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Nest Bedding Mattress Reviews


+1.9x side sleeping

+2.3x back support

+2.1x more cozy

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Nest Bedding has added 1" of quilted foam in the top layer for more pressure relief. Most Nest Bedding mattresses are currently being manufactured within 3-6 business days and delivered within 3-8 business days.

Founded in 2011, Nest Bedding is an exciting addition to the mattress in a box space. Their mattresses are manufactured in the US and include a high-end hybrid mattress, organic and natural latex and hybrid mattresses, a flippable mattress and more. With competitive price points compared to name-brand mattresses and a tradition of innovating based on customer feedback, there's a lot to love about Nest Bedding.


+1.9x side sleeping
+2.3x back support
+2.1x more cozy

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $849-$4699

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Nest Bedding's Specifics

Nest Bedding is one of the most innovative mattress brands available online and in-store. Since their launch, they have persistently updated their mattress offerings by using customer feedback. With a wide selection of mattresses varying in price points, they have made a concerted effort to focus on quality materials and multiple firmness options. With thousands of happy customers and a customer-focused mission, there is a lot to love about Nest Bedding. For customers who had mixed reviews, issues with heat retention and support were mentioned in some cases.

Quality of Materials

Nest Bedding focuses on building quality mattresses and bedding that is USA made, comfortable, and competitively priced. Their focus means that they take certifications seriously -- offering CertiPUR-US certified foams and certified organic materials in some mattresses as well.

The pros: High quality memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and a wide variety of mattresses to select from.

The cons: Really not many cons in their materials, although in some cases, customers mentioned issues with heat retention. Some other customers have mentioned issues selecting the wrong firmness and support for them, so make sure to dig in to the options.

Mattress Types

Below, we'll go through each of the mattress products that Nest Bedding offers and discuss them in detail.

Sparrow Signature Hybrid

The Sparrow Signature Hybrid (formerly known as Alexander Signature Hybrid) comes at a 13" profile and has pocket coils and comes in a plush, medium, and firm option and even split firmness options for select sizes, there is something for everyone to like in this mattress. Its top layer is a quilted cover with cooling Thermic Phase Change Fabric, the second is 3'' of Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam (plush through firm depending on selection) that is breathable and pressure relieving, followed by 1'' of SmartFlow support foam that acts as a buffer between the comfort layer and the coils below, and the last layer is 6'' of Quantum Edge pocketed coils which rest on top of a 1'' base support foam.

The pros of this mattress is that the pocket coils provide an extra layer of support all the way through the bed, and it has three firmness and split-firmness options for couples in king and Cal king sizes.

The cons: In some cases, customers have brought up issues with support.

Price Range: $1149-$2299

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

Starling Signature Contour Grid

The Starling is an all foam mattress featuring a special layer of foam that has grooves cut out in the shape of a grid to allow for more air flow and contouring comfort in the middle of the mattress. The top cover zips off, allowing sleepers to switch between stacking a 2'' layer of Energex™ foam at top for a firmer medium feel, or a 1.25'' graphite infused memory foam with a slow response providing a slightly softer medium feel. Under the interchangeable top two layers is a 2'' layer of the contour grid foam, which also includes a perimeter of 4'' wide higher density foam for edge support, followed by a layer of transitional foam and base foam.

The pros: Removeable cover with interchangeable top layers provides sleepers with two firmness options in one mattress.

The cons: Price is higher than other foam mattress competitors.

Price Range: $1526-$2952

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

Quail Memory Foam

The Quail Memory Foam mattress (formerly known as Love & Sleep) is Nest Bedding's value mattress. With both medium and firm comfort options, the Quail Memory Foam still maintains the high standards of CertiPUR-US certification. It starts with a soft Thermic Phase Change Cooling cover followed by three layers of foam. The first is a 3'' cooling layer, the second is a 2'' foam designed for air-flow, and the third is 5'' of base foam.

The pros: reviewers note that the mattress has a good contour and everyone enjoys the low price -- also it doesn't offgas any nastiness with its excellent Greenguard certification.

The cons: Some heavy sleepers report feeling like they sink through the bed.

Price Range: $849-$1499

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

Raven Flippable Hybrid

For sleepers who enjoy a hybrid mattress but waver between both medium and firm options, Nest Bedding's recent addition to their mattress lineup, the Raven Flippable Hybrid (formerly known as FLIP Double Sided Hybrid) might be exactly what you're looking for. This uniquely designed, 2-in-1 mattress features a medium feel memory foam at the top layer, coils, and a firmer foam on the bottom. Since it's designed to be flipped, average weight side sleepers tend to appreciate the medium feel side while stomach and back sleepers can flip the mattress over and enjoy the support of the firmer side.

The pros: This versatile hybrid mattress is available at a value price and can work especially well in guest rooms.

The cons: Some sleepers may find that the mattress has much more give than expected (particularly around the perimeter).

Price Range: $988-$2088

Final Score: 9.0 / 10

Owl Natural Latex Hybrid

The Owl Natural Latex Hybrid (formerly known as Natural Hybrid Latex) is ideal for those that want a firmer sleeping hybrid. The Owl comes with an organic stretch knit cotton and joma wool cover, 2.5'' quilting foam, 3'' of Oeko-tex certified Talalay latex, 1'' Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam, 6'' Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils, and 1'' of support foam to allow the coils to react fluidly. The Owl is available in three firmness options and even split firmness for couples in the king and cal king sizes. Most customers have good things to say about these mattresses.

The pros: Solid latex and foam hybrid option with extra padding in the top layer that can compete with many others out there.

The cons: Price is a bit high. Customers that are looking for a purely latex option will need to opt for the Organic version, which is more expensive.

Price Range: $1492-$2666

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Dove Certified Organic Hybrid Latex

The Dove Certified Organic Hybrid Latex (formerly known as Certified Organic Hybrid Latex) is perfect for those that wanting an all-natural sleeping hybrid. The Dove has 1'' GOTS certified organic cotton and wool cover, 3'' GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex, and 8'' pocket coils encased in organic cotton. With plush, medium, and firm comfort options, most customers have good things to say about these mattresses.

The pros: A good organic hybrid mattress with different firmness options.

The cons: Higher priced.

Price Range: $2149-$3999

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

Finch Natural Latex

The Finch Natural Latex (formerly known as the Natural All Latex) is available in both a medium and a firm comfort option, and features both natural latex and eco-friendly foam. The top layer features 1.5'' organic stretch knit cotton and wool cover that's quilted into foam, 3'' of natural Talalay latex, and a 6'' natural Talalay latex base that helps to provide structure to the mattress.

The pros: Multiple firmness options and mostly natural materials.

The cons: Should sleep cool for most, but there may be some rare cases where folks feel warmer.

Price Range: $1699-$2699

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

Piper Certified Organic All Latex

For those that are looking for a mattress without artificial foam and that is hand-made locally, Nest Bedding's answer is its Piper Certified Organic All Latex (formerly known as Certified Organic All Latex). Here is what's inside: 1'' of GOTS certified organic wool and cotton quilted cover, 3'' GOLS certified organic latex encased in breathable organic cotton, and a 3'' base of GOLS organic latex provides the main support for this mattress.

The pros: No memory foam at all. 2 firmness options and all-natural, hand-made materials.

The cons: Mattress has a thinner profile at only 7'' thick. Price can be high due to the price of latex.

Price Range: $2749-$4699

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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Best Night’s Sleep

My husband and I love our new mattress. We are sleeping better than ever.

King Alexander Series

Purchased this bed a couple weeks ago and wanted to give it some time to make sure before I wrote a review. This Bed is Fantastic! I did so so so much research and reading of reviews on beds to make sure I picked the right one. I'm still trying to figure out what some of the two star reviews are talking about. I'm almost mad they made me so nervous about purchasing the bed. I purchased the King in medium firmness and it is so the point that I was late for work one day which never happens! Keep in mind, my last bed was an old spring one with a memory foam topper. I think what really sold me was the customer service. The people that I talked to on the live chat were super awesome. I spent 10 minutes talking to one guy about my body weight and trying to decide which level firmness I should go with. Another company I was leaning toward was more expensive and didn't have any Black Friday deals. This wasn't a problem but the way they told me was. They went on about how they are a true mattress company unlike these "phony" other ones and that's why they don't give deals.... and you had to pay 100 bucks for delivery. anyway the customer service was fantastic and in my opinion that wins out every time, especially when it comes to returning something. In conclusion, mattress is great, I'm hoping to be able to get their pillows some day.

Very comfortable bed but sleeps hot

I wrote a review before for the Alexander signature bed, but it did not get posted. It was either too long or nest bedding didn't like what I said. I ordered the bed in the king size and medium firmness. At first the medium felt very hard and I had to check the tag on the bed to confirm it was medium. After a few weeks the bed softens up very nicely. Overall the alexander signature is extremely supportive and provided great pressure relief. the main issue my wife and I had was the bed slept very hot. We purchased a foundation from nest that was breathable (we were using new tempurpedic flat foundations). We also purchased bamboo sheets, wool comforter and linen duvet cover and four different bed protectors (two waterproof and cooling and two non-waterproof and cotton). Using the organic cotton bed protector the bed was cool enough to sleep on on most days. Ultimately we returned the bed for the hybrid latex. The bed would be a 5 star product if it slept cooler.

Overall a good bed

I returned my signature hybrid bed for the signature series "medium" because the hybrid did not feel enough like memory foam for me. The new mattress feels much more like a memory foam bed but maybe not quite to the level I was hoping. The mattress does sleep bit warm but overall comfortable. Customer service has been great.

Great bed and really helps

Great bed and really helps with my back problems

Incredible support/ pressure relief

I purchased the signature series medium firmness in the king size. I had very high hopes for this bed. I purchased a $2k bed from Denver Mattress about 1.5 yrs ago and have suffered from back pain the entire time. The Alexander arrived from FedEX (dumped in my driveway. Not nest bedding fault, but a lazy fedex driver). When I opened the box there was minimal offgasing, which went away quickly. I originally put the Alexander on a solid tempurpedic foundation. The bed at first felt much firmer then a medium. So much so that my wife wanted me to send the bed back after one day. After about a week the bed softened up very nicely and is a true medium. After the bed broke in a bit it was with out a doubt the most comfortable bed I've every slept in. The only problem was, my wife and I were waking up every night extremely hot. We were both so hot that it was hard to sleep. We tried two different cooling waterproof bed protectors, and a regular pillow-top non-waterproof cotton protector and bamboo sheets. The cooling protectors made the bed sleep hotter. I then purchased an organic stretch knit cotton protector (non-waterproof), the nestbedding foundation (which is very breathable) and the bed did sleep cooler (although I spent hundreds of dollars at this point). By this time I had already ordered the latex hybrid bed from nest to replace the signature bed. Ultimately, I highly recommend the Alexander signature bed to anyone looking for amazing support and an amazing feeling bed. However, if you sleep very hot you might want to look at the hybrid or latex beds. Also, nest beding was very easy to work with on the replacement. They had me donate the Alexander signature bed. I was able to find a very deserving couple that was sleeping on a 30 yr old mattress that are beyond happy they received this bed. Customer service was excellent from Nestbedding. If the bed slept cooler it would be a 5 star review.

The best mattress I've ever

The best mattress I've ever purchased!!!

Super comfy mattress!!!

Really liking this mattress, it's been great to sleep on. So much support and nice and thick. It definitely still smells like memory foam though even after having it for more than a month. I let it air out for a couple of days before using and can still smell it. This varies from mattress to mattress I'm sure but just be aware it can happen.

Alexander bed

Happy but at the moment having trouble with my shoulders hurting maybe needs to be softer. Contemplating ordering a king size if I can correct the shoulder ache

Love this bed...

Bought this mattress because our $3500 Tempurpedic became senile and lost its memory after only eight years. This Alexander Signature series mattress has been great right out of the box. We have been sleeping on it now for about 6 weeks and NO complaints. We highly recommend this mattress & company. Fast , friendly, knowledgeable service.

Great bed

Ordered online, wasn't sure I'd like it, but everything turned out great. Super soft and comfortable... my mom likes it better than her bed.

Extremely Comfortable

We have recently purchased the Alexander Signature series bed, and holy cow, I noticed a difference in sleep within the first week. I felt more rested, and it was sure comfy. It was really easy to take out of a box and move from the apartment building mail office to our apartment. The box ripped while we were carrying it, but it almost made it easier to grip the round mattress than the handles on the box. I would definitely recommend this mattress and nest bedding to whoever is talking about buying a new mattress. We also were able to try it out at an online mattress showroom we have in the Twin Cities called Sleep Sherpa. So if you are not from Minnesota, look up to see if there are any of those type stores by you!

Nest, Alexander series

Shipped quickly and neatly. Love the mattress, it needs a little time to mold into a custom fit the sleeper, and now after the adjustment period, I am finding more peaceful and restful sleeps. Love the financing tool as well! Super quick and easy.

Love the Alexander (soft) !

This was our 2nd purchase from Nest for our guest bedroom. We love the Alexander soft and the service Nest also provides. Thank you!

No regrets with purchase

Excellent. Well built/designed and no damage/flaws. I really am happy with this purchase, sleeping has improved and this is extremely comfortable. Sleepopolis was a fantastic resource for study. I chose this over five others. Very difficult decision, but again, I have no regrets.

Love our new mattress

Excellent customer service throughout the order process and all arrived as expected and on time. Bed is super comfy!

Favorite Memory Foam Matress

I’ll start by saying that I prefer a spring matress over memory foam but for a foam matress this is far and away my favorite I have slept on. Tried another brand and returned it as it was too firm for my preferences.

Signature Hybrid medium

So soft. A guy my size, 230 5'9'' sink right in. Great on wife's shoulders as a side sleeper. I myself prefer a bit more firm but highly recommend this mattress and Nest bedding for that matter. Great customer service and great communication.

Love it. A great nights

Love it. A great nights sleep.

Great bed

We have had the signature medium for about a month, king size. When we first got it, it was really firm, I couldn’t even sleep on it. But, it has softened up a bit, but no much. I have to say that I have since gotten used to it, and I actually find it very comfortable. I am used to sleeping on a pillow top soft mattress, so the transition was difficult, but worth it in the end. I sleep more soundly, and my arms don’t fall asleep anymore. I am a side sleeper, and no more back and hip pain. I do however, wish it was just slightly softer. If you are looking for a softer matress and are stuck between the soft and medium, the medium to me is slightly on the firmer side. I am 5’7”, about 140 lbs. my husband is around 200, but he can sleep on anything. Overall great mattress.

Alexander King Soft

I was hesitant to try buying a mattress online. I'm glad I did and I wish I hadn't waited so long. This mattress is not as soft as our last one but after sleeping on it a few nights, I realized that it is more supportive but still soft enough to snuggle into. Our previous mattress (from a retail store) in retrospect was too soft, didn't give enough support and was twice as expensive. This is a much better buy. My husband and I both love the new mattress. I'm glad I didn't go with the medium, it wouldn't have been plush enough for me. This feels more like a medium soft mattress. It was easy to set up. It's been over a month now and so far so great!

Firm Support on Par With Tempur-Pedic

I own a king Tempur-Pedic Contor firm, spent $USD 3300 several years ago and my wife and I really love it. The Nest Alexander firm king we purchased two months ago is absolutely fully comparable to it in terms of comfort and full body support at one third the price. Excellent value for the money, we cannot distingush any differences between the two mattresses.

Nest alexander signature medium

We had a spring mattress prior, never had memory foam. When needed, and overdue for, a new mattress, spent much time looking at mattresses and reading reviews. We got our mattress from Nest almost 4 wks ago. I like a softer mattress then my husband so compromised with a medium of the alexander signature mattress. Husband noticed a little outgassing, but I didn't (i do use 2 pillows). I did not feel there was any breaking in time, mattress was comfortable right away. Both of us are comfortable with this mattress although not sure it helps with my husbands back pain. I have a problem with hot feet so i was interested in the cooling of the mattress. The bed warms up under your body torso but elsewhere is cool. That helps me because i can move my feet and it is cool anywhere they are. There is some collapse at bed edge but has not been a problem and I do sit on edge to put socks and shoes on. It is difficult making bed, may be because set in platform bed and diff to get sheets around corners and edge- too heavy to lift corners up.

Great value and workmanship

Was skeptical, but now a believer. Great night sleep.

Great customer service

Very comfortable mattress, but their customer service is what makes this company stand out. Excellent.

Great product, so comfy!

I purchased the Alexandar signature series and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! One month in and it's as comfortable as ever! It's hard to want to get up in the morning...

More Than We Dreamed

I cannot find the words to express our satisfaction with The Alexander Signature Series Mattress. It is the best mattress we’ve ever owned. Period. Back problems gone. Pressure point pains gone. Stiff joins in the morning gone. A perfect night’s sleep every night since it arrived. We could not be more pleased!

The firm is REALLY FIRM

I'm in the process of contancting the company to try to change my mattress for the medium firm because the signature firm is almost like sleeping on the ground imo. I've had it for a month and a half and I've tried jumping on it and tried to break it in but it feels really hard. I'd go for the medium at least. 3 stars for positive customer support up to this point and the ability to finance through affirm

Never seen anything delivered like this!

My review is not about the mattress itself since I only had it for a day but about the way it's been delivered. I received a notification that my mattress will be delivered yesterday. I took the old mattress down and started waiting at home. It was getting late and I was wondering why it has not been delivered yet. I opened the door to check and found the box lying around by my rose bushes far from my door and one side of the was box open as if it has been thrown. They did not even knock on the door, apparently just throw it and left. Believe me, I get lots of deliveries and I've never seen anything like this. So frustrating. It made me question whether I bought my mattress from a wrong company.

Very happy

I am writing this review from my nest bedding mattress right now. My significant other and I are overjoyed with our decision.

The Alexander

This is our first memory foam mattress, to date happy with the quality. The mattress is firmer than I’m used to, but have been resting well. Maybe as it gets used it may loose some firmness but I would be okay with that. The delivery and set up went as planned no complaints.

Is the third time the charm??

Night #1 on our new Nest bed.... Well, we've tried 3 beds so far and we may have a winner!!! Thank you Josh in the Denver Nest Store who helped me with deciding on a model. Joe Alexander- after 1 night on our Alexander Signature Soft King - my husband got up and said his back felt good and the bed was "pretty good". That is a high compliment after 3 months of rock hard "soft" beds. And after 2 failed mattresses. A suggestion: R & D should come out with a mattress for waterbed lovers. We had ours about 20-25 years and it wore out. I know I'm not the only person who loved their waterbed and is now looking for that cushiony feel but is struggling. I hope we found our new bed!!! Looking forward to night #2!!! Kim 😊👍🏼🙌🏼

Holy Grail Mattress

I sincerely regret purchasing this mattress, because pretty much all I think about when I'm at work is getting back into bed. I recently decided that it was time for a new mattress and after inadequate research settled on a Purple. I know several people who claim, verbatim, that they are "obsessed" with their Purple, but it was entirely too firm for my liking. I realized that as a side sleeper I much prefer a softer mattress. When the recycling company came to pick the Purple up when I returned it, they told me a lot of people return them. I purchased the Nest Alexander Signature Series in soft, and I AM obsessed. It's squishy without compromising support, you sink into it but not so much that you get stuck. I do still think it has a memory foam feel to it even with the quilting, but it's not as pronounced or slow to react as many memory foams. If you're a side sleeper who loves feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud, I highly recommend the Nest Alexander Signature Series mattress in the soft comfort level.

Alexander Signature Medium

I love this bed! It's the best bed I have ever owned. The only bed I have ever slept on that felt better was in a fancy hotel and even though I looked under the sheets and googled the bed, it was not available for retail. I slept on my friend's bed that is the same as this, and bought mine based on that. I'm so glad I did!


I just got my Alexander Signature Soft Mattress and I LOVE IT!!! I've never had such an amazing mattress. When I lay on the mattress, it hugs me in all the right places and gives me support where I need it. I feel like they actually made me a custom nest for my body! I had the Purple Mattress before, and after Nest Bedding, I realize how uncomfortable the Purple Mattress was. Purple sells you a slab of rubber with holes in it and markets it as a bed. Nest sells you the Rolls Royce of mattresses with the finest materials at an affordable price. Don't fall for Purple's creative marketing. if you're looking to buy a bed, buy a real bed from Nest. If you're looking to buy a science experiment, buy a mattress from Purple. Even better, Nest customer service is AMAZING. I called in and spoke to Amber because I had some concerns with being a little warm at night, probably because of the mattress protector I was using (which I purchased from Purple) and she sent me the Nest Cooling Mattress Protector (which I'm very excited to try) FOR FREE!! You can't beat a company that cares about the products they make, and the customers that buy it. Beds are different for everybody, some people like Purple but I definitely prefer Nest Bedding. If you're looking for a Mattress give Nest a try, you'll fall in love! (and deep soothing slumber) Thank you Amber for making my sleep experience awesome! Very excited to try the cooling mattress protector!

Pretty smooth

Pretty smooth

The company lived up to their promise

Bought the Medium mattress but it was too soft. Sent an email to the company to ask about upgrading to the firm mattress as we were within thne100 day time frame. Received a reply from the president of Nest almost immediately confirming that the new mattress would be shipped as soon as it was manufactured. It is perfect and Nest has a lifetime customer

Great for side sleepers who prefer soft mattresses

I had tried a Casper mattress and found it too hard, as I am a side sleeper. The purchase and shipping with Nest was easy. For the first night, I found the Alexander soft mattress to be too soft, but it took about two weeks for either the foam to firm up, or for my body to get used to it. I am now really liking the softness of the mattress, as it is plush on top and more gradiented below, while some other mattresses have a top plush layer, but you only sink until you hit a harder layer below. There was no odor with this mattress, the quilting on top is lovely and is nice enough without a mattress pad, and my dog absolutely adores the bed.

Great bed and even better company

I tried 3 different beds to help my side sleep aches and pains and the nest alexander signature was the best for me. Company were great to work with.

So happy we switched.

We've never slept on memory foam before, so this purchase was a huge decision for us. We were coming from a 13 year old Sleep Number that couldn't be salvaged any longer. It took some getting used to for the first month, but I'm so glad we switched. No more morning back pain! Still adjusting to how it feels as a side sleeper and still healing from the joint pain the other mattress caused, but every day is better. Thank you Nest!!! I hope to buy another for our guest room one day.

The Alexander Signature Series

Nice bed good all around comfort! Tried many other beds out there, this one we both like!

Extremely Comfortable

So happy with my Alexander Signature Series, best purchase of my life.

So comfy

My fiance and I have had it for about a month now, and it's been great! No complaints from us or our pup.

Great bed!

Great bed!

Nest Alexander Signature mattress made a big difference!

The Alexander Signature (medium) replaced my 15-year-old latex mattress. Over the past several years, I had been waking up pretty much every day with various body aches; mostly in the neck, upper-shoulder, and lower back/hip areas. I thought it was just part of getting older. I finally decided to buy a new mattress, so I did a bunch of research online and settled on the Nest Alexander. I also went ahead and bought the SpineAlign pillow to see if it would help with my neck and shoulder aches. I've been using both products for 5-6 weeks and immediately noticed a difference. Now I rarely wake up with body aches anymore, and I almost always fall asleep very quickly whenever I lie in bed. (With my old latex mattress, I was always tossing and turning, and had a really difficult time getting comfortable enough to fall asleep.) Another pleasant surprise is that I haven't gotten a migraine since using this mattress/pillow combination. (I typically get 2-3 per month.) I wish I had decided to buy this mattress (and pillow) a long time ago!

Amazing for side sleepers

I LOVE this bed. Our last three mattresses have been foam but I always felt they were too firm. After any more than 6 hours sleep, I would always feel sore in my hip and lower back area. With this mattress- the Signature Select (soft), I can sleep 8+ hours with no soreness. I travel a lot for my job and stay in very nice hotels all over the world and would argue that I've never slept on a more comfortable and yet supportive mattress. To say that I'm extremely pleased with this purchase would be a dramatic understatement.

Great support! My neck pain

Great support! My neck pain and shoulder pain is gone!

The perfect mattress

As most people are, I was afraid to order a mattress online, without being able to try it first. My 18-year-old son has a bad back from various sports injuries and heredity (bulged disks and spinal stenosis) and needed something new to sleep on. I carefully read the reviews for the various mattresses at Nest and decided on this one, taking his input into account, of course. He is mostly a back sleeper, but will lie on his side to read or use his electronic devices. We went back and forth trying to decide between medium and firm, but ultimately went with the full-size medium. It's perfect! The cost-benefit ratio on this particular mattress is ideal. My son is 6'3" and 185 pounds. I laid on it for a few hours while he wasn't home (I'm 5'5", 135 pounds, and also have a bad back), and I instantly wanted one for myself! I didn't even want to get out of it! It's a really nice mattress. It feels very cool, none of that steamy memory foam feeling of old,. I've had other foam mattresses that practically cooked me overnight (Tempurpedic), but this mattress felt like the coolness of the traditional innerspring mattress. My son just loves it, and his back is feeling much better now. It also has very sturdy sides, so the entire bed can be used without falling off the sides, and it's easy to sit on the side while putting on shoes, etc. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone who needs a good, supportive bed and prefers foam, especially foam that sleeps cool. The experience with Nest couldn't have been better. It was exactly one week from the time of order until it was in our house in Texas. That's a great turnaround time and just what they stated up front. I'm so glad I discovered this company. We'll be ordering from them again, no doubt. They're the real deal, and if you're brave enough to order a bed online, you will get great-quality items from this company. Thank you, Nest Bedding!

Love my matress

I truly love this matress.I hope it holds up over the years.As of now I would certainly purchase again

New bed

We are enjoying our new bed very much.

Super Soft

I definitely prefer a soft mattress and tested many online and in local stores and this one (Alexander signature - soft) not only was one of the most comfortable, but the most affordable as well! You can tell it's well made and should last a very long time! Extremely happy about my purchase!

Finally! A bed I LOVE!!

If you want a bed that combines the best of foam and coil springs, look no further! Best bed ever! I have tried tempurpedic, sleep number, sealy, etc...I also travel for work and stay in very nice hotels and I always look forward to coming home to my Nest bed.

Outstanding Products and Service

I did quite a bit of online and local research when looking for a new mattress. Became rather overwhelmed with all the choices and different reviews; and did not want to pay over twice the amount for a retail product that is likely not as good as an online one. So was pleased to find that Nest has many of their own showrooms that don't entail the retail markups. We live near San Francisco, so were able to go to that showroom. Both Sakura and Dante were great - knowledgeable, pleasant, and responsive. We tried the SmartHouse Cool Sleeper initially, which seemed a good fit in the showroom; but after sleeping on it a couple weeks realized that it was not the best for my wife and me since we are both side sleepers. Nest was very accommodating with the exchange. We now have the Alexander all foam mattress and love it. Also purchased their wool comforter, bamboo sheets, and pillows. Love them all!

First time buyer

I purchase a Alexander bed and bed frame. Based on the recommendation from my daughter, who purchase one. Im very satisfied with my purchase and follow thru by customer service

Alexander Signature Series Medium Mattress

I have owned a Nest Bedding mattress for the last 2.5+ years, and when I moved across the country without it--I knew I needed to purchase a new one as soon as possible. During my transition time, it was difficult to sleep on a traditional mattress. I thought the torture might never end, but then my Alexander Signature Series mattress came, and my restful sleep returned. I'm a side sleeper who suffered with shoulder pain for far too long. I was skeptical almost 3 years ago when I went to the brick and mortar store in the Bay Area to just "try" out the mattress that I had read so much about online. That 2 hour trip to the store changed the way I sleep, and I'm so happy I made that time investment. If you buy a Nest mattress--you won't regret it.

Alexander Series

Perfect mattress!! Thank you

Firm mattress

Very comfortable. I no longer wake up with a backache.

Too hard, but pretty good company

After doing a lot of internet research and lying on way too many beds at local stores, we decided to try the Alexander Signature Soft mattress. I chose this primarily because many review sites said the soft version was plush compared to most memory foam mattresses. We found this mattress to be quite hard. We gave it 30 days and I was actually feeling worse by the end of the 30 days. When I laid on my side it hurt my hip and shoulder and when I laid on my back it hurt my lower back, because my hips did not sink in enough. Perhaps this mattress would be better for heavier people? We tried the free topper they sent us but I knew immediately after one night that it would not help with the pressure points I was feeling. My husband got used to the mattress, but did not like it. We decided to return the mattress. Overall, it seemed to be well made and the company issued us a refund immediately after we donated the mattress to a charity. We are now looking for a hybrid or innerspring mattress with a plush pillowtop, which I think will suit us better.

Best bed ever!

From purchase to delivery, and then quality and satisfaction I have never been this satisfied with a bed and pillows like I have with nest. Will buy from them again without hesitation. I love this bed, and the pillows have resolved all issues with my bad neck!

Good quality, service, & price, but mattress not soft enough & no "hug"

We will never again buy a mattress online or without trying it in person. I would have preferred the Nest sales team to tell us up front that their product, good as it is, doesn't meet the needs of every customer instead of assuring me that the Signature Soft would meet ours. Before ordering, I said my husband and I needed a mattress that - is softer than any we've found in the dozens of showrooms we've visited - has "hug," that feeling of it poofing up around you as you sink into it - remains soft in our cold bedroom (54-60 degrees) I said we were leaving behind a pillowtop waterbed that we'd have kept if only the model & parts were still available (it's 20 years old). The rep assured me that the Signature Alexander Soft was all that. When the mattress arrived, it was so hard we could not sleep at all. Literally, we had several sleepless nights. The mattress sat on a proper base. We use Nest's wonderful bamboo sheets. We walked on it as instructed, kept it very warm with heating blankets, and used it for as many nights as we could stand it. Nest was very responsive to our calls. They sent a topper, which reduced the hardness just enough that we could get some sleep. (Our sales rep had told us that adding a topper would prevent the mattress from softening up, but Joe Alexander said that was not true.) After a month with no further improvement, Nest replaced our Signature soft with a new Signature Soft that Joe Alexander himself supervised assembly on. This one is softer than the first, but it's nowhere near the soft mattress we want. There is no sensation of hug. We still must use a topper. But that makes the mattress so thick that it's difficult to get our extra-large king sheets over it, and the sheets are tight, which makes the mattress seem firmer. I keep finding myself curled up on the edge of the mattress where it’s slightly softer. We kept the replacement Signature Soft because it’s okay, and we haven't found anything else worth buying. The Simmons Beautyrest Black Clermont was softer, but had other sensations we didn't like. Last week we stayed at the Auberge du Vieux Port in Montreal. Our mattress was very soft, plush, and supportive with plenty of hug. I'm waiting for the manager to tell me what it is.

Very comfortable, but a few small quality concerns

Despite a couple construction quality issues, this is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. The top layer of quilting on the mattress does not seem to be attached to the layer beneath, so it occasionally mounds up and as to be smoothed out. The top layer of fabric is quite thin and after just a month is showing signs of wear (pilling, loosening weave). Many of the quilting stitches were also not trimmed, so I had to trim lots of extra thread. These are all fairly small issues, though, considering how comfortable the mattress is.

Best Mattress

We ordered our mattress after many weeks of looking over many brands and finally deciding on this one. The reviews were very positive and they were all correct. I was skeptical of 'beds in a box', but we're so glad we decided on NEST BEDDING because we LOVE this mattress. It is perfect for us both and we sleep so good on it. There was really no adjustment period, and we'd recommend this mattress 10 times over.

Great Mattress!

This is a great mattress and I would recommend it to all! Thanks Nest.

Great mattress, but poor quality control

I ordered two Twin-XL mattresses to use on my King bed. When I received them, one of the mattresses was about 3" shorter than the other one. I notified Nest and send numerous pictures with measurements, but it has now been over 2 weeks with no response as to when I can expect a replacement for the short mattress. My wife and I really love the mattresses, but guess who has to sleep on the short one? I really hope this can be resolved.

Love this mattress

We ordered the soft and very happy we did. My only real complaint is that the mattress does still keep me hot when sleeping. Back pain has subsided for the most part. Highly recommend!

Love at first sleep!

Super comfortable from day one. I've had it for about a month and couldn't be happier. Easy to unpack and set-up. Love that it's made here in the states, too.

Great bed for the price!

We have been sleeping on our soft queen-sized Alexander Signature series for over a month now and couldn't be happier. Aches and pains are gone and we are getting much better rest. We purchased an adjustable base and it works perfectly with it. We would definitely recommend to others.

Alexander Series Mattress - Firm

I am very unhappy with the mattress I received - your recommendation based on my weight, not my needs. I don't sleep well on it and would like the soft mattress, as I originally said would be best for me.

Alexander Signature Series / Medium Firm

The quality construction, comfort performance of this product equate to a great value! I would recommend Nest Bedding to anyone.

Simply awesome

Can't tell you how much my wife and I love this mattress. It is by far the best we ever owned and the mattress I replaced was a name brand over $2000. The nest customer support has also been great, they have bee very timely and want to make sure I was happy. It is nice knowing your mattress is being made for you.

Very happy

My husband and I have always slept on very firm beds, but after much research decided to order the Alexander medium. We had always chosen firm due to the concerns around his degenerative disc disease, but are thrilled by the comfort and experience of our new bed!

Alexander Signature Series King Medium Firm

Did not want to visit mattress stores!! Fast delivery, packaged well, no odor, great support and comfortable, good looking/quality, nice price, did lots of competitors reviews but chose this, miss the softness of our wool pillowtop but you can always add a topper (but we're trying not to mess with that), prefer this over our prev inner spring, seems like a nice company to deal with and we like that it's natural, also later ordered wood base after we decided to keep mattress, also like the easy breather pillows, thanks Nest Bedding

The Alexander Signature Series

Have slept on it for a couple months now. Took a week or so to get used to, but now we're thoroughly pleased. It is comfortable and supportive and know we made the right choice. I would recommend it to anyone.

Best mattress ever!

Love this mattress... I did a lot of research and settled on this one.. I like a softer mattress and was going to get the soft option but after reading the reviews I opted for the medium because others said it is quite soft.... I couldn't be happier! We love this bed... only problem is, it's hard getting out of it!

Amazingly comfortable

We initially bought a Leesa, but it was too firm for me, a side sleeper. We found Nest bedding online, and I asked some questions online which Joe, the owner, answered promptly. We finally settled on the Nest Alexander Signature Medium. What a difference! There is an immediate softness when you first lie down, something the Leesa is missing. Then, you feel the gentle support. This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. It was initially a bit warm, and then I realized my foundation had a solid wood top, which doesn’t breathe at all. I replaced the foundation with a low profile, folding metal foundation similar to the one on the Nest Bedding site, but lower profile. Huge difference. The Alexander is designed to cool and ventilate through the bottom of the mattress. With the right foundation, it’s perfect. I highly recommend this mattress and Nest Bedding.

Amaze balls

Like sleeping on a bed of Angel corpses, the softest and most comfortable of all the supernatural cadavers.

Love Love Love my new

Love Love Love my new mattress.

Love this bed so much I want to purchase one for our guest room!

I read reviews of many direct to customer mattress companies on because we needed a new mattress but didn't want to pay retail prices. My husband has tremendous trouble sleeping and we hoped a foam mattress might help his neck pain, etc. I settled on the Alexander Signature Series and ordered the medium firmness given all of the reviews. As this was our first foam mattress, we found the medium to be far too soft for us. I was getting used to it, but my husband hated it. After verifying that our base was appropriate, and that we hadn't damaged the mattress, Nest came and picked it up for disposal. We got the replacement firm one and now LOVE it! The best part of my day is getting into bed!! My husband wishes there were a bit more edge support--he puts his socks on while sitting on the bed in the morning, but otherwise it has been fantastic!! Customer service has been great, the sleep experience superb. Now I just want to get another for our guest room as I sometimes end up sleeping in there due to snoring partner! LOL

Best bed ever!!!

Best bed we have ever owned! Comfortable, great support! Excellent customer service. Whole experience from ordering to actually sleeping in the bed was a pleasant experience. Highly recommend the mattress and the company.

Excellent Value

This bedding got great reviews and in my opinion it deserves it. It is not hot like foam mattresses and is quite comfortable.

great bed

we love our new mattress, perfect balance of firmness and comfort!

Love it, really…

Lovely bed, this being our second “out of the box” beds. The first we bought was the Bear mattress, which we returned within two weeks of buying, but the Nest, we are quite happy with. We bought the Nest after doing a lot of research online, reading reviews, and actually happening to be in Arizona and being able to try a few mattresses that sell online, because there were a few showrooms in the state. So, we ended up with the Nest. Why? Well, after the Bear mattress which we DIDN’T like at all…it was far too soft, had no edge of bed support and after a few nights, I was in SO much pain. It just didn’t have the support my partner and I look for. We had such issues returning the mattress! And then, finally, when we were able to have it picked up, it turns out that the delivery pickup said this was the 7th Bear mattress they had picked up that week! Whew! Glad to be rid of it. So, the Nest bed we bought is a Cal-King, their super firm. Why? Becuase we had a Tempurpedic for 16 years, and wanted something similar, without the price tag. This beauty sure gives us something like the Tempurpedic. It starts out quite firm, as expected, and now that we have been sleeping on the bed for over a month, neither of us has complaints. It sleeps quite cool, it softened up a bit, but not so much that we are sinking in with no support. Just soft enough to give way for the hips and shoulders, but enough to hold. I am a side sleeper and my partner is both stomach and side, and he doesn’t complain. We both seem to sleep well on the bed, and are very pleased. We also really liked being able to finance the bed through Affirm, which was another selling point for us. 0% finance charges, and paid off in 3 months, instead of coming up with the $1300 or whatever asap. That was a really nice touch, and helped in our decision to purchase the mattress. Overall, I highly recommend the mattress. How long will this mattress last? Who knows, a few years probably, max, it doesn’t seem to be so well made, like the Tempurpedic, and you know it will last for over a decade. This one will be probably 3 years max, but for the price, I have no complaints. The ONE thing that is annoying about this mattress is that our sheets slip up the side. The mattress is 14” high, but my sheets fit up to 18”, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I have had to buy those sheet suspenders, to hold the sides down, after having to pull our fitted sheet down every morning. But after installing those bad boys, it’s all good. Crisp, tight, percale on a really comfortable bed. Couldn’t ask for more! Cheers!

We wake up refreshed without

We wake up refreshed without the usual body aches and soreness from our other mattress!


Exactly what I would have expected. Great bed, love that it is made in USA. Ordering online worked great!

We should have chosen the Soft

We’ve had our Alexander Signature mattress for about 8 weeks and are generally happy with it but are finding the medium we ordered to be too firm. PROS Beautiful quality mattress, no odor, fast shipping and easy to unpack. We don’t disturb each other’s sleep when we toss-and-turn or get in bed at different times, (a huge plus for us). We were concerned about “edge support”, but we can lay right on the edge and feel completely supported, even better than our traditional mattress. CONS There are none except that we should have ordered the soft instead because medium is too firm for us. We start out as back sleepers and fall asleep great but then wake up on our sides wishing it was softer. We’re lightweights (120 and 140) and have tried walking around on it as suggested somewhere in the Q&A section. We are giving it a few more weeks to break in hoping it gets softer.

Very Happy

We purchased the Alexander in Medium. While I found it was too firm for me as a side sleeper, we received the mattress topper and it made all the difference. It is perfect now. Great customer service. I've since ordered 2 other toppers for other beds in the house. Thank you!

Love my bed

I bought a queen signature series mattress and metal frame foundation. My previous bed was a sleep number and I loved it but needed to replace it. My son bought the Nest bed and recommended it to me. I bought the medium firm as I am a side sleeper. It is very comfortable and I am completely satisfied with it. The ordering process and customer service were perfect. Would definitely recommend!!

Best bed ever

After 10 years with our spring coil master bed, we read reviews and on the Nest Bedding website) of the Alexander Nest bed and decided to go for it. It's soooo comfortable. I don't have sore spots on my hips any more and I don't wake up when my husband gets out of bed or turns over - and my husband has the same experience with no sore spots & not waking up. We got the medium firmness which works well for both of us. I used to get up and move to another bed in the middle of the night because my husband's restlessness would wake me up. In the 2 months since getting the bed, I haven't moved to the other room a single time. It's too comfy to move to another room!! The mattress shipped promptly and was delivered in a box to our doorstep. Setup was really easy. I would TOTALLY recommend this bed to anyone and wish we had bought it sooner. If you're a light sleeper and get woken up easily by movement or discomfort, this bed will help you sleep much more soundly.

I think I love it..?

This bed, in the firmest available, is the fourth in a long line of mattresses we have tried in the last 6 months - trying desperately to find The One. We've been sleeping on it a month so far and so far - I think I love it. All the other mattresses we knew within 2 weeks that we couldn't live with them long term, and I think the only thing to figure out now are better pillows and then maybe we'll have the best night's sleep ever. My only only complaint is wishing the edge support were a little stronger - otherwise, it is super firm, doesn't suck you in and seems to be doing the trick for now! I hope it holds up!

Love our new mattress

Wasn't so sure about buying a mattress on line, especially one in a box. After lots of research, decided to give nest bedding a try since it had a 100 day trial policy and prices were reasonable. Bought he Alexander Signature in luxury firm.. It has been over a month. What a comfortable mattress. After years of sleep problems, I finally am sleeping through the night Very supportive and comfortable. No problems with ordering. or delivery .

Great nest

Love the bed! I'm a side sleeper and this bed is perfect. No shoulder pain from day one. Also own a purple and lessa mattress - nest is my favorite!! Bought the soft mattress and love it - no adjustment period.

Amazing Bed at an Amazing Price!

I searched for many weeks looking for a bed. I visited local stores and tested many types of beds. I tried a gel bed and hated it. I tried a Temperpedic bed and hated it. So I was very worried about wasting more money on another bed. My husband and I just could not agree on the type of bed. So we decided to get two Twin XL mattresses so he can have what he wants and I can have what I want. So I found Nest Alexander Bed. Amazing bed! So comfortable! So affordable! I never thought I would buy a bed from the internet or one that comes in a box!! I like that it has the springs with the memory foam gel. It does not sink too much and is not hard either. I am Goldilocks and found this one "just right"! I bought the Twin XL and then bought another one for our guest room. I spent less than I ever did on any other bed we ever bought. I love that they are made in America and never found any really negative reviews. Love it!!

Love this bed!

Every night and get into bed and think 'this bed is the best purchase I've ever made'. It does seem like it took a few weeks til I got used to it and it broke in a bit. Go find the king! Truly an amazing bed.

I have had the king

I have had the king size bed for only 2 months now and so far I love it! Not too hard, but not to soft. Very comfortable. Easy to sleep on. I would recommend if you are just looking for a new mattress but not sure what kind of sleeper you are or which kind to buy. I bought a bed frame with wood slates on the bottom so you don't need to buy a box spring unless you prefer the height.


I first tried out the purple mattress. I love the science behind it but it was just to hard for me. I researched several beds after I sent the purple back, and came across nest bedding. They were unique in that they have choices not a one size fit all bed! I chose the Alexander Signature Series- Soft King mattress. Now my pregnant wife and I are in love with our mattress. I'm a customer for life!

The best mattress I've ever owned

The best mattress I've ever owned

Really comfortable bed.

So far, so really good. We've only had the mattress for a short time. I'll award the last star after the mattress has withstood the test of time. We bought the 'medium' with the idea being we could add a topper if it wasn't soft enough. It was Goldilocks-soft. No topper needed.

So glad I bought this bed!

I was very nervous ordering a bed from online. How could I know which one to pick without feeling and lying down on them all? A bed is an investment so I expect to pay a decent amount of money for a great product. The bed was lower than the so-called luxury foam beds out there but it was still pricey for a mattress. I picked the one they recommended and gambled. It arrived in this giant box and that, despite its size, was easy to maneuver. I honestly spent more time opening the dang box than I did actually "setting up" my mattress. Cutting the plastic wrapping away was the most fun/challenging part because the more I cut away, the more this thing expanded, and I ended up being a contortionist halfway through, which seemed to be amusing for the onlookers. But as far as the actual bed goes, it's really, really great. As soon as I tried it out, I was immediately shocked at how light I felt on it! And I woke up without any back pain and slept all the way through the night, two things I had not done in quite a while. I've had it since November, and I still wake up every morning feeling great. It's not hot either, which was also a big concern of mine. Anyway, 5 stars. Totally recommend it.

Awesome in every way!

Through much research my wife and I decided to purchase the Alexander Signature Series mattress. We have had it for about 5 weeks and really love it! The ordering process was easy (we chose medium) and it was delivered very quickly. We would highly recommend Nest Bedding. If your experience is similar to ours, you will not be disappointed!

9 mos later

Still comfortable, no breakdown noticed. Hoping it lives up to the claims. At this point, would buy again.

2 yrs now.

Still the most comfortable. No breakdown. Middle feels the same as my side. Will buy another.

Best Ever

We have been on our Alexander Signature for about a month now. We could not be happier with the entire experience. As long as this mattress holds up and retains its integrity for the next several years, I cant imagine a better one. We have had several high end BeautyRest, Comforpedic IQ, and a Leesa(which we returned during trial period).

Great Mattress!

We have slept extremely well since purchasing this mattress. Easy to order, easy to set-up ... no complaints. We are very happy with this purchase.

1 year later and nothing but love!

I love my mattress! Next time I need to buy another one I’m getting another Nest…enough said!

Still adjusting I guess

Hubs loves it and I feel like I've been in a car accident and it's been at least 45 days. I do t know I guess I hoped for more comfort.

Perfect in every way!

Great product and top of the line service. After much research, I'm confident I made the right choice in mattress company.

Alexander Signature Series - Queen

After extensive research and comparing notes with wonderful web sites like, I selected the Alexander Signature Series bed with the foldable bed frame and I am very pleased with my purchase. I sleep through the entire night and no longer wake up with back pain. Highly recommended!

Da Bomb!!

Love our new mattress. Amazing difference in comfort and less aches and pains when exiting bed in the morning. So happy with purchase!

The Easy Breather Natural Pillow


Perfect bed for petite me

I'm 5'2" and weigh 115 pounds. I have injured my back and hip in past car accidents and falls and have had trouble sleeping because my spine feels out of alignment. The Alexander Soft is the perfect bed for me. I have never felt more supported. My husband is 5'9" and 185 pounds and also enjoys sleeping in it although he would prefer a firmer bed.

A little too firm

We love the mattress but we would like it to be a little softer. We expected it to give after some usage but that hasn't been the case. Other than that, we are happy about our purchase!

Bed comfortable

We just got a queen Alexander mattress and a box spring. We love it. It's very comfortable and we sleep better and have less aches and pains because of how it cradles our pressure points.

This is a great bed!

This is a great bed! We bought one and loved it, so we bought another for our daughter.

Alexander Signature review

It is such a relief to sleep through the night without hip pain. WOW!!! It did take about a week to get used to sleeping on the mattress - very different from a worn-out air bed! I sleep much more soundly now. Definitely happy with my purchase.

Just great

Found myself starting to take for granted how good this mattress is. A few nights on hotel mattresses literally woke me up to that fact. Super comfortable. Both soft and firm at the same time. Delivery was efficient. Just great all round

Love 💗 It!!!!!

My Nest bed and bedding is thw coziest thing on the planet!!!

Alexander Signature Series - Soft Choice

Money well spent!! I initially ordered another bed via the internet and found it was too hard though it was advertised "soft plush". I read the reviews on and ordered their "Soft" hoping it was as claimed. The bed arrived on time, easy to unpack... I'm 70, and was amazed how it expanded! My first night was exactly the same as my last night... soft, but not to soft, very supportive where I needed it and my sleep was sound and long. Nest Bedding for me was the way to go and should have done business with them in the first place!

Restful Night's Sleep

This mattress is amazing. Loved how it showed up and was easy to set up. Its definitely heavy so it was a bit of a bear to get up the stairs, but we made it. We previously had a knock off memory foam that was much softer. The medium is definitely firm and has provided the support I needed for my back. So much so that the knot that has been in my neck for months is now gone! Would highly recommend getting this bed to anyone!

Lov it

Sleeps good I'm in love

The bed is very comfortable

The bed is very comfortable at a decent price

no more pain

The saying "no pain, no gain" has never been more false when it comes to sleep. We are no longer waking up in pain and have gained a lot of sleep. I suffer chronic migraines and the hubby lower back pain. We have trialled 3 other comparable mattresses and this is the one we are keeping!

Good Mattress

This is a nice mattress. I got the medium since I'm a stomach/side sleeper. It's a bit too firm for me and I have a difficult time initially getting comfortable, but I'm afraid to change to the softer one without being able to test it first so it will have to do. I wouldn't recommend the medium for other lighter weight people like myself since it kind of hurts my hips and ribs, but it's definitely well made and cozy after a long day!

Firmer than I expected and that's ok!

I ordered the firm mattress after some previous dissappointing foam mattress experiences - I have absolutely no complaints with this one! I've been sleeping on it for at least a month. It's very comfortable : ) I'd absolutely recommend this product.

Great bed!!

Sleep great!

Great Bed, Great Price

Had a Tempurpedic for 10 years. Should have gotten rid of it 2 years ago as it became very uncomfortable! Our new Alexander Signature Hybrid is wonderful. I highly recommend it! We got 'medium' softness and it's perfect. LOVE our new bed!! THANKS NEST!!

Awesome Bed

I transitioned to this bed from a pretty hard tempurpedic and I really like how soft the bed is overall. It is one of if not the softest beds I've slept in. One downside. I have broad shoulders and from the description and reviews I was expecting to be able to sleep entirely on my side without discomfort which was unfortunately not the case. If I lay on my side for prolonged periods of time it does start to hurt but a thick pillow remedies this nicely. Overall one of my favorite beds!

Great Mattress

I really love this mattress. It is the Alexander Signature medium firmness and it is incredibly comfortable. I am a side/stomach sleeper and am waking up significantly less sore (I have back problems) than on my old mattress. It is the perfect firmness / support and I couldn't be happier! Highly recommend.

It's awesome

It's awesome

medium a little firm

Wish the medium was a tad softer but it is still comfortable.

Finding the bed to be

Finding the bed to be to firm would like more cushion

Great company & product

We have been on a downward spiral with mattresses until we stumbled upon Nest Bedding. Sleepopolis recommended them and I'm so glad he did. We purchased the Alexander Signature Medium and after a few months, we are resting well. It took a bit of time to break it in and be comfortable for us (we're 5'6, 130lb & 5'10 160lb) but now we love it! It started out firm, but one of the service folks recommended we walk on it a bit. Had my kids take on the challenge since they are a little lighter in weight and it helped. We have recommended this brand to several friends, and one already purchased and they love theirs too! For an active couple, we needed something that provided great support in our lower back, hips and shoulders -- this certainly is hitting all those pressure points and allowing us to get a good night's rest. Thank you, Josh & Brooke for bearing with us to find the right product -- you both were so committed to helping us find something that worked. We now have our mattress brand for life. Customer service is also above the top. When we need our next one, we'll certainly come back and order the same!

Customer service is incredible!!

We love this company. We have the organic sheet set, mattress cover, wool comforter, bed frame, and now the Alexander signature luxury firm. This bed has helped my back tremendously!! I also sleep on my side and it is too firm to do that so I will also get the topper. Great service! Wonderful owner couple. Thanks!

Worth every penny

Very comfortable, best sleep

Awesome bed. Super happy.

Awesome bed. Super happy.

Love the new mattress

We love our new mattress! I was a bit skeptical upon seeing the box, but it fluffed up nicely. There was no odd smell (that I'd heard about). I have back problems, and I already have found this mattress better than an inner spring one. The only 'odd' thing to get used to is sitting on the edge of the bed (like to put on shoes). It does not affect sleep at all, but you sort of 'roll off' if just sitting. Totally minor in comparison with the support and good sleep we've gotten in just a few weeks. Thanks for this great mattress!


We were hesitant buying a mattress we hadn't felt ourselves, but I am SO glad we did!! I have been having neck and migraine issues, and they have calmed since we have received our new mattress. I can't tell you what a game changer that is! Thank you so much for taking such great care of us along the way!

Off to a Good Start

I have had my Alexander Luxury Firm mattress for 6 weeks. The mattress is very comfortable and supportive for someone like me that sleeps on their back. Also, it does not get too warm.


I bought this as a surprise gift for my boyfriend. A year ago I emailed the owner asking him some questions and was surprised how quick he was to respond. I finally decided to buy the Alexander medium mattress and the folding foundation a little over a month ago and my only regret is not buying it sooner! I actually found this company from YouTube from a guy that reviews online mattresses and after doing research and looking at other companies I decided this was the best one. Set up was super easy and customer service is fantastic. I'm a side/stomach sleeper and my boyfriend is a side sleeper and the medium is just perfect. I also like to sleep more on the edge of the bed and I love that it doesn't feel like I'm going to fall off. We don't live together, but every time I sleep over I can't wait to get into bed. I've been already recommending this mattress to multiple people. Thanks so much for creating a wonderful mattress!!!

Really like the bed!

My husband and I really like this bed. We got the medium and it feels very supportive. We've had it for about 6 weeks and it does get a little softer over time, but not much. The only issue we have is that our hips and shoulder get a little sore once in a while (we are side sleepers). I think we will probably have to get a thin mattress topper to up the softness just a bit. I don't think the soft would be supportive enough for me (I'm pretty heavy and sink too much in soft beds). Overall I'm very satisfied for the price and general experience. I think we just want to move it up one notch in terms of softness with a mattress topper.

THE Best bed to purchase

After reading all the positive reviews I decided buying the Alexander Signature Select mattress would be the best option for myself and my partner. We both like to sleep on our sides, back, and stomach during the night and since having this bed we've both never slept better, and our back and neck pain has pretty much disappeared since switching to this mattress. Highly recommend it!


My wife and I sleep in a king size mattress. I studied many online mattresses and decided to go with Ghostbed. We tried it for a month but it was just way too firm. We happened to be at a furniture store one day that had all the Tempur Pedic mattresses out so we decided to try them all. We discovered that my wife really liked the really soft one and I liked the medium soft one. So now what. We decided we were going to have to get two twin XL mattresses and spend $6,000. Before laying out that kind of money we went home and I started looking for mattresses that compare to the two Tempur Pedic ones we liked. I found near bedding and decided to to get the soft for my wife and the medium for me. They were a quarter of the price. They got here and we put them on our bed with the king sheets on them and they felt perfect. I thought there might be a gap problem but they stay right together and we've had no problems. We still have our king bed now, just with two twin XL mattresses on it and it's great. We're both happy.

Love this bed but still not sure

This is a beautifully made bed. I got the Alexander medium as recommended by Joe. I have a lot of health and orthopedic problems that lead to weight gain and many pressure points. The Alexander relieved them but I lay down on it and I feel like my body needs something more. Firmness? Softness? I couldn't put my finger on what was lacking. I worried due to my weight the soft bed would bottom out. The firm might be too hard on my pressure points We added the Alexander topper and the bed is super plush and comfy and I think I'm sleeping better now then I have in a long time. With the addition of the topper I did lose the benefits of the cooling gel layer of the bed so I sleep alittle hot. With the topper It's also more difficult to get out of bed now and I actually pulled a muscle lol not the beds fault but maybe this makes it not right for me? I have a few weeks left to decide While it may or may not be for me I recommend this bed - 5 plus stars!

Alexander Signature

Happy customer so far. I bought the firm mattress and like it. Nest Bedding was easy to deal with; delivery was prompt.


We have had our best bed for over a month now and so far we love it. The delivery process was quick and simple. I'm happy we found nest bedding!

Very happy

Have had the bed for about 6 weeks and we are extremely happy with it in terms of comfort and support. The medium manages to strike a great balance between feeling soft but still providing the support you need

Alexnder Signature Series

The Medium firm is perfect for both my husband and I. We are back to sleeping with one pillow and can sleep in any position. Well worth the cost and the warranty makes it even better. Best sleep ever and thousands less than temper-pedic!

LOVE it!

We L.O.V.E. our new bed. So easy shipped and out the box in minutes. NO funny off-gas smells. I went from dreading bedtime to looking forward to it. My husband loves it as well. I have had a few people with other memory foam brand mattresses test our our nest bed and they LOVE it as well...more than the higher end brands that they purchased!

Best bed I have ever

Best bed I have ever owned. A+

Love it!

We love our bed. It's firm but soft and came with no issues.

Hip pain relief

I have tried a variety of mattresses to find one that causes me less pain at night due to hip bursitis. The Casper was just a little too firm, and the Alexander is just right! Love my bed.

I love this mattress!!!

I got the luxury firm and it's amazing. I had a dealt posturepedic before this and my Alexander mattress is the bomb dot com in comparison. No back aches. No overheating. Perfect!

Outstanding mattress. Comfortable and cool.

Outstanding mattress. Comfortable and cool. Best mattress I have had.

Finally found the one!

Our Nest bed is our third mattress purchase in 8 months. I actually knew the moment I tried it that this was the mattress. We needed a bed that was softer than our 2 previous mattresses. We have had our new bed for approximately 2 months now and I am finally sleeping!

Perfect Mattress

Love Love Love


This bed has been awesome. I've had it for two months so far, and it is much better than the Casper mattress we tried before this one. It is so comfortable and we've been sleeping very well! I would definitely recommend this over a Casper. Spend the extra money--it's worth it!

Love my bed!

I went from innerspring mattresses all my life to the Alexander Signature Series Medium and I LOVE it! Not going to lie, it was a rough month while my body adjusted to the new bed. Lower back and shoulder pain -- was nervous the mattress wasn't going to work. But I gave it some time and now I never want to get out of bed, it's so comfortable. They even sent me a topper to help with the adjustment and soften it some. The medium is firm (at least to me), but honestly -- feels just right once it breaks in to your body. I actually feel support in my hips/side, which is where I always have issues. I am so pleased with the product I'm hoping they maintain the integrity of the mattress, so I can come back again when I need another. I have also recommended it to several friends, and I think 2 have already placed their orders! There was no off gassing upon opening the box, and we were able to sleep on it immediately. Also the unpacking was very easy. Carrying the rolled up king up our stairs (from the weight) was the hardest part, and that was even simple. Have noticed no issues with heat and I don't feel my child when she crawls into bed with us at night. Definitely getting better quality sleep.

Love it!!

So much glad I got the Luxury Firm! I'm over 300 lbs, so I did a lot of research and consulted some experts. The Alexander Signature was a perfect fit! At 13" thick, it offers more substantial support and comfort for a big guy like myself. It has enough bounce, I don't feel like I'm so sunken into it that I can't get out (like most other memory foams I've slept on). If you're a heavyset person, this mattress is a particularly great choice! Love it!!!!

Best bed I've ever had!

Best bed I've ever had! Sleeps cool, no pain in my joints, no need to toss and turn.

VERY Comfortable !

And...affordable too ! We bought The Cal King ( Alexander Series ) and we are snoozing much better now. Tossed a very expensive mattress that lasted about 3 years, and which cost us 3 times the price of the NEST product.

Excellent Choice

After much review I chose Nest to purchase my mattress from, the mattress was extremely comfortable, but never went to it's correct size or shape. The exchange process was as painless as I have ever had, the new mattress is great, I would definitely recommend Nest Bedding to anyone looking for a new mattress.

So lucky

Love this bed. And wife does too.

Snuggle Time!

Still in the 'test' phase with our firm, Alexander Series mattress, but so far we are loving it. Appreciate that it offers great support, yet lets you feel 'snuggled'...and when you are snuggling, you aren't woken up by the movements of your partner. Was unsure of the online purchasing, but the experience was great, unboxing was easy and fun! Looking forward to seeing how it holds up over time now.

wish I never went in that store

they did not tell me the mattress needed a special platform because it has no internal frame. Then they lied and said they told me (like I'd get a bed I couldn't use) when I called very upset because I couldn't use the bed and need to spend more money too fix that. The mattress was super hard to deal with in the mail; it exploded out of the packaging and its heavier than my other mattresses. They sold me a mattress protector for mites that doesn't even cover the back of the bed, then again lied saying you can't get better protection than that. I'm now in a huge fight trying to get them to return the mattress because I feel swindled. They did agree to take the cover back. So they didn't tell me something I needed to know before I made the purchase and lied about two things.

Very Disappointing

Since it seems that Nest does not post all of the negative reviews on the Alexander Signature Hybrid on their site, I felt it important to share my feelings elsewhere. We bought a cal king Alexander Signature Hybrid in June of 2018. It was great for a month or so, and then we began to have indentations where we sleep. We are both -160lbs. We didn’t have this issue with our last mattress until ~8 years of use. Customer service seemed to acknowledge the issue and validated it by replacing our mattress entirely. We are also not the only ones who have had this issue, based on what few of the negative reviews exist on their website. After a few months with the replacement mattress, exact same issue. So, it wasn’t a fluke - it’s a problem with design/quality. The middle of the bed was great…which is not an option for a couple. When we contacted customer service, we were given a list of photo “proof” we needed to send in order to “qualify” for our lifetime warranty. Making customers jump through hoops to “prove” an issue that they've already acknowledged seems like poor customer service. We were then informed that the amount of sag/depression was “within the normal range”…for what? A ten-year-old mattress? Not one less than six months old. So, we sucked it up, having no other options and not feeling like we should have to pay for another new mattress in that period of time. For the past two years the indentations have gotten progressively worse, to the point that I now cannot sleep on my right side facing the middle of the mattress. I wake up with my arm numb because it angles up, pinching the nerve in my shoulder. I see that they’ve changed a lot about this mattress since 2018 (replaceable foam?) so maybe this is happening to fewer people, but it incenses me that we have to purchase a new mattress after less than 24 months with this one. And the snarky answers from Nest's “customer service” to people who post negative reviews on their site…not the best look for a “premium” company. Since we are out $1,600 with no sense of care or concern from Nest, I’ll do what I can to ensure others are not taken in the same manner. Who knows, maybe things have changed at Nest, but they’ve lost at least one customer.

Started off good, but 3 years later....

We bought the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress and the metal foundation/box spring in March 2017. It was a bit firm when we got it out of the box, but after a couple of weeks, it softened up and was very comfortable. We were happy with the bed initially, but over time, not very happy with the quality of the bed. We just purchased a new mattress from another company (not web based) because we can't deal with this mattress anymore. The bed has dips where we sleep and this started about a year into owning the mattress, but progressively got worse over the next couple of years. I'm not the skinniest woman in the world, but I'm also not super heavy either. I weigh 170 lbs. I've never had this issue with a mattress in the past, maybe because I was able to flip those mattresses. The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress can't be flipped. The metal foundation/box springs that we purchased aren't super high quality either. If you're looking for a mattress to use for a year or two, then buy this one. It's comfortable, but if you're looking for something to last, then maybe look elsewhere. Definitely not satisfied with the condition of the mattress only three years later.

Terrible Customer Service

I don't care about the quality of the mattress at this point, the absolutely terrible customer service at Nest should steer you away from this company. I've gotten better customer service for a $5 cup of coffee, let alone $500 for some mattress in a box. I did a lot of research to find the right mattress for my child, which is why I ordered the BKB from Nest. I saw all the warning about delays due to COVID, which is fine. I place the order, and for days the status online says "awaiting production." Well the COVID notice said production might take 7-10 days, so does that mean that it will be ANOTHER 7-10 days once the status changes? So I reach out with an email from their website with my order number. NO RESPONSE. Days pass - we're now on day 6 ordering, and the status still says "awaiting production" and I've gotten no response to help me understand what this means and when I may get the bed. Now we all have different circumstances; for me, my dog just tore his ACL/CCL and is having surgery soon. I now have greater urgency to start this transition and get my child into a bed so that I can focus on him at night post-surgery. I decide to cancel the BKB and buy locally. I call the customer service line, since I still haven't gotten a response from the email from the webpage. I sit on hold and finally get sent to a voicemail. I leave a number with my order details and that I want to cancel. Miraculously, within the hour, I get an email that my order is shipping with FedEx! We've gone from awaiting production to shipping in the time it took for them to listen to voicemail that I wanted to cancel. I send two response emails and call back. I again sit on hold and again have to leave a voice message. I'm furious at this point. I canceled my order after complete lack of response, now it's shipping. A short while later, I get a call back, to which the man tells me that I can't cancel without incurring a hefty fee because the bed has now shipped. First, the bed (miraculously) shipped after I called to cancel, and second, the bed is still sitting in Phoenix - all they've done is print the label. FedEx doesn't even have record of the package yet when I click on the tracking number. The man tells me that I was given the COVID delay policies and that they're actually exceeding the production time, and made me verbally tell him that I saw and read the policy. Sure, I did. Does that mean I can't change my mind due to changing circumstances? And does that mean that you can highroad me and quick try to ship me a bed so you can keep you sale? So he says he will call his guys and see if they can pull the package back since it hasn't yet shipped. NO RESPONSE. So I hear nothing back, although the man said he would let me know if they could pull the package back. Since I'm sick of getting no response to emails (three in total) and leaving voicemails on some line (two in total), I try their chat function. I check to make sure that I'm within their business hours (I am), and would you guess it? NO RESPONSE. It's been 14 hours and I've still gotten no response. And would you guess what I woke up to this morning? A shipping confirmation that FedEx has picked up the bed from their facility. So, if you want to take your chances you have no need to contact customer service, then this sounds like this is a great bed. But if something comes up and you need to contact the company, prepare yourself for the worst customer service. They don't care about you - just selling you a product.

Alexander Hybrid really delivers on it’s promises!

This is our second Alexander Hybrid mattress. The only reason we bought another is that we wanted a king size instead of a queen. We loved the queen sized mattress, but the only criticism we can give is that the standard firmness was a bit soft for our liking. Our new king mattress is a luxury firm and it is AWESOME! Firm enough for great sup...Read MoreRead more about review stating Alexander Hybrid really delivers on it’s promises!port, yet plenty soft enough for great comfort. We highly recommend getting the firmer mattress. It isolates motion very well, my wife can move and roll but I don’t notice it at all. She is a very hot sleeper, but this mattress remains cool and does not add any discomfort for her. We never feel hot, cold or sweaty. Just a very comfortable and neutral bed. I’d buy it a hundred times over... wonderful mattress. We did purchase a Ghost Bed foundation and have been very pleased with that as well. Read LessRead less about review stating Alexander Hybrid really delivers on it’s promises!

I LOVE my bed!!! We

I LOVE my bed!!! We bought the Alexander Hybrid for our vacation home and loved it so much that we had to get another one for our home! So comfortable and relatively inexpensive compared to our last mattress. Highly recommend!!

This is our second hybrid

This is our second hybrid mattress for our home. Super comfortable. The latest version is actually more comfortable than the one we purchased a year ago.

Our Nest California King mattress

Our Nest California King mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Highly recommend it!

Best sleep I have had

Best sleep I have had in a long time!

Our favorite mattress. We love

Our favorite mattress. We love this mattress so much we purchased 2 for our new house!

Love my new mattress. Plush

Love my new mattress. Plush and comfy

So comfy!!!

We love our nest mattress!! At first we ordered it in Medium, and it was too hard for us. Nest was very accommodating & helpful and sent us the Plush, which is PERFECT for us!! Comfiest bed ever! I don’t wake up sore and I sleep really well. Highly recommend!! For reference, I am 100 lbs and so I think that is why the medium was too hard. Plus...Read MoreRead more about review stating So comfy!!!h is the best if you are on the lighter side!! Read LessRead less about review stating So comfy!!!

Love the new mattress. Feeling

Love the new mattress. Feeling well rested and no more back pain. Highly recommend to anyone.

Love everything we ordered. We

Love everything we ordered. We got a king and queen mattress and the frame with the charger for the queen mattress. Will order from Nest again. Great service too.

Great mattress for those who like to sleep

This is our second signature bed. They are very comfortable. Both are medium. The first was a little softer than the second. Both furnish great support. The firm would have been much too hard for us. We gave up a sleep number for this bed. Know that the mattress is heavy and you will need help to move it. We used a dolly to move the box upstairs a...Read MoreRead more about review stating Great mattress for those who like to sleepnd placed the mattress on the frame before opening the plastic which made it slightly easier. Read LessRead less about review stating Great mattress for those who like to sleep

Perfect Nest

My Nest bed is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had and I’m 67 years old so that’s saying a lot! I ordered a firm mattress initially but found it be a little too firm for a side sleeper. Nest sent a medium foam topper that was easily changed out in the zippered top. Now my Nest is perfect.

Just what I wanted !

I purchased the Alexander Signature Hybrid after watching multiple YouTube reviewers. The bed is very comfortable from the start. It became more comfortable after a week. I no longer wake up with a back ache.

Good Mattress!

Pretty good mattress. No issues, could be slightly softer but I got the medium firmness.


So comfortable, soft but supportive. I love it. Firm enough that I don't feel my husband rolling around next to me. And he has stopped snoring since we got this mattress!

Bedding does stay securely and

Bedding does stay securely and mattress moves

Best mattress I've ever slept

Best mattress I've ever slept on! Hands down. I'm a side sleeper and nest bedding was recommended to me. When I called I spoke to a very nice knowledgeable representative. She matched us up perfectly! Thank you nest bedding!

Good mattress

Took awhile to break in and not feel stiff, but otherwise nice mattress. Other bummer is that it is quite heavy so make sure you get a good base for support.

Nest was great with the

Nest was great with the exchange of our mattress and very easy to work with!

So far we love it.

So far we love it. It's very firm which works well if you have back issues. It is not at all hot! Perfect for those who sleep warm.

great mattress

great mattress

Not sure what to say

Started with the all latex firm and it was too squishy for my husband, but I really liked it. Got it exchanged for the latex hybrid firm and now it’s great for him, but now I’m in constant pain. The firm hybrid is much firmer than the all latex. I haven’t slept through the night in 9 days and wake up no later than 5:30 every morning, when I normal...Read MoreRead more about review stating Not sure what to sayly sleep until 7. I’m writing this review on 4 hours of sleep. I guess I’m stuck with it, unless I want to spend more money. I just learned that I’m not allowed anymore exchanges on anything during my trial period. I was really hoping that I could switch the top layer for medium or plush. Nope. I’m currently waiting to find out how much more it’s going to cost for me to get some sleep. I tried to avoid anymore problems by visiting the local store and testing the firm hybrid on the showroom floor before making an exchange decision. It was really soft, so I thought it was the winner, and I pulled the trigger on the exchange. I was wrong. The one I have feels completely different. I keep walking on it to break it in more, as suggested by the customer service rep, but that hasn’t helped. I really wanted to give a 5-star review because I really like this company, but I can’t. Folks, please know you only get one chance to get it right if you got it wrong the first time around. Back sleepers: avoid the firm mattress. Read LessRead less about review stating Not sure what to say

So far so good

The latex layer has a different and slightly more bouncy feel than what we are used to, but it did not take very long to get used to it. The mattress is much more comfortable than our previous mattress and neither of use are waking up with any pain or soreness. We'll have to see how it holds up over time, but overall we are happy with our purchase...Read MoreRead more about review stating So far so good. Read LessRead less about review stating So far so good

I bought it for my

I bought it for my husband, who has dementia, so I don't really know how it is. seems fine.

Awesome Bed

More comfortable than I could have possibly imagined. I have never slept so well in my life. The bed is the perfect mixture of softness and support. Very happy with my purchase!

I love it and I’m

I love it and I’m very particular. My husband calls me a “sleep princess”. Mattress arrives very quickly and unpacked easily.

We love this bed. Very

We love this bed. Very comfortable yet firm.

Long Time Search - Found

We have searched many and gone through many, and when I say many, I mean M-A-N-Y mattresses to get the comfort and just a plain and simple good night sleep to only wake up with neck and low back pain, numbness and all over muscle stiffness. This mattress has relieved all of those issues. Some days not as much as others, but that is the truth. To s...Read MoreRead more about review stating Long Time Search - Founday that every day you wake up pain free or stiff, or without numbness, we've yet to find. Still debating of switching out for the Plush rather than staying with the Medium. What do you think Best? Read LessRead less about review stating Long Time Search - Found

Happy Camper!

I do not write many reviews but if I think some "good" will come of it I do. I bought the Latex Hybrid in Medium last November when I was traveling and never really got to test it until August when I could finally get home! I am 6"3" and about 215 lbs. and,importantly,a side sleeper. I slept on it for about 2 months and although it was co...Read MoreRead more about review stating Happy Camper!mfortable and coll to sleep on as promised I was having issues with shoulder and hip discomfort (better than my old mattress but still more than I wanted out of a largish new investment. I went to the local Nest Showroom and spoke to the sales person who told me that since 100 days had passed I could not return the topper but probably should have bought the Plush instead of medium firm. I was unhappy but understood and luckily with a king mattress it is actually 2 twins so I ordered a plush replacement for one side and it worked! I have been using the plush side for a month almost and feel a noticeable level of comfort, no shoulder pain and very minimal hip discomfort so all in all I would heartily recommend the Nest latex hybrid in plush for any side sleeper. I also added the Nest Latex Side Sleeper pillow to my collection and think it has also aided in keeping shoulder and neck pain eliminated. I wish that Nest were a little more flexible because of the covid situation but, cost aside, with the right discounts the Nest Hybrid Latex plush and the Side Sleeper pillow are a great combo for side sleepers to the extent that I am going to buy another Latex Hybrid for my other residence as well as pillow and a Flip for the guest room which makes me the opposite of an empty nester I guess Read LessRead less about review stating Happy Camper!

Very comfortable

I really like the feel of the latex foam. I sleep in several positions and medium firmness is good for me on my back, stomach, and side

Good alue for the money

It is very comfortable, but it takes a bit of getting used to outer perimeters. It gives in more than a traditional mattress. Our sales consultant Jason was fantastic.

Too small

I bought an organic mattress not latex. The bed is comfortable and my sales person was fabulous. He asked all the right questions to determine what I needed. My big problem with the mattress is that it isn’t thick enough. Mine is 15 inches and some of their beds are 13 inches. Most sheets are made to fit deep mattresses. I really don’t like loose bottom sheets that move around. I tried every device including suspenders but I have ended up buying a gel foam topper to increase the thickness and this defeats the purpose. So if buying this mattress just be aware you won’t find sheets to fit. I called the company and even their own sheets won’t fit.

Simply the BEST in ALL Ways

OUTSTANDING Customer Service, always QUICK in responding to my email inquiries. SPEED of LIGHT Shipping time. Can't say enough GOOD things about Mark Wilson in corporate. He was VERY professional in EVERY way from start to finish. This is my SECOND Nest Bed buy in the last three years and if I LIVE long enough it surely won't be my last............ :-)

Terrible communication, terrible support

This company has no support. Calls to customer service go straight to voice mail with no call back, emails to customer support get no response. If there is a problem, you are on your own. There are many better options.

Great mattress! I have back

Great mattress! I have back and shoulder issues and I'm having much less pain after purchasing this mattress. Love my Nest mattress!

Buyer Beware Misleading Ads.

Nest had a sale on the pillows and I purchased what I thought was the side sleeper according to the photos of the product in the ad. When I received the order it was a standard king pillow. I contacted them to immediately to try and get a return /exchange started. They immediately sent me a return label but refused to honor the sale price for the side sleeper pillow. I went to the nest store in Cherry Creek Denver and Nest has been high on my list for a latex mattress purchase in the near future. I’m so wanted this to be a good company to deal with. I’m glad I started with just a simple pillow before investing a couple grand on a mattress. If this company will do this to you for 20 dollars imagine what they’ll do on a mattress purchase. My correspondence is still going on but they’ve made clear they will not honor the sale. Not feeling confident they’ll stand by the product. My advice- use plenty of caution before making a purchase with this company.

Typical Buyer Beware

We purchased one of Nest top of the line $1500+ hybrid mattress. It reminded me of my old Army cot, uncomfortable,saggy, lumpy, no support and whatever you do,don't sit on the side of the bed because, you'll find yourself sitting on the floor. We attempted to contact our sales representative, just never could seem to get her and were transferred across the country to numerous individuals. When we indicated the problems (more than one), we received more rolls of foam rubber and of course they were "unlabeled" and quite frankly no different than the problem foam we had already complained about. Now we are stuck with a substandard mattress which I consider worthless and shouldn't have cost more than a few "pieces of silver." As for Customer Service, each time we've called the so called manager he "wasn't available, on another line, not in today or helping another customer" getting a return call from the manager always came in with caller ID "Unknown, Out of Area or Suspected Spam" we've never heard from our sales person, to say the least. To say that we feel, as seniors and a retired military veteran that we have experienced unprofessional representatives, and under performing and substandard products would be an understatement. While in Grad school a goodly number of years ago, our Economics professor had a sign in the classroom which read "When a company does something good for you, you'll tell someone. When a company does something harmful or substandard, you'll tell everyone you know and everyone else." My professional opinion is ,if you need a new, comfortable and quality mattress, Nest would be a fairly good bed for younger children as for adults look at a higher quality mattress, with a well known company with professional support and corporate headquarters to contact if you are unable to get your problems resolved at the call center or in the "loop" for the next agent, who may not even be in your state or time zone. Buyer Beware, you get what you pay for or maybe less.


Bed sleeps hot and has little to no support. Lifetime bed frame failed. Poorly constructed and only a single piece was offered to remedy a complete frame failure with wood staples coming apart and bending legs. Hauling this Cal King sponge to landfill.

10 year review of nest Luv bed

back in 2012 we ordered the nest love came in a small box..opened it up put it on a metal box frame. we selected the medium firmness. I am a side sleeper and at about 6'3'270 lbs many matresses sag on the edge after a year or so. Well after a decade of my side sleeping it is finally sagging some,not a lot but enough that we will probably order another Nest bed but will select the firm option this time. May go with another brand depending on price. IMO nest bedding is a fine bed especially for a side sleeper. our previous foam mattress was from Sam club I dont recall the brand as it was over 10 years ago ,but within a year it sagged so bad on the side that it felt like i was sleeping on a hillside. My assesment is that the nest love bed did well and lasted about 9 years before it started to sag on the sides. Of course part of it is likely my size and weight. I imagine if a side sleeper had a weight of less than 175lbs it would probably last longer..but hey 10 year is a good run

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