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Moon Pod Reviews

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The Moon Pod is a buzz-worthy bean bag that has taken the Internet by storm. With a unique design that looks like something out the space age, most customers report that the zero-gravity feel of the Moon Pod provides restful comfort and a unique, relaxing feel. However, there have been some complaints about shape, feel, perceived quality, and returns in some cases, which has caused some frustration for buyers looking for a life-changing product.

Bean Bag Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Comfort: 8.7/10

Support: 8.6/10

Cooling: 9/10

Price: $399

Limited Time: Get 25% Off

Moon Pod Details

Moon Pod is one of the most interesting bean bag chair companies. They offer a new, innovative approach to the bean bag design. For one, their shape was designed with a focus on ergonomics, being versatile for those that want to sit, recline, or lay down comfortably. With high-density beads that are packed to mimic the feel of Flotation Therapy, customers report added relaxation with this product. However, there have been some complaints about the overall feel by some buyers with some recent reviewers describing it being nothing special or so-so in comfort versus the expectations from marketing.

Below, we'll go through the details of the Moon Pod and discuss what customers are saying about their experiences.

Size & Shape: The Moon Pod has a different shape than many other bean bag products. It's oval, but irregular shape makes it easy to find your seat and also find back support while sitting or reclining. The whole product is smaller than many other options, and is best suited to replace a chair for one person. It takes up 4 sq ft of space and is only 12lbs, making it a nice fit for people that can't lift very much and want to place this in different locations throughout the day.

Outside Material Options: The Moon Pod comes in 5 colors at this time -- Space Gray, Moon Indigo, Cosmic Ash, Neptune Blue, and Rose Quartz. The outer shell is a proprietary blend of fabric that keeps things soft and cozy. It is also machine washable.

Inside Options: The inner fill of the Moon Pod is high density beads that are filled to feel like Flotation Therapy, which happy customers describe as relieve pressure points, while still providing a good measure of support for sitting and reclining.

What Customers Say: While the Moon Pod is one of the best rated options on the market, there is a small but vocal percentage of customers that were expecting more out of their Moon Pod. While most customers describe enjoying its versatility, back pain relief, and low footprint, some others describe not getting comfortable with the feel.


In terms of support, the Moon Pod has a good blend of pressure point relief when sitting or reclining, while also offering support due to its constricted shape. This balance is something that many customers really appreciate during long term sitting and reclining activities, but its unique shape and feel may not work for every single customer.

Who Is The Moon Pod Best For?

The Moon Pod is perfect for someone that wants a versatile sitting and reclining solution with a small footprint, and gets excited about trying out new furniture designs.

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Great Chair.

I don't have a lot of space, so i love that the moon pod can be used in different situations. This is my new nap spot.

really comfortable but not for tall people.

being 6'2 this is a challenge to use comfortably. also the zipper on the cover becomes separated a lot and am worried it will eventually break.

All purpose chair - best ever

This chair has been used and fought over, in regards as who has the right to use it, so much that we may need to buy another one !! It’s a great chair for TV watching or a study chair or a snooze pod...and we’ve even used it to prop up our newborn on! I’ve bought large bean bags in the past and this one tops them all. Worth the investment.

Love it (for the most part)

Bought this for my son as a place to sit while playing video games. The seat itself is fine - would really like to see different color covers. The light color doesn’t really go well with a 13 year old!!

Over the moon for my moonpod

I have fibromyalgia and have a hard time getting comfy on flare up days. I ordered the moonpod on a whim thinking what the hay it looks very comfortable. Even though I saw negative reviews about shipping taking forever mine shipped within a week and arrived early. As soon as I sat in it I knew it would be a game changer. It feels like you are sitting in a cloud and immensely helps comfort my chronic pain. Thank you guys.


The Moon Pod is so relaxing and helps with my anxiety. It’s also perfect to take a nap on. I’m very satisfied.

Back Pain Relief! Finally!

FANTASTIC for back pain/neck pain. I have a pinched nerve and sitting to game on my PC was becoming very painful. I'm reclining with a wireless mouse and keyboard on my lapboard right now, snugly cradled in my moonpod. It provides firm but soft back support and is genuinely taking away my back pain! My wife loves it too!


Great to sit on in front of a desk.


It’s been amazing

I like it.

Well… got it home and unpacked and put in the sheet/cover and Husband said “really?? Where are we going to put that??” so I brought it to the office and its in my office and staff coming to see me love it. I gave it only 4 stars because if you are a larger person its not as great.. I’m 5’ 10” tall and its just okay for me personally but the staff seem to enjoy it.

Does the trick

Pretty good. Still just a week or so of using it and I think we need to break it in a bit more. Pretty comfortable.

Great bedroom chair

Have been using my MoonPod as a bedroom chair and it is great. Super comfortable and convenient.


Most amazing g

What is this sorcery?!

I took an enormous chance, spending this much on something I saw advertised on instagram. I honestly didn't know what I was REALLY getting myself into...but then I tried out my MoonPod, and now I hardly sit or lay anywhere else. Everyone NEEDS one...or their life. Chairs are for the birds; MoonPod is for ME. The comfort level is indescribably amazing, the cover is so soft, and the different ways in which you can enjoy your MoonPod are true to what is shown and explained. I work on this thing. I relax on this thing. I nap on this thing. This thing is a MoonPod, and it's the best thing since sliced bread. I'm pretty sure its creators are wizards, 'cause I experience magic every time I use it. I will say, if you have sensitive skin, place a sheet or thin blanket over your MoonPod. While wearing shorts, I developed a rash on the back of my legs, because my skin is a **** and hates almost every fabric known to man. That's not the fault of my beloved MoonPod or the creators/wizards, but I did want to mention it to hopefully save others with such picky skin. Now, please, I beg of you...GET A DADGUM MoonPod. You won't regret it. Did I mention how COMFORTABLE this thing is?!

Awesome! Just one simple word...

This is actually one of the best pledges I have ever made. The Moonpod is nothing like I have ever seen before, and certainly keeps up with all the promises. Even though I wished it was a tiny bit larger (I am quite tall), it really gives you a feeling of zero gravity and helps tremendously with my back pain. If you do not have one yet - get it now. I mean it.

Best Purchase!

Everyone who sits on our Moonpod loves it- teens to adults. I just purchased a second one!


My moonpod is so relaxing. I love using it to sit and watch tv as well as to lie down and rest. I highly recommend it and am so glad I purchased it. Awesome item.

Love the Moon Pod!

The Moon Pod is fantastic! I bought this for my dad who has a bad back and hip and he LOVES it. He says it’s so comfortable and supports his body exactly where he needs it.


I love it and my granddaughter loves it I just wish it was maybe a little bit bigger for the amount of money.

Love my moonpod

I love my moonpod. I live in a small apartment so it’s great because it doesn’t take up a lot of space when I’m not using it and super comfy!

Pod Review

The Moon Pod is for my daughter with ADHD and she loves it. She sits in it while doing homework and it’s very comfortable

It's pretty awesome.

I'll be honest, I was skeptical. It took forever to ship, and after months of waiting and the dates continuing to be extended, I thought it was a scam. When it arrived, it was amazing. Everyone in the family is incredibly happy that I purchased it. Really cool product.

Love it

Very comfortable, it’s like floating on a cloud.

love it

My 12 yo daughter loves her moon pod. She can sit up, lie down and everything in between. Very comfy and it holds its shape. Not like a bean bag!!

We are in love

We were so excited to receive our moon pod and when we did it exceeded our expectations! My boys use it to read, to jump on, to sleep on, to play video games. Even though it’s big enough that they can actually share, I’m buying another one today

It’s amazing

We have LOVED it. So comfortable and such a wonderful addition to the living room

Pretty comfy, relieves back pain

Excellent shipping time/quality. Tried it before putting the (extremely tight) cover on it, and will probably take cover back off because the “beads” move around better for my comfort without constraint of the cover. The heads do leak out slowly that way, though.


It’s like a dream, I only wish I bought two.

Moon Pod Magic

This was a delightful experience. I mainly purchased this for my wife and she made it look so enticing I had to try it. I wasn’t sure it would be comfortable for me because I’m 6’6 so I require a lot of support. It was amazing. Very full and comfy.

We love this thing!

Our family is always fighting over who gets to lay in the moon pod This is not your ordinary bean bag! Your whole family will love it!

I’m loving my Moon Pod

I have my Moon Pod in my office and am mostly using it to meditate between clients I see. I sit cross legged very comfortably and like how it cradles my body and supports my back. In fact, I like it so much that, ideally, would love to have another one at home but it’s a bit pricey to spring for another one.


Extremely comfortable! Use it daily, certainly helps my back.


Great. Received like two days later!

I love it!!!

Customer service is awesome! And the pod is the greatest thing I've ever laid on.

A GREAT NEW Addition!

A comfortable and amazing new addition to my entertainment room. Much more comfortable than standard lounge chairs. Well cushioned and very adjustable.

So comfortable!!!

Pretty much everyone in our family fights over the moonpod. The first time I tried it out I fell asleep and woke up without any lower back pain! It's oddly mushy, yet supportive. I love this thing!

What I Never Knew I Needed

I love the Moon Pod and use it almost every day. I have always felt that there was a missing kind of domestic affordance, something that was not a chair or sofa, but also not a floor — something that was in between a piece of actual furniture and the absence of furniture. Of course, I was aware that bean bags existed, but who would be so barbaric as to actually own a bean bag? Not I. When I first heard of the Moon Pod, I said to myself, “That, old boy, is what you’ve always needed but never knew that you needed.” And so I dutifully made my Kickstarter pledge for two Moon Pods: one for me and one for my cat, Mrs. Picklesworth. I waited. And waited. And waited. And then, finally, months later, while I was voyaging abroad in the southern hemisphere, living among the gauchos of Argentina, I received word from my loyal cat-caretaker that my long-awaited Moon Pods had arrived! So anxious was I to learn if my hopes and dreams were to be realized, I decided to bid farewell to my colorful new mounted brethern and to take the long trip back home. My friends, I tell you now, that I was not disappointed. To be sure, lying atop a Moon Pod is not actually like making love to a cloud, but nothing is really like making love to a cloud, besides making love to a cloud. Despite this, I have finally discovered that which is neither furniture nor floor (and not the aforementioned yet unmentionable bean bag). It is the Moon Pod. And Mrs. Picklesworth and I love it.



love my moon pod

i enjoy sleeping, sitting, relaxing, napping and chilling on my moon pod. I find it very supportive of my head and neck unlike any other pillow prop I have ever used. I am thinking of buying another one! I tell all my friends and family about them. I think they are really comfortable for any age. I highly recommend them for people in any kind of pain. I


Perfect companion in the family room! Love how well it sits up and works as another chair - great for gaming.

Best Meditation Chair Ever!

Moon Pod has turned into my goto meditation seat as well as all around seat to chill in.

Moon pod

I really love it but I feel like it’s not as firm or as big as the one in the ad

Best purchase of my life

I love the Moonpod, I would marry it if I could

Moon pod or Cloud poof?

Definitely not a bean bag. I hold it’s shape in a variety of sitting and lying positions. Never any pressure points. I bit difficult to get out of at first for an older person but manageable. No buyers remorse here!


Very awesome! We just purchased new leather furniture that is amazing. However, I find myself in the Moon pod more often!!

Beanbag for Big Kids

Bought this for my husband for Xmas. He loves it! It gives great support, is fun to “dive into” and reminds us of the beanbags our kids had that we unfortunately couldn’t sit on without bottoming out. I think we are going to need a second one, for me!


IT’s good, enjoy it. Color of the exterior shell is bland and unappealing.

So far...

I love this thing. It arrived just in time for me to throw out my back. I've only used it twice to sleep on at this point, but they were very good 4-hour naps, which is technically pretty solid sleep. It works great with a weighted blanket. I have yet to use it as a chair, which is actually what I bought it for. It seems as if it would need to be propped up against a wall or something. Or you could just design some kind of frame for it and have something else to hawk for sales. I understand the issues people have mentioned about the length, but this length works for me (I'm 5'7"). I lie on my back and can put my knees up on the floor to alleviate pressure on my lower spine. Getting up can be an issue for me, but it's very easy to roll out of. Four stars only because I would happily buy a different cover. My cats are going to sneeze and **** all over this one, and it will be a tragic hot mess. That said, the initial cover was nice and neutral. Considering the rather hefty price tag, I'd recommend selling the replacement covers for under 100 bucks. Overall, it was a very satisfying and useful splurge. Beyond sleeping/sitting, I can totally see this same idea working well in yoga equipment--bolsters, etc.

Absolutely fantastic!!

Bought 2x Moon Pods for my 7 and 10 year-olds. They practically live on them. Very comfortable, and well made

Great product

Good! My Grandson practically lives on it...


Real comfortable


It's much nicer for an older person to sit on, as it has more support than traditional bean bags. Sometimes I still need a little hand to get up, but it is very comfortable for sitting and relaxing. The grandkids also love it.

Gift to my daughter ❤️

My daughter has been dealing with a lot of anxiety and said she wanted to make like a quiet/meditation room and wanted a bean bag. I remembered seeing the moon pod and searched it out. Outdated it this past Monday 06/10/19 and received it yesterday 06/12/19, IMPRESSIVE! Constant contact through text and email which included a tracking number. She was so excited to have received it so soon. Her 2 four legged babies love it as well❤️ Can’t wait for the final word but I think she pretty well loves it! THANKS MOONPOD❤️

Moonpod Review

We are enjoying out new Moon Pod very comfortable.

The Granddaughter Loves It

I purchased this for myself to have an additional seating and for times when my back was a bit achy. Well I’ve gotten to use it twice, but my granddaughter loves it! Well made, shareable, and shapeable, I think once I get a chance to really use it, I’ll love it too!

Definitely not your average beanbag

This thing is amazing... Truly surprised by how quickly And perfectly it molds to your body and adjusts to a situation. I have slept in it, worked on my computer, watched tv, read a book... and it never disappoints. Should have gotten 5 of them to replace all my living room furniture!!!

SO Worth It!

I am extremely satisfied with my moonpod! I believe that it does do what it is advertised to do- there IS a calming effect. Usually when I try to relax, there are so many things going through my head, that it is virtually impossible for me to nap within a reasonable amount of time. The moon pod has definitely helped to settle my brain down much quicker and allows me to fall asleep relatively quiclky. There IS also a weightless effect to it – within 5 to 10 minutes of laying on the pod, I know that my head, back, and thighs are in contact with the moon pod, but I can’t really FEEL that they are. If you really focus on the lack of sensation, there is a definite “floating” appeal to it. AND, Every part of your body that comes in contact with the moonpod really is very well supported. You do not feel the individual “beans” at all, but any sense of gravitational pull that causes discomfort in the back or neck is eliminated when I’m on the pod. I sit in it in multiple positions, and all of them are comfortable with all body parts very well supported. I may have to order another one, because my husband is hogging the Moonpod every chance he gets. The company just released their second product, “the crescent”, to be used as an additional support piece for the Moon pod. I pre-ordered it the same day I got the email notification about its release. That should add the exclamation point to how pleased I am with what the moon pod has done for me - and I’ve only had it for a week. Even if you don’t have neck, back or joint issues, you will not regret this purchase - it’s THAT comfortable and soothing!

I love it to the moon and back

It seriously feels like you're weightless when sitting or laying on the Moonpood. You can feel the tension in your back and shoulders just kind of go away when you melt into it's anti-gravity like goodness. I love it.

Could be longer

Comfortable to sit in but too short to sleep in unless your legs hang off. Wish it was longer and supported your head when sitting in it.


Awesome, I have a messed up back and it is great!

Phenomenal product

Superb! And fantastico


Good! It's comfy and lightweight and fun to sit on.


Love it!!!!!!!!!!


Product is great. So comfortable. You should make adult-sized versions to allow an adult to be fully supported while laid out. And these would be great replacements for airplane seats!

Perfect for meditating!

I bought my moon pod for a meditation chair and it couldn’t work better. It forms to my body and provides me perfect support. I highly recommend it.

We love it!!!

This product was well worth the wait! We use it every day- some days we fight over it! My son uses it whenever he’s in the Xbox (a lot!) so we might have to order a few more.

The Best Comfy "Seat" I Own!!!

This is seriously the best bean bag chair, if you even want to call it that...The best chair in general! So comfy its like sitting on a cloud!

These things go everywhere my kids go!

We bought two for our kids game room. They are everywhere that my kids go. When we’re watching TV they bring them down and lay on them and I’ve even found my kids getting out of their own beds to sleep on their moon pods.


It EXCEEDED my very high hopes and expectations!!!

So comfortable!

I love my Moon Pod! Some may say "it's just a bean bag" but it is so much more comfortable than bean bags of the past. It is magic in how it can adjust to different positions yet be strong. I love it and am thinking of getting another....

Moon pod

Great! My husband has chronic full body pain due to spinal surgeries, etc. He has used it as a position change in his day. I have minor aches and pains, mostly spinal. After a 5 minute sit it starts to melt away. Our grandchildren enjoy it too!

Moon pod

I love it! Do wish it was a little longer, but very comfy.


Very comfortable bean bag!!!

Monopod is amazing.

We love it! It is crazy comfortable and works in so many positions.. I wish we had room for more in our apt!

Video game chair

Just really digging the Pod. Very comfortable and durable


The moon pod works as advertised. It's relatively light and conforms nicely. I usually sit in it, but did drop it sideways to lay on it a couple of times when I had a headache.


The Moon Pod has been nice to use. It's firm and supportive. It's a bit too short for me (tall person). It's nice that it stands up to free space. I can't get over how much it cost. Thanks for making it. I will enjoy it.

Mostly love! ❤️

Love it. Just wish it was a little bigger.


The moonpod is just that: a moonpod. It’s like floating in space. Love it. Thank you.

Pretty good

From the videos I was under the impression the Moon Pod would have a little more structure and be able to hold itself up in a reclined position on its own. In reality it has to be propped against something to do so. I found the overall comfort to be good, but not amazing. If I could give an honest price of what I would pay based on my experience with the product, I'd say $70 tops.

Comfortable in any configuration!

I don't really use this fully reclined, but how comfortable, and sturdy it is to lean back against, whether fully upright or halfway reclined, is remarkable. Definitely not sad I spent the money!


Love,, Love, Love It!!!

Love it! Wish it was a bit longer...

We love it. We wish it was about a foot or two longer.

So comfy

My expectations were met. It’s light. Comfortable. You can shape in whatever position you want to sit. Upright. Lying down. Excellent job team moonpod.

Feels amazing

You sit and you forget all of your problems. Love It


Great for my back, neck and hip pain. Thank you!

Moon Pod

It was/is good. The price seems quite high, but if I would have found this one before the other one, the price wouldn't have mattered. It is comfortable for watching TV, reading, etc. The cat loves to lounge. Children have to be watched because they like to jump.

All night

I was sceptical because I never enjoyed sitting in a beanbag chair. This is so much better. In my case, due to past cancer treatments, I had severe pain from lying on a mattress each night -- I would waken feeling as if every nerve was on fire. Upon receiving the Moon Pod I tried it and fell asleep for about two hours. When I awakened I felt well rested and had none of the usual "pressure pain." I decided to use it that night as well and have used it every night since. I do not use the enclosed shell as it held it too stiff for my use. However, I covered it loosely with a blanket cover. I lie back into it at night and wake up seven or eight hours later in the same position, well rested, and NO PAIN. The tiny beads move into place supporting every part of me. I can honestly testify to how much this has changed my life for the better. I would love it if you could produce a smaller version for me to use on my office chair as that seat is so uncomfortable and hard. In my office setting I would not be allowed to use a normal Moon Pod.

Moon Pod or cat bed

I love the moon pod, but my cat loves it more. After some initial hestitation, she figured out how to handle the squishy surface and now it’s her favorite spot. You should consider making a cat- size version.

Moon pod is life

Moon pod is life

Love my pod

The pod is wonderful. I want to fill my house with them. I’m serious. The only down side is for us older folk, dropping in is no problem. Getting out of my pod is a source of hilarious entertainment for my family. When are you going to start selling cool covers?

Daughter Won't Let Me Have Back.

After the first day, my 12 year old daughter sat on it - loves it, reads on it, has slept on it.. loves it and has claimed it! Will probably need to get another one!


The only thing is, if you are tall, you’ll want 2!!!! Husband and I are contemplating it... lol

Smooshy comfort

I love our moon pod. It’s like the best version of a bean bag. Except with the quality of a temperpdic. And I want to fall asleep the second I’m in it. It floats you.

Super comfy

Works awesome! Easy to stand up and store! Literally the best bean bag out there! Only complaint would be is more colors for the cover on the bean bag.


Great experience. Shipped super quickly, as stated it would. Love the product itself. I use it daily! Would definitely recommend it!

I got the moon pod

I got the moon pod for my son in college. Everyone in his dorm love it and it doesn't take up much space

A garden variety of beanbag

After approximately 6 weeks of routine use, the moonpod starts sagging. I like it better when the pod was somewhat tight and contour to my position. Now it is more likely to flatten.

Love my Moon Pod!

It is super comfy, helps me relax, and is so versatile in how i can use it as a chair in which to read and work, molded flatter to lay back and relax, and the list goes on. LOVE IT!

Over the moon

Awesome relaxation chair-fell asleep

We LOVE our Moon Pod !

The whole family loves and is benefiting from the moon pod. It is a restful place to relax, is the only place in the house I can sit where my back doesn’t hurt, and it helps my husband de-stress after a hard day of work. Everyone should have one!


Can’t get to it myself as my kids won’t get out of it! Comfy, like snoozing in King Kong’s palm.

Over the moon with my moonpod!

I love it because I often take naps on it when I get to relax a bit. It truly does what it advertises, so I'm thrilled that I decided to spend my pretty penny on this fancy/uppity beanbag!

It's fantastic, hard to believe

It's fantastic, hard to believe

Great seating device for teenagers, especially with special needs

The Moonpod was a Christmas gift for my son and he immediately loved it. It's perfect for him to flop on after a school day and provides support and calming to him. Great item!

So comfortable!

Love the moon pod!


Very comfortable, supportive and flexible

Very comfy

Loved these. Will be ordering more

Love it!

Versatile, soft, comfy, supportive It just needs a wine holder

Best meditation tool ever

I bought the moon pod for mediation. I only sit in it when meditating. It is such a treat that I look forward to using it and therefore am more consistent with my practices. I can meditate pain free since it allows me to relax in many different positions without strain or pressure spots. I love my moon pod and recommend it to any one that meditates or would like to get into meditation.

Bought for my son

My son lives in a very tiny studio apartment. He loves his moon pod. He uses it as a small couch so he no longer has to sit on the bed with friends to watch TV. Oh! And the dog LOVES it. Haha

It’s been what I’ve expected.

It’s been what I’ve expected. I’m looking to find how long it’s “firmness “ will be in time. . I find it a very relaxing piece of sitting apparatus.. Works well geometrically with my home. I find having to get up from the ground on it, strengthens my core. It’s great for reclining after a heavy workout.

Moon pod happiness

It was fun! Very relaxing too.

Love it

It's amazingly comfortable. So glad I got one.

Comfortable / versatile

My two moon pods are comfortable, versatile, and useful. The entire family really likes them, but they fall just short of providing that true weightless feeling. Better than the traditional bean bag and more comfortable, get yourself one and put it to the test

Change of address

Moving to a new house. The pods are still in the box. I’m looking forward to the new view.

So Comfy!

Love our moon pod, it's so comfortable and supportive, very helpful for relaxing. Slightly expensive but well worth it if you're looking for a way to relax

moon pod

LOVE IT! Really comfortable and forms to your body and is supportive too of your body and weight very much unlike the usual bean bag chair!

Extreme comfort

I absolutely love my Moon Pod. It is every bit as comfortable and then some as advertised. It is especially great to curl up on it with my Gravity blanket. If I am having a bad day this is a perfect escape or if I want to just kick back and relax while reading or watching a movie, the Moon Pod is the perfect place to do this.

A must have!

So comfortable and a great toy for small children (probably not the overall purpose but does keep her occupied). Kid friendly and great for getting off the couch. Love pod for meditation.

We want more covers

Awesome bean bag, very **** color :)

Super comfy once you get the hang of it.

Great! Comfortable when molded right but sometimes can shift and become uncomfortable. So lightweight and easy to maneuver, would highly recommend. Also works great as a back when set on its side, wide enough for two people.

Made for kids

I think MoonPod missed the marketing mark on this one. I’ve taken videos and pics of my kids on this thing and they LOVE it!! I bet I’ve sat in it 1 time since getting it over a week ago and I love it. The problem is I only have 1 and there are six of us in my family. Not only does it do everything it advertises but it does so much more!! If MoonPod actually sees this review let me know by reaching out and I’ll send y’all some fun pictures and videos. Everyone needs this!!!

It’s a TRANSFORMER .....

It is fun, usable, light, and we fight over it with the kids. I am just horrified if it gets punctured....

Great product

Purchased for my grandsons birthday. He loves it

Love it.

Love it but you definitely need 2 people to get the insert in to the cover.

So freakin cool!!

I ordered two moonpods for our family room. That lasted all of ten minutes. My twin 14 year old boys each took one to their room and I haven’t seen them since. I have bought them traditional beanbags before and they were entirely unimpressed. They love the moonpods. Color me jealous. Would buy more, but at the current price point, i just can’t swing it right now. I do sneak in the boys rooms and plop down once in a while though!

Worth every penny!!!

This has literally made all the difference! I’ve used it for writing, relaxing, painting, meditation, any opportunity I possibly can. So grateful for the sleep I’ve gotten and the ease I feel after a long day at work! My sister literally said that my voice changed as soon as I sat in my moon pod and attempted to explain the comfort. I responded, “Have you ever heard a more comfortable person?! What ARE pressure points?!” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!


Family favorite. Not bad.

Comfortable and very light

The Moon Pod is very comfortable as expected, providing stable support across my body regardless of body position. What surprised me is how light it is, making it easy to move across rooms, up/down stairs, and throw in back of my car. Also love how it recovers the instant I get off from it. Downsides are that it was a bit confusing attaching the cover (i’m still not sure I did it right, as I can’t tell which ends are up or down), and it lacks a handle or strap to make it easy to carry without having to squeeze and pull the fabric, which might cause damage over time. Overall I’m very satisfied with my Moon Pod and already placed an order for a second one.

Fold and hold

The Mood Pod is a different feel--more firm--than a bean bag. I most appreciate how it can "fold and hold" in a variety of positions.

Love for the Moon Pod

The Moon Pod was a gift for my wife who spends a lot of time writing, and sometimes she needs to get away from her desk for a change of pace. Her Moon Pod is now her favorite go-to spot. I’ll see her there with her lap desk, typing away, and when I ask her if she likes the gift she says, “I love my Moon Pod!” Good gift-giving to the wife is always a good thing for the husband. Well done, Moon Pod people!

Moon Pod

Thought it was just another bean bag. Wrong! When you sit in it - it feels like a water bed. Love it

Love it!

We love the moon pod so much, we just wish there were different colors for the cover we could put on :)

Comfortable but expensive

It's very comfortable! Not sure if it's completely worth what you pay for it, but it's nicer than a typical bean bag.


EVERYONE fights over it because it’s so comfy. Downside is I may need to buy a second because my boys won’t share.

Rip along the seam

I received my moon pod and it had a tear along the seam near the zipper. I notified the moon pod team and a replacement was at my door a few days later. Great customer service and an amazing product.


This is great! It has great back support when watching TV or working on my laptop on it. I even took a nap on it :D

Moon pod

Love my moon pod, I've used it as a "chair" mainly to be at height with my coffee table for a project and i love it. I didn't have any problems when it arrived. It moves with my body when i shift. I need to try to take a nap on it.

Bigger pajama!!!

I like the product but think the outer sack is too tight and changes the feel of the pod .. it’s more comfortable without it..... but it needs one so I’m stuck

Moon Pod for two

My husband thought I was crazy buying a beanbag chair. But, I ordered 2 anyway. If it performed as promised, he'd be borrowing it constantly. Turned out, I was right. He uses the Mood Pod more than his Lazy-boy. And, my own Mood Pod is perfect for curling up with a good book.

Moon pod

I love it. It’s extremely comfortable


Gave as a gift to my boyfriend who has neck back and hip pain from on the job law enforcement wear & tear / he has NEVER had pain relief/stress relief even close to the experience of 15 minutes in the pod! Only wish is that you made it in full mattress size

Surpassed my expectations

I love the moonpod! So comfortable, and practical for moving around and having in different positions. The cover wasn't quite a luxurious as I had hoped and it will need replacing over time, but overall I am.very happy and have no regrets.

Big Problem!

I love my Moon Pod, but my family does too. I haven’t sat on it in weeks because my wife and kids keep beating me to it. Honestly, we are really pleased with it. It’s a much better product than we expected it would be.


Sitting in my moon pod feels like a hug from the universe! I don't find that it keeps an upright seating shape quite the way the promo videos depicted. Would love the option to choose a different color!


Good good

Very comfortable, really like it

Great - would be nice if it was a bit longer, but otherwise quite happy

Love it!!!

Can’t get out this seat. Getting rid of my couch!

So worth it!!

I am still working out the mechanical kinks of getting up & out ( in this elderly arthritic body); but.... my time in it without & with the weighted blanket is soooo worth my time, energy, & $’s used. I’ve had an amazing responsive and respectful interaction with the team in Dec around change in shipping and ensuring timely delivery to my new address. Thank you. Kudos to the Moonpod team!

Happy Pod!

I love it! No joke it makes me smile every time I get on it. Sometimes I just fall face first into it and just lie there for awhile. For realz. It also makes a good massage table. But most of the time I sit on it like a normal adult because it has this great ability to take the pressure off my lower back, easing my back pain. The best for having to do work on my laptop. I love my Moon Pod. My Happy Pod!

Considering a bean bag chair?

Get a moonpod! Gifted this to an avid gamer, and he put it to quick use. He really likes that he can adjust the pod to be more reclined or upright while still getting the back support he needs. For me, I was impressed by how lightweight the pod is. It was easy to assemble and easy to transport. I recommend!

Moon Pod

I love my mood pod as it is very comfortable. Customer services was also very helpful.

Loving the moon pod

I have it in my home office, and makes a great chair for either sitting watching tv or to sit while I am working o nrhe laptop. And I found that it’s also great to nap on as well. Worth getting one, whether it’s for a small space or an extra comfy chair in your common room.

As promised!

Great size, very comfortable and light weight. I understand the cover material needs to be stretchy but for the price I would have liked something more durable. Add the Gravity blanket and you have a combo that delivers!


Very comfortable and fun. It’s the seat of choice for the family now. :-).

So Comfy

My husband and I will soon be coming to blows over who gets to sit in the Moon Pod for TV time. It's comfy enough that I can nap in it and has been a godsend post surgery for me; I can lay comfortably with no pressure on my incision site with a bit of poking and squishing. Perfect adjustable chair for lazy dinners seated at the coffee table. Would love to see some options for different covers.

Relax bed chair

All In one Chair, bed and relax

Me and the kids love it.

It’s great. It is super comfy to sit in. I use it to work on my laptop while watching tv. The many different ways you can sit in it are nice. My teenage and 5y/o daughter will sometimes fight over who gets to sit in it. May have to buy another one...

Great product!

Very comfortable in a variety of positions, love the support it gives you, but with no pressure points. Holds it’s shape well and I like that I can stand it up in a corner when not using it and it doesn’t take up much room. I pretty much sit in this on a daily basis, nap in it, work on the computer in it. Great product and very happy with my purchase!

Love this thing!!!

We love it so far!! Got it about a month ago, and it’s perfect for all relaxing positions! But what I love is how light it is compared to the usual beanbag of that size. Its so light I can just use one hand to lift it anywhere! We got two but we still bring them with us to each of our three floors!

literally from the heavens

I LOVE it. I might not be the prettiest thing the room, but I sit on it and literally struggle to stay awake - it’s so relaxing. All my friends want one now. It’s a keeper. Can’t wait for other colors. thanks Moonpodxx

So comfy

It is beyond comfortable and I just want to stay in it! I do wish there were some more color options for the cover.


it's the most comfortable pod I've ever sat or slept on. My husband is even impressed with it. He loves sitting on it as well. The ability to arrange it to in any position is so easy. I highly recommend everyone get at least one. My grandkids love it as well. We use it as our camping bed and build a tent around it. Best kickstarter project I've been apart of.

Love it

Making my child leave it downstairs so I can use it. Favorite thing to do is sit by the fireplace in it. Very relaxing

We LOVE it

This is amazing! Not at all like the typical bean bag chair you can get. It stays in the shape you want and the possibilities are endless for its uses. I have had back surgery along with having other health issues and it feels better on my achy body than my own bed sometimes I just wish I had one that was longer because I think I could definitely sleep on it

Love the Pod, need a pillow.

The moon pod is great, but when sitting there is a lack of support for your head. Would be awesome to have an additional pillow that you can use to support your head/neck.

bought two

We love our Moon Pods. They weren't too hard to assemble. Just kind of wish the cover was already Scotchguarded or weatherproofed or darker. I have to clean my house then lint-roller the things then Scotchguard them ASAP before anything permanent happens to them. Otherwise, love them! Perfect additional seating for a small living room that can't accommodate another sofa.



The “gravity” pod

The moon pod feel like floating on salt sea. It’s very versatile and paired with a blanket, an amazing reading seat. Love it.

super comfy

so far it's been great. we don't use it heavily, so I can't attest to wear and tear with regular use. We haven't had to wash the cover yet either. But overall comfort and feeling are great. Getting the bag into the case when it initially arrived took a bit of maneuvering but it was doable with one person.

Soft as a feather

Arrived just in time for Xmas; the girls love it. My daughters refuse to sleep in their bed, the Moon Pod has replaced it as their choice to sleep on at night!


It was comfy and much more supportive than the bean bag chair we had. But my husband uses it for gaming and wished it was a little wider to support his elbows

Best thing ever

Since I cannot float as much as I would like too, this is a great second option. The moonpod allows me to fully relax after a long day at work.

Surprisingly comfortable for all ages

It took a bit to figure out the best way to use this, but once you do! It's a great chair for adults and makes a perfect chair/bed/lounger for a kid.

Pretty great, albiet a bit costly

It's a great product. My wife and I have been very happy with it. While we would really like to get a second one, we can't justify it at the current price point.

Comfortable, but not super attractive

It is comfortable, I like the various ways it can be used, but it's not pleasing to the eye. I've tried to figure out how to build it into my room without it looking sloppy/messy. Maybe it would be helpful to have a gallery of pics so people can see how they've made their moon pod look nice in a room.

Family Favorite

We all love it. Teenage daughter named it the best gift of Christmas ‘18.


Extremely comfortable and great for support!

Xmas Surprise!

I have twin daughters, and one told me that she knew the perfect gift that we could get her other half, so I immediately placed the order! We waited and waited, and were so concerned that the recipient would see the box on our front porch; fortunately it arrived 3 days before Xmas, while the girls were out, and I was able to get it into the house and hide it until Xmas morning. It was the hi-light of her presents, and she absolutely loves it! Cheers!!

Comfiest Potato Ever

Upon taking it out of the package, my husband was a doubter. But after a couple of movie nights he was fighting over who got to have "The Plush Potato" as their theater seat. -1 star because we can't sit up straight with it -- it seems to be meant for an extreme layout position. I am wishing it had a bit more structure for better back support while sitting up, but it's plenty comfortable if you like to watch movies or read laying down. I was worried the cat would be freaked out by it and *** on it in revenge, but so far so good; she mostly ignores it. If I had more room I'd buy another one to avoid the fighting for it, but it's pretty big and doesn't shrink down. Be sure you have room to stash it when it's not in active use.

Already bought 2

Moonpods have been a life changer for me. I bought two of them one for myself and one for my girlfriend and they are amazing! Best purchase!!

Moon Pod

I love my moon Pod!! So relaxing and wonderful! I love watching moving and propping my legs up on an ottoman. It's a great feeling to snuggle in for a couple hours and just chill!


As expected :) it's wonderful.

Love it.

Perfect my pup loves it too.

I love it

Great product. Fell in love with it from the moment I sat in it . Very comfortable. I love the way it hugs my body . Feels very sturdy when I sit upright and super comfy when in lounging position. The only other person that loves it more than me is my pup. I will be purchasing another one in the near future .IMG_1080.JPG

Still Breaking It In

The low friction beads seem to be as advertised, I'm not sure how this compares to Yogibo products, they ship to Canada and have better pricing. I like the Moon Pod well enough, but the price point isn't quite where it should be.

We love ours, though would love em longed.

Ordered,waited, wanted to order the secondary coverlets failed to ☹️. Use them almost daily.

A Welcomed Surprise

It wasn’t as big as I was expecting. You have to curl up in a pretty tight ball to be able to lay on it. It is very comfortable to sit in and when reclining. It’s a little stiff right now, but I’m hoping it will loosen up over time as I use it more. Me and my girlfriend decided to use it together and it helped us relieve a lot of stress in many different ways. It was comfortable in many different positions. I didn’t realize it was so versatile.

Sleepy Time, Here I Come!

I've enjoyed the Moon Pod. I also purchased the weighted blanket, so one evening I decided to sleep on the Moon Pod instead of my bed and had a good sleep! However, it is kind of difficult to get out of it, I sort of have to roll over onto the floor and then get up from the floor. The shape of it is cute. Pro: It's comfortable and light to carry around. I think the box it came in weighed 2x what the Moon Pod weighs. Con: I was hoping the filling might be post-consumer material for sustainability. Since it's basically Styrofoam beads, at some point Styrofoam will be mostly outlawed as landfills will no longer accept that material, so a way to use post-consumer Styrofoam now would be great. But I'm hoping for many years of using my Moon Pod, and that it will stand up to the test of time and not have to be thrown out. To infinity and beyond!

My Moon Pod

Be careful getting the sleeve on the bag - use two people. Once done, it has been amazing

Love it!

It’s expensive no doubt, we love ours. When we have company everyone runs for the moon pod to claim it.


I use it for gaming when my friends come over. It's also relaxing and comfortable. Very light weight. Easy to lift and move around.

At first I just loved the name.

I am an original investor in the moon pod because I loved the name. Video was really fun and cute. Mine arrived on my birthday in December and I had just come down with a bad cold that I thought would ruin my holiday. My moon pod saved me as I spent most of the week in it in front of my fireplace drinking tea and binge watching TV. After five weeks I couldn’t live without it. It’s like having a roommate that just wants to cuddle. ❤️🌚pods

Love it!

Great. A bit challenging to put together, but we've come to really love sitting in it.

I wish that you had an option to get different colors with the covers…

Ok. I wish that you had an option to get different colors with the covers…

Great purchase

I recommend you buy one. You can use it as a chair, couch, foot rest, ottoman or flop bed.

Happy overall

I do love it but wish it would hold its shape for longer. Once the outer cover stretches, the bag does not hold in a sitting position. It is very comfortable and our whole family enjoys using it for gaming, relaxation, or watching movies.

Boom boom

It’s super cool but wish I had a larger option, but it’s been really comfortable and can’t say that any other couch I own is more comfortable.

Worth it

Better than advertised!

Soft and good

Comfy and fun to use

Great purchase!

My teenage son and his friends fight over this! They love to sit and sleep on it. Light weight and easy to move around yet firm enough to hold its shape. High quality materials. I would highly recommend.

Comfortable and Movable

We love our pods. This is our second because we were competing to sit in it. If I could make a suggestion offer other covers besides the gray.

So. Awesome!

Bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She says it’s the most amazing gift ever. Everyone who sits in it absolutely loves it!

Love it.

Holy cow this is so comfy. I want multiples Of the

Perfect for a child

The wife and I love it, but we lost it to our child when he discovered it. He sits in it every day and Loves It!

Love my pod!

It’s a fabulous way to take the pressure off my spine. I have herniated discs and often can’t find a sitting position that is comfortable. This is a real game changer.

Moon pod thoughts

So we purchased this because we thought it would be more than a bean bag, like something different or different materials. It is a bean bag. Shaped like a bean. It's comfy but like its a bean bag.. I will say though so far it holds it shape well than a regular beanbag and the beans are more expandable but def not zero gravity. Well you can't get that on earth but you know..

Best Purchase!

I was pretty skeptical about the Moonpod I mean it is just a bean bag , right? Oh but it is more than a bean bag! Some math wizard made this thing because I feel like I am floating when I am in it. In fact, as soon as I set it up and sat down I fell asleep for nearly 2 hours! I think I will buy another once I rearrange my living room to be Pod central. I know it is expensive, and it took me a minute to save up the money, but honestly I do not regret it.

Moon Pod -

More like Zero Gravity Bean Bag. This pod makes me feel weightless and eased my lower back pain. And an added bonus is my cat loves it too. My fiancé was not a believer until he sat back into it and now I find us fighting over one moon pod.

Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is the best. We have a love sac too which is larger than the moon Pod. Moon Pod forms right to your body and I mean every nook and crannie of your body. I am 59 yrs old and love it for reading, watching TV and playing with the dogs on their level. My Cattle dog thinks it is hers and her nails do not even puncture through it. Good for pain relief and will fit to anyone's comfort zone. Just one thing getting out of it I must roll because if you push down on it and try to get up not good but I love it and will roll out of it every time I use it. Very different from the Love Sac and the price is much better. The Moon Pod is either you like it or not and I love it...BAMM!!

love it

Fantastic for all rooms! Very comfortable and lives up to all they say!

Good product

It is a great product. That said, it wasn't exact a weightlessness like the marketing suggested. Overall, I would still recommend it though. It is comfy. Though after lots of use, for back support, you need to sit down on it and not lean back when sitting on it. Then you'll get the back support.

Great service

They have excellent customer service

So cozy

We love our pod !!!

Needs breaking in

Little stuff still but very comfortable. Hoping it relaxes over time and use. Overall a nice addition to my comfort game.


Love love love - so awesome, would like to see more colors.

Best chair ever

I love this thing! I use it in my office, and I love to use it for meditating, reading, or just relaxing. My kid bounces around on it too and thinks it’s the best “Big Big Chair”! It’s the best!

Prettttty Stellar

Extremely Pleasant

Love it

Love it want to buy other color covers.


Very comfortable to sit in and lay on top of. Sometimes I even use as a footrest. Only problem I see is that its very hard to get up after you have sat down for a while. I don't recommend it for people that have large bellies.

Awesome gift!

I bought this as a gift for my sister and her family. Repeatedly they tell me, in capital letters, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE INE OF THESE!

Almost perfect

Wished there were other options than grey. Full color

second bed

this chair is so comfortable, it was a little hard to get it in the cover, you will need two people, after that you can lay on it any way and be comfortable, I kind of wish there was a bed version of this

Love, Love, Love it!!

A friend and I unpacked it. She said, "you bought a bean bag?" I said no, a Moon Pod! Once she sat in it she totally understood. So relaxing and with the Gravity blanket, A++

Overall, a good purchase

The MoonPod is a great, shapeshifting lounger/chair and is very comfortable to sit in. The MoonPod however, doesn't look like the images on the website - it's much more shapeless. The outer layer does get dirty easily, but at least it's removeable.

AWESOME Experience!

Love my Moon Pod. I literally took a 4 hr nap on the first try. Simply AWESOME!

I Am In Love To The Moon And Back...

I can't say enough about my Moon Pod... It is so calming to lay in. Hugs your body like being loved. Best thing I have bought since my blanket. Thank You...

Love Our Moon Pod

Terrific product!!! Love the versatility to change to sooooo many comfortable positions. I love it to watch movies. My son loves it to watch basketball. Our Moon Pod is a welcome addition to our family!! I unconditionally recommend it!

My son loves his moon

My son loves his moon pod and so do his friends. I do wish the cover had come in a dark color, but at least it is fairly easily removable so we can was the food stains out of it. It is very comfy and lives up to the advertising that it can be used in several positions comfortably.

Great extra chair!

We like it very much!


Everyone in the house loves it... Including the cats!!!

Helps my sleep apnea!

I slept on it and have pretty bad sleep apnea. This helped me sleep without worry about breathing!

This is a great item!

This eliminated my back pain of sitting on a chair!

Moon Pod

It is extremely comfortable!

great but extremely hard to put on

it is very comfortable as advertised. But the cover was extremely hard to put on. It was definitely not as described in the instruction. Look me a lot of time and force (while trying to not break it)

Moon pod

We find it extraordinary. When I first brought them home my husband thought I was crazy. He sat on it laid on it and now he loves it. I find him laying on it when he’s in the phone and he says it makes his back feel great. Thank you

Comfortable, natural, versatile furniture

I want all my furniture to be like this. This grey blob is seriously moving us into the future. Sure, it's a little unreasonable to expect that everyone would want a blob as the seats in their house, but I want this tech to be in every designers mind going forward. Seriously - furniture that adapts to my body, is comfortable in any position, and seemingly keeps you heated with your OWN body heat. That's a feature of the Moon Pod I haven't seen advertised - the beads and cover appear to absorb body heat and actually retain some of it, making laying on this blob on your belly one of the most relaxing and comfortable experiences I can have on the daily. I love this thing. It's not for everyone, and it feels weird justifying the high price point (not knocking the work put in or manufacturing costs, it just feels weird to pay $400 for a hyped up blob), but after the money was gone and I was lying on this thing on my floor I felt totally justified in my purchase. Five stars from me, with the acknowledgement that this could certainly be improved in price and form (maybe alternate colors or covers?). Function though? Heck yeah.

Love it

Sit in it, or lay in it , it has been very comfortable.

Cat Loves Pod

I enjoy my moon pod a lot though it was pretty price-y for what it is. I wish it was a little larger. I wish the cover to it was better looking and easier to put on. Also, I wish my cat didn't love it so much and would let me sit on it.

Love it

I bought myself two monopod, so far I love it, it feels like you are floating, the only problem is that you will forgot about your sofa.

My Grandson LOVES it

I bought the Moon Pod for my grandson and he absolutely loves it. He even sleeps on it at night sometimes. It works really well for him to read and play games in as well.

The Best Comfy "Seat" I Own Hands Down!!!

The absolute best chair out there for relaxing and being overall comfy for a price that is just right!

Glad I stuck it out.

So comfortable. It’s my every day reading and napping bean bag. I know there is a lot of push back for the delay in shipping. But people need to understand the overwhelming sales. Yes the company could do better, but I’m more than pleased with my product and have enjoyed its simple and effective design from day one.


Love it! Easy to put together easy to use!

Been bag comfort, chair footprint

Configurable enough for many reading positions. Comfy enough for many napping positions. Productivity optional.


Hey I love my moon pod- very comfortable and versatile

Amazing Product

Fantastic product and exactly the chair I was looking for

It's nice...

I do like the moon pod I got and it seems to be serving its purpose. However, I do not feel like it is above and beyond and worthy of the price I paid.

Great Product

Love the moonpod but we never received our second cover for it.


It’s like a body beanbag. It’s comfortable and excellent to sit and relax. It’s a little expensive for a bean bag, but it’s nice.

Super Comfy

What a bean bag always should have been. Love my moony.

I want all my chairs to be moon pods

The moon pod is excellent! So comfortable; it’s the chair we all fight to sit in. My only complaint is that it’s not large enough to share with your favorite human for cuddling. Can you make a moon pod double, please?

Great Chair

My children love the chair. They say it is very comfortable. They love that they can change it to different positions. They love using it with the waited blanket.

So comfy!

I truly adore my Moon Pod (along with my gravity blanket) and it provides an awesome nap experience! Getting that cover on it, however, provided me with a great excuse to need a nap!

versatile uses

Using the moon pod in a variety of ways - great seat for supporting upright meditationi posture if I scooch my butt all the way forward - the gentle presence of the pod behind me prevents me from dropping into a slouch Also, if I am tossing an d turning in bed, I rest in the pod and then return to bed with a more relaxed back. love it!


Absolutely love this!


My wife and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT. We fight over whose going to sit in it! This MOOD POD is AWESOME! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone.

Moon pod

Love how easy it is to position and form it into how you wanna use it

Better than expected

After I purchased wasn’t sure if price would reflect the quality and use of it. But it was worth it. Would highly recommend

It’s comfortable

It’s comfortable

Love my Moon Pod!

I have lower back issues, and my Moon Pod totally alleviates the pain. I can sit for hours in a very comfortable position.

Moon pod

The first few times I sat in it was uncomfortable, however now that it is broken in it is much much better. I have yet to find a comfortable position to sleep in, but it is a much more relaxing and supportive experience for reading and watching tv

buy. moon. pod. soon.

I LOVE MOON POD! I can literally do EVERYTHING with this thing. I sit in it like a chair to do work for hours and my back doesn't even get sore... I lounge in it and read, adjusting the position as to not strain my neck... I sit in it and play guitar and am able to be supported and upright, yet still comfy enough to flow... I can also lay flat on it and take a nap. Moon Pod is awesome and I recommend to anyone and everyone. Well worth it.

Great Purchase!

It has remained as durable as the day it came. It doubles as an excellent foot rest against the couch too. My only regret is not being able to order two when I contributed to the kickstarter! If I had the money to do two I would have done it, and if there's a backer discount I would immediately take advantage of it.

Love My Moon Pod

So comfortable and great shape!!

It's not Quite a Moon

Outer Cover and internal "bag" arrived dirty. We ended up re-covering. I would suggest a neoprene cover in the future. Or at least something that doesn't feel like a t-shirt. The moon pod appears to be made out of relatively cheap materials (packing material). However, it's the clever use of such things that can be a sign of innovation. No one had done it before, right? I'd say it's quite comfortable, conforms and adjusts as advertised. No one has taken a nap on it yet. I think we wish it was a bit longer/larger. But overall great first attempt.

Comfy and Convenient

It works perfectly for our situation as we need to be able to moveit out of the way when we are not using it. It is comfy and convenient! Love that you can lie down or sit up in it.

great chair

Love my moon pod!

So comfortable!!!

I love sleeping on the Moon Pod! It feels like it relieves the pressure on my back the moment i lay down and get snug.

Exercise moon pod

It has been an exercise experience getting out of the pod. A good thing as I need to be able to get up off the floor. So great exercise without thinking about it b

Hate I missed it on kickstarter but glad I got another chance.

Totally comfortable and easy to relax. Once you sit, or lay, it’s all over. You’ll not want to move!! Seriously thinking about buying another one :)


We cannot imagine relaxing, doing homework, or watching TV in anything but the Moon Pod. The best thing is that it is easily carried from room to room.

Ditching my mattress

I thought I bought a really comfortable mattress last year, but it doesn't compare to the moon pod! I originally bought the Moon Pod to take cat naps after work, it turns out that I'd rather just sleep on it for the whole night. I have woken up more refreshed than I have in years! Thanks Moon Pod!


The Moonpod has been an amazing addition to our household furnishings. In Fact it's the seat i use to work from daily. We have also figured out other ways of using it for two people. After a long flight an hour in the Moonpod fixes us right up and alleviates all of our back and joint pain pretty well. I've started having people come over to test it out and recommending it frequently. thank you Moonpod!


I first bought the moon pod to lounge around but it has benefited us in so many ways! My wife just gave birth to our first child and she loves breastfeeding on the pod, “it holds me like a baby while I feed the baby”. I’ve also used it to help relieve back tension after a long day of suiting at the computer. This pod works wonders! I wish I would have gotten two.

This is a fantastic product

I’ve had a great experience with it and have no complaints I recommend this to anyone who is interested.


Aah .. better than a bed. Thanks!

Love the Pod!!

It’s so comfortable and relaxing.

Have two now!!!

We decided to turn a third bedroom into a communal room to enjoy our family and friends. The moon pods were a great addition to bring everyone together.

Best Purchase I’ve made in years

Plain and simple, this is a life-changer. I use this product every single day and it is worth every penny. Use it for meditation, watching tv, and for recovery after a run or workout (after a shower of course). Love it, and can’t wait till their next product cause I’m sure it’ll be amazing also!!!!

Very cool, but hard to negotiate.

I was very excited to get the MoonPod, as I had been holding out. When they ran a special for $100 off, I got in on it. When it arrived, its cover is folded (not already on the pod) and you must fit the pod into the cover. This was frustrating as it is similar to putting sausage meat back into a sausage casing with no machinery. Finally, after about 10 minutes of trial and error (solo), I was able to squeeze the zipper cover around and make it zip. I truly did not know if it was going to happen. Happily, I walk it to the place I wanted to put it in my home and plop down. It is very relaxing and one does feel a sense of zero gravity. However, I wanted to be able to sit and watch TV a bit easier than it seems to be capable of. I do not find the gif with the girl sitting down and the pod naturally creating and forming a chair-like posture to be true to my experience. It naturally wants to be a flat beanbag on which you can totally lay back (and it does that well). Overall, I give it 4 stars because I wish that it was a little more capable of creating your desired posture/position but instead I find myself trying to negotiate with it and just leaning back. I suppose for relaxation it fits the mold.


So far, it had been amazing. Very comfortable and I am happy with how many different positions I can use it in. Very glad I have it a try.

MoonPod is Great

The whole family loves the Pod!

Love this!

We have been enjoying the moon pod! It’s so comfortable and fits right in with our neutral decor!

Great purchase

I bought this for my sons bedroom. It’s the perfect size. He loves sitting in it or laying on it. I love it bc it’s light weight and easy to move around. I’ve had similar products but this one is by far the best.

My Grandchildren love it.

Fantastic. I have it on my family room floor. I have three grandchildren all under the age of 3. They love falling into it and playing on it. Now all my children want one in their home.

Great product, very comfortable.

My experience was great overall. My only problem is getting a turn to use it. My nephew won’t sit in anything else. He even uses the weighted blanket.

Most comfortable chair

I sat in it and it was like resting on a cloud! Best thing I have invested in!

Very comfortable

Surprisingly comfortable. Not entirely what I was expecting, but significantly more comfortable than your typical bean bag.

Moon Pod Review

Love my moon pod..very comfortable and versatile...I can sleep on it, work on my conforms to my body in any configuration...

An Absolute Dream

We bought two MoonPods - they exceeded our expectations tenfold. You just don't want to get out of them and they are worth every penny.

Moon Pod

Fast shipping. Product as described. Still breaking it in, but I enjoy it

It's a great beanbag

It's comfortable and kind of fun. It's a little small to actually lie down on for an adult. I think the model shown laying down on it must be very petit. I will be interested to see how it holds up over time. Right now it is full and firm. I've had bean bags that started that way, and then squashed to almost nothing after a few years. I like it.

Great customer service

Moon Pod is very comfy, however cover was marked up but they immediately sent me a new replacement cover. Great customer service!

Great Product

It is very comfortable and forms around your body. The fabric is soft. The only discrepancy is that when you shift your body in the chair it can get a little loud.

Well worth it!

I was a bit skeptical about buying this product due to the price tag, but I can honestly say I am glad I did! My girlfriend was not happy about how much I spent on a bean bag chair but once it came and she tried it out she loved it and has used it more than me. I love the ability to change the positioning with easy.


It is a very comfortable addition to my family room and a great stress reducer. I get lots of questions about what is that? I have a bad back and there are so many positions to sit or lay down that I can always get comfortable.

Too comfortable - I can't stop using it!

This Moon Pod thing is so darn comfortable. I wish I could get off it. I think about it all the time, and miss it when it's not close to me. My wife is jealous. Darn you, Moon Pod makers!

Moon Pod Heaven

It is awesome! Best thing I purchased! I relax when I sit or lay on it...... thank you for an amazing product. You did not disappoint!

Erognomic bean bag - A++

Amazing product. So comfortable, not obnoxiously large, and flexible for use as an upright seat, a recliner, or practically a bed. Plus the mesh cover is extremely soft and welcoming. Highly recommend to any and all.

Exceeding Expectations

Love my Moon Pod! I purchased it primarily with the intent of using it as a chair to relax, read, watch a movie, play games etc., and it's turned out to be more perfect for those things than I expected. It's leaps and bounds better than the old-school bean bags that I remember from my childhood. It really does conform to you in a unique way, and provides much more support than I expected. I'm incredibly satisfied with my purchase, and would recommend it to anyone considering the purchase.

Most comfortable place to sit

I/we absolutely love them—bought one then another. Lightweight and very comfortable.

Everything they said it’d be!

I love it when Kickstarter products turn out to be legit. MoodPod is the one to get. The lower back support is amazing and it doesn’t take up much space in my apartment.

Moon pod

This is my second moon pod and I just set it up today and again it was dirty and leaking little balls. I know you guys sent me another one, overall I am satisfied with the comfort but not the quality. So if you guys can maybe send me another one this time a clean one preferably that will be appreciated. Thank You Mano

Love my moon pod!

I’ve had my moon pod now for a few weeks and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to take breaks from my standing desk in work in it and I love reading on it with my dogs. It’s a little bigger than I thought it would be, but I don’t it at all.

Love this thing!

This was a fantastic purchase. Even my wife had to admit how great it was once she had a chance to try it. Whether you want to take a nap or just recline and take some stress off of your body, this thing does it all.

Simply amazing

I originally got this for my teenage son to use in his room. I ended up with us because he didn’t understand how cool it is. It’s amazing. The way you can shape it into different positions is awesome. I love this thing. Worth every penny.

Enjoying our Moon Pod.

Overall experience has been great. I two kids fight over who get to use it each night.

Moon pod

We love the moon pods! They absorb impact and just cushion the body. It’s really nice when I have aches and pain and the moon pod really cradles my hip and back. They also seem to retain heat. The moon pods are super comfortable and I’m so glad I ordered 2 of them!

I bought 3 of these

So far so good! I really enjoy using the Moon Pod for meditation sessions. Helps to keep the knees downward from the hips, while providing support for the back!

Holy Cow

Dude. Instant relaxation. I paid on it for about 15 minutes with my Gravity blanket on and felt as refreshed as I do after an hour's long nap. Totally great for my anxiety.

So Comfy

I love sitting and reclining in my MoonPod. My legs are too long to sleep on it, though. With my bent legs and feet flat, it grew uncomfortable. That’s my only disappointment. Sitting and reclining in it are wonderful. Just need a long leg version please.

Relieves tension

Very enjoyable. Relieves tension in my lower back.


You feel like you are floating. The positions are great too. You can’t get that with a regular bean bag chair.

Moon pod for all humans and animals

Humans use it to meditate, take a nap, work, and rest. And both of our dogs love it too! Love love love

Life Saver for Expecting Mom!

Originally purchased the Moon Pod for myself to lounge around watching sports. My pregnant wife is now using this as it is the most comfortable chair we have to help alleviate her back ache and general discomfort with the growing baby!

Love it!

My dog and I fall asleep in the moon pod. Very relaxing. I just wish they made nicer outer sleeves perhaps in darker colors or in a soft velvet.


Nice bean bag. I sit in it and watch tv and it works well

Super comfy.

Love napping on my new moon pod. It’s like laying on a cloud. It’s nice after a long day of working as a nurse to come home and take some pressure off my joints. Only thing I don’t like is the cover attracts every bit of dog hair to it, but nothing the lint roller can’t take care of.

Happy to have it!

It’s a cool chair!

The pod

Over all I think it’s very comfortable. It would be nice if they came with another looser cover to go over it to protect the pod over all. I use everyday and my dog loves chilling on to when I’m not home.

It's awesome. Just wish it

It's awesome. Just wish it came in other colors too.


Sleeping on the moon has been great, just wish there were new sleeves with colors and maybe different materials

We love it

Everyone in my family is using it and everyone loves it

Skeptical at first, but now in love

Honestly, I was skeptical at first when buying the product. Even more skeptical was my husband whom I was buying it for as a surprise. He went through a quick roller-coaster of emotion, ranging from ‘why did you buy me this,’ to ‘hmm I guess it may be okay,’ to ‘I think I kind of like it,’ to now ‘I love it, stay off of it and get your own!’ Absolutely thrilled with it overall. Had one of the best 20-minute nap of my life. And we will likely be purchasing a second.


Comfortable, supportive. I sit my 70-year-old body on it for hours reading, meditating, napping. No issues. Love it!!


I had back surgery earlier this year and find sitting in bed or in many chairs to become quickly uncomfortable. I have found that the MoodPod to be beneficial and incredibly comfortable!! Thanks

Moon customer service was fantastic

My experience was nothing but positive.

Great for lounging

I love the Moonpod for lounging around while reading or watching TV. It’s also been useful as a piece of furniture for “adult activities”, and as I typed that, I realized that this sentence may mean that this review never gets seen by anyone.

Love it and Great Customer Service!

Bought two and loved them. Effortlessly holds it’s shape no matter how you sit on it. Straight, Lounge or Bed, it’s sooo comfortable. What’s even better is moonpod’s customer service. One of my moonpods developed a hole. Customer service responded quickly through email and set me a new one within days! Can’t ask for better representation of Moonpods quality and service. Thank you!!

Comfort at al angles

I found getting the cover on a little challenging but after that the product itself has been great. Everyone in my family uses it.


I love my Moon Pod chair. It is so comfortable and supportive. It’s hard to keep my dog off of it. Shipping was very fast as well.

Love it

Amazing product


It’s so comfortable! One of my best purchases!

Incredibly comfortable but not so good-looking

It's great -- we all love it, including my disabled daughter! The only bummer is that it's ****! The cover is an unattractive color and material. It'd be great if you offered different covers. Also, don't spill anything on the MoonPod because it's impossible to clean! I was able to unzip and wash the cover, but you can't wash that inner one, and I hate to think of those beads retaining moisture. Maybe a waterproof inner cover for the future?

Big guys need love, too!

The Moon Pod is amazing, and without a ton of details on Medical issues, makes sleep possible, that wasn't possible before for my 6' 5" husband. HOWEVER, it would be so much better if it were longer. We have to rig up some combination of blankets and pillows for his feet. Please make a longer version!

Nice Moon Pie

I love it just wish it was a little longer for those who are at least 5'10 in regards to wanting to lay on it without your feet or head hanging over it but I do love it :)


Great stuff! Would love to buy another in a different color? Will they be bigger as well?

Love it

Yes just buy it

More comfy than a regular beanbag

The cover is a little tough to get on, but otherwise I like it. It provides more comfy support than a regular beanbag. It takes up a smaller footprint than a traditional beanbag chair if you stand it on end, so it saves space. I will be getting another one and getting rid of my other 2 beanbag chairs.

Recovery Pod!

Absolute comfort from a knee surgery with recovery on your stomach!! Love the ability to launder the cover, ease of moving beads to create “just right” comfort. Thank you for helping in recovery with little to no discomfort!


So great. First chair of this kind to not sink into. Supports you. And you can sit in it in so many different modalities. Just the best. Like nothing else.

Sooooo comfy!!!

We love our Moonpod, it’s like being on a cloud. It also makes an excellent gaming chair for playing video games.

Soooooo comfy and calming for the whole family!

Great! One thing is that the cover seems to have really stretched out rather than hold a tight form. (I’m under 135 lbs + toddler = 170 lbs max) Any suggestions?


When introduced I wasn't sure how it was different than a beanie bag but as soon as I sat/laid in it, it was as if I was floating on a cloud


I am loving my Moonpod/Cloud! It has become my go to "Nest" chair at the end of my day. I call it my cloud as I sink into it. Can't tell you how many times I have fallen asleep on it. Love it!

Good Product

Moonpod is comfortable once you get it adjusted to your fit. You do spend some time fluffing it up a bit to make it feel just right. Overall a good additional seating option.

New cover options

This was our second one! We love them. However, the gray cover is hideous! You need more options for covers. I had some new covers made... the pod looks much better displayed in our living room.

Most comfortable sleep ever (yes, I sleep on my MoonPod and I have a new mattress)

My entire MoonPod experience has been great thus far. I ordered mine on a Sunday night and it arrived by my birthday that Wednesday (which was a super fast turn around time; I was not expecting that for an item like this, especially since I didn't pay extra for expedited shipping - again, super impressive right out of the gate). The only challenge I faced was first getting the cover on the MoonPod but it has been a glorious experience thus far. I'm probably going to do a MoonPod review on Youtube with a more in-depth critique but seriously this has been a great product. As the title of this review mentioned, I just purchased a new mattress not too long ago (from one of the big "online to front door" companies) and while I absolutely love that too, it kind of made me mad that this MoonPod was this comfortable (noticeable difference). Small things like this really can make the in-home living experience even more relaxing and I appreciate that MoonPod has helped me to achieve some much needed Zen. Great work, excellent product!

Love it

Its was a great purchase! Even my mom uses it all the time

Best Space-inspired beanbag ever!

Truly Amazing! We love our moonpod!

pricey but heavenly

One star off because it's so expensive. It's hard to justify the expense to others until they use it AND unless they treasure sleep and relaxation as a top priority in life. But if you can afford one, it is a wonderful, lovable addition to life.

Love it

Relaxing and inviting. Best to come home too

Love it!

I wish I bought it before, love it for naps, meditation and reading. I don’t share it with anybody in my house.

Skeptical but....

I always wanted to buy that Eero Saarinen Knoll Womb Chair, but good god, you have to take out a loan or have a very good week at the track to afford one. So after a year of thinking about this Moon Pod, I finally broke down and ordered it. When my Moon Pod arrived and I unpacked it, I didn’t find the instructions until after I wrestled that amorphous gray pod into its cover. Colorful invectives flew through the air as I pulled the zipper closed with my teeth and I kept thinking, I should have saved those pennies for that Womb chair!!! I stepped back and said to myself, “I just bought a 300 egg!” Yes. It looked like a gray egg waiting for Big Bird to sit on it. But when I lay my body down on that gray Pod it was nothing but pure bliss. Do you feel weightless? Let me put it this way; I’ve had a back surgery and neck pain from a life filled with hardcore adventures and this thing is incredible. This Moon Pod gives me so much relief that I will buy another one. My wife loves it and so does our best friend in the whole world.

Amazing for my back and shoulders!

I have had back and shoulder issues for years. When I melt into my Moon Pod, I can feel my muscles relax immediately. I am also an avid reader, so sitting and reading in my Moon Pod are my new favorite things to do together.


FantasticA!! Cindy! Relaxing!

LOVE -- need covers/colors

Really enjoy the moon pod! I do want additional colors/patterns/materials as possible with physical constraints; both for looks (keeping it out is nice, not the nicest match with most furniture) and maintainability (little worries about cats poking holes, but they haven't touched it yet)

Part of my regime.

I love being able to sit in my moonpod at the end of the day. It fits great in my small space and is WAY easier to move around than the love sac I used to have.

Love it

It's so comfy! I love laying on it with a fuzzy blanket!

I wish i could tell you how much i enjoy my moon pod...

But i can't. Because i can't get my son off it to try it out for myself. He LOVES it. I'm waiting for my birthday to buy one for myself. This time, just for me.


Excellent item. V comfy. Great for meditation


I was putting this inside bag into the outer cover when I got this and thought oh **** what have I bought?! I finally got it together and sat on it, then layed on it and I think it is one of the most comfortable things I have. I can't recommend this enough. It's light it's supportive I wish I had a bed made out of it. I've come home after a long day and my legs ache I lay on this and it's like they're suspended in air. Thank you thank you thank you for making this. I recommend to all I know

So comfie!

Kids are fighting over it!

Like a cloud

Wonderful very amazing we love it!

amazing addition!

We bought 2 of these for our ‘wellness room’ in our office so our employees can check out and relax during their breaks, and it is so so comfy cozy. It’s just like it was described, the fabric is nice and soft and it’s cute!


Everyone loves it

Love it!

I received my Moon Pod and was able to put the cover on by myself. I love that I can position it to be however I want the support. Very comfy. Love my Pod. Thank you.

Crazy not to own one!

Absolutely amazing! Most comfortable thing I've ever sat on! Equally amazing was the customer service!

Christmas Gift for my Son

I can't wait to hear how he likes the MoonPod ... I hope to get one for my husband too!

Super Comfortable

I love my Moon Pod and use it for chilling, reading, meditating. It provides the perfect lumbar support, and since I am short, I can use it for napping.

Overall nice chair

It is definitely not your average bean bag chair. It’s comfortable and easy to use. Works just like it appears in the video. Just wished it was larger or larger sizes were available

The most comfortable...

The chair conforms to you instead of you to it. It is simply wonderful, but challenging to get out of (but who cares).


comfortable, light, and holds shape when using it, excellent product

I don’t even let my husband lay on it.

It’s more comfortable than my bed.

Love it

Great I love it. Yeah.

we are now pod people

we love it!!! sometimes it’s tough to stay awake, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Pretty cool

Love how light it is but it is way too small and definitely a little too firm when sitting on it

It was a gift

My son in law loves it! It's down right theraputic. I will purchase another.

I love it

I love it. my husband loves it. my dog loves it!the ONLY thing I could ask for is the ability to have a range of slipcovers available

Best sleep in years

I have been using my Moon Pod as my "mattress" for the past weeks ever since I received it. I sleep 6 to 8 hours on my back and feel comfortable and reflexes when u waken. This is incredibly comfortable. I would love to have a similar seat cushion for my uncomfortable office chair.

Awesome. Best bean bag type I have ever sat on

Great design. Sturdy and I absolutely love it. We fight over who gets to sit in it. I did experience that the bag seems to get a bit empty I guess we are flattening the inside and stretching it. Wondering when we need to fill it up more.


We love our Moon Pod so much, we've been tempted to buy a second. I'm not sure who likes it more, my husband and I or our two young kids. Regardless, it's the most comfortable seat in our house!

Comfortable, supportive, great buy

It took a while to ship, but I think it was worth it! The cover is decently easy to put on, the fill material feels pretty solid, and I’m enjoying it so far.

Love it

I love my moon pod! I use it all the time to relax in after a long day. I am pleasantly surprised with how well the cover is holding up, and how easy it is to move around!

Not like a beanbag

This is so comfortable & supportive. I love how you can really adjust the seating. Takes the pressure off my back too.

Sleepy comfy

Great. Great. And great

The moon

Always wanted a bean bag the moon pod is just what I’ve always wanted a chair a Lounge a nap!!! Perfection love it!!

Super comfy

The product itself is wonderful. Very comfortable, easily converts to different positions. I would have given 5 stars but the delivery of pod took over a month. Company should advise as to range of time, so as to manage expectations. Message was optimistic but unrealistic

Glorious relief!

I had been having tonnes of lower back pain when I bought my moon pod. I started sitting in it in the evening instead of on the couch and almost instantaneously found relief. Now a few month down the road I can tell you my back doesn't hurt and I'm much more relaxed. Possibly the best purchase I've made in years.

Comfy cozy

I love my moonpod. It’s comfy and cozy. It molds to my body perfectly. I feel like mine wasn’t filled enough though? It’s kind of baggy. Also I don’t think it’s worth the price. It’s a high end beanbag chair and if I’d have known that I probably would have bought it from a different company that had them for cheaper. Overall though i use it everyday and am happy with it.

Couch vs Moon Pod

Sitting in the Moon Pod is so much better than sitting on the couch and for taking naps!

Great Chair with Some Setup

The chair sits really well. But it was not easy figuring out the bottom from the top to put the sleeve on. It still hasn't quite taken the shape of the advertising image but it definitely sits super comfy. I might need a Moon Pod XL if one ever releases in the future because laying down doesn't work as well for someone of my stature. (6'4"/193cm)

“Does it come in black?”—Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight

I like it, I just wish it came in black or dark gray.

Best Birthday gift… ever!

This was a gift for my daughter’s 12th birthday. It was NOT on her list so it was a “risky” gift. She loves to read and I thought it would make a great seat for her reading nook. Little did I know… She loves it SO much that she has slept on it for the last 3 weeks! I’m not sure that’s the recommended us, but she is loving her Moon Pod for reading and sleeping!

The "funnest" adult seat ever

MoodPod is the next generation bean-bag. It's comfortable, relaxing, and just right for lounging around.

The whole family loves it!

I bought the 2nd Moon Pod because we love them so much. They are comfortable and high quality. Even our family dog finds it comfortable :) I highly recommend it! Jennifer

great place to read/relax

love the moon pod. super comfy and forms perfectly to your body so you also feel stable. and easily portable from room to room.

My Moonpod

Oh boy what a GREAT THING this is! Such a wonderful destress aid!! God bless you for making this - no ordinary bean bag. With a weighted blanket, it puts me into another world without medicine, drugs or alcohol.

Love the Moon Pod! NOT just an oversized bean bag...

At first, I was skeptical. This seemed like a lot of money to pay for an oversized bean bag... but I was proven wrong! It cradles the body in all of the right places, and gives excellent support, whether you want to be in the sitting position, lying position, side lying.. whatever makes you most comfortable. I find that when I want to sit with a completely straight back, I push it against a wall or the sofa and sit in it and it keeps my back in alignment and is so comfortable! I am going to buy one as a gift for my parents who are always sitting on the floor!

Love my Moon Pod!

I love love love my Moon Pod! It is so very comfy! My review would be 5 stars except it is so very hard to get up from. Even my children struggle getting out of it.

good— enjoy sitting and lying

good— enjoy sitting and lying on it

Moon Pod Cover

It would be great if it had different cover color options.

Never too old

Hesitant at first...difficult getting up..but solved problem by placing it under a chin-up exercise bar apparatus (weirder 200) aching back thanks you..

Almost too comfortable

Super comfortable. However, my cat took it over as her new sleeping spot and won’t let me have it back! You have her endorsement

Love my Moon Pod

So far, I am loving this. It's comfortable and is exactly what was promised. I haven't tried sleeping on it, but I enjoy watching TV while sitting in it, using the computer while sitting in it and even meditating on it.

So Comfortable

I work, relax and nap on my MoonPod!

Dope Moon Pod

love it. I use it often. No regrets

My new tv chair

I love the moon pod. Super comfy. Will probably buy a few more. If I had to find negatives: wish they sold extra moon pod skins, very hard to get out of once you’re in it.

Love the Moon Pod!

This has been a great addition to our family area, with my teenage son using it for gaming and movie watching. It's a perfect fit for our family.

Enjoy it. Too big. Would like individual chair pods

We like it a lot. I think it has too much stuffing and we have to open it up and fix it. It’s too firm. What we really would want is a smaller unit just for back support, either traditional shape with armrests, or pod shaped.


After coming home from work in a high-stress job, within minutes all my tension is forms around me and makes me feel so much more relaxed than the couch. I will be buying a second one.

As billed

It does what it is advertised to do.

I love it

I was skeptical about the claims that it was so comfortable, but I loved my Gravity Blanket and thought I’d buy a Moon Pod as a test. Wow! I love snuggling into my Moon Pod and feeling my body relax automatically. I love that when I squirm into a position, the Moon Pod actually supports me in staying in that position - but it’s also really easy to squirm into another comfortable position and it can handle nearly any position that you like. I used my Moon Pod to recover from a broken arm and it was invaluable to find amazingly comfortable positions that I could not accomplish on my couch or bed. I highly recommend it. Especially with a gravity blanket - I fall asleep quickly for cat naps and I always feel calmer and more relaxed after a few minutes in my Mood Pod under my Gravity Blanket :)

Super Duper DoPe

This is way sicK! That’s all


My husband talked me into getting this and I am so glad I did. When I fall into it, it molds around my body and I can't feel any pressure. I can read in it for hours! LOVE IT!

Moon pod

I totally love it

So comfortable and relaxing!

Paired with my gravity blanket it’s the best way to relax. It’s just kind of morphs to your body, when my girlfriend comes over it’s the first place she goes and can just pass out with a blanket laying down on the pod. Absolutly amazing, and would recommend this to anyone looking for just a nice way to relax.

Like it but need different cover color options

We like it but different cover colors would be nice.

Extremely Comfortable

This is definitely more than a fancy bean bag with multiple positions on can sit or lay on it it’s in a class all of it’s own. It is very comfortable and easy to relax on and fall asleep on. I’ve read a book, watched tv, used a tablet and more on it. My only slight gripe is putting on the case is not very straightforward. It’s not clear which end is the top and which end is the bottom. Bonus using the Gravity Blanket with this takes the comfort up a notch.


Awesome! LOVE IT!


So far so great! I bought it for my dorm room that I move into this August so right now it’s chillin in the family room upstairs, and now I’m afraid my family won’t let me take in when I move out. They love it so much!!

Moon Pid Privilege

I love my Moon Pod! I had my middle school reading class help me open the box and stuff it into its cover. When students pass a reading passage, they get Moon Pid Privilege time, and they love it! Plus, I told my therapist about the Moon Pod and he ordered one for his neuro feedback sessions!

Zero Gravity Enjoyment

The Moonpod is unbelievably comfortable. I was extremely excited to purchase based on the reviews and advertising. I’ve been extremely happy with my decision. It is comfortable in all positions, durable such that it takes up little to no freestanding space, and the cover is easy to wash. I look forward to purchasing other products.

Laying on a Cloud

It’s every bit as good as advertised!

Love it.

Any tips with using it?

A nice way to wind down

I love my monopods. I have been using it at the end of the day to wind down and relax. I often have to track it down because my kids or husband loves it as well!

Perfect gift

Grandson loved his own personal space and lounge chair. Thank you.

Overall, pretty good!

My only complaint is that I wish it was longer. I'm not super tall (5'11"), but it would be great if it was longer so that my feet weren't always dangling off or on the floor. Otherwise, it's great, but I hope a new version with a longer profile is released. Thanks!

Moon Pod review

I and my daughters have enjoyed using the Moon Pod. It's very comfortable and supportive. I can even put my infant inside without fear she will fall or crawl out. My only criticism is it's overpriced even with the $100 discount. It only has three material components (cover, casing and filler) and should be more reasonably priced at around $200.

Love the pod

Very disappointed that I did not get a discount on the 2 more I ordered after participating in the kickstarter. Wanted a bigger pod.


Great beanbag. Looking forward to purchasing another one. It’s so much more than a bean bag. It feels like I am sitting on air. It makes my body feel light as a feather. Helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Fell Asleep The First Time I Used It

It is an incredible feeling to sit or lie down on the Moon Pod. I love to watch TV with it as my portable lounger. I would highly recommend it. The outside cover is washable.

With the money!

I choose to sit in the moon pod over any other seat in the house. It contours to literally any position (making it difficult to get off the darn thing!) Me and my five year old fight over it.

I really dig it

Versatile, neutral, comfortable.

I love my moon pod

What a fabulous product. Having back issues, this is the most comfortable place to be.

Love this pod!

Super comfortable, sit in it every day.

Love my moonpod

I love it. It gets dragged around everywhere. I can sit or lounge on it and it feels like it fills in every pressure gap. It Is hard to get out of though. Your weight presses you in to the floor when you try to rise. It is worth it though for its comfort. I would like to see the outer shell offerred in different colors: red, navy, black to start. I would buy my Moonpod new clothes then.

Very Comfy!

After using it for about a week, the seam ruptured. After contacting support, they offered to replace without any issues. Love that they stand behind their product. I donated this moonpod and waiting delivery on the replacement!

Moon Pod

It was a bit awkward trying to get it in the it! I used it everyday in my living room in front of the dog really like it too, the minute I got up he’s got on it straight away!!! I wish I can upload the picture to you! Highly recommended!

We fight over it

At first I was like - nope. I was disappointed at first glance but this is a favorite chair - so comfortable! There’s is literally a line to use it and a few wrestling matches over who gets to sit in it first!! We love it!


We love it. I feel like I’m floating.

Very comfortable and relaxing

I love how well it conforms to the contours of the body and supports my back.

I love it

I love my moon pod alot, whenever I get stressed or anxious, I lay on it and it helps me feel better


Met expectations x 1000

Great pod

I have had my moon pod for about two months now and I have to say that I love it all of my friends come over and sit on the pod and they are in awe of how comfortable it is! it’s a really great product the only improvement that I could think of is that the white casing that holds the pod should be thicker because I’ve already got a small hole in mine and now I have a little foam beads everywhere LOL other than that this is a great investment

The most comfortable spot to sit ever!

I love this thing! Whether lying or sitting, it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat on. I’m very picky about chairs and generally hate sitting in them but this one can adjust to whatever my mood is. It’s easy to use with an ice pack if I’m having back pain and is a great stress reliever as well. The best part is that I can take it anywhere in the house so I can have a comfy chair anywhere!

Really comfortable

Much more positive than the really negative experience I had with the gravity blankets! That was so awful that I didn’t want to order the moonpod


It’s so great. A great study chair, a great reading chair, a great gaming chair. Very pleased with it.

I hate the Moon Pod. JK it’s the best thing to happen in my life in the last year

For real. It’s that good


My cat loves it.

Great for EDS People...and all the other cool people

We bought this for our daughter. She has a connective tissue disease called Ehlers Danlos. It makes relaxing...difficult. This helps her to relax and keep everything in place and comfortable. Only thing we wish there was...more choices for the covers and a waterproof cover...

So happy with my moonpod

Really comfortable, been my go to and I have a super comfy place, but my moonpod is the world

Happy Pods

Purchased two of the pods for my grandchildren for Christmas. Absolutely a huge success. They are teenagers and do everything on them from homework, to reading a book, to watching television. Great product!

It's great

Very comfy. The whole 'sense of floating' thing is ridiculous but it is much better than a beanbag, it folds into a load of different sitting arrangements and made my pregnant wife extremely happy. Therefore 5 stars.

Was a gift

I purchased the moon pod for my grandson. He loves it

Loved the moon pod. Hated the color

We ended up giving our moonpods to our adult kids. Loved them but hated the grey color

Comfortable and easy to use

I love my moon pod. It is easy to move around the house and use for multiple purposes. It is comfortable. I love combining it with my weighted blanket when my anxiety is particularly high.

Great lounging chair

I purchased the moon pod for my 9 year old to use in our playroom. His younger siblings have their own personalized chairs and he wanted one too but they were too small. I saw the moon pod on Instagram and thought it looked cool. He loves it!! Actually everyone does! It is super comfortable and contours to your body. My son loves it for gaming and just watching tv. Great purchase!


Perfectly plush

A Mother’s Best Friend

I live on my moon pod. I move it from room to room. From sitting in my toddler’s playroom reading stories, to watching TV, to working remotely, it suits all my needs. It can be placed in the corner upright when i’m not using it, so it has very little footprint. It is more comfortable than you think is possible. Truly difficult to put into words until you’ve sat down into it.


I don’t know what to tell you but inside this moonpod, it is filled with MOONBEANS OR something.. super comfy actually! I was like you skeptical as heck the price for a bean bag … but if you think about it moonbeans are from the moon so it can be pricey! Would I buy it again? **** yeah !

These are awesome so far it feels great

You can use in any position as you like, very comfortable I love to use while and watch TV

Cloud Nine

The Moon Pod is wonderful. It really is like sitting on a cloud or what I would imagine a cloud to be like. I think the design is well thought out and exactly how a "bean bag" should be. Though I will say the Moon Pod should not even be put in the same class a a bean bag. It is the adult version of a bean bag. The only negative thing I have to say is that I thought the cover would be thicker, more durable. It seems like it could tear very easy. Mine has not torn yet but it sure does attract cat hair and dirt like a magnet. That is a draw back but perhaps in the future they will offer replacement covers in various colors.

Good but pricey

I love my moo pod but I feel I paid a bit much for it. It is after all a newer version of the venerable bean bag.

Love it

Everyone in my family is enjoy the moon pod; cats included!! Love this product!!


I love my ‘moon pods’. I am a Family Therapist and have one in my office. Kids and parents love sitting or lying or jumping on my Pod. It is very comforting. Kids who can’t sit still actually settle into it and calm. I actually bought another for my house. The cover removes easily and I wash it all the time. I wish there were other cover options but the grey is neutral and fine.


It is hard to get out of. We have to roll off.

A big hit

The only problem with the Moon Pod is that our 14 year old doesn’t sleep in her bed anymore.

Excellent product

I am really enjoying my new MoonPod. The only complaint I have is the need for a headrest when I am sitting and watching TV, but I just use my travel pillow to prop up my head and it's perfect. Very comfortable and durable. I need to literally roll out of it because I'm so relaxed and it's a bit hard to stand up and out of, but we worth the purchase. I would have liked to see the price a bit lower and the availability in different colors to match my decor. Otherwise I would have given five stars.

Great customer service

Purchased a moon pod and the zipper was faulty on the cover. They sent us another one the next business day. We are considering ordering another moon pod because we like it so much.

Love it

I can always find a comfortable anf supportive position for my back. (Wish the color wasn't so light, looks dirty easily.)

I love it

Very relaxing...

Moon pod :)

We love the moon pod! We use it to relax- chill and as an extra chair in every part of the house. It is so versatile and easy to move.

Moon pod review

The moon pod is extremely comfortable with out the slip zipper cover. The cover keeps the beans too compact so the beanbag feels too firm. I prefer using the moon pod without the cover. It conforms to the body more comfortable. I think a larger zipper cover would make the moon pod more comfortable and help to protect the pod.

Great chair

Relaxing chair, excellent for meditation. I like the removable cover. Also appreciated that they shipped in time for Christmas.

Completely Awesome Product!!

From the moment I ordered, the communication was proactive. Product came very quickly and as advertised. It really is that comfortable!!

Very comfortable

I’ve enjoyed it since it arrived. I meditate in it often even though it can make a sound when I move that’s slightly distracting while meditating. Not sure how I feel about the fabric. It was a purchase I made at 3am while unable to sleep.


It really helps you relax


I love it,and all my family does too!!!very happy with my purchase!

Super Comfortable, great product!

I really like my moonpod. It is comfortable and convenient extra chair. The only thing I didn’t like was having to put the cover on. I almost damaged the zipper.

My 6 yr old son sleeps on it like a bed

He lets me know that it’s so comfortable.

More comfortable than my bed

The moon pod is amazing. It takes up a third of the space my old bean bag used to, turns into an upright chair or lounger at a whim and most importantly is super comfortable and supportive. It envelops you and melds to your shape and weight, giving you support on your back, neck and butt exactly where you want it. I was honestly surprised at how supportive this thing is when used as a chair for working (I use it alongside a roomyroc mobile stand to make a sort of quasi desk/chair combo). It’s seriously improved my quality of life in my small little apartment room, because it’s so small and versatile.

Moon Pod

So far so good!

Simply Divine! We offer in our coworking space Nap Room!

We purchased this moon pod for our coworking space nap / resting room and we get constant positive feedback on it.

The most amazing experience ever, almost...

I use this every day with my gravity blanket. The ONLY feedback that I have that is on the negative side is if it was 12 -24 inches longer. Lets say Moonpod XL. I am over 6 FT and my feet always touch the ground so I don’t get that true experience. My wife on the other hand who is 5’3 has the time of her life. Other than that, it is unreal!

So comfortable!

I love to lay on it and watch my projector movies. Now just come out with some more colors!


The best power naps of my life , I have it in my office

Most comfortable seat in my house

I have severe back pain from arthritis and lupus and the Moon pod is the place I *want* to sit. It cradles my whole body and alleviates the weight and stress on my joints so I can just relax into the chair and rest. I wish I had a loveseat and couch this comfortable!!

Surprisingly awesome

Just figured it would be a slimmer version of a typical bean bag - but this thing is legit. Actually forms to however you feel like sitting and is super comfortable

Family loves it

We are what you’d call bean bag connoisseurs and we loved Moon Pod because it feels like you’re floating. Out of all our bean bags, whether it’s the kids room, playroom or the man cave, this is by far the most comfortable. Impressive!

Sitting comfort

Not sure why someone complained about putting the Moonpod together, it was simple, just take the cover and slowly and carefully squeeze the pod in, not rocket science. As to the Moodpod and it’s functionality, it’s awesome. Very light yet durable, an absolute dream to sit in, in multiple ways and levels. My son loves them more than me! Definitely recommend getting them. I replaced my loveseat with them and do not regret it.

Sooooo comfy!

So comfy and versatile, my daughter loves it! We all love it but the rest of us aren’t allowed to use it!!! I’m a bit disappointed by the color that appears a quite neutral gray online but is actually pale green (and not great with our decor).


The title says it all!

Love this thing!

Very versatile and comfortable. My daughter loves it, too!

Comfy space saver

We purchased this for my daughter’s dorm room. It takes up much less soace and hives her flexible seating/lying down options. The other girls in the dorm knock on her door and say ,”can we try your moon pod?” It took a long time to get as we pre-ordered it, but she loves it. The tshirt style vover material is very nice

The moon pod is perfect!

I love the moon pod. It’s super comfy and so versatile that we all fight for it. A Netflix binge isn’t complete without it now. May need to order another to keep the peace in the house.

Awesome Product

Comfortable in all positions.

I mean...

I love the thing, I really can't sit anywhere else in my house now. However, it's so not worth the cost and how long it took to get here. I've regretted buying it more times to keep track of. It's comfy but with time it loses structure.

best gift.

received one as a gift. bought another for my self and two more for a friend who couldn’t get over how calming it is,the shape alone is a pleasing addition to a minimalistic decor, the functionality is supreme.

Blessed Relief

Severe back pain had me confined to bed. Now I can comfortably position myself on the Moon Pod in the family room and hang out with my family. Fabulous!


I originally purchased this as a gift, and then made the mistake of sitting on it. I am never giving it up! It really is different from other beanbags: much firmer and thus able to conform to different shapes. My one suggestion: make a few larger models that could actually accommodate a 6' foot person -- I might even trade it for my bed! :)

We fight over over who gets it

It took months to get the moon pod after I ordered it. I even tried to cancel the order, but I couldn’t figure out how. I’m glad now because we all love the moon pod! It’s a competition to see who gets to it first to have it for the day. It’s so comfortable! Like being on a cloud. Our kitties love it too. When one of us is on it, there’s a kitty on us. If there’s not a person on it, there’s a kitty. Totally worth the wait! We love our moon pod!

My nap buddy

When I need a nice 1-2 hour nap, I fall right onto my moon pod , and I tell my partner “I’m going to moon pod for a bit and it’s understood. It also helps me when I’m feeling an anxiety attack coming on, I meditate on it till my heart rate comes down,

Great for gaming

I love the moon pod, it is a glorified bean bag but it’s one of the best beanbags I’ve ever owned. I literally use this moon pod to play Xbox every single time I play Xbox. I’m happy that I got it at the price point that I paid for. 349 is simply a bit too much for me ... 199 is fair for it

Really impressed

My family loves the moon pod! After having the first one for a week, we bought 2 more!! My 6’6” 300lb husband loves them! I can’t get my dogs off of them unless I bribe them with a treat. We will likely get more for different rooms in the house. We’re just hoping they offer different cover colors soon.

I like my Moonpod, but...

The moonpod is comfortable bu I wish it was taller. I’m a medium size person and the pod is to small. Also it is not suitable for sitting at a desk (sits to low). But aside from that, it is a very nice chair for relaxing and reading. I would suggest more colors for the outer shell.

Moon Pod Rocks!!!

I love the Moon Pod so much I ordered a second one. They are perfect for stargazing, meditating, listening to music and sweet loving. Thanks so much for making these!

Love our new Moon Pod!

Bought it as a surprise late Christmas gift for my wife! She absolutely loves it. Can’t get her off of it, LOL. She used to sit on our couch beside me in the evening but now she hangs out on the Moon Pod most of the time... Give it an A+

We Love our Moon Pod!

We Love our Moon Pod! It’s so comfy and my grandchildren think it’s the coolest thing ever! They were so excited when they came over and found it in their room!


My family of five is obsessed with our new Moon Pod. It is by far the most comfortable place to sit in the house. The only thing we don’t like about it is that there is only one!

Good, not great

The mood pod lived up to (high) expectations in terms of sitting comfort. Getting into a laying position is a bit awkward, as is getting out...which is something that wasn't obvious in the demo videos. Overall, happy with the purchase, but for a multiple hundred dollar purchase - a lot of value has to be delivered.

Just What I Need!

I am a 74 year old woman. I walk a lot and do Pilates and also read a lot. It's been increasingly difficult to find a way to sit comfortably with good back support, leg elevation and no concentrated pressure points. The Moonpod is the answer! It's infinitely adjustable. I can use laptop and can hold a book or my Kindle Fire with the addition of a pillow. The only challenge is GETTING UP! I'm working on technique.

Love the pod but my cover was stained upon arrival

Overall the pod is great, but the outer cover had two oil stains on it when it was delivered. Going to see if I can get a new one shipped out. My daughter loves it though.


I adore my Mood Pod! From the moment I received it, I could not believe how comfortable it was. I can’t wait to get home and relax in the most comfortable seating I’ve ever owned. I suffer from chronic back pain. The Mood Pod is such a relief for my back, and any other muscles that are sore from the day. I highly recommend getting one. My cats love it too, we are usually competing to sit on it!

Bean bag re-invented and oh, so much better

Truly a great product. Comfortable and relaxing. Highly recommend it as a must have in every household.


I Love that it forms to your body, supporting everything uniquely. The only comment that has been made is that it would be nice if it was longer so your legs wouldn’t hang off.


Super comfortable


Super comfortable, worth the cost


When you really need to get comfy and relax - this is your seat!

Due to house fire this was supposed to temporary piece of furniture

We love it and hope to use it through out our home when we are in need of extra seating.


Excellent product

The moonpod has changed my

The moonpod has changed my life, instead of using a desk with an uncomfortable chair I can work from my Moonpod and then use it for recreation watching movies or reading. Now my bed truly is used only for sleeping. The only thing I would change is a slightly darker cover, the light grey shows stains a little too readily

Best Multi Use Seat

The moonpod has been an amazing addition to our lives! The whole family love it. I struggle with anxiety and sitting on the moonpod helps my entire body relax and my husband is an avid gamer, the moonpod is his favorite place to sit. We are looking forward to adding the crescent to our set up. In addition to loving the product, the customer service is excellent! They are quick to respond and very helpful. Five stars!

Whenever you need to flop after a long day

To be truly honest, at first the moonpod seems like an over-hyped bean bag chair. AND THEN YOU REALIZE IT IS DEFINITELY NOT THAT. Cozy, the "mimic flotation chamber" business is serious business. I've more than once accidentally fallen into a pretty good slumber on the pod, and find that it's great for soothing anxiety, as well as tired bodies. While it may not be for everyone, as someone looking for a good place to relax in the evenings and de-stress after work, moonpod met expectations.

Most Relaxing Purchase EVER!!!

I'm terrible at managing my stress. Coming home from work and sitting in the chair for 5-15 minutes makes a huge difference in my day. If I do it with my Gravity Blanket, it is 10x better! I am so happy I backed this on Kickstarter.

Kids love it

The mood pod (affectionately called the ‘big slug’) was a big hit with my kids. It’s really comfy and great for lounging. Recommended to anyone with a need to sit.

My family loves the Moon Pods

I purchased 2 Moon Pods for the families of two of my children. They love the Moon Pods because they are comfortable and they can lie down on them or sit on them in several different positions. The Moon Pods don't take a lot of space and they are fairly light and easy to carry to a different spot. They were a good purchase.

Snuggly and relaxing

I L-O-V-E this chair. That's all I can say. It's my happy place!

Got teo

Not a bean bag. Very nice !!!!

I loves me some moon pod

The moon pod arrived without the outer gray sleeve (and with a big hole in the box). The moon podders sent me a replacement right away. But I had to go ahead and start enjoying it right away. I love the moon pod! If this one ever gets damaged, I'm definitely going to get a second one. Please still be around, moon podders!

To the Moon

I love love love my Moon Pod! My only regret is I have one. Everyone wants to have their moment on the Moon..we have to take numbers in my home for who gets to sit in it!!!

Moon pod

Love it everyone that sits in it says that they want one but wouldn’t pay that much for it but I’m very happy

It brings me back

Way back to the 90’s when bean bags were a thing haha... it’s the best Investment for a chill reading chair that I could ever make!

Super comfy

Love it! Not too big and it’s a definite choice for the kids to sit on in our living room.

Love it

Everyone who has used the moon pod in my home is obsessed. It is like a bean bag, but so much more... and more comfortable. I need it bigger so I can just fit my whole body on it... to cradle me. I need a moon cradle. Please make a moon cradle. Kthxbye.

Very Comfortable

I love it, but it rips really easily and it is almost impossible to get up.

Gtgreat product

Love it so far fits anywhere and makes the perfect lazy boy

It is nice

I got my wife this gift and she is currently reading on it and loving life. Perfect gift!

Moon POD

The moon pod is the without a doubt the most comfortable relaxing station I have ever owned. It immediately allows your body to release stress and relax. The design allows for the shape to hold while you lay or sit on it. I love it after a long day or just watching tv on it. Its a great napping station as well. im extremely satisfied.

Great comfort & service

I originally KickStarted the Moon Pod, and when I received it, unfortunately the boxing was insecure and it got wet and molded. So I barely used it. I submitted a request for a replacement and MoonPod (particularly Ronel) was very helpful in replacing it. I now have a new one and I find it very comfortable and a great place to relax, read, and even nap. Recommend if looking for a unique and relaxing seat to add to a game room, family room, or basement area for leisure or rest.

The best

Wonderful product Comfy and supportive Multiple use

amazing for my back

I have severe back issues and this moon pod does a better job to support me at all angles than anything I’ve ever had and I’ve tried everything. My only criticism is it is too short. I need one that’s like 1.5-2 feet longer.

Best ever!

The most comfortable “chair” We waited for months and once it arrived it’s a fight for who gets to relax, nap, watch tv or do homework In it!! Definitely a good buy - maybe we’ll be buying another!

Absolutely fabulous for my daughter.

This company has exceptional customer service. And it makes the best relaxation and study chair ever. According to my high school senior. She practically lives in it now But she was very sceptical when it first arrived. So their claims, at least in my home are true. Highly recommend it for anyone who has the ability to get up off of the floor. Do not think people like myself with bad knees/back, would use it. But according to my daughter it would be worth a try. I am so pleased that she love it.


We fight over who gets to sit in it - We love it!

Amazing product!

Love the Moonpod, super comfortable and helps to add an extra seat in our media room. My husband likes sitting in it to play the Sega Genesis mini. My friend plans to get one for her kids for Christmas!


Arrived on time. In perfect condition. The sleeve was not too difficult to put on with two people. Overall, it's been delightful and comfortable.

New favorite chair!

Love how quickly it conforms to you. Love how easy it is to pickup and store out of the way. Love how comfortable it is to be able to completely relax quickly in.


Have in office was able to sit and do work comfortably. And also relax best might order a second

Great bean bag

This purchase was better than I had hoped for, and I have recommended this to a lot of friends. If I were to wish for one thing is that the bean bag maintained its shape from when I first received it. During the first week it was a little stiffer and made sitting in it easier. Since then it's gotten less stiff. It's still comfortable, but not as good as it was. I do wonder how it'll last over time.

Love it !

It is great, very comfortable in any position. The whole family is enjoying it. Right now we have it in front of the fireplace which makes it extra cozy.

Really comfortable

We loved it and thought it was really comfortable!

The kids won't let me use it.

I bought the moon pod intending to use it in my office as a reading chair. The kids tested it at home, and home it stays. I still use it as a TV and reading chair, and it is very comfortable. My favorite aspect is that it is completely adjustable, like a buckwheat hull pillow. If my back or neck is feeling off, I can adjust the moon pod to compensate for the discomfort.

Very comfortable, cover material could be better

I love the comfort and shape of the moon pod. It is great to use in various positions. The cover material is very soft and porous, so while it’s comfortable to sit on, it does pick up dirt pretty easily.

Moon Pod Experience

awesome, comfortable , relaxing

Comfy, not pretty

The monopod is comfy AF. It’s a bit larger than I expected it to be, and I have to remind myself to lug the moonpod into my room because I’m ashamed of having a ridiculously overpriced beanbag in my living room. But if you have the space to hide this or just don’t care what people think about your college student like tendencies, then go for it.

Floating comfort!

Very good! However, I’m 6’2 and I wish my feet didn’t touch the floor so I could have more of the floating experience

Big hit in our house

I bought this for myself but it has been taken over by my two kids and husband. They love it! Everyone loves to sit on it :)

Love it

I gave it as a Christmas gift, everyone loved it and had to try it out. Best described as a fancy upgraded beanbag.

Soooooo relaxed

We Love ❤️ It !

Different perspectives

MoonPod is very easy to move around the house. I like to find the best light for reading and plop it down there. When I look up from my book I see our home from a whole new angle. Very cool and unanticipated bonus!

Very Comfy!

Love this MoonPod, it is very relaxing. I'm a little bit older in my age and OMG, it is very hard to get out of, nothing like rolling over and getting out of it. That is the only reason for the 4 stars. Other than that I would recommend!

The Moonpod is awesome

Overall I love the quality of the Moonpod it is an excellent method of napping combined with the weighted blanket you really get a full rested nap that’s uninterrupted

Cooler Than I Thought

I really felt like I was taking a risk on this one because of the price, but so far I am very happy with it. It stands up out of the way, it’s a chair if I sit on it, a recliner if I lay back on it, and it’s standing up to my 8yr old jumping off the couch and flopping on it; then it stands up out of the way again. I hope they ask for another review in a year, but a month in I am still happy with it.

Very relaxing.....

Only give 4 stars because I thought it was going to be a little longer. Overall though , very comfy and is great because there’s no pressure on my back and hips.

Worth Every Penny

The only other thing I sit on anymore is my exercise ball! I love this thing!

love it!

love how light it is to move around the room and so comfortable!


As simple as the moon pod is. It’s the real deal. We’re happu with the purchase.

Moon Pod is good, not great

I like the unique shape and the ability to change angles. The advertising made it sound like I was in for a "float spa" experience just by laying on it and that is not the case. It is comfortable, but certainly not a life changing experience. In that regard, price is probably a little too high

Great Bean!

Kids loved it! Very Comfortable and fun in the girls room.

Too comfortable

I need to stop myself from going towards the Moonpod sometimes because I end up stuck on it and falling asleep.

Our favorite chair in the house

Loving our Moon Pod! It feels like you’re floating on air. Even our cat sleeps on it and we basically all fight over who gets to sit/sleep in it at all times. Best purchase in a long time.

Moon pod

I love it hardly took any time getting here I have been in moon pod ever since I got it really helps my body have a lot of heath problems especially with my back but it’s the best invention so far thank you for making the moon pod Donna

Moonpod review

Love it. Best purchase. Now ky sister wants to steal from me

Wicked good product

I must say, I was skeptical about it. But boy I wasn't disappointed, the pod really works as it says it does. Friends look at it and ask about it. Then I say it is a bean bag and they "oh, ok". Perfect setup, then I tell them: "try it". They are impressed about it. There is no error here: this thing is great. I use it as my meditation/TV binging "seat".

Can't tell you about Product - Service awful! Returns impossible

Been waiting and waiting. Could not package the thing correctly and left out 2 of 3 things in the box. There was the pod and nothing else. No documentation, no cover. Been waiting a week for the cover - Sent by slow boat I assume. Seen enough on the return comments to know that won't work. This not the premium experience you were looking for - AVOID

Over priced bean bag

I was super disappointed by the moon pod. After one use, it became super deflated as if it didn't have enough filling. Whenever I sit on it, I instantly sinks to the ground and I can feel the hard floor beneath me. I waited a whole month for it to arrive(pre ordered color) just to find it was a complete waste of money. I would only recommend buying this for small children. But who wants to spend nearly $300 on a product your child will easily tear up? I have posted this exact review on their site, however I very much doubt it will ever see the light of day. I should have seen the red flag when I noticed their social media(such as facebook) has zero comments...


I love this Thing! I may end up buying another one in the future! It’s really comfortable and I have phone asleep on it a few times. I really enjoy and admire the multiple positions it provides.


I love Mood Pod! I have already fallen lapse on it twice unintentionally. Gives support to my back and neck. It actually does give a weightless feeling after using it a few times.

Not for tall people, poor returns experience

Poor. Before purchasing, I was concerned about the length/size for a tall person (6’) and contacted customer service to ask whether the super moon pod would be more appropriate - I was assured it would be. When it arrived, I only had to open the box to see it would clearly not work. The customer service team was polite, but the return process was extremely disappointing - they kept $150 of my money to process the return, despite the reason for return being product not meeting promised expectations. Be VERY sure about this product before you buy.

Worst Purchase I have ever made

I have chronic back pain and found this product thinking its small surface space really intriguing. It arrived later than I expected. It took about an hour to get the cover on (have a friend help you is recommended). I used it for about 15 minutes and it did not help my back. In fact, it made it worse just trying to get out of it. The return process is so tedious, that I would not recommend anyone spending valuable dollars on this worthless product.


Overpriced low-quality product. The sleeve is crap. You have to pay $97 in shipping and re-stocking fees to return it!

total rip off

Dont be fooled by the commercials or reviews. This bag is not worth this amount of money. Its using what looks like recycled foam pellets and its not as comfortable as they advertise. Get a cheaper version online at the "A" store

Buy with caution

Firstly - the picture of the shape is a lie, it is not contoured at all... it is a bag of little beads... smells of chemicals and really cheap quality. The outer shell cover is good and soft, not sure they can compare to lovesac, night and day quality. Here is kick - read the return policy..... if buy it, you cannot return it once you open the box..... if you look and don't like - good luck in sending back... I was a day over the 21 days as it was a gift and my daughter did not like the quality and I am out of luck.... so good product - err I guess... worth the price, no - comparing it to love Sac... don't - it is not the same league...


The moonpod looks nothing like the picture shown and it is nearly impossible to return. There is no customer service number. There is no way to communicate with anyone. This is a total sham. Don't do it.

Perfect all that I expected and more

I love my moon pod a former patient with serious back issues that work all day sitting in an office chair. I like to knit and watch movies thanks to moon pad all of my neck and shoulder aches I have been put to a rest. I am hoping to see in the near future a moon pod for the office high-back chair.

Not what I thought it would be

I asked for this for my birthday and was completely disappointed . It does not look like the picture. It isn't shaped differently at the top. It looks the same on both ends. I got the pink one and it looks more muted online but it is an ugly bubble gum pink (not rose). The outer cover material is more like an average t-shirt material. No one would pay that much for a t-shirt bag. The stuffing seems no better than any other bean bag from the 70s. I know they say "high density" maybe they are a little harder but not much but they look the same (stick all over the place the same) and I fail to see any difference at all. There is nothing sophisticated or modern about this . If it were $30, then fine, it would be worth it but for the is a complete rip off. The advertising is misleading. This is cheap junk.

Comfortable but horrible smell

Very comfortable but my daughter only lasted 10 minutes before having a terrible asthma attack. The smell is overwhelming. A week of airing it out haas not improved it yet. Too bad, because it is very comfortable.

Half the order was sent. The worst customer service

Moonpod itself seems nice. No sleeve was sent with the product. Tried numerous times to contact customer service (no phone number exists...) And have not received any reply. Got a refund from credit card company. Avoid this company.

Terrible Chemical Smell

The pod has a terrible chemical smell. It's impossible to use as the smell is overwhelming

not comfortable

These are not comfortable at all. Careful sitting down or you'll fall right off.

Is this company even real?

Ordered moonpods on early Jan, and till now there no communication when will I received them

Customer Service????

After waiting several weeks for delivery the moon pod was missing the cover. Only came with the white silky one.There is no phone number you can call for customer often comes back undeliverable. Product is a overpriced bean bag. Go elsewhere

Overhyped under performed

I ordered the chair on an impulse. Months and months past and it did not arrive I tried to cancel the order and they would not let me the people at customer service are a bunch of freaking a holes when the chair did arrive it was the crappy us thing I ever saw in my whole entire freaking life stay away from this product with everything you have now they are advertising on TV trying to get more business F these people

Dont buy this product. You will regret it if you are not satisfied.

Bought the mood Pod for my wife. She wasn't happy with it and found it uncomfortable to sit on. The moon pod is just an over priced bean bag with slightly smaller Styrofoam beans. I started the return process and here is the rub. I paid 313.95. I had to submit pictures top and bottom, include all the original packaging. I received the approval to return and my refund was going to be $216.95. So $313.95 - $70 for shipping and restocking, -$20 for the sleeve. I took it to FedEx and it was going to cost me $168 to ship it back because they only use FedEx. So a grand total of $48 in my pocket. We have decided to keep it regrettably. My advice is to NOT order before you have the chance to sit on one and then decide.

Way overpriced

I wouldn't recommend if you're looking to buy, then actually use. I wanted to use this as a lounge desk for working on my laptop and thankfully I didn't get the full package with the footrest. Takes forever to ship and there are NO updates on the shipping other than it buying hidden on the site. Virtually all customer service is delayed to next day responses. There's always a 25% discount so there really isn't one... (they could easily do a markdown of $199 because that's really what it feels like). Can't really justify this brand over getting a regular bean bag and just replacing it once or twice. The competition? Cheaper and claims to be first, but again, it's just a bean bag. They have the best ads which gives them the 2 stars so you'd assume there is this float like experience. I regularly float and I'm 6'1 - the tub fits me while this doesn't at all. I'm basically on the floor, but again, I don't have ALL of what I ordered (still) so that could be why.

Don’t get too excited

I don’t get it! Not the comfort I was expecting, so I decided to return it. It is alot of money for something that is so-so comfortable. Not so simple to return, and in the end it will cost you over $100 to return a pod and a cresent.

awesome job moonpod!!!!

I absolutely ADORE this moonpod very comfy!! one of my friends drew recommended it!! one of the most comfy things I've been on, and recommend this to everyone!!- All the love-H


This AMAZINGly mediocre product really makes me COMFORTABLE with posting a bad review that will never be seen by the light of day. It must be EXTREMELY RELAXING knowing you can take a couple hundred $ from some mother reading cherry picked reviews for some glorified bean bag. This way of selling must be WORTH IT because every single review is checked for 5 IMPORTANT BUSINESS days to make sure you have a eye on all of them. EXCITED to see my submit button blocked soon. Au revior

Osteoporosis relief at last!

I have severe osteoporosis and so I have bone pain (nasty stuff) in many places. Got my Moon Pod today and after a 15 minute test my response was this: if only this had been available 7 years ago!!! Up until tonight I have been sleeping in an over-stuffed chair tilted back about 20 degrees. Worked OK but far less than great. The Moon Pod conforms to the body everywhere it touches. This is truly wonderful for someone with my array of problematic pain areas. The cost is substantial, but in my case, worth every penny.

Moonpod is a scam

This company hires full time workers to post great reviews and the reviews on their websites are fakes. Spend some time and search for real bad reviews and you will find thousands of them. The scam starts like this. You get to try Moonpod and when you figure out it is a huge scam and the product is nothing like shown on TV and you try to return it they keep 1/3 of your money because that is what the fine print says nobody reads. They make their money on returns and 98% of all moon pods are returned at a loss to the buyer

Did NOt get my MoonPod

I ordered this MoonPod Order #3090, several weeks ago and today (December 28th,2021, I still have not received my MoonPod! HELP!!!!

mike spencer

worst company I have ever delt with. I ordered the pod and the back support. pod was delivered 10 days late, back support 5 days later after Christmas.It was a present for my daughter who lives 3 hrs from me. One of us now has to drive 6 hours. They won't take phone calls only "chat" which took 35min.For my trouble I was given a $12.00 credit.

Impossible Return Process

The images show all levels of upright to recline, but in reality - it was nothing but a big oval that we couldn’t get to conform to any kind of seated position. Worst of all are the troublesome hoops they make you jump through to return it. Would never recommend this to anyone.


Might as well get the cheap cushion bag on amazon, not worth the 300 dollars. There's a 15% restock fee, and the product must be "unworn" - i.e. they can decline your return for any arbitrary reason.


This chair was designed without thought for seniors with shoulder and knee replacements. It sits low on the floor without any way to lift oneself out and up without shoulder and knee strain. I have knee replace the and need help pulling me out of standard chairs that sit lower. I would never be able to use this chair.

Not Worth The Money Or The Hastle

His Bean Bag Is Horrible. It Is Definetly Not Worth The Money And Any Comparison To The Love Sac Is B.S. We Got It, Realized How Bad It Is And Then Tried To Return It. The Company Is Making It So Difficult Just To Give This Sack Of Packing Peanuts Back. I Will Be Happy Just Saving Other People From Wasting Their Money And Being Tricked Into Buying Something That They Falsy Compare To A Love Sac Which This Is Not. Also, It Is Basically Two Bean Bags Shoved Into A Sheet. When You Sit Down, It Looks Like A Males Anatomy. Gross. Don'T Buy.

Never got the product. Unacceptable customer service in multiple attempts to get the moonpod

The moonpod company never shipped the moonpod, even though they said it was on the way. Attempts to contact customer service (they ONLY have email) were not answered. They NEVER shipped the moonpod even though it was paid in full. Beware

Product Never Received

I received a patrial shipment of my order and after 3 weeks they have been unable to provide me with a timeline when the rest of the shipment will be made, This is the response I received from: Moon Pod Customer Experience - "Our team works diligently to expedite the processing of all orders so that you receive them as quickly as possible. Regrettably, due to the high volume of orders received, our Fulfillment Department has fallen behind in providing us with the most recent Tracking Numbers. The responsible department has promised to send out all updated Tracking Numbers as soon as possible"

Already Ripped Twice!

I've owned a Moon Pod for a bit more than a year and the internal shell has already ripped twice. You cannot collect the filling, put it back and sew it because of the static. I am terribly disappointed by the poor quality of this product.

Not bad, but limited use

I currently have knee and leg issues that would preclude me fro getting up from one of these things. Is there some sort of raised frame to elevate the chair or provide an assist in getting up?

getting out of a moon pod

Bean bags were a problem getting out of even in my youth. This product is no exception and (anyone) that gets into this thing has to figure out how to get out of it.

DOESNT LAST - becomes deflated over time and loses shape

I loved my moonpod when I first bought it several years ago but unfortunately over time it starts to become very deflated and loses its shape. The moon pod folks would send me more filler to put inside of it so that it could regain its shape but that would only last for maybe a week or two and then it started to become a little stretched out again and lose its shape. It looks like a deflated saggy balloon and nothing like when I first bought it. This all started happening within the first few months of me buying it actually. Not worth the money in my opinion

chemical smell

love the Moon Pad but the chemical smell from the beads is really horrible. i le3ft it outside overnight but that didn't help.

Can I give zero Stars?

This product is not for anyone over 30 years of age. After sitting and laying on it less than 9 times it has caused muscle spasms so bad I’ve had trouble walking and have come close to falling from spasms. Returning it, but it will still cost me $80.00 as they refuse a full refund. Save your money for a comfortable sofa.

Waste of Money

Wouldnt recommend this product. Upon return, I lost $80 in restocking fee, shipping etc

Chemical Smell

The moon pod is comfortable, but the overpowering smell of chemicals hasn’t gone away and I have tried everything including leaving it outdoors.


1st: Never received 2nd: could not get any customer service either via email or phone. 3rd: took 3 months of dispute to get money returned (still with no communication) 4th: THANK YOU PayPal for getting my $$ back.

Do not buy!

Spent 250.00 on a moon pod for my little grand daughter. Bought it last Christmas. Right now it is flat as a pancake and useless after eight months. Moon pod told me to order new filler. They would not send me fill free of charge for a defective product. How much weight does a seven year old have? It could not last one year! Horrible waste of money. My grand daughter is sad and I cannot afford to buy another.


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