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Molecule Mattress Reviews

The Molecule mattresses are crafted with active people in mind. Their mattresses offer wide array of offerings, including the more streamlined Molecule Core and Molecule 1 and the thicker, more luxury Molecule Reflex™ mattresses. Their ambassadors are Olympic medalists and sleep scientists whom have helped them craft mattresses that focus on recovery and performance. Their customers are mostly quite happy with their experience.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

No Back Pain: 8.6/10

Price: $599-$3599

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Molecule's Specifics

Molecule offers a variety of mattresses for athletes and active folks that are looking for better recovery at night. With 8 mattresses to choose from, they have a variety of price points and subtle differences in firmness. Overall, customers mostly have very good things to say about Molecule mattresses. Those with issues mostly mention firmness disagreements and middle-spine support in the foam versions.

Quality of Materials

The Molecule mattresses offer all-foam and hybrid mattresses that focus on serving athletes with high grade materials and craftsmanship. They have a variety of proprietary foams that are high-end and work together to diffuse heat and cushion the body while supporting the spine.

We'll go through Molecule's line-up and discuss the ins and outs of their mattresses:

First, we'll discuss their Molecule Core:

Cover Layer: The cover layer comes with MOLECULEshield™ technology, which is cooling to the touch and prevents the growth of bacteria in the cover layer.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a thick layer of HexFLO™ patent pending foam that lets air flow throughout the mattress and does a superior job diffusing heat while also relieving pressure around the hips and shoulders.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is a hyper-targeted zoned RecoveryFLO™ foam that delivers targeted support and adjustability to different parts of the body.

Layer 4: The foundational layer is the ContourFLO™ support foam that offers an open-cell design for greater airflow and less heat retention, while supporting the body.

Next, we'll discuss their Molecule 1:

Cover Layer: Similar to the Molecule Core, the cover layer comes with MOLECULEshield™ that cools and prevents bacteria growth. It is also moisture wicking.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a thick layer of RestoreFLO™ foam that offers superior pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, while also offering airflow to release heat away from the cover.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is another RecoveryFLO™ layer that is firmer and delivers targeted support, while acting as a transition to the layer above.

Layer 4: The foundational layer is an ample 7" of ContourFLO™ support foam designed to keep the body well aligned above.

Next, we'll go through their Molecule 2 Airtec:

Cover Layer: It all starts with the plush quilted cover layer that comes with MOLECULEshield™ treatment to stop the growth of bacteria.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a thick layer of Biocharge™ foam that is infused with crystal and natural elements for enhanced cooling and muscle rejuvenation while also providing enhanced pressure relief.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is Airtec™ proprietary foam that is a matrix of extremely open cells for enhanced airflow and more cooling abilities. This layer also offers more compression for enhanced pressure relief.

Layer 4: The RecoveryFLO™ layer offers transitional zoned support with its targeted zones for enhanced loft in key parts of the body.

Layer 5: The ContourFLO™ foundation offers a foam core that is supportive, but also offers more airflow.

Next, we'll go through their pocketed coil Molecule Hybrid:

Cover Layer: Similar to Molecule's other mattresses, it starts with a soft quilted cover layer with the MOLECULEshield™ treatment to mitigate bacteria growth.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a layer of MolecularFLO™+ foam that offers five times the airflow as traditional memory foam while delivering an enhanced responsive feel.

Layer 3: The Airtec™ layer also facilitates airflow with its open-cell design, while facilitating extra pressure point relief in the body.

Layer 4: A RecoveryFLO™ layer offers a zoned supportive feel with targeted support zones for the body.

Layer 5: Individually wrapped coils make up the MoleculEDGE™ layer, which adapt to the body and also offer extra edge support along the sides.

Layer 6: The last layer is a slim ContourFLO™ foundation that keep the layers above in place.

Lastly, we'll go through their new Molecule Reflex™:

Cover Layer: Each Reflex™ mattress starts with the instant cool cover with a soft feel and moisture wicking capabilities.

Layer 2: In each mattress, the CoolVENT™ layer offers 4.5x greater airflow than traditional memory foam. It provides enhanced pressure point relief.

Layer 3: In the 12"-14" varieties, there is an Airtec™ layer for extra airflow (6x than traditional memory foam). It offers further pressure relief subtle compression to the body's curves. The 10" mattress offers a LiftCOR™ targeted support layer with gel bands for added loft for the middle back.

Layer 4: The 12" and 13" offerings offer the LiftCOR™ targeted support layer with gel bands for added support for targeted zones in the back. The 14" mattress has an added zoned support foam with 3 zones for extra back lift. The 10" mattress has a layer of ContourFLO™ base foam for added deep support.

Layer 5: The 12" mattress offers a thick layer of ContourFLO™ foundational foam for the final support layer. The 13" mattress features the MoleculEdge™ individually wrapped coil system for dynamic back support with enhanced edge durability. The 14" mattress provides the LiftCOR™ zoned layer with added cooling gel bands in targeted locations.

Layer 6: The 13" hybrid finishes things off with the ContourFLO™ foundational foam to keep everything in place. The 14" hybrid adds the MoleculEdge™ pocketed coil system for enhanced back alignment with added edge support.

Layer 7: The 14" hybrid has one last layer of base support ContourFLO™ foam so the mattress keeps stable.

Overall Comfort

Customers report mostly satisfaction with a good blend of cooling and pressure relieving comfort. There were some complaints about the all-foam mattresses, including some disagreements about lack of support. The hybrids had rare disagreements about being too soft.


See the above firmness chart. These mattresses are ideal for those that are average or smaller in body size due to reports of softness in the comfort layers. Those that are very large or stomach sleepers may feel that it doesn't support them enough based on the firmness rating.

Back Pain Relief

There are some that describe these mattresses relieving discomfort and leading to deeper sleep. However, there are some that describe sinking in too much and experiencing some discomfort due to that. So, if you are heavier in body size, this may be a concern.


One of the biggest wins of these mattresses are their ability to keep cool. These mattresses do a great job keeping things cool for active sleepers. Some in very warm environments may find that they still have some heat.

Who Are Molecule Mattresses Best For?

This mattress is best for runners, swimmers, and other endurance athletes that are looking for a cooling mattress but something a bit softer than the competition.

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Seriously cant believe it

Wow. At first, I didnt think a mattress could actually make a difference. But I decided to give molecule a go and I'm incredible surprised by how much my sleep has improved!!! As cheesy as it is, I totally feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud

staying cool

For me, Molecule solved my biggest worry and past experience with memory foam-like mattresses - too much heat. 4 nights in, I'm staying cool and getting the best sleep I've had as far as I can remember. It's a keeper for me.

This mattress is awesome

I slept from 1130pm until 630am after getting off a 12hr trans-Pacific flight. I'm surprised I didn't wake up a bunch of times due to jet lag (especially coming East). Even better, I have zero aches or pains from sleeping. Best part of the mattress is the coolness of the surface.

Keeps me cool even with my dog

My old mattress got very hot, especially when my dog was in it. This mattress has made a huge difference in keeping me cool while I sleep and I no longer wake up when my dog or husband gets out of bed!


This is my first time buying a bed in a box and am still happy with it after a week. I'm a marathon runner, and I already feel like I'm getting better sleep. I also tend to sleep really hot, and am not feeling as weighed down as I was with my last mattress.

Nice and cool

Just received my mattress last week - quick shipping, straight-forward instructions. Unwrapped it and I was surprised by how fast it expanded. Been sleeping on it for 3 nights now and so far - delivers as promised. Very cool despite feeling like memory foam (which I generally dislike because of the heat). Perfect solution.

Amazing mattress

Amazing mattress. I get an amazing nights rest each and every night.

My husband enjoys

My husband enjoys the mattress, topper, and sheets. He's quite picky so his thumbs up is quite the endorsement

The Molecule mattress

The Molecule mattress was a timely deliverly and to set it up was simple. No smell. The matress is fabulous with a nice firmness yet absorbs the body just enoiugh when you sleep. I left a Tempurpedic and bought the Molecule based on the reviews and am estatic that I did. It is a fantastic sleep and would recommend to all . Thank you Tom Brady.

keeps me cool

keeps me cool and comfortable all night long. Tested a bunch and decided on this. Not going back.



We like it

We like it.

Enjoying thus far

Enjoying thus far. Just received sheets and slept well last night.

Not sure we really like the feeling

Not sure we really like the feeling of foam.

Love the new mattress

Love the new mattress, sleeping soundly again. Thanks!!

Best mattress

Best mattress I’ve ever owned, by far. Impeccable quality and fantastic customer service.

This is a VERY firm memory foam mattress

This is a VERY firm memory foam mattress. I was a worried about that initially, but I find that I am sleeping very well on it. It definitely is not hot to sleep on either! I am really going to enjoy this mattress, and their cooling sheets, when summer rolls around here in Arizona next year! I am very happy with my purchase.

Had a purple

Had a purple, this is better. Love it!

I am enjoying my new mattress

I am enjoying my new mattress, it took a couple of nights for me to adjust to a new bed. But I like it a lot. Bought the matching sheets also and I love them.

I love it!

I love it! Slept better than I have in a long time.


Amazing! I love it, I've tried other bed in a box options and the quality is never up to par... this bed is very lux and well made! My husband and I are very happy!

Super comfortable

Super comfortable and have definitely noticed a massive difference in how much energy I have when I wake up since switching. Don't wake up sweaty, definitely a believer!

Great mattress.

Great mattress. I haven't been waking up in the middle of the night nearly as much and it's definitely been keeping me cool. Highly recommend.

Best mattress

Best mattress... never want to get out of it! Also customer service was very impressive and super responsive!

I am Impressed

I am Impressed with the molecule mattress. No pressure points, great support and I don’t get sweaty

While it seems nicely made

While it seems nicely made and has good edge support, it is much firmer than I like. My hands keep going numb at night when I sleep on my side. I wish they offered a plusher version of this mattress.

I'm sold

I hate you Tom Brady....but I love your bed. But seriously, this mattress is great. Buy it. You won't regret it and you might even win a Super Bowl.

Awful Experience

Awful product - you would be better off buying a $30 topper from Walmart. When I asked about the sleep guarantee I was told I would have to take multiple pics of the topper and then donate it to charity and provide the receipt. This took over 20 emails for them to finally tell me the process and 3 weeks. Extremely unresponsive and rude when i contacted them by phone....stay away...

Horrible Mattress

Absolutely no support in the lower back and hips. I woke up with more back and hip pain than ever before with a mattress. I didn't sink into the mattress at all, I could feel the gaps in my lower back. I'm a side sleeper and my entire hip to my feet would be in a painful numb every time I woke up. I wouldn't recommend this mattress for anyone that has back pain or is a side sleeper.

Customer Service???

Can't leave a rating for something that does not exist.

10/10 recommend

Amazing mattress!! Perfect balance between firm and supportive while also being soft and cozy. Super easy delivery and unpacking

Great mattress for a great price!

We’ve had our mattress nearly 2 months. I was very skeptical I would like it and it is exceeding our expectations. It appears to have the right amount of firmness yet offers plush comfort as well. We do feel that it is making us hot at night so perhaps an upgrade may offer a better cooling option. This mattress was worth every penny for the price. Very happy so far!


I was pretty nervous about ordering a mattress online but this one is perfect! It’s the right amount of softness and firm!


A little hard to put into cover but feels wonderful on top of my Molecule mattress.

Easy To Order. Great value.

Easy To Order. Great value. Superior Support. Super Satisfied.

I wake up well rested

I wake up well rested , I sleep all night minimal tossing & turning , firmness just right, firm with just the right amount of give to feel comfortable . I think anyone will be happy with this bed.

Incredible product expanded to full-size

Incredible product expanded to full-size in just a minute and provided a great nights sleep

We love our Molecue mattress

We love our Molecue mattress it more then meet our expectations. They actually arrived earliier then they said it would be.

Love it!!

My wife doesn’t sleep well and this bed has helped a bunch. Also, my sciatic has been hurting for over a year and this bed has given me days of no pain that I have not had in a long time. Highly recommend! Not too soft, not too firm, just right.

Made a murphy bed, haven't

Made a murphy bed, haven't slept on it yet , but it fit the frame well and appears to be comfortable.

A true game changer

I have thoroughly enjoyed my mattress since it came in the mail. There is no chance I will be returning it. As someone who prefers a firmer, more supportive mattress, this offers the perfect balance of tension and cushion. After a few days of adjustment my body has come to embrace the sleep provided by this mattress and even my dreams are more vivid. I have since purchased a pillow and look forward to bed time every night.

We went from an older

We went from an older model Sleep Number bed to this so it took a little while to get used to. We both love it now. No fussing with controls. Just jump in, get comfy, and look forward to a good night's sleep.

My sleep has improved so

My sleep has improved so much since I bought this mattress. The firmness is great and is very comfortable. Highly recommend buying this mattress to anyone with back or neck problems. It might take you a while to adjust once you buy it but you get used to the texture.

Mattress is fantastic! This is

Mattress is fantastic! This is my second actually. I ordered my most recent mattress for delivery at my new place and mistyped one number in the delivery address. That launched a myriad of issues and created over a week delay. They don’t have 24 hour service and the time difference between east and west coast was extremely frustrating when trying to rectify with the courier. All in all, I ended up being able to pick up myself at a local fedex depot, but feel I had to handle the process myself. Disappointing!

I have been sleeping so

I have been sleeping so comfortably. It’s firm but yet u feel like u just melt into it. Our last mattress was terrible so I sure hope this mattress lasts quite a few years. We love it!


We bought the queen mattress and liked it so much we bought another one for our vacation home Unfortunately ours didn't come with the 2 free pillows advertised for either one. The more I read about this technology we do not need an additional mattress cover Love it love it our friends had recommend this and they have two as well

Really good value

Saw this advertised on FB recently and decided to give it a shot (with the year trial, seemed like a safe test to do). Loving it so far...much better than my old spring mattress. Will see how it holds up.

I would 100% recommend

I have nothing to complain about. With my old mattress I used to wake up throughout the night with neck and back pain. Ever since I got this mattress I’ve been sleeping through the night and haven’t noticed any pain at all. I would definitely recommend this for any stomach sleeper.

Molecule 1 mattress

I think there are little masseuse's sewed inside. It's so soft, we don't move when someone gets up during the night & the fresh smell out of the box leaves your lungs clear but overwhelmed by chemicals. I love it and it's my 2nd mattress.

Really thrilled with this mattress.

Really thrilled with this mattress. I feel so recharged and well rested after a nights sleep. I feel cool through the night and can’t even feel when there is movement on the other side of the mattress. It’s the perfect firmness and the experience and service with ordering was amazing and quick!

Good mattress, Better pillows!

Mattress is good. The firmness around edge of mattress is definitely lacking, otherwise I like it so far. The pillow are AMAZING!!! The only true negative is when I purchased mattress I was charged for taxes for a city(Chicago) I don’t live in AND a county(Cook) I don’t live in. When I inquired about it I received correspondence back it would take 24 hours to check into. 72 hours later I called, and was told that they worked on it yesterday but didn’t have any answers or resolution. After I explained I would cancel my order over $37 in charges that I shouldn’t have been charged, he instantly refunded the charges.

As a former athlete who

As a former athlete who still keeps active, my back and hips feel great after years of pain. This mattress is the right amount of soft and firm and I'm happy to sleep on it every night.

Slept on this mattress while

Slept on this mattress while on vacation and liked it so much ordered one when I got home. No issues or concerns with order, shipping, or unpacking the mattress. Love the sound sleep my wife and and I are getting.

Most Valuable Bed

This bed. Enough said. For real though Russell Wilson is an MVP QB because of this bed.

Initially I thought it was

Initially I thought it was way too firm. After sleeping on it for about 30 nights I realized I’m getting much better sleep and tips and turn less

Best bed we have owned!

Best bed we have owned! Doesn’t transfer movement from your partner. Perfect firmness!

Caution causes lower back pain

This mattress seemed great before we slept on it the first night. We both woke up with lower back pain. My husband's was so bad that he had to take Aleve every morning. I am not sure why this mattress is so bad for the both of us. But it will be going back when our 30 days are up. Do NOT recommend this mattress.

Comfortable, but we bought air

Comfortable, but we bought air tech topper as I’m always hot at night,and this doesn’t change the night sweets like I hoped it would.

My back is KILLING me!

Comfortable at first but is horrible on the lower back band. My back hurts after a few hours into the night. My back has never hurt so bad. Just went to the chiropractor and was extremely out of alignment. Very disappointed in this mattress.

Amazing mattress for joint sufferers!

I had a hip replacement a few years ago and my other hip needs to be replaced so it's been challenging to find a mattress that aids in a good nights sleep for joint sufferers. This mattress has been amazing! I feel comfortable in pretty much any sleeping position and my joint pain is almost non-existent with my Molecule mattress. Highly recommend!

I sleep soundly on this

I sleep soundly on this mattress! I ordered a twin XL, and my feet do not hang off the end.

I’ve had my molecule mattress

I’ve had my molecule mattress for a month and couldn’t be more satisfied The quality is top notch and the comfort is perfect I love the feel of my Molecule one and can’t stop telling my friends. Thank you for my little slice of paradise !

Solid purchase, wish it was a little softer in shoulder area

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and have been recommending to friends. I'm not sure, however, if I feel the difference between the three comfort zones. As a slide sleeper, I'd like a tinge more softness in the shoulder area, but that is just one woman's opinion- everyone sleeps differently. Not sure if it would be any different if I had gone with another mattress company. I'm on medication that makes me sweat quite a bit at night and this is much more breathable than my old mattress.

Great mattress, great service. Will

Great mattress, great service. Will definitely buy again

Good bye to waterbed waves!

Love the new pillows and mattress! Sleeping like babies after 40+ years on a waterbed.

Love Molecule 1!!!

This mattress is amazing. I was previously sleeping on a cheap spring mattress with a generic 2 inch memory foam topper. It was the only thing I could afford years ago. Up until my Molecule 1 mattress arrived, I was always sore and stuff when I woke up in the morning. I figured it had to be the mattress as I'm only 34 and shouldn't be experiencing such aches and pains due to age just yet. The first few nights were somewhat difficult as the Molecule 1 was definitely more supportive and unfamiliar to me. But after that it was great. No longer am I tossing and turning more than 20x per night. I am sleeping deeply, with only a few position changes during the night. My dog is also sleeping better, and rarely moves now during the night or day. I did research other similar mattresses, but what drew me to the Molecule was the science and then the professional athlete reviews. The only issue I had was finding out that I'm sensitive to tencel, and therefore the free queen sheet set was useless to me. I contacted customer service to exchange it for a full size (so at least my mom could use it and she was in need of a new sheet set anyways). Not only did they ship out a full sized set, but they told me to give away or donate the queen sized set. No need to send it back. I just checked in with my aunt and she is very pleased with the queen sized set! My mom is happy with the full sized set and it is even holding up to my dog doing his digging/scratching routine before laying down. Overall I would recommend this company and products. I'll definitely be back in the future.

Best Mattress Ever!

I have a Molecule 1 California King Mattress and it is unbelievable! It is so comfortable and cool! I am a hot sleeper and as I have been sleeping on my Molecule mattress, I rarely wake up at night. Most nights, I wake up and my bed is practically made since I barely moved during the night. It is amazing! I have slept in 5-star hotels for the last 10 years and this bed is better than any bed I have slept in. I love it and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to invest in their night's sleep!

Beautifully designed mattress

The mattress is designed with rest, firmness, and always a good night sleep in mind.

Great sleep

Best sleep I have had in a long time. Both my wife and I love the restful sleep and have seen the impact on our Fitbit sleep scores and energy.

Love this mattress and may

Love this mattress and may buy two more soon! Wish I knew more about their life expectancy

I have never been in so much pain!

We bought a Molecule mattress at the beginning of 2020. Our trial period was up right as the lockdowns started and we decided it would be a hassle to return, so we just hung onto it thinking that maybe with more time we would get used to the mattress. At first it was my lower back that hurt. I did physical therapy and have continued the exercises, but my back still hurts. Then a few months ago, my neck and shoulders started hurting. I am a side sleeper, and my shoulder does not sink into the mattress because it is so firm. Interestingly enough, my pain goes away when we travel and I sleep in a different bed. I'm in my late 40's, active, and a normal weight, yet I have pain and stiffness when I wake up. I don't feel well rested at all.

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