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Nectar vs. Sleep Innovations

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One of the most popular mattress brands, Nectar has revolutionized the all-foam mattress industry with designs that focus on universally comfy firmness and support. With 3 all-foam mattresses and even some newer hybrid options, customers have reported enhanced cooling and supreme pressure relief in the Nectar Premier & Premier Copper. With value-add benefits like a full year trial and 'forever' warranty, quality materials for the price, and 'Buy Now, Pay Later' financing options, it should be a serious consideration for value-conscious shoppers. Now available in Canada. From the UK? See our review for the UK version.

Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations is a fairly recent contender in the online and offline mattress space. They sell predominantly on Amazon, other online retailers, and through their offline partner network at stores like Target, Sears, and Kohl's. Overall, they offer a cost-effective solution but without many of the perks of some of the newer brands.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Nectar in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Nectar: 9.6/10
Sleep Innovations: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Nectar: 9.7/10
Sleep Innovations: 7.5/10

Price Value:
Nectar: 9.8/10
Sleep Innovations: 8.5/10

No Back Pain:
Nectar: 9.6/10
Sleep Innovations: 6.5/10

Nectar: $599-$2898
Sleep Innovations: $339-$849

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Sleep Innovations:
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Nectar's Owner Satisfaction

It can be a chore to understand the meaning of customer reviews -- from brands that edit their reviews to reviewers who don't match your sleeping preferences. That said, it is greatly helpful to understand how all of the mattress customer data looks like for multiple brands. These mattresses are some of the highest regarded by sleepers for comfort.

Nectar's Supportiveness

These mattresses do well with support vs many other competitors. They offer the support needed to align the vertebrae and customers feel comfortable while cradled by these mattresses. Reviewers are keen on describing these mattresses as supportive and don't report many issues with sagging over a short horizon.

Edge Support
Edge support is important for those that sit or lay close to the edge of the mattress and are looking for a supportive surface. These mattresses offer that supportive balance towards the sides.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
The bowling ball test helps measure the firmness and even support of a mattress. These mattresses have good even support and good versatility throughout the mattress.

Nectar's Durability

Finding a durable mattress can means thousands in savings for you and your family. And that totally aligns with why durability is so important to mattress buyers. That said, most brands are out for profits and quality is a secondary concern. Even still, there are some brands that do a good job making durable products. These mattresses are highly regarded when it comes to longevity. These mattresses do well for most sleepers for 7 - 12 years, but those with heavier builds may get slightly less time out of theirs.

Sleep Innovations's Owner Satisfaction

There are some negative ratings from sleepers for these mattresses. Some customers didn't have a good experience, but others were completely satisfied. Due to this, one of these could be great for you, but it also may be a problem. Continue looking on below to learn more if one of these mattresses will work for you.

Sleep Innovations's Supportiveness

A supportive mattress can mean the difference between a comfortable night sleep and pain. At the beginning, these mattresses have high marks for support, but some folks had complaints about the supportiveness over a long duration. Make sure that the mattress is spec'd for your body type of firmness preference before purchasing.

Edge Support
Edge support is very important for most sleepers and makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning. These mattresses are okay in terms of edge support, but some may experience dips.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
In tests that measure the density and supportiveness of the mattresses, there is initial support throughout the mattress is fairly even for most sleepers. Some folks have mentioned that support may degrade over time for some.

Sleep Innovations's Durability

We all want a comfy mattress that lasts a long time, but some brands focus more on shipping product than they do about quality. Luckily, these mattresses have good ratings when it comes to durability. Most folks will find that they are happy with their mattress after 5 to 7 years, but some heavier folks may find that it breaks down faster for them.

Browse Nectar Customer Reviews

This mattress changed our lives for the better! It is absolutely the perfect firmness and temperature. We had a queen bed for so long and desperately needed a king since our baby sleeps with us. We couldn’t afford the insane prices out there so we took a chance on Nectar and boy did it pay off.

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This was amazing from start to finish.
This mattress is so comfortable! I really can’t get over it. We bought it when we moved to our new house. It was perfect timing as it came in the exact day that we moved in. My wife was stressed at the idea of shopping for a mattress in person so being able to do everything online made it super easy. Delivery was quick and setup was incredibly easy. We bought a King. It’s a really comfy bed - not too firm, not too soft. I appreciate that it comes with a nice cover. Lastly, company communication has been great.

These Mattresses are wonderful.
I have several properties and I have bought them for each. They are delivered right to your door and so incredibly easy to set up. They come wrapped in a vacuum sealed plastic and come in a bag! a bag!!!!. You simply take the rolled up mattress out cut the outer plastic and unroll it on the bed frame, then cut the inner plastic and within moments, the mattress fluffs up. I gave mine about 4-5 hours and then I made the bed and it is comfy! The number one comment I get on my rental reviews is how comfy the beds are! This is a WONDERFUL deal and a super wonderful bed. The folks at Nectar are amazing and very responsive. If you are looking for a new mattress, don’t hesitate ordering this one.

I was very hesitant to buy a mattress without trying it out first, but I did a lot of research and decided to take the risk. I tried several different styles of memory foam mattresses in stores and I’d say this falls right in the middle. It’s not too hard, and not too soft. I sink in just enough to feel supported, but not so much that it’s difficult to move. It took me about two weeks to adjust to it. I was stiff in different places, but after a month, I sleep much more soundly, I wake up less in the middle of the night, and I’m not sore in the morning. I am very pleased with our purchase.

Very pleased.
There are a few things that you should always buy in person to check for quality.

Fresh fruit. Diamond rings. Cars.

Up until a few months ago, I would have added mattresses to that list. Wasn’t that one of the morals of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? Most of us were taught that the moral was that a life of crime does’t pay and you really shouldn’t be sneaking into other people’s houses - especially if they are bears -“ but another, often overlooked moral was “not every mattress will feel JUST RIGHT. Try before you buy.”

When I saw Nectar’s claim of a mattress with optimal comfort, I was skeptical. What worked for Mama Bear and Papa Bear wasn’t what worked for Baby Bear.

But Nectar’s business model intrigued me as did their pricing structure. And if their mattress didn’t work out, I would return it and they would donate it to charity. Win-win.

I’m happy to report that Goldilocks was wrong. There are some mattresses that are JUST RIGHT for everyone. This is one of them. My husband and I both sleep well on our King mattress from Nectar. The quality is fantastic. The business model is sublime. And my bank account is happy that I didn’t spend a small fortune on a bed.

So I guess you could say we’re living happily ever after.

Unlike Goldilocks. Who really shouldn’t have broken into the bears house.

Very satisfied, I would recommend
Experience in the company was very good. In addition to speaking our language, the company, the type of mattress, when tailored to the needs of our family to describe the features of nectar mattress, took us an extra effort to understand or did. When the mattress has arrived, we were very impressed by the quality. Hari was perfect. We’ve been sleeping very well. Very strong recommendation

The best investment I've made in many years
Well, this mattress has been nothing but good to us. I used to wake up with lower back pain and would be stiff for the first 30 minutes or so out of bed. After two nights of sleeping on this mattress, my back pains were gone and I am sleeping better than I have in years. Trust me, this is the solution for your sleeping issues.

Hate Mattress Shopping. Love Nectar!
I hate mattresses and I think the whole industry is a sham. I hate the cigarette smell of the mattress salesperson at Sleepy's who tries to sell me on a bed I try, then, as soon as I try a different bed, starts telling me why that bed, not the other, is the best. I think the stores are sleazy. My cousin bought a mattress from Nectar and I thought, why not, since they have a no cost try-out that is so long, plus, I needed my old bed taken away. I love the bed. No really, the bed is outrageous and the customer service person must have checked back with me four times after my order. This was so much better and easier than any other mattress I bought. The mattress feels so good and smells wonderful, fresh. I’m telling my parents and sisters and cousins on Staten Island to buy one.

Pretty Unique
I’m really glad my friend told me about Nectar. I was working through a research process and was encountering other brands that advertised more. My wife and I had slept on a Tempurpedic, but we were looking for something a little more comfortable and hopefully less expensive. Nectar had great prices and amazing mattresses. Our research had us comparing alot of brands. It was very hard to understand differences sometime but the NECTAR team answered questions for me over the course of about a week and were very forthright. I didn’t think about sleep trials or comfort guarantees or bed bug guarantees or foam types, cover types, anything really until the Nectar folks educated me. It has been 30 days sleeping on the mattress and I just received this request in my email for a review. Honestly, I feel like I one upped everyone and have a better mattress for a better price. That’s their language I think, but it stuck. It’s really comfortable and feels better. I know the mattress is healthy because I researched this part in depth and only wanted a mattress with little chemical production. If you have any questions about buying these things, ask their customer service, they’re great at their jobs and actually seem to care. I never felt like they were trying to sell me. They sounded really busy by the way at the office when I called and when I asked, they said they had just gotten some press on being 100% employee owned and rated very highly and could barely keep up with orders. Ours arrived in three or four days I think to St. Louis and it looks like it shipped Fedex from the West Coast.

Great mattress, great customer service.
The best purchase in a long time. This mattress is a total win. I recommend this mattress if you’re looking for something at a good price yet comfortable. I am currently 6 weeks into my trial and so far so good.

The mattress arrived 3 days after I placed my order. As described it arrived in a nice nylon bag with convenient handles to carry it up the stairs. The mattress unrolled nearly flat immediately, and expanded what appeared to be fully in just a few minutes. There was some minor off gassing that dissipated within 24 hours. We also have a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress. In terms of price and quality, I prefer the Nectar.

We love bed and company people were very helpful and friendly. Funding was automatic and I was very well treated and respected. My mother has asked for a new mattress and let her buy a nectar, as well as price and financing are very good and the bed has an excellent guarantee that does not end.

Love their mattresses..
It comes in a bag all vacuumed sealed. It works great on my bad back! It doesn’t have any weird funky smells. The mattress exterior covering seems really high quality and luxurious! Have been sleeping on it for over 3 months and have never slept better.

The most comfortable mattress.
Alright. Let me just start by saying until I bought this mattress I had TERRIBLE back issues that made me immobile at times. My partner and I decided it was time to upgrade our mattress because we felt like we couldn’t sleep on a queen size mattress without being on top of each other. When our Nectar mattress arrived we were SO excited and it seemed to good to be true and were about to be ready to send it back. Boy, were we proven wrong. I no longer have back issues, at all. When we sleep in the bed together it’s like I have my own bed. I also have a hard time falling asleep in any other bed that isn’t this one. In this bed as soon as I lay down I pass right out. If you want a quality mattress that is extremely comfortable and will make you sleep like a baby, buy this mattress.

Well, we were asked to give a review and normally I do not. I also did not want to give a review for a bed that I did spend "time" in.

So, it has been 30+ days now and I LOVE IT! I love it because I do not get up in the morning with joint pain in my shoulder and hip. No aches or pains...I sleep well...and my husband says the same thing. I also stay nice and cool at night. I absolutely would recommend NECTAR to my family and friends...I actually already have. And a 2 thumbs up for their customer service. I received it on time and in great shape. All around a AAA+ company to work with. I even put them on MY facebook page!

Quite the find
We purchased this mattress for my son’s room, and he loves it. It was super easy to buy and it was delivered right to our door. It was really easy to set up as well! I absolutely love the way it feels and I find myself lying in my son’s bed now. We’re actually thinking of getting one for ourselves. Oh, and thanks for all the great follow-up.

Impressive Experience
We do not purchase mattresses often and our last was bought perhaps a decade ago. Ordinarilly, I would never purchase a mattress without trying one in a store. My mother is in palliative care and I have not had time to visit a store so I researched delivery options and was impressed by the reviews and ratings of the Nectar mattress. I decided to try the bed since the return is so easy and no cost. I am so happy. Anyone thinking about a mattress should try Nectar. They say the mattress is constructed with different foams than others, but it is the airflow I noticed the most, despite the very solid feel of the construction. The company said this was the most comfortable mattress and I laughed at first when I heard this, but it is actually true.

Best Purchase in a long time
I've owned the Nectar Mattress for about 8 months now and it's the best purchase I've made for my back‚ The last few mattresses I’ve used sleep well for about 5.5-6hrs and then the backache would kick in and I knew it was time to get up.

With Nectar, I simply don’t want to get up !! I sleep the whole night. I’ve actually changed my sleeping habits, go to bed earlier to get more rest and wake up rejuvenated. To some this all may sound cliche and I think it does to me also, but I honestly have to say that this mattress has made a difference in the way I sleep and wake each morning.

Best of all, they have a 365 day guarantee, if you don’t like it, return it.

We are in love
Absolutely love this thing! Buying mattresses online is such a gamble, but we hit the jackpot with this one. We bought a king and it’s so comfortable. The mattress arrived compressed and it was super easy to set it up. Very little odor or smell. I recommend it to anyone that is willing to listen.

one of the best major purchases of my life
I’m not exaggerating when I say this is truly one of the best major purchases of my life. By now, you may have heard the hype about the company Nectar. Or perhaps you’re stumbling onto their product for the first time. Either way, you should go ahead and click *Buy* right now. Seriously. Even if you’re not 100% sure about `em. You’ll understand why by the end of this review.

Last year, my wife and I started mattress shopping. We were upgrading from a queen to king. We had so-so mattresses in the past and wanted to do it right, find something that really worked for both of us. You know the cliche: “you spend a third of your life in bed”? Yeah, well it’s true. Now, my wife has woman hips, I am thin and straight. Also cliche. We thought we needed a customizable bed to be truly comfortable, so we tried a SleepNumber. Bad mistake. It really is just two zippered air mattresses, with no localized back/hip support.

So we returned the SleepNumber (for which we had to pay shipping, but I suppose it was worth experimenting). Shortly afterward, I stumbled upon Nectar. As a new company, they didn’t yet have a large online presence. Then I saw the 365 day return policy and said, hey, why not?

One week later, we received our package in the mail. It came vacuum-sealed so we carefully cut the seal and it literally “popped” into place. Instant sleep-ready. Slapped on the sheets and proceeded to sleep like babies. One year later, we are still very happy customers.

Here are the specific reasons for my piling it on:

1 - Free shipping. What?!

2 - The no-hassle 365-day trial. If you don’t like it, you get a full refund. This was a HUGE factor for me, ordering from an online-only company and not yet knowing what firmness was ideal for us.

3 - Forever warranty is NOT pro-rated. Any covered defects, they replace the full value. This is highly unusual, as far as I know.

4 - No boxspring needed. I built my own platform bed and it works great. Plus, their warranty doesn’t require a boxspring, unlike many other companies.

5 - A single level of firmness has managed to satisfy both my wife and me. I’m still surprised, considering my wife has curvy hips and I don’t. But neither of us has had any back or neck pain.

6 - No middle men, hence, significantly lower prices. Funny as it sounds, this is a novel concept in the mattress industry. I don’t know if the typical industry markup is as astronomical as T&N claims, but it’s certainly a ripoff.

7 - The mattress definitely supports “relations”

8 - The whole shopping experience was just easy. Sleek, modern website and email. Clear policies and pricing. Immediate shipping information.

9 - I received a handwritten thank you note from Nectar. Can’t remember the last time that happened with an online purchase.

The only downside I’ve encountered: some fitted sheets these days are a hair too big for this mattress, even for the thicker 11” model. But it’s not Nectar’s fault. It’s because most mattress companies make a gimmick out of 20-layer, 100-inch thickness, and sheet manufacturers have followed suit. For what it’s worth, we ended up with the L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale fitted sheet and it worked out nicely.

Yes, this mattress is on the “firm” side but like I said, it’s worked for two (healthy) people with very different body types, which makes me wonder how much marketing hype goes into plush vs. firm. If you’re a side sleeper, I highly recommend a thick pillow, thicker than you may be used to.

Nectar has grown by leaps and bounds recently. And prices have increased ever so slightly since we bought our mattress last year, but it is still one of the best values in the industry. I hope they can manage to maintain their business ethic, great return policy, and pricing. These are what really sold me.

5 Star

The best rest
My experience with Nectar has just been flawless. It didn’t take me much time to make the online purchase. The shipping was also very fast. Excellent experience!

Great mattress
After months of research into a new mattress an intro to nectar popped up. I took several weeks comparing my choices to nectar and with help from their customer service (2 thumbs up for them) I chose nectar. I have no regrets. My husband and I have the best nights sleep, the mattress is plush and extremely comfortable and stays cool throughout the night. The warranty is exceptional and the customer service is great. I am very happy that I chose Nectar and would recommend them to anyone.

J Shields

My mom is happy
I first purchased this twin sized mattress for my guest room. My mother found it really comfortable and it was her first experience sleeping on a Nectar. I have slept on it a few times as well and it is amazing! I am going to order a bigger one for myself! The bag showed up super fast, and it was so neat to see how huge it got when we took it out to let it expand. I really like the design and the way this mattress breathes. It feels much higher quality than my last mattress. Definitely worth the price!

Happy and happy
I’m like a teenager again (almost 54 now) not wanting to get out of bed. The only bad thing I can say about it is that I don’t want to leave it. This mattress seems like it is going to last forever, that’s maybe why Nectar offers a lifetime warranty. This is one of the most comfortable mattresses we’ve ever slept on! Definitely worth the price. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone.

This is my first formal product review
I do not provide reviews and am often very busy. My focus is on things that do actually matter, not reviews. When I received the request for a review I believed it would be good and important to share my experience. As my wife’s back has been hurting for years we have been to very many doctors and my wife is on cortisol and flexeril medications for pain. We were recommended the Nectar mattress by her Chiropractor and thought that was silly, being reccomended a mattress, but her Osteopath also recommended the mattress and we decided to learn more. The sories seemed quite incredible, so we researched the materials and company. We did not find much advertising but there seems to be very much word of mouth and the company representative confirmed that most of the mattresses are sold by recommendation. I thought the company was new but it had been around selling madical beds and I believe that is why their foams seem denser. The company suggested we apply for medicare reimbursement by receiving a prescription for the bed from my wife’s physician and incredibly, her insurance paid for the full cost of the bed. My wife’s takes far less medication for pain in the 30 days since we began sleeping on the bed and she is happier and well rested and this means I am also happier and better rested. It is a most comfortable bed and feels quite unique and enjoyable to rest upon. I have asked Parna’s mother if she would also like one.

Sweet dreams!
I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a month and it has changed me- I highly recommend this mattress. It’s so comfortable. I couldn’t be happier for the price I paid. Well worth it!

Thanks Nectar!
It really is a dream to sleep on. My husband doesn’t want to leave the bed. Thanks for inventing this bed. This mattress saved my back. For the first few nights I thought it was just really comfortable. After a few nights when my back pain disappeared, I realized it was more than just comfort, it was a life saver. We really had been sleeping on an unhealthy bed. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable mattress and is looking for help with back pains.

Excellent quality
Perfect amount of firmness and softness. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who has back problems l have had many back surgeries and is equal to the much higher priced memory foam mattress. This bed is just super.

Like a Secret
Nectar is like a secret you may not want to share with just anyone..

Really fantastic mattress
I’ve been sleeping on the mattress with my fiancee since we had it delivered on April 19th. We can say that after almost two months that this mattress is fantastic. We have it directly on our carpeted floor and cannot feel the floor, even when we jump with our whole bodies and slam onto the bed. We found it slightly softer than our previous mattress (that’s just our opinion though). Overall, we are extremely happy with the purchase, so much so that we bought a twin mattress for our daybed downstairs.

A great night rest!
So far the new mattress has been great! My wife and I are finally enjoying sleeping through the night. I just love this mattress. After the first night, I was pain-free. I just couldn’t believe the difference. It’s soft and also very supportive. I can finally stand up straight right out of bed, haven’t done that in a lot of years. Amazing product!

I wish my Nectar was here 10 years ago
I never, ever, thought of mattresses. I just bought whichever felt good at the store and was in the price range and probably bought a new one twice now since leaving my parent’s home in 1997 and my Dad used to remind me that a mattress should be changed every 8 years. My boyfriend mentioned Nectar and I like that they will send a new cover if I need it, plus they have a really long Warranty and I think a few pretty famous people have recommended Nectar. Wow. It really is incredibly comfortable and just feels like a whole different experience. My boyfriend loves the new mattress and doesn’t even snore anymore. I like feeling cradled by the bed when we relax or even more, have fun. It’s great.

No way!
I wanted to make sure that I could easily return this mattress if I didn’t like it. There is no way this mattress is getting returned. It really is magic! Within 2 days, I felt a good 10 years younger. I’m able to fall asleep faster, and I feel much more rested when I wake up. I don’t think that even during workouts, I’d feel as good as I do when resting on my Nectar. I love the way the mattress sleeps and it is wonderful to relax on the Nectar.

Aah..Very unique feel
I haven’t slept this well since a long time ago. The first time I laid down, it was quite nice and I do not mean to sound like an advertisement, but it was like sleeping on a cloud. We felt very supported but had no sense of pressure points and it was as if the mattress lifted us in some way. It is a very unique feel. They offer a free return and we tried the mattress because it seemed no risk,, but who want to return it? We are sleeping better so for us, that would be crazy. I can feel the air breath through the airflow channels and the cover is quite supple and buttery. Very impressed and will recommend to others.

Well made
I needed to find an affordable, yet good quality mattress. The mattress arrived quickly. It was very easy to set up because literally all you have to do is unroll it and remove the plastic wrap as you roll and that’s it. This is my first memory foam mattress and so far I definitely prefer it to my traditional mattress. .

So comfortable!
So so comfortable! I loved the idea of getting a bed rolled up in a bag and delivered to me. I followed the instructions in setting it up and it was so so easy! I aired it out for a few days and when I finally lay on it, it was an absolutely amazing feeling. I guess that’s what happens when you finally get a good mattress. I’ve been sleeping on it for 3 months already and I absolutely love it!

Great mattress
First time I bought a mattress online. I have had it for about a week and I love it. This mattress is so comfortable. It’s like you melt when you lay down, not sure how else to describe it. I am a super satisfied customer. Great value too! Why would I spend so much more at one of those mattress stores, when I can have this? Keep it up Nectar. Highly recommend it to anyone that needs a new mattress.

Like Clouds..
I’m a rough sleeper, and I have had back and neck pain from sports. I could not believe the comfort of this bed. It was soft yet supportive, and the worst part about my Nectar is although fully rested, I get upset when I have to wake up. It literally makes me want to stay in bed all day. Like clouds!!

Arrived Day Late
I had to wait three days past delivery date. No stock more company said of Queen. I requested rush and they did and bed arrived. Very nice but why wait. Mother lives with us and cares for son and she did not like that they did not also sell box spring. When late the company did offer a discount and received a call from manager who seemed to care. Bed well priced and very nice quality.

Great product.
Alright. Let’s just say I’m a problem sleeper (insomniac) with chronic back pain. Spring mattresses tend to cause pressure points, and I overheat on memory foam/pillowtops. I’m also working with a pretty tight budget. It HAS GOT to be possible to get a good sleep AND have enough money to eat in the morning. So I did my research, checked out websites, and bit the bullet and bought a Nectar. If you’ve done your research you know what I’ll say next: The bed arrived within a week, unpacking it was a tickle (watching that flat plastic-wrapped slab turn into a full mattress made me grin), and I didn’t notice any chemical smell. To lay on, there’s nothing like it. firm, supportive, but with just enough bounce to feel like a “quality” bed and just enough “sink” to be cushy. Here’s the thing though: the first night I woke up feeling like there was some pressure on my hip, and neck (I sleep on my side, and wake up on my stomach most nights). same deal second, third night. but it’s a 365 night trial, so I decided to give it some time before returning it. Glad I did! the bed just needed some time to break in, and I needed to get used to it. Now I can confidently say that this, every night, is the best sleep of my life. better than the tempur (sink in and overheat) mattress, and it even edges out the (ludicrously expensive and mechanically complex) Sleep Number bed. Support where I need it, soft enough to feel luxurious, not to mention it wicks heat wonderfully and I don’t wake up sweating anymore. All In All, It’s perfect, just remember to really get into that 365 night trial so the bed can break in and you can get used to it.

y’know, like a good pair of shoes.

If you’re on the fence, Just do it. the trial is solid, the warranty is honest (and lacking all that fine print), and the bed is simply superior to anything I’ve tried.

Browse Sleep Innovations Customer Reviews

I find it VERY comfortable and it keeps me from getting too hot at ...
I think everyone should get one of these, they arrive in a tall but moderate size box, After unboxing you cut the plastic cover and it starts to expand to its normal size, I find it VERY comfortable and it keeps me from getting too hot at night. I am sleeping better than at anytime in my 67 years!!!!

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Best sleep in years
This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I know some people give it a bad rating saying it is too firm, but it really is only about personal preference. I have slept on hard beds and this is not one of them. Yes it is firm, you don't feel like you are sleeping on a soft pillow top but I don't think that is best for your back anyway. I had back surgery last year and this mattress addresses issues that no other mattress has, regarding the many issues my back requires. It take a night or two to get used to the difference but once you stick with it, you will be happy you transitioned.

I'm happy with it
As of today, this mattress is a huge improvement over our last one. It is quite tall and doesn't need a box spring (we have it on a wood platform). The mattress is firm, but given a few minutes, you sink into it a bit, which really makes it quite comfortable to sleep on at night. It doesn't keep cool quite to the extent as I was hoping. It's pretty humid here in the warm Florida Panhandle, but I wasn't expecting miracles. Good value overall for the price tag.

its just as good as my very expensive beauty rest mattress.
I have owned this mattress for over 1 year and love it. I bought this as a toddler bed when we were transitioning my son from the crib to a bed. This bed is tall enough that you don't need a frame for it. For the time being, we have the mattress on the floor with no frame and don't have to worry if my son falls off the bed. The bed is comfortable for him and adults. I often find myself sleeping in this bed as my son sometimes needs dad with him to go back to sleep. I love this bed and its just as good as my very expensive beauty rest mattress.

House divided
Pretty firm. I loved it, my wife hated it. If your looking for a mattress that's super soft like a plush DO NOT buy this. For a firm mattress this thing is incredible.

Would not recommend if you are shopping for a plush a mattress.
This mattress may very well be the firmest mattress that I have ever had the displeasure of sleeping on. If you want a firm mattress it would be a great buy. If you are looking for plush you should go ahead and purchase a mattress topper as well.

Not bad, not great.
This is our first memory foam mattress purchase. For the last 13 years we have been sleeping on a pillow top mattress, but that old mattress was getting pretty lumpy and old and I couldn't find the exact same brand to replace it. So we started mattress shopping..... ugh how I hate mattress shopping! After a couple of weeks of research, we settled on this particular mattress (in king size). Delivery was prompt and setup was painless. Open the box, follow the directions to carefully cut away the protective compression packaging and enjoy as your mattress takes shape in front of your eyes. We opened ours in the morning and slept on the mattress that night. It was a different experience at first and frankly couldn't decide whether we had made a good decision or bad. This mattress is really firm, especially if you put the Dreamaway Mattress Protector on it. We have used the mattress for a few months now and I think I'm finally getting used to it. I'm not an especially great sleeper any way, so it is hard for me to claim that I'm sleeping any better or any worse than before. Thankfully the lumps are gone :) and I can move around the bed at night without disturbing the Mrs. We had a really nice bed set, so I saved the box spring and frame and put the new memory foam mattress on top of that. Considering the price paid, ease of setup and pain free ordering / delivery process from Amazon I wouldn't say that I'm unhappy with the purchase. But for me it wasn't the paradigm shifting sleep experience that I was hoping for. One thing I want to stress is that this mattress is very firm, so if you're looking for a softer experience you should consider something else. We haven't slept on it in the summer yet, but so far the mattress temperature is comfortable. As for reports of chemical odors on memory foam mattresses....... this one was minor and gone before we went to sleep on it the first night.

Great bed, takes a little getting used to.
This is an awesome bed! It takes a little getting used to, but once you are, it's great! Definitely recommend two people to unpackage and place the bed, though I did manage by myself, it wasn't the most comfortable experience. My previous foam bed had a lot of off-gassing. With this bed, unless you put your nose right in it, you really can't smell anything.

Good quality 'No-Sag' Mattress
This is a really good quality mattress. After a year of use there is no dip or sag. Also the corners do not "bend" when you sit on them. I deducted a star because, at first the mattress was just too firm
for us. We were wondering if we had to return this.Luckily we tried a 2" topper from costco ($99) and that did the trick. Now we have a firm base with a plush top. Best of both worlds !

Love the mattress
Love the mattress, quality product. I previously slept on a cheap mattress with a nice 4" memory foam pad that was fairly soft, so this is a little firm for me although i'm sleeping well on it. Why I gave it 4 stars is that the listing says medium/soft feel but its no where near soft. Its more medium/firm. I'm going to purchase the extra plush bamboo mattress pad just to soften up a bit because a slightly firm mattress is probably better for me anyway.

No odor, regained "normal shape" after shipping and not too firm... Loving it.
I read a lot of reviews before ordering this and I was very concerned about the potential odor from the foam. Thankfully even when I first cut open the bag it comes in there was no odor at all... literally no odor (even with face pressed against the foam). So I guess that pretty much takes care of that.

As for any crease from shipping, it seemed to disappear in about 15 minutes. I did follow the instructions and I even went above and beyond by leaving it sit for 2 days before I slept on it. I don't see or feel any creases or any indication that it was shipped folded.

As for the firmness, it is a bit firm and softens up as you lay on it. It took a week to get used to it but I am very pleased with it now.

I am so happy I didn't waste $3,000 - $5000 on a Tempurpedic at the furniture store. :)

Excellent product....
Wish I would have bought one years ago. We both work midnights and when we finally get to crawl in and get situated " lights out " I don't even move. This matress is much cheaper than the pillow top we replaced. I'm going to replace our two childrens mattresses with these. I highly recommend them. No more back pain...that alone is worth it. Excellent product for the money. I don't overheat either, very rested when I wake up.

1/2 the price of the popular brand...
This mattress is comparable to the Famous Brand memory foam mattress I have used at a friends home. However, this cost half the price. The only drawback is finding bedding that fits the thickness of the mattress...

Great mattress! Firm but fair.
My other mattress was a spring with box frames. It was over 15 years old and sagging. I think I used it for way too long beyond its usefulness. I should have replaced it years ago. I think the old mattress ruined my back as well. I could not sleep soundly for any longer than 4 hours before my back would start hurting. Then I would just shift and turn the rest of the night. Needless to say I have not slept well in at least 6 months to a year, if not longer. My back only hurt when I would sleep so I could almost definitely attribute it to a deteriorating spring mattress. I decided to make the switch to a foam mattress to try something new. This mattress appears to be well constructed in the materials used and the mattress covering. It is a firm mattress for sure. I have had it for about a week and am still getting used to it. My back still gives me trouble at night but it is markedly better and improving. I think my back is just now resetting itself from years of terrible posture during sleep. The firmness was a concern because I am a side sleeper at times. I have found this mattress not to be an issue for me though. I went with this one because the reviews I saw said it was not as firm as the one with the gel-foam layer and the gel-foam layer one was not recommended by side-sleepers because it is firmer. This was a great purchase in my opinion. My wife likes it and I am getting used to it, and my sleep is improving. The other concern was the heat that some people had mentioned. I have found zero issues with heat transfer. I don't even notice it. The mattress expanded almost immediately after removing it from the bag and was ready in just a few hours really. We slept on it that night.

this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on
this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. i had previously purchased one in a full size so when I upgraded my living arrangements i got a king size. the mattress is firm but soft on top and very supportive. get deep pocket sheets for it. you wont be disappointed.

No price can compare to a great nights sleep!
It did take me a long time to shop around to finally make the decision. I shopped for over a year for a new mattress and with my experience with my last mattress I needed to be sure before I spent so much money not to be satisfied. On my last purchase I spent over $2500.00 on a Seally posterpedic job. I thought I was shopping smart and purchased a close out model. I figured since I was shopping at a reputable dealer and purchased a product with excellent reputation I would be happy. I was far from that 6 months later, the mattress did not show any signs of wear. I was able to set a 8 foot level across the mattress with only about a 1/2" of variance across the surface which is with in specification. Even though the product was within the manufactures limits the product did not provide much support, I am 160 pounds at 5'9" and my wife is all of 110 pounds at 5'6". My point is we are physically fit active people and the product had us waking up multiple times through out the nigh and when we had to wake up we were often feeling tired and sore from sleeping on this product. We talked to the dealer to try to warranty the product, since the product was with in the specification and operating within the set of limitations set by the factory I was stuck with it. Well at $2500.00 at 6months old I was shocked that a product that seemed to be a great product at first was failing us so quickly. So with all that said I have had this new mattress for going on 3 weeks now and I must say it has alleviated all the complaints I have described about my previous mattress, I believe that it is too soon to effectively rate this product accurately with out seeing if I will have a problem because of having the previous product only 6 months and being so unhappy overall, having a mattress for 18 months and trying to get a replacement for a year I was happy to get a good night sleep. I did read all of the manufactures guidelines on how to care for it properly and they all are clear and reasonable to get the most out of it. This product sleeps comfortably in relation to temperature, on my conventional innerspring mattress I was a hot sleeper and was constantly throwing the covers off in the middle of the night then waking up freezing cold. With this product I reach my rem sleep very quickly and sleep all the way through the night waking up crisp and refreshed ready to conquer the day! This product supports me and I wake up with no pain or sore muscles. I have had friends that have purchased this same mattress and are still satisfied, I am truly hopping we have the same experience, a warranty doesn't mean a thing if the guidelines protect the manufacture. Not sure about this warranty by reading it I would have to say it may not be much of a warranty, In the event you want to make a claim you have to pay to ship and return ship to you so that they can inspect the product. This leaves me to only guess that if I had to request a warranty replacement it will not be an easy transaction.

I am in love
I am in love. This is the best thing since sliced bread. My husband was not interested
In buying a mattress on line. It came there was no smell like some viewers mentioned.
It came early which was great. I am telling everyone what a great experience this was.
PS I have never written a review before.

Very comfortable. Came vacuum sealed and expanded to full size ...
Very comfortable. Came vacuum sealed and expanded to full size very quickly. Not too firm. Does seem to be a little warmer than other mattresses. Can't beat the price though. Make sure you buy extra deep fitted sheets to fit.

Super Nice Bed!!
We really love this bed despite what everyone is saying here. Yes the bed is firm, but it's a cushiony firm.

Let me describe: the bed has great support. Coming from a nice expensive pillowtop spring bed, this bed is firm. Something that we were looking for after 5 years on that pillowtop. This bed has healed my bad back too!

Feels like sleeping on a Twinkie!!

Great Mattress, and a good value
Great for me... It's amAzing that it was delivered in such a small box compared to the expanded size...just open the box , let it expand and air out....( smells like baking cookie crust ...for a few days; )
I carried it up 4 flights of stairs by myself...I sometimes carry my guitar amps (fender-tube) up and down ,,, so the 90+ lbs weight of the bed wasn't an issue... It's just bulky... I weigh over 200lbs and over 6'0 ft... Just to put things in if you are out of shape someone to move it....once it expands.. It's much easier to move around... Just bulky...oh yeah... My place is hot all year long....haven't closest all my windows in 18 years .. The temperature of the bed is balanced... Not hot , not cold....
Even when it over 90 deg in the house...I don't know about durability , but time will tell....

I love it!
its been a couple of weeks now.. i unboxed it and it unfolded in a couple of hours.. so i put sheets on and slept on it the first night.
I have been having soreness and stiffness for a while now from my former "innerspring" mattress.. and it was a very expensive one.. with 2000 coils etc. but my body was screaming at me every morning!!
So I thought i would give this mattress a try becasue there were so many good comments.
I love it! Yes, the first night it was firm, kinda scary.. but it softens up to you in little bit and then you dont feel "sunk" but I did feel supported. Its been a couple weeks now and I am going to put a 1 inch memory foam topper for a softer pillow top effect, but i do love the level of support and NO MOTION from your partner.. I am sometimes a restless sleeper, getting up and such, and my partner feels NOTHING. I will never go back to an innerspring mattress.. this mattress is the best i have ever had and it didnt break the budget.

Sleeping soundly w/o pain
Very happy with purchase. Bed is as described. I have slept well on this mattress from night 1. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new mattress. There was no smell and I slept on it 12 hours after opening.

Finally, a mattress that doesn't send me into a black hole...
This is our first memory foam mattress, and beyond what everyone else has said (positive), we are completely in love with this item. We replaced a sinkhole mattress (heh) with this, and the price was too good to pass up (I was in the process of ordering a queen when the web page refreshed and showed me the king mattress on sale for less than the queen!).

It IS a firm mattress, but only until your body starts to warm up the foam a bit, then you sink (but not too much!) slightly and suddenly it's heaven. Very impressed, considering it feels exactly the same as the $4500 Tempurpedic model I took a nap on in a local store.

Everyone will like a different mattress, but my advice is to give this a try. It might take a night or five to get completely used to it (bonus if you have a memory foam pillow to go with it!), but it is worth every penny and then some. You simply cannot put a price on a good night's sleep, no matter how cliche that saying is ;).

3 months in and the wife and I love this mattress
The adjustment from a spring based mattress to memory foam took some getting used to (more so for the kids, who were perplexed when jumping on it didn't provide the same gleeful launch)...but, 3 months in and the wife and I love this mattress. Price point was hard to beat and we haven't seen any issues with the mattress losing its shape. Very pleased.

Great mattress without the high price!
Wanted to try a memory foam mattress but didn't like the high price of the name brand sold in most retail stores. Found this online for considerably less and opted for the slight cost increase of the 14in version. Totally happy with this mattress! Slight smell from gases of foam a couple of days that has dissipated and nothing but a great nights sleep for me and my wife!

Money well spent
Firm but very comfortable. Its been a week and we have both slept well for a change. Bed arrived on time and was easy to unpack and set up. Others have stated you have to wait 72 hours after you unpack this to sleep on it, I think it was about 5 hours for us and everything was perfectly fine. I would not hesitate to buy this again.

Great sleep!
Love this from the very first night. The only problem is you have to stay clear from the edge as it sinks a little. So thick. We could have bought the less thick as this is a solid mattress - extremely comfortable and firm support.

More firm than I expected
I have shoulder and back problems. The bed has been good for my back, but terrible for my shoulders. My wife loves the bed so I give it four stars.

Great mattress!
I really like this mattress. It is firm and at first I figured perhaps it may be a little to firm for my body. I felt this way for the past 8 months of owning it (even though I've been sleeping fine the whole time) until I went on vacation with my girlfriend to Atlantic City. After staying in a hotel on a softer bed I could definitely feel a difference when waking up. I;m only 31 years old but I could tell my joints were a bet more stiff than I had gotten used to. Overall even though I never owned the cheaper version of this be I'm still very satisfied with my purchase.

Firm Mattress...
WAY too firm. Ended up with neck and back pain.

I've waited 6 months to write a review because I really wanted to have some good perspective. I tend to like a soft mattress and fall asleep best on my side. The first few months were rough; this is a firm mattress and I woke up in pain when I slept on my side, still do. This thing gets even firmer when the temp drops and living in an attic in VT the temp gets into the low 60s at night. With all that said, this is the best mattress I've ever had and look forward to every night's sleep. My wife likes a firmer mattress and had lots of hip pain from our old bed and now she has none. This mattress is best for back sleepers and I have learned to appreciate that and a firmer mattress. I love how it conforms to my body and I'm not disturbed when my night owl wife or restless dog move around. Well worth the money and it should soften up a little over the years. Is not hot at all like some reviews say, but if you need a soft bed look elsewhere or go to a store where you can try it out first.

A good deal and product
I've had this mattress for about 10 months now and am fairly pleased with it. It was easy to deploy (impressive to watch once you open the bag). Make sure you have it arranged properly before cutting the bag open. Though a little heavy I was able to deploy my king size mattress alone. It did smell a little for a couple of days but was not intolerable. The price is pretty good and I'm pleased I bought it. I've recommended it to family and friends. I'd actually like it a little firmer but some seem to think it is pretty firm. My only complaint, common to all memory foam mattresses, is that I can't move very well on it. I'm used to my old mattress having a grippable edge to help me adjust but this one has a soft edge with nothing to easily grip. Still pretty pleased with it though. Recommended.

FINALLY - no more tossing and turning for this side sleeper!
I cannot say enough about this mattress. I had a crappy innerspring that made my neck and back hurt, and I was constantly tossing and turning. I had looked at memory foam mattresses in person and decided that was the way I wanted to go, but thousands of dollars, really? Surely there must be a more economical alternative. My budget was $1000 for a queen mattress. I wanted something less firm, but not too soft. I came across this line and this 14-inch memory foam mattress was the softest of the bunch. And for $600? Ordered! 2 days later I was sleeping like a baby. No more back pain, no more neck pain, no more waking up 10 times every night.
The mattress had no smell right out of the box. The only cons I can think of are that it's extremely heavy and it might be too warm for some people. But I'd buy this mattress over and over again anyway.

As others have said, this mattress is very firm ...
As others have said, this mattress is very firm. It will get softer after 24-48 hours, but having tried many memory foam mattresses of this type, it is quite firm. I agree with the description that this mattress is ideal for side sleepers and provides ample support.

Not exactly "soft-medium", but appears to be of good quality.
Quite a bit stiffer than one would expect from a mattress categorized as "soft-medium", but we shall see if it softens up as time goes on. We had to buy an additional pillow-top cover in order to make this mattress tolerable. It does not get too hot or cold and offers excellent support, but it is stiff unless you are a heavier person. Still seems to be of good quality construction and time will tell how it holds up - will try to return in a year to update.

Very comfortable for older person with hip arthritis.
I add my opinion to the thousands. With a bad neck from a 1982 motorcycle accident, I slept on a bed made from a plywood deck with 4 inches of ordinary upholstery foam for the last 34 years. Extra firm, like the floor. I am a side sleeper, and after passing 55 some time ago, I developed arthritis in my hips, among other places. I had the ultimate surgical repair of my neck in 2010, so my neck no longer required a hard bed with precise pillows. My wife and I slept on the Alden last night, fell asleep immediately, and were reluctant to get out of it in the morning. It was blissful. I got a name brand mattress cover that supposedly provides cool comfort. The mattress seems warmer than 4 inches of foam, but not unpleasantly warm. Use a lighter blanket, or during the winter, set thermostat to 60. I read many of the reviews, including the negatives saying this is too firm. A carpeted floor should be used as a measure of hardness (1) and a sack of goose feathers as soft (10). This mattress would be a 4. Most importantly, it relieved the pressure on my hips for a pain free night. If I did not have a few more years of work, I would spend 12 hours/day in this bed.

Excellent purchase
This mattress replaced a memory foam mattress that we had purchased 7 years ago from a different online vendor. I researched the highest rated mattresses. (Consumer reviews do help, so please share yours, regardless of your experience.) I learned who the best manufacturers are and how long one can reasonably expect these to last (about half their stated warranty, sometimes less). This was one of two brands that we considered, the other was not in stock and we needed a new mattress, STAT.
Shipping was fast, cost was reasonable, and my back is much improved. If you haven't slept on a memory foam mattress, it's difficult to describe "firm but forgiving." Lots of support, but support that feels like it's made just for you.

I absolutely love them. I would recommend the med-firm for people ...
This is my 2nd Sleep Innovation mattress from Amazon, the first one was a 12 inch firm. this is a 14 inch med-firm. I absolutely love them. I would recommend the med-firm for people weight under 170lbs.

Great mattress for the price!
I purchased this mattress after having been really unhappy with the rock hard firmness of the Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress.

This Alden mattress is described as being medium/soft. There is really nothing soft about this mattress. It is medium/firm, at best. But, I like a firm mattress and this mattress is firm but VERY comfortable. This is a very good deal for a mattress, there's no need to spend thousands on a highly marketed brand.

really great mattress.
I will update this as necessary as time goes on.

The box is a bit of a pain to move (roughly 20"x20"x40" and 100 pounds). Once I got it in place, there have been absolutely no issues. Cutting off the shrink wrapping was no problem at all, and it was actually kind of neat to see the item return to its intended shape once out of the shrink wrap. When I cut the first layer of shrink wrap off, it almost sounded like the mattress took a breath.

I had read reviews that mentioned an odor issue at first, but there was no odor on mine even immediately out of the box.

The mattress looked like it was back to its usual shape within an hour, but the material that comes with it says it might take a few days.

Also, this is a fabulously comfortable mattress. For me, it is firm but not so firm that it feels like you are sleeping on a board.

I would highly recommend this product, and I might be purchasing another for my guest bedroom.