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My Pillow

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My Pillow has grown popular because of its various TV commercials and infomercials starring its founder Michael Lindell. The My Pillow design is shredded open-cell polyurethane foam that makes it feel more like a traditional pillow rather than a one-piece memory foam pillow. In recent years, there have been some controversies around mixed reviews from customers surrounding My Pillow, but we'll demystify the rumors and highlight the facts about this well-known pillow.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Material Quality: 7.4/10

Comfort: 7.4/10

Support: 7.6/10

Cooling: 7.3/10

Odor: 7.2/10

Price: $49-$89

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My Pillow Details

My Pillow is a well-known brand of pillow with its friendly jingle and advertisements across traditional media. With a touching story about starting a business from the ground up and bringing jobs back to America, there is a lot to love about My Pillow on the surface. However, when it comes to cutomer satisfaction and long lasting comfort, customers have mixed reviews on quality, with some describing everyday comfort while others have immediate complaints about the materials and comfort.

What's Inside the Pillow?

The My Pillow has three different sizes of polyurethane shredded foam inside of the pillow. Though this is designed to be the perfect feel, there are some complaints that the material feels cheap and lumpy. The expectation is that when one lays down, the pillow will cradle his/her head evenly and without feeling the different pieces of foam in the interior. However, some people feel the individual particals within and report discomfort.

The Outside of the Pillow

The cover of the My Pillow is made of 100% cotton and some feel that it is quite thin vs what they were hoping for. It does not zip for easy adjustment of the foam fill. Some have complained that it sleeps too hot. A pillow case that is made of a cooler fabric such as polyester may be a good option for instant relief.


My Pillow comes in multiple different support levels that are color coded based on your size and sleep position. Though most are happy with the support, there are many that are not pleased with the feel vs the price.

Alternatives to My Pillow

There are many similarly manufactured pillows that are less controversal than My Pillow and are more positively reviewed by customers. See Our Full List of Pillow Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

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Thank Yoou

My man purchased a My Pillow for me yesterday and I was skeptical at first. At first, I thought that "how could this be comfortable, it feels lumpy," I retired to my room for a short nap after lunch and next thing it was 4 hours later. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain after a car rollover accident. To my surprise, for the first time in years I woke up and I was pain-free!! Now I am not saying it would work for everyone, but if you suffer from chronic pain I would completely recommend My Pillow. Thank you!

Cheap product. Feel completely ripped off.

I can't remember the last time I felt more ripped off. The pillow's quality and comfort is what I would expect at a cheap, old motel. Its fill is clumpy, the size is smaller than it appears on the advertising, and the packaging also differs from the advertisement. I can't stress enough just how cheap and uncomfortable this product is. Additionally, I had to pay an extra $20 for shipping just to return the item and still had to follow up with the seller to initiate a refund.

Over priced

The price of these pillows are laughable. When these pillows first went in the stores and on tv they weren't even a third of the price they are charging now....need i say more ??

One Star

The pillow seems like it's just filled with lumpy foam chunks

Don't sleep on this.

Terrible product.It does not perform as advertised at all. Ah, the power of advertising! My wife and I tried it to no avail , I even offered it to my kids, but they had already returned one.

My search for the perfect pillow continues

I was so hoping that this pillow would be the magic bullet for my neck pain but it was not. My search for the perfect pillow continues!

Best pillow in the world!

Wow! I actually delayed getting one of these because of the reviews. I'm mad at myself for listening to them! A year and a half ago I was hit with a massive amount of neck pain after jumping around like my old 16 year old self on a trampoline. 40 year old self had a blast until the next day. I couldn't stand, I couldn't sit, I couldn't lay down, I wanted to die. Whiplash with a side of bulging disks in my cirvical spine. I was sleeping on the living room floor, propped up on all fours with my head draped forward just to get 15 minutes of sleep in here and there. Agony. Seeing a chiro 3 times a week helped, but I still wasn't sleeping soundly through the night since. I tried all the pillows before this one. I'm throwing them all in the garbage! I've had this pillow for 3 nights. 3! I actually slept trough the night for 3 nights. My alarm went off this morning and I was so comfortable I didn't want to get out of bed. Before I was waking up with a headache, stiff neck and migrating nerve pain down my arms. I'm floored. I'm amazed. I'm totally getting these for all 5 of my family members. I still can't believe I waited. The 10 year warrantee, the fact that I can toss them in the washer and the dryer AND they are made in the USA! I'll be your new spokes person, because this is my miracle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Back Pain Disappearing

I never write reviews, but I am just bursting at the seams about this pillow! I have been dealing with lower back pain off and on for the past 6 months. I visit the chiropractor weekly (sometimes 2-3 times a week), but the pain still comes back every once in a while. I just bought this pillow, and after my first night of sleep using it, my back pain has greatly diminished! I used to need to take ibuprofen to get through the day, but I didn't need it at all after one night of using the MyPillow. It seems like a miracle! It is super comfy, very supportive, and I recommend it to anyone that is suffering from any type of back pain.

Awesome Pillow

Awesome pillow ! I have to say I sleep a lot better now. Just be sure to put it in the dryer to fluff it up before use and I put mine in the dryer every week for a few minutes to keep it well fluffed. Since buying this we have bought several more for other family members.


My Pillow did not meet my expectations. I felt that it needed more filling.

starsits not worth the money

I am sorry but to us its just another pillow

Ok, but not great.

This pillow does not hold up like it says it does. Does not hold is shape the way it is advertised. Is a comfortable pillow but was expecting much more from what all the hype was about.

Pillows come in small box and at first I was ...

Pillows come in small box and at first I was unimpressed. However, my neck pain was gone after sleeping on this pillow. It's a keeper.

It is undoubtedly the best pillow I have ever slept on

There is no exaggeration about this pillow. It is undoubtedly the best pillow I have ever slept on. I bought more pillows for my daughters because I was so happy with this product. In addition, the service from My Pillow has been great.

I heard a lot of hype about the My Pillow ...

I heard a lot of hype about the My Pillow brand. I ordered two of these and couldn't stand them for more than a week. The are now in my closet. Anybody can just chop up some foam and put it in a fabric bag.

High hopes big disappointment

I had seen this pillow so many times and really wanted to try it. I finally went for it and was left hugely disappointed.

It just wasn't comfortable. I felt my head sinking and always wanted to fluff. I followed the directions but nothing helped.

I really wanted to love this pillow so I kept trying. It always ended up in the floor before the night was over. Disappointed!

My Pillow

I love my pillow, it is just the right firmness that I need. No more neck aches !!! I would recommend it to anyone

The Worst Pillow You Will Ever Try!

This pillow felt like shredded foam which is the cheapest way to make an extremely low quality pillow. Shredded foam is purchased as garbage foam, from mattress companies for pennies on the dollar!

Poor Product

i purchased the my pillow to help me with sleep, it did not, however I continued to use it hoping. Then after a while I washed them and they did not come clean and dried them in the dryer for 1 hour and didn't dry all the way through, so I put them in the dryer again for another half hour and they are still not dry all the way. I'm afraid they will get moldy inside so I'm not using them anymore, whatever is inside is very poor quality that does not dry, be careful, don't buy these pillows. Bad experience


guarantee is a joke... my pillow fell apart while washing it according to instructions.. contacted my pillow and was told I needed to send in pictures of pillow... tell me how I could do this when part of it went down the drain and rest of it had to be vacuumed out of the washer and the cover in many pieces... how in their right mind could not see that it was impossible to do this... their response was that is their policy and nothing could be done without pictures... so the product sucks because it's their way or else... no give or take, so basically they call you a liar....

Wish I would have studied the reviews prior to purchasing!

Sure wish I would have read the reviews before I got swept into the excitement of purchasing a MyPillow. I tried & tried to sleep on this pillow for about a week. It bothered my neck terribly and I just was not able to get comfortable using this pillow. Every night I ended up throwing it on the floor and got my old pillow back out. Extremely dissatisfied. I thought maybe it was just me, so my husband tried it and he hated it immediately. So I had my sister try it. She thought it was ridiculous as well and she could not sleep on it. She was happy to have the chance to try one out before purchasing one herself. She will Not buy one now that she has tried sleeping on it. Horrible pillow - what a rip off! For that kind of money, this company should be ashamed of themselves for such a crappy pillow and False advertising! :-(

not at all what I expected

I purchased this pillow just a round 2 years ago. I washed and dried them as directed. the pillow no longer holds its shape..I thought I was doing something wrong..i tried fluffing and threw it in the dryer to fluff it up with no result. it still stayed flat. customer service is no help. I have gotten the run around. I simply asked for a replacement..they can keep this pillow. It isn't worth the money i paid for it..10 yr. guarantee ..they don't stick by their promise

My pillow sucks

Worst pillow I ever bought! My $9 pillow from Walmart is a much better pillow than this piece of crap my pillow.

Poor quality

This pillow is worse then buying the cheapest bargain pillow you can find. It is very flimsy, I went by the way I sleep and my weight and this half filled pillow showed up. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It's not even worth the money or effort to return it. I will just chaulk this up as a learning experience!!

worst night sleep

This pillow is not what is advertised. My husband and I spent the money on these pillows thinking of course that it would help us to sleep better. What a wake up call --literaly!! We have fought with this pillow since the day we got them. In fact it is the worst nights sleep. I ended up going to walmart numerous times to find a better pillow. I only wish we could get our money back. We would gladly send you the pillows back.

not what it seems

So we ordered the my pillow 4 pack just before christmas. Very pleased with the fast four day delivery and that is where it ends. The pillow hurt my neck tried it for two nights and went back to my old pillow. Called and they sent out one new one with less foam well now it doss Not have enough foam. Phoned to say I want to ship them all back. We'll that is fine as long as I pay for the shipping. Took the package to the post office they wanted almost 50.00 dollars to return and UPS was even more. So now I am stuck with pillows I am NOT using as it makes zero sense to spend 5O TO GET BACK 108.00 super underwhelmed with product and customer service basically sucks. Wish I never heard of the my pillow ad.


Mikes AD does NOT AD UP to his Statement or Advertising! MYPILLOW does what He claims it won't such as goes FLAT, gives me morning headaches and neck aches! When I called his customer NO SERVICE, the guy was RUDE! I would NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER MYPILLOW PRODUCT AGAIN!


Your product is garbage and is extremely overpriced. In addition Mike Lindell should not be doing commercials as the majority of viewers agree he is turns potential customers away . Not surprising that California sued him and for his false and misleading claims.

Extremely disappointed

I have given the My Pillow more than enough time to know that it does not help me sleep more comfortably at all. It is very lumpy and I DO feel the lumps ... washing/drying has not helped. I feel like a "sucker" (legitimizing the ads) for buying these pillows. Would definitely not recommend them and regret my purchase.

No impressed

I have been watching the infomercials on my pillow for years. Then I saw a demonstration on TSC. Bought the product because it's supposed to help cut down snoring. Not in the least, my partners snoring is the same. I wasted $$$$$

Terrible, lumpy, half filled garbage for a pillow

Crappy pillow, lumpy, half filled, cheap pillow case just poor quality in general


I bought the pillows over a year ago. I work so it is hard to remember to write this. I followed the recommendations for the order. The pillow looks like it is filled about 60%. After sleeping on it your head leaves a big hole in it. Laying on your side your neck isn't straight. The only reason I gave it a star is it can be washed and fluffs up. But it is flat after one night sleep with a canyon hole for your head.

Rip off

I bought 2 pillows one for myself and my son. We both got headaches from the pillows. It is by far not the best pillow I have slept on. It did nothing for me and it did nothing for my lower back pain as they claim. Luckily I bought mine at a local store and was able to return them. They do not stand by their product and now I see why because they suck.

Terrible Pillow

From all the hype, I thought I would be getting a great pillow. TERRIBLE!!! What a waste of money...and they are not cheap! Never again! BTW...I bought 4!!! Big disappointment!

Worst nights sleep

This is the worst pillow I have ever slept on I wake up hurting in my neck and back, I feel worse when I wake up of the morning, I wake up with a headache and I have only had the pillow 2 weeks and it is very flat just after 2 days, a waste of money.

feel cheated

I first bought the MYPIllow 6 years ago and it started to flatten, even though I have washed it and it fluffed back up. Ofcourse I did not register for the warranty. I found MYPillow at WalMart and I was thrilled that I could pick it up there. After almost 2 MONTHs it is flattening during my sleep. I called My Pillow and they told me that I have to take it back to the store because it is not the ORIGINAL MyPillow. This is false advertising because the sign said the original. It is in the same box, but apparently a cheaper make of their pillow. The woman on the phone tried to tell me that it is different, but I was able to register it with their company!! I really wanted to same pillow that I first bought and that did not happen. I paid $43. for it and I suggest you do not buy it from the area of the store that says As Seen On TV. Very Dissapointed

Awesome Product

Love my pillow, have had one for 2 years, sleep great! After washing my pillow , I discovered my washing machine full of foam! (I had washed it many times before), was so upset because I love my pillow, called customer service. In an amazingly short period of time my new pillow is in the mail

Neck Pain

When I Initially used the pillow it felt good. After washing it the pillow seemed too puffy. I have not had a good nights sleep since I washed it. My neck hurts every time I try to use it. Sorry I bought it.


I purchased this pillow in hopes to find relief. Paying 49.99 plus tax for a pillow that does the same as a $5 pillow. I reached out to customer service and they totally ignored me. I am so disgusted and really wish I had seen these reviews before purchasing this mess!!!!

Underfilled and lumpy

This is perhaps the worst pillow I have ever tried. The pillow feels like they only put in half of the filling it needed. All I could feel was lumps of the filling on my head and neck. All it supports is its founder.

not worth the money

receiving two my pillows sized by their charts, one actually has about 2/3 the fill of the other. Both were fluffed in the dryer, neither supports as advertised, their suggestion i sent one back for them to inspect

Disappointing. Not what expected.

My husband and I each have a My Pillow. We have had them since October of 2018. I never found anything special about it from day one. And the size was disappointing. The queen is more the size of a standard pillow. Within a month after getting them, my husband started to complain about neck and shoulder pain again. We have both woke in the middle of the night sweating, so this pillow does not stay cool. I do not recommend this pillow. Jus might toss them into the trailer for camping.

Is the fill really safe?

I was not happy with the product on many levels. For one, neither my husband's or my pillow was adequate for our comfort. He took mine and mine went on the floor. Then I decided to open up the "over-stuffed" pillow and the fine shards of poly fill went everywhere and stuck to everything, including my lungs. I know feel like I am having an asthmatic reaction to breathing in the chemical off gasses from the poly. fill, which as it turns out, is quite toxic. I am not sure how this pillow came to market or is getting so much air time. I do not like anything about the pillow and wish I could get my money back; I am very discouraged by the blasphemous ads, and hate that Mike fills up my TV screen so much. Enough already! Do not recommend for chemically sensitive people, and that community is growing, now, thanks to products that emit so much off-gassing. One unhappy customer, SB


I bought My Pillow, Paid $40.00 + Tax; tried this pillow and it's the worse pillow I ever bought and regret buying this Pillow. I bought because it was suppose to help with neck pain, will my neck pain got worse. So, I tried to give to my niece, she didn't even want it. I will not recommend buying this Pillow not worth the money.

Not my pillow

I gave this so called premium pillow one star because I could not give it none. I swore I would not buy it but I did and was I sorry. I could not return it fast enough. The pillow sells for about $40.00 and it isn’t worth the box it comes in, as a matter of fact, you would be be better off sleeping with the box as your pillow.


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