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+1.9x satisfaction

+3.2x back pain relief

+2.4x better cooling

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Recent customer reviewers still have high ratings for Nectar, with very rare disagreements about firmness.

One of the most popular mattress brands, Nectar has revolutionized the all-foam mattress industry with designs that focus on universally comfy firmness and support. With 3 all-foam mattresses and even some newer hybrid options, customers have reported enhanced cooling and supreme pressure relief in the Nectar Premier & Premier Copper. With value-add benefits like a full year trial and 'forever' warranty, quality materials for the price, and 'Buy Now, Pay Later' financing options, it should be a serious consideration for value-conscious shoppers. Now available in Canada. From the UK? See our review for the UK version.


+1.9x satisfaction
+3.2x back pain relief
+2.4x better cooling

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.8/10

No Back Pain: 9.6/10

Price: $599-$2898

Trial Period: 365 Days

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Nectar's Specifics

The Nectar mattress has been a widely popular mattress since its launch in 2017. With thousands of happy customers, its popularity is well deserved with their devotion to a more affordable mattress with more benefits. Their 365 day trial and forever warranty provide peace of mind for those that worry about making the right choice. Additionally, their original Nectar mattress is extremely well-rated for its medium-firm feel. Though slightly firm when first laying down, its subtle contour resolves pressure point pain and makes it universally comfortable.

In addition to Nectar's original all-foam design, their newer Nectar Premier & Nectar Premier Copper mattresses are excellent options for those that want additional pressure point relief and also need greater cooling technology due to sleeping warm or living in warm environments.

With these three first-class models (and even newer hybrid mattress options too), Nectar continues to receive some the best customer sentiment across the internet and remains an impressive brand to consider for budget-conscious shoppers and foam mattress enthusiasts.

Quality of Materials

Nectar's primary mattress options come with all-foam designs and a traditional memory foam feel. Though its prices are quite competitive, they've selected quality foams with a focus on longevity and balanced comfort. With their full year trial period and customer reports of prompt customer service, they have done a great job standing behind their products. Using CertiPUR-US certified foams and a focus on 'budget-quality' designs, their mattresses are rated some of the best for the price.

Here is what's inside their superbly rated Nectar Mattress:

Layer 1: The breathable top layer is a cooling and heat-wicking poly-blend cover that reduces heat and provides surface comfort independent of the season.

Layer 2: 2'' of gel-infused memory foam offers added softness and comfort while keeping cool. This contour and comfort layer provides superior pressure relief by cushioning and supporting the most sensitive areas.

Layer 3: With 3'' of dynamically adjusting foam in the Dynamic Support Layer, sleepers get Nectar's tailored bounce-back feel, which provides the body with superior support and relaxation.

Layer 4: 7'' of base support foam makes up the foundational bottom of the mattress. The base layer provides stability to the mattress and ensures the comfort and support layers above it perform at their best. If you're looking for the support of a hybrid mattress, the Nectar Hybrid model comes with 8'' of pocket coils in this layer that provide responsive support while minimizing motion transfer.

Layer 5: The bottom Shift-Resistant Lower Cover keeps the mattress and its layers firmly in place night after night.

Next, we'll go through the more pressure-relieving and cooling 13'' Nectar Premier:

Layer 1: The Nectar Premier starts off with their signature quilted cover. Made with a breathable material that absorbs and wicks away excess heat, this top layer helps provide a soft and cool sleep surface.

Layer 2: 3'' of gel-infused memory foam with ActiveCool HD provides a temperature-responsive, pressure relieving refuge. Designed with phase change material that reacts to your rising and dropping body temperatures, this layer not only gives you contouring support, but also adjusts to your temperature as you sleep to keep things comfortable.

Layer 3: Similar to the Nectar Mattress, the Premier provides a tailored bounce-back with 3'' of dynamically adjusting foam in the Dynamic Support Layer. This layer provides the body with the support it needs for restful sleep.

Layer 4: The main support of this mattress comes from 7'' of durable base support foam which gives lasting support to the back and spine. For those interested in the added support of the Nectar Premier Hybrid model, this layer is replaced by 8'' of individually wrapped pocket coils that promote air flow while also providing responsive support (even at the edge of the mattress).

Layer 5: The last layer is a no-slip Shift-Resistant Lower Cover, which keeps the mattress together and balanced night after night.

Lastly, we'll go through the newer, more luxuriously plush Nectar Premier Copper:

Layer 1: The Nectar Premier Copper starts off with a breathable cover infused with cooling, heat dispelling copper fibers. The copper infusion helps stimulate muscle relaxation while keeping things cool throughout the night.

Layer 2: Next up is a 4'' gel memory foam layer with ActiveCool HD and phase-changing material. This pressure-relieving gel memory foam layer is designed to cuddle every curve and joint while responding to temperature to keep things perfectly cozy and cool.

Layer 3: Nectar provides its tailored bounce-back with 3'' of dynamically adjusting foam in the Dynamic Support Layer. With loft where the body needs it most, this layer gently adapts to the spine to facilitate superior relaxation and alignment for deeper sleep.

Layer 4: Balancing support with plush comfort, this mattress has enhanced durability with 7'' of base support foam that keeps the spine stabilized throughout the night for balanced comfort. For sleepers keen on the enhanced support of a hybrid mattress, the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid offers an 8'' layer of individually wrapped coils that gives sleepers edge-to-edge support while reducing motion transfer.

Layer 5: The Shift-Resistant Lower Cover keeps the mattress from slipping on its base. Also, this last layer keeps the mattress well-crafted for the long term.

Overall Comfort

Nectar's mattresses are well-rounded and offer a nice blend of support and pressure relief. While the original Nectar mattress is slightly firmer, it is great for back and stomach sleepers alike (or larger side sleepers on a budget). The Premier and Premier Copper, on the other hand, are slightly softer, with a lot to offer for lighter to average sized side sleepers that are looking for something more cooling and pressure relieving.


While the Nectar mattress has a medium-firm firmness, which is a great blend of both firm support and soft pressure point relief, the Nectar Premier and Premier Copper offer more contour for side sleepers, lighter body types, and soft mattress lovers. The hybrid models will be similar in firmness to or slightly softer than their all-foam counterparts.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the firmness, these mattresses should provide back pain relief experienced by sleeping on an older mattress. There is a significant volume of customer reviewers that report feeling superior support and enhanced relaxation in the back with Nectar's mattresses. Specifically, customers are +3.2x* more likely to mention pain relief after sleeping on Nectar versus average comparable mattresses.


Due to the layers of quality gel memory foam and the enhanced cooling covers in each mattress, most customers find that these mattresses sleep cool. Nectar reviewers are +2.4x as likely to mention positive cooling than average comparable mattresses. For those that want added contour without sacrificing cooling, consider taking a look at the Nectar Premier and Premier Copper offerings.

Who Are Nectar Mattresses Perfect For?

Nectar's generous trial policy and amazing reception from customers and reviewers makes this company a must-consider for mattress shoppers. With their high value for the price, these mattresses are great for both discerning shoppers looking for exceptional comfort and everyday sleepers on a budget.

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This mattress changed our lives for the better! It is absolutely the perfect firmness and temperature. We had a queen bed for so long and desperately needed a king since our baby sleeps with us. We couldn’t afford the insane prices out there so we took a chance on Nectar and boy did it pay off.

This was amazing from start to finish.

This mattress is so comfortable! I really can’t get over it. We bought it when we moved to our new house. It was perfect timing as it came in the exact day that we moved in. My wife was stressed at the idea of shopping for a mattress in person so being able to do everything online made it super easy. Delivery was quick and setup was incredibly easy. We bought a King. It’s a really comfy bed - not too firm, not too soft. I appreciate that it comes with a nice cover. Lastly, company communication has been great.

These Mattresses are wonderful.

I have several properties and I have bought them for each. They are delivered right to your door and so incredibly easy to set up. They come wrapped in a vacuum sealed plastic and come in a bag! a bag!!!!. You simply take the rolled up mattress out cut the outer plastic and unroll it on the bed frame, then cut the inner plastic and within moments, the mattress fluffs up. I gave mine about 4-5 hours and then I made the bed and it is comfy! The number one comment I get on my rental reviews is how comfy the beds are! This is a WONDERFUL deal and a super wonderful bed. The folks at Nectar are amazing and very responsive. If you are looking for a new mattress, don’t hesitate ordering this one.


I was very hesitant to buy a mattress without trying it out first, but I did a lot of research and decided to take the risk. I tried several different styles of memory foam mattresses in stores and I’d say this falls right in the middle. It’s not too hard, and not too soft. I sink in just enough to feel supported, but not so much that it’s difficult to move. It took me about two weeks to adjust to it. I was stiff in different places, but after a month, I sleep much more soundly, I wake up less in the middle of the night, and I’m not sore in the morning. I am very pleased with our purchase.

Very pleased.

There are a few things that you should always buy in person to check for quality.

Fresh fruit. Diamond rings. Cars.

Up until a few months ago, I would have added mattresses to that list. Wasn’t that one of the morals of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? Most of us were taught that the moral was that a life of crime does’t pay and you really shouldn’t be sneaking into other people’s houses - especially if they are bears -“ but another, often overlooked moral was “not every mattress will feel JUST RIGHT. Try before you buy.”

When I saw Nectar’s claim of a mattress with optimal comfort, I was skeptical. What worked for Mama Bear and Papa Bear wasn’t what worked for Baby Bear.

But Nectar’s business model intrigued me as did their pricing structure. And if their mattress didn’t work out, I would return it and they would donate it to charity. Win-win.

I’m happy to report that Goldilocks was wrong. There are some mattresses that are JUST RIGHT for everyone. This is one of them. My husband and I both sleep well on our King mattress from Nectar. The quality is fantastic. The business model is sublime. And my bank account is happy that I didn’t spend a small fortune on a bed.

So I guess you could say we’re living happily ever after.

Unlike Goldilocks. Who really shouldn’t have broken into the bears house.

Very satisfied, I would recommend

Experience in the company was very good. In addition to speaking our language, the company, the type of mattress, when tailored to the needs of our family to describe the features of nectar mattress, took us an extra effort to understand or did. When the mattress has arrived, we were very impressed by the quality. Hari was perfect. We’ve been sleeping very well. Very strong recommendation

The best investment I've made in many years

Well, this mattress has been nothing but good to us. I used to wake up with lower back pain and would be stiff for the first 30 minutes or so out of bed. After two nights of sleeping on this mattress, my back pains were gone and I am sleeping better than I have in years. Trust me, this is the solution for your sleeping issues.

Hate Mattress Shopping. Love Nectar!

I hate mattresses and I think the whole industry is a sham. I hate the cigarette smell of the mattress salesperson at Sleepy's who tries to sell me on a bed I try, then, as soon as I try a different bed, starts telling me why that bed, not the other, is the best. I think the stores are sleazy. My cousin bought a mattress from Nectar and I thought, why not, since they have a no cost try-out that is so long, plus, I needed my old bed taken away. I love the bed. No really, the bed is outrageous and the customer service person must have checked back with me four times after my order. This was so much better and easier than any other mattress I bought. The mattress feels so good and smells wonderful, fresh. I’m telling my parents and sisters and cousins on Staten Island to buy one.

Pretty Unique

I’m really glad my friend told me about Nectar. I was working through a research process and was encountering other brands that advertised more. My wife and I had slept on a Tempurpedic, but we were looking for something a little more comfortable and hopefully less expensive. Nectar had great prices and amazing mattresses. Our research had us comparing alot of brands. It was very hard to understand differences sometime but the NECTAR team answered questions for me over the course of about a week and were very forthright. I didn’t think about sleep trials or comfort guarantees or bed bug guarantees or foam types, cover types, anything really until the Nectar folks educated me. It has been 30 days sleeping on the mattress and I just received this request in my email for a review. Honestly, I feel like I one upped everyone and have a better mattress for a better price. That’s their language I think, but it stuck. It’s really comfortable and feels better. I know the mattress is healthy because I researched this part in depth and only wanted a mattress with little chemical production. If you have any questions about buying these things, ask their customer service, they’re great at their jobs and actually seem to care. I never felt like they were trying to sell me. They sounded really busy by the way at the office when I called and when I asked, they said they had just gotten some press on being 100% employee owned and rated very highly and could barely keep up with orders. Ours arrived in three or four days I think to St. Louis and it looks like it shipped Fedex from the West Coast.

Great mattress, great customer service.

The best purchase in a long time. This mattress is a total win. I recommend this mattress if you’re looking for something at a good price yet comfortable. I am currently 6 weeks into my trial and so far so good.


The mattress arrived 3 days after I placed my order. As described it arrived in a nice nylon bag with convenient handles to carry it up the stairs. The mattress unrolled nearly flat immediately, and expanded what appeared to be fully in just a few minutes. There was some minor off gassing that dissipated within 24 hours. We also have a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress. In terms of price and quality, I prefer the Nectar.


We love bed and company people were very helpful and friendly. Funding was automatic and I was very well treated and respected. My mother has asked for a new mattress and let her buy a nectar, as well as price and financing are very good and the bed has an excellent guarantee that does not end.

Love their mattresses..

It comes in a bag all vacuumed sealed. It works great on my bad back! It doesn’t have any weird funky smells. The mattress exterior covering seems really high quality and luxurious! Have been sleeping on it for over 3 months and have never slept better.

The most comfortable mattress.

Alright. Let me just start by saying until I bought this mattress I had TERRIBLE back issues that made me immobile at times. My partner and I decided it was time to upgrade our mattress because we felt like we couldn’t sleep on a queen size mattress without being on top of each other. When our Nectar mattress arrived we were SO excited and it seemed to good to be true and were about to be ready to send it back. Boy, were we proven wrong. I no longer have back issues, at all. When we sleep in the bed together it’s like I have my own bed. I also have a hard time falling asleep in any other bed that isn’t this one. In this bed as soon as I lay down I pass right out. If you want a quality mattress that is extremely comfortable and will make you sleep like a baby, buy this mattress.


Well, we were asked to give a review and normally I do not. I also did not want to give a review for a bed that I did spend "time" in.

So, it has been 30+ days now and I LOVE IT! I love it because I do not get up in the morning with joint pain in my shoulder and hip. No aches or pains...I sleep well...and my husband says the same thing. I also stay nice and cool at night. I absolutely would recommend NECTAR to my family and friends...I actually already have. And a 2 thumbs up for their customer service. I received it on time and in great shape. All around a AAA+ company to work with. I even put them on MY facebook page!

Quite the find

We purchased this mattress for my son’s room, and he loves it. It was super easy to buy and it was delivered right to our door. It was really easy to set up as well! I absolutely love the way it feels and I find myself lying in my son’s bed now. We’re actually thinking of getting one for ourselves. Oh, and thanks for all the great follow-up.

Impressive Experience

We do not purchase mattresses often and our last was bought perhaps a decade ago. Ordinarilly, I would never purchase a mattress without trying one in a store. My mother is in palliative care and I have not had time to visit a store so I researched delivery options and was impressed by the reviews and ratings of the Nectar mattress. I decided to try the bed since the return is so easy and no cost. I am so happy. Anyone thinking about a mattress should try Nectar. They say the mattress is constructed with different foams than others, but it is the airflow I noticed the most, despite the very solid feel of the construction. The company said this was the most comfortable mattress and I laughed at first when I heard this, but it is actually true.

Best Purchase in a long time

I've owned the Nectar Mattress for about 8 months now and it's the best purchase I've made for my back‚ The last few mattresses I’ve used sleep well for about 5.5-6hrs and then the backache would kick in and I knew it was time to get up.

With Nectar, I simply don’t want to get up !! I sleep the whole night. I’ve actually changed my sleeping habits, go to bed earlier to get more rest and wake up rejuvenated. To some this all may sound cliche and I think it does to me also, but I honestly have to say that this mattress has made a difference in the way I sleep and wake each morning.

Best of all, they have a 365 day guarantee, if you don’t like it, return it.

We are in love

Absolutely love this thing! Buying mattresses online is such a gamble, but we hit the jackpot with this one. We bought a king and it’s so comfortable. The mattress arrived compressed and it was super easy to set it up. Very little odor or smell. I recommend it to anyone that is willing to listen.

one of the best major purchases of my life

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is truly one of the best major purchases of my life. By now, you may have heard the hype about the company Nectar. Or perhaps you’re stumbling onto their product for the first time. Either way, you should go ahead and click *Buy* right now. Seriously. Even if you’re not 100% sure about `em. You’ll understand why by the end of this review.

Last year, my wife and I started mattress shopping. We were upgrading from a queen to king. We had so-so mattresses in the past and wanted to do it right, find something that really worked for both of us. You know the cliche: “you spend a third of your life in bed”? Yeah, well it’s true. Now, my wife has woman hips, I am thin and straight. Also cliche. We thought we needed a customizable bed to be truly comfortable, so we tried a SleepNumber. Bad mistake. It really is just two zippered air mattresses, with no localized back/hip support.

So we returned the SleepNumber (for which we had to pay shipping, but I suppose it was worth experimenting). Shortly afterward, I stumbled upon Nectar. As a new company, they didn’t yet have a large online presence. Then I saw the 365 day return policy and said, hey, why not?

One week later, we received our package in the mail. It came vacuum-sealed so we carefully cut the seal and it literally “popped” into place. Instant sleep-ready. Slapped on the sheets and proceeded to sleep like babies. One year later, we are still very happy customers.

Here are the specific reasons for my piling it on:

1 - Free shipping. What?!

2 - The no-hassle 365-day trial. If you don’t like it, you get a full refund. This was a HUGE factor for me, ordering from an online-only company and not yet knowing what firmness was ideal for us.

3 - Forever warranty is NOT pro-rated. Any covered defects, they replace the full value. This is highly unusual, as far as I know.

4 - No boxspring needed. I built my own platform bed and it works great. Plus, their warranty doesn’t require a boxspring, unlike many other companies.

5 - A single level of firmness has managed to satisfy both my wife and me. I’m still surprised, considering my wife has curvy hips and I don’t. But neither of us has had any back or neck pain.

6 - No middle men, hence, significantly lower prices. Funny as it sounds, this is a novel concept in the mattress industry. I don’t know if the typical industry markup is as astronomical as T&N claims, but it’s certainly a ripoff.

7 - The mattress definitely supports “relations”

8 - The whole shopping experience was just easy. Sleek, modern website and email. Clear policies and pricing. Immediate shipping information.

9 - I received a handwritten thank you note from Nectar. Can’t remember the last time that happened with an online purchase.

The only downside I’ve encountered: some fitted sheets these days are a hair too big for this mattress, even for the thicker 11” model. But it’s not Nectar’s fault. It’s because most mattress companies make a gimmick out of 20-layer, 100-inch thickness, and sheet manufacturers have followed suit. For what it’s worth, we ended up with the L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale fitted sheet and it worked out nicely.

Yes, this mattress is on the “firm” side but like I said, it’s worked for two (healthy) people with very different body types, which makes me wonder how much marketing hype goes into plush vs. firm. If you’re a side sleeper, I highly recommend a thick pillow, thicker than you may be used to.

Nectar has grown by leaps and bounds recently. And prices have increased ever so slightly since we bought our mattress last year, but it is still one of the best values in the industry. I hope they can manage to maintain their business ethic, great return policy, and pricing. These are what really sold me.

5 Star

The best rest

My experience with Nectar has just been flawless. It didn’t take me much time to make the online purchase. The shipping was also very fast. Excellent experience!

Great mattress

After months of research into a new mattress an intro to nectar popped up. I took several weeks comparing my choices to nectar and with help from their customer service (2 thumbs up for them) I chose nectar. I have no regrets. My husband and I have the best nights sleep, the mattress is plush and extremely comfortable and stays cool throughout the night. The warranty is exceptional and the customer service is great. I am very happy that I chose Nectar and would recommend them to anyone.

J Shields

My mom is happy

I first purchased this twin sized mattress for my guest room. My mother found it really comfortable and it was her first experience sleeping on a Nectar. I have slept on it a few times as well and it is amazing! I am going to order a bigger one for myself! The bag showed up super fast, and it was so neat to see how huge it got when we took it out to let it expand. I really like the design and the way this mattress breathes. It feels much higher quality than my last mattress. Definitely worth the price!

Happy and happy

I’m like a teenager again (almost 54 now) not wanting to get out of bed. The only bad thing I can say about it is that I don’t want to leave it. This mattress seems like it is going to last forever, that’s maybe why Nectar offers a lifetime warranty. This is one of the most comfortable mattresses we’ve ever slept on! Definitely worth the price. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone.

This is my first formal product review

I do not provide reviews and am often very busy. My focus is on things that do actually matter, not reviews. When I received the request for a review I believed it would be good and important to share my experience. As my wife’s back has been hurting for years we have been to very many doctors and my wife is on cortisol and flexeril medications for pain. We were recommended the Nectar mattress by her Chiropractor and thought that was silly, being reccomended a mattress, but her Osteopath also recommended the mattress and we decided to learn more. The sories seemed quite incredible, so we researched the materials and company. We did not find much advertising but there seems to be very much word of mouth and the company representative confirmed that most of the mattresses are sold by recommendation. I thought the company was new but it had been around selling madical beds and I believe that is why their foams seem denser. The company suggested we apply for medicare reimbursement by receiving a prescription for the bed from my wife’s physician and incredibly, her insurance paid for the full cost of the bed. My wife’s takes far less medication for pain in the 30 days since we began sleeping on the bed and she is happier and well rested and this means I am also happier and better rested. It is a most comfortable bed and feels quite unique and enjoyable to rest upon. I have asked Parna’s mother if she would also like one.

Sweet dreams!

I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a month and it has changed me- I highly recommend this mattress. It’s so comfortable. I couldn’t be happier for the price I paid. Well worth it!

Thanks Nectar!

It really is a dream to sleep on. My husband doesn’t want to leave the bed. Thanks for inventing this bed. This mattress saved my back. For the first few nights I thought it was just really comfortable. After a few nights when my back pain disappeared, I realized it was more than just comfort, it was a life saver. We really had been sleeping on an unhealthy bed. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable mattress and is looking for help with back pains.

Excellent quality

Perfect amount of firmness and softness. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who has back problems l have had many back surgeries and is equal to the much higher priced memory foam mattress. This bed is just super.

Like a Secret

Nectar is like a secret you may not want to share with just anyone..

Really fantastic mattress

I’ve been sleeping on the mattress with my fiancee since we had it delivered on April 19th. We can say that after almost two months that this mattress is fantastic. We have it directly on our carpeted floor and cannot feel the floor, even when we jump with our whole bodies and slam onto the bed. We found it slightly softer than our previous mattress (that’s just our opinion though). Overall, we are extremely happy with the purchase, so much so that we bought a twin mattress for our daybed downstairs.

A great night rest!

So far the new mattress has been great! My wife and I are finally enjoying sleeping through the night. I just love this mattress. After the first night, I was pain-free. I just couldn’t believe the difference. It’s soft and also very supportive. I can finally stand up straight right out of bed, haven’t done that in a lot of years. Amazing product!

I wish my Nectar was here 10 years ago

I never, ever, thought of mattresses. I just bought whichever felt good at the store and was in the price range and probably bought a new one twice now since leaving my parent’s home in 1997 and my Dad used to remind me that a mattress should be changed every 8 years. My boyfriend mentioned Nectar and I like that they will send a new cover if I need it, plus they have a really long Warranty and I think a few pretty famous people have recommended Nectar. Wow. It really is incredibly comfortable and just feels like a whole different experience. My boyfriend loves the new mattress and doesn’t even snore anymore. I like feeling cradled by the bed when we relax or even more, have fun. It’s great.

No way!

I wanted to make sure that I could easily return this mattress if I didn’t like it. There is no way this mattress is getting returned. It really is magic! Within 2 days, I felt a good 10 years younger. I’m able to fall asleep faster, and I feel much more rested when I wake up. I don’t think that even during workouts, I’d feel as good as I do when resting on my Nectar. I love the way the mattress sleeps and it is wonderful to relax on the Nectar.

Aah..Very unique feel

I haven’t slept this well since a long time ago. The first time I laid down, it was quite nice and I do not mean to sound like an advertisement, but it was like sleeping on a cloud. We felt very supported but had no sense of pressure points and it was as if the mattress lifted us in some way. It is a very unique feel. They offer a free return and we tried the mattress because it seemed no risk,, but who want to return it? We are sleeping better so for us, that would be crazy. I can feel the air breath through the airflow channels and the cover is quite supple and buttery. Very impressed and will recommend to others.

Well made

I needed to find an affordable, yet good quality mattress. The mattress arrived quickly. It was very easy to set up because literally all you have to do is unroll it and remove the plastic wrap as you roll and that’s it. This is my first memory foam mattress and so far I definitely prefer it to my traditional mattress. .

So comfortable!

So so comfortable! I loved the idea of getting a bed rolled up in a bag and delivered to me. I followed the instructions in setting it up and it was so so easy! I aired it out for a few days and when I finally lay on it, it was an absolutely amazing feeling. I guess that’s what happens when you finally get a good mattress. I’ve been sleeping on it for 3 months already and I absolutely love it!

Great mattress

First time I bought a mattress online. I have had it for about a week and I love it. This mattress is so comfortable. It’s like you melt when you lay down, not sure how else to describe it. I am a super satisfied customer. Great value too! Why would I spend so much more at one of those mattress stores, when I can have this? Keep it up Nectar. Highly recommend it to anyone that needs a new mattress.

Like Clouds..

I’m a rough sleeper, and I have had back and neck pain from sports. I could not believe the comfort of this bed. It was soft yet supportive, and the worst part about my Nectar is although fully rested, I get upset when I have to wake up. It literally makes me want to stay in bed all day. Like clouds!!

Arrived Day Late

I had to wait three days past delivery date. No stock more company said of Queen. I requested rush and they did and bed arrived. Very nice but why wait. Mother lives with us and cares for son and she did not like that they did not also sell box spring. When late the company did offer a discount and received a call from manager who seemed to care. Bed well priced and very nice quality.

Great product.

Alright. Let’s just say I’m a problem sleeper (insomniac) with chronic back pain. Spring mattresses tend to cause pressure points, and I overheat on memory foam/pillowtops. I’m also working with a pretty tight budget. It HAS GOT to be possible to get a good sleep AND have enough money to eat in the morning. So I did my research, checked out websites, and bit the bullet and bought a Nectar. If you’ve done your research you know what I’ll say next: The bed arrived within a week, unpacking it was a tickle (watching that flat plastic-wrapped slab turn into a full mattress made me grin), and I didn’t notice any chemical smell. To lay on, there’s nothing like it. firm, supportive, but with just enough bounce to feel like a “quality” bed and just enough “sink” to be cushy. Here’s the thing though: the first night I woke up feeling like there was some pressure on my hip, and neck (I sleep on my side, and wake up on my stomach most nights). same deal second, third night. but it’s a 365 night trial, so I decided to give it some time before returning it. Glad I did! the bed just needed some time to break in, and I needed to get used to it. Now I can confidently say that this, every night, is the best sleep of my life. better than the tempur (sink in and overheat) mattress, and it even edges out the (ludicrously expensive and mechanically complex) Sleep Number bed. Support where I need it, soft enough to feel luxurious, not to mention it wicks heat wonderfully and I don’t wake up sweating anymore. All In All, It’s perfect, just remember to really get into that 365 night trial so the bed can break in and you can get used to it.

y’know, like a good pair of shoes.

If you’re on the fence, Just do it. the trial is solid, the warranty is honest (and lacking all that fine print), and the bed is simply superior to anything I’ve tried.

I love this mattress!

I bought it because it came in a cool bag and being a college student that is amazing since I don’t have time in my schedule to be at my apartment when it gets delivered. It was hefty but so easy to unpack. I highly recommend it!

A Must Try

It was in a magazine and I thought why not. I usually don’t buy on impulse, but two or three celebrities and one was a basketball player, were saying this is the only mattress they will ever buy. I tried it. Absolutely incredible. Soft but solid and just a whole different feel than I have been used to. My brother tried it and bought one also using the referral discount. It’s really great and the customer service person, Rebecca, was very knowledgeable and polite and entirely helpful. The price is terrific and its one of the only things I have bought in a long, long time where I felt like I got the better end of the deal. I also spilled cola on the cover and called to ask how to clean the mattress. They sent me a new cover for free. Really something. I had a Tempurpedic before which cost $3,000 and I don’t have any idea who I would have called if this happened. Buy it.

Truly Exceptional

We have owned a Nectar Queen in our guest room for about 4 months now. We slept on it for the first 2 weeks just to check it out and vowed to replace our King this fall. Every family member who has come for a stay (5 so far- 3 males 1 female, 3 singles, 1 couple), has loved it! Easiest mattress purchase we have made in our 4 decades of married life.

Great mattress for a great price

I’m a very picky person, but I decided to order it anyway. My younger brother is coming home after serving in middle east, and I know he’s going to love his new mattress. I’m really pleased with the customer service. The team at Nectar has been just great. They offered us a military discount which was also very nice.

8 months pregnant, sleeping peacefully with no discomfort! Husband's back pain gone!

My Husband: Bye bye back pain! Me: I have never slept this comfortably while pregnant! We absolutely LOVE our new mattress! I waited close to a month to make sure I gave enough time to give a fair and honest review. I’m not good with being brief but I’ll do my best!“ my husband has had back pain for the past 10 years. We are both in our early 30s. We visited a well known mattress store over the summer and the salesman told us our current pillowtop mattress was likely to blame as it provided next to zero support on his back and joints. We had never even considered leaning towards a firmer mattress but started researching it more after that initial conversation with him. And after testing a couple out we realized firmer would be a much better fit for us. I never had issues with back pain but I had problem with tossing and turning 800 times during the night! I could never seem to get and STAY comfortable. We tested out multiple mattresses that we liked. What we didn’t enjoy was the price tag on those mattresses. Enter: Google. I did a simple search for best affordable mattresses and came across Nectar. I immediately fell in love with the company. Best part was that it was under our budget! Beautiful music to my penny penching husband’s ears. The price and money back guarantee were a huge deal to him. Well, the mattress arrived a day early and we will likely begin celebrating the anniversary of that date because it has changed our life! Seriously. I am 8 months pregnant with our second child and have been sleeping more comfortably than I ever have before!! I credit it 100% to this mattress. I don’t toss or turn at all! And even better -” I don’t even feel it when my husband moves or gets out of bed in the morning. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. My husband, someone who has complained for the past four years of our marriage about all his aches and pains in his back, has not complained once since we received this mattress. I asked him for his honest opinion of the mattress so I could share it on here and he said it was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. He’s extremely happy with it and only regrets that we hadn’t found Nectar sooner. Even if you think you prefer soft, pillow-y mattresses, I would urge you to give this one a try. By no means is it cushiony. I would say it’s about a 7 out of 10 on firmness scale but it forms to your body just enough to make sure feel supported without feeling like you’re laying on a board. To us, the bed still feels “soft” while being extremely supportive. I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t enjoy the way this bed sleeps! I hope this review helps you make your decision. The reviews were what helped give me the confidence to move forward with the purchase so I wanted to pay it forward and provide my own review now that I’ve experienced the mattress for myself.


It’s honestly one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. It was very easy to carry into the bedroom, and immediately after we opened it, it expanded. I was having lower back problems when I got it and now they’re gone. It took a while to get used to it, but it was definitely worth it.

Love it

Some people hate memory foam mattresses, other love it. If you absolutely hate memory foam, there is very little chance you’ll like this mattress. It’s not quite memory foam, but it’s very similar.

My main point of comparison is a $2,500 (over 3x the cost) Tempurpedic mattress I owned. I was happy with that mattress, but it was time for something new. Researching mattresses I came across Nectar, contacted their costumer support (incredibly responsive by the way) and decided that given their return policy.

I am so glad I did.

I had 2 minor gripes with the tempurpedic:
1. It gets very hot between you and the mattress
2. You kind of sink in - no bounce, kind of hard to move about.
I loved the comfort, support, etc. Well, except the price tag, everything is well made.
* Does not get hot! You don’t sleep hot like with a tempurpedic.
* Feels great. Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept in. They did a great job with it.
* You don’t sink in quite as much, it pushes back a little. “localized bounce” is their marketing term, but basically, you don’t totally sink in.
* None so far.

So far I love this mattress. I hope it lasts, but I got nothing bad to say about it. It is very comfortable, their support is amazing, return policy great. Honestly, seems like a great company and they are producing a quality product are a good price.

Highly recommended if you are considering any memory foam mattress.

Awesome mattress!

This mattress really is the real deal! I ordered it and loved it.

Very simple to unpack and set up. I let it breathe and air out for 24 hours. After that the mattress will be ready for a perfect night’s sleep.

I wasn’t a believer at first, but honestly this really is a great mattress! Try it for a few weeks and let it change your life.


I am 63 years old and this is the best mattress I’ve ever had. We bought a queen size for a guest bedroom and liked it so much that we bought a king size for the master bedroom too. As I don’t know how to use these things like kids, customer service has been always there for me, I called them 4 or 5 times and they were so kind. I didn’t have to move a foot from home, just a click and done. I received the mattress so fast and of course, I’m shocked that such an inexpensive mattress can be so comfortable. Highly recommended!

Happier Spirit

I woke up and it was like my soul was happier. Everything felt better. I literally did not want to get out of bed. My girlfriend stretched and even looked, well, kind of sexier after that first night’s sleep. We must have been sleeping terribly on that spring mattress.

Has made a world of difference for my overall sleep and body

Perhaps this review will help you:..

Details: I am 5”10’, 260 pounds, stocky, and was recently not-exactly-diagnosed with sleep apnea. My doctor believes I may have this issue, but without tests, hard to confirm. I had bought a Serta Plush Firm mattress that basically just got flat on top and was left with firm.

So, my review of this mattress is based upon the following:

1) Ease of assembly/setting up: The bag they put this in was easy to move around. Once I got it out of the box and on the frame it was super simple to set up.

2) Inflating: I received the mattress around 2:15 in the afternoon and had on the frame by 2:40 (note: That is only 25 minutes). It was fully inflated in just a few hours and I slept on it that night. If you get the mattress and it arrives after 7PM, let it inflate and sleep on it the next night.

3) Smell: Unlike others I did not have any type of overpowering smell. It just smelled “new” TIP: If you think you may be bothered by the new smell, run your sheets through the washer and use some Snuggle concentrated fabric softener. It’s got a great smell and will counteract any “new” smell of the mattress.

4) Firmness: When you first crawl onto the bed it feels a little firm, but then you sink into it and it really does conform to your body. I always lay on my back and watch some TV when I first get into bed at night. The first night I turned the TV off and laid to my left side. I felt the mattress firming back up to conform to my body.

5) Adjusting: With my old mattress I had to toss and turn several times before I finally got to sleep. I ordered this mattress on Halloween and it arrived 2 days later. Every night since (over three weeks now) I got this mattress I roll over after turning the TV off and I am asleep within 5 minutes! I have not had to toss and turn any night since to get comfortable and fall asleep.

6) Other: With my old mattress during the day I was constantly having to turn my body to try and “pop” the bones around my lumbar area. I’m not doing any of that any more. Also, I would wake up previously and have to stretch my legs and they would just pop from no getting good support. They are not doing that any longer, either.

7) One person said you may not need a pillow and I think another said you will not need two pillows. I am not so sure about the no-pillow option but two will definitely not be needed. I bought a memory foam pillow a few months ago at Belk. It was an Isotonic something or other, and it has relieved all of my neck pain. It was the precursor to getting a memory foam mattress.

8) Heat: I have not had one problem with heat, and I am hot natured. I have bamboo/rayon sheets and they are very breathable and soft. I have an alternative-down memory foam comforter on top of that. I keep my house around 65 year round.

9) Overall: I would recommend this mattress to anyone who asked, and I would purchase again if I had to do all over again.

I hope this helps.

Best mattress ever!

Just to give a little background. I am about 6”3’, 205 lbs and sleep on my back, occasionally on my stomach. My wife is about 5”5’, 115 lbs and only sleeps on her side. About year ago we were looking for a new mattress and I did about 2 months of thorough research before deciding on the Nectar (King size). We had a queen spring mattress on which I slept truly awful, partially because we needed more room but mostly because the bed was just uncomfortable. I keep a mental list of best things I’ve ever paid for in terms of value, impact, quality, etc. and this is top 3 for sure. Seriously changed our lives. We are beyond the honeymoon period with the mattress, we’ve had it for about a year, so we’ve had plenty of nights sleeping on it and opportunity to find fault. Over the past year we’ve slept on a number of other mattresses (friends, family, 3-5 star hotels) and we always sleep better on our Nectar mattress. This is not just a matter of being in a comfortable atmosphere at home, our mattress is just more comfortable. Period.

This mattress is the TRUTH!!!

I was totally skeptical about ordering a mattress online without being able to try it first, but the high ratings and 365-day trial convinced me to give it a shot.

I was super confused when the mattress arrived - and it came way before the shipping window they gave me, BTW - because the bag for the king-sized mattress I ordered was SMALL. After we easily got it out of the bag and cut it out of the shrink wrap, BAM!, there it was at full size in a matter of seconds.

I lay on this thing and I promise I have never enjoyed lying down so much! It’s super comfortable, the perfect softness. Then my husband lay down next to me. I know this because I saw him - NOT because I felt him. I felt nothing. He is 6”1’. It was awesome.

At no point have I regretted this purchase. have already recommended it to any of my friends in the market for a new mattress. Trust me: A great night’s sleep is a click away. I didn’t know what I was missing.

This mattress will save your back!

I was looking for an affordable mattress that would also be comfortable. After searching the internet for hours, I almost gave up. I thought I was going to have to go out and buy a super expensive mattress and I really didn’t want to do that. Then, I received a call from my father in law, and while we were talking I told him that we were looking for a good mattress. He told me that he just bought a Nectar and was very happy with it. I finally got something good from my parents in law :)

Trust Nectar to live up to the customer satisfaction standards.

Trust Nectar to live up to the customer satisfaction standards.

Although this wasn’t the right solution for us, they stepped in to make sure that we were fully satisfied with regard to the transaction and refund. Honestly, they could not have done it better.

Full disclosure: Both my wife and I do suffer from “back anomalies”, in my case a congenital defect.

Point being: Most people would probably love this mattress. I’ll bet you will too, and if on the odd chance not, you won’t be dissatisfied with your dealings with Nectar folks. They are great.

Get one now!

This mattress is soft yet surprisingly firm, price is great too. We compared online mattresses and ultimately decided on the Nectar due to the 365 night trial and strong warranty. The mattress arrived as described and the bag with handles was a nice feature as it was king and we needed to carry it up a flight of stairs.

First night!

My first night sleeping on this mattress was absolutely amazing. It basically hugged my body. I don’t even remember falling asleep honestly. All I know is that in the morning, I felt very relaxed and think I slept deeply. I enjoyed the gel feel but was cool, not warm as I had thought I might be on this type of bed Can’t wait to get back in bed.

Look no further, this is your mattress!

It is rare that I would take time out of my schedule to write a review, but I thought people should know about this. This mattress deserves a positive review of more than 5 stars if that was an option. Do not waste your time or money on any other mattress besides this one!

I feel incredibly taken advantage of-like a fool

I don’t think of myself as stupid or a sucker and my wife and I spend alot of time trying to make thoughtful decisons. Now I need to admit that I do think of myself as a little bit of an idiot. We spent over $3,500 on our last mattress. I didn’t even buy NECTAR at it’s price thinking it would seriously be a keeper. My wife found the company and chose the mattress when we were in a rental home waiting for our new house to be completed. At the price, it seemed like a good transition mattress and I thought we would stick it in a guest room down the road.

We received the Nectar and it was interesting to watch an 11” mattress expand from the sealed packaging. The setup was easy enough. When I tried the mattress I approached it pretty gingerly because it seemed odd that it would support me (I am 220lbs - not fat but solid). Then I laid down. Really. This was more comfortable our super “premium” matttress we bought at the store. The Nectar felt enveloping, yet I never actually sank into it and it had this luxurious softness but was still firm.

I didn’t know about the super long warranty or sleep trial or anything else when we bought it. It was just the “temporary” mattress. Well, I ended up buying 4 for the new house plus the one we had. And all of them together probably cost about the same my original mattress.

I don’t buy on price since I have sleep apnea. I buy for comfort and I need a firm mattress (but I like a soft one). I have to take it off to the people who run this business. Just so good. I feel like a fool for ever having bought a different mattress from a store. I also feel taken advantage by al the mattress stores and big brands over the years. My wife says the company called and wrote three times after the sale to check in. That sounds a little annoying but I don’t remember anyone ever checking on my mattress before. This is the only mattress we will ever buy again.


This is the most comfortable memory foam bed my wife and I have ever slept on. It's firm, but plush. The edges do not give in when sitting on the edge. The bed stays cool throughout the night. I'm a larger man, and my wife has some back problems. This bed handles both issues with amazing comfort. This is easily the best bed on the market. It had no smell even the first night we slept in it. It has a lifetime warranty, and we will have it for the rest of our lives! 5++++ rating!

Fantastic. Best Sleep Ever!

I recently had to sell everything I own to move across the country. We were previously sleeping on a mattress that cost around $1,800 on a Memorial Day sale. It was great! We like a firm support mattress, and I have issues with my back and neck. Now that I am on a budget, I did my research and found Nectar with all of the positive reviews. I decided to give this a try. The mattress arrived on-time and undamaged. I knew it would arrive in a bag. We carefully opened the bag and rolled out the mattress. At first, the mattress looked like a twin size (ordered a full-size). I was worried but decided to just take the mattress out of the plastic. As soon as I cut the plastic, the mattress became wider. I knew it would get taller once we opened it, but I didn’t know it would get wider.

After 3 nights, I can honestly say that this mattress is amazing!!!! I don’t think I have ever slept so well (and I thought I got great rest with my old mattress)!! We sleep like the dead, we wake up without any pain. LOVE THIS MATTRESS so far!! Will try to post a follow-up in another month or two.

Feels like a big pillow!

Very plush, yet supportive. Pillows are great too. We returned our Purple mattress and are very happy with Nectar!!

Best of all!

I’ve never bought a mattress sight unseen, but I bought this mattress based mostly on gut and reviews. And guess what? My gut was spot on. Sleeping on this mattress is what I would imagine heaven feels like. I can honestly say this is the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

Our 4 year journey has finally come to an end!

We tried many different store brands, latex, memory foam, inner spring beds, and none eased the back aches. The return fees, delivery fees added up to around $700 for all the *free trials* adding insult to injury. Happened on the Nectar ad, and after finding out that there was absolutely zero fees involved, decided to give it one more try. The first thing we noticed was that after the initial period of degassing, there was no foul odor left. With a name brand memory foam bed, we left the bed in a room with open windows for two weeks, sprinkled baking soda, vacuumed the mattress, and yet the odor never completely went away. And in comparison to a premium latex bed we purchased for several times higher than Nectar, it was the perfect level of firmness. So after having slept on it for two weeks now, no back aches, no odor, and we wake up feeling very refreshed. Can’t recommend Nectar highly enough.

Wonderful mattress

Its been 3 months since I made my Nectar Mattress purchase, enough time to give an accurate review. We purchased a King.

We received it really quickly after being ordered with no complications. Opening the bag and cutting the wrap allowed the Mattress to expand to its full size, I let it sit for a day to fully expand, no issues there, nor did we notice any excessive smell. Very minor smell and it was gone after a day. For me no aches and pains from switching to this mattress, and my wife has also had no issues. Would certainly purchase this mattress again when the time comes! The cover is great by the way,and has a very high quality feel and look.

Great night's sleep.

I am definately happy with my purchase. I wanted a memory foam mattress and after shopping at multiple stores decided to go with an online provider. I compared Nectar with the other online memory foam mattresses and decided to choose the nectar based on the 365 night trial and the warranty. So far so good. It is definitely more comfortable and a better deal than anything I have seen in stores.

Not firm enough

It took longer to ship than expected but Nectars chat support was very helpful. The bed was delivered as expected with the free pillows. After two nughts’ sleep we think it’s a great mattress but a little to soft for us. You really sink into it and it’s very plush. We may need to return just because we need a firmer mattress.

Finally sleeping through the night!

I never knew sleep could be so wonderful...I got my new mattress Oct 11th, due to a back issue I was not able to change out the old mattress for my new Nectar King until this past Sunday the 15th of Oct. As soon as I made the change I laid down, closed my eyes and could not believe how WONDERFUL my new mattress felt. For the last year I have not been able to sleep through the night without waking up 2 or 3 times in pain or discomfort due to my 8 year old pillow top mattress not supporting my body correctly. Since Sunday night I have slept a solid 7 hours every night. I LOVE MY NEW NECTAR KING. I have been sharing with all my family, friends and colleagues at work about my amazing new mattress, and making sure everyone I know has the link to read about Nectar and their product! They all say I sound like a spokesperson for the company!, LOL! Thank you Nectar for creating such an amazing mattress and making it so reasonably priced for anyone to purchase. Wishing you sweet dreams and continued success.

King mattress just as advertised!

I did A LOT of research on all the new online mattress companies before deciding on Nectar. Many of the negative reviews I've read were about the company being backlogged because of the high demand. Isn't that a good thing?! So many people were freaking out that they didn't get their mattress in 3-5 days. Everyone needs to calm down. I purchased my mattress on September 27. Initially I was told it would ship in about seven days due to the high demand. That was fine.

Come day seven and it still hadn't shipped so I simply used the chat function to get an update on the status. The customer service rep was friendly and made sure to get my order out when it was scheduled. The next day I received an update that it was shipped! It look 5 business days to get to me (traveling from WA to NC). I received my mattress two weeks from the time of order. The only thing that could be improved is NECTAR's internal shipping confirmation was not updated (it said that it still hadn't shipped for like four days after it had) so I just used the FedEx tracking system which was accurate.

Now, for the mattress. We previously had an old spring mattress, and wanted to upgrade to a King without paying an arm and a leg. So making the change to memory foam was a new experience for us. I wasn't able to get it set up until about 8pm the day we received it. Almost immediately after getting in on the bed and opening it, my pregnant and tired wife laid on it and didn't move. I was nervous that it wouldn't properly inflate because of this, but I couldn't tell a pregnant lady to get off the bed. The first couple of nights the mattress was extremely soft (makes sense since it hadn't fully inflated). My wife and I knew it would take some time so we didn't think much of it. It's now been a week and the mattress has gotten firmer each day and I believe is fully inflated to how it should be. We are both mostly side sleepers and have found that the mattress is really comfortable! We've both actually woken up on our backs some mornings because of how comfortable it is to sleep in any position. We were just talking this morning about how much we love the mattress and are so happy we got it!

In addition, the pillows that we received for free are probably the most comfortable pillows I've ever slept on! I feel like it may be a little too tall for me after 6 nights, so I'm going to take some of the foam out and see if that helps but overall I'm very happy to use the pillow every night and love that it was free!

Bottom line: Don't pay attention to the negative reviews about the customer service/slow shipping. It's to be expected for a rapidly growing company. They'll figure it out. The mattress (and pillows) are well worth the wait! I promise you'll get an amazing night's sleep! Plus you'll pay way less for a queen or king (which we got) than you would with other similar mattress companies.

Only word I can think of is GLORIOUS!

I am very impressed with the quality of this mattress. Upon receiving it and taking it out of the package it almost immediately puffs up and does not have that horrible chemical smell that most mattresses like this have. I used to wake up several times a night And now I find myself in the same position as I was when I went to bed the night before in the morning. I don’t even move! It is also great if you are sharing a bed and you are a light sleeper-I don’t even feel my spouse getting out of bed to get ready for work in the morning. This mattress has been life changing for me. My only complaint is the extra money you are charged if you break it down into monthly payments. They say they don’t charge interest but it comes out to be substantially more if you go that route and I only knew this after-the-fact but honestly it is worth it. I would pay double for the sleep I am getting now.

We love the mattress. My

We love the mattress. My husband had spinal surgery 2 years ago and it’s been very comfortable for him to get sleep and also relax when he’s in pain.

Most amazing sleep ever!

We recently purchased the Queen mattress and Adjustable base.... This was the best buy I've ever encountered! The features are outstanding, getting good quality sleep and not to mention all the free stuff pillows sheet set and waterproof mattress cover... You rock Nectar

Purchased Queen Mattress Memory Foam

I give the mattress overall a 5 star Rating. It took a few days to get use to the bed and now I really love the bed. I recommend the bed for anyone looking to purchase their next mattress.


I am very pleased with this mattress! It's very supportive and conforms well to my body and sleep style ( I am a side sleeper). This mattress is an EXCELLENT value! I have compared to others, and for the money/quality, this certainly beats the rest.

Comfortable lighter weight mattress

I was looking for a mattress that would work better when we relocated. This definitely beats the box spring route. Would highly recommend buying the headboard and matching frame for the mattress which is making the bed look upscale

Best Sleep Ive Had Yet

I can't rave enough on how good the sleep is that I am getting with this mattress! Amazing! Even my husband who finds something wrong with everything agrees this is our best purchase yet!

Sleeping on a cloud!

Got this mattress as a gift and I can't express in enough words how amazing it is. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud - no pressure on my joints or back. My bed is now my new favorite place to dream long, happy dreams!

Incredible Matress

I did I lot of searching and reading reviews prior to landing on the Nectar matress. I mean, a whole year trial to sleep on it? That's a good guarentee. The mattress arrived well packaged. Once out of the box and on the frame it took shape fairly quickly. I waited 24hrs before sleeping on it. I've slept a total of three nights on it and have had the best sleep I've had in years. My body isn't stiff when I wake up and I awake refreshed and well rested. Best purchase ice made in a long time!

Worth every penny!

I waited about 6 months to leave a review. This mattress is amazing. It is on the firmer side, but that is my preference. It still feels just as structured as it did on night 1. I travel a bit for work so my FAVORITE thing is coming home after a few nights on the road and sleeping in my own bed! 15/10!

Very happy

One of the best purchases I have ever made. I have never needed help going to sleep but I needed help waking up rested. Nectar is the best for sleeping comfortably. I no longer wake up with back pain or numbness

Awful service and bit of a con

They claim to give you a package deal, mattress and pillows. But pillows they sent are awful/faulty (not sure which one). They refuse to do anything as it was free. Also if you do return your mattress they want to charge you for the pillows!

Great bed, for a great price.

Looking at the reviews, I had to go with this bed. So many positive reviews. I have been sleeping on my bed and new headboard and frame for about 4 nights now and let me tell ya, SLUMPED. Slept through the entire night. The sheets are great, the pillows phenomenal. I’d recommend the bed to anyone on a budget, that wants quality, this is definitely the bed to grab. Easy install, simple instructions. 10/10 in my book. Highly rated. Good quality for a fabulous price. Please just buy the bed. Happy Zzzz’s!

Best Mattress I have EVER bought!

I have had my Nectar mattress nearly 2 years now. I love it! I was in a serious auto accident in 2013 and was having a very difficult time getting comfortable and sleeping until I purchased my Nectar. It still has it's original shape and support. Thank you NECTAR!!

Queen Foam 1st time

Danger!!!! Don't wait as long as I did. I normally sleep on my side and that is the only way I can sleep and get close to the Relm sleep. Guess what I was asleep on my back last night and off to dream land lol. It took no time at all. I do recommend give this the company a shot. Plus a life time warranty wait what LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!! Yup life time as long as you own the mattress. I am honestly wanting to go back into bed again. I woke up after a good solid 9 hour sleep. I am looking forward to more great night sleeps and again don't make the same mistake I did. The deals they have going on right now are amazing.

Nectar Lush Mattress Best Mattress Ever

I bought the Nectar Lush mattress (Not the normal Nectar) from Mattress Warehouse after doing weeks of research and I have owned it close to 3 months. I would literally lie in this bed all day if I could. It is incredibly soft but very supportive. I don't sink much into the bed and I can easily move. It sleeps cooler but not cold. Its great for combination sleepers. Its very responsive and feels very comfortable on side and back. Its comfortable for stomach too but probably not great for a fulltime stomach sleeper just because it does cradle you very slightly. Side support is very good and the the mattress has good bounce. I would put it more on the softer side but also is firm too. This is the best bed I've ever laid on and I'm so glad I bought it. Worth every penny. I'm really surprised Nectar doesn't advertise this mattress. It must be because of how new it is. Likely not on any top mattress lists yet but just wait until the experts try this bed out. I bet it will be on everyone's top 3 soon.


For those who have bought, or who are interested in buying an online-mattress, you should be aware of a scam being perpetrated by Nectar Sleep that is as clever as it is devious and fraudulent. Nectar Sleep, as do all online mattress companies, offers a risk free trial period during which you can determine whether or not you like their mattresses. Their website advertises this as, "Our 100% Risk-Free 365-Night Home Trial". When you go to their website to purchase a mattress, they advertise a promotional offer of $499 of free accessories with every mattress purchase (sheets, pillows, mattress protectors). This appears to be a limited time offer, with a countdown timer on the site, but it's been present for several months. It also is made to appear to be voluntary, something you must opt-in to, and they're quite aggressive about you doing so, with multiple pop-ups and forced clicks to avoid. But even if you don't click on the offer your check-out cart is pre-populated with these items. Beyond that, it is impossible to fully remove all of these items from your cart even if you wish to. You might think, how generous. They assign inflated, arbitrary values to these promotional items and inform you that you've saved $500 by getting these items for free. However, buried in the fine print of their terms and conditions is the following line, "Included promotional items are not eligible for return. Upon return of the mattress, the value of the included promotional items will be deducted from the total return amount." The scam works as follows: Nectar forces you to accept cheap, poor quality "promotional items" with your order, which they assign arbitrary and inflated values. When you then try to return your mattress during your trial period, they deduct that value and keep that money. Thus, there is never any way to get the full refund that is implicitly promised in their risk-free trial. In the end, it is indeed a risk-free trial, but only for Nectar Sleep and not for the consumer. Either way, they will be pocketing $500 of your money, regardless of whether you like their mattresses or not. Forewarned is forearmed.


This bed is Amazing it sinks you in and keeps you cold.

This is the mattress you’ve been looking for

The mattress came rolled up and only took about 2 hours to fully expand. My fiancé and I easily both sleep on the bed. When I get up for work it doesn’t wake him up because the mattress is just that good! This mattress is former than you would expect from memory foam but that’s what makes it great.

Really helps my back pain!!

I have scoliosis and severe back pain is just a daily norm for me, I’m typically at a 6, woke up after the first night at a 2. It was such a relief I almost cried, sounds dramatic but after 10 years of pain I couldn’t be happier. So glad I purchased this mattress!!

Best mattress ever 2nd one purchased

My first time two years ago purchase is still amazing. It's that kind of amazing that makes you not want to get out of the bed lol. Firm and soft all at the same time. Keeps my body aligned and conforms.

Drooling girlfriend

My girlfriend has apparently always had issues sleeping, despite how comfortable she said our previous bed was she would wake up throughout the night/ sometimes even sleep on the couch if she was having a rough sleep. Now with the Nectar mattress all we have to worry about is her drooling on the sheets, seriously I love the girl to death but I find it hilarious that she knocks out so quickly now and sleeps through the night.

Best mattress ever

Everything that Consumer Reports said about this mattress is true when they rated it #1! Our old expensive brand-name "mattress" was expensive and just horrible. Just 4 yrs old and totally broken down. Nectar, however, stands good for everything they say........we are both 70+ yrs old and this is the coolest mattress we've ever owned. It is measures exactly as a king bed should; the mattress pad is amazing; the firmness is perfect, and doesn't feel like it wants to break down. It's light enough that we can, once again, lift the corners to tuck the sheets. The staff is kind on the phone, and the mattress was delivered to us right away. We couldn't be happier.......and the price is perfect!

2 years and counting....

Two years ago, I needed a memory foam, I searched online and saw the cute, funny sheeps floating across the website, the countdown of purchases, along with all the excellent reviews and took a leap of faith - NO REGRETS! The mattrasse came and I wanted to put it on a fancy cherry bed-frame that would have cost me 5k. I then decided to build my own bed with a friend....LMAO!! Life got busy, we didn't build the bed frame nor did I waste money on the fancy frame! So, it has been two years since I rolled the matrasse open and laid it on the floor of my bedroom, inside my I have slept blissfully ever since I laid it there! Now my kids are saying "Mommy, it's enough, stop being lazy and choose a frame! So, having such an excellent experience with the mattresse and service, today I decided to get the frame from you guys as well. Thank you!

Better Sleep

I have gotten better sleep with this mattress and have a tougher time getting out of bed because I find it very comfortable.

Vivían Macias

I just got my mattress and I can’t be more happy. Finally I can sleep and wake up without back pain. This mattress worth every penny, couldn’t have ask for a better bday gift. I strongly recommend it a 100, I’m so in love with my new mattress

So comfortable !!!!

Bought this mattress along with headboard and frame, along came the free sheets and 2 pillows! Well let me say it’s been the best investment yet, the sheets are amazing, the bed is so comfortable , and the frame just right! It really has given my neck problem a relief, switched from Leeds mattress to this, No regrets !

Sleeping on clouds

Having the best nights sleep ever!! Best investment in sleep ever purchased thank you Nectar team!!!!

Best purchase I've ever made!

This mattress is extraordinary. I have suffered from lower back and hip pain for years. The first night I slept on this mattress, not only did I fall asleep in minutes but I woke up with no pain or discomfort. This mattress is best purchase I've ever made!

Buds rest

Best sleep in years. Have a bad back and after relinquishing three mattresses, I finally found a mattress that I will never give Nectar up. what else is there to say?

Happy 12 yr old

Purchased this mattress for my daughter, she really needed an upgrade. We were remodeling her move so the mattress didn’t make it out of the garage until a few months after purchasing, as soon as we set up her new bed and mattress she was in love. Being 12 she didn’t wait and slept on it that same night, I couldn’t have asked for a better mattress for my daughter. Now my husband is thinking of upgrading all the mattress in our home.

Best matress ever!

My husband and I have been researching and reading about this matress for a year. I read countless reviews on how amazing it was and how much others loved it. We finally decided it was time to make the purchase. One week ago our king size matress, platform and headboard was delivered. We allowed the matress to expand and breathe for the recommended 72 hours. We love this matress! 10 years of marriage and we have never slept so good. The firm and soft combination is absolutely perfect. We also love the pillows. It's so comfortable, we wish we could just stay in bed all day. We are so happy with this purchase. Customer service was so good!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating the perfect matress.

Best mattress

Best mattress ever. Our old mattress had me waking up hurting and stiff. Upgraded our mattress to Nectar prior to auto accident and so glad we did. Ended with with a concussion and having to have a cervical disc replaced. I have been so thankful for a bed that supports me and that is so comfortable.

Like laying like a marsh

Like laying like a marsh mellow

The best purchase we have made in awhile.

Let me be honest and say that I have researched Mattresses (specifically the Nectar and box mattresses) for the past two years! We finally purchased A King Nectar mattress, frame/headboard, mattress protector, and the sheet set. We received it a couple of weeks ago and let me just tell you it was the best purchase we have made in a long time. To give a little background story: After watching every review you can think of, asking around, and looking at different types of Mattresses my only fear was the fact that I couldn't try it. I heard that a local furniture company near me had some in stock in their store and I went in to try it. I tried a lot of different mattresses and my top 2 favorites came down to a Temper-pedic that cost $4,600 for just the mattress and the Nectar. We actually liked the Nectar just as much and it even felt more supportive. Well we finally bought it and let me just tell you it is so comfortable and supportive, we absolutely love it. I am 6"4 and around 250-260 pounds and I was worried it would not have the support. Not only is it supportive but its soft and really does help with pressure points. My wife is small and she loves it just as much. I was also worried about the transition from a pillow-top spring mattress (I have had it for 10 years) to a memory foam. Well the first night I slept like a baby. No aches or pains. The frame and headboard are top quality and we love the sheets and pillows! We bought the mattress protector just to add protection to it as well. The more we sleep on it the more we love it. I wasn't sure how I would like the pillows and when everything was delivered we tried them and they are so comfortable and supportive. A great combination just like the mattress. My only regret is that I waited so long to buy then again I am glad I did all that research because it gave me more confidence once I tried it and slept on it. The expression "You can't have your cake and eat it" does not apply to this mattress and the accessories, because when I put everything together and tried it out the look, the feel, and the style all just seemed to flow together seamlessly. We Love the mattress, love the frame and headboard, love the pillows, and love the sheets. Mattress: Soft and yet supportive. A+ Frame and headboard: Sturdy and top quality. Easy to assemble and looks so nice in our room. A+ Pillows: Soft, supportive and great quality. A+ Sheet set: Soft, cool, and fits the mattress really well. Quality fabric. A+ Mattress protector: Have yet to spill something but it gives us confidence knowing our mattress is protected. A+ Customer Service: Amazing customer service. Talked with them a lot throughout this research time and even post purchase and they are consistently kind and knowledgable. I can't believe after all this time I am literally typing a review for a Nectar mattress now that I have purchased one and slept on it. If you are looking for a new mattress and are on the fence, Nectar is the way to go. I've researched for over two years and tried out numerous mattresses and I could not be more happier with our purchase. Thank you Nectar!

A Fantastic Sleep

Before my nectar mattress, I had an Ashley brand European pillow top mattress, which I thought would be the best and longest lasting mattress ever. To the contrary, the Ashley mattress wore down very quickly causing me severe back pain because there was no support. I decided to take a chance with a nectar mattress and I immediately slept longer and better and my back pain subsided. I thought it might take me a few months to get used to the nectar mattress, but it was a significant improvement from night #1. The perfect balance of support and comfort. I recommend this mattress for anyone with back pain or anyone seeking a new mattress. The era of traditional spring mattresses are gone. Nectar is the future. Also, my body temperature tends to rise when I sleep and I've never found myself to sweat with the nectar mattress as I've had in the past with other mattresses.

Perfect Mattress

This mattress is perfect. I was reluctant to spend the money at first but it is most definitely worth it! The feel is perfect!

The BEST mattress! Would recommend to EVERYONE!

We had a really old, full sized mattress and knew we needed an upgrade. We never slept well, would wake up very hot, and both had terrible back pain from it. We did quite a bit of research and were interested in Casper at first, but then got an ad for Nectar and the amazing deal they were having and decided we needed to go for it! Best decision ever!!! We have now had the mattress for a week and I feel the most rested I have in YEARS. I sleep through the night and get the most incredible deep sleep. I never even notice or feel when my husband moves around in his sleep and I used to wake up every time he moved on our old mattress. The mattress delivers so quickly and arrives quickly as well. We had our mattress less than a week after placing the order. My husband and I are both VERY hot sleepers and have stayed cool through the night with this mattress. We also got a headboard/ bed frame, sheet set and mattress protector with our mattress. The bed frame and headboard are very nice quality and it was super easy to put together. The sheets are wonderful as well. We are incredibly happy with everything we got and would highly recommend this mattress!

Best Mattress I've Ever Owner

I was skeptical when I read the 1-star reviews, but I also am my own woman, so I decided to purchase the Queen mattress. I ordered after hours on 4/3 and received the shipment on 4/9. After just a few hours to fully inflate, I dressed the mattress with ease. I had the best sleep since forever and no more back pain. The firmness is just right to provide support but still soft enough for all night comfort. It also breathes well. I will never own a traditional mattress ever again. Not to mention the forever warranty and 12-month interest-free payments, there's no beating that. I shopped around for 2-weeks and glad I made this purchase. Don't listen to low-starred reviews, take the challenge for yourself. You have nothing to lose.

Great sleep

I spent several weeks looking at reviews and warranties. Finally decided to go with the Nector mattress could not be more pleased. I have had about a week. I sleep better and wake up feeling great!! Very happy with my purchase

This has been a very

This has been a very comfortable matress. Has help with shoulder pain.

Great value

very comfortable level of foam but still very supportive

Mattress is very comfortable

I’ve only had this mattress/adjustable combo for about a month. So far I’m quite pleased. Son in Law set it up in about an hour. I waited two days for it to “plump” up, and had to lock the door so the cats wouldn’t get to it. Now fur babies enjoy it as much as I do.


Did a lot of research on a bed and I’m so glad I went with nectar. We love it and I will definitely be getting 2 more mattresses for our children’s Room!

Amazing mattress

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I truly love this mattress. Great buy!!

Best Mattress I Have Ever Owned!

I purchased a Sealy Mattress last summer. Hated it since DAY #1. I am 62 years old, in good health and newly retired. I knew I could not start my retirement with this horrible Sealy mattress. I decided to spend my stimulus check (before it gets here) on a Queen Size Nectar Mattress. I LOVE IT! From the minute I set it up and lay down on it, I knew I made the right decision (Well, I actually knew I made the right decision after ALL of the MANY youtube videos on Nectar reviews! NO ONE said, "I really do not like this bed."). When I get out of the bed in the morning, I could do jumping jacks!! 5 Stars is just not enough! I truly wish I would have done this years ago. This is my forever bed!

Woke up in tears!

I purchased a queen mattress on Monday and received it on Friday of the same week. I was so eager to try it out! My old mattress (spring mattress) was 8 years old and torture on my back! I was always nervous to purchase a new one because it was such an incredible expense for a single mom. My brother told me he had a Nectar and loves it! So I thought I would give it a shot. So thankful I did because I had the best sleep I have had in my life! I woke feeling rested, pain free and immediately burst into tears when I looked at the clock and realized I had slept through the night! This bed was worth every penny and so much more! Thank you for making such an amazing product that lets this over tired mama finally get the sleep I have been needing for so many years!

No BS, it is COMFY

I was considering buying a purple mattress during this COVID-19 pandemic but after careful research I decided to go with Nectar and I couldn't have been more pleased. The mattress arrived in 4 days, let it sit for 3 hours and BOOM. My own personal cloud, I am an all around sleeper and this mattress does tend to my every position.


I have suffered back issues for many years now. I refuse to have any surgery because, I’ve witnessed many family, friends, and colleagues suffer worst issues from their surgery and had to have repeated visits under the knife. I just purchased a king size Nectar mattress, placed it in service two nights ago, and it is better than perfect, (for my situation). Nectar’s system is, again my opinion, (therapeutic). Every night has resulted in my back pain being significantly mitigate and this says nothing for our quality of sleep. Nectar needs their own scale (95–100), where 95 is excellently exceptional, and 100 is kingdom rest quality, My mattress and quality of sleep exceeds 100. Thanks Nectar for engineering such a perfect mattress!!!


The mattress arrived quickly! One business day in my case. I know that won't be the case with everyone but they shipped the order fast. The other items in order arrived within 3 business days. I noticed no smell when I opened the mattress. I'm not sure if they changed something up with the foam; I was very surprised by that. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever had. My work schedule changes weekly and no matter what time of day I lay down I can fall asleep quickly. A great investment on my part!

Most comfortable bed I've ever owned. Wife likes it even more than I do.

Super comfortable. Would definitely buy again. We've talked friends into buying one and they agree.

Best thing my parents bought me

After moving back home because of covid-19 I needed a new mattress. My parents and I went searching for a inexpensive mattress that would actually be comfortable enough. And we found it!! Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable memory foam mattress. I’m in LOVE!!


As soon as i unpacked my nectar mattress and layed on it.... i could hear my spine SING. I was in the middle of my lunch break since i’ve been working from home, and i kid you not I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP! Ive never in my life have slept on a comfortable bed and this one investment nearly made me cry tears of joy. I’d love to continue to promote your company and get as many people as i can sleeping THE RIGHT WAY. THE NECTAR WAY! Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart (and spine)

Excellent value and product

I took advantage of the amazing promotion being offered during C19. Though it took about a week to receive all 4 shipments, it was definitely worth the wait. No smells, easy assembly, high-quality materials, I definitely recommend if you’re in the market. I purchased the queen mattress and the queen headboard/frame, and got free sheets, pillows, and mattress protector. Tip - let the mattress “breath” for the full 72 hours before using. The mattress is very comfortable as I sleep on my side, back, and sit up to watch tv and/or read. And, I was impressed by the quality of the headboard/frame materials, not cheap at all! After one night I feel not only well rested, but assured I spent my money wisely.

No more back pain! No kidding!!

After suffering with lower back pain and spasms for months, I took a leap of faith and bought a nectar mattress. I've been sleeping on it since March 19 (my birthday, btw). Now here it is April 6. My lower back no longer aches. At all. No spasms. No weakness. I am equal parts happy and grateful

Very impressed

Shipment came quick. We had paid for the additional service for having them set everything up but due to covid19, they had to refund that so my husband and I were on our own!! But it was extremely easy for the both of us and it took us about 30 minutes. It looks very nice and we had our first nights sleep on it and it was definitely 5 stars!! Oh, and I was anxious about any smells but there were none. Buy now!!


I love it. I can sleep so much better

Too firm, my body hurts more now than ever

I purchased a king Nectar mattress in 2018 for me and my boyfriend. I usually purchase Zinus brand from Amazon but decided to splurge. After sleeping on it for several months my body hurt more than ever. Everyone you tries it thinks my bed is like a rock. I waited too long to return it, lot of stuff going on in my life at the time. I could have saved like $600 and just gotten a Zinus from Amazon. I'm trying to sell it now so i can order something else. I'm really disappointed.

Very comfortable, feel like I'm

Very comfortable, feel like I'm on cloud nine. I definitely reccomend this mattress and I sleep like a baby.


Yes, there was a period of adjustment, but now--I lie down every night and sigh with pleasure. This is better than any other mattress I've ever tried.

I absolutely love this mattress!

I absolutely love this mattress! My hips and shoulders don’t hurt when I get up in the am. I sleep so much better. It’s a little pricy, but so worth it. I bought a full size with the headboard. Easy to put together. When it comes in the mail make sure someone is there to help you bring in the frame. Love it!!

Just Wow!

I've purchased a very expensive Stearns and Foster 5 years ago. I've had knee and hip pain over the last year or so trying to sleep on my old mattress - to the point I would typically move to the couch at 3-4 AM. I decided to give Nectar a try from a recommendation from a co-worker. I literally have slept on this mattress for ONE NIGHT and I woke Read more about review stating Just WOW!up feeling like a new person. The pillows are awesome too! I planned on keeping my old mattress for a month or so to make sure this one was going to be a good fit. It's going much sooner than that. I am sold! Thank you Nectar for a superior product!

Changed my life

I’ve always had a bad back since high school and of all the beds I’ve had none of which really felt right until we got the nectar. I’ve went through tons of reviews and price points and seems like nectar was the best fit for us. We needed something firm, supportive but yet a soft side as well. It’s been 2 years now and still feels brand new. Have not had a night of bad sleep on it. Basically just can’t go wrong

Mixed review

We are sleeping well on our Nectar mattress now. Since our shipment got lost in the mail it took 9 weeks to finally resolve the problem and have a mattress delivered. Emailing concerns did no good. Chat lines indicated up to 111 people in line before us. Our son in law finally helped by waiting a long time in the chat line. We were so happy to get our new mattress and it is very comfortable, though it is high in the middle, and firmer. Since it is a king size we both have enough space on our respective sides.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nectar

Is the Nectar mattress a good mattress?

The Nectar mattress gets high ratings from customers when it comes to overall comfort for the price. Customers are 3.2x as likely to mention back pain relief versus average comparable mattresses.

How long do Nectar mattresses last?

Nectar mattresses are covered by a forever warranty. However, most foam mattresses last around 7 years for average sized sleepers. While customers give high marks for durability and support, make sure to rotate the mattress if you are overweight.

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