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+1.7x pain relief

+1.8x cloud like

+2.0x side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Nolah is currently shipping mattresses as usual, typically within 3-10 business days.

Nolah came to market in 2016 when they crafted their very own foam, called Nolah AirFoam®, as a response to the memory foam mattress industry. Its innovation is that it retains less heat than other memory foam or common 'visco elastic' foams. It is easier on the hips and shoulders, making it ideal for side sleepers. With multiple mattress options, good customer satisfaction scores, and a tailored mattress for plus sized sleepers, Nolah is a brand anyone can feel good about!


+1.7x pain relief
+1.8x cloud like
+2.0x side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $699-$2499

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Nolah's Specifics

Nolah is known for its pressure relieving foam technology, AirFoam™, that is featured prominently in multiple mattress offerings. Overall, their mattresses get good ratings from customers when it comes to comfort. One of their newest mattresses, the Nolah Natural 11'', offers the pressure relief of pocket coils coupled with environmentally friendly natural latex. They also offer a high end hybrid in the Evolution with multiple firmness options including the Evo Comfort+ mattress specialized for plus sized sleepers.

In 2023, their brand was acquired by 3Z brands, which includes mattress powerhouses Brooklyn Bedding and Helix brands among others. With this transition, has come the benefit of manufacturing from Brooklyn Bedding's Arizona-based mattress factory.

Quality of Materials

Nolah's mattresses are high rated when it comes to material quality. Their foams are more responsive and cooling than classic memory foams, which is ideal for those who have been turned off by hot memory foam.

We'll go through what's inside their mattresses and discuss how each layer adapts to your body.

Here is the breakdown of what's inside the Nolah Original 10'':

Layer 1: The cover is made from a plant dereived Tencel™.

Layer 2: A 2'' layer of their proprietary AirFoam® contours to your body without the sinking feel of some memory foams.

Layer 3: A 1'' layer of high-resilience foam gives support, while being bouncy and giving the surface a comfortable responsiveness.

Layer 4: 7'' of high density foam that gives the bed structure and added support.

Next, for those that want firm support, here is what's inside the Nolah Original Hybrid 11'':

Layer 1: Similar to the Original, this mattress begins with the Tencel™ cover, but it also features a quilted design for a more traditional feel.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 1.5" of Nolah AirFoam™ that provides some pressure relief to an otherwise firm mattress.

Layer 3: 1.5" of EverAdapt Transition foam provides extra loft and bounce, which supplements the supportive layers below.

Layer 4: 8" HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ coils offer three zones for added support to the middle spine. These individually wrapped coils react independently for less partner disturbance.

Layer 5: The last layer is a recycled fiber mattress pad that stabilizes the coils above and adds to the durability of the mattress.

Now, here is what's inside the Nolah Signature 12'':

Layer 1: The cover is made of organic cotton, which is great for those that worry about synthetic fabrics and want something luxuriously soft and cozy.

Layer 2: 2.5'' of their signature AirFoam™ memory foam provides sleepers with plush pressure relief.

Layer 3: A 1.5'' high-resilience foam acts as a transition and support layer that provides a bounciness to the foam mattress.

Layer 4: 1'' of firmer AirFoam™ provides additional pressure relief.

Layer 5: The base layer is 7'' of high-density foam that's breathable while also being durable to support the layers above.

Now, here is what's inside the hybrid Nolah Evolution 15'', which is available in plush, luxury firm, and firm options:

Layer 1: It all starts with a quilted organic cotton cover. Stitched into this luxurious, soft and airy layer is 2'' Premium HTC™ (high thermal conductivity) foam, which instantly pulls heat away from the sleepers above, while also providing significant pressure relief and a gentle contour.

Layer 2: 2'' of graphite infused memory foam, AirFoamICE™, draws away heat, while further adapting to the body.

Layer 3: 2'' of high resilience foam provides deep support for the whole body.

Layer 4: 1'' of high density foam acts as a durable transition layer.

Layer 5: 8'' HDMax™ Eco Support Coils offer three zones for better spinal alignment and pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. This layer is further reinforced around the sides with E.D.G.E.™ rails.

Layer 6: At the very bottom of the mattress is a base layer of cotton/wool.

Lastly, we'll take a look at Nolah's newest mattress, the hybrid Nolah Natural 11'':

Layer 1: The cover provides a luxuriously soft feel with GOTS certified organic cotton.

Layer 2: Next, a layer of wool acts as a fire barrier while also promoting breathability.

Layer 3: 2'' of natural Talalay latex provides pressure relief for joints and pain points.

Layer 4: 1'' of supportive Talalay latex provides support while also acting as a transition layer.

Layer 5: 8'' of Nolah's HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ Support Coils provide structure and targeted support zones.

Layer 6: At the very bottom of the mattress is a base layer of organic cotton/wool.

Overall Comfort

Nolah's proprietary foam keeps things comfortable for most sleepers because of its ability to diffuse pressure and heat. The Signature gets great scores from side sleepers, while customers appreciate the spine support of the Evolution mattress.


The Nolah Original 10'' mattress is medium-firm and should fit the needs of most sleepers, while the Nolah Signature 12'' is a great option for side sleepers. The Evolution Luxury Firm 15'' is a good option for combination sleepers. For those looking for a firm option, the most streamlined choice is the Nolah Orignal Hybrid.


The AirFoam® provides cooling and breathability for the top layers. Additionally, the 10'' mattress cover is Tencel™, which whisks away heat and moisture.

Who Are Nolah Mattresses Best For?

For those that are looking for pressure point relief and ready to try a foam focused mattress built for the future, Nolah's technology is exactly what you are looking for. Both side sleepers and back sleepers can find something to like in these mattresses!

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Life changing,truly!!

I love my new Nola mattress! This mattress is truly a life changer for me and my husband. We are so happy we purchased the Nola mattress because we both sleep much better at night. I often suffered from hot flashes at night and would put the covers on and take them off covers on and off, too and turn all night. Now I sleep much cooler and in a deeper sleep and I feel much more rested the next day. I would rate the firmness as a 4-5 on scale 1-10. I like the softness and I still feel supported. No more left hip pain. I also sleep on my back at times and I wake with no backaches. Another advantage is the liberal return policy of 120 days and free pickup if you are dissatisfied. We have owned it for 3weeks. One doesn't know how well you will like a mattress until you sleep on it for a week or so. We liked the Nolah from the first night with no break in period. Our previous mattress was a memory foam with a latex topper and slept very hot and I could not return it after trying it out for a couple weeks. the Nola does not sleep hot. I would highly recommend viewing online videos to visualize the softness. that's what I did and found that I was very happy with this purchase.

Can't explain it

So far I think so good, and getting better. First night was awesome, but then I went through a few nights of growing pains and getting adjusted. Went from an old 13-ish year old typical pillow top. But I think I'm getting used to the Nolah and starting to love it. No tossing and turning to get comfortable...I just am comfy. I am a side sleeper and it's weird just like it says no pressure points, I don't get how it works but I LOVE that. I go to bed with a sore back and wake up with no pain, first time in months. The shopping experience was painless and easy. Only thing is I think I thought I'd be a little cooler, I'm by no means hot but am just a little warmer than I was before, but it's not affecting my sleep....might try different sheets......Plus I love my polar bear haha :)

Try It!

We have had the mattress for about a month. It took a couple of weeks to adjust but now sleeping well and the pain I had in my hips is slowly reducing.. so Yea!!! Awesome customer service btw!

Like sleeping on a cloud

This is the best bed ever. It forms to the body for a perfect snug fit I fall into the bed, as if I was on a cloud. Big smiles!

Animal Mattress!!!

I love this mattress. I get night sweats really bad and this has really helped! I also work nightshifts and this is way better than my other mattress. As for the shopping experience i was super excited to donate to an animal of my choice!

Cuddled by a mattress

My husband and I love it. I feel snuggled in and yet it is supportive. The customer service I would rate super-excellent. Wonderfully communicative people. We are both getting a more restful sleep and one of the biggest surprises is that a very bad side pain I was waking up with when we had our other foam mattress has gone away since I have been on the Nolah. I didn't relate it to the mattress and even complained to my doctor about it. He couldn't find anything wrong. Now since sleeping on our Nolah it has gone away. Wow, I put up with that pain for months. It is also easy to roll over on it and you don't sleep hot as we did with our other foam mattress. Easy to lift to put sheets on. Its not a heavy monstrosity as our old foam was. Everything about the Nolah a A . A great mattress for a very reasonable price. We are thankful to own it.

The Nolah mattress was instantly comfortable and supportive.

I have had hip and lower back pain from hours of sitting from being in school for the last year. My old bed was really contributing to the problem. The first night after I slept on the Nolah bed, I woke up with no radiating or aching hip pain. I still have the popping in and out and uncomfortableness in my right hip, but I know that the bed has completely resolved the radiating pain I was used to feeling every morning. The only complaint I had with the bed was how hot it sleeps, which through research I have found is normal for any foam bed. I resolved this problem with a breathable plush bamboo mattress pad that allows for air flow between me and the mattress.

Very comfortable option

I was sleeping on a much cheaper foam mattress prior to the Nolah. I also used the reliable fast shipping to make my move across the country easier: I got rid of my old mattress, and ordered my Nolah delivered to my new house. One less thing to move. After 3 weeks of sleeping on the Nolah, I have to say it is MUCH more comfortable than my previous mattress. The materials just feel much higher quality.

Ahhhhh mazing Sleep

This mattress is like a dream. My husband and I are getting some really wonderful sleep, which is a miracle due to the fact we have two young children! We did tons of research and were so skeptical about receiving a mattress via mail. I cannot tell you how happy we are with our purchase. We say every night, "I love our mattress!" It's been a great investment. Thanks for helping us get our sleep back!!!

Best sleep

Since getting the nolad mattress I have the best sleep I have had in years. Being a side sleeper it been hard to get comfortable to have real restful sleep, until now!

No more back pain.

I like to sleep on my side and this mattress works for side sleepers. It doesnt sleep hot which is good cause i like to sleep in the cold. the only problem so far was the initial smell when i opened the mattress from the plastic but i guess that cant be helped.


We love this mattress. Easy to buy online. We sleep much better and for longer. Highly recommend. Came on a Friday and slept on it that night! No box spring needed. I built a wood frame and a drawer system under it.

Nolah s Ark

my mattress a river fast as promised,my wife and myself sleep on our sides and out last mattress was so warn out we had a concave hoke in the could literally roll from the edge into the middle On our first night we woke sore all over,but that come from the many nights of sleeping on a bad mattress,,,over the past few weeks the sleep has gotten better,and I'm sure once our body get use to the new mattress we will enjoy many nights of restful sleep


The whole Nolah experience was comfortable. Information on the website about the mattress was accurate. The shipping box was easy to manage. Now, the Nolah mattress is the most comfortable mattress in the house and everyone wants to sleep on it!

Love my Nolah

I love my new Nolah bed. I have been sleeping on it for several weeks and it is very, very comfortable. I go to sleep more quickly and stay asleep longer since I got it. I told my sister about it and she ordered one and also loves it. The shopping was easy and the bed came within one week. Setup was quick and easy. Wish I'd gotten it sooner!

No regrets!

My partner and I are both wildland firefighters so getting a good night of comfortable sleep is important to us. I finally bit the bullet and bought a brand new mattress for the first time in my life. Nolah is a serious game changer! Getting it shipped straight to the house was awesome. We've been sleeping on it for about a month and I wish I didn't have to work so much so I could stay in bed all day!

Sidesleeper's Delight

Shopping experience was no hassle. Make sure you look for a promo code. I wouldn’t buy thru Amazon, only 30 day return. is 90 day. I am 2 weeks in and I still enjoy it. My wife gets up at 4 am and I don’t realize it at all. I actually sleep less hours because I am getting such good sleep, no joke.

I don't know what it's like to sleep on a cloud, but my Nolah must be close.

I must admit I was apprehensive about buying a foam mattress. I was concerned about the reputation foam mattresses have for trapping body heat. As it turns out, I needn't have worried, as my Nolah sleeps as cool as my old coil spring mattress. I'm a side sleeper, so for years I've suffered from shoulder pain and numbness through the night, resulting in restless night's of tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. No more! My Nolah mattress cradles my shoulder perfectly. No critique would be complete without mentioning how convenient the "mattress-in-a-box" concept is. From the moment it was delivered until it was set up and ready for a "test nap" was literally a matter of minutes. I don't know how my Nolah experience could be improved. The word "perfect" falls short.

Enjoying retirement

There's a ton of online mattress companies to choose from, and it's scary to think about buying a mattress before trying it out. Don't worry your sleepy little head, Nolah has your back (supported just how you like it). You won't even need to use their gracious return policy. Everything from ordering to opening was a breeze, and it sleeps like a dream. Once you get your Nolah mattress, there's no looking back. In fact, the only thing you'll be looking at is the back of your eyelids. Rest easy.

Three weeks in and sleep is better

Sleep and mattresses are a highly individualized experiences so I'll stick to the objective side. Nolah said five days and we had it in 5 days. Set-up was easy, though dragging/carrying an 80 pound box upstairs is exactly as you would expect. Off-gassing was minimal, had the windows open for the first 10-15 minutes, didn't really notice any odors that night. Wife and I are both side sleepers, so we went with the model recommended for side/occasional back sleepers. We both have been waking up with less joint pain and pressure point pain with the Nolah. Foam transfers far less movement to an adjacent sleeper and we found that to be true. We replaced a 6 year old innerspring, that, given our sleep styles, was likely too firm. Probably the result of a 5 minute store trial where neither of us laid on our side. Nolah did what they said they would in terms of delivery, etc. and the mattress does what they said it would.

Great value! Extremely comfortable and supportive!

Although I was looking at Purple and/or Nectar initially when considering to buy a mattress, I ultimately ended up going with Nolah. I perused several websites trying to read about different companies. While Nolah seems like it wasn't advertised as much as other companies, I still found some people talking about it and eventually decided to go with them. The shopping experience was quick and easy. Mattress was delivered less than a week within ordering. I really liked the fact that I got to choose an animal for Nolah to donate their proceeds to help preserve. They seem like a great company. Although I wasn't sure what to expect from the king mattress I purchased for only $850 (after promo discount), it turned out to be very comfortable and seems to be keep me cool at night (i'm generally a hot sleeper so this was very important to me). It is less firm than my previous queen mattress which is a memory foam mattress with cooling technology. Overall, I like the Nolah mattress better than my previous one which I spent $1,500. This was definitely a great investment.

Great mattress!

My Nolah mattress sleeps great, it did take a few nights to get use to not having springs in my side. I shopped many other mattress because I am a side sleeper, glad I chose Nolah. The mattress sleep nice, not hot which was a concern. Nolah need to make pillows to go with their mattress. Great customer service, thanks for answering all my question promptly.

Best. Mattress. Ever.

My wife has trouble staying asleep and both of us are warm sleepers. The Nolah agrees with us -- it doesn't get hot and we both sleep comfortably through the night. I have noticed a significant improvement in both our moods since we got it.

Best Mattress I have ever owned

Me and my wife love our Nolah Mattress. We previously had a memory foam mattress we bought online which was hard and uncomfortable. My wife would toss and turn all night and never had a good nights sleep. With the nolah mattress I'm happy to say my wife and I sleep much better and wake feeling relaxed.

Glad I tried the Nolah mattress

This was my first experience buying a mattress online and I have to say that the Nolah company made it a great experience! Their customer service has been terrific with prompt replies and great information. The bed is super comfortable and I got it because I wanted one a little softer for my side sleeping. However, I must sleep on my back more than I originally thought I did and I found the mattress to be a little too soft for my back sleeping. The mattress itself sleeps cool and is definitely quality construction. I'm actually sad to return it but I think I need something just a little firmer for me. That said, I have to problem recommending it and believe it would be perfect for many people!

A dilemma you'll welcome!

Most of my sleep time over the years has been via expensive big-name traditional mattresses. A few years ago I ventured into memory foam and that translated into some very bad sleep. What I found most aggravating was the cavity created when sleeping on the memory foam. It was so difficult to move between sleeping positions without falling into the "sleep hole" in unnatural ways. After several weeks of this, I went back to my old reliable. Well when I read about the more springy style of memory foam Nolah uses and saw the positive reviews online, I decided to give them a shot. I'm very glad I did! First off, no more "sleep holes" created. I can switch positions throughout with zero issues. I sleep on the mattress, not in it! Such a great experience! The mattress does not get hot either. It's easily twice as cool as the other memory foam was. In fact I find myself so naturally comfortable when I wake up in the morning on my Nolah that it is both easier and more difficult to get out of bed: I am more rested so ready to roll out and conqueror the day, but at the same time I am so comfortable I want another 15 minutes of sleep! I welcome this dilemma. :)

Good sleep and helps animals!

I had been sleeping on another online-only mattress with rave reviews, but was very uncomfortable at night. I am a side sleeper and my arm was going numb, I couldn't stop tossing and turning, and I was very disappointed. I ended up returning that other mattress within the 100-day trial period and heavily researched all the competitors. I saw a review that said Nolah was good for side sleepers, and I was also pleased to see that the company is involved in conservation. So, I pulled the trigger and purchased the mattress. It's definitely better than what I was sleeping on before. I don't have the same pain and I'm not tossing and turning. I'm glad that I made the switch!

Lower back pain disappeared!!!

I was nervous about buying a mattress online. What I found was it gave me time to compare customer ratings without the pressure of a salesperson. My bed is in the hottest room in the house but I have not been sweating! Also, my lower back pain has disappeared!! Love my Nolah!

Love the process

We shopped for mattresses for weeks before deciding to try an online mattress. Really liked the idea of the adopt an animal so we went with nolah! It's been great we have loved every night so far!

Soft and Gentle

I find this nolah a good match for purple 4. Cheaper with the $300 off discount running right now. I run my own websites, check one out at but all that aside the only thing to wonder is will this air foam hold up for 10 years or start to sag. I got the signature nolah and my spine aligns really well. Everyone is different but I love it. They did a great job on the bed and not any toxic chemicals so consider it if you are a side sleeper. Heavy people should consider it to. I did not sink in that much.

Not what I expected

I have had my Nolah mattress for a little over a year. For 4 months of that time I was away and not sleeping on the mattress. I specifically chose this mattress because of its reviews for side sleepers. I tried the plush side for a while, but found that I woke up with shoulder pain. It was like I slept on my side longer because I was able to sink more into the mattress, but because I slept on my side longer, it created shoulder pain because my should was stuck in the same position for hours. When I did roll onto my back it didn't have the support I needed and I would have soreness in my back. They claim the mattress is reversible, but I don't really think it is. The top is specifically contoured to be the top. However, I decided to flip the mattress and try the other side, which I have been sleeping on for about 6-8 months. I find that it still does not have the back support I need when I roll onto my back. Even on my side I have leg pain and I think it is because my hips are sinking too much and my legs are not. Whether on my side or back it gives too much in the hips for my taste. FYI, I am a 135 pounds. In the process of finding a new mattress. This one is not for me.

This is for real for back pain releif

I've been using a Sleep Number bed for 9years. I wish I would have known about Nolah years ago. The Sleep Number wasn't helping me sleep.The Nolah has taken care of that issue. I love this bed. I strongly recommend this for people with back issues. Unbelievable how I sleep now.

4th Mattress is a Charm ;)

Wow, we went through FOUR mattresses in ONE YEAR. Nolah is finally the mattress for us! We do not even want to get out of bed and after work, ready to get in bed! I would HIGHLY recommend a Nolah to any side or back sleeper. I am strictly a side sleeper and my side and hip pain is gone. I am IN LOVE. My husband sleeps in all the positions and also loves it! We are seriously over the moon and just so happy to sleep well again. You will not regret it!

Like sleeping on a cloud!

I bought this mattress because I wanted to sink into the mattress and yet have support. This delivers on both counts. In fact, a 13 year old boy was helping with placing the mattress and he said, “It’s like sleeping on a cloud”!

Wonderful easy bed

I am really enjoying my new Nolah Bed. It has really helped with my aches and pain. Is the perfect firmness for me. My shopping experience was very easy. I purchased it because of all the great reviews and that I could return it if I was unsatisfied.

Best Sleep in years. Don’t forget the Nolah pillows

I used to wake up sore every morning. Sore shoulders, back and hips. With this mattress I’m refreshed and pain free Hallelujah

Worth it!

It was easy to order and I did have some questions after purchase and they were answered within 24 hours. I no longer wake up in pain and I feel better in the morning. It can sleep a little hot if you're a bigger guy like me but it may also be the mattress protector I got for it.

Fixed my shoulder pain

With this mattress I no longer feel shoulder pain when i wake up. I have a shoulder blade issue and this mattress makes it feel like it is non existent. I am a combo sleeper, and this mattress works with all positions. You do sink into the mattress, but for me that is a plus. Worth every cent and cannot find any reason to complain. When I go to bed now, I know I am getting good sleep.

Not in Love

I’m not a huge fan. I’m not sure that foam is the type of bed for me. It sleeps so warm that I just can’t get comfortable and I end up tossing and turning all night. I’ve woken up sore every night and I just don’t feel like it supports me enough. My mom, however, has this bed and loves it.

No NyQuil necessary

First time buying a mattress online, shipping was fast and the bed is outstanding.

Do you want to sleep all night or toss, turn and stay awake?

We were hesitant to order a bed online especially one that came in a box but after one night of complete rest and sleep without tossing and turning, we are so happy we did. After owning at least four very expensive brand mattresses over the years, none come close to solving the back and shoulder pain, looking for a comfortable "spot" and overall sleep quality. If you are a side sleeper and occasional stomach/back sleeper, this mattress could be your dream cloud. Certainly is for us. Customer service is great and the ordering process was very easy. Also it is completely MADE IN THE USA. Thank you Nolah.

It’s good!

Shopping exp and shipping were top notch! Our mattress arrived really fast! I think it arrived in less than 4 days . Almost a week before our bed lol. So I guess For ppl that need their mattresses ASAP it’s really good. Now the sleeping exp... my wife and I, r frm Asia and I guess we r used to sleeping in really hard mattresses. The soft side of the mattress was too soft for us and it hurt our middle back. Our butts sank in too deep and our body alignment felt real awkward. I was ready to return the mattress, but my wife decided to try the other side of the mattress,”the firm side”. The firm side was ok for us . No More back pain. And we r glad we don’t have Togo thru the hassle of returning it. Sleeping on the mattress is ok so far . this is the most we spent on a mattress and I guess we were expecting some sort of sleep nirvana lol. I talked to a few folks frm my country that spent a lot on mattresses and all of em told me they actually prefer the cheaper mattresses on thier guest rooms now �‍♂️. Tldr; expensive mattresses r overhyped in our humble opinion.

Great side and back sleeper mattress

I researched beds for several weeks and found out my wife and I needed to look for a softer style bed for our side and back sleeping that we do and this bed hits every expectation and seems to breath really well to.

Best Bed Bar None

We’ve now ordered 6 of these mattresses in total, there is no bed that is more comfortable. Highly recommend!

Very plush.

This bed is very plush. It is comfortable. I have slept very well since I’ve had it. The pillows that come with it have a very bad smell still, hoping it goes away.

We truly love our Nolah mattress!!

My husband and I both love our new mattress. We are sleeping better than ever and are waking up free of back pain. It’s wonderful!! Our shopping experience was excellent too. The only change I would suggest is that for us we would have preferred a lower price instead of free pillows which we didn’t need ( or like). Thank you for making a great mattress!

Sleep good

It works like a bed pretty good. I like sleep so I like bed. Cool and comfy. Yay!!!

Restful sleep during a restless time

Nolah came along and saved the day during the pandemic. We all need a good night's sleep after stressful days juggling so many things from home. It's supportive, keeps me cool, and i wake up refreshed. Thank you Nolah!

First foam mattress

Truly sleeps different from traditional inner spring. Absolutely no pressure points. Both my wife and I sleep longer and I think deeper and aren’t as tired in the morning

Love my Nolah!

I really like my Nolah so far! Had a little over a month and I wake up feeling rested and sleep so well it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning! I have no shoulder and neck pain when I wake up as I did before with my normal pillow top mattress! Took some getting used to switching but the bed confirms to your body without being too soft and sinking like some memory foam mattresses where you feel stuck when switching positions during the night. It sleeps cool which I really like. Definitely worth the investment and I would recommend to friends and family! I hope this mattress lasts as so far I love it. I tend to like a softer bed but this bed is the perfect blend of soft yet firm enough that it keeps my body and spine feeling aligned .. I did a lot of research and am glad I went with the Nolah! The pillows are amazing too. I even took mine with me when I traveled recently! I got the 10 inch king size and I love that there isn’t much motion transfer as my fiancé tends to move around a lot when he sleeps and I have a toddler who is in bed with us as well. I rarely write reviews but I felt this one deserves a review as I have enjoyed it so much! Hope this helps others in deciding which mattress to purchase as this mattress comes in a box and you don’t get to try before you buy!! I did let mine rest for about 36 hours prior to putting sheets on as I read letting it air out helps. Had a slight smell to it at first but has mostly went away so beware that it may take a couple weeks before it completely dissipates. I think had I let it air out a bit longer it may have went away quicker but I couldn’t wait to sleep on it so had to put it on my bed after the second day of receiving it! Best investment thus far in 2020!

Not as soft as hoped for

I was searching online for the best side sleeper mattress there is, and Nolah came up as the most recommended choice. It is a good mattress for sure, but I did not get the cloud feeling and pain relief I hoped for. I still wake up and need to switch position several times a night due to shoulder pain caused by impingement syndrom.

Stay Asleep Longer

The bed is quiet and doesn't move when myself or my husband move in the night-- resulting in both of us sleeping longer and better.

Terrible Customer Service

I made my first home purchase and was on a hunt for a new mattress. I stopped by this website to review the quality and perhaps purchase a mattress. I made a inquiry to their customer service about if they had a military discount and their response was atrocious. Rather than just responding that they did not have a military discount, instead they respond that they goal is to make mattresses instead for ALL Americans to enjoy and not just the few (veterans). Somehow my service to my country and me inquiring about a discount made it so that I was not advocating for ALL Americans? It was a unnecessary and frankly bias and ignorant comment and I can't believe I have to defend my service to someone who clearly doesn't understand what customer service means.

Excellent Customer Service

I ordered the Nolah Evolution 15. It was a quality mattress but, unfortunately, just not the mattress for me. So why am I writing a five star review? Simply because the caliber of customer service I received throughout the purchase, delivery, refund, and pickup of the mattress are virtually unheard of these days. The Nolah team were friendly, reassuring, cooperative, and helpful at every step, despite the fact that the mattress didn't work out for me. Given my experience, I would not hesitate to place my trust in this company in the future, and would certainly be willing to try other Nolah products.

I had a horrible delivery experience

My mattress was delivered by FedEx today, the delivery service used by Nolah. I received a notice that the mattress had been delivered to my front door.I didn't see it, so I looked outside my gate. It was there a couple of feet from the road. It was too heavy for me to lift, so I called FedEx and asked if the driver could return and bring the mattress to my door, or at least inside my gate so it wouldn't be stolen. Two different customer service people at FedEx said they would send a request to the dispatcher to send the driver back. After waiting hours I call back and another customer service person re-entered the request. Before I hung up another customer service person came on and said the driver would not return and it was my problem to get the mattress inside my gate. Nolah told me that the delivery was not guaranteed when I asked for their help. I have spent hours trying to get help bringing my mattress away from the road where it will likely be stolen. The set up and old mattress removal service I paid for through Nolah will not be arriving until the day after tomorrow. DO NOT TRUST NOLAH'S FREE DELIVERY SERVICE.

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