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+2.3x love it

+1.6x back pain relief

+2.0x better allergies

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: My Green Mattress is currently shipping most of their mattresses within 3-7 business days. Recent reviewers continue to enjoy the healthy materials used in these mattresses.

My Green Mattress was founded with the mission to create an all-natural mattress that wouldn't harm those that are sensitive to off-gassing or other forms of toxicity in and around mattresses. From their family-owned factory, they offer a variety of Dunlop latex and pocket coil mattresses for both adults and children that are Greenguard, GOLS, and GOTS certified, which are some of the highest organic and safe certifications out there. Their mattresses get high marks from most customers and should be on your shortlist if you are looking at eco-friendly and all-natural options.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 9.3/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10
Price Value: 9.4/10
Back Support: 9.2/10
Price: $799-$2099

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Longevity: 9.3/10
Body Conformability: 8.9/10
General Support: 9.2
Softness: 8.9
No Motion Transfer: 9.3
No Odor on Delivery: 9.2
Good for Hot Sleepers: 9.3
Sex / Bounce: 9.3
Good for Heavy Folks: 9.3
Silence: 9.2
Warranty: 8.9

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My Green Mattress Specifics

My Green Mattress is a boutique mattress brand that focuses on making the highest quality latex and organic / natural mattresses from their factory in Illinois. They offer four different standard sized mattress options and are well-known by customers for their quality craftsmanship and friendly service.

Quality of MaterialsMy Green Mattress uses some of the highest standards of materials available and get good reports from customers on quality of the craftsmanship. Their beds feature pocket coil support systems in some mattresses and a firmer latex core in others. Their comfort layers include both latex and all-natural batting depending on the mattress.

Here is what's inside their medium-firm latex / coil hybrid Natural Escape Mattress:Cover Layer: The cover is GOTS organic quilted cotton with organic wool stitched in as a heat regulating fire-barrier.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 3'' of 100% Natural Dunlop latex that is medium-firm. It provides pressure point relief and bouncy support for the spine.

Layer 3: The main support layer is a 3-zone pocket coil support system that cradles the spine properly with enhanced lumbar support and edge support.

Lastly, one of their newest additions in their firm / supportive but pressure-relieving hybrid -- the Kiwi Mattress:Cover Layer: The cover is made of a GOTS certified organic cotton, which acts as a soft layer that provides a bit of plush relief on the very surface. The Kiwi is available in a one or two-sided option which allows sleepers to flip the mattress.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a 1'' wool pad that acts as a natural fire barrier and also has a moderate amount of responsiveness for a little pressure-relief.

Layer 3: 1.25'' of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex provides a firm and bouncy comfort that is free of VOCs and other chemical issues.

Layer 4: The last layer is Leggett & Platt Caliber-Edge pocketed coils, which react independently to cradle the spine properly.

Overall Comfort
These mattresses provide a supportive experience, which is ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Smaller side sleepers may desire something a bit softer as all of these mattresses are rated on the firmer side.

FirmnessThe My Green Mattress firmness options range from medium-firm to firm, which is ideal for those that are looking for long term support. Those that are heavier in body size will prefer the extra support that these mattresses provide. However, smaller sleepers that are side sleepers may find these mattresses too firm for them.

Back Pain Relief
Our review analysis shows that when compared to the average mattress, reviewers are +1.6x more likely to mention experiencing pain relief* from My Green Mattress. For those that are back and stomach sleepers, these mattresses provide superior spinal alignment with their zoned coil systems and will provide relief from common discomfort. Those that are smaller side sleepers or have pressure point issues may find these mattresses too firm.

Latex is a naturally cooling foam that doesn't retain heat. In conjunction with the wool and cotton cover, these mattresses should diffuse heat for most. Those that live in a very warm environment may find that they need something more specialized for cooling.

Who Are My Green Mattresses Right For?
Those looking for all-natural, organic mattresses that are on the firmer side will be thrilled with these options. Overall, My Green Mattress reviewers are over +2x more likely to report loving their mattress versus the average comparable mattress, and we can see why!

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GREAT mattress at a TOTAL STEAL

I cannot rave about this mattress enough -- very comfortable, non-toxic materials I can feel good about (and I am very picky about everything I buy in terms of toxicity), and what a total STEAL! I had been searching for mattresses for ages, and I could not find anything I wanted for a price I could afford until I came across this one. No off-gassing, but there is a very faint, not-at-all-unpleasant, earthy smell to it. And it was delivered very fast, way before the promised time frame. Lastly, the mattress was not nearly as uncomfortably hard/firm as some of the reviews indicated. I actually wish I had not bought the expensive latex topper I already purchased elsewhere, because it really doesn't even need it. I was a little nervous about buying a mattress online, but I am SO happy with this purchase.

Incredible Bed at an incredible price

My wife is a Naturopathic Doctor and understands the importance of a natural mattress and insisted we buy one for my daughter when we moved her out of her crib. I was hesitant since these are so expensive, but she explained that sleeping on a mattress that is not natural means that her face is pressed up against chemicals and toxic off-gassing for an entire night. This was a huge concern so we searched high and low for a high quality natural mattress that would also provide her with a good night's sleep. We went to a local store that specialized in organic mattresses and could not find anything that felt good (they felt flimsy) and they were all so expensive. I decided to search online to see if I could find something and luckily I found the Echo Mattress.

We purchased the single sided Echo Mattress for my little girl and we absolutely LOVE it. It is super clean, no smells at all, and very comfortable. It came packaged rolled up and was super easy to bring upstairs and unroll onto her bed.

Now when I read my little girl bedtime stories I end up staying in bed with her a bit longer than I need to so I can enjoy her comfortable bed. I was actually enjoying my little girl's mattress better than my own so we decided to buy a King Size double sided version of this mattress for my own bed.

This is an incredible bed an a wonderful price and the customer service in this place is amazing too!

Really REALLY firm. Took some time to adjust.

When I started waking up with back pain on my 8 year old Beautyrest mattress, I knew it was time to get a replacement. I wanted a 'natural' mattress that was free of flame-retardants and off-gassing chemicals, but most of them were way out of my price range. I found this one on Amazon and read all the reviews. Something to note: at the time of this writing, there are currently 18 reviews with an average 4 1/2 star rating. However, half of those reviewers specifically say that they purchased this mattress for a young child so they are not reviewing it from an adult's comfort perspective. I'm going to tell you right now, this mattress is firm. Very firm. Another reviewer likened it to sleeping on a bed of rocks, which is not far off. I would say it's more like sleeping on a carpeted floor. When I first started sleeping on it, I was very disappointed--it was so uncomfortable. I should add that I have a 2 inch latex topper AND a featherbed on top of it, and it's still ridiculously firm. However, after sleeping on it for seven weeks, I have gotten used to it. I am no longer waking up with back pain and I'm not breathing in toxic chemicals. Taking into consideration price, convenience (free ship/rolled up), and natural components, I would say that I am happy with the purchase. Just know that you're going to have to put some sort of topper on this mattress--I can't imagine any adult being able to sleep on this with no cushion.

good value for the quality

The mattress arrived quickly and in good condition. We did not have any problem with the firmness, and thought it was comfortable support. My problem was with the mattress fibers/ stuffing. We let it air out for a week before putting in on the bed. Although my spouse did not notice any smell, the mattress did give me a stuffy nose every time I laid in it for about a month, even after changing out the mattress pad and sheets. This finally went away after a few weeks and I am able to enjoy the mattress now.

Amazing value for your money!

We were looking for a healthy alternative to our other mattress that wouldn't break the bank and would be better on our backs. We had looked at other organic mattress that were 6 times this cost so when I found this one I was estatic. This mattress has far exceeded our expectations. It is so comfortable and we don't wake up in the morning with terrible neck and back pain. Some people have complained about how hard it is, however we never experienced that. I do enjoy sleeping on the ground from time to time as it helps my back feel better so I am used to firm sleeping spaces. At first, when you open it and unroll it or does have a strong wool smell but it's nothing obnoxious and it does go away in a couple days. We have been sleeping on this mattress now for a couple months and have felt the improvement and I love knowing there's no off gassing and I sleep easier. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a more budget friendly organic mattress!

Wanted to like it, but ultimately just uncomfortable even with toppers

I really, really wanted to like this mattress. We are very careful with the products we buy, to make sure everything is healthy and get the best for ourselves and our kids. I got this mattress in King for myself and husband, and 2 Twins for my kids. I knew it was going to be firm, but damn! It's just not comfortable. I wanted to like it, I really did- tried everything, spent more money on toppers than I ever imagined I would. I got a very fluffy lofty topper, it didn't help. I got a wool topper, still nothing. I had a firm before, but this mattress is TOO firm, I sleep on my side and have curves, it just puts pressure on my joints. Now I'm stuck and unhappy. The kids are light weight, and I got them toppers too for added comfort, but due to how they sleep- it seems to be ok for them. As for me, I'm wishing we didn't get rid of our memory foam mattress which was a lot more comfortable. We only got rid of it because we wanted to clear the house of toxins. I really, really miss that mattress. Can't afford another topper to try, or a new mattress at this time.

Three Stars

too firm for our taste

Like it but cant get rid of smell for month

Like it but cant get rid of smell for month. Waiting for summer to put it on a direct sun again


What can I say, I LOVE this mattress ! It's firm without being hard.

AMAZING. This mattress came in a roll and so ...

AMAZING. This mattress came in a roll and so was really easy to maneuver onto the bed and then cut open. It is soo comfortable our daughter loves it.

I simply would not purchase another one like this.

I did not realize when I purchased this mattress that it is only 'one sided' but unfortunately it is and it is extremely hard. I simply would not purchase another one like this.

Sweet, non toxic dreams!!

I don't write reviews, but we bought this mattress for our daughter and she has slept so soundly on it! Knowing what we do about off gassing and what conventional mattresses do to our bodies, we knew we had to go with this company and ultimately this mattress! Thanks again for your stellar product!

Regarding Smell

I was a little concerned about all of the reports of the smell of the mattress. When we unpacked it I didn't smell anything but when I put my nose right against the mattress and inhaled I could smell a very tiny smell that my son said reminded him of Play doh. I think it's actually the smell of the plastic that the mattress came in. If I had not been looking for the smell I would not have noticed anything at all.

Seems like a safe and comfortable option

This was just delivered today so I will update later. The box was quite beat up, but the mattress inside was clean (wrapped in plastic). Upon opening and unrolling there was no chemical smell: one person said 'it smells like granola' and another person said 'it smells healthy'. Three adults (of very different sizes and weights) each lay down on it (separately lol) and each found it comfortable. It is medium firmness, not hard.

most comfortable bed in our house

most comfortable bed in our house. my father in law now kicks my son out of his bed when he visits

This is the most comfortable mattress I remember ever sleeping on

This is the most comfortable mattress I remember ever sleeping on. I was sure after reading previous reviews that I would need to purchase a topper to make it more comfortable, but I love it just the way it is. I sleep better than I have in years.

Great mattress

My spouse and I love this mattress. We've had it for about 5 months now and sleep very well on it. It's not too firm but firm enough that it won't give you back problems. It did smell a bit like wool or barn when we first got it but too the mattress' defense, I was in my first trimester of pregnancy so everything smelled to me. I aired it out in the sun for two days as the company advised and it really did help. I feel really good knowing that I sleep on a healthy mattress. I plan on buying another one.

Great mattress and excellent price!

We were looking for an organic mattress, and this one was an excellent price. That being the case, I was not expecting to find such high quality! I am very happy with this mattress! It is very firm, which I like because it has really helped my children's back issues to be sleeping on a firm mattress, yet it is still comfortable. It seems sturdy, well-made, and I have high hopes it will hold up well as my children grow up. It had no odors other than the cardboard and exterior packaging, arrived quickly and was packed all rolled-up- so it was very compact and relatively easy to transport, considering it is a mattress! I was so pleased with the purchase of the first mattress for my son that we have purchased a second for my littlest, who sleeps much better now that she is on this mattress, interestingly enough. I highly recommend this mattress and will be purchasing a third mattress after the baby on the way is big enough for a bed. Many thanks to the company for offering a quality product that is free from chemicals, well-made, and very reasonably priced.

Probably wouldn't buy again.

We purchased two of these mattresses in the twin size for our four year olds. They are not super comfortable but our children seem to like them. I probably wouldn't buy them again but time will tell how well they hold up.

Matress is firm

Matress comes rolled up and pops out like a roll of biscuits !!! Places a matress topper on it and it is money !!! Very happy with the purchase

Love it. I bought another after the first one ...

Love it. I bought another after the first one came in, very comfortable!

Five Stars

This mattress is better than I expected!

Chemical smell

t smells gross, with a really strong chemical smell that comes through the bedding even six months later. I am worried about having my child sleep on it and am considering throwing it out. I don't know what the smell is but it can't be anything good. I should have known that the price was too good to be true.

Great Mattress. Worth Every Penny

I needed a mattress that wouldn't make me swell up from all the chemicals on it. So many were expensive or didn't look very comfortable. I eventually took my chances on this one. I was concerned about the mention of smell because I am very sensitive to smells. I even called the company to ask if they could air the mattress out for a few days for me. I wasn't patient enough to wait the first time for them to answer because I needed a mattress soon but an unfortunate event turned into a fortunate result. When the bed arrived, FedEx had an accident with the package and the bed was no longer sealed inside the packaging. I called the company and sent them pictures. I called FedEx and they picked up the mattress. The mattress company remembered me and before getting the mattress back, they started airing a mattress out for the 3 days that other reviews mentioned. They sent the mattress to me before even getting the mattress back. BTW, the smell reminds me of Cheerios in case you wonder what it smells like. This mattress was just made right before it was sent to me so it is very understandable I could still smell a little of the materials. I have had it for less than a month and I sleep well. I don't wake up swollen. I am so happy about that. I have arthritis and I wake up stiff most of the time with the old mattress. I barely ever have problems with this new mattress. I got organic sheets too. The bed is firm, very firm. I like soft beds but the firmness doesn't bother me at all. The bed is wool and cotton. There isn't foam so there isn't much to make it fluffy but I figured if I had a problem, I would get a mattress topper. I don't need one though. I am quite comfy in this bed. This is a great mattress with great employees. I would highly recommend buying one.

The bed is perfect medium

The bed is perfect medium firm and very comfortable. It does not have any odors and delivery was fast. Highly recommend.

I switched to this mattress

I switched to this mattress after sleeping on a premium organic latex mattress from another company that cost nearly $3000 and sank terribly in the middle after only a handful of years of use. The Natural Escape feels extremely high-end in its materials and construction, and I adore the perfect medium-firm density. Such a reasonable price point for the unquestionable quality (not to mention the fab company philosophy!) I now own two�one for me and one for my toddler son.

Easy setup

Easy setup

Very comfortable without the sunk

Very comfortable without the sunk in feeling of memory foam, great edge support and I didn't feel hot like with some mattresses. Outstanding customer support that handled everything quickly and professionally.

This is the most comfortable

This is the most comfortable mattress I�ve ever owned! Customer service was very helpful and nice, and it didn�t smell at all when I unpacked it. Would highly recommend!

Great organic mattress

I’m chemically sensitive and have bought three of these mattresses in the last two years. I love them.

So far so good!

We’ve only been using it a week but I’m happy so far. My hip pain more or less went away after the first night!

Comfortable, natural mattress!

My family and I were in the market for a non-toxic mattress. We had been doing a lot of research because we have a new baby. We compared options and we came across Mygreen. We were skeptical about a mail ordered mattress. But, we have been pleasantly surprised by this wonderful mattress. It has a lower price point than other natural options. No adhesives. Non-toxic materials. It is very comfortable. It has very faint earthy smell to it. I will recommend this company to all of my mommy friends and family. We love it! Thank you for a healthy nights rest!!

Best mattress I have ever owned

This is the best mattress I have ever owned and has given me the best sleep of life over the past three years (and still going strong). My wife and I are about to buy our second for a guest room.

Love this mattress. I salute

Love this mattress. I salute with the middle of five, the other chemical bed mattress companies along with the satanic government agencies that mandate the use of chemical fire retardants. Because you never know when you might spontaneously combust into flames during your sleep. In any case, this mattress is amazing. And not being forced to sleep on cancer causing chemicals is well worth the price.

I researched organic mattresses for

I researched organic mattresses for weeks prior to purchase. My Green Mattress was the Best Buy based on price and comfort for combo sleepers like my husband and I. We also bought the topper for additional softness. We are very happy with purchase. Highly recommend.

Our whole family loves how

Our whole family loves how soft and firm this is, depending on your perspective! We even changed over from memory foam topping over our last bed, and found this mattress to be a downright good quality bed. I personally love the intention of the company and the �cleaner� product compared to other beds/companies! Would definitely buy again!

Nice mattress! We like that

Nice mattress! We like that the quality and safe materials this mattress is made of. There were no smells upon opening the box. The price isn�t cheap, but we are happy with the product. It is firm, but our backs feel good!

We've been sleeping on this

We've been sleeping on this mattress for a couple of weeks or so. My spouse says it's "fine", and a great improvement over our previous, worn-out foam pad. I've had serious back troubles all my adult life, and am utterly delighted with it so far. I was waking up every morning with a lot of back pain, all gone now. I really hope this mattress continues to work this well!

My husband and I absolutely

My husband and I absolutely love this mattress! We love how it feels but most importantly we love the quality of it. We sleep better just knowing it does not contain harmful materials and its all natural. Great costumer service and fast delivery. Worth every penny!

Huge fan of this mattress!

Huge fan of this mattress! Easy to put on my frame and fits perfectly! I love how comfy it is!

We ordered this mattress just

We ordered this mattress just over a year ago and I wanted to wait until we used it for a while before leaving a review. I remember when we unpacked the mattress it had a *slight* odor, but it was not a harsh chemical odor like so many products we find these days, but rather a more natural odor that one might expect from a product made with more natural materials. The odor dissipated very quickly, in only a few days as I recall, which made me happy as I'm very concerned with harmful materials used in my home. The bed has proven to be very comfortable. My 7 year old daughter sleeps in this bed, so she probably doesn't know what real comfort is, but I have slept in the bed with her many times and I have never felt uncomfortable at all. In fact I think it's more comfortable than my bed. Overall this is a very good product, and as I need new mattresses in my home I will be purchasing them from this company.

I am loving my mattress!

I am loving my mattress! It arrived much faster than I expected and it has been a pleasure to sleep on! It was a little difficult to carry to the room and unbox due to its weight but was well worth the trouble. As promised it is on the firm side which I absolutely love!!

From the order through the

From the order through the delivery everything was so simple and faster than I expected! The mattress is most comfortable and luxurious. And NO flame retardants of any kind. A win all around.

Love these mattresses. Own three

Love these mattresses. Own three now. My only recommendation - don't use plastic to wrap them for shipment. Isn't there some other alternative that fits with the organic and non/ chemical theme and goals?

I had been reading and

I had been reading and watching review after review of mattress. My niece recommended getting a Green mattress. I contacted the company and everything question I had was answered. Not only was ordering easy but after FedEx delivered it I easily set up my new queen size mattress.

Was very nervous to get

Was very nervous to get our mattress in a box but we are very happy with the quality and comfort of this mattress.

It's great and just right

It's great and just right for me and my husband. It's firm, but not hard. It's very important to us to have a green mattress.

Bought a twin for my

Bought a twin for my daughter's new "big girl" bed, and I'm jealous! It is soft but supportive, and quiet.

My husband and I both

My husband and I both LOVE this mattress! I was worried that it would be too firm since I'm a side sleeper, but I'm so glad that I was wrong! It is perfect!

My Natural Escape mattress is

My Natural Escape mattress is very comfortable. No adjustment was detected going from a firm foam mattress.

I shopped around for natural

I shopped around for natural mattresses for quite some time and was deciding between this one and the Avocado, and I'm so happy I chose this one! Many internet reviews mentioned a smell with the Avocado as well as it not being great for a petite person, like myself. I went with this one and it has been amazingly comfortable with no weird smell! I want to buy one for each of my kids rooms now.

It's perfectly firm and soft

It's perfectly firm and soft in all the right places. My husband is a side sleeper and I'm a back sleeper, so multidimensional for both types of sleepers! Super cozy and doesn't have any weird odors that usually you have to air out first!

We love this mattress and

We love this mattress and would buy another one in a heartbeat. It's without a doubt the most comfortable bed we've ever had. I would say the medium firm rating is spot on. The mattress has gotten a little bit softer in the two weeks since it arrived, and now it's just right. The construction is great quality and the shipping was easy. There was almost no smell (what there is is a little bit field-y, or like the bulk bin section at a health food store, not unpleasant at all). Love this company! We're sold. If we need another mattress, we'll be back.

Very soft, cozy. I prefer

Very soft, cozy. I prefer my kid�s green mattress to our queen avocado mattress. Her trundle bed has a bounce to it (also pretty comfy) but I like that she can�t get a good �jump� on this one since it�s the top bed. & there was no wool smell at all like we had heard before. Also customer service was super helpful and had great follow through with my questions after ordering.

This mattress on offers great

This mattress on offers great support even for me with a side sleeper. I don�t feel like I�m sinking in and I don�t feel like I�m sleeping on the board. It is a very comfortable mattress.I wake up with no back aches and no aches in my hips or joints. If you�re looking for a pillow top kind of mattress this is not for you but if you�re looking for something with great support and one that�s good for the environment without the use of harsh chemicals and polyurethane this mattresses for you

Simple and supportive. We ended

Simple and supportive. We ended up putting a topper on top to make it a little softer, but we expected that based on other reviews. Love how green the materials are!

The best bed ever! I

The best bed ever! I love that it's so soft, I hug it on my way to snooze land. And I sleep with a smile and confidently breathe. I can breath knowing am not choking up formaldehyde or any toxic materials. Thanks for making the green mattress.

Purchased a twin for my

Purchased a twin for my toddler when she transitioned out of her crib. It�s super comfy, she loves it, and there was no off gassing. We are considering buying ourselves the same in King.

Lower back and hip problems

Lower back and hip problems have been better in the morning with this mattress. It's firm enough to support your spine and hips, yet soft enough for maximum comfort.

Purchased for my 3.5 yo

Purchased for my 3.5 yo and it is great. We all love it it's so comfy! Would recommend.

Super comfy mattress! I am

Super comfy mattress! I am a small girl and was able to set it up by myself.

This is worth every penny.

This is worth every penny. Sleep amazingly well and LOVE my bed!

I've never had such a

I've never had such a comfortable mattress and I love that it�s organic. It�s supportive yet soft and comfy. I like everything about it. Nothing I don�t like. Give it a try!

We bought our mattress(twin without

We bought our mattress(twin without tufting)quite a while ago and we really love it. Our daughter sleeps really well and I am happy that she doesnt breathe in any chemicals??I would buy one for me and my husband if only we could afford it

We have been sleeping on

We have been sleeping on our new King, Natural Escape Mattress for a couple weeks now. Its Amazing! It had a slight barn-like smell for maybe the first couple days, but dissipated I'd rather have that smell than a toxic laden mattress any day! Highly recommend this company, made in the USA, and the delivery was super fast too!

I've had the Natural Escape

I've had the Natural Escape for four months. I need a supportive mattress for back and joint issues. I'm a combination sleeper--start out on my side, often wake up on my back. After researching recommendations for my needs and reading reviews, My Green Mattress came out on top. Although it was pretty unsettling buying a mattress sight unseen, I decided to take the plunge. At first I was concerned it was too firm and thought about getting a topper. I also noticed my pain seemed to worsen after I started sleeping on it. But I heeded the company's advice and gave it more time. After a couple of months, I was waking up pain-free and had adjusted to the firm feel; I realized I didn't need to get a topper. As far as initial odor, to me it just had a fresh, outdoorsy smell (that didn't set off my allergies) that was so pleasant, I wish it would've hung around longer! I didn't notice any smell after a couple of days. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.

We love this mattress. Its

We love this mattress. Its so comfortable. Enough support, yet the latex inner makes it so comfy. Highly recommend it.

This mattress is so comfortable

This mattress is so comfortable it's incredible! I love knowing how safe it is for my kids and you're not compromising in the least! I was considering naturepedic but this one is so much more comfortable.

My husband and I have

My husband and I have slept on an old queen mattress for a long time. He started developing back pain, and we were waking each other up with our movements, so we decided it was time to upgrade our mattress. We bought a king Natural Escape mattress after our neighbors let us lie down on theirs. Shipping was fast (about a week). We have slept on the mattress for two nights so far and have two great nights of sleep! The mattress is very comfortable. I would rate is as medium-firm. It definitely has some give, which I like, as I feel like it cradles me. I sleep in multiple positions and find the mattress comfortable in every one of them. We have no back pain or neck pain after sleeping on this mattress. The mattress is good at not transferring motion, so I don't wake up when my husband rolls over. As far as smell, ours had a very light, pleasant and natural smell when we first received it that has dissipated. It smelled similar to the Naturepedic mattress we purchased for my son a few years ago. We are in love with this mattress and would highly recommend it! It's incredibly comfortable, and I like that we are not sleeping on toxic chemicals. We look forward to going to sleep on it every night and can't believe how much more refreshed we are in the morning.

It's only been about 2

It's only been about 2 weeks, but so far, my husband and I love this mattress. We are sleeping much better and a mattress that has a more appropriate firmness level for us (coming from a pillow top). I appreciate so much that it's a high-quality, well-constructed mattress with organic materials. I can sleep more soundly knowing it's safe for my family and me.

This is the second Natural

This is the second Natural Escape mattress I've bought for my kids. They are great. Also best price I've found - I've paid more for mattresses that aren't as nice.

We really wanted to make

We really wanted to make the switch to a greener mattress, but the heft price tag on many of them deterred us. So glad to find this company, and grateful they make non toxic mattresses so accessible. It is so comfortable and we are very happy!

Love it. Very comfortable.

Love it. Very comfortable.

Spent a lot of time

Spent a lot of time researching organic mattresses and decided to take a chance on the Natural Escape. It seems to be a great product, very supportive but with enough pressure relief. The tufting can be felt somewhat through the sheet but it hasn�t bothered us so far. We�re getting the topper for a bit of extra plushness and some more pressure relief since I am sleeping mostly on my side. Very happy with the mattress!

This mattress is so comfortable!

This mattress is so comfortable! We feel like we are sleeping on a cloud. It supports the back in all the right places, and is just the right amount of firmness. I was afraid it was going to be a little firm because I couldn�t try it in person. I was a tad apprehensive to order off of the internet, but the trial period made me take the leap. And I�m happy I did! I researched mattresses for about a month before deciding on My Green Mattress. It was important to me that the mattress was non toxic. What I also love about the company, is that it is family owned. I love supporting a business that truly cares about every single customer and every single mattress!

Our 3rd mattress from MyGreenMattress

Our 3rd mattress from MyGreenMattress that replaced a different company�s mattress. I�m happy to have a safe and green mattress to sleep on. I don�t toss and turn much anymore!

The perfect combination of support

The perfect combination of support and comfort and at a reasonable price. We have purchased 2 Natural Escape mattresses and would buy it again.

My wife and I upgraded

My wife and I upgraded to a split king adjustable base recently. I got several mattresses, and none really pleased her. Unfortunately this forced me to have to return several mattresses within their trial window. I was really hesitant to order this mattress online, especially after the recent Amazon return fiasco. Imagine trying to get a mattress back in its original packaging to ship it back to Amazon. Let�s just say, I learned how powerful my central vacuum is, and you shoulda seen the look on the face of the guy at the UPS store. I dropped it off, because I did not want a UPS driver to know where I live, after he had to handle that monstrosity. Well I called mygreenmattress. I was comforted with their long trial, and also to find out, I would not have to ship any returns back to them, so if it didn�t work out it would not be a massive inconvenience to me. I was also pleased to find out that the latex layer is not a foam, but a natural latex rubber layer. My wife has huge issues with sleeping on foam, so this mattress had potential to be acceptable to her. Combine this with the all natural materials, and no off gassing of odors or chemicals. Well I ordered this mattress, hoping I did not get a Princess and the pea, repeat story. I was very nervous going into that first nights sleep trial. But the next morning, she got up before me, and I�m an early riser. She said I slept amazing. We were both so excited, as this has been quite an ordeal to sort out. But I was still hesitant to relax. After a week of similar experiences, I feel pretty confident that we have found her a real winner. My 4 year old daughter even loves it. She said oh mommy, I need a bed like yours. My ne us too foamy!! My wife loved that, because she has complained about foam to me since our last mattress purchase. This mattress is firm, and supportive. If you need a pluck pillowyop, you�ll need to add a topper. My green mattress told me they don�t do plush pillow top mattresses, because their mattresses have a 25 year life, but the pillow top portion only lasts 3 years. So it�s better to have separate untits, and you can easily replace the topper. If in doubt, just order the mattress, and decide if it�s plush enough. If not, you can probably work something out with them on a great topper.

Was not sure about the

Was not sure about the product as I am a test person before I purchase. The mattress was a perfect selection for both myself and my husband. We haven't slept this well in a long time. It was more money than I wanted to spend but every dollar was well spent!

Great customer service. Love the

Great customer service. Love the mattress!

I cannot express enough how

I cannot express enough how happy we are with this mattress ... got it for my 4 year old daughter and she loves it! Firm, yet plush, as soon as you open the package the quality is undeniable. I grew up in LaGrange IL and I am proud to have purchased a locally manufactured quality mattress ... all I can say is buy one, you will not be disappointed.

great mattress. very comfortable .

great mattress. very comfortable . amazing customer service .

My husband and I love

My husband and I love this mattress. He is a side and back sleeper and I am a stomach sleeper. This mattress works perfect for both of us, it has just the right amount of cushion. We have a California King and it definitely requires two people to move it, it�s very heavy.

We have been enjoying these

We have been enjoying these mattresses for several months now and couldn�t be happier. We got the pillow top version, and they are very comfortable. Highly recommend!

I had a horrible time

I had a horrible time with FedEx trying to deliver this mattress (I will never willingly use FedEx again) but I won't hold this against My Green Mattress. They offered me a future discount due to my trouble! Even called me personally to apologize for FedEx's incompetents! Fantastic customer service and would recommend to anyone in the future. Oh and the bed and mattress topper are fantastic.

Our 2 year old loves

Our 2 year old loves her new big girl mattress. Pretty comfy for us as well when we put her to sleep.

We had a popular memory

We had a popular memory foam mattress for the past 15 years and were nervous to switch. After months of research for an affordable non-toxic replacement, we took the plunge and bought one from My Green Mattress. We are so happy with our new Natural Escape mattress and the latex topper. We knew we needed something firm and supportive since we are taller and heavier than the average couple, but we also needed a little cushioning on top because we are side sleepers. At first we started with just the mattress. It was a blessed relief. But after a couple months we added the topper. After a few rough nights nursing a fussy baby in funny side positions, I was more uncomfortable than my husband. The topper was the perfect solution. He was happy with the firm support of just the mattress, but the topper he says is fine too with out making it too squishy. We have had this mattress for about 6 months now. We like it so much that we also purchased a mattress for our Murphy guest bed (see photo, I am still painting it), a topper for my daughter in college and a topper for my son in college. I purchased covers for all of them. The covers are wonderful - soft, waterproof AND the fit like a fitted sheet so they don�t shift around and are easily washable. I will slowly be replacing all our mattresses with your products. We have 8 children. The crib mattress will be the next one.

I purchased two mattresses for

I purchased two mattresses for my kiddos bunk beds--but alas, I got the wrong height. I called the company, spoke with the owner (who answered the phone--and was VERY NICE). He said, send them back, unopened, and he will refund the price and we did not have to pay for shipping. I ordered the two more mattresses--and the owner offered the same black Friday discount on my second order, since I bought them black Friday the first time. Excellent customer service for a great product! I will definitely buy with this company again--and I heard about the from my brother, who recommended them after buying his mattress several years ago from them!

I am very happy with

I am very happy with my mattress so far! It was fun to unroll and watch expand (it needed two people, though). It does have the slightest "natural" smell, but I find it really pleasant and will be sad when the smell wears off. The mattress is very comfortable for me (I haven't tried sharing it yet). I would definitely consider buying these to replace the other mattresses in my house once the time comes for them to be upgraded.

Although I added the mattress

Although I added the mattress topper to make the bed a bit softer, this is definitely the most comfortable mattress I have ever purchased. The purchase process was easy as was the delivery, but most importantly, from night number one the mattress was just right for comfort from head to feet - I would describe as medium-soft firmness: soft enough to feel like I sink in a bit but firm enough to not sag or move the bed very much when turning during the night.

Very well constructed mattress and

Very well constructed mattress and love that it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals! It had a slight smell but was barely noticeable and dissipated after a few weeks. Especially great for side sleepers!

Mattress not only made in

Mattress not only made in the USA, but made in Illinois, double bonus. Shipped timely. I was able to remove from the box and open the mattress by myself which was cool to do. I had my concerns about comfort, however my concerns were for nothing, The mattress is very comfortable.

Awesome mattress! This is the

Awesome mattress! This is the 3rd I have purchased, one more to go and the entire family will be sleeping on My Green Mattress products. Thanks once again Tim!

Love my mattress. Very comfortable

Love my mattress. Very comfortable and no nasty chemicals! Money well spent. Service was excellent. Delivered on time and no issues of any kind.

Bad smell after a year!

This mattress had a strong rubber smell upon opening on both the mattress and topper. After almost a year it is so toxic smelling it is hard to sleep on. We bought it for a guest bedroom so it is not used often but we are so disappointed because it was more expensive than any mattress we have bought and the smell is unbearable. We should have returned earlier but thought it would "air out." It's also a VERY firm mattress without the topper.

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