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Nest Easy Breather Pillow Reviews

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The Nest Easy Breather Pillow is one of the highest rated pillows because of its quality of materials, adjustability, and overall feel. The pillow comes in either a memory foam or latex option, which gives you the option to go 'all-natural' and doesn't have a tendency to off-gas according to reviews. Scroll down to learn more about what's inside!

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 9.8/10

Material Quality: 9.9/10

Comfort: 9.8/10

Support: 9.7/10

Cooling: 9.5/10

Odor: 9.9/10

Price: $99-$149

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Nest Easy Breather Pillow Details

The Easy Breather Pillow by Nest Bedding comes in two options: memory foam and latex. The pillows are nearly identical in both price and support, though the latex pillow focuses more on an all-natural surface which is great for those that may have sensitivities to synthetic memory foam.

What's Inside the Pillow?

Rather than having a block of memory foam or latex, these pillows have noodles of memory foam or latex that fill the inside of the pillow. This does two things: 1. Allows for more air movement within the pillow to help with cooling. and 2. Enables a more responsive, classic pillow feel so you never feel like the pillow is one 'block.'

The Outside of the Pillow

This is one of the main areas of difference between the memory foam and the latex pillow. The cover of the latex version is made of all natural organic cotton (safe and soft), while the memory foam pillow is made of Tencel® (which is moisture wicking and feels very smooth/soft and cool).


Both of the Easy Breather pillows make it easy to adjust the support. If it is too fluffy and supportive and you prefer a flatter surface to align your neck, just unzip the zipper and remove some of the fill. Test your pillow until it feels just right for you. The latex feels a bit more 'bouncy' than the memory foam (which has a slower response). This is something that you may not even notice, but it is nice to note if you have a preference.

Who Is The Easy Breather Best For?

Because of the versatility and comfort of both of the Easy Breather options, customers agree that almost anyone will be pleased with an Easy Breather. If you prefer higher resistance and have sensitivities to memory foam, the latex Easy Breather is perfect for you. Alternatively, if you prefer a slower response, then the memory foam option is a great fit.

Browse Nest Easy Breather Pillow Customer Reviews

Great pillow

We purchased 2 of these pillows and just love them. Love how we can customize them to our liking.

customize to your liking

They overstuff so you can create the perfect amount of fill for your liking. Took me 3 nights to get what I needed. Great pillow!

best pillow ever

both my husband and I have LOVED the easy breather for over 3 months now. the adjusting to our individual needs is the best

Great pillow and service

Service team went above and beyond to help with matching pillow size to the original we bought. Thanks!

Great Pillow

The pillow provides great support for my head and neck which allows me to breathe properly through my nose while I sleep.

Best pillow ever!

Finally a pillow that allows me to sleep like I did when I was a child! I love that I have the ability to adjust the firmness by adding or removing the memory foam filling. I'm mainly a side sleeper but at times sleep on my stomach or back. This pillow is quite adaptable for any sleeping position. I'm truly a very satisfied customer and so happy I watched the YouTube video on the Easy Breather Pillow when I was looking for the perfect pillow!

Absolutely the best pillow I've ever slept on!

I suffer from chronic neck pain and have bought several pillows, and spent a lot of money, hoping to find one that could help. Based on a very thorough review on YouTube, comparing the Easy Breather with another pillow, I decided to give the Easy Breather a try. I can't believe that my neck pain is gone, and I'm getting solid, restful sleep now! My husband was having neck pain last week, so I loaned him my pillow for one night. He was sound asleep within a couple of minutes, and woke up fully rested with no pain. I woke up tired, congested and with a sore neck. Now we have joint custody of the pillow where we each get it every other night! I just ordered another one for him and I've been wondering if it would be worth the extra luggage fee to take our pillows with us on vacation this summer, lol. This pillow has been a life saver for me, I love it.

A real pillow!

I visited my brother and his wife and slept on the couch (bad!) but loved the pillow they provided so much I asked them what kind it was. they were very excited that I liked the pillow as much as they do and gave me all the info I needed to order one of my very own. I got one for my boyfriend too. at night sometimes we ask each other, 'do you still love your pillow??' The answer is always yes.

No more neck pain, these are amazing

I honestly cannot say enough great things about these pillows they've made such a difference to my sleep. I used to always wake up with pain and tightness in my neck and put it down to, sleeping funny. But not one morning have I woke up with soreness or stiffness since buying these. I've already convinced two of my friends to purchase!

The best pillow I've ever laid on.

This pillow does not get flat like most after being used. Having this pillow has removed my need for sleeping with two or more pillows.

Best pillow for stomach sleeper

No neck pain. Best pillow I've ever owned.

pillows to live on

I bought two of the nest pillows and they are heaven to sleep on. I love that you can adjust how full they are. I use both of them, and swap out... the natural latex and the temperpedic one... I would buy them again . It is so hard to find a pillow that sleeps well, that you can adjust. Go for it! No more neck issues.... i will buy them again when these wear out:)

Great pillow!

I am really liking my new pillow! It took a couple days to figure out just how much fluff I wanted in it and to get use to it, but by day 3 I could tell a difference. I like a pretty flat pillow as I am a back sleeper and I could make this just right. I wake with no neck pain and sleep much more soundly.

Worth the total satisfaction

I've been searching for the perfect pillow for ages, and each time after a few weeks, every pillow ends up being a disappointment. Most down pillows get too flattened out even with regular plumping, and as a result feel fairly hard and don't provide good neck support, leading to back pain. With this pillow, I get perfect neck support, the pillow feels like a dream to lay on, and I'm not worried about it falling apart on me. It took a couple days to air out a light smell, but it's been great since then. Plus, if it isn't perfect for you right out of the box (it starts a little stuffed), you can remove some of the filling and add it back in later to customize it if your preferences change over time.

Exceeded expectations

I bought the pillow after some reluctance. After all, it's pricey! It's worth it. It's one of those eye-opening products that makes you realize the gap between a high quality and a mediocre product. The design and construction of the pillow are exquisite, which is something that's immediately apparent once you get a chance to feel and inspect it in person.

Almost perfect!

I've come to realize that I'll never be able to sleep on a down pillow, no matter how badly I want to. I've tried 4 different memory foam pillows recently, and the Nest Easy Breather Pillow is the best of the bunch, and the one that I'll keep! Firstly, the 'stuffing' in the pillow is so light and fluffy, ALMOST like down and not the chunky plug of foam that many other expensive pillows have. And secondly, and most important, the fact that the pillow can be easily customized by just unzipping the side and pulling out a little of the 'stuff'! Also, compared to the other memory foam pillows out there, is really is cooler and from the beginning it did not even smell like a foam pillow. I still wish I could sleep on down, but this pillow is the closest second that is out there, I'm sure!

One pillow for stomach and side!

I love that the filling amount is adjustable! It is the most luxurious pillow I have ever experienced. I can easily go from my side to my stomach by scrunching the pillow differently (needing a fuller pillow when on my side and flatter when on my stomach). It is great that you don't feel lots of little chunks of the foam--blends nicely with the other filler to give a smooth soft feel.

exceptional pillow

We purchased two of these pillows about a month ago after we purchased our Alexander king bed. These are a great purchase, exceptional quality and comfort. When they arrived they did give off gas smell for a while. We didn't use them right away but with a pillow protector and pillow case it is great. It offers a snuggly comfort but with excellent support. You can remove foam if it is too much support for you too. We haven not needed to do that. Overall we are very impressed with the quality and comfort of this pillow.

Not as soft as I had hoped

To be fair, I have not taken any of the 'stuffing' out, and I probably should do that. I was hoping I wouldn't have to

Terrible Customer Service With a Good Product

Order over 16 days ago & still haven’t received item. Charged my credit card immediately making interest on my money& the heck with the customer. Normally Companies charge you when they ship the product. They told me thats too bad.


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