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My Pillow Mattress Topper

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My Pillow is well-known for its infomercials and cheerful TV advertising, and with its success with its original pillow product, it has expanded its offering into other sleep products. Its mattress topper is made of two layers of foam. It is designed not to be too hot or too cold and have a medium-firm feel so that it doesn't contour too much underneath sleepers. But does it turn every 'bed into the most comfortable bed you'll ever own,' as My Pillow's founder puts it? We aren't so sure.

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Comfort: 7.8/10

Support: 7.7/10

Cooling: 8.4/10

Price: $174-$297

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My Pillow Mattress Topper Details

My Pillow's Topper has two layers of foam and aims to be neither overly cool or overly warm. Overall, customers describe it as keeping cool and not retaining much heat. However, there are some complaints about the firmness level. Some describe receiving very firm toppers and others describe very soft, quickly sagging toppers. Due to this, there may be some quality control issues and lack of standardization at times. Customers can get lucky, but others can receive uncomfortable products.

Quality of Materials

My Pillow's topper comes with 3'' of foam. In terms of quality, some describe receiving pressure relieving, but supportive toppers while others describe quickly degrading toppers that have body indentations over a shorter period.

We'll go through each of their layers and describe how they should act on your body given ideal conditions. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of phase change material, which regulates temperature and means the topper doesn't retain heat against the body.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is MyPillow® patented foam that is supportive and ideally medium-firm so that it doesn't degrade, but supports the spine.

Layer 3: The next layer is transitional foam that relieves pressure points and adapts a bit to the body. It is designed to distribute weight and cradle the spine without contouring too much.


Ideally, the My Pillow topper is medium-firm with just the right amount of pressure relief for back and side sleeping. However, due to seeming quality control issues, some report very soft or very firm toppers.

Back Pain Relief

This mattress topper gets mixed reviews when it comes to back pain relief. Although some found immediate comfort, there were others that described quick sagging issues and also very firm toppers.


One thing that the My Pillow team does well with its mattress topper is cooling. There are reports of good cooling on this mattress topper for even warm sleepers.

Who Is The My Pillow Mattress Topper Right For?

Although there are some that report comfortable sleep surfaces, there are some that report having issues with lasting comfort and also initial feel. See our list of best mattress toppers for alternatives.

Browse My Pillow Mattress Topper Customer Reviews

great product

Was skeptical when I ordered. My husband had asked me to order. I thought very pricey. Well worth it!

Useful gift of better sleep

Less tossing and turning. Good gift for elderly parent

The best mattress topper that I've used so far

Love mattress topper. It is comfortable and gives great support. Well so it keeps my body temperature even so I don't sweat and I don't freeze. I would recommend this to anyone.

Hate it

The worst topper I've ever purchased. It's very hard, very uncomfortable. I feel like I'm on a slab of concrete.

Not bad, but not great

I did not buy this from Amazon, I got it as an early Christmas gift last year, I believe my mother bought it direct from the company website. While anything is an improvement over my BeautyRest mattress (which isn’t old, just a piece of junk), I wouldn’t buy this again and probably, considering the price, would have returned it if it had not been a gift. I don’t hate it, but it’s not the miracle they make it out to be. The first few nights it was great, but it does start to compress and sag after a short time. I have to flip it front to back every other week or so, but after a few days, it feels compressed again. Rolling to the other side of the bed feels like I’m rolling up a steep hill. As for temperature control, I can’t really say, as it is winter and cooler in my house in general. If your mattress is really bad and you can’t afford a new one, then this will be an improvement....but my advice would be to suffer a few more months until you can save enough money for a new mattress.

Soft but not secure on mattress

It is soft but with only cheap corner straps to hold it onto the mattress it was not secure. It kept moving and would pull sheets loose. He needs to put an elastic band all the way the bottom to hpld it in place better.

Great comfort.

Excellent to help my bad back.

I can now sleep all night with more confort.

Along with the my pillow the mattress topper makes it easy to go to sleep and get a great nights rest. It even makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Best sleep ever!

It’s like sleeping on a cloud! I sleep so much better!

Twin bed my pillow top.

Fits correctly on twin mattress. Easy to install. Comfortable for sleeping.

My King topper good quality but sinks in too much.

Great quality, fits well and is washable. That being said it was not a good fit for us. My mattress is in Only 4 years old but is not firm enough so I read the reviews on the topper and decided to try it. At first it seemed like it would be good but when using it seemed like you sunk into it and had to literally raise up to roll over. I kept too long trying to get used to it so I’m stuck with it. Will probably sell on Swap and just start looking for a new mattress.

I wish I had money back , but how can you get it back in that Plastic Bag

2 Nights and I would be better Sleeping on the Floor ! This should not be on the Market , I gave up and slept in my recliner ! , I have a hip problem and they lied on their TV Ad!


Like sleeping on a brick. Going back

Buyer beware

I had a shoulder replacement a year ago. I am a side sleeper, and unable to sleep on my left side because of the shoulder replacement. I bought a my pillow matress topper hoping it would take some of the pressure off my left shoulder, and I would get a more comfortable sleep. The mattress cover did absolutely nothing for me. Along with the matress cover, they sent me two my pillows. Mike the my pillow guy, has a neat advertisement, and seems like a nice guy, but I had no luck with his products.

Great sleep

I like the way it cushions my body and at the same time give it support

horrible horrible horrible Sooo dissappointed

I couldn't wait to get this mattress topper after watching the commercial. But what a disappointment. It could not be more uncomfortable. I have such leg pain when I sleep on it. Lets cramp every time. While it is on my bed, I can no longer sit on the bed to put on my socks, etc. I slide right off. Terrible mattress cover. and NO WAY to RETURN it. MYpillow says to donate it and get a receipt. But no one will take it. Stuck with the item and the loss of money. Buyer beware. THis is pure junk and harmful to one's health.

Don’t buy the hype...terrible product

It took less than 2 months for the warping/indents of the pad to show. The sleep experience countinues to deteriorate. I called support line and they offered to replace. The condition was to find a charity that would take it. I asked who would take a used mattress and they suggested Goodwill or Salvation Army. Neither do. So I cannot get a replacement until I find a charity to donate as it is a condition of replacement. As the hassle grows, I am simply moving on by going back to Sleep Innovations topper. Save your time and money and start there.

The claims for what it does, contradics the claims that were made for what their pillows have done.

I came across the TV promo for this new Mattress Bed Topper. They claimed for years that their pillow customers were finally getting a great night's rest, because they bought their pillows. Now they are claiming that people can't get a good night's rest on any bed, even new ones, and they need to buy their Mattress Topper pad, to be able to get a good night's sleep. So were they lying about their pillows providing a great night rest in all those beds, before the came up with their Mattress Topper Product?!


When I first saw the ad on TV about this mattress topper I was highly doubtful. After having slept on this topper for several weeks I have no doubts anymore. It has reduced my lower back pains in fact all myself pains throughout my body. I sleep much more comfortably and sleep longer thanks to this mattress topper. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble sleeping on their present mattress. It is not a cure all but it sure helped me a lot.

Over rated

I would have returned it if I could have fit it back in the box. It is fine, but over-rated and over priced.

Good quality.

I bought a king and a queen and both beds are much comfier.

Great product

Absolutely love it. Our mattress is so comfortable now.

The case the foam goes into is not water repellant.

We have a child who wet the bed, and the foam just soaked up the urine like a sponge. It was very difficult to finally get it dry. It took several day. The case should be water repellent so the foam does not soak up the liquid.

My Mattress topper

My husband and I have been very disappointed in the mattress topper as advertised on TV by Mr. Michael Lindell. The mattress topper doesn't hold its shape. We are not heavy bodied people (142 lbs. and 125 lbs.) therefore, the mattress topper should not have dips in it. Our mattress in which the topper rests is flat, doesn't have dips. So, I contest what Mr. Lindell advertises about his mattress topper. He will not stand behind his product because I purchased it thru Amazon. Beware of purchasing thru Amazon with this product.

Sore hips

I heard so many awesome reviews for this product. But for me it made my hips and back hurt worse than ever.

Slab of hard foam. Made pain worse!

A slab of hard foam wrapped in a cheap cover! I don’t know how this company stays in business.



Firm and Cool

Love the firmness of the cover, and the coolness of the fabric.

It really works!

I was doubtful this would make a difference but I must say I am pleasantly surprised and love it! I am sleeping better with the mattress bed topper and would recommend it to anyone.


Overall quality is good. Cover is very comfortable but not waterproof. Conforms to body contour easily.

Bad Product - Bad Service - Bad Company - Much better options out there

I am going to keep this review short and try to focus on the facts only. - Purchased the My Pillow topper in July and we moved into our new home in August. - We began sleeping on the topper in Mid August. - The first couple of months were great and we loved out topper. -Very son after about two months we began to notice sagging in the middle of the area where I and my wife lay. - I weight 165 pounds and my wife weights 140 pounds. - The topper is on top of a $2000 matress with completely support box springs and frame with 3 center supports. - We began rotating the topper once a week. - The sagging continued to get worse and worse. - It go to the point that you felt like a cocoon was around you and you couldn't roll either direction. - I began to experience severe back issues that my doctor has attributed to this mattress after showing him the pictures. As you can see from the pictures the sagging is approximately 2 - 3 inches. I requested a refund from My Pillow for defective productive and I was denied because i was outside of the 30 day return policy. You have much better options for a topper out there. After having used this and seeing how quickly it degraded I realized that consumers are paying for the packaging, the cover, and the infomercials. Please check out Bed Bath and Beyond for other topper options in the $300 price range. Memory foam and 3" toppers in the $300 range will be far superior to this product. My biggest issue is that My Pillow did not stand behind their product. A $300 topper should not sag as much as you see in the pictures after 3 months of use by a 165 pound person. Take my review and do with it as you will but in my experience pictures do not lie.


Bought for my moms 80th birthday. She loves it.


My hips and thighs thank you

Waste of $$.

I hated this pillow. Tried to get refund to no avail

i feel guilty that i had to give it one star , it does not deserve it

ok first I did not purchase through amazon , I tried but it would not accept the promo code for two free pillows , so ok , lets call this thing what it actually is , it is a mid evil torture device , any one that says they managed so much as a fair nights sleep on it begs the question as to what on earth were you sleeping on in order to have this as a step up , I got up around 1am to take a leak and it felt like Rocky used my ribs for a punching bag , I get back to bed and the wifey is trying to hide her laughter , I said are you thinking what im thinking ? lets get this thing off so we can salvage some sleep before we have to get up for work, she lost it ,uncontrollable laughter, im talking this thing has ZERO give, im telling you this thing is so bad or dog hated it , our dog thinks our bed is her bed ,when the TV goes off she bolts upstairs while we are shutting lights off and locking doors , we then have to play move the dead dog game because she makes her body limp when we try to move her to make room for us , so we have to lift all her weight (every night) , 20 minutes in Maisy gets up and goes down to sleep on her TV bed , this never happens , the dog said this thing is horrific , what on earth are you people getting that we didn't in order for you to give this thing 5 stars!!! , the one bright spot is we thought our mattress was getting tired , this thing made our mattress feel like we were sleeping on a cloud once we took it off

Bed topper

Bought a new mattress and after sleeping on it for a few weeks felt uncomfortable. I bought the topper and it helps a lot. A little expensive for covered foam.

Good product!

So far it seems to be doing it’s job.

just comfy

completely flat on my mattress that was not flat any place

Good upgrade

Really made a difference on our old bed

Over priced cheap metal!!!

This is a waste of money! What a joke, they use the same stuff as there pillows that they chop up but only glued a thin layer of another memory foam that can easily be peeled off. You can buy this cheap metal at any sporting store. They are robbing people for this outrageous price! I totally agree with the other people's complaints and don't really need to repeat what they have said. The people who say positive stuff are probably Employees or church members related to this company. This product would be okay for $60 but no more than that.

My Pillow My Pillow Topper

I like a firm mattress but this topper is exceptionally firm. However, it has a little give to it within a few weeks and I am comfortable on it now. It fits the bed perfectly and the elastic bands hold it firmly in place with no problem. I do think the price is extremely high and I hope it will last a long time without breaking down.

Wee Little Baby Bear’s Bed

This is the most wonderful topper. It’s like the wee little baby bear’s bed. Not too hard; not too soft. Just right. I could put it on by myself but it is heavy for me.

Mypillow three inch mattress

Very comfortable, have been using it for a month now and very happy with it. Good night

Very firm

Bought this to go over our new mattress. It's very firm. And hurts my back and between my shoulders. After sleeping on it for 2 weeks, we bought another memory gel foam. If you like a firm bed then you will love it.

Sleeping soundly again!

I suffer with back and hip pain. I was no longer sleeping at night. This mattress topper was "just what the doctor ordered". I love it!

Great Company Just was too firm for us

We love the My Pillow Company and have severalof their pillows. Their customer service is absoluely the best. the mattress topper was just to firm for us, we like a really soft mattress. Why we tried it is because we have a very firm mattress and the pad we have slides all over. This one stayed on very well and is very well made, it was just too firm for us.

good Quality

great matress we love it works great . So are the my pillows best pillows I ever had sleep better


I can honestly say my sleeping has definetly improved. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night to let the dog out I go right back to sleep. So comfortable but durable.

Great Mattress topper

Love the comfort of the mattress pad. Very comfortable

Do not buy

Bought this along with the my pillow. Big mistake. All were cheaply made and the mattress topper started to come apart after a few days.

My Pillow Three-inch Mattress Bed Topper

very easy to put on and the right was right. Really made a difference when I went to sleep .Already washed it , easy to take the cover off but kind of hard to put back on by yourself.

Great nights sleep

It makes a huge difference in how we sleep at night. Keeps your body temperature even, no heat traps in like other toppers. It super comfortable! Would highly recommended.

The quality and confidence of the company.

For just three inches, I am surprised by the support. It’s wonderful.

Too Firm

I am somewhat swayback with stenosis and wanted enough "cushiness" for conform and support. While I believe this is a well made product--I like the straps that hold it to the mattress and the cover--it was too firm for comfort. Also, there might have been more information regarding the time it might take to "break in" if that occurs. I am sure that for some folks this is a good topper, but after three weeks I gave it to a charity. There was no clear return policy that I know of.

not happy

I get an indention from my hips and it does not go back to normal when I get up. My mattress goes back to normal when I get up. What say you?

Disappointed in Denver

I am extremely disappointed with the MyPillow mattress topper product. I was thinking about buying a mattress topper when I saw the infomercial on TV. I thought it was pricey but I ordered it right away. I was very excited when I placed on the bed, anticipating a good night's sleep. I could barely sleep and finally got up in the morning with a backache, shoulderache, just pain all over my body. I started reading reviews I was sorry I did not read them before. So I got in touch with the company since they offer 60 days money back guarantee. Not so fast. They wouldn't let me return it and giving me the run around. I will fight it and get my money back somehow. Such a big company and does not stand by its product or promise.

Great first.

We had a relatively new mattress that was gifted to us, but it was too soft and causing pain in my hips and sciatic. The mattress topper was a blessing when we purchased it! I slept so much more comfortable and felt I was getting the support I needed. After about 3 months, however, the topper gave way to indentions that eventually caused more back pain (although less pain than before). We rotate the topper, but the indentions seem permanent. For the price, I was disappointed that the quality didn't last long.

Loved the First One So Much that I Bought a Second One

I'm extremely please with My Pillow Mattress Toppers. I've never been a fan of mattress toppers and took a leap of faith ordering one from My Pillow. This is because after trying nearly every pillow and type of pillow on the market, I fell in love with the My Pillow. What I enjoy most about the My Pillow Mattress topper is it's cooling effect. It makes warm weather so much easier to deal with. Thank you My Pillow, for your great products!

Defective and weak foam filling that collapses after acouple of months. Money back in 60 days but after that no refund, you are stuck.

My husband and I are very dissatisfied with My Pillow Mattress Toper and the rude service if you have a complaint.. After a year of use we both had terrible sagging on both sides of the bed, while the middle is firmer and has a high hump now . The ends sag so bad that we both have issues with it causing us back pain so we had to remove it.. When I complained to CUSTOMER SERVICE , they suggested they send me a new one and I give mine to charity and send them proof. ---- Of course no charity or thrift store wants a used king size sagging foam mattress, so no luck to give it away . My Pillow Customer Service sent me a new one and now since no one want the old one, I would have to incur a cost of $150 to $200 to return it. There is no way for us to shrink it to fit in any box, and a huge mattress box is another $75.00 plus the shipping. So when I told them no charity including the pet humane society wanted it, they did not care. So now I am stuck returning both mattress toppers, at my expense or I will get charged for the replacement one, they were so willing to send out and of course they have my credit card on file. . I called several times to complain about this and they just transfer me to someone else and then hang up, saying they cannot do anything about that. I agreed to accept the second one and I have to pay for it or pay the price of shipping it back. What a "scam" don't let them send you out another one. Also don't forget they have a 10 year warranty but only a 60 day return policy. So if after you use it for a couple of months you are stuck. I highly recommend if you want a mattress pad, go to Costco. This MY PILLOW MATTRESS TOPPER will last you about 3 months at most before it starts sagging. So WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY THE "MY PILLOW MAN, with his TV CON.

Already has body imprints

My wife and I are average size people and this highly rated 3” topper after just a few months already has our body imprints with a bump in the middle. We expected more quality from this highly rated topper. I am retired US Army & disabled veteran. Purchased this topper hoping to help my back pain, did not help.

Bed Topper

Thought this would help with my back pain. I was good for the first month or two and then I started have the same back issues in the morning. Figured I needed to rotate the mattress every week because it sinks in where I slept no help. Then I removed all the pillows I use at night a little better but I still have back pain in the mornings.


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