Very comfortable but the edges are a bit soft, so hard to sit on the edge or in the corners

Edges too soft

Edges of mattress are too soft, otherwise excellent product ... thus far.

Outstanding Service

The bed was great quality however with my back I needed an extra firm mattress and had to return it. That being said, best return experience as everything went easy and smooth. Great company from my own experience

Great bed for a great

Great bed for a great price.

Heavenly comfort, great customer service

The Novosbed is everything it promised to be. Quick delivery. Easy to set up. Excellent, quality materials. And -- so comfortable. I have recommended it to people I know.

finally a bed that works!

We've being buy overpriced beds that claim to do everything but sleep for you...finally, at the encouragement of our son we discovered Novodbed. Well priced and have slept well since day one...THANK YOU to the folks of Novosbed...and to think Canadian, eh!

Scott Seymour review

We like the bed so far, but we would like to order the softer top for it because we do find it to be a bit firmer than we thought.

So comfy

Real fast delivery and although we slept well, my back was still sore so ordered the firm comfort kit (no charge). Took all of 5 minutes to install and have been having the best sleep ever. Worth every $$ and then some. Tks Novosbed


At first the mattress was a bit too soft for me. So we requested the forming kit- perfection. Soft and supportive .... Perfect

King bed medium

Excellent sleeping experience

Very comfortable bed.

Very comfortable bed.

Sleeping-in on Weekdays too!

Delivery was quick! Mattress was very easy to setup and aired out quickly. We got the firm mattress and eventually ordered the firm topper which was an easy and quick process online. The topper was easily attached to the mattress.The mattress feels great on your back and you don't feel the other person moving around allowing you to have a great nights sleep. Just make sure you set your alarm so you're not late for work! :)

Super comfy

Have been using our new king bed for a month or so now. Previously we had aqueen Tempurpedic, that we absolutely loved. This bed is pretty just as good at a fraction of the cost. My in-laws slept in it the other night and my father in law, who does not sleep well at the best of times, had a great sleep in it. I would buy again and I would recommend Novosbed.

Pure Comfort

Love the feel. No more sore back! Would definitely recommend.

Excellent matelas et surtout service

Excellent matelas et surtout service rapide de Novosbed j ai reçu mon comfort plus en 1 journée qui a donné la bonne fermeté à mon matelas très satisfait de mon achat je dors mieux j en rachèterais un autre dans le futur bravo pour votre produit et le service très rapide et sans problème

Much better, but could use a bit of improvement

Hi there, we are generally happier with our novosbed firm mattress - it is generally much firmer than the douglas bed we had before. However, we would still like it to be firmer. Would the comfort + firm layer make the mattress firmer still? If so, we would like to request that please. Thank you.

Best investment ever

Thank you Novosbed, your king firm mattress is perfect for our needs. Not too firm and not too soft. It consistently provides a perfect sleep every night.

Queen Mid Firm

To firm initially. Once we upgraded to Soft insert it was much better. Really like it now.

With Comfort + a winner

We originally ordered the king size medium and it was good but not great. Seemed comfortable but both woke up with sore lower backs. Yesterday our firm Comfort + topper arrived and this morning sore back for either of us. Now it is a winner.

Both comfortable and supportive

I have never before looked forward to going to sleep. My firm queen mattress seems to envelop me, then provide the support my back demands.

The soft, not soft enough

My Husband really likes the bed and would probably give it a 5. I do not like it as much and therefore split the difference with the 3. I would have it a bit softer if possible as it does not relieve all my pressure points. Is that even possible?

Thumbs up For Novosbed

I bought my Novosbed about 5 weeks ago i ordered the firm one, after sleeping on the bed i felts its still not that firm that i wanted since i used to sleep on the floor due to back pain issues and I asked novosbed team to send me the comfort plus so it helps make my bed firmer but the told me they only can send me the comfort plusafter one month of using the bed then they told me they will arrange to ship it after 21 days and it was shippedto me as they promised free of charge i placed it on top of mybed and since then my lower back pain is all gone after 3 days from using the comfort plus, every day passes I love my bed more. My sleeping habit could never been healthier and happier without Novosbed i give you 5 stars and I cannot wait to be on my bed.

The King of beds

Although we bought a Queen, it is truly the king of beds (we now wish we had bought a king). Just the right firmness, good quality and excellent sleep. The only complaint would be the chemical off gassing; wish companies put more into R&D to resolve that issue. LOVE our Novos!

Super duper

I am very happy with my new mattress, it is exceptionally comfortable and I get a great sleep on it. Also, Novosbed customer support has been excellent. Overall a great mattress buying experience.

Great firmness!

Great firmness!

Love the bed....

I love the bed, it's the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in and at my age I have slept in several. I'm not kidding. It's really comfortable. I could stay in it all day. Ours is the king medium and for a couple do yourself a big favor and get the king size. It's worth it for a good night sleep. Dealing with Novosbed is also a pleasure. I highly recommend this company. We have been very happy with everything. I usually don't submit reviews buy feel very strongly about this bed and Novosbed. They have been there for all our needs. One hint for those who sleep hot on foam, check out chilly cubes. It's made a huge difference for someone I know. Keep in mind that everything I read about the return policy was 100% accurate which was very refreshing. Thanks very much.

Best Bed Ever

I love this bed!

Fixed my wife's shoulder pain

Fixed my wife's shoulder pain

Soft is not soft enough

Both my husband and I are side sleepers so we need a soft bed. Loves that this one comes in customizeable levels of softness. We ordered the soft and it is still a bit hard causing some shoulder pressure pain. I have not ordered the additional piece that would make it softer but likely will when 30 days have passed. It also makes a bit of noise when we get in and out of bed. Other than that we love it.

Great mattress

I'm a big guy. I've spent a lot on mattresses I basically crushed fairly rapidly. I got the King Size Firm Novosbed. So far it's wonderful. The first time I laid down on it it was pain relieving. It's holding up very well and I'm sleeping better than I have in years.

New bed

Really enjoy our new bed, better than a spring mattress.

Best bed I’ve ever had

Best bed I’ve ever had

It softens it well.

We ordered the firm mattress and address the comfort kit. It made it quite a softer. It works well.

amazing bed thank you

amazing bed thank you


I’m a 150lb bony side sleeper who had all but accepted that hip pressure points would disturb my sleep every night. My partner is a normal sized side sleeper. We got the soft and wound up ordering the kits to make it even softer. It was super easy!

Great product

Great product

This is the best mattress ever

After walking into a furniture store and trying all the Tempurpedics, I was sold on memory foam - but not at that price! Online I went, and I tried a competitor's mattress, which put a latex layer on top of the memory foam for breathability and cooling. But you sink right through the latex and land *plop* on the memory foam, which was too firm! Returned it and got Novosbed and it's even better than the Tempurpedics, which is hard to believe but true. I'm in love. It was all worth it. But learn from me, and try the Novosbed FIRST so you don't have to return a competitor mattress first!

Very good

The wife and I really like very firm mattress, we had to order the Comfort+ to make it firmer, but now the mattress is almost perfect. It could be even firmer for my taste, but I recommend the mattress anyway, especially because I know I like super firm mattress, which is pretty uncommon. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

very comfortable, but makes me sweat

My new Novosbed (extrafirm) is the most comfortable bed I have ever had. It’s a pleasure going to bed! However, I seem to be having an issue that I have never experienced before, on other mattrasses, and that is that quite often, I now seem to sweat at night. Not sure what can be done about that, I am experimenting with different sleepwear, quilts, temperature, etc., but it is still happening. Other than that- awesome!

Love my Novabed mattress!

Love my Novabed mattress!

Love it!

I was getting some pressure point pain from my old mattress which wasn’t that old. I went to the brick and sleep country but with comfort, return policy or price was not appealing. I googled all the different mail order options and their reviews. I chose the Novosbed and I can’t be happier. I don’t wake up with my lower body either in pain or paralyzed. Thank you!!!!


Amazing customer service!! Easy to put everything together. Comfort plus kit is wonderful did exactly what we wanted it to do :) definitely worth the price!!

Excellent quality. Excellent service.

Excellent quality. Excellent service.

Queen Firm

Wonderful mattress. Sleeping in wonderland.

Excellent Bed

I have bought 4 Novosbeds to date, one for us and each of our kids, we all Love the comfort of the Bed.

'Soft' is Not Really that 'Soft'.

I purchased 'soft', and find that it is firmer than I thought it would be.

Great bed, comfort plus a pain

Got the firm mattress and loved it but wanted a little more softness. Ordered the comfort plus soft. It was s pain to get the sock over the mattress and get it to be smooth so the mattress wouldn’t be lumpy. Other than that loving my sleep. Feel well supported.

The best mattress ever :)

I bought this mattress 3+ months ago and I didn't want to write a review without testing the mattress well. I have tried many mattress in my life and this is the best. It takes some time for you to get used to it and for the mattress to break in, after that you will feel the difference with other kind of mattress. This is an Awesome mattress!!!

We love it

I frequently close my eyes for ten more minutes and wake up two hours later.

I love this bed

Honestly thought I was getting old. But seriously this bed has made my sleep so different. I don’t wake up to pee threw out the night simply because I’m in a deep sleep. I can’t say I’m not restless like I am usually but I will assume It considering I’m waking up before my alarm even sets off. I’m having AMZING sleeps. I’m comfortable. And I don’t understand any of the bad reviews. I will say the foundation/box spring isn’t the very best I would have perfeffered to buy one somewhere else it doesn’t seem to be to sturdy. I’d give it a year or two. But the mattress is a steal I’m in love and can’t wait for bed every night.

Absolutely love it!!!

Our friends recommended Novosbed after they bought theirs. It is honestly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned! Love that there are firmness options, we picked medium, and that there’s a removable/washable cover. The price is fantastic! Our last bed was a $3500 Kingsdowne and we love the Novosbed way more!!!!

Best bed ever!

Currently 32 weeks pregnant and needed a better bed ASAP, it was definitely worth the money and haven’t slept better! Thanks Novosbed!

So comfy!

Ordered the firm mattress it was great but felt like we needed even more support. Just received the firm comfort kit and no the bed is perfect! This was the main reason after all my research, why I went with Novosbed. Perfect comfort!


finally a mattress that is so comfortable that I can sleep all through the night! I highly recommend a novosbed over any other mattress on the market for quality, cost and convenience of shipping.

Great Purchase

Excellent comfort, very happy with my purchase.

Comfy support

Very comfortable, does sleep a little hot, but just adjusted blankets.


The bed could be firmer. I would like to try out the firm topper please

Great purchase

Really glad I bought this bed. I ordered the medium firmness mattress and slept well on it, but found I was used to a bit softer surface. So I requested the additional top which Novosbed was quick to ship. Getting the foam layer to lay flat in the supplied cover took some time, but once it was in the whole thing zipped onto the original bed without a problem. Softer sleep with the firmness underneath! Thanks Novosbed

Mattress return

My experience with a Novosbed was excellent. Unfortunately the mattress didn’t alleviate my back problems and hence I decided to return the mattress. However, the customer service was excellent and I would recommend this company to others.

Sleeping on a cloud

This bed is everything it is advertised to be.

Awesome and fast service and

Awesome and fast service and super comfy mattress!! Highly recommend

Sleeping wonderfully!

Best bed ever! Body doesn’t ache in the morning. We’re not waking each other up now when one of us moves. So comfy!!!

Great mattress...a little bit firmer

Great mattress...a little bit firmer than expected but still a great night's sleep

Novus bed

Great! 5 stars!

perfect matress

this is the perfect matress

very comfortable, i sleep well

very comfortable, i sleep well

Good mattress, just not for me

I think this is a good quality mattress at a fair price with a great company behind it. During the trial I learned I need a little more support than the medium formness model provides to keep from sagging and having back pain, but with the risk free trial I recommend anyone interested to try for themselves.

Overall good

Generally comfortable and right degree of support. Not quite and cool and breathable as I would find ideal.

The second softer top you sent

As we were having trouble with the extra soft top you sent us slipping to one side. You sent us a second one to try. The new top had the the proper measurements and seems to be working fine. The service to got to this remedy problem was excellent and we are now looking forward to many years of relaxing sleeps. Thank you for the excellent service. Ronald Beharrell

I love the novasbed. Customer

I love the novasbed. Customer service is excellent . I will recommend

Still Happy with the bed after 4 years

The bed I just bought was a wedding gift for my son but we bought our Novas Bed 4 years ago and still love it. Have not noticed and change in firmness etc. Would recomend to anyone. I sleep hot and my wife sleeps cold but it works for both of us.

Have never slept so well

Have never slept so well in a bed it is an amazing bed love my bed

Great super comfortable

Great super comfortable


I really like my new NOVOSBED. The price was also much more affordable than getting the expensive brand. Give it a try!



Excellent Bed

We tried the casper, bob opedic, and nectar and none were as comfortable as the Novosbed Soft with the comfort+ soft addition. It is very comparable to our tempur pedic. Well worth the price.


Really do love the bed. Sent back another mattress in a box and purchased this instead. Checks all the boxes, quality,firmness, everything.

Best bed

This is the most comfortable bed we have had in 30 years of marriage.We were athletes, and now overweight at 210 and 240, but this bed is awesome for our backs. Resolved a bulged disc. I have bought 2 and buying my 3rd (for different rooms) The bed shows no wear or sag. I bought a piece of garbage Prana at City Mattress for twice the price and the warranty was useless as was the customer service. Novosbed is the best

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