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Night Therapy Mattress Reviews

Night Therapy is a popular budget mattress made by Zinus that is sold at a variety of retailers both online and offline, like Sam's Club, Walmart and Amazon. They have a few different mattresses to choose from and focus on low quality and low priced options. If you are looking for a temporary mattress for a guest bedroom, this might be an okay option. However, there are some concerns about durability for consistent use.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 6.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.9/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

No Back Pain: 6.8/10

Price: $289-$649

Trial Period: Depends on Retailer

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Night Therapy's Specifics

Night Therapy Mattresses are very affordable memory foam mattresses that feature gel memory foam to keep things cool. These foams are certified CertiPUR-US, which means that they have low VOC toxicity. Some retailers advertise this mark as a quality standard, but when it comes to durability, this certification does not relate.

Overall, customers like their Night Therapy mattresses at first. However, there are some that had issues with the firmness. Others found that the mattress sagged after a short period of time. If this is a temporary mattress, it may be a good idea to purchase, but long term comfort may be an issue.

Quality of Materials

Night Therapy mattresses feature gel-infused memory foam for extra cooling. Their quality is low compared to many other popular online brands.

We'll go through each of their layers in depth and discuss what to expect:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of jacquard fabric. Jacquard means that the pattern is stitched in. It is made of a synthetic blend.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 2.5'' of gel-infused memory foam. This layer contours around your body without getting too hot. There are some reports of sagging over time here.

Layer 3: 1.5'' of traditional memory foam adds to the contouring effect and helps with pressure point relief. This layer may retain some heat.

Layer 4: 3'' of pressure relieving foam is a slightly firmer foam that is more responsive to hips and shoulders, but more supportive than memory foam.

Layer 5: The last layer is 6'' of high density base support foam. This layer provides support for the spinal column. It may degrade with consistent use.

Overall Comfort

There are many reports of good initial feel. Some have had complaints about firmness. There could be a quality control issue where some receive a firmer mattress. However, there are many reports of sagging and durability issues over a short time.


The Night Therapy mattresses are rated as medium-firm, but some may experience some slight differences based on the mattress they receive and also their body type. People with larger body types, may find Night Therapy too soft for them and there are some reports that folks have received mattresses that are too firm.

Back Pain Relief

There are many reports from customers about good initial feel and comfort. However, there are many that describe degrading products over a short period. If this happens to you, you may find that spinal support is affected negatively.


The gel-infused memory foam layer on the top comfort layer of the mattress should provide good cooling for most sleepers. There are some reports of people that still sleep warm. If you are a warm sleeper, you may want to look into mattresses that do a better job cooling.

Who Are Night Therapy Mattresses Right For?

Night Therapy mattresses are good for those that need a temporary mattress and are looking for a deal. For those that are looking for a consistent sleeper, there are better options.

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Five Stars

Super comfortable! Highly Recommend

Five Stars


WAS the Best bed EVER. For a year.

UPDATE 3/18/16: I am updating this from a 5 star review to 2 stars. We have been sleeping on this bed now since September of 2014. So, a year and a half. It started to become really uncomfortable about 6 months ago but we haven't had it in the budget to get a new one yet. I guess you do get what you pay for. $500 for a mattress isn't bad, but it is bad when it doesn't last.

Its become extremely uncomfortable for both of us- wake up stiff and sore. Another major issue we have is that the bed is basically falling apart. The layers of the memory foam have come apart and shifted. It started this shortly after we got it, and it got REALLY bad when we moved to a new house. I had to rip open the fabric casing and climb inside it to try and unstick the foam and flatten it back out so we could sleep on it comfortably. I attached pics of what happened.

I would recommend just investing a little more in a different mattress that will last longer and provide comfortable sleep for more than a year.


My husband and I are both in love with this bed! We have been sleeping on it for about a week now and sleep like babies. I get home from work and just want to go lay down. :) I also feel quite rested when I wake up in the morning, and its been a long time since that happened! I love the fact that we can move around without waking the other one up.

I have scoliosis so I was worried that I would not get the proper support, etc. but this bed is better than anything else I've slept on. I feel like it keeps me aligned pretty well.

No issues with being hot either.

I also didn't notice much of an odor in the foam when we opened the box.

We have it sitting on a Sleep Master platform that we also bought on amazon. (no box spring)

We debated between a $3400 Sleep Number and this bed, and I'm SO glad we took a chance on this one.

Dont like it!

The transaction and delivery was very good. I recommend the seller. However, the mattress is very soft and I would always wake up with back ache. If there is more than one people on the bed the mattress will bend to one side and feel very uncomfortable – I had to change the mattress in less than a year because I could not handle the pain on my back every morning. I do not recommend this product.

Sleepless in Vegas

I did a lot of research on these types of beds and this particular model was less than stellar. I returned it after the first night on it.

Five Stars

Awesome mattress. Best mattress that I have slept in.

... a few years now and is STILL the most comfortable bed I have ever had

I have had the king size mattress for a few years now and is STILL the most comfortable bed I have ever had. In fact, I am back to purchase a queen size and my best friends are purchasing my king from me. THAT is how good this bed is lol.

This was a great deal. It was delivered to my door on ...

This was a great deal. It was delivered to my door on time and in good shape. I haven't slept this good in years and it does not generate heat like a lot of people say they do.

it is still awesome and no dips in the mattress yet

After about 3 months of owning this mattress, it is still awesome and no dips in the mattress yet. I still wake up feeling awesome with no aches like my old mattress started giving me. Best sleeping investment I've made to this day!

Get mattress for the price!!

It came very quickly, and set up just as fast! It is SO comfortable!! Great buy!!

Five Stars

I love ❤️ this bed

Five Stars

Absolutely amazing! Can’t believe the quality and comfort.

This mattress is really nice. I'm a side sleeper and always wake up ...

This mattress is really nice. I'm a side sleeper and always wake up with a sore hip. From the 1st night on this mattress, that problem went away! My husband broke his back 2 1/2 years ago. He healed ok, but every morning woke up with a sore back. The doctors said it would take a year before he started really feeling good. That year came and went and still every morning he had a backache. We both can't believe that his back may not have hurt every morning for the last year in a half if we had bought this mattress sooner! It feels hard for about 10 seconds, then it forms to you and supports your body. All I can say is I wish we had spent the 319.00 sooner. This is way better than my 4,000.00 Spring Aire!!! Comfortable and stays cool.

Too hard for me.

I was really excited about this bed. I've always wanted a California King size bed and after reading the reviews, I thought this was going to be perfect for us. I hate to write this review because I want to like the bed. It wasn't very expensive, but I still had to save up. After sleeping on a mattress on the floor for more than a year, you would think anything would be more comfortable. Not true in this case. I've had it for a week and haven't reviewed it in hopes that I would get used to it. It's hard. The mattress is so hard. I may as well be sleeping on the kitchen table. My hips ache, I toss and turn all night. My husband feels the same way. Although we can't feel each other toss and turn, we are both waking up at least 4 times a night now. I am so sad that I am stuck with this mattress. The mattress on the floor was not comfortable either, but it was softer than this.


If you order this mattress make sure on day 1 that you like, because that is your warranty period. This mattress was wavy and terrible, no slumber whatsoever, just tossing and turning and severe back pain. Customer service is in some far off land that responds to emails extremely slow and with scripted responses. If you like back pain and litttle sleep this is your mattress, if you like real sleep go with a reputatble online mattress manufacturer, it's a few extra dollars but there is a legit 100 night sleep trial if you don't like it. Zinus can't even respond to an email in 30 days which their return policy states and all they would have to do is put a new cover on the one I want to return, I even asked if I could just try a different mattress from the and received a scripted response again somehow misspelled and poorly written. Currently this mattress is sitting in my bedroom against the wall while I sleep in an older mattress that I wanted to replace.

Roll of the dice

I assume these mattresses are hit and miss. The mattress I received was nice and firm for the 1st wk. Going on over a month now and the mattress is extremely soft, has areas that are soft and then extremely soft. Depending on where you lay one side of your body will be higher then the left or vice a versa. I do not recommend taking the chance of getting one like I got.

Most Horrible mattress EVER

Most Horrible mattress EVER!! Definitely dont buy a mattress online. This is a purchase that needs to be done old school, actually go and test them before you buy. I dont know why there are so many "good" reviws. This mattress is very hard, especially if you sleep on your stomach. Other than not gettong any sleep, both my wife and i wake up feeling like we got hit by a bus. I would not recommend this mattress not even to my worst enemy.

Five Stars

This mattress is very comfortable and my back aches have gone away very happy with my purchase

Amazing mattress. Give it the two days it requires ...

Amazing mattress. Give it the two days it requires to set itself then it’s perfect. It’s a medium-firm mattress that is worth the price. Would buy again.

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

I wasn’t sure about these styles of all. Some of my family members and friends will swear by them though. So I went ahead and made the purchase since I needed a new one, and the price was worth the gamble. It showed up completely vacuum packed in a rather large box. Be very careful when taking it out, and opening it up. I followed the instructions and gave it 3 days to open up completely.

It is by far, the very best mattress that I have ever owned! Period. Unbelievable comfort and quality - and value! I like my mattress a little firm and this one is perfect for me. After a minute or so, you can feel where you have sunk into the mattress to perfection and it supports your body just like the many $2,000 mattresses out there today will do. I later bought a mattress pad and some quality sheets to go with it...also some new feather pillows. Wow! My sleep has improved greatly since I bought this beauty. Truly unbelievable! Yay me!

Five Stars

I enjoy this bed...was worth the money

Nice quality mattress

I just received this mattress and so far I couldn't be happier. The box arrived torn and bashed up so I of course was concerned that the mattress was damaged. But the mattress is in a plastic bag then rolled up inside a very thick and durable tarp bag. So even though the box took a beating in transit, the mattress itself was perfectly fine. I unrolled it and the mattress immediately took shape. There was no odor and it didn't take long at all before it was it's full shape. The mattress is firm but not hard. I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. I bought a $2,000 mattress for myself several years ago and if I had it to do over I would choose this new foam mattress because it is just as comfortable as the one I have. The price is outstanding for the quality. After I see how it holds up over time I will report back.

Five Stars

great relief!

Great Medium Firmness Mattress

My mother has this exact bed in each of her three bedrooms and while we stayed the night my husband and I slept on it. He prefer a hard mattress and I prefer soft so we met in the middle and knew immediately this was our new bed. It's been great and we've really enjoyed it the past month, our backs feel better than ever.

I LOVE this mattress

I LOVE this mattress! Will never ever go back to a box spring ever! It took about a day to get use to since it is a little firm but i sleep well on it every night. I wasnt sure about ordering a mattress online when i haven't seen or touched the bed but i read a lot of reviews and decided on this one. I have the bed on the floor. The king is a great size. It does come rolled up in a box but dont worry it flattens out nicely. I am saving up to get my son a queen. I def recommend this!

I absolutely love this mattress

I absolutely love this mattress. Bought one a few years ago through a Groupon with Sears & it has held up well. My head hits the pillow and I'm dead asleep all night. Very comfortable, firm yet comfy. I would highly recommend this to anybody.

Five Stars

Love it, Great Buy,

It felt firm but you sink in once your body gets comfortable. My backaches are gone

It feels divine! It felt firm but you sink in once your body gets comfortable. My backaches are gone! That says it all to me.


I LOVE THIS MATTRESS!!!! We purchased this mattress six months ago when we moved into our new home and still cannot wait to lay down in it every night. It is so comfortable. I was skeptical about purchasing a memory foam mattress, but this is the most comforatble mattress I have ever owned. I highly recommend this mattress. The price is also amazing!! We purchased the frame too and it is great. BUY THIS MATTRESS, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

Five Stars

Such a comfortable mattress! We absolutely love it!

Such a great deal!

After about a month I am very please with this bed. I am 6ft 9 and weight in at 275 lbs and this bed offers great support. I was worried it would be too soft or my butt would sink all the way to the bottom but that doesn't happen. Read the directions amd let the mattress sit for 2 days before you sleep on it! The smell goes away in about a day and a half if you leave a window open. Also it takes time for the foams to expand. I laid on the bed a few hours after I opened it and I sank all the way to the bottom. 2 days later when I went to sleep in it for the first night it was nice and firm. Even as heavy as I am I only sink into the foam an inch or 2. Very comfortable, excellent support, and I've slept better in the past month than I have in 10 years.

I tried a $3000 tempurpedic in the store and actually slept on an icomfort by serta ( that is $1800) for a week when staying at a family members house. This bed was way better than the icomfort and was only $459 for the queen. It's a no brainer!

Five Stars

love it, love it, love it, etc....

Great purchase.

Love it. Very comfortable.

Five Stars

It is very good!!! Everyday I have been deep slept. I recommand you "Night Therapy Memory Foam" Thanks.

Five Stars

Nice sleeps cool and comfortable awesome price !!!

I am so glad I purchased MyGel 13 inch Bed!

We were sleeping in a pillow to mattress for 3 years and it developed a divot where my husband and I sleep only after 3 years!!! It was hurting my back and neck and I was so upset I decided to research some gel foam mattresses. This mattress was rated the best and had the best price. We love it. My neck and back don't hurt and my husband loves it because it doesn't make him hot like TemperPedic mattresses did! The gel makes all the difference! I loved all the different layers as you get more support and the mattress forms to your body in all the right places!!

Five Stars

very comfortable I sleep so much better

Great Buy - More Durable than expected

I (~150 lbs), my wife (~100 lbs), and dog (~20 lbs) have slept on this mattress for over a year. Before I purchased it, my internet research had me feeling skeptical about its durability; I had a mattress in college where every spring could be felt in less than one year. After one year, there are no signs of wear and tear. We have not experience heat issues either (although I would tell you to simply get lighter covers if you did have these issues). I have no idea how it might hold up to heavier weights, but if you are close to us then there should be no problems.

Five Stars

Slept all night, woke up in the morning.

Five Stars

This is by far hands down the best mattress I have ever owned!

I absolutely love this mattress

I absolutely love this mattress. The mattress is better than I expected and I have slept better in the last 2 weeks than I have slept in years. I was extremely surprised by how well the mattress was made. I was also impressed by how the mattress helped get rid of my shoulder pain as I sleep on my sides and my old mattress began to make me hurt all night. The mattress took about 2 to 3 days to fully soften but then it is extremely soft and comfortable. I did not have any problems getting the queen sized sheets to fit and I did not need to buy sheets with extra deep pockets. I would definitely order this mattress again and recommend it to any of my friends and family.

UPDATE! I have had the mattress 8 months now and I still love the mattress. I am 5' 6" and average weight. The mattress has no signs of divets and still feels as soft as the day I opened it. I highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers!

love this mattress help my back

love this mattress help my back.

love it!

great price great matress

... this mattress for almost a year and i still love it!

I've had this mattress for almost a year and i still love it!! So comfortable and really helps alleviate my lower back pain.

Excellent Mattress, Amazing Price!

We've had this for a few months now, long enough to write an honest review. This mattress was recommended to us from friends who were almost aggressively insistent that we buy it when we needed a new mattress. I read hundreds of reviews because like most people I was very skeptical about buying a mattress online. The mattress we were using was brand new but my husband and I were waking up with back and shoulder pains that we'd never had before. The first night we slept on this mattress we were pain free. It is a little firm and not quite like sleeping on a cloud for me but it's a quality product and I have no regrets. Especially for the price!! It's also our first time with memory foam, we were both hesitant as we loved our old pillow top but didn't want to drop $3k on another one. My favorite thing about memory foam is that you really don't feel your partner getting in and out of bed which has resulted in better sleep for us both. I was worried about the heat retention as I'm on medication that gives me hot flashes and night sweats. I wouldn't call this mattress really cooling, it does run a little warmer than a non-memory foam but I've adjusted and it's fine, still no regrets. If you do get warm at night try linen bed sheets, they really stay cool all night long. As far as the smell, ours did smell at first, left it 24 hours with the window open and a fan on. Slept on it after about 36 hours and it was fine.

Five Stars

Very nice!!

Five Stars

Great bed like sleeping on a cloud!

Five Stars

Love it. Best mattress I ever slept on. Great price, fast delivery!

Five Stars

The best mattress I've ever had. Love it.


AMAZING... I have to say this is the softest bed I've ever felt. the only negative I would mention is the smell/off-gassing. definitely let it air out a few days!


Most comfortable bed ever.

Five Stars

Really good mattress

Such a great buy!!!

I'll star off to the point: We've had this mattress for 41/2 months. We have it on a platform frame.

This is a great bed for us. We are an active couple in our late 20's. I had neck pain, and now I don't. It's a great price. It's not pillow top soft. It doesn't feel hard, but it is very firm. I haven't noticed "heat" from the memory foam much, but we've only had it in the winter (although winter's here are warm)

This may be a long story, but here it goes.

I am a therapist, and have been in school nonstop for the past 22 years (read: a lot of sitting & computer work). I am only 26, but I was having such chronic headaches/neck pain that I had biweekly chiropractic appointments, did Yoga twice a week, was put on a low does of an antidepressant for headaches (and the side affects were awful), and went to physical therapy. The physical therapist was impressed by my motion (I was 25 and doing Yoga all of the time), but gave me exercises to do in my office between meetings/appointments. No one suggested it could be my bed.

Last summer my husband was moved 6 hours away, but I still had the Summer and Fall semester of classes. He took our king sized bed to our new home, and I started using his (very firm, spring) college mattress. I just loved our king mattress. It was so comfortable, and it cost more than my college car! It was one of those luxurious pillow tops that were so popular just a bit ago.

When I went to visit my husband on the weekends I would wake up with awful back pain. At first I thought it was because of the driving, but I didn't have it when I got home. I soon realized that it was our beloved king mattress!

My sister and her husband built a tiny house (248 square feet) and got these memory foam mattresses (for around $500 a piece at Sams club) for their loft and couch. My sisters husband has a sensitive back as well, and he swore it was amazing. My husband and I went mattress shopping and did some research. Everything we found at the stores (that was similar) was about $2,000-$4,000 more. Most of them were also way to soft! We contemplated this purchase for a long time, but knew what we wanted on paper. The have the same one at Sams Club with great reviews, but the closest one was an hour away.

Finally, we just made the decision. We thought if it wasn't amazing it would at least be better than what we had. We know that we'll be moving in 2 years, and for $500 we could always get a new one later. Also, we live in a military/college town. We could probably sell it.

Let me also note: My husband is an army dentist. This means he required to be in shape, and he is bending over constantly. I run 5 days a week. I'm 5'9 and my feet hang off of a full/twin. We sink into the bed a little bit, but it's now how others have claimed. It's more of a hug.

The King comes in a HUGE box in a HUGE bag and my husband wasn't home when it came. The FedEx driver helped me push it into the house, but I was able to do the rest on my own (I wanted to let it fluff so we could sleep on it that night). I used a seem ripper to rip off the bag (it was tarp material) and rolled it out on my own. It started out at about 8-9 inches, and expanded to 12 by nighttime. We slept on it the first night anyways.

I am a side sleeper, and my husband is a side/back. My first couple nights in the bed my shoulder ached a bit. I assume this is from sleeping on my side, and not having as much cushion. It took a couple of days to get "cushiony". After that, I've had no problems.

I am also a light sleeper. I no longer wake up from the feeling of my husband getting up to go to the bathroom/turning over. I no longer wake up from our 6lb cat or 10lbs pomeranian jumping up on the bed. I don't feel it.

However, because the bed doesn't get those "personal indents" like a spring mattress does You may not notice using more pillows. This is a Yoga no-no, and usually causes us to wake up with neck pain. One pillow is enough. I just can't do 0 pillows.

I am happy to report that my headaches/neck pain is a thing of the past!

Firm and comfortable for a side/stomach sleeper

I purchased this mattress after doing a lot of research. I also tried some of the memory foam mattresses at mattress stores. This mattress is comparable in firmness to those mattresses. My wife and I have not had any problems with the heat retention some have reported with the memory foam mattresses. I did buy a vinyl free mattress protector King Size SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free which works perfect. I followed the instructions by allowing the mattress to sit for 48 hours after unpacking. I am using a solid base - no box springs. We use our bed to sleep, work, watch TV and other things. I have no complaints whatsoever. You may want to go to a mattress store and try some memory foam mattresses to see if you like the feel. It is very different then a coil spring or air mattress.

It comes in a big box (rolled up) and it's super heavy! i love it though

it's definitely memory foam but its quite stiff. i was hoping for more of a sinking feeling. but none the less, you still sink in just not as much as i was expecting. It comes in a big box (rolled up) and it's super heavy! i love it though, it has helped with my back problems significantly and although i wanted the more "sinky-feeling" i am so happy with this purchase! awesome price, awesome product.

Best sleep of my life so far

Been sleeping on this for 1 month. Best sleep of my life so far. I've only ever used coil spring mattresses, and cheap ones at that. So I would take my review with a grain of salt. I used to have back pains everyday from my mattress. The first few nights I still had back pain on this mattress, but only because of sleeping on a bad mattress for so long. After about a week, all my back pain was gone after my body got used to this mattress.

However, this memory foam mattress is very firm. I like extremely firm mattresses, and this is at the edge of my tolerance for firmness. It will sink in if the weight is concentrated. Like sitting on the edge of the bed, or sitting in one spot. But it will recover. While laying on it, your body will not sink in much at all, maybe 2-3 inches at most since your weight is evenly distributed.

The king mattress arrived in a huge box. I thought it would come in a tiny roll like all the other memory foam in a box mattresses I see on Amazon. I was so wrong. The mattress was rolled, but it was not compressed as much as others. It's not because the company did not compress if enough, it's because the mattress itself cannot be compressed very much. A sign of quality if I ever saw it.

This really is tempurpedic quality at a huge discount. Will update in a year or if anything negative happens. If not, you can safely assume this was the best mattress I ever used and haven't had any complaints.

Lives up to the five star reviews that I read before purchasing

I'm 6'3" and couldn't handle another night of leg pained caused by a soft un-supporting queen size mattress. This bed was perfect and I no longer wake up with legs that feel like I ran a half marathon every night.


supportive yet soft. This is not a firm mattress but is soft enough that I do not feel like I am sleeping on the ground

easy setup; take out of box; put on top of the mattress base; open outer tarp like wrapping; open/remove clear plastic to eliminate the vacuum effect and bring the mattress to life


mattress was wrapped wrong side up so after the beast comes to life from the vacuum seal; I had to flip the monstrosity over


Fedex was late delivering on/before the anticipated delivery date. The first date was tracking the base that arrived on time. Mattress came almost a week later

The box was completely opened on one end. No damage noticed, so no issues

Other comments

This mattress has a new smell when you open the vacuum seal. I have been sleeping on the mattress for a week and the smell has gone away. We left the window open for the first night.

I am what my wife calls "a very warm person." The mattress does not add to my warm personality.

If you are looking for a bed frame, I would suggest the Zinus SmartBase Elite Mattress Foundation. The Elite version foundation does not squeak if you are looking for privacy during "mommy daddy time." I had a less expensive foundation for a previous bed and it squeaked more than a 70's adult film.

To firm to sleep on! If you like firm then this is for you!

I read all of the revues and even watched a video on YouTube of this product. So I purchased this product feeling confident that I purchased something I could live with, got it home and my husband nor I thought it was good for us. It was just too hard to sleep on. More like sleeping on the floor with a little give. My hips hurt badly and could not sleep on this at all. It would be too hard to send this back so I went to Wal Mart and got a 3" memory foam topper and put that ontop of this. To my amazment I can now sleep well without pain. You can spend the money on this or just go and a get a memory foam topper and it will be the same thing. Everyone I realize is different with how a mattress would feel sleeping on it even if you went to the store to get one, brought it home and slept on it. That is when you know for sure if it will work for you. So for me and my husband we will just get the memory foam toppers and call it a done!

dont waste ur time

Requesting refund I'm a small framed female, have had this bed for 5 months it already breaking down.

Not sure this therapy I am experiencing. I have ...

Not sure this therapy I am experiencing. I have neck and bodily pain right now. I should have gotten my regular memory foam

One Star

Love this bed!

Too soft (squishy)

The problem I have with this mattress is that if you get too close to the sides it slopes you to where you almost roll off the bed. If you sleep in the middle it's just a little too soft for my liking. On the other hand my wife likes it, but I regret buying it and try to sleep on it as little as possible.

Hard, very little give

I've had this mattress for a while now. Way to firm with hardly any "cushy" or give. I should have returned it and gotten something with more give. It holds heat also.

The foam mattress dips and doesn't hold its shape after ...

The foam mattress dips and doesn't hold its shape after about 6 months of use and it is very uncomfortable to sleep on. Now I have to get another mattress and it only had this one for a little over a year.

Decent bed

Decent bed for the money.

Too firm for light people

Too firm for me....I'm 110 pounds, but my husband loves it....he's 190 pounds. We argue weekly over getting rid of this mattress, but it has alleviated his back pain and brought on all over pains for me

Felt better than my old matteress to begin with

Felt better than my old matteress to begin with. Now both my wife and I wake up in pain every day.

I had a Night Therapy mattress from 2006 that I loved, moved and sold it

This mattress is HOT and uncomfortable. I had a Night Therapy mattress from 2006 that I loved, moved and sold it, and tried to get something similar. Where the old mattress had support, this mattress feels like you're sinking in thick mud, and it holds heat like crazy. I really haven't had a problem with foam mattresses doing this before, but I am not happy with this purchase.

very very hard

This mattress is uncomfortable. My hip and shoulder hurt terribly when i wake up afyer having slept on my side for too long. I wanted a firm mattress but this one has no give. Was worried the foam would form to our bodies but def dont have to worry about that. This mattress is so hard that i dont see it ever giving. I am disappointed.

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