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Novilla Mattress Reviews

Novilla is devoted to providing very affordable mattresses across the globe. With availability in the USA, UK, Japan, and Europe, their mattresses offer all-foam and pocketed coil mattresses with memory foam comfort layers. With their low prices and easy shipping through partners like Amazon, there is a reason why Novilla has been gaining in popularity. With mostly happy experiences for the price, there are some complaints about durability and top layer compression.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $239-$559

Trial Period: 30 Nights

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Novilla's Specifics

Novilla is known for their very affordable mattresses, which are available on popular retailers like Amazon, and also directly through their online store. Novilla offers 4 different mattresses, which include pocketed coils or foam for support and layers of memory and poly foam cushioning on the surface layer.

Overall, customers have good things to say about the Novilla mattresses for their initial comfort for the price. However, there were some complaints about firmness and compression in the top layers over a shorter than average period.

Quality of Materials

Novilla is known for their affordable craftsmanship and materials. With these very low prices, there have been some complaints about material quality over the long term. For their hybrids, this meant more firmness than expected due to the foam layers compressing more than expected, while their memory foam options were described as sinking more than expected.

We'll go through Novilla's mattresses below so you'll know what elements will work best for you.

Here are the details about the Novilla Bliss 10'' and 12'' Mattress:

Novilla's Bliss 10'' and 12'' mattresses are their most affordable options and come with all-foam designs. With four layers of foam, most have good things to say about the initial comfort with those experiencing issues mentioning compression and softness on the surface layers. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover is made of bamboo rayon, which offers increased softness, moisture wicking, and breathability.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a cooling gel-infused memory foam layer, which contours to the body while staying cooler than standard memory foam.

Layer 3: The following comfort layer is made of smart airflow comfort foam, which is poly-foam that provides faster response for more mobility and less feeling trapped in position.

Layer 4: Air circulation foam provides an open-cell design so that more air can flow away from the body and the upper layers. This layer is also designed to provide some cushioning.

Layer 5: The last layer is supportive high density base foam, which acts as a supportive structure to the mattress.

Next, we'll go their hybrid options, the Novilla 10'' Serenity and Novilla 12'' Tranquility Mattresses:

Similar to the Bliss mattresses, the Tranquility and Serenity offer similar designs with varied comfort layer thicknesses for less or extra cushioning. With a focus on foam and coils, these mattresses both are described as much firmer by customers. While most were happy with the quality for the price, there were some disagreements about firmness and compression on the top layers, which led to feeling more of the firm coils below. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: Similar to the Bliss mattresses, the Tranquility and Serenity start with a bamboo rayon cover, which helps wick away moisture and keep things soft on the surface.

Layer 2: Cooling gel-infused memory foam provides surface contour to the Tranquility and Serenity mattresses with some cooling benefits.

Layer 3: The following layer is a transitional comfort poly-foam layer, which provides some balance and responsiveness to complement the memory foam contour.

Layer 4: Individual pocket springs respond independently for isolated motion and less partner disturbance. These pocket springs are described by customers as firm.

Layer 5: The last layer is a slim high density base foam layer that adds to the supportiveness of the coils and keeps them properly in place.

Overall Comfort

Most find Novilla's mattresses to be comfortable with more pressure relief in the all-foam designs and more support found in the pocket spring options. Those with complaints mostly mentioned issues with foam compression leading to issues with firmness and support over time.


Novilla's Bliss mattresses offer a medium and medium-soft feel, with the 12'' version providing a more pressure relieving surface. The Tranquility and Serenity offer a firmer feel with the Tranquility's thicker comfort layers providing additional cushioning to offset the firm coils.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers describe initial comfort and proper support from Novilla's mattresses. Those with issues mostly mentioned degrading support and firmness issues due to the surface layer compression over time.


With the inclusion of airy open cell and gel-infused foam layers, most customers report sleeping cool. Those that live in warm environments may need something more cooling.

Who Are the Novilla Mattresses Best For?

Novilla mattresses are ideal for those that need a very affordable mattress and are looking for a quick temporary solution. Those that are looking for long term value may want to take a look at our list of top mattresses for the money.

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Well made and comfortable. Would like a bit softer but does the job for comfort.

Just a bit softer but very pleased.

Great Value

Perfect for my children's rooms. Very comfort and great price.

very good

This is a great mattress, it was a little firmer than I expected but all in all I am pleased

Awesome sleep

I bought this for my grandson and he loves it. Says he really sleeps good!!

Big bang for your buck!

As advertised, very comfortable, only issue is the wife snores because she sleeps so good now!


Arrived very quick , laid flat for 3 days . Mattress is firm but very well made and comfortable best 400 I spent , only had it for a month so far good little firmer than I expected but I sleep much better.

Comfortable and Affordable

We had a great nights sleep while on vacation and immediately asked the owner what kind of mattress it was. So surprised to find out that it was a Novilla and was so affordable. I’ve slept on more expensive brands that I didn’t like nearly as well.

5 Stars!!!!

We were sceptical about getting a mattress from online, but this bed is wonderful! Easy set up and very comfortable!

Great Mattress

Super comfortable helped my sleep and back pain a lot. Medium firmness. Great quality.

Great Mattress, Definitely Worth The Purchase

Came as advertised. Not too firm but also not too soft - just perfect. Expanded to full size within 12 hours.

Was skeptical

I was extremely skeptical on this purchase but it Arrived before schedule anyways I have had the product for almost a month have a wonderful night sleeps I got the king size mattress it’s extremely heavy very well put together and because of the mixed Reviews I wanted to make sure but I will definitely say it was money well spent and I’m very happy that I purchased the mattress

Great mattress

My old mattress wasn’t the best for my back as the bottom of spine is my biggest back problem. I wasn’t sure if this type of mattress would be perfect for my back or not but it definitely is and I can lay on my back all night and the pain is gone by morning.

Love It

Quick delivery, so comfortable and high quality mattress.

Great value for the price

So far so good! This mattress was a great deal, and it fits my king frame and linen sheets perfectly. It is more firm than my last memory foam mattress but is very comfortable and seems to be good quality. I thought a new king bed would be unaffordable, but not with a nice mattress for $300!


Bought this mattress on a whim after a lot of research. At first, did not like it but realized we didn’t have it on a stable frame or box spring. After finding the perfect combination, we sleep wonderfully on this bed now that it’s fully supported


Good mattress, just took a lot longer then expected to receive it. 3 weeks.

Great value

Love the bed, didn't expand all the way, but I barely notice it. Great price and verrrrrry comfortable. Customer service was responsive too when I had issues with FedEx. I would definitely buy again.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

The best mattress for both of my kids. Both love their mattress and said its the best yet.


I tried to give it a chance and stay hopeful since the reviews were so good! Ordered a queen and 24 hours later it is still ROCK HARD and it is still 2 inches short in length! Yep! It’s 78” long not 80” long which is actually unnervingly noticeable and annoying! My frame is exactly 1/8” short of 80” long…. Plus I just moved and with a bad shoulder I now have to go through the whole return process and drop 100$ on an air mattress while I wait on a different mattress… OR still have to spend the EXTRA $100 on a topper and deal with it hanging 2” off the end! At this point you may as well buy a cheaper mattress and a nice topper. SO SO disappointed!! Still debating on how to handle the situation: return and take the risk on another mattress or just throw a topper on it… ugh!!! This has been my worst amazon experience. 0 stars.

Good matress

I personally find it a bit firm for me. But some like firm. I got a gel foam topper and I'm comfortable.

Squeaky after a month

This bed is very comfortable and silent for one month . Then the squeak starts uhg. Very annoying.


I bought this mattress almost two weeks ago. I was very skeptical at first but after looking at videos reviews, I decided to purchase. I can honestly say I LOVE this mattress!! It's more on the firm side which I like. Great quality for the price!

Very happy customer

Good quality comfy and affordable mattress. No regrets

It's more soft then firm

Still like it but it doesn't seem like it will las more then 2 years. Let's see :)

Novilla Bliss 10inch mattress

Great bed. Comfortable to sleep on. Fast shipping!

Overall happy with mattress.

Received mattress quickly. Box was a little damaged, but mattress was ok. We followed instructions as written- didnt use for 72 hours. A little firmer than expected, but usable as a guest bed.

Good affordable bed but size

The bed frame is standard twin size. It’s exactly 75inches but mattress is way shorter. Good quality but not for us. Requested return and had refunded.

Very Happy!

Love this bed! It’s very comfortable and I appreciate how affordable it was for the quality I received.


Mattress feels amazing, perfect for my 11 year old.

really bad

Wow I am so disappointed! It has virtually no pillow top, it is so thin that you can feel all the springs and it pops like a drum when you sit on it. Two black grease stains. It is not 12 inches in height it came in around 9. Overall terrible and disappointing purchase! Be ware

Very comfortable!

My back does not hurt any more!I wake up very relax.

Great sleep at a great price!

We have tried all sorts of expensive mattresses over the years. This one has us both sleeping better than we have in years! No more pressure points.


This is a pretty comfortable mattress. Well worth the money.


This is the BEST purchase and choice that I've made in a LONG time, I find that I'm sleeping better and more sound than I have before choosing my Novilla 10" memory foam.My old mattress was 14+ years old and well past its prime, it felt like I was sleeping in a hammock instead of on a mattress.


Andrea a YouTuber on Pine and Prospect shared this mattress. So glad we purchased really comfortable and I appreciate how the mattress has been manufactured.

So far so good

So far so good, I purchased this brand since a friend recommended it and it was fast delivery to my door.

Sleeping on a rock!

We let our mattress breathe for about 5 days after receiving; It expanded as expected. Last night we put on the bed. I wanted to sleep luxuriously so I added a 3” feather bed too. Oh my, this bed is like a rock! We had it flipped to the softer side too. Yes, we can return it, but I don’t know how we’d get it compressed small enough to do that. BTW our old bed wasn’t very soft either and I prefer a firmer surface.

Rated a 4 because I have only had about 2 months. Overall comfortable, very firm!

I thought the top would fluff more, this is after 2 months. The price was great!

Good supportive bed

Very comfortable supportive for me and my partner

Almost perfect

It is a great bed at a great price. The mattress smells a little at first but not bad. It is the perfect combination of firm and soft. I sleep on my side a lot and it gives on my hip and shoulder and supports everywhere else…

Add a notice

Great mattress! But the person who unwrapped it, then set it *upside-down* for it to air out for the 2 days. My suggestion, put some words, like THIS IS THE BOTTOM printed on what is the underside of the mattress.

Love my mattress

Absolutely in love with my mattress. So comfortable

Love it!

Very happy with this mattress

Great for the price

Great for the price. Definitely took several days to rise to 9/10in. It’s soft and foamy but doesn’t sink too much. It’s a good medium firmness.

Awesome bed for a crazy good price

This bed is insane for how inexpensive it is and its so much better then the last mattress I had. Its perfect on the firmness scale for me and the bamboo cover is really nice and soft. It expanded pretty fast and fits on my bed frame really well. Novilla did a great job with this mattress and will buy again.

Wow Just Wow

Just happy with this purchase...reasonably priced

Great mattress for the price

I’ve had this mattress for over a month now and sleep really well. It has kept its shape and comfort. It is medium plushness, supportive but has a bit of give. I’m a hot sleeper and my partner sleeps cool, we both like this mattress. A good pillow goes a long way, too.

VERY firm mattress

Looks good but is incredibly firm. Depending on the bed frame you are putting this on you will need a box spring or the mattress dips down at the head and foot ends.

10” Bliss Memory Foam King Size Mattress

This bed is AMAZING!! It is so comfortable!! LOVE it!!

It is firm and soft. My son is 17 and has been sleeping like a baby.

I bought this for my 17 year old son. Who is almost 6foot tall. He was having sleep problems so I bought this mattress. I was really scared to order on line. But it came in 1 week and it really does fill out after a several hours. I was surprised at how firm but still soft and very comfortable it is. He has been sleeping all night and in his words." Sleeping like a baby" I do recommend full size pillow top.

Great Customer Service and Product! Fast Shipping!

Great Customer Service! Great Product! Fast Shipping! I ordered the Full Size 10" Novilla Bliss bed not knowing what to expect. Within 7 days I received the bed but I was sent a queen size bed. After contacting customer service they replied quickly within 24hrs and offered for me to keep the Queen size with is bigger and costs more than the full. Unfortunately the queen is too big for the frame I was going to put the bed into. So I requested to return the queen and I would wait for a full to be sent. They sent me a return label via email and sent out the Full size bed before I returned the Queen size bed. I received the correct Full size bed within 4 days and was not charged a penny or had a hold placed on my credit card. Followed instructions that were easy to follow on setting up the new mattress and mattress has lived up to every expectation. Excellent quality and Great sleep every night! Very impressed with customer service and craftsmanship of mattress. Will order another one or upgrade to the hybrid if I need a new mattress anytime soon!

Bad quality

It’s not as the picture in display. I ordered a 12” and arrived 10”. Is ugly and looks like used. I have a queen size frame and this mattress it supposed to be queen but it doesn’t fit is short than the frame.

Awesome bed

I waited a month and one day to write a review. When my bed arrived in a tall slender box I was thinking, "Oh boy, how is this going to work?". Well, it worked out great. It is a very heavy bed and if directions are followed it is simple :). I got it out of the box, layed it across my bed frame and began to trim away the plastic. It rolled right out and fluffed up immediately. I didnt have to wait the 24 - 72 hours to use it and I was VERY impressed. I bought the medium firm full hybrid size mattress 12 inches thick I do believe, could be the 14 inch I dont remember. Anyways, I have to sleep at a angle normally because of back issues and I just had beast cancer surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have to say this bed is amazing. I weigh about 167-177. My weight goes up and down a lot. I would start out at a angle at night but wake up flat on the bed on my back or even on my tummy. I havent slept on my back or tummy in YEARS. I dont wake up in pain, even though I just had cancer surgery. I had my doubts about buying this bed that was going to show up all rolled up and such, but I am very pleased with my purchase. This is the first time I have ever bought something from this site that I was 100% happy with. I didnt mention that I also get back injections. Im not feeling the need to have it done anytime soon. Everybody is different on pain rate, but I think I may have found a some what solution to my back problems. Of course aches and pains come with age, so dont expect the bed to perform a miracle for you, but this is as close to one you will get - at least for me it is love. My sister is even going to buy one because she slept in my bed while I was recovering from surgery. She approves as well. I do hope others have the same experience as I have with this bed.

Wrong dimension

The mattress is comfortable-but the dimensions are not of a king mattress. I left it the full 72hrs to expand, and it’s 3 inches shorter than a king should be.

Best purchase for our marriage!

We love the hybrid mattress. It is a perfect blend of soft and firm.


Great mattress. I didn’t even see it and it feels and looks great


I was SKEPTICAL abt buying a mattress from Amazon. But this one right here.. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG! I say that because I was in a car accident in April 2021, & I had 4 herniated disc sticking out in my back; 2 in my upper back & 2 in my lower back. I had to undergo 2 different treatments of shots/injections in my spine. I bought this mattress due to the wrapped coils, pillow top, along with the firmness & softness support that comes from the mattress. I LOVE my bed! I have not had not ONE back issue since I slept on this mattress. And I didn’t give the mattress much time to rise. I basically gave it 9-10 hours, and I was sleeping in it that same day I got it. & with that being said, the mattress did reach its full 12 inch, it just didn’t take as long as it claims.

Memory foam stays compressed in the morning for hours and already a permanent dent where hips lay.

Bed is comfortable when first lay down, and after a few hours the memory foam stays compressed making it very hard to find a new position. I have only used it for less than 2 months and have never been so sore or slept so poorly.


This 70 year old woman had no problem with unboxing and setting up mattress! Loving the sleep I'm getting!

very comfortable

When it arrives it's compressed, open it up and leave it there for a while and it reveals the full mattress! I slept on it that day, and it was so comfortable! After sleeping for a while, I didn't feel any discomfort!It does not make my back ache, and there is no sound in getting on and off the bed! Great! Now I just want to sleep in!


This is a great mattress and the value is exceptional

Great mattress for my sweet granddaughter!

The mattress is very comfortable and so much better than the old worn out mattress previously on the bed.

New beds

My kids are absolutely in love with these beds. Super comfortable and they are getting the best nights sleep they have ever had. In fact my wife and I are thinking of changing out our mattress as well.

Novilla Bliss 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen

I am glad that I bought your mattress. It is very comfortable and the price was very good.

Pleasantly Surprised - Very Comfortable

We bought this with not super high expectations given the price but we were extremely surprised with the quality. It’s built well and is very comfortable.


We love this mattress and how soft it is. It's so comfy. My little one is always on it everyday almost all day.


I'm glad I took the time to search mattresses so I could come across this one. The good reviews did influence me in buying this mattress but it is worth it. Yes, the box is heavy. Although I am strong I struggled by myself to bring in my place. I let it air fluff for 36hrs before I slept on it. Maybe if I had waited it would have rose completely, but most of it was 11in (one side stopped at 10.5) and I was dying for a good sleep. Honestly, it's a great mattress and I sleep so much better now than before. I was shocked to find myself waking up on my stomach. I assumed it was normal to wake up with aches but this mattress taught me that I was settling for less than I deserve haha. The only things now is to get the cushion to close the gap between the mattress & headboard. Thanks Novilla!!!!

A great mattress for the price.

I bought one Novilla Hybrid 12 inch mattress and one Novilla all foam 12 inch mattress. Both are very comfortable and I am very pleased with both. Although both are medium firmness the hybrid is definitely more on the firm side and the foam has more of a plush feel. I would definitely buy again.

Very nice

I bought mine through the mail and was sceptical, but excited. The thing that sold me, was that it's made in the USA and the presentation of your video. I paid close attention to the way the woman's movements affected the rest of the bed. It reacted differently from all the others. My husband laid on it and when I climber in, he said when I moved the bed didn't shake at all. I don't wake up anymore when he gets out of bed, it's very comfortable, better than the 2 other popular more expensive named brand beds we had before. It's well worth the money. I didn't realize what a crappy matress we had until we got the Novilla, no regrets.

Win win !!!

The customer service from this company is amazing . There was a delivery issue and they took care of it with style and class. Very pleased and the mattress is amazing ! It’s literally perfect and exceeded all my expectations. I would definitely buy again !!!!

Very Good MATTRESS!!!

GREAT mattress! I would recommend it to everyone!!! I am so happy that I decided to make this purchase. I slept like a baby. I hadn't slept in months with the mattress I purchased in August 2021. Just happy I did my research & found this mattress.

Best investment - Novilla

Amazing Feeling No more sore backs the softness is perfect with proper support

It’s good!

Comfortable, firm and good quality.


I like everything about it.

Does the job well

It’s a nice mattress. Very comfortable. It not too firm, with just the right amount of squish to it! Only small complaint I had is the box came broken and partially opened, but the mattress itself was covered all the way for protection! :)

Very comfortable!

This mattress is a great buy for the money, very comfortable. I used it until my permanent bedroom furniture and mattress arrived, so now this mattress is in the guest room where it's more than adequate.

Mattress did not fully expand after 72 hours

Not sure if it’s just me but the mattress did not expand entirely after waiting for 72 hours. As shown in the photo, the corners are not fully puffed and the mattress is uneven seeing from the side. I the uneven texture can be obviously felt when I gently touch the top. I’ll allow it a bit more time and I wish it can turn out the way it’s advertised. I haven’t slept on it yet, will follow up with updates later.

Good bed but..

Mattress arrived before I expected. Rolled out ok. It is firmer than I expected but that’s ok. My only issue is I can feel all the springs… I’ll be betting a pillow top you get what you pay for.. this was worth the cost for a temporary bed.

Amazing service

Very quick delivery, awesome service, very comfortable. Thank you so much

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