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Natures Sleep Mattress Reviews

Nature's Sleep has been in the mattress game for a while. They are well-known for their Ghostbed mattress-in-a-box brand. However, they also offer their own branded mattresses, which focus on foam-focused mattress designs with innovations, like dual-comfort in some models. With most having good things to say, it's no surprise why they have been so successful in the space.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $1099-$3499

Trial Period: No Trial

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Natures Sleep's Specifics

Nature's Sleep is famously the parent brand of Ghostbed, the popular mattress-in-a-box brand. Nature's Sleep's own brand of mattresses bring foam-focused designs with and without pocketed coils. One of their core differentiators is their dual-sided firmnesses in some of their higher priced models.

Customers mostly resonate with Nature's Sleep mattress options, especially their Ghostbed brand. Those that mention issues mostly mention value for the money and long term comfort.

Quality of Materials

Nature's Sleep makes a variety of different mattress products, including those with all-foam designs and also those with pocketed coils. Overall, the memory and poly foams that are used by Nature's Sleep are good quality CertiPUR-US® certified foams, meaning they are certified to keep VOC off-gassing low.

The pros: High quality memory foam (CertiPUR-US certified) and a good variety of mattress offerings.

The cons: Some higher prices versus some other quality brands.

Mattress Types

Nature's Sleep has 4 different mattress lines, including their all-foam, pocket coil hybrid, dual-sided mattresses, and Venus Williams collection. We'll go through each of these mattress offerings:

All Foam Mattresses

Currently, Nature's Sleep offers one all-foam mattress that is not dual-sided, the Brook 10" Mattress. It features a gel memory foam layer on the surface for extra temperature regulation and pressure point relief. Beneath are two more layers of foam that work together to support and align the spine. At $1,999 for a queen, this is a pricey option versus other similar designed mattresses.


The Nature's Sleep Hybrid mattresses that are not dual-sided offer 2 thickness options, the 8" Prairie and the 14" Lily mattresses. Both of these options offer individually wrapped pocketed coils for extra support while minimizing partner disturbance during movement. The 8" offers cool gel fiber stitched into the cover for added cooling and is $1,599 for a queen, which is pricey for the thickness. The 14" offers 4 foam layers, including gel memory foam and responsive ViTex memory foam, above dual-edge wrapped coils. At $3,199 for a queen, it is more expensive than comparable online offerings.

Dual Sided

The Dual-Sided line offers 3 all-foam and 1 pocket coil mattresses. With each mattress coming with a firm and a plush side, these mattresses are ideal for partners with sleep comfort disagreements. Their 10" Canyon, 12" Meadow, and 14" Willow offer all foam options with gel memory foam, cool flow fiber, and a cool touch cotton cover. The 12" and 14" also offer the benefits of fast response ViTex, with the 14" also getting another gel memory foam layer. The 12" Laurel coil offering offers the same benefits of the cool flow fiber, gel memory foam, cool touch cotton cover, and ViTex responsive foams, but with an individually wrapped spring unit for seamless support. While prices for these mattresses remain high, starting at $2,299 for a queen, Nature's Sleep dual-sided line is one to consider for couples with different preferences.

Venus Williams Collection

Venus Williams has teamed up with Nature's Sleep and Ghostbed to offer a variety of co-branded mattresses. These 4 mattresses feature medium or medium-firm firmness profiles with 13" or 14" thickness options. One of their many claims to fame is their use of an Ice cover using far infrared technology for better muscle recovery and cooling. The 13" Volley and 14" Ace each have 4 foam layers including the proprietary 2" Venus FIT layer. The 14" offers one more inch of transition foam for a slightly less firm feel. The 13" Rally and 14" Serve are coil options with 6" coil systems for added support. Similar to the all-foam options, the Serve features an extra inch of transition foam for a slightly softer feel. With prices ranging from $1,999 to $2,799 for a queen, these prices are competitive, but still somewhat higher than average.

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Very comfortable topper. Made a big difference sleeping and a ...

Very comfortable topper. Made a big difference sleeping and a lot less tossing and turning. Only complaint is the odor. It still has not gone away after three weeks. I am very sensitive to odors and have a keen sense of smell. The topper has a foam smell.

Quality poor: cut in mattress topper and mattress cover too small

Opened the mattress topper and found a large 4 inch cut in the mattress topper (on the inside and not related to me opening the bag). Followed the instructions to give it 24 hours to open up and placed it on my bed. Slightly larger than my bed but within reason. Placed the enclosed mattress cover on the new mattress topper and my original mattress. The cover is smaller than the topper and had to be yanked to fit. The seam shows that it really is too small for the topper.
Either way, this is a trial to see if we want a new memory foam type of mattress but I would not buy this brand if their quality is this poor. I also would have no clue how to return this as it was smashed so tight and wrapped so tight to fit back into the box it was delivered would be impossible.

but once i did i really like it - the density is just right

It took a few days to get used to the memory foam pad, but once i did i really like it - the density is just right. We have a new superfirm king mattress and this was the perfect combination to put on top to make the bed feel just right. I've only had this a month and am hoping that it keeps it's shape for some time, but even if i have to buy a new one, it will be cheaper than buying a whole new mattress that had the extra memory foam built in on the top. I put a regular quilted cotton mattress pad on top of the memory foam so it doesn't 'sleep hot' and is just right. I let the memory foam air out for a week before i put it on my bed and there is no chemical smell at all.

My Trick to air out.....

I was nervous about the smell that this mattress pad has mixed reviews on but desperate to get a chance at better sleep, due to severe neck and shoulder pain so I unwrapped and used it the first night after only 15 hours of airing/ expanding.. The odor was noticeable and certainly I would catch big quaffs of bad odor when I moved... So I decided to test my theory that if I " walked on the mattress cover in baby steps" over the day, about 4 different times, I would effectively squeeze out the odor and get fresh air into the cover. Well this intervention made s huge difference that the odor was not noticeable by my second night... So if you have a few minutes during the day of airing, try my method to see if it helps speed the airing process.. BTW: my neck and shoulder pain dropped by 60% within the 2 nights I used this... I used to dread going to bed but now I can't wait! ( placed this as a topper on a quality futon mattress). After further research, I am also going to cover my new topper with a waterproof mattress pad as research shows people lose at least a Pint of water every night and some of it soaks into the foam... I learned a lot about foam toppers and all bed types from the blog called "Sleep like the dead". ( I am sleeping on the futon b/c our bed is 16 yrs old and the futon is more new and is a high quality futon mattress.. Waiting to buy a new foam bed once I have saved all my penny's up.)


Very comfortable, great sleep dog who has always preferred to sleep in his own bed discovered how much better my bed is to sleep on. Now I have to fight with an 80 pound dog for a few inches of space.......

Nice mattress topper, but didn't work for me.

We have a Number bed that has been uncomfortable almost since we bought it. Both my husband and I would wake up in pain, so we decided to research memory foam toppers. We found this one on Amazon at a fairly reasonable price compared to the ones on the Natures Sleep own website. Unfortunately it has not helped my aches and pains although we will continue to use it. It did not have an overpowering smell (and I am very sensitive to scents) and it was fully fluffed up in about 12 hours. We were not able to wait a full 24 hours to sleep on it so I was relieved it was full prior to then. I think our mattress is the real issue, not the topper so I am giving it 4 stars.

just what I wanted

I am a long time user of memory foam bed toppers. I ordered this item because the dimensions and density looked perfect. Now, after sleeping on it for a week it is indeed just what I wanted. It is long enough and wide enough to fit my king size bed perfectly.

Guests say it was very comfortable sleeping, didn't shift or bunch

Very little prep, took out of box unrolled and let rest for a couple hours and it was ready for mattress cover and sheets.Guests say it was very comfortable sleeping, didn't shift or bunch. Also told me it did not make them feel hot. Great way to rejuvenate a tired mattress.

Highly recommended.

Both me and my wife are very in pressed by Nature's sleep Memory Foam mattress cover. I was a bit hesitant at first, but once I got it I didn't know how i ever got along without it. It's all but completely restored the softness to my worn out old mattress. It has made restless nights a thing of the past. Both my wife and I have not slept so well I years. Highly recommended.

No more joint pain! No more waking up in the middle of the night!

We received this mattress topper as a wedding gift from my bridesmaid/best friend It has made all the difference for us and our sleep. It did smell a little at first, but we let it air for 24 hours and then there was very little residual odor. It doesn't bother me at all, and I tend to be very sensitive to smells and chemicals. As far as comfort, I wish we had bought this mattress pad a year ago! (We have two cats, and our cats really seem to enjoy the mattress pad too!) Our mattress is okay, but old, and kind of springy. The first night we slept on the mattress pad, we actually overslept. I woke up feeling well rested, which didn't used happen nearly as often as I would like. I'm only 29, but I have significant joint pain, especially in my left hip. It's been bad enough in recent months that I couldn't lie on my left side for more than 30 seconds. Now, with the mattress pad, I can lie on my left side without hardly any pain at all. My biggest problem now is that I don't want to get out of bed in the morning! I fall asleep faster, don't wake up in the middle of the night hardly ever (which used to be a big problem for me) and sleep later than I used to. For anyone who has trouble with joint pain or pressure points from their mattress, I highly recommend giving this topper a try! Bonus: the sheets still fit, no problem!

Not worth the money

All the reviews we read said that the chemical smell of this topper was gone within a day or so. I expected some smell because it as memory foam, but the smell on ours was horrible. We placed it in the guest bedroom and even with the door closed the smell permeated the hallway. We had to open the windows to help eliminate the smell in the hallway. It took almost a week before enough of the smell was gone where we could move it to our bed. We have slept on it for a month and it is already losing its firmness. We bought this particular topper as it was suppose to be 4.5 density, but it is not performing like it. We can still smell the topper when we uncover the bed. For the money, we are disappointed with this topper and it definitely was not worth the money that we spent.


Updating after owning 1 year: This useless. It is kinda comfortable for a couple months. Then after that, it actually is worse than just an old mattress. The foam is cheap, and becomes worn out after just a few months. Don't waste your money or be fooled by the positive reviews. Most of which were paid for by the company.

This item is ok. It made my very firm, older mattress more comfortable, however, the "memory" bounce back lasts a couple weeks at best. It then just becomes, foam. There is a reason high quality foam mattresses and toppers cost more, because they are superior products. As I said, this product is ok. Still a little over priced for what you get. If you really want a foam topper, and can't afford a better quality one or a foam mattress, then this is a decent, lesser expensive alternative. But don't expect top quality at discount prices. You get what you pay for, and this is just ok.

You have found a great product for a great night's sleep!

We bought a new extra firm, king size mattress due to back pain. After a couple of weeks I thought the bed was just a little too hard. It was great for my back but my shoulders weren't so happy while side sleeping. It costs $150 to return the mattress and then you only get credit to exchange for another, more expensive mattress. This was an option, but in my opinion, not the best one. I ran across a review of the Nature's Sleep mattress topper. I bought the density and thickness that seemed good for our situation, and our problems are solved!

Some things others have mentioned-
1. The smell- yes, memory foam can have an odor. My experience with this topper is that it was very minimal smell and aired out within the first 24 hours as we let it come back to size. (It comes rolled tightly and vacuumed packed)
2. The height- It is 2.5" thick, so yes, it adds height to your bed, but we bought a low profile boxspring, and all is well.
3. Discoloration- our last bed had a memory foam topper attached. We have seen that memory foam products due tend to have a yellow color from exposure to light. This topper did have a few yellow discolored spots (in stripes almost) from areas where plastic wrap and tape were thicker. It won't show once it is on the bed, and is a natural thing that seems to happen to memory foam.
4. The cover- LOVE IT! It fits great over the topper, mattress, and mattress pad and feels great too.
5. Heat- We have not noticed any different in feeling hot with the topper on the bed.

Overall, seems like a great product for a great price. Highly recommend it! We have slept very well in the couple weeks since adding it our bed.

Very disappointed!

We were very hopeful when we ordered this seeing all of the other high reviews. As soon as the package arrived, we had our doubts. The foam was completely different than what was pictured. Instead of the off white, it was a dark grey. After the seller assured me that it was the same, just a different color, we put it on the bed. Three weeks into trying it, we finally removed it at 2:30 this morning. It was so hot and so soft that it was causing sleepless and restless nights. Very disappointed.

"harmless odor"? No way!

We received this mattress and followed the instructions. The one-page manual gives this disclaimer: "Memory foam may have a minor odor when the mattress topper is opened as a result of the unique manufacturing process. This odor is harmless..." This is an understatement! This mattress WILL (not may) have a strong odor. And that odor is NOT harmless; my wife got headache and I got a scratchy throat from our first night sleeping on it. It just smells like other memory foam pads made with formaldehyde and other carcinogenic volatile organic compounds. The specifications of the mattress on Amazon says CertiPUR-US approved. After our experience, I do not believe it! Where is the proof that the mattress that I received is CertiPUR-US approved? Nothing in the manual that I received states that! There is no included certification in the product.


Best decision I have ever made, I have an older spring mattress and was starting to get lower back pain after tossing and turning at night....did a ton of research and found this topper to be a good one with the higher density rating 3.5lbs - 4.5lbs. Lots of the toppers you see on here do not even mention their density and if they are only 2lbs - 2.5lbs you will fall right through and be wasting your money. This topper does not get hot like the older ones and is comparable to the gel toppers that way. I can actually sleep through the night now and I find that I did not even realize I had been getting horrible interrupted sleep for 10 plus years! I feel so much better now in the mornings and find myself wanting to lay down on my bed for 30min everyday right after work to take the pressure off my spine and decompress. I even got a personal call from the owner of Natures Sleep because I had found the topper on sale for $50 less right after mine was delivered, he credited me back $50 on my VISA without any issues.

Amazing product, amazing owner/developer and I would buy this again and again, if you don't have $800-$1,500 to spend on a new mattress right away, get the topper like I did and you will be amazed and how well you can sleep! I'm saving up now for a Nature Sleep mattress and it will be my next purchase. Don't be afraid to just buy it, stop looking up more info online and getting more and more confused....I promise you will not be sorry you purchased this topper. I am a real person, 32 years old Father of 2, 6'3" 200lbs that loves his sleep!!! Good Luck!

... from Costco several years ago and it was MUCH better. If you have your thermostat set at 70 ...

Not that soft - bought a cheaper version from Costco several years ago and it was MUCH better. If you have your thermostat set at 70 or less then the pad is stiff and hard. Also, the cover that was shipped with the unit was yellow and stained. GROSS

Strong odor & caused new source of aches/pains

I am pregnant and purchased this topper to help with extreme hip pain. The topper came in a medium-sized box and was wrapped very tightly in plastic. My husband opened it and was blown over by the fumes. We decided to let it air out, not knowing how much time it would need. I gave it a solid week (out of necessity). We draped it over a chair outside during the day and brought it in our garage at night. It made the entire 3-car garage stink. After a week I was desperate for some pain relief from my hips & decided to try it on the bed anyway. I could barely take the smell. I slept on it for 3 nights. It does help take the pressure off my hips but it made my low back (near tailbone) hurt instead. Also, it feels like I am sleeping in a ravine. No sleep. I tossed and turned all three nights (currently up at 4am writing this review). Now I am terrified that I have ruined my regular mattress with toxic fumes. I hope the smell goes away. I have requested a full refund from the company....we'll see if they take it back.

Update: The company owner contacted me to try to make things right. I highly respect this as it is rare to receive good customer service. I changed my 1 star (described as "I hate it" by Amazon's rating system) rating to 2 stars (described as "I don't like it). I could not give it three stars ("It's okay") because it was not okay for me. I'm not out to ruin anyone's reputation. It did help with my hip pain, but it also did cause back pain. However, my mattress might also be the culprit to the foam mattress topper sinking. So, in all fairness, I can't blame it all on the mattress topper. I have no idea how it performs on a different surface. I cannot, however, adjust my opinion on the smell. It was just too much for me. But, this does not seem to be a consistent complaint with other users of this product, so maybe I'm particularly sensitive.

Seemed OK but ...

Seemed OK but the cover had yellow stains that looked like tape. Another review mentions this. Item arrived quickly but with no instructions or packing slip. There was a small tear in the foam (not from opening I guarantee). Decided to return rather than risk it my $200+

Very good topper

I was thinking it was a mistake to order this mattress. It had a strong smell and seemed too hard. But when I got out of bed after sleeping on it the first night I was amazed.
My feet were not pins and needles when I stepped out of bed. My
back felt great. No pain or stiffness anywhere on my body. I actually look forward to getting in bed at night and feeling the support and comfort this topper added to my mattress.
I still get a bit of the chemical smell sometimes but nothing too strong. The only thing I would do differently would be to order the slightly lower density. Research of toppers states a 4.5 or higher is for heavier people. (250 lbs). I think the 3.5 to 4 density would be better because I am a petite flower. Hahaha

Perfect support and incredible feel for sleeping better!

Just received my new CA King 2.5" Mattress topper. After unpacking and letting topper air out and expand for 24-hours, I just slept on it for the first time last night. My husband & I both have tons of back, neck, shoulder and hip problems. He has arthritis (also has 2 artificial hips) and I do not. This morning I woke up after suffering so bad for so long and feel 75% better in just one night. My hubby says while topper is very comfortable, it will take him a lot longer to notice the difference due to his arthritis. I'll write another (updated) review later on when hubby sleeps on it for another few weeks. For me, I'm elated to finally have slept much more sound with less tossing and turning. I was able to get right out of bed in the morning and not feel so crooked. Would highly recommend this exact product. The 4.5 lb density is just the right amount of support for tall, heavier people without having to feel like you're sinking it. I also suffer from severe hot flashes and what I love about this topper is it does NOT make me hot. Yeay!!!

wonderful product.

We left it, unfolded, in the garage for 4 days to remove any smell from the material. We gutted our pillow top mattress and replaced the foam within with this piece. What a difference and at a price that was a fraction of the cost to replace the whole mattress. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

Works great!!!!

I did the same as another reviewer, bought a firm bed but it was a bit too firm. I got the topper, a twin, because my husband was OK with the firmness of the mattress --we have a king. It is working great, the pressure points I felt from the regular mattress on my shoulders and hips has been softened by the mattress and I can again sleep on my back.. It's perfect for what I need and it's nice to know it is certified to have a low VOC emissions, no formaldehyde or prohibited phthalates and other materials that are toxic.

Not what I expected

We bought this after reading all of the positive reviews. I was so excited to put this on the bed and finally get a decent night's sleep. We are on the 4th night of "trying" to sleep on it, and we both have had the worst sleeping experience ever. I have pain in my back, shoulder and neck that didn't exist prior to using it. It's coming off the bed today and we are going mattress shopping. It seems like a quality product and it is obviously good for some, but we are sadly disappointed. Our mattress has slight indentations from where we slept before. I read a review from a customer that stated the topper filled in the indentations and left her bed flat. This is not true. In fact, it seems to amplify the indentations by falling into them. You can both see and feel this. In addition, the mattress cover that came with it has stains that appear to have come from the factory.

Did a bunch of research and took the gamble of ...

Did a bunch of research and took the gamble of buying this pad with the hope of extending the life of an old mattress and it has paid off. The original mattress had been regularly flipped and rotated so any depressions were not extremely deep but noticeable to the eye. I'll be adding this to the new mattress when the time comes.

It's great. Like buying a whole new bed

I was very Leary at first. Been sleeping on it for over a month now. It's great. Like buying a whole new bed. The slightest smell will go away... Really! It is not beige either! Its a grey color...this bugged me at first, just because I wasn't expecting that. It's worth the money. So happy with it.

Brings new life to old mattresses.

Very Nice memory foam topper. I have a nice memory foam bed but needed a little extra support and this hit the spot.

Also mine was a nice topper is a nice grey color unlike many ive seen on here commenting.

Absolutely love this product

Absolutely love this product, it is like magic . I ended up flipping over my extremely soft mattress, so that the hard part was facing up and put on the mattress topper. and put on the mattress topper. For the first time, we woke up with no aches and pains and no stiff neck. It's comfortable, and the perfect softness/hardness! Don't buy new mattress, you don't need one! Just got this . It's amazing!

Beat lower back pain

We've owned the high end memory foam mattress and the more affordable widely advertised memory foam mattress. We weren't satisfied with either. We used the Cool IQ toppers on a standard mattresses with much better results. It worked so well we did it for all our bedroom sets. Continued lower back pain with memory foam, air, and standard mattresses. Combine the topper with a standard mattress and the lower back pain is gone.

The Natures Sleep Cool IQ topper has transformed a new mattress that was ...

The Natures Sleep Cool IQ topper has transformed a new mattress that was too firm into a mattress that is very comfortable. Before the topper I would wake up with stiff muscles and bad back pain. Now I'm sleeping much better with no stiffness and have little or no pain when I wake up. (I've suffered with a bad back all my life.) I like this topper because I don't sink into a hole as happens with some memory foam mattresses. Also, there has been no pungent odor. The day the mattress arrived I put it on my bed and slept on it that night with no problem. And feeling hot during the night has also not been a problem at all. For your information, I'm a side sleeper. It's been a great purchase!

This makes the thin mattress with all the springs poking out feel like your comfy bed back home

This is a must have item for all us deployed service members. This makes the thin mattress with all the springs poking out feel like your comfy bed back home. This mattress pad shipped and got to me within 2 weeks of ordering which is impressive considering I'm down in austere Kenya. Best 119.00 bucks I've spent this year.

Memory Foam 2.5 inch Full

I was a little surprised that the foam was a dark grey instead of white or cream like all the posted pictures show. It did have a smell to it for the first several days but that has now gone away. I am sleeping much more comfortable.


I am the kind of person who is always cold, so I did not see a reason to buy a mattress topper with the "cooling" feature in the description (I have hypothyroid disease, so my body temperature drops at night more than most people). The first night I slept on this thing, I felt like was about to spontaneously combust! The second night, I cranked down the ac. My toes were freezing and my back was on fire. The mattress topper itself is quite comfortable, and seems to be made well. The off-gassing, normally associated with memory foam, was not that bad, it was really quite mild (my mom had one that stank for weeks). However, I tossed and turned all night on this thing to try and get away from the unbelievable heat. I understand now that the point of the cooling toppers is not necessarily to make you cool, but to keep most of the heat from collecting. This one will be returned. If you are the kind of person who can never stay warm, who knows, this may be a good choice for you.

Great product!

My purchased of this product was due to a review stating that they had purchased a few different toppers and this one was the best they had experienced. This was my first topper. My first night sleeping there were a couple of immediate noticeable positives, I did not need a pillow between my legs while on my side and I didn't need any extra pillows. It was the most comfortable I had felt in many years. I have had shoulder and neck pain for three years and after the first night of sleep it was immediately diminished. My husband has had hip pain for over a year and immediately noticed an improvement just lying down, after 3 nights his hip pain was gone. Obviously our mattress was the cause of pain. This is well worth the investment!

... to buy a new mattress and so far so good. I've only slept on the topper 3 nights ...

I purchased the topper in hopes of delaying having to buy a new mattress and so far so good. I've only slept on the topper 3 nights but have I've noticed a difference in my back pain--it's a lot better. If it helps for the next few months, it will be worth the investment.

VERY pleased with the item

VERY pleased with the item, as well as my entire experience with this company! The memory foam is amazing, and definitely beat my expectations! (First time bed topper purchase ever! Makes an old mattress from my grandparents [circa 1970's], itself--like a bedrock from flinstones--hard, feel like a brand new luxury pillowtop!) The company offered me very great customer service when I needed to contact them regarding my purchase; very satisfied with their product backing on quality and also their very timely response with customer inquiry. Thank you greatly!! (Saved me $1,300+ on a new King mattress!)

I can tell you that it is both comfortable and durable

This is the second time I've purchased this topper, which should tell you something, since I don't buy mediocre twice. I did a lot of research before buying and found that it was more about the density than the thickness of the topper itself. Since I've had the other one for several months now, I can tell you that it is both comfortable and durable. My only complaint is about the scent. It lasted a little longer than I expected, but it did fade away completely after a few days. All in all, it's a great product.


We are enjoying the extra support , however I do not believe that "cool " can be achieved in any foam topper . Also a chocking smell when we opened the package , it disappeared after a couple of days.

My back is back.

I've had back problems for the last couple of years. I would wake up every morning with pain and it would take me an hour to get pain free again. I decided to try a foam mattress but it was a bit hard. Bought this topper and it has made all the difference. So far no back pain and it is soooo comfortable, not too hard/soft. I'm hoping this trend continues.

My husband and I are sleeping much better. The topper is extremely comfortable

My husband and I are sleeping much better. The topper is extremely comfortable. It takes about an hour or two to fluff up after being folded in the packaging. All of the crease marks come out eventually.

they like it. The only reason we gave them 4 ...

My son and sometimes my hubby sleep on it. they like it. The only reason we gave them 4 star is that they didn't sell the Full XL size. We can only buy Full size to fit it. :)

Make a wonderful improvement over my 20 something year old high end ...

This is the second Natures Sleep Queen memory mattress I've bought. Make a wonderful improvement over my 20 something year old high end mattress. Definitely recommended.

Great buy

Bought this mattress topper for the kids and they love it. I also had guests sleep on the beds and they loved it as well. Doesn't get hot like other toppers.

Life Changing Comfort!

This mattress topper is life changing. I let it air out for 24 hrs and don't notice a smell at all anymore from the packaging. It's like sleeping on a cloud.

Super comfortable! I took the previous advice & let ...

Super comfortable! I took the previous advice & let it air out for 2 days & it fit on the bed perfectly, cover & sheets all fit over it just fine .

So glad I bought this

Best bang for the buck. I am sleeping all nigh now. Arrived when it was supposed to and did not have a strong smell when unpacked.


Heavy duty! Works like memory foam should. You don't just sink down into nothing as with cheap memory foam. Highly recommended!

Excellent Purchase!

The Nature's Sleep cool IQ is great! Best sleep I have had in a while. The support is amazing. Would recommend to anyone.

I am much more comfortable and my sleep has definitely improved

What a difference this has made for me. I am much more comfortable and my sleep has definitely improved.

I love it. This is the second one I've purchased

I love it. This is the second one I've purchased. Gave the first one to my mom when I moved.

Love my Natures Sleep Topper

This is exactly what I needed. My mattress is less than a year old but isn't firm enough for me. I hated to buy a new mattress so soon. My back felt stiff and very achy when I got up. After a lot of research I figured out to make my bed feel firmer and more supportive I needed to buy a dense, not too thick foam topper. So far since I received my topper I have slept much better and when I get up I can actually walk without pain. I am mostly a back sleeper and there is quite a difference in support with this topper. It also is very comfortable when I'm on my side. I am very sensitive to smells and there is a slight odor but it isn't bad. I'm sure it will dissipate in a short time. The topper was package very compactly but when opened it spread out very quickly. All in all, I am quite pleased with my purchase.

Good Memory Foam Topper

The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is the smell when first unrolled. It certainly had a very annoying chemical smell that is not exactly what I want to sleep on. So I left the unrolled topper for 3 days in our (finished and ventilated) basement to air out before placing it on the bed. Having slept on it for a couple of nights now I am very pleased with the way it cradles me. I hope that it will last (my last, much cheaper topper quickly developed "dents" that did not spring back as a proper memory foam should do - and I am not a heavy person). We shall see.

Nice topper for a decent price.

Received topper in a timely manner. As others have said it does have a slight odor, however by the time you have unwrapped it and left it in a warm area to acclimate for 2-3 days this smell goes away. It is very firm and dense but this is what you actually want from an upper end memory foam topper as it will last longer. As you sleep on the topper and it warms up from your body, it conforms nicely to your body. After you adjust for a few nights to the new topper being different you will sleep like a baby.

Sending it back

I was very disappointed. This did not help with my pressure point hip pain (helped better by folded over old mattress pad I got off the guest bed while I was waiting for this). It makes you very hot when you sleep. I have never had this with my memory foam mattresses I have had. I'm unfortunatley having to send it back. I also agree with others who have said the toxic smell lingers and lingers - gets a little better after airing out for a few days, but still there.

I've had it for a few weeks and I am very happy with the comfort of the pad

This is a mixed review. I've had it for a few weeks and I am very happy with the comfort of the pad. Not too squishy. Very supportive. It has definitely improved my sleep and made an older mattress feel great again. On the down side, the pad has a strong unpleasant odor. I let it off gas for a week in a room with the window open then put it on my bed with the included cover and a fitted sheet but can still smell it. At this point the comfort just barely outweighs the smell but I really hope the smell fades over time.

Very good quality, exactly what the manufacturer promised.

4.5 would be my true rating.. I recently bought this for my teenage son. Shipping was prompt. Easy to unroll and put on the bed. No smell whatsoever. Seems to be good quality, and my son is happy. The cover was high quality, dense thread count cotton. I think it has met all requirements of everything the manufacturer has promised...I think the only reason I gave it a 4 as opposed to a 5 is the price. Seems to be a little high price wise for what you get, although I am torn about this because I feel this manufacturer has a better quality product than some of the "egg carton" foam toppers. I would buy from this manufacturer and pay a premium for their product. Some of the reviews the buyer got a discount to review this. That was not true for me, although I admit I tried to figure out how to get that discount but was unsuccessful. :) ..

The foam itself is great. The cotton mattress covers that come with it ...

We got 2 twin xl. The foam itself is great. The cotton mattress covers that come with it were too short. I felt like I was in a comedy trying to get those darn covers on the foam. Fortunately, the mattress covers we already had were a better quality & fit perfectly. In the future I will look elsewhere for foam only so I'm not paying for something I had to throw away. You wonder about the quality control at Natures Sleep. Amazon's delivery was super. Everything arrived earlier than expected and in good shape. I didn't have the odor issues others have mentioned but aired them out for 2 days prior to putting them on the beds.

Very nice, very comfortable to sleep on.

Very comfortable. When it first arrived, portions were compressed. We put these down at the bottom of the bed where they were no bother, and eventually (about three months) they regained their shape. This continues to be comfortable, and continues to hold it's shape almost a year later. It is far more comfortable and makes for a very nice sleep!

Great topper for the price!!

I was a little worried that 2.5" wouldn't be thick enough, but since this is 4.5lbs it's really great! I would highly recommend this topper to anyone, it's very comfortable and you sleep very sound. It's not hot when sleeping on it and it really helps you sleep better at night!

Good firm pad, but strong initial odor

The pad is good and has definitely improved my sleep. Working fine after two weeks and I will try to update about durability in a few months. Took only a few hours to fluff up out of the box, but the fumes were quite strong and made my eyes itch. Let it air in the basement for 3 days before starting to use. It is now on our bed under a thick mattress pad and regular sheet and can still smell slightly at night, though no longer causes irritation. I suspect the odor will be totally gone in another week or so.

I have had the Natures Sleep Cool IQ mattress topper for one week now and I ...

I have had the Natures Sleep Cool IQ mattress topper for one week now and I love it. It came in a timely manner and is easy to unpack and to let breathe and expand to its normal shape. I will say that the odor it has is quite strong in the beginning and I left it air for a full 24 hours before using. As an insomniac I was desperate to use it so even though the odor was still quite strong on day two, I used it and had a great nights sleep. No tossing and turning and no aching and popping joints in the morning. I still catch a wiff of odor after one week but it is much better than at first. The way my body feels after sleeping on this topper is well worth the smell.

Finally a good nights sleep!!

Amazing sleep comfort! I haven't had back pain since I put this on my bed.

Love this. Sleeping much better now.

I spent weeks researching every memory foam topper I could find. I have a new bed but it is not as soft as I would like. But... I also have a husband who has a bad back and likes hard beds. This topper adds just enough softness but the high density keeps the bed from being too soft (sinking in). So, if you want your memory foam to swallow you, this may not be for you (get the 3.5 density instead of the 4.5 density); but, if you want a quality product that offers supporting cushion, this is for you. The shipment arrived quickly and there was NO smell at all. We let it puff up overnight and the all-cotton white cover it comes with is a nice feature. Overall, I am very happy with my choice.

Four Stars

we will be moving and this is tiding us over until we buy a new bed

Five Stars

Love the memory foam 2.5 inch as a topper to a very firm mattress.

Strong fumes

Really strong smell that lingers. Very comfortable though.

The difference is big. I recommended

Great !!!!
I'am happy with my election.

if you are looking for increase comfort in a firm mattress i highly recommend!

i was very skeptical and my husband is very picky about bed comfort. we both love this pad, it is a great addition to our mattress which was high quality and firm, but made our arms go to sleep.

Don't go to sleep without your memory foam topper!

I can't imagine sleeping without my memory foam topper. This one is more substantial (sturdier or denser) than the last one I owned, so I'm hoping it will last longer. Overall very satisfied.

But this pad is amazing. The most comfortable nights' sleep I've had in ...

We first bought a different brand. It went back after one night because I couldn't sleep on it. But this pad is amazing. The most comfortable nights' sleep I've had in a very long time.


This is the most comfortable topper I have used over the years. Great buy and Super Topper

Best purchase ever

Purchased this to put on top of my new Leesa king size mattress. Best purchase ever.

Very comfortable

Bought as a gift for my son and he loves it, says it has solved his back soreness!!

Sounder sleep!

So improved our sort of old mattress. Love the full cover that comes with it, too.

Fluffy Marshmallow

Nice product, just a little disappointed that it was not made in the USA.

Very comfortable.

Came quickly and is exactly as advertised. Very comfortable.

The cover is a perfect fit.

It's heavy but well worth it. The cover is a perfect fit.

Five Stars

Slept like a baby the first night! Would buy another one.

Four Stars

got for my mom I slept on it a few times. Appears comfy

100% satisfied! Excellent product in every way

100% satisfied! Excellent product in every way.

An A+ for This Item!

My husband and I are truly enjoying the Natures Sleep Cool IQ Queen Size mattress topper! We both have slept well since we have had it and have experienced no difficulties whatsoever. We would highly recommend it to others.

much needed comfort!

I purchased this for my mother who had just fractured her pelvis. She is in rehab and was suffering from a very uncomfortable bed. This topper has made her nights much more bearable and comfortable. Thanks for helping with her healing!

Best Mattress Topper for Dorms Period

Awesome mattress topper. I would highly recommend it for any dorm room. Twin XL is a perfect fit and allows me to sleep so much better. My sleep is so much better that I feel like I do better in class each day simply because I am more rested. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Best sleep i've gotten in a while

This mattress topper is fantastic! Well worth the price in my opinion. Even came 2 days before they estimated my delivery! I recently bought a new bedroom set with a sub-par mattress that ended up being too firm for me. I did some research on mattress toppers and this is the solution I found. I sleep so well now that I don't want to get up! The topper does not hold a ton of heat either which some foam mattresses/toppers do. I like to sleep on my side and on my back and this is great for both!
The "off-gassing" that people are complaining about... seriously people? There is a slight smell "similar to a the smell of any new product" when you open the box and let the topper unfold. I laid it on top of my bed, went to the gym for an hour and a half and when I got back, it has aired out just fine.
I've only had the topper for 3 days now (1/22/16) so ill try to check back in and write another review after a couple of weeks.

Pretty good but not great for me.

If I could, I would give a four and a half star rating instead of a four star. Perhaps I was expecting miracles, but this mattress topper has not quite met the high expectations I had when I ordered it. It has been a big help for the minor aches and pains in my shoulders and knees, but it has not really helped me with the most painful area I have - a very painful hip. I will have to seek some medical help for that, I think. My husband has been happy with it, however. He says that he sleeps much better now, so we will be keeping the topper.

Just a heads up, our mattress and box spring combo was already pretty high off the floor, and the mattress topper adds to that height, of course. Also, some have mentioned some odor, but we didn't find that to be a problem, and I have a very sensitive nose. We let it air out for about 36 hours, and it was just fine.

Fantastic if you want firm and supportive

This is a good topper for anyone looking for something pretty firm. The high density means that you only sink into it a little and it provides a lot of support. I have only slept on it for one night so far, so I'll try and update in the future. I didn't get the amazing, revolutionary sleep that others did, but it is a significant improvement! I'm adding a fluffy topper to it to add some balance and getting a better pillow, I'm hoping this helps. It has a very good "memory", but not so much that you create a crater that you can't get out of. So far I'm very pleased.

There was very little smell when it came out of the package and it was gone by the time I went to bed.

Four Stars

Comfy but does not cool. Wish it didn't say that. Misleading, but I'm happy with it anyway.

better than my hard mattress

nice improvement over previous mattress. Maybe a little thicker would have been better.

Would recommend! not too soft, not too hard.

This is a great mattress topper. I was really nervous about ordering one over the internet without being able to feel it. I read a ton of reviews on all sorts of mattress toppers before I ended up picking this one. The price is a little higher than the other options but the reviews for this one were way more consistent, and after receiving the product they are accurate! super comfy, not too soft, not too hard. the mattress didn't take the full 24 hours to recover, i only let it sit out for 6 hours before sleeping on it and it's great, sleeps 2 people comfortably as well. its been about a week now and I am very pleased. Would recommend to anyone looking for a soft topper.

Quite Good

We use this on a firm bed. The mattress topper feels quite firm. So, if you like a firmer top, this will suit you.
The smell from the mattress lingers around for a while.

Owner of mattress

Was given this bed as a gift. It is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. I spend most of my night just trying to turn over in it. When I do get to sleep I wake up with a headache and not rested. Would not recommend this bed to anyone. Going back to my old CraftMac bed.

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