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Northern Nights Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Northern Nights mattresses continue to be sold on QVC and affiliates. While most customers have good things to say, there is some mixed sentiment about top layer compression and support.

Northern Nights® mattress brand is exclusively sold on QVC (and is a sub-brand of Symbol Mattresses). Their mattresses feature a hybrid design with foam comfort layers and pocket coil support systems, with a focus on affordable prices. While their mattresses use low cost materials, customers mostly have good things to say about the initial comfort. However, there have been some mixed reviews about durability and feel in the top layers.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $487-$899

Trial Period: 30 Day Exchange On Select Items

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Northern Nights's Specifics

Northern Nights® is a hybrid mattress brand sold exclusively on QVC. With a focus on budget-conscious prices, they offer pocketed coil designs with foam comfort layers shipped in a box at a low price vs. name-brand mattress competitors.

When it comes to customer experiences, there are some mixed reviews. Most customers have good things to say overall. However, there were some that had issues with firmness and mattresses that didn't expand right away. While some shoppers have great things to say after their first night, there are some that describe durability problems after only a few months. For those looking for high value mattresses for their budget, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for the money.

Quality of Materials

Northern Nights® offers multiple mattress designs sold through QVC. Each of these use CertiPUR-US® certified foams, which is the emissions standard for the industry. They also use Quantum® Coil technology, which are used in competitive mattresses found elsewhere. In terms of build, most have good things to say, but some customers had complaints around perceived quality, durability, and not expanding enough upon delivery in some cases.

We'll go through each of their available mattresses and discuss what goes inside.

Here is a full breakdown of what's inside the Northern Nights Tranquility Mattress:

Cover Layer: A quilted top offers a soft, moisture wicking feel with some pressure relief.

Layer 1: 1'' of five-zone convoluted foam provides pressure relief to the hips and shoulders without diminishing support for the middle spine.

Layer 2: 2'' Serene foam works with the above layer for added contour around the body's curves.

Layer 3: Quantum coils independently provide support to the spine for proper alignment with minimal partner disturbance.

Layer 4: The last layer is 1'' of firm base support foam that gives the mattress structure.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what's inside the Northern Nights Dream Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of a soft quilted fabric that wicks away moisture with a fire-retardant cotton barrier.

Layer 1: 1'' of gel poly foam keeps the surface layer cool while it relieves pressure.

Layer 2: 2'' of five-zone convoluted foam also relieves pressure in the hips and shoulders but provides some support to the middle spine.

Layer 3: 8'' Quantum coil matrix reacts to the spine to provide support, while minimizing motion transfer throughout the night.

Layer 4: 1'' of core base foam provides structure to the mattress.

Up next, here is a full breakdown of what's inside the Dream Supreme Mattress:

Cover Layer: The quilted layer offers a cool and soft cover layer, stitched with 1'' Comfort Gel foam, which relieves pressure and provides a cool surface layer.

Layer 1: 2'' of Convoluted Serene memory foam that features five zones acts as both a comfort foam and a transition foam with a supportive responsive feel.

Layer 2: 8'' three zoned Quantum coils provide firm support for the spine, and cut down on partner movement at night.

Layer 3: 1'' of firm base foam provides structure to the mattress and even support for the coil layer above.

Lastly, we'll take a look at their Comfort Hybrid Mattress:

Cover Layer: The top covered is quilted with 3/4'' of Medium SupportSense foam.

Layer 1: 1/2'' layer of CoolingGel helps to keep you comfy while providing some temperature regulating qualities.

Layer 2: 1'' of Medium SupportSense Comfort Foam acts as a transition layer while also providing medium-firm support.

Layer 3: 8'' of individually wrapped coils with additional edge zoning provides the main support for this mattress.

Layer 4: 1'' of Medium-Firm SupportSense Comfort Foam helps provide structure to the coils while also acting as the base for the mattress overall.

Overall Comfort

When it comes to initial comfort, most customers have good reports, but there are some complaints from customers who found the mattresses too firm or reported that they did not expand properly.


Take a look at the above chart. While the Tranquility, Dream Supreme, and Dream mattresses are each rated medium in firmness, their varying comfort layer thicknesses will make these mattresses feel slightly different from each other. The Comfort Hybrid has a slim profile and is rated a medium-firm. If there are issues with inflation, the feel may differ somewhat.

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses are in the right firmness range for proper spine support and alignment. While most customers report happy experiences initially, some reported durability issues that may affect discomfort.


Incorporating gel infused foam and airy coil layers, these mattresses should sleep cool for most. Also, customers don't often report issues with these mattresses keeping cool.

Who Are Northern Nights Mattresses Right For?

Northern Nights mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for a temporary solution and looking for a medium-firmness. For those looking for highly rated budget-friendly offerings, take a look at our our list of top rated mattresses for the money.

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Best thing since ice cream!!!

This is really an amazing find! An entire queen bed in a box?! Who knew! Easy to maneuver where you want and then just open the box and plastic and your dream mattress is complete! Just throw on the sheet set. It is absolutely comfortable and cuddly. A good nights sleep awaits! I highly recommend.

It was a little too hard for me

I actually like the mattress even though I gave it only 3 stars. It was a bit too hard for my liking at first. I don’t recall having the option for different levels of softness. However, it may be that I was switching from a number bed. It eventually molds to your body and I like that. I’ve had it about a year now so I guess I’m satisfied. I’d never recommend buying a mattress for someone else.

Better shipping method

I’ve had the mattress for a month and it’s comfortable but the main issue is that how they shipped the mattress it’s a huge dip in the mattress now and it won’t fill

Upset Customer

I ordered this mattress on 9/29/20 I've been waiting on it and it canceled out on 10/26/20 I only found out when I went to check to find out when I will get my mattress it said early November I never canceled it QVC did I can't get the same mattress but I can get a mattress at a higher price that I can't afford so with that I'm very upset


I have two payments left on this mattress and am already looking for a new mattress or a good topper the last few months have been very uncomfortable. , shoulders, wake up miserable. very unhappy my shoulders are hurting just to hard for me so sorry I got this....

Comfortable, BUT

I'm used to a mattress that has a hard edge around it. That's what let's me know I'm close to the edge. I rolled right off the bed, hit my knee on the bed frame and got 5 stitches. It could have been worse; I'm not sure why I didn't hit my head on the nightstand.

worse sleep ever

I only have one payment left on this mattress and am already looking for a new mattress the last few months have been very uncomfortable. back, shoulders, wake up miserable. very unhappy

Not waking up at night

We are very pleased with this mattress. We both sleep through the night. It is truly a wonderful mattress. It has the keep cool technology which I really appreciate. It is firm yet softer than our old mattress which was new but we woke up every time we turned. All in all we are pleased with this purchase.

I'm at a loss

I am letting you know that I sleep better since my purchase but the middle of this mattress has become puffy straight across. It's like the top two layers have become unattached to the egg crate part. I purchased it on the 3rd of this month and received it on the 9th and my son and I placed it on the bed on the 13th. I'm really surprised that this mattress is going through this change so quickly. Plesse let me know what can be done because it is not a month old .

Best Mattress Ever!

We purchased this mattress in Dec 2019 and have slept on it for 9 months. It is as comfortable today as it was the first day we opened it. This has been our favorite mattress ever! We are purchasing a queen size for our guest room and my sister purchased a queen size and she LOVES it too! I totally recommend this bed to all my friends and family. Even though the price is fantastic, that was a bonus, the mattress is well worth the price X 3!

Glad I purchased the Northern Nights Mattress TSV!

We purchased the Northern Nights (NN) TSV mattress and a NN adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bed frame -- came one day before scheduled delivery date! 125 lbs...the UPS guy helped my husband bring it to the front door (you need more than one person). The bed frame was 95% assembled, it wasn't too bad to do the rest (good written instructions).


I bought this Mattress and per the instructions it could take up to 8 hours before it fully expands. Well, how about 8 days later and it still has impressions, dips, high and low areas throughout the Mattress. I measured it and the most it expanded was 9.5-10 inches opposed to the 11 inches. It's pretty obvious it's not going to reach the maximum height of 11". Additionally, the material is very loose which is another indication it didn't fully expand. Prehaps this one was defected. Thanks for reading.


I have had the mattress 5 months, it hurts my back. It is more firm than it looked on the video. It is already starting to breakdown where I lay and get a "ramp" up to the other side. I would not recommend this product.

Thrilled With My Purchase!

I’ve had this mattress almost a week and I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase! I don’t understand the bad reviews noting the firmness when it’s clearly stated in the product info and on video that this is a firm mattress which I wanted because I’m severely arthritic and have spinal problems so if you want a soft plush mattress this isn’t for you. I’ve had many beds in my five plus decades of living and this is the best bed I’ve ever had easily a 1K dollar mattress for sure. Using it on a steel platform bed frame. Thank you QVC for making this mattress affordable with easy pay on a fixed income it made getting a beautiful bed easier for me. I don’t recall ever sleeping so well I highly recommend if you’re looking for an outstanding firm mattress you won’t be disappointed!

Best Sleep In A Long Time!

I've only had this mattress for 2 nights now but it's been the best 2 nights sleep in a really long time!

Sleep well

I having nothing but good things to say about northern nights mattress and the symbol brand. The company is willing to go out of there way to do nothing but the best

Great Mattress!

Replaced an old saggy mattress and love this one. Sleeping is less painful on my hips and shoulders.

Worst QVC purchase ever!

After 6 months of use realized mattress is somehow breaking down even after turning every 2 months. No support, its like sleeping in a black hole. How does this warranty work?

Causes major hip pain and noisy

This mattress causes me hip pain every night. Also makes creaking noises when one moves or sits on edge. We are not big people. Returned this mattress. Never buy such a cheap mattress again!

Very comfortable

I purchased for a guest room. I get compliments from family and friends that have slept on this bed. Would order again for another room.

best mattress

this Mattress is so soft and firm at the same time .I have back problems .but sleeping on this mattress I have know thank you .for a wonderful product.i would recommend it to anyone.

Terrible mattress

Worst purchase I ever made on QVC. Way too soft and shifts every time you move. Already have to look for a new mattress in less than 6 months of having this. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

Worst Mattress I Ever Had

I have had this mattress for a year and all I’ve had is back pain for a year. There is no support. I am looking for a firm mattress topper to see if that helps. Worst purchase I ever made.


My husband had just had surgery and was trying to sleep on a mattress less than 2 yrs old. He was miserable. We were talking about getting a new Mattress and Northern Nights come on. Being a QVC customer for nearly 30 yrs we decided to give this mattress a try. We both love it and thinking of getting one for our master. Buy one you will not regret it. LOVE OURS

Back is starting to bother my son

I ordered this mattress for my son back in June 2019. I thought this would be a good fit for him but it started bothering his back a few months into sleeping on it. He told me today that he ordered another mattress because it felt like this one was breaking down in the middle. Was no support for him back and his back was hurting him. Is there a warranty on this mattress if so can I get a refund. Thank you

Northern nights Queen 11 dream

Not happy!!! Too soft!! And it came late.... very disappointed

not a good fit for me

This matress is not for me it makes my back and legs hurt but I can't send it back because I don't have another one to replace it because I am on a fixed income and it takes money to get another one so will suffer it out i hurt all the time I a senior and I don't have kids anyone to help me so thank you QVC for letting me make payment


I wasn’t sure about a mattress in a box. When I let the mattress rise, I still wasn’t sure. I purchased two. When the mattress was done and I actually began using it, I was shocked! There is no way one would think the mattress on my bed was in a box. It’s firm & comfortable. It doesn’t make any noise when I sit on it. I’m looking into getting one for my mom.

Pretty Nice Bed.

The shipping box was so insanely heavy. The bed was soooo heavy. Luckily I had a friend over that had a letter opener with her because her mattress order from Lucid provided one for her. SO, I could open the mattress without risking of cutting in. So far, I love the bed!!! Set up was easy, the bed is fluffy yet firm. This is exactly what I wanted.

Comfy Mattress!

We purchased our Queen size mattress about five months ago. This was the first time we'd ever, in our 35 years of marriage, purchased a mattress without trying it out in a store, in person. Needless to say, it was a leap of faith for us. Four reasons made us decide to take the dive: Money was tight, we were due for a new mattress, reviews/simplicity of set-up seemed great, and the return policy. I've waited to type up this review as to give us a good amount of time to get a good feel for the mattress. It's been a full five months and we just couldn't be happier and satisfied with the comfort of this mattress! We're not small people, between the two of us, our combined weights probably come close to 400 lbs, this bed is sturdy and comfortable, good for back sleeping (my hubby mostly sleeps on his back) and good for side sleepers, like me! Prior to taking the leap to order this bed, I read all the reviews and like many, was left undecided as there's always bad and good. Ultimately, I decided to try it and worse case scenario, return if not satisfied. Well we have been very satisfied as the simplicity of set up, speedy delivery, affordable monthly payments, not having to use a credit card, and over-all comfort have all solidified my confidence in making a good/sound purchase!!


I ordered this bed hoping it would help with lower back and hip pain. It has been a little over a month and it still doesn't feel supportive! You feel like you are sinking especially when you are trying to read! I toss and turn even more than before! My sciatica hurts just as I stand up from getting out of bed! Due to the COVID-19, I can't even return this! Hoping it will get better soon!

Dream Mattress

I love my mattress. It is so comfortable and was so easy to install. Love it love it love it. I highly recommend it.

Most uncomfortable mattress

We bought this mattress many months ago as we needed a new one! Tried it the first night and woke up stiff as a board! Kept trying it with the same results! It is literally like sleeping on concrete and not for anyone with back or neck pain! I do not recommend this product and we would have returned it but not worth the hassle!!!!! Please don't waste your money! NOT COMFORTABLE AT ALL!!!! I am now sleeping on my couch until we get a new mattress!

Keep looking...

Purchased this bed a year ago and we’re ahead looking for a replacement. It’s broken down and there is a mountain between my husband and I. Definitely not worth the money or the hassle.


I tried this bed after sleeping on memory foam mattresses for years. This coil spring mattress was billed as being medium firmness. It's too soft. It doesn't give me good back or hip support. They advertise it as a hybrid, but it's a coil spring with a padded top. I've had it for about a month, and if it weren't for the Coronavirus, I would return it.

hyrid queen 11 mattress

ordered this mattress in Sept of 2019 and sleep area on husbands side of bed has a dip. company wants pictures of of dip top and bottom. not something I can do at my age. mattress is heavy and I can not move the mattress. will not buy this company's products.


Love the mattress but for years, Northern Nights has bragged about 17" pockets for fitted sheet. Middle of the night, wrinkles all over and it doesn't stay put because 17" is ridiculous. Not comfortable. Could you offer a "normal" pocket around 15". Not happy with your fit of sheets

Not Good

Bought this mattress for my twenty something daughter. She complained from the start it was bouncey And not terribly comfortable. The TV DEMONSTRATION showed how two people could sleep on it and if one person turned over the other would not feel it. Baloney. She also complains the mattress shifts off the box spring and she has to adjust it back in place every morning, I’m mad at myself for purchasing it from TV. To late to return and it would have been a big pain to return and would be an added cost to me. Save your money. Do not purchase.

Cozy Plush

Love this mattress. The memory foam is not too soft or too firm just in between comfort. Easy on the back and if you have slight insomnia like I do it definitely helps to relax better.

Love My New Mattress

I just received this mattress yesterday let it air for 8 hours because I was at work came home and wow it was so soft and so comfortable I love it.

So happy!

I am so pleased with this mattress. I purchased a queen size, and it arrived in just a few days. My UPS man was wondering what he was delivering and when I said a mattress he chuckled. When I saw him recently he asked how it was and I raved about it.

I tried it! I like it!

I ordered this mattress and left on vacation not expecting that it would arrive 2 days later. Our poor petsitter had to drag it into the house. When we arrived home, we opened the box and followed the simple instructions. We are very happy with this purchase! I love this mattress. Our old one was 20 years old. It was okay but we knew it was time for a new one. We did NOT want to go to a mattress or furniture store. This item appeared on TV and I decided to try it! It is a nice, comfortable mattress; firm yet not too firm. The topper is so nice. It feels soft and cushy. It is a great mattress and I recommend it to anyone who loathes the idea of shopping at a store....not fun! Try it; I hope you will like it as much we as do!!

I was nervous...

I was nervous to buy a bed from the TV without even lying on it. Plus it came in a box! What was I thinking? But I decided to try it and have no regrets! I love it! It is a firm mattress but the top is plush and I just sink into it. Very comfortable. I did add a mattress pad on top (I had it on my old one too) so that did add to the plush feel on top a little. Overall: great price, great purchase, great night's sleep!

Very comfortable!

This mattress is amazing. We bought it after kids moved away and needed a replacement for when we have overnight guests. Kids came back home for Thanksgiving and wanted to take this back home with them...nope, get your own! LOL. We will probably get another one for our other spare room as soon as we fix it up. Love this!

Best Mattress I've ever had.

I love this mattress! It took one night for me to get use to this new mattress and it usually takes me up to a week before I get a good nights sleep when changing mattresses. This felt very luxurious right from the start and it's so comfortable. I love the convenience of ordering online and having it delivered to my home! I've already recommended it to several people I know who are looking at buying a new mattress.

Love my new bed!

For years i had back problems because my old bed was way too soft. I moved around all night long and woke up with body pain all over. This new mattress is sooo wonderful, i sleep like a baby, hardly move all night and wake up with no pain and i feel refreshed. I still cannot believe it myself. It felt firm at first but they say give a mattress 30 to 90 days to break in. Wow what a difference..i am so happy with my purchase.

Poor quality

This mattress had several areas where the quilting stitches came loose. I will keep it but am not happy with the quality.

I don’t love it...

Your mattress should be instant love, and this one just isn’t it. I agree with everyone else. After 4 months, it’s already sagging. You’ll definitely need a topper because it’s extremely firm. I wish I’d shopped around. I’ve learned my lesson with mattress purchases.

Not soft (AT ALL) !

Im forced to sleep on this (hard) mattress until I buy another one. Unfortunately I took it for granted that I'd like Northern Nights and put my old one on the curb. Im totally surprised ppl think its any kind of soft. Its just a hard square box. Going back to a pillow top.

Best Bed

I just moved back and I live with my sister but was out in California for two years. My niece had taken over my bedroom and destroyed my old bed. I desperately needed a new because I was waking up feeling horribly sore. I saw this on tsv in the summer and thought I would take a chance. I use it on a platform frame and just love. I did add a mattress topper because it's pretty firm. I definitely do not regret my purchase its been one the best beds.

Not worth money

I’ve had this mattress three days and there’s already a dent in the mattress where I sleep. I wake up every morning with a backache. Now I have to go purchase a mattress topper to fix this issue. As much as this mattress costs I shouldn’t be having any issues, especially only having it three days. Don’t waste your money.

Sagging Mattress

I am so disappointed. Bought this mattress in July, 2019 and already it is sagging in the middle. I am a side sleeper and for a month or two it seemed ok. Three months later I have difficultly rolling over at night. I weigh 195 lbs and would not recommend for an adult over 100 lbs.

Should have tested at a store

I purchased this mattress because the one I had was old and too soft. After seeing this on Qvc I ordered it. Big mistake. This mattress, after 4 months, is still too hard for me to sleep on it. I like firm, but this is ridiculous!!



Northern nights Queen 11" mattress

Loved the idea of how it is packaged but not for someone who has back issues, not enough support. I did put a memory foam topper on top. Much better...


I was worried about the price being so low and it being a bed in a box. Thanks to the three ladies who called in while I was watching, it really convinced me. I love, love, love this bed. It is so comfortable. It's like sleeping in a cloud. Buy this bed. You won't be sorry. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight.

Not for people with back/hip/spine issues

I bought this mattress because I thought it would offer good support and yet be soft enough. I was wrong. I wish I could return it and get my money back. We slept on it for about a week, trying to give it a chance. Since then, it's been on the bed and we've been sleeping in the recliners. Can't afford another mattress right now.

Can't sit on edges.

I was remodeling thee bedroom and saw this as a tsv. Always had good luck with Northern Nights, so took a chance. Waited to open until remodel which took me past the return date. To put the Northern Nights label on this junk is wrong. I sat, or tried to sit on it the next day. The edges sagged and I slid off. It is impossible to sit on it to put on shoes etc. There is NO support on the edges. I hope QVC pays attention to these reviews and dumps this product. Wish I had sent it back in time!

Great For The Price!!!

Only gave 4 stars because I dont think a perfect mattress exists but this comes pretty close. I can definitely say I am sleeping much better. I am a side sleeper and would sleep for a little while before achy hip and thigh would wake me up causing me to have to roll over...and that pattern continued all night....not anymore. I just seem to mold to the bed. And the set up was a breeze ....but be forewarned...the box is extremely heavy and if you have to carry up steps it definitely will take two people or one very strong one. I am very satisfied.....especially with the price !!!

Best Decision

This was a great purchase. I received it quickly! After unpacking and allowing it to expand I had the best nights sleep ever. No aching hips, back or shoulders. I caught it on sale for a great price but would have paid full price!

Its the best! You must buy! Its is a dream!

I normally don't write reviews but I want to say that 4 years ago, I purchased a Sealy Posterpedic from QVC. My back had been hurting, my husband never liked it, so I decided to order this. My main 2 reasons for this new purchase.... Easy to unload and have 2 people carry upstairs, and I like Northern Nights sheets. I was able to unpack myself, and sleep that night.. Ive slept great for a month now.. Its wonderful! My back doesn't hurt anymore and my husband is enjoying as well.. Thank you.

Not For Me

My experience with the product is that there is already a dip in the mattress with under a month of use.

Not worth it

This bed is not comfortable at all! You can feel the springs, and it hurts your back. I do not recommend!!! I wish I could get my money back, but can’t and now I’m stuck with a piece of junk


Ordered queen, was on way too be delivered, company called it back, never got explanation. Not pleased.

First Testimonial

I just spoke on air about sleeping on this bed for the first time today. I got it for my guest bedroom, but just learned that it would work with my adjustable frame from my sleep number bed. Therefore, it is going into my bed. I may need to get another one. It is easy to set up, seriously, the hardest part was to unbox it since it is so big. Once it is out the rest is easy. My nap today was amazing. I don't think I even moved, it was so comfortable.

love this mattress

this mattress is just what we were looking for. I tend to sleep in one spot and the mattress usually sinks in. We have a king bed and because of our stairwell, we had to get two twins instead. Because of the way this mattress is packaged, we could get a king. have had for a month now, and am very pleased.

Best purchase ever!

I would of never imagined in a million years that I would buy a bed without laying on it first. This bed is amazing. I absolutely love it. It's very soft yet firm. The edges do not give out under my weight. I am very happy with my purchase and speed of the shipping process.

The Best Value

Now I may not be the most sophisticated shopper - but my old memory foam mattress was worn out - I love the combination of mattress types - especially the fact that there is a nice tight edge which actually gives you more usable space vs my old memory foam that was kind of weak around the edges - no funny smell - quick delivery and easy payment plan made it all worth while ... would surely recommend this product as well as purchase other sizes for my kids when the need arises...

Don't do it

Horrible mattress after less than a month. Have tried reaching out to QVC and Symbol Mattress, created warranty claim twice and emailed, no answer. You will regret this purchase. Save your money and buy a better mattress, wish I did.

Sags in the middle…

After 5 yr off. Use this mattress sags in the middle, felt this after 3 yr. Customer Service could do nothing and gave me infor to follow up. When writing to them, no reply was had. Today a new mattress will be delivered. Shame on you QVC. There is no word from the forwarding number given. Not a happy camper.

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