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Nora Mattress Reviews

Summer 2024 Updates: Nora® by Wayfair mattresses continues to ship in a very timely manner. Recent reviewers mostly mention good value for the price overall.

Nora is a Wayfair exclusive mattress in a box company. They have two mattresses, including a memory foam and a pocketed coil mattress, both designed to serve sleepers who are on a budget. It is another example of a major retailer making big moves in the disruptive industry of on-demand mattresses. As far as comfort, most customers like their Nora mattresses at first, but there are some complaints about heat retention, firmness, and durability for some customers.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $369-$1499

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Nora's Specifics

Nora is Wayfair's answer to the mattress in a box craze. With two options to choose from, Nora offers both an all-foam variety and a hybrid option with pocketed coils. Overall, most customers like their Nora mattresses at first, but there were some complaints about firmness, heat retention, and durability reported by some sleepers.

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Quality of Materials

Nora has two mattresses to choose from, an all foam Nora mattress and the Nora Hybrid that features a pocketed coil support system. Nora uses CertiPUR-US foams in their mattresses, which means that they don't offgas nasty toxins. To keep prices low, they are manufactured in China with mid-grade materials and shipped to homes in a box.

First, here is what's inside their all-foam Nora Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the jade-infused cover, which is designed to keep things cool on the surface.

Layer 2: 2'' of gel-infused memory foam is plush and will contour around your body.

Layer 3: 3'' of gel-infused cooling foam is firmer than the top layer to provide more pressure point relief.

Layer 4: Two 3.5'' layers of high density support foam on the bottom layers are egg crate design, which means that they will compress and ventilate, providing support, and pressure point relief.

Next, here is what's inside their pocketed coil Nora Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is the jade-infused cover, which is designed to keep things cool on the surface.

Layer 2: A layer of gel-infused memory foam is somewhat firm, but helps diffuse some pressure points on the top layer.

Layer 3: A higher density foam layer provides additional support and more responsiveness to the body's curves.

Layer 4: The bottom layer is high profile pocketed coils with a base foam below for independent support and response allowing the mattress to adapt to your unique body.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find the Nora mattresses initially comfortable. There are some that had problems with firmness, finding the mattresses too firm for them. Some others had issues with heat retention and long term durability.


The Nora mattresses are on rated firm to medium-firm. Those that are smaller may experience some discomfort if they are side sleepers. That said, the mattress has been known to soften up over time, which may cause sagging issues in some instances.


Overall, the gel-infused memory foam layer near the surface, and jade-infused cover should assist with keeping things cool. However, those that sleep very warm may still experience some heat retention.

Who Are Nora Mattresses Right For?

The Nora mattress is a competitive low-budget option, but there may be better options available to those tha can spare a little extra money for long lasting comfort.

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So far so good

So far so good. Love this mattress!

Mattress is VERY good

Mattress is VERY good and really comfortable. The odor that is in the mattress is VERY obnoxious. I have had it unboxed now since Friday and it is Monday and the odor is still VERY present. If it was NOT for the odor I would be giving this Mattress 5 STARS. It is an excellent buy, but the smell is TERRIBLE!

This mattress is EVERYTHING

This mattress is EVERYTHING! Prior to purchasing this mattress I tried the Beauty Rest Black hybrid and it did not work. Then I tried the Mattress Firm memory foam mattress. Both were very costly . . .thousands of dollars. I have spinal stenosis and was beginning to experience problems sleeping, aching hip, back and shoulder problems. I had doubts about purchasing this mattress sight unseen and in a box no less. However, I read the reviews and decided to try it. I arrived home to find two large boxes at my door. I thought getting the mattresses out would be a real issue because they seemed to be packed pretty tight. My daughter and I turned the box upsideside down and let gravity help us get it out. It was much easier than I thought. I did not sleep on the bed for 24 hours to allow it to inflate. Last night was my first night sleeping on the mattress. I usually awake about 8:00 am in the morning. I went to sleep last night, did not wake up during the night, and when I woke up it was ll:22 am. I slept until almost NOON! I was shocked! It was the best sleep I have had in years. My bed linen was not badly rumpled which it use to be, which meant there was not a lot of tossing and turning. The cost was fantastic! Instead of spending over $3000 I spent around $800. Am I happy? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are considering this mattress get it!

As soon as I laid down

As soon as I laid down, I fell asleep, and did not wake up until the morning! I have never fallen asleep that fast!

Mattress arrived within 2 business

Mattress arrived within 2 business days and it's glorious. Very comfortable. Exceeded my expectations as far as comfort. It was a struggle getting our regular king size fitted sheet on, so will probably have to invest in deep pocket set, but totally worth it.

So cozy

So cozy. Like sleeping on air.

I have had it for a week and I am not sure

I have had it for a week and I am not sure. Cooling layer is not as effective as it should be. Almost impossible to read a book or watch tv in this bed. Was hoping it would make my back and muscular issues a little better and it hasn't. Great price but I am not so happy. If it doesn't improve it will go back.

We were very pleased

We were very pleased with the quality of the mattress and ease of delivery. It literally popped out of the box! Just what we needed.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable; good price point.

pretty comfortable mattress

pretty comfortable mattress, but there is a indentation in the mattress that runs from the top left to the bottom left. it seems like it was where it was secured when rolled up to ship. the indentation did not go away during the initial time for the mattress to expand after unrolling.

This mattress is amazing

This mattress is amazing!!!! It is soft but with enough support. I no longer have back pain.


Perfect! Easy to set up and bring up stairs.

I have had this mattress for about a month now and I am so impressed

I have had this mattress for about a month now and I am so impressed. I was really worried about using a Memory Foam Mattress that I had never laid on, but I am not regretting taking the leap of faith at all! I no longer wake up with my arm falling asleep and I sleep so much better at night.

This bed is so comfortable

This bed is so comfortable. It feels firm when you first lay on it but then you sink in a little bit and pass out. I live in a house built in 1900 so the stairway and hallway are rather tight. I knew i had to get a bed in a box because a normal king size mattress would not make it. My wife is 6 months pregnant and she wanted a new bed asap. She likes firm beds while i do not. This one is perfect for both of us. The cool gel really makes me feel cool and I usually run hot. I am very impressed with the look and feel of the bed and I have recommended it to my mother and others. The price is fantastic.

It’s very hard to get up

It’s very hard to get up in the morning for work sleeping on this perfect mattress.

I really like this mattress

I really like this mattress. It's just as you see it here and is perfect for the bed. It seems to be good quality and just the right size for the bed. It takes a little time to get used to these kinds of mattresses, but so far they are working well for us.

We received the mattress today

We received the mattress today, taking it out of the packaging was easier than I expected. It is currently on the bed and looks very appealing. I can't wait to sleep on it we're going to have a hard time waiting for 24 hours. I only gave it four stars, because I haven't been able to sleep on it yet.

Arrived as expected

Arrived as expected. Mattress is definitely on the firmer side of things, and I'm a little disappointed in the cover for it. In the photos, it seems pretty taunt, however days after having opened my mattress, the cover still seems too large for the mattress itself, and doesn't seem very tight. Otherwise, the mattress is good!

Its a very comfortable mattress

Its a very comfortable mattress. I will be buying another one for my house

I like the mattress but my husband still hasn't gotten used to it yet

I like the mattress but my husband still hasn't gotten used to it yet. It's not as firm on the edges when you are sitting to put on shoes but overall I think it's a very comfortable bed especially for the price!

Fast delivery

Fast delivery. Easy to unpack. Strong smell. After leaving unrolled for 2 full days (and not using) to expand and air out, it is still only 10" in height. Will be sleeping on for the first time on day 3. Excited to try out as it seems very comfortable.

Mattress hurt back

Mattress hurt back, and is to soft for 280lb 6ft 5in person. I had not had any back problems until buying this mattress. Trying to return is a joke. Tried to take out return shipping from full refund price. If returning, remind of the full refund that is on the Nora description of item, or they will deduct the shipping costs.

Extremely comfortable mattress

Extremely comfortable mattress! It was VERY easily assembled once it came out of the box. We are pleased with the feel — the perfect firmnes

I love this mattress

I love this mattress! I feel like I am floating on a cloud! I have fibromyalgia and usually toss and turn all night. I slept like a baby all night long and woke up without any pain!

I’ve been sleeping

I’ve been sleeping on this new mattress for a little over a week now, and I can say is it is the most comfortable mattress ever. Wonderful.

My husband loves the bed

My husband loves the bed because it’s the memory foam but still firm enough for his liking. If you are looking for something squishier I wouldn’t recommend this bed.. but if you like firm it’s perfect!

Not Good For your back

I purchased this mattress when I moved into my new apartment this year and it was a HUGE mistake for me as since my back has been destroyed. From the onset the mattress felt hard and the longer I slept on it my back progressively got worse and worse. I realize that some people prefer a hard mattress. However, if you are 23 and want to retain your youth get another mattress


favorite mattress i have ever bought


Super comfortable and supportive.

Seriously the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.

Seriously the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. It’s absolutely amazing, and completely worth the money!! It does take almost the full 48 hours to expand, but it’s worth the wait! I also have been trying for years to find the right mattress that’s not too firm but not too plush. This mattress is both firm and plush, and I absolutely love it. I definitely feel as though this is the best of both worlds in the world of mattresses.


It is an amazing bed.


Once unwrapped - took its form quickly. Comfortable to sleep on.


Most comfortable mattress I have ever had

sleeps cool

It sleeps cool and it’s the firmness I prefer.

Love it!

Love it! Purchased this mantras for my 4 year old kid and it’s so comfortable! I highly recommend this for anyone.


It is firm and comfortable. I have a bad back and had a knee replacement 4 mo. ago. It gives me the added support I need!

waiting for it to expand

Still waiting for it to expand all the way out

Best sleep

Best sleep of my life tbh


Firm mattress which is perfect for me! Love it


So comfy!


Fantastic mattress. Very comfortable. Great purchase !


Is firm. I did have to get used to how much plushness I did not have without the pillow top. I do sleep good once I get to sleep


Comfortable - no excess motion when turning but a little on the soft side.

Softer than expected

Softer than expected as a firm memory foam

My fiancée and I have owned this mattress

My fiancée and I have owned this mattress for the past year and could not be happier. The mattress firmeness is about 7/10. Definitely a cooling feel to the mattress. The only complaint I would have is that it’s ridiculously heavy lol

Very impressed

I am very impressed with this Nora mattress. Materials and craftsmanship are excellent. The most important thing is the comfort, EXCELLENT. This mattress has the proper support while not being too firm. Two thumbs up!!

This mattress

This mattress is what was missing in my life! It is very supportive (Firm), yet it also molds around you. Very comfortable and I get a great night's sleep!

it's going to take some getting used to

I've only slept on this mattress for a couple of nights, and it's going to take some getting used to. I replaced another mattress, which was only 3 years old, because I have bad hip pain and was told I needed a softer but more supportive mattress-something like memory foam that would support and conform to me. This mattress is quite a bit firmer than I thought based on the other reviews I read, and I don't feel as "supported" as some were saying. Using the word "luxurious" as in some of the reviews wouldn't be a word I would use to describe this mattress, but I will give it a fair shot and see how it goes. The shipping was fast, and the mattress didn't give off that much of an unpleasant odor as I expected. *update* just over a year later and I’m not incredibly impressed with this purchase. The side seam is already separated, which should not be the case already.

I was iffy about buying a mattress online

I was iffy about buying a mattress online without testing it first. My husband LOVES it while I’ve had back issues for a long time I like this mattress way better than our old one. My dad came over and fell asleep on my bed and loved it so much he made me order him one.


shipped perfectly, and feels great !

Most comfortable mattress

Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time!

The mattress it amazing

The mattress it amazing and i couldn’t ask for better

It was very easy to set up

It was very easy to set up. Fast delivery

sagging mattress

Had this Nora memory foam mattress less than a year and its sagging already. Would NOT recommend

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