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My Pillow

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My Pillow has grown popular because of its various TV commercials and infomercials starring its founder Michael Lindell. The My Pillow design is shredded open-cell polyurethane foam that makes it feel more like a traditional pillow rather than a one-piece memory foam pillow. In recent years, there have been some controversies around mixed reviews from customers surrounding My Pillow, but we'll demystify the rumors and highlight the facts about this well-known pillow.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Material Quality: 7.4/10

Comfort: 7.4/10

Support: 7.6/10

Cooling: 7.3/10

Odor: 7.2/10

Price: $49-$89

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My Pillow Details

My Pillow is a well-known brand of pillow with its friendly jingle and advertisements across traditional media. With a touching story about starting a business from the ground up and bringing jobs back to America, there is a lot to love about My Pillow on the surface. However, when it comes to cutomer satisfaction and long lasting comfort, customers have mixed reviews on quality, with some describing everyday comfort while others have immediate complaints about the materials and comfort.

What's Inside the Pillow?

The My Pillow has three different sizes of polyurethane shredded foam inside of the pillow. Though this is designed to be the perfect feel, there are some complaints that the material feels cheap and lumpy. The expectation is that when one lays down, the pillow will cradle his/her head evenly and without feeling the different pieces of foam in the interior. However, some people feel the individual particals within and report discomfort.

The Outside of the Pillow

The cover of the My Pillow is made of 100% cotton and some feel that it is quite thin vs what they were hoping for. It does not zip for easy adjustment of the foam fill. Some have complained that it sleeps too hot. A pillow case that is made of a cooler fabric such as polyester may be a good option for instant relief.


My Pillow comes in multiple different support levels that are color coded based on your size and sleep position. Though most are happy with the support, there are many that are not pleased with the feel vs the price.

Alternatives to My Pillow

There are many similarly manufactured pillows that are less controversal than My Pillow and are more positively reviewed by customers. See Our Full List of Pillow Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

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Thank Yoou

My man purchased a My Pillow for me yesterday and I was skeptical at first. At first, I thought that "how could this be comfortable, it feels lumpy," I retired to my room for a short nap after lunch and next thing it was 4 hours later. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain after a car rollover accident. To my surprise, for the first time in years I woke up and I was pain-free!! Now I am not saying it would work for everyone, but if you suffer from chronic pain I would completely recommend My Pillow. Thank you!

Cheap product. Feel completely ripped off.

I can't remember the last time I felt more ripped off. The pillow's quality and comfort is what I would expect at a cheap, old motel. Its fill is clumpy, the size is smaller than it appears on the advertising, and the packaging also differs from the advertisement. I can't stress enough just how cheap and uncomfortable this product is. Additionally, I had to pay an extra $20 for shipping just to return the item and still had to follow up with the seller to initiate a refund.

Over priced

The price of these pillows are laughable. When these pillows first went in the stores and on tv they weren't even a third of the price they are charging now....need i say more ??

One Star

The pillow seems like it's just filled with lumpy foam chunks

Don't sleep on this.

Terrible product.It does not perform as advertised at all. Ah, the power of advertising! My wife and I tried it to no avail , I even offered it to my kids, but they had already returned one.

My search for the perfect pillow continues

I was so hoping that this pillow would be the magic bullet for my neck pain but it was not. My search for the perfect pillow continues!

Best pillow in the world!

Wow! I actually delayed getting one of these because of the reviews. I'm mad at myself for listening to them! A year and a half ago I was hit with a massive amount of neck pain after jumping around like my old 16 year old self on a trampoline. 40 year old self had a blast until the next day. I couldn't stand, I couldn't sit, I couldn't lay down, I wanted to die. Whiplash with a side of bulging disks in my cirvical spine. I was sleeping on the living room floor, propped up on all fours with my head draped forward just to get 15 minutes of sleep in here and there. Agony. Seeing a chiro 3 times a week helped, but I still wasn't sleeping soundly through the night since. I tried all the pillows before this one. I'm throwing them all in the garbage! I've had this pillow for 3 nights. 3! I actually slept trough the night for 3 nights. My alarm went off this morning and I was so comfortable I didn't want to get out of bed. Before I was waking up with a headache, stiff neck and migrating nerve pain down my arms. I'm floored. I'm amazed. I'm totally getting these for all 5 of my family members. I still can't believe I waited. The 10 year warrantee, the fact that I can toss them in the washer and the dryer AND they are made in the USA! I'll be your new spokes person, because this is my miracle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Back Pain Disappearing

I never write reviews, but I am just bursting at the seams about this pillow! I have been dealing with lower back pain off and on for the past 6 months. I visit the chiropractor weekly (sometimes 2-3 times a week), but the pain still comes back every once in a while. I just bought this pillow, and after my first night of sleep using it, my back pain has greatly diminished! I used to need to take ibuprofen to get through the day, but I didn't need it at all after one night of using the MyPillow. It seems like a miracle! It is super comfy, very supportive, and I recommend it to anyone that is suffering from any type of back pain.

Awesome Pillow

Awesome pillow ! I have to say I sleep a lot better now. Just be sure to put it in the dryer to fluff it up before use and I put mine in the dryer every week for a few minutes to keep it well fluffed. Since buying this we have bought several more for other family members.


My Pillow did not meet my expectations. I felt that it needed more filling.

starsits not worth the money

I am sorry but to us its just another pillow

Ok, but not great.

This pillow does not hold up like it says it does. Does not hold is shape the way it is advertised. Is a comfortable pillow but was expecting much more from what all the hype was about.

Pillows come in small box and at first I was ...

Pillows come in small box and at first I was unimpressed. However, my neck pain was gone after sleeping on this pillow. It's a keeper.

It is undoubtedly the best pillow I have ever slept on

There is no exaggeration about this pillow. It is undoubtedly the best pillow I have ever slept on. I bought more pillows for my daughters because I was so happy with this product. In addition, the service from My Pillow has been great.

I heard a lot of hype about the My Pillow ...

I heard a lot of hype about the My Pillow brand. I ordered two of these and couldn't stand them for more than a week. The are now in my closet. Anybody can just chop up some foam and put it in a fabric bag.

High hopes big disappointment

I had seen this pillow so many times and really wanted to try it. I finally went for it and was left hugely disappointed.

It just wasn't comfortable. I felt my head sinking and always wanted to fluff. I followed the directions but nothing helped.

I really wanted to love this pillow so I kept trying. It always ended up in the floor before the night was over. Disappointed!

My Pillow

I love my pillow, it is just the right firmness that I need. No more neck aches !!! I would recommend it to anyone

The Worst Pillow You Will Ever Try!

This pillow felt like shredded foam which is the cheapest way to make an extremely low quality pillow. Shredded foam is purchased as garbage foam, from mattress companies for pennies on the dollar!

Poor Product

i purchased the my pillow to help me with sleep, it did not, however I continued to use it hoping. Then after a while I washed them and they did not come clean and dried them in the dryer for 1 hour and didn't dry all the way through, so I put them in the dryer again for another half hour and they are still not dry all the way. I'm afraid they will get moldy inside so I'm not using them anymore, whatever is inside is very poor quality that does not dry, be careful, don't buy these pillows. Bad experience


guarantee is a joke... my pillow fell apart while washing it according to instructions.. contacted my pillow and was told I needed to send in pictures of pillow... tell me how I could do this when part of it went down the drain and rest of it had to be vacuumed out of the washer and the cover in many pieces... how in their right mind could not see that it was impossible to do this... their response was that is their policy and nothing could be done without pictures... so the product sucks because it's their way or else... no give or take, so basically they call you a liar....

Wish I would have studied the reviews prior to purchasing!

Sure wish I would have read the reviews before I got swept into the excitement of purchasing a MyPillow. I tried & tried to sleep on this pillow for about a week. It bothered my neck terribly and I just was not able to get comfortable using this pillow. Every night I ended up throwing it on the floor and got my old pillow back out. Extremely dissatisfied. I thought maybe it was just me, so my husband tried it and he hated it immediately. So I had my sister try it. She thought it was ridiculous as well and she could not sleep on it. She was happy to have the chance to try one out before purchasing one herself. She will Not buy one now that she has tried sleeping on it. Horrible pillow - what a rip off! For that kind of money, this company should be ashamed of themselves for such a crappy pillow and False advertising! :-(

not at all what I expected

I purchased this pillow just a round 2 years ago. I washed and dried them as directed. the pillow no longer holds its shape..I thought I was doing something wrong..i tried fluffing and threw it in the dryer to fluff it up with no result. it still stayed flat. customer service is no help. I have gotten the run around. I simply asked for a replacement..they can keep this pillow. It isn't worth the money i paid for it..10 yr. guarantee ..they don't stick by their promise

My pillow sucks

Worst pillow I ever bought! My $9 pillow from Walmart is a much better pillow than this piece of crap my pillow.

Poor quality

This pillow is worse then buying the cheapest bargain pillow you can find. It is very flimsy, I went by the way I sleep and my weight and this half filled pillow showed up. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It's not even worth the money or effort to return it. I will just chaulk this up as a learning experience!!

worst night sleep

This pillow is not what is advertised. My husband and I spent the money on these pillows thinking of course that it would help us to sleep better. What a wake up call --literaly!! We have fought with this pillow since the day we got them. In fact it is the worst nights sleep. I ended up going to walmart numerous times to find a better pillow. I only wish we could get our money back. We would gladly send you the pillows back.

not what it seems

So we ordered the my pillow 4 pack just before christmas. Very pleased with the fast four day delivery and that is where it ends. The pillow hurt my neck tried it for two nights and went back to my old pillow. Called and they sent out one new one with less foam well now it doss Not have enough foam. Phoned to say I want to ship them all back. We'll that is fine as long as I pay for the shipping. Took the package to the post office they wanted almost 50.00 dollars to return and UPS was even more. So now I am stuck with pillows I am NOT using as it makes zero sense to spend 5O TO GET BACK 108.00 super underwhelmed with product and customer service basically sucks. Wish I never heard of the my pillow ad.


Mikes AD does NOT AD UP to his Statement or Advertising! MYPILLOW does what He claims it won't such as goes FLAT, gives me morning headaches and neck aches! When I called his customer NO SERVICE, the guy was RUDE! I would NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER MYPILLOW PRODUCT AGAIN!


Your product is garbage and is extremely overpriced. In addition Mike Lindell should not be doing commercials as the majority of viewers agree he is turns potential customers away . Not surprising that California sued him and for his false and misleading claims.

Extremely disappointed

I have given the My Pillow more than enough time to know that it does not help me sleep more comfortably at all. It is very lumpy and I DO feel the lumps ... washing/drying has not helped. I feel like a "sucker" (legitimizing the ads) for buying these pillows. Would definitely not recommend them and regret my purchase.

No impressed

I have been watching the infomercials on my pillow for years. Then I saw a demonstration on TSC. Bought the product because it's supposed to help cut down snoring. Not in the least, my partners snoring is the same. I wasted $$$$$

Terrible, lumpy, half filled garbage for a pillow

Crappy pillow, lumpy, half filled, cheap pillow case just poor quality in general


I bought the pillows over a year ago. I work so it is hard to remember to write this. I followed the recommendations for the order. The pillow looks like it is filled about 60%. After sleeping on it your head leaves a big hole in it. Laying on your side your neck isn't straight. The only reason I gave it a star is it can be washed and fluffs up. But it is flat after one night sleep with a canyon hole for your head.

Rip off

I bought 2 pillows one for myself and my son. We both got headaches from the pillows. It is by far not the best pillow I have slept on. It did nothing for me and it did nothing for my lower back pain as they claim. Luckily I bought mine at a local store and was able to return them. They do not stand by their product and now I see why because they suck.

Terrible Pillow

From all the hype, I thought I would be getting a great pillow. TERRIBLE!!! What a waste of money...and they are not cheap! Never again! BTW...I bought 4!!! Big disappointment!

Worst nights sleep

This is the worst pillow I have ever slept on I wake up hurting in my neck and back, I feel worse when I wake up of the morning, I wake up with a headache and I have only had the pillow 2 weeks and it is very flat just after 2 days, a waste of money.

feel cheated

I first bought the MYPIllow 6 years ago and it started to flatten, even though I have washed it and it fluffed back up. Ofcourse I did not register for the warranty. I found MYPillow at WalMart and I was thrilled that I could pick it up there. After almost 2 MONTHs it is flattening during my sleep. I called My Pillow and they told me that I have to take it back to the store because it is not the ORIGINAL MyPillow. This is false advertising because the sign said the original. It is in the same box, but apparently a cheaper make of their pillow. The woman on the phone tried to tell me that it is different, but I was able to register it with their company!! I really wanted to same pillow that I first bought and that did not happen. I paid $43. for it and I suggest you do not buy it from the area of the store that says As Seen On TV. Very Dissapointed

Awesome Product

Love my pillow, have had one for 2 years, sleep great! After washing my pillow , I discovered my washing machine full of foam! (I had washed it many times before), was so upset because I love my pillow, called customer service. In an amazingly short period of time my new pillow is in the mail

Neck Pain

When I Initially used the pillow it felt good. After washing it the pillow seemed too puffy. I have not had a good nights sleep since I washed it. My neck hurts every time I try to use it. Sorry I bought it.


I purchased this pillow in hopes to find relief. Paying 49.99 plus tax for a pillow that does the same as a $5 pillow. I reached out to customer service and they totally ignored me. I am so disgusted and really wish I had seen these reviews before purchasing this mess!!!!

Underfilled and lumpy

This is perhaps the worst pillow I have ever tried. The pillow feels like they only put in half of the filling it needed. All I could feel was lumps of the filling on my head and neck. All it supports is its founder.

not worth the money

receiving two my pillows sized by their charts, one actually has about 2/3 the fill of the other. Both were fluffed in the dryer, neither supports as advertised, their suggestion i sent one back for them to inspect

Disappointing. Not what expected.

My husband and I each have a My Pillow. We have had them since October of 2018. I never found anything special about it from day one. And the size was disappointing. The queen is more the size of a standard pillow. Within a month after getting them, my husband started to complain about neck and shoulder pain again. We have both woke in the middle of the night sweating, so this pillow does not stay cool. I do not recommend this pillow. Jus might toss them into the trailer for camping.

Is the fill really safe?

I was not happy with the product on many levels. For one, neither my husband's or my pillow was adequate for our comfort. He took mine and mine went on the floor. Then I decided to open up the "over-stuffed" pillow and the fine shards of poly fill went everywhere and stuck to everything, including my lungs. I know feel like I am having an asthmatic reaction to breathing in the chemical off gasses from the poly. fill, which as it turns out, is quite toxic. I am not sure how this pillow came to market or is getting so much air time. I do not like anything about the pillow and wish I could get my money back; I am very discouraged by the blasphemous ads, and hate that Mike fills up my TV screen so much. Enough already! Do not recommend for chemically sensitive people, and that community is growing, now, thanks to products that emit so much off-gassing. One unhappy customer, SB


I bought My Pillow, Paid $40.00 + Tax; tried this pillow and it's the worse pillow I ever bought and regret buying this Pillow. I bought because it was suppose to help with neck pain, will my neck pain got worse. So, I tried to give to my niece, she didn't even want it. I will not recommend buying this Pillow not worth the money.

Not my pillow

I gave this so called premium pillow one star because I could not give it none. I swore I would not buy it but I did and was I sorry. I could not return it fast enough. The pillow sells for about $40.00 and it isn’t worth the box it comes in, as a matter of fact, you would be be better off sleeping with the box as your pillow.

Bad pillow, bad experience,

My Pillow pillows are one of the biggest scams Ever ! I just bought a 4 pack from them and when I received them I couldn't believe the deceit ! They are LITERALLY filled with shredded sponge foam ! And their "comfort levels" is nothing but more or less shredded pieces of foam inside the same size pillow case. Also, they are NOT comfortable ! Down pillows are 100 times better. I requested to return them and they said they will charge me for return shipping. Don't fall for their "60 day satisfaction guarantee". First, there is NO satisfaction from sleeping on these pillows. Second, their magical pillows advertisement is a scam. Want a "my pillow" ? Buy a camping foam and rip it into small pieces and stuff your pillow case: ta-da ! You got yourself a "my pillow". lol. Third, they want me to pay for returning their poor quality product !


Not happy with the medium pillow. Very thin, not all that firm.

Don't get your expectations up!

This pillow doesn't live up to its hype. After about a week, what you have is a pillow. Any pillow. And expect to fight all night trying to get it back to what it was, what was promised. A total waste of money. Expect the best, get the worst.

Great Marketing but Average at best

They're smart to spend the bulk of their budgeting in marketing because their product is average at best. I started having headaches at night and tried everything from an MRI to a Chiropractor with no clear diagnosis. I figured I'd try a new pillow just for the heck-of-it. So I tried a MyPillow and ... nothing! Not only no improvement but after a week I returned to my old pillow and seemed to get a better nights sleep. There's really nothing special about a MyPillow. It's contents are merely small cubes of foam. You want a MyPillow? ... take the foam from your current pillow and cut it up into 1/2" squares and you have a MyPillow. So save your money, as they are ridiculously priced, and don't buy into the marketing hype of this VERY AVERAGE pillow company.

Washing Ruined

I washed both MyPillows according to the manufacturer's instruction. The pillows came out of the dryer unusable; they foam "puffed" up, became very firm and trying to sleep on this product is like attempting to sleep on a mound of dirt!

Good Marketing Scam

My Mother gave me this pillow after she bought it and didn't like it. I tried it for a few months and eventually contacted the company because it was not a comfortable pillow. They were nice enough to send me a replacement of their heavier pillow. I was greatful since I did not have the receipt. So I tried it for a few months, and I have now given up. It has been banished to a secondary pillow on the bed that I only use for arm support. Yes, it rates right up there with a 30 year old pillow that's as flat as a pancake. It's amazing how the human mind can be manipulated. Please don't be manipulated by their marketing. There are better pillows out there. I rate this one very low.

Don't waste your money!

I bought a My Pillow with one of my clients (I am a caregiver). We split the cost and said we wanted to see if it was for real. It came wrapped in a tight roll in very heavy plastic wrap. I put it in the dryer as it said. The filling inside the pillow seemed very sparse like someone forgot to fill it. When I put my head on it, the filling went to each side and my head ended up flat with nothing underneath it. I think someone forgot to fill it totally. I have put it back in the dryer several times to hopefully improve it but it is in my closet and I will never, never use it. It is a total dud and I would have sent it back but did not want to cause a hassle for my senior client. What a waste of $45.00!

This is crazy!

What kind of sorcery is this! I would mock anyone who bought this garbage. Then finally I decided to try these prove once and for all what nonsense my pillows are. I have not been able to leave my bed. I have been sleeping like I never have before. I am out cold Minutes after my head hits this sorcery pillow. Yea it was kind of awkward feeling the chunks of filler when my face first dived into these magic clouds but once I just let myself go, Its been sleep after sleep after sleep ike I never had before. I don't know if they will work for everyone but they are the perfect pillows for me. I will never use anything else. This skeptic is sold!

Love it

When mine arrived and I first opened the package, I was skeptical because of the lumpy filling. However, it is amazing because I don’t feel any lumps when I lay my head on it. Just cushy comfort. I absolutely love , love, love it.

Sure they are comfortable but...............

I got two of them and they give "crinkly" sounds under my head all night even when I am not moving, my gel pillow never did this and it is very annoying

Doesn’t match the claims

We’ve had a set of My Pillows for almost a year now. Claim is that you don’t have to keep turning or adjusting it during the night. That me be true if you never change positions but if you’re a normal sleeper, not so much. Your head makes a dent that pushes the foam towards the headboard for sure. If you change positions, you will have to adjust the foam. I am constantly adjusting and turning the pillow. Claim is it doesn’t get hot. Yes it does. Says not to use a pillow cover to keep the cooling properties. Doesn’t work with or without a pillow cover. Have to turn it over to get cool. Washing the pillow every 2 months is a pain in the neck. Pillow is comfortable enough, I guess, just not the best pillow I’ll ever own, as claimed. Lots of hype and salesmanship in that commercial for sure.

My pillow after 7 months

Our son sent us two mypillows for Christmas 2018. I followed their initial use instructions to the letter as I have their care instructions. After a week or so we experienced nothing to support their claims. Now after 7 months still nothing. In fact it feels as if the pillows are loosing firmness. I would certainly not recommend. BTW I rarely review products but felt I could possibly save someone their hard earned money.


I have heard enough bad reviews about these pillows but to be honest, I am totally tired of continually hearing this man's voice on commercials.........I practically have his "lines" memorized! He obviously enjoys hearing his own voice, is unbelievably wealthy or has a lot of "connections" you might say with Fox, to be able to afford these most boring commercials. I, too, started a small office......a self-help legal clinic, first of the type in Michigan, but my business came from client referrals, not with people having to see my face 24-7. Enough......please!

Chemical pillow

This pillow has the worse chemical smell that I have smelled. The pillow worked ok, but I woke up very stuffy. I am bringing it back to the store!

I fell for it

Got the "firm" - head sunk to the bed immediately. had to use another pillow on top of the mypillow. Dont even bother.

not worth the price

I had this pillow for over 6 months now. Everything the creator said it was on his commercials is completely opposite and not true. I wasted my money for nothing not worth the money and not worth listening to the lies he says it does. VERY DISSATISFIED. BUYER BEWARE STAY WITH THE 3 TO 5 DOLLAR PILLOWS THEY WORK BETTER THAN THE MY PILLOWS

worst pillow

I bought 4 of the my pillows what a mistake. I had them to long to take back. I did take 3 gallon of the foam out that helped a little. the garbage men will get them now. I do not recommend them at all. I did give it 1 star because I had to. junk


This is the biggest LIE on TV. I tried My Pillow twice to give it a fair chance. Bad Idea, this is the worst pillow I ever used in my LIFE. Couldn't even go to sleep. It's something I would expect to find in the lowest class roadside no-name dump of a motel. Can't really tell anyone how really BAD it is.

They got me

I was so excited to receive my pillow but within the first couple hours of the the night, I was so disappointed. It goes flat super easy and it doesn't support my neck AT ALL! I order the green filling initially but called to get the blue for more support and it feels like the same flat uncomfortable pillow. It's not even good support for just laying around watching t.v. I've had way better pillows from Walmart or Target for a fraction of the cost of this sham. I will tell everyone with an ear DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW. It isn't my pillow, it's y'alls and you can have this piece of s*** back.


My husband bought me this pillow yesterday at Walmart. I am petite and this pillow made my head press forward to far making it extremely uncomfortable. Hated it.

Poot quality

We probably were one of the first to purchase your pillows. You had no quality control; the seams were not straight and the first time I placed the pillows in the Washer, the one pillow's material was so weak that then I removed the pillow there were pieces of foam everywhere. So I picked up the foam,; stuffed it in and duck taped it. Joe's been sleeping on a duct taped pillow (king size) for two years. As for me, I do not sleep on your pillows. They are lumpy hard and too stuffed for me to be comfortable. I took back my sleep inovations pillow. I was born in MN so I believe in MN products but yours disappointed me. T

not my pillow

(NOT) my Pillow review: The my pillow is all hype and little action. We ordered two different pillows, one firm one soft, and received two pillows for which we could not tell the difference. We also plumped and tried to conform and found that did not work. We slept on them and both of us found they caused neck aches and for me a headache. They did not stay in any discernible shape and were just too hard and too high. We also decided to return then and found out the shipping was on us. To me that means they have little confidence in their product, possibly expecting many returns. I would delve deeply into this before purchasing. I would suggest purchasing another similar, cheaper product to see if you even want to own a my pillow. I can not recommend this product to anyone. This pillow is a bad purchase without knowing ahead of time that you can actually use it. Remember, you pay $20 just to try the pillows only to find out you can't use them. 100% Refund means minus the money you paid to get them AND to return them. AND the pillows weigh less than the box in which they send them. They could try reducing the shipping cost.


I purchased the my pillow and bought 2, costed me over 100.00. I washed 1 of the pillows and it tore. Foam came out and big mess in my washer. E-mailed a complaint to the factory, got the run around of replacing the pillow. Started using the other pillow I bought . Have to fluff this pillow every night and still wake up with a flat pillow. Very disappointed with the product, replace if not satisfied and the promise of the quality of the pillow. They need to make the customers happy and stop promoting a product that does not do what it is advertised.

Pillow bunches up - VERY bad for the neck!!!

Because the inside is solely contains small foam squares, the foam moves around while sleeping. The foam bunches up and your head is raised, which puts pressure on your neck. This is VERY unhealthy for the spine,

Not the best pillow

I purchased 3 different color coded pillows 2 years for me, my mom and dad. We all took turns sleeping on them for a few nights just to see if any of us like them at all. At the end of the second night none of us found the comfortable at all. Very lumpy and just could not get comfortable with any of the 3 different ones. I did find that the one that was most filled was really awesome for laying in bed at night watching TV. It propt my head up so I could comfortably watch TV so I love that one for that but not sleeping on. I find the most comfortable pillow for me is a down alternative pillow. Love them. They do go flat after about a year or so but I can order a set of 2 on Amazon for $35 so it's all good and I don't mind paying $35 every 2 years for new ones.

Best pillow ever

My Mom watches infomercials and she got me one of these pillows for Christmas because I have always had unexplained migraines-she thought it would help. I did not believe the hype but hey, it was a thoughtful gift. Imagine my surprise when day after day I awoke without any headaches! First time l have been headache free for more than a few days in 50 years! It can’t possibly be the pillow but it has to be since I have not changed anything else. I am in total awe!

Don't waste your money

Bought 2 queen my pillow a few days ago. Normal pillows seem to do a better job. Pillow flattens immediately. Waste of money

I love it

One day I was looking for my dog and I found him upstairs laying on my pillow!!!

My pillow King and regular size

I purchased two My Pillows last week and received. I had already purchased two about five years previous that I was very happy with, that is why I decided to re- order the. The quality of the pillows were like night and day. I put them in the dryer for fifteen minutes prior to using like the instructions said.Bbut looks like half the fill that was in the first ones was in the second pillows. Got them on sale don't know if that's why it seems like I got their seconds was a very big disappointment.

Over priced

We were lured in be the advertising that made it seem like this a superior product, and would facilitate sleeping well. We found the product to be just marginal, and regret the ridiculous amount of money we spent on these pillows. I will never buy a product from this company again since I feel they made deceptive claims.

Best marketing/salesman ever born

This is a pillow that should sell for under $10.00. It is a lumpy mess that takes on a new shape throughout the night. The foam is always sliding around and I really hate "my pillow". This guy could sell snow to an eskimo in a blizzard!!

Best marketing/salesman ever born

This is a pillow that should sell for under $10.00. It is a lumpy mess that takes on a new shape throughout the night. The foam is always sliding around and I really hate "my pillow". This guy could sell snow to an eskimo in a blizzard!!

Did not arrive when promised

I don’t usually write reviews, but I will in this case. This company does not ship as promised when you order their merchandise. What they fail too tell you is the only work on week days, if you order it on Friday ..the order isnt processed until the next BUSINESS day. In this case the following Monday thus extending the terms to now 9 to 11 days. I got a confirmation that my order would deliver in 7 to 10 days on the 10th day I called and was on hold a long long time just to learn it was delayed even more. For a company dependent on shipping their merchandise..they failed ...and the CSR made it seem like it was my fault. only buy from them if you don’t care when you get the product you have already paid for.


I have had my pillow for over one year, I recently washed my pillow as I have in the past, I received a strong chemical smell, that I felt could be very dangerous if I continued to inhale that smell from my pillow. I re-washed pillows with clear water ,no soap, smell worse than ever. Need help or replacements by my pillow

How do you wring “My Pillow” out?

Okay, I love the pillow, but washing it, and getting it to wring out is another story. I am a laundry aficionada. I have top of the line Whirlpool Duet front load washer, but it never wrings out even with an additional drain/spin cycle. So...I hang it out and almost collapse my clothes line. Then 1 or 2 more hours in dryer. Suggestions???

Woke up with neck pain and headache

I was hoping for a good nights sleep but woke to neck pain and headache so I had to go back to my old pillow these are a ripoff was not happy and not worth sending them back they go flat after the first night, save your money and go buy a good one, Sorry Mike but they suck!!

worst pillow i have ever sleept on

so disappointed, i expected so much better with all the hype. pillow bunched up and had no support, was flimsy , the fill in it shifted so badly that at one point i had none supporting my head.

Extremely disappointed!

I am very disappointed in the pillow I received. I found it to be lumpy, and the filling shifted as I slept. In addition to the bed pillow, I also ordered a body pillow to help with my arthritic knees which have had knee replacements; but that too was a huge disappointment. These pillows are certainly NOT worth the cost, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Discount and shipping off set each other

I love my pillow products but prefer to customize pillow orders vice stores. But seems more money is spent on advertising than eliminating shipping cost even within the same state.

Too mushy, no support

This pillow [firm version] sinks down to less than 1/2" thickness making it equivalent to a cheap motel pillow where one must stack up several pillows to achieve even a small level of comfort and support at the correct height. Chunks of foam seem fine, but there is little to no support at all in any position of the head. It seems well-made, just poorly designed.

Warranty means nothing.

I called “My Pillow” to exchange Mypillow per the 10 year warranty and first got Mike Lindell saying I was about to experience his “wonderful customer service “not true ! I even told the woman how rude she was. I called because the pillow got hard half way th the night. She told me I wasn’t washing it the right way. I know how to do laundry.... several decades of experience and she had a memorized script and I was told I needed to wash it again and call back and she was rude. I then washed the pillow again and same results. I just let it go and decided not to go through anymore garbage. But I see the endless commercials and feel irritated. I am from Minnesota and was quite proud of someone doing so well from my home state. Not anymore ! I think the pillow is a ripoff.


I have used this pillow for over a year I kept waking up at night 3 a.m. and my scalp would be completely wet I find that pillow makes me sweat profusely. I went and bought a 100% organic cotton pillow problem solved no more soaking wet scalp and hair

my pillow

To my disappointment, I bought mypillow after watching a commercial for the first time after watching an informercial because of my severe neck issues. I tried it one night and I have to say it had to be the worst pillow I ever tried or slept on. My advice to you, don't buy it or at least buy it through Amazon and it won't cost you all the shipping. One night of horrible sleep cost me $60. Canadian because of all the shipping cost for delivery and return. You are just as well to take your old pillow cut it all up and throw it in a bag and sleep on it or go to Wallmart and buy their $10 pillow, which I hear is better. I will never buy another pillow without trying it at the store, which I have now decided to stick with the Bay store with no hassle return and delivery at no cost to me.

Worst nights sleep

Received two premium My Pillows off internet ad. Arrived on time, packaged beautifully, all customer care items tastefully included. Wish they had included sleeping pill. My wife and I discussed the pillow this morning over coffee and we both decided it was one of the biggest letdowns we had endured. Uncomfortable, lumpy, and plainly intolerable. I should have taken the money and gone to a hotel with no-name pillows. Waste of money .. very disappointing

It's a pillow

I have to periodically flip it over because it flattens out . Not impressed, very lumpy. Overpriced.

Deceptive description

Ordered 28" pillows Actual Measurement 24", 28" before filled. Ordered 1 green pillow and one blue. Received one white and one green. Wonder how long to get refund????

Was expecting a miracle,no such luck.

I couldn’t afford the $50.each pillow, but bought two at $29.99 each. I was not satisfied at all .As aChristian I wanted to help another Christian brother. So sorry!I went back to my original pillow and it works.

garbage and offensive

the site told me to order a yellow because i current use a down, now for me to exchange it i have to pay shipping and handling to Quebec. I also was bombarded by christian propaganda in the package and 1-800 number

False advertizing

I just wish that the owner Mike wasn't such a liar on the commercials. The pillow does go flat and doesn't keep its shape. Not anything special, just another liar promoting an inferior product.

No what I was expecting!

I purchased a pair of My Pillow at Khols yesterday and I returned them today. The commercial is well-done to make you think you are buying your sleep/pillow solution at last. Reality? If the 99 cents would ever sell pillows, it would probably be more efficient and effective.

worse pillow!!!

I bought my "My Pillow" from a respectable and popular online store. They only offered the lavender cord...that is all they ever offer. I googled what the colors meant and the owner's video talks about colored tags. Anyhow, I bought the pillow and it is the worse pillow. It does not give my neck support and it even flattens more throughout the night. I am constantly trying to fluff it up in the dryer and it is good for a few hours and then flattens. THE WORSE PILLOW!!

Don't waste your money

Worse pillow I have ever used. I fluffed pillow as instructions said in the dryer. When I put my head on the pillow both ends popped up on the sides of my head like wings. NO support. Over priced, over rated Don't return my UPS, cost my $24 to ship it back


these pillows are terrible slept so horrible.

1 star, because "0" is not available

Ohhhh lordie stop right now and DO NOT buy these pills! My husband's neck is stiff and my back is crooked and my shoulder...forget about using my right arm today, can't move that either from the shoulder pain this crap caused. I can't even stand up straight. This is filled with the lumpiest pieces of foam and when you lie on it, your head sinks to the mattress. We tossed and turned all night. We sleep on our sides and we tried everything to make these work. I don't care what it costs to return them, our main mailman will haul these back to the junk yard they came from at

Extreme disappointment

I really believed the hype and I was extremely disappointed. I actually went right back to my bamboo pillow it is so much better. I wanted to like the mypillow but I am sorry I just do not find it to be as advertised.

Comes apart to easily

I bought 2 my pillows about a month ago. They support and sleep well but they have both come apart already loosing all their filling. The first one was unsalvageable. I had to throw it away. The second one, I was able to sew up in time to save most of the filling. I’m very disappointed because I expected better workmanship for the price.

Don't do it

I bought a My Pillow after seeing the TV advertisements. After using the pillow for approximately 6 months, I ended up with such horrible neck issues! It ended up costing me several days of lost wages, thousands of dollars in doctor and chiropractic bills (family doctor, xrays, MRIs, etc) to start feeling better. I've been away from this pillow for about 2 months and have seen a world of difference. I'm still spending $180 a week on chiropractic care, trying to get back to 100%. Unless you want to throw away thousands on medical bills, I would not recommend this to anyone.

Not Happy

I ordered MyPillow for my husband and I, and used one of their "coupons" to get 2 pillows for $50 with a pillowcase. For $50, I would expect a little more. The first set I ordered a medium fill, and I might as well have tried sleeping on a pancake, as that's what it felt like. Not to mention how hot the pillow was after just a minute of laying on it. I was told to only use cotton pillowcases, and I was using bamboo, but even with the cotton pillowcases, there was no difference. I called to return the pillows, but was somehow talked into just exchanging them for a firm fill. I got the firm fill, and there was seriously no difference at all in the pillows. I was annoyed by this point, and just wanted a refund. I did have trouble with my package getting lost in the mail, and had to wait 4 weeks before anything would even be done on customer service's part. There was so much back and forth with calling customer service, it didn't even make sense that nothing was being done for situations completely out of my control. It did eventually arrive, and now that I'm wanting to return the second set of pillows, they want to take $11 MORE out for shipping! So I paid $60 for these pillows, and only going to get up with $30 back, and be out $30 for nothing. I guess there's a reason why these pillows aren't sold in stores, because no one would actually keep them with easier an return process. I would never give MyPillow my business, and their products are way too expensive for what you get.


Worst pillows we ever bought, dont get suckered in by the sweet talk. This non gusseted cheap thin cotton covered chipped foam pillow is hot to sleep on, hot when flipped over during the night and very uncomfortable to sleep on as it never comforms to your natural sleep height, making for a sore neck in the morning. You want quality? shop around for a gusseted thick cotton covered feather/down mix pillow, you will never buy another after buying one. So stay away from this cheap pillow being made out to be a "miracle" pillow, the only miracle is that the owner of the company is probably now a millionaire made from the misery of his cheap pillow buyers!

Can’t believe it!

I was so skeptical of “My Pillow”, I was in Bed Bath and Beyond one day and the pillows were in front of the store as soon as you walked in. I’ve heard Glenn Beck talk about how good they are, I was looking at the pillow and a UPS man was there and said to me “GET THE MY PILLOW, I’ve never slept so good in my life,”. So I bought it and after waking up with a stiff neck for weeks and arthritis in my cervical spine, I woke up the next morning with the best sleep and no stiff neck. I wish I had bought one a long time ago. Plus I also bought it because they are made in the USA and because of Mikes background .

Don’t waste your money

You can clearly see on the commercial that this pillow is not in the least firm. I did not purchase this pillow a neighbor did and brought it over. Big joke and junk. Not even full with the chunks of whatever Is in it. So, it’s made in America, where does the material inside the pillow come from? I guess that’s imported.


I bought these pillows because I was thinking it would be a great pillow for the neck pain I get while sleeping. I had to fluff this pillow and almost fold it in half to even be comfortable. Right after I started using this pillow, I would wake up and my eyes would be so swollen and red. I couldn't figure out what was causing this. Around this time, I had bought some setting spray and thought it was it, so I stopped using it. What happened? I woke up with swollen eyes again. I realized that I bought both around the same time. I stopped sleeping on this pillow and bam, eyes are back to normal. I am VERY disappointed in this pillow. Not worth the money. In fact, I wouldnt even take this pillow for free

customer service

I purchased a mattress topper and 2 pillows at a home show in Cleveland Ohio and was asked for my email address. I assumed I would receive a confirmation of my purchase and how and when I can expect my purchase. I want to be home when it arrives and yet when I called customer service no one could help me. I guess they expect me to stay home every day until it arrives. VERY POOR SYSTEM. What was the point in asking for my email address?

What a waste of money!

The 2 My Pillow deal that I got was supposed to be Standard/Queen pillows but it was no more than a Standard pillow exact fit and I had to buy new pillow cases to use them. After 3 nights of trying to sleep on them I new I had to send them back because they didn't fit my head no matter how many times I adjusted them. When I bought two of them on the special price, with shipping, of around $97 I thought it was a good deal. But I just talked with one of the people at the My Pillow site about sending them back and I was told that I had to pay for the shipping myself. As it worked out I was getting a $62.50 refund which meant that the final cost to me for trying the pillows is $34.50! When I have had to return something to a company before, it was usually free or cheap shipping to do so, because they felt it was their responsibility because it was their product. All this does is show me that My Pillow is a company that is more concerned about it's own profits, not the satisfaction of the customers use of their product and the cost of refunding because of their lack of interest in making sure the customer is treated fairly! If I have any friends or family that intend to use My Pillow, I will make sure they understand what happened to me!


This is by far the worst online purchase I've made. Yep, the advertising makes you think you'll be getting a tested quality product but in the end, it's a sac of crumbled foam, that inadequately sports your neck, the fill is uneven, I find myself with my head buried into the pillow in the morning. Sent the pillows back, waste of money. Spend a little more and actually get REAL bed pillows.

Doesn’t do what it says

They claim that it doesn’t go flat. I plump it up and I wake up and have to plump it up again. So that’s bull that it doesn’t go flat. It gets hot too.

Save your money, buy a cheap Walmart pillow instead.

I just bought one for $50 at Walmart because of ALL the commecials, radio ads, and celebrity recomendations for this. It feels just like my king size Walmart pillow i bought 10 years ago, after all the stuffing has been washed and is matted up in lumps all over the place. From what I'm seeing of the interior, it is just that but with foam. I slept on one side of the pillow and all the stuffing went the the other side. I tried the middle, and the stuffing split to each side around me. Nothing gave me support. I bought a King Firm about 4 hours ago, and I'm taking it back tonight. One user said it best on here:" I've seen better cheap motel pillows than this." Trust me when I say the people giving 5 stars must be paid to. Just go buy one yourself and see WE 1-star people are telling the truth.

Don’t waste your money.

This pillow is no better than any other pillow it’s not any Moore comfortable than a other pillow. Only difference is the price. This pillow is way over priced . Such a huge disappointment

Advertising is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG - Pillow does NOT PERFORM

Been looking for a replacement pillow for quite some time - received a MyPillow pillow as a gift and was hoping for the best - sadly, I was waaaaay disappointed - woke up with my head on the bed swallowed by distributed foam sides. Fluffing only helped for 5 minutes until the foam settled out again - went round and round with customer service reps (4 of them) and all they wanted was the offending pillow back so they could replace it with a different "fill" level. I informed them at east 4 times that I had no intention of returning the pillow - just wanted to share my experience with them so they could resolve future issues - they expressed ZERO interest in that. IMHO, the advertising is, at a minimum, misleading if not directly false. I have no idea if another fill level would work and after a week of going back and forth with the CS reps, I have no desire to find out. As I shared with them, the pillow will be used as a punitive measure for guests overstaying their respective welcomes :) My advise to you - find another pillow. Period

Shame on you!

I just watched a commercial with Mike of My Pillow saying that the world's best cotton is Gisa Eygpt and is so arrogant that he shows us a map of northern Eyght. What does that say about cotton growers in AMERICA? Mike you should be ashzmed

Run for your life and a good nights sleep

Thee absolute worst pillow I have EVER “tried” to sleep on. I felt horrible giving them to my daughter who went away to college but young people don’t understand quality and comfort. The flat pillow is like sleeping on a sheet filled with cotton balls. The firm pillow feels like 1 sheet higher filled with cotton balls that aren’t made of cotton. Now, I do have something positive to say about the Giza sheets. Cool, light, soft, comfortable and priced right. In addition, for other king sleep number bed owners, he was smart enough to make a set with 2 twin sheets for the bottom and the top sheet is a king. Buy his from his pillow.

impossible to get dry after washing

this king sized pillow washed ,as far as i can tell, in a stackable heavy duty whirlpool washer ok. after many different spin cycles i could not get this extremely heavy thing to dry. i tried pushing on it , twisting it and was ready to roll over it with the car. it was going to ruin my dryer it was so heavy. this was a terrible investment in a product that is advertised a 1000 times a day. don't know what to do with this large wet blob but let it hang in the garage and maybe by spring, if it doesn't mold it will be dry. either way very disappointed and will never buy anything associated with my pillow again.

My dog wouldn't sleep on this pillow

Purchased due to all the hype on media. As usual bull dung ,pillow is very cheaply made ,lumpy filling, very thin cheap cover. Once again the public gets jilted while smiling asshole on tv gets rich. As seen on tv actually means cheap, worthless , inferior or any other derogatory term one wishes to use

Another company who lies about what their product does!

1st, you claim, "my pillow adjusts....", DOES NOT! "My mattress topper relieves your pressure point and regulates your body temperature....."! Definition of regulate- to control by rule or method. There wasn't any device connected to the topper to"regulate my temp all night long",when sleeping as you pointed out in. WHAT A LIAR!!! By the way, anyone reading this..a king size is$1000.00! Go buy a Beauty Rest by Simmons! For the same!!!!

Absolute Garbage!

I made the mistake of buying a 'Mypillow' at a "Showcase' retailer. I tried it for less than 10 minutes the night I bought it and put it back in the box. It was the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever had the misfortune of using. It is much smaller than a standard size pillow and the chipped foam filling feels like a discount pillow at a dollar store. They've spent all their money on advertising and nothing into the actual product. Their warranty is a joke. Because I bought it at a '3rd party retailer', My Pillow refused to honor their guarantee, which is just as well considering they will not give refunds, only exchanges. Why would I want another uncomfortable pillow? Showcase, the retailer I bought it from, would not give me a refund or even a store credit despite the fact that I was not informed that the guarantee was null and void if I purchased it from them. I was scammed by both businesses - do not waste your money on either of these crooks.

I should have read the reviews.

My complaints about the damn overpriced pieces of junk reflect the exact same sentiments as I found in here. $85. damn dollars for 2 pillows that became lumpy and flat within a couple of weeks. Man did I get ripped in this deal !! For you who are considering a purchase, read all the reviews and then walk away from this crap.

deceptive ads

We tried them. really no difference or worse than the cheap pillows we have been using. pretty misleading advertising. wouldn't recommend

Toxic Polyurethane Foam Filling

I received MYPillow and noticed a strong smell. I was disturbed all night thinking I was breathing toxic off gassing. This morning I looked at the tag and see it's 100% Shredded Polyurethane Foam. I looked that up and it says it may cause cancer, neurological disorders, miscarriages.......and more! This should not be sold!!!


I would not recommend MyPillow to friends and family.

I'll never wash it again!

I found the pillow comfortable but, then I washed it, it required 4 spin cycles, & 6 hrs, on high, to dry. Now, it is somewhat lumpy & not as comfortable. My wife found hers to be lumpy from the start.

Poor customer service

Called three times to prevent an order from shipping incorrectly NEVER got a call back left fourth message to complain waited on hold 30 minutes. Left message that payment will be stoped, bet I get a call back now !

pillow rolls

problem i got is the pillow want to roll or side up. need one square.

Lumpy pillow

Bought two King Size pillows, tried them for two nights then went back to my 10 year old Goose down pillows, way to lumpy for me to sleep on. Ordered two Goose down pillows instead.


My pillow is HORRIBLE! I tried one (given as a gift) for 2 nights and it was lumpy. I had the correct one for my size (5'1" 105 lbs) I had to keep fluffing it all night. I put it back in the dryer to see if that would help, but NO! In the morning, I had a stiff neck. Back to my old foam pillow!


I thought the pillows were great then I purchased the sheets best I’ve ever used,highly recommend great quality and so comfortable.

My pillow

Don't waste your money. first it's over price for what you get. Some say it's good for sleep, but it don't work for me. I know every one is different. When I got it, it feel like the cheap hotel pillows

False advertising

I thought it must be me that thought my pillow was a rip off. I expected support for my neck but when I put my head on the pillow it kept the dent my head made, sinking my shoulders below the pillow height. If I turned over I had to re-fluff the pillow to get rid of the depression my head had made. I hate my pillow and will throw it away. none of my friends and family want them because of my experience.

Buyer Beware!

Worst pillows ever. I received 2 pillows rolled up in cylinders. When I unrolled them I thought it was a mistake. Tried to shake them to see if they filled out but they did not. when I held it up by the corners, all the material dropped to the bottom leaving 3/4 of the sack empty. When I put it in the pillow case, it didn't fill up the case. Not sure how they expect you to sleep on an empty pillow and charge so much money. To make matters worse, I have to pay to ship it back. I never heard of such bull. I've always received a pre-paid packing label but this is what Abagail and Halley say is in their terms and conditions so beware before you purchase this. I threw away over 100.00 on garbage.

Not for everyone...

I'm 42 and in pretty good shape/health with no medical issues. I decided to spend the $40 after a couple friends told me how much they liked theirs. Out of the box it felt pretty "thin" to me... and the instructions said to bunch it up and it would hold... Not even close. When bunched up it is actually ok, but after about 5 minutes it flattens out (the box says guaranteed not to flatten out) and that's where this pillow ruins itself. My head ends up sinking into the middle of the pillow throughout the night and forces the material inside out to the edges where it bunches up. What this does is puts a ton of support under my neck (or throat if on my side) while my head is in this "bowl". I was wondering why I was waking up with these horrible headaches and recently found out why. That "ridge" on edge was forcing the back of my throat and tongue to restrict the air I breathe in... a problem I have never had...but recently I have been waking up suddenly due to a quick gasp for air...Or when dozing off I realize I make a loud snore trying to suck in air. When I grab my other pillow next to me and get rid of the My Pillow, I don't have this issue. One of the other issues with the My Pillow only also comes from the head going into this "bowl" in middle of pillow and also causing me to wake up with sore upper back and tightness across shoulders and chest area. Bottom line, if the pillow had about twice the filling and held the shape longer than a few minutes, it might be ok. The price of $40 is a little high for what it is... My new memory foam pillow for $40 is far better.

Very disappointed

I received this pillow as a gift with high expectations due to the constant advertising. My wife commented that this is just another cheap Walmart pillow . I used it one night and I was very disappointed. This will be returned.


This has to be the worst pillow I’ve ever tried. Lumps, bumps, couldn’t sleep much at all in any position. Felt like styrofoam peanuts. Totally miserable experience. I do not recommend at all, and if there was a 0 rating, I’d give it that.

Need to update my first review

I ordered two "premium" pillows and what I thought, a set of the Giza cotton sheets. Well, I received two pillows...they were quite small in size and I'm curious as to the size of the regular ones. These pillows are nothing more than what I remember having as a child (I am 66 yrs. old). These pillows are stuffed with bits and pieces of foam. I clearly remember sleeping on the same types of pillows as a kid and Mike Linddell (sp?) has just cashed in on recirculating an old time product. These pillows, as I said, are small. I received pillow cases instead of the sheets. The cases are WAYYYY too large for these so called "premium" pillows and when I called customer service regarding receiving pillow cases instead of sheets, I was told I ordered the cases. I would NEVER have paid $30 for two pillow cases. Further to return the pillow cases for a "refund", I would be charged a "restocking fee" as well as have to pay return shipping. So, I guess the "money back guarantee" means money back LESS what you pay for return shipping AND this restocking fee. SHAMEFUL.....I made a mistake in stating that I would not have paid $30 for a set of pillow cases. I didn't pay $30 for those pillow cases. I paid $40.00 for the pair. Like I said, I thought I had ordered a set of sheets!

My Pillow is very comfortable

Hi, I'm Robert and I want to say about my sister who has a stroke and is recovering from it and Marlene saw your TV Ad and would like to try it so I got her for Christmas. She try My Pillow for the first time and you know she really like it and found the pillow's very comfortable. Keep up the good work.

What Order

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE -- I placed a $240 order, received a detailed confirmation email. When my products hadn't shipped after a week I called Customer Service to ask where my products were. They told me "the order never went thru". Nothing was shipped. Nothing was said, I was NEVER notified. The supervisor (TJ) was too busy to talk to me or call me back to address/resolve. The biggest sin is to ignore a customer. I feel completely ignored. F for Service.


It is the worst pillow I have ever felt. It is quiet like having a pillow full of rocks because the lumps aren't that hard but they are certainly as uncomfortable.

Don't buy this pillow!!

I bought this pillow thinking it was going to be as great as the advertisements said it was. Boy, was I wrong! The serious neck issues that this pillow as resulted in is unbelievable. I had never had any neck issues in my entire life. Since purchasing this pillow and using it for a few months, I now have to go to the chiropractor 3-4 days a week, as well as a pain management doctor once a week due to the unbearable pain that this has caused me. It has caused alignment issues, muscle issues, and nerve issues. I have not used the pillow in at least 4 months, but the pain is still there. It prevents me from sleeping - working - enjoying activities with my family. The amount of money that this stupid pillow has cost me in medical bills is astounding. DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW! RUN!

Worst pillow

Don’t bother. I tried it and found my head with no support in the morning. All the torn pieces moved during the night. It cost almost $20.00 to ship it back. Don’t even think about trying the pillow.

My pillow is terrible

It has no loft to it and even if you follow directions by washing and placing in dryer innumerable times, the pillow is flat as a pancake. I returned two (per guarantee) and when the company was contacted they said they never received them so not only were they terrible, their guarantee was not honored. Terrible company.

Costumer support is a joke.

On April 10th 2019 I ordered a 2 pack of premium queen pillows from the MyPillow online website. I recieved the 2 pack and used them for a period of time to realize that the material in the pillow was moving during the night resulting in a wedge shape that caused me neck pain from an old Army injury. I talked with costumer support on Facebook messaging and suggested exchanging my pillows for ones with more stuffing. I sent them both pillows and they only sent back 1. When I called the support number they told me their records only show I bought 1 pillow. They requested a picture of the original packaging via email that showed the original packaging was the size for 2 pillows. Even though I sent the picture they still insisted I only purchased one pillow and refused to send me a second one. They also refused to check to see if I had sent them 1 or 2 pillows for exchange that they recieved on dec 8th. When I asked for a corporate number, they told me they were corporate then they hung up on my and refused to help any further. I did not pay $95 for one pillow when there were offers for a 2 pack and a 4-pack special for a similar price. I gave them proof of a 2pack purchase with a picture of the packaging as requested and they still would not help.

poor customer service

After buying my 6th pillow... (gifts), which no one is using. I tried one more time this Christmas because someone wanted one. Not only did I pay shipping on this pillow, but when returning....they deducted the original shipping charges from my refund. I paid to have the totally unopened pillow to be returned. Oh and don't buy the sheets either. They felt awesome....until washed. Just a wrinkly ordinary sheet. Very disappointed in quality and follow through. I will never recommend these to friends or buy anything from them again.

They were just OK while they lasted

Our first purchase lasted 4 years until one of the two that we purchased exploded in our Washing machine making a mess. The second purchase was more expensive (Gusset Pillows) but lasted just three years. We washed them less then the last ones hoping that they would last longer. It was not the case. One of them exploded in our washer again. What a mess. The foam inside does not look as advertised and the pillows did flatten more than expected so I decided not to purchase anything more from "My Pillow". We have been fooled twice. I also have a issue with the owners support for you know who.

Cover color

There is some kind of chemical or chemicals used in the fill. Be carefully sleeping on this pillow if you have asthmatic symptoms. After using for only a few weeks our pillow covers turned yellow. It seems the polyester fill is used in a dirty or very filthy condition and the possibility of dangerous chemicals within the fill could be very hazardous in the long term. We are not using the pillows due to our health concerns.


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