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Molblly Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Molblly's mattresses are available direct and through major retailers. Currently, their mattresses are delivering nationwide within 9 business days.

Molblly mattresses have been taking the discount mattress industry by storm with its range of ultra-affordable memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Using certified CertiPUR-US foams and OEKO-TEX certified textiles, they design mattresses that focus on high value for the price. With most customers describing good experiences with well-balanced sleep surfaces, there are some complaints mentioning firmness and sagging over a shorter than average period.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.3/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $85-$738

Trial Period: 100 Nights (Depends on Retailer)

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Molblly's Specifics

Molblly is a mattress brand on a mission to bring lower prices to the mattress industry. By inspiring shoppers with their high value materials, one of their core claims to fame is their use of certified foams and fabrics. With pocket spring hybrids and all foam options, those on a budget hunt have a lot to consider from this brand.

However, not all customers feel happy with their experiences. While most enjoy their purchases, there are some that describe issues with quality control -- specifically problems with their mattress not expanding all the way and mattress firmness not matching the advertised specifications.

Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, and specifically our list of top rated affordable mattresses, which feature offerings like Molblly but with high customer satisfaction scores from customers.

Quality of Materials

One of Molblly's differentiators vs. other very affordable mattress brands is their use of certified foams and textiles -- using CertiPUR-US certified foams and OEKO-Tex certified textiles. While most customers are pleased with the materials used, there are some reports of issues with feel vs. expectations, including durability complaints over time.

Mattress Types

Molblly offers a variety of mattresses to choose from, ranging from innerspring hybrid to all foam. These options range in thickness and firmness. We'll go through the varieties below and discuss how each will feel for your body.

Memory Foam

Molblly focuses primarily on all-foam mattresses and offers a wide range of offerings to choose from. We'll go through each below:

Molblly Purity Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Gray Foam Mattress)

One of Molblly's most popular options is their gray memory foam mattress, which is available at popular retailers like Amazon. It comes at 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 10-inch firm, 12-inch, 12-inch firm, and 14-inch versions. The thicker the mattress, generally the more pressure relieving the experience described by customers. The thicker mattresses feature 4 foam layers including memory foam, higher loft comfort foam, and soft foam with dense support foam bases. Thinner options offer paired down layers. Customers report good mattresses overall, but there are some issues with quality control reported -- including mattresses that don't expand all the way and are too firm.

The pros: Ultra-affordable options and multiple thickness options.

The cons: Problems with mattress expansion, firmness, and durability reported.

Price Range: $84.98-$819

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Molblly Harmony Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Blue Foam Mattress)

Another of Molblly's most popular mattresses is their Harmony gel memory foam mattress. Similar to the Molblly Purity, it also comes with 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 10-inch firm, 12-inch, 12-inch firm, and 14-inch versions. Its design focuses more on support with three layers of foam with cooling, pressure relieving foam, a high-loft comfort layer for transition, and the ultra-supportive base layer. Most customers describe very supportive feels and some have described disappointment with mattresses not expanding all the way.

The pros: Supportive, ultra-affordable mattress option with high value materials.

The cons: Some problems with mattress expansion and firmness.

Price Range: $89-$723

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Molblly Tranquility Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Dark Blue Foam Mattress)

The middle of Molblly's memory foam line is the Tranquility mattress, which comes with 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 12-inch firm, and 14-inch options. Designed to offer more balanced pressure-relief for everyone, these mattresses come with three layers of foam including pressure-relieving memory foam, responsive comfort foam, and high density base foam. With a more plush profile, most customers describe good initial feel, but there were some complaints about issues with expansion, compression, and durability.

The pros: Moderate pressure relief and still affordable prices.

The cons: Complaints about expansion and durability.

Price Range: $99-$692

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

Molblly Essentials Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Dark Grey Foam Mattress)

Designed for extra heat dissipation, the Molblly Essentials comes with enhanced cooling gel memory foam in the top layer followed by 2 additional layers of comfort and base foam. It comes in 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch options. With a well balanced feel, customers describe this mattress as being quite supportive. Most have good feelings with some exceptions mentioning disagreements about firmness.

The pros: Cooling, inexpensive mattress option.

The cons: Some complaints about firmness and feel.

Price Range: $147-$789

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

Molblly Classic Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Premium Blue)

The Molblly Classic mattress is one of Molblly's premium options, which is still very affordable. With a 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch version, it comes with added memory foam in the comfort layers. It also features a hypoallergenic cover and supportive base foam. Customers describe mostly supportive and comfortable experiences with some complaints about uneven expansion and being firmer in some cases than advertised.

The pros: More memory foam for the price. Well-balanced.

The cons: Some complaints about expansion and comfort.

Price Range: $175-$759

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Molblly Bliss Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Premium Black)

The Molblly Bliss mattress is another of Molblly's premium options, and comes with 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch options. One of its differentiators vs. the other Molblly choices is the cooling enhancement in the top layer. With 3 layers of foam, including a thicker memory foam layer, customers mention good feeling mattresses with issues describing some mattresses being much firmer than expected and not expanding properly.

The pros: Cooling premium memory foam mattress for less.

The cons: Some issues reported with mattress expansion and being too firm.

Price Range: $189-$789

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Molblly Modern Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Premium For Back Pain)

The Molblly Modern mattress comes in a 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch version. It offers a fully foam design for greater support. With 3 layers of foam, it has gel infused memory foam in the top layer for added pressure relief, followed by responsive comfort foam, and a dense foam base. Most have good things to say, but some had problems with mattress expansion. Others described issues with the mattress being too firm.

The pros: Supportive mattress at an inexpensive entry price.

The cons: Some disagreements with firmness and issues mentioned about mattress expansion.

Price Range: $189-$569

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

Molblly Original Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon: Cool Sleep & Comfy Support)

The Molblly Original gel memory foam mattress offers 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch choices. The upper gel infused memory foam layer is slightly conforming and pressure relieving and offers extra cooling. The other layers are the comfort foam and the dense support foam layer that is designed to provide balanced support. Customers like it overall, but there are some complaints about sinking and sagging.

The pros: Affordable mattresses with increased cooling.

The cons: Some disagreements about sagging and dipping.

Price Range: $179-$661

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Molblly Adapt Memory Foam Mattress

The Molblly Adapt mattress also focuses on gel memory foam, but is designed to be more responsive than other options. With a 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch option, there are 3 layers of foam, including CertiPUR-US certified comfort and base foam. Overall, customers say good things but there are some challenges with quality control with some mentioning very firm mattresses and others mentioning too soft construction.

The pros: Affordable, responsive all-foam mattresses.

The cons: Some problems reported about firmness.

Price Range: $239-$899

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Molblly Inspire Memory Foam Mattress

The Molblly Inspire mattress offers more support vs. the other options. With a similar gel infused foam top layer, it is reinforced with extra support in the base foam and the high density comfort foam layers. Customers respond well to these mattresses mostly, but there are some complaints mentioned about being too firm and quality control problems.

The pros: Supportive mattress with good price and cooling.

The cons: Some issues with comfort and quality control.

Price Range: $203-$849

Final Score: 7.0 / 10

Molblly Liberty Memory Foam Mattress

The Molblly Liberty mattress is one of Molblly's newest additions. With a 10-inch and a 12-inch version available in queen or king sizes, it offers 4 layers of foam. Its design allows customers to reorient the layers of the mattress for the desired firmness. Overall, this is an innovative design but there are doubts about the durability and expansion of the mattress based on other models.

The pros: Adjustable foam layers and affordable price.

The cons: Some doubts about mattress expansion and durability.

Price Range: $341-$784

Final Score: 7.4 / 10


Molblly also offers pocket spring and innerspring mattresses that are supplemented with certified foam layers for a balanced comfort. We'll go through each of their available options and describe what customers say about each of them:

Molblly Eternity Hybrid Mattress (Amazon: Gray Cooling-Gel Hybrid)

Amazon's top Molblly choice, this hybrid mattress comes with the benefits of cooling gel foam and the supplemental pocket coil support system for added support. With a 10-inch and 12-inch version, there are 3 layers of foam over the support system. These include cooling gel and air circulation foams for added cooling. Shoppers describe mostly comfortable sleeping surfaces, but there are some complaints about not expanding and dipping issues.

The pros: Very affordable hybrid mattress. Good cooling.

The cons: Issues with sagging and support mentioned.

Price Range: $149-$509

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Molblly Galaxy Hybrid Mattress (Amazon: Black Pressure-Relieving & Supportive Hybrid)

With a pillow-top style design, the Galaxy aims to be a more luxurious choice while still delivering on extremely low prices. The knitted cover hides three foam layers, including cooling memory foam. Beneath are individually wrapped coils for easy movement for sleepers and less motion transfer. Buyers mostly describe balanced support, but there were some complaints mentioning uneven springs and sinking issues.

The pros: Affordable pillow top mattress with a supportive design.

The cons: Some disappointments mentioning uneven support and sagging.

Price Range: $169-$799

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

Molblly Joy Hybrid Mattress (Amazon: Grey Breathable & Pressure-Relieving Hybrid)

The Molblly Joy hybrid offers 2 layers of foam and a pressure fiber layer above the pocket coil support system. The 2 layers focus on open-cell designs for added cooling and contour. These mattresses come in 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch options as well. There are sleepers that described good experiences with mattress expansion and comfort, but there were others that mentioned issues with feeling the springs and sagging through the top layers.

The pros: Balanced cooling and affordable hybrid.

The cons: Some issues mentioned about compression in the top layers and durability.

Price Range: $197-$749

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Molblly Cosy Hybrid Mattress (Amazon: White Ultimate Motion Isolation Hybrid)

The Molblly Cosy mattress offers 3 layers of foam above the pocket coil unit. The first is the breathable wave foam that offers subtle pressure relief. With a firmer profile, most customers describe good, balanced comfort. But, there are some quality control concerns, including those that mention a lack of support and issues with expansion.

The pros: Ultra-affordable, supportive hybrid. Sleeps cool.

The cons: Problems reported about softness and mattress expansion.

Price Range: $139-$679

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

Molblly Dream Hybrid Mattress (Amazon: Blue Ultimate Motion Isolation Hybrid)

The Molblly Dream offers a 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch profile. With increased loft and support, the coils come with 5-zone designs for extra support for the middle spine. Also, the addition of open-cell foam means more air movement and cooling in the top layer. Most customers like these mattresses, but there are some complaints about feeling the springs and not enough cushion.

The pros: Cool and supportive hybrid for low cost.

The cons: Complaints about uncomfortable spring feel.

Price Range: $199-$749

Final Score: 7.0 / 10


Each of Molblly's mattresses are plotted on the above scale. Those that are side sleepers and smaller in body size should consider something softer, while those that are stomach sleepers may prefer something firmer. However, with some quality control disagreements mentioned by sleepers, there are some concerns that some mattresses delivered may not feel as they are described.

Who Are Molblly Mattresses Best For?

Molblly's mattresses are ideal for those that need a temporary mattress as there are many mixed reports about durability and comfort issues with these mattresses. Those that are looking for a bargain for a more permanent solution should see our list of the top affordable mattresses.

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This mattress is honestly amazing. After letting it sit for about 72ish hours it raised to almost 14in. It is the perfect firmness and comfort. I couldn't believe how great this mattress is for the price. I will definitely buy one of these again when replacing other mattresses. 10/10 recommended.

So comfortable!!!

It's like sleeping on a cloud. I get the best sleep I've had in years. Must buy!


It's been well over 24 hours and the 12 inch only expanded to 9 inches. I have not slept in it yet so I'm not sure about comfort, but very disappointed that it's not expanding. Now I'm stuck with it.

Made For Couples with children

I love this bed. Soft but firm. I am a back and side sleeper. This great for the price. If you and your significant other have kids whose rooms are close by..don't fret. Your hubby can go to pound town and the bed doesn't make a noise. That is a feature I adore and sadly not talked about enough in reviews.

Don’t bother

Took a chance ordering a bed online. For almost $300?!?! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!! Got this as our kid needed a new bed. It’s been over a week sitting in a hot room, door closed, massaging the corners, trying everything others had suggested and still can’t get it to inflate to 12inches!! Tried contacting the company and can’t reach anyone or get a response… been over a week of waiting!! I’m so mad and disappointed in our purchase!!! Worst part is I feel like we are stuck with the dang thing now and still having to find a way to purchase ANOTHER mattress that we can actually have our kid use!!! Anyone wanting to purchase should just take the $300 and toss it out the window. It will probably go to a better cause, then to purchase a bed that doesn’t fully inflate and corners that refuse to pop up anymore then 7inches.. so can’t use it!! Only reason I gave one star besides for the fact you have to, Amazon won’t let you give 0 or - rating …. mattress did arrive pretty quickly and box wasn’t too damaged.

Very firm matterress

The mattress expanded to 14 inches. Was delivered properly everything looked good. The first night my back hurt. The second night I thought I broken in the mattress. By the 3rd day still the mattress was firm. No smell or anything funny. By week two I had severe neck,back and hips pain because the mattress is still firm. Had to go to emergency room because of pain. My muscles became stiff and had tension point. I did not return the mattress because I threw my old one away. So I decide to buy a mattress pad that was 3inches. Do not buy only if you want a excellent firm mattress.

Very Firm But Softens Up

Mattress inflated to full size as advertised, within 48 to 72 hours. No smell. Very firm in the beginning but is now softening up. Very comfortable. Would definitely purchase again.


Great buy for an awesome mattress. After unrolling it out of the box it only took about 30 minutes to form into a perfect mattress. Great feel and a good nights sleep.

The 10" Blue Firm is just what I was hoping for

I got the 10" Blue Firm mattress after extensive research in the reviews section (so subjective) and am very pleased with my purchase. As an average-sized woman who prefers a firm to medium firm mattress, I feel fully supported and very comfortable. I suggest you order your preferred comfort level; the mattress was indeed firm as advertised. I probably would have been happy with the medium firm (Blue 10"), too. I love how easy it was to receive in the mail. I live on the 4th floor and was able to slowly haul the box into the elevator and then down the hall to my apartment as a fairly fit adult. Would not have been able to manage the stairs, but with two able people it would have been a breeze. Most of the reinflation happened in the first 8 hours, but the last inch or so took another day. The corners of the mattress won't fully expand because the inner sleeve it comes in is too tight there, but you can't feel it or see it with sheets on the bed. So I'm not bothered. I protect it in a waterproof mattress cover and have it on a bedframe with narrow wood slats; no need for a box spring. I'm very happy with my mattress and the delivery and setup process.

Not soft at all.

If you want a plush mattress, this is not it. It lies and says that it plush when discussing comfort, then all the way at the bottom it says it's medium firm. Anyone in the reviews saying this is soft is lying to themselves. It's hurting my body already. If I knew I was buying a medium firm pos I would've spent $40 less for the cheapest pos firm matress on amazon and gotten a topper. Do not buy if you want a soft mattress.

Very firm

It is still hard to sleep on with the firmness. I did not expect it to be hard but it is. It's been over a month and still very firm.

Warning! 10 Inch Mattress Is Only Barely 8 Inches

This is a decently made matress (I haven't slept on it as yet but it's well put together). But as the picture with my six inch ruler shows, the 10 inch mattress is barely 8 inches (remember a six inch ruler has extra space on the ends). Who knows maybe they shipped me the wrong one. You can of course return it, but how? You can't decompress it easily.

Don’t buy!

Said “plush”….hard as a rock…


I purchased this product after reading reviews saying it was great for back pain, it was very decently priced, and so many people said it expanded evenly. This mattress feels about like sleeping on a carpeted floor. Some spots never expanded fully. I was very disappointed in this product.

Great Mattress

Overall a good mattress very sturdy and heavier than I expected. I just received it and set it out to fluff up, so far so good. My only issue with this mattress is that it’s more on the firm side rather than medium firm.

Best bed ever!

I absolutely love this bed. So comfortable and changed the game in my Travel trailer.

Quality, comfort

My first time purchasing a mattress online. I was very impressed that a king size mattress stuffed in a box, could grow that big. The convenience of shopping online was great. I am very picky with choosing a mattress but I am really satisfied with the comfort, quality. I bought the mattress in June 2023 & now it’s October 2023 & the mattress is not fully grown to 14 inches. It’s about 13.5 inches. I really don’t think it will get to 14 inches.

So happy!

Was slightly hesitant to purchase this when I saw such a low price tag for a queen size mattress. It’s perfect for me! I prefer a firmer mattress and it is certainly firm! There is a decent amount of give though, not like sleeping on a wood plank, but I don’t feel like I’m sinking at all! It puffed up within a few hours, it’s been slept on with 24 hours and still is firm! I rested my coffee cup next to me and as I moved the coffee did not! I highly recommend this mattress and would buy it again!


UPDATE: 5 full days after arrival: WOW!!! I've had the BEST 4 NIGHTS' SLEEP that I've had in almost a YEAR!!!!!!! This mattress is spectacular! The first two photos are the 12-inch-blue bed already dressed, not even 2.5 hours after arrival. I was hesitant to let the kind delivery service personnel take away my former high-end Sealy posturpedic Euro-comfort pillow-top mattress I was replacing due to a need for firmer support for my back and a recent surgery. But as soon as they placed this Molblly mattress down on the box spring straight out of the package, it began to inflate. I put my new plush mattress topper from Linnespa (2") right on top (as I'd read reviews that even the Molblly version that doesn't indicate FIRM ends has seemed pretty firm, according to most reviewers - so I'd made the pre-emptive purchase), and WHAM -- together, this is a DYNAMITE pairing. I gave the servicemen thumbs-up to take the Sealy away, and I actually fell asleep for 20 minutes after laying down to just test the bed for what I thought would be a moment. So, right now, I'll say THIS IS AN EXTREMELY WORTHWHILE purchase. Holy moly, this seems comfortable! I may update after a couple weeks - I'd like to at least log a few nights' sleep for a proper review to help others, but couldn't wait to show you how dynamite this bed is HOURS upon arrival!

Super Comfortable!

This mattress arrived a couple day early! Only took 3-4 hours to fluff up and slept like a dream!

Perfectly firm mattress!

I was a bit worried about ordering a mattress online, but I’m so happy that I did! This mattress was less than half price of the in-store option and it is so comfortable!!

Very hard firm bed

This bed is extremely hard and firm, I thought it needed time to soften up maybe so I gave it a month and still not better. I had to add a foam topper to be able to sleep on it.

Hard as a rock

I bought this for the price and reviews and memory foam feature but my goodness this mattress is like sleeping on a rock. I bought two, one for both my kids and if I didn’t immediately need beds for them I would return these. Now I need to try and hunt down mattress toppers that actually have some cushion so my kids aren’t sleeping on the hardest surface on earth.

Value for money is great

Easy to setup ans memory foam was expanded 90% in 5 minutes and then fully expanded after about 6-8 hours. Slept on it same night and is very comfortable for my wife and I. Does have a smell but it goes away fairly quick.

How firm it is

I felt like it is very firm. Exactly what I needed. Took about a week to get used to it. I now wake up with minimal back pain.

Molblly Queen Mattress, 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Fast shipping, easy set up, not as comfortable as I thought it would be. It doesn’t conform to my body like I thought it would. Disappointed

Bed didn’t rise to full capacity

I ordered a 14 inch mattress. Wth is this?


Great and so much better than expected

It's so stiff!

It's a good mattress, I just wasn't expecting it to be so hard. I'm not sure if it's because it's new, but I almost feel like I'm sleeping on the ground with only a blanket as cushion. I'm definitely gonna have to buy a mattress topper.

good value.

got it for my 7 year old, it works well.

Firmer than I thought

Mattress was firmer than I expected, but still plush and comfortable. The corners didn’t expand all the way but that’s not a big problem to me. I slapped on a 3” mattress topper and called it a day. It’s perfect to me, so comfortable! Hard to wake up and get out of bed now!

Firmer than expected but not uncomfortable

The package came when expected and was super easy to set up. Took about 3 days to fill out completely and gain it’s shape. The bed is a bit firmer than expected but not uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to make the purchase, you can always add on a topper. No strange smells as I’ve seen in other reviews.

So comfy

I love this mattress. To be completely honest- my boyfriend who can sleep on any surface, absolutely hates sleeping on this mattress. But we have separate beds anyways so I’m a happy customer. It’s nice and firm, but not hard. I also love that it doesn’t move virtually at all. You can’t feel the movement of your partner getting into/out of bed.


If you want to feel like yout sleeping on a 2x4 order this mattress In firm. I didn't realize firm ment rock hard. This was the most uncomfortable mattress I've ever had. Do not recommend!

Still good

I have had it for a couple months and it is still pretty nice

Pleasantly Surprised

For the cost of the mattress, I wasn’t expecting too much. Less than $200 for the queen. But it’s for our guest room and we have guests rarely so we took a chance. This mattress is super comfy. The memory foam is supportive and not too hot like I’d expected. I tested it out for what was supposed to be a minute and almost fell asleep! *also Dexter dog approved. And he takes comfort very seriously.

Havne't had a chance to try it out yet

I am still letting this mattress expand right now so I will update my review after I have slept on it for a while. However, I will say that it came well packaged and that there was no smell at all after rolling it out. It has a cover that zips closed and I was unclear as to whether or not I was suppose to take the cover off as it is expanding. I did unzip it some but I got no idea if that was going to help it along in expanding easier. Update you later on the comfort of the bed!!

Sinks in like no other

Disclaimer - we bought this mattress because it is the same as the queen size mattress i got when i moved out, and had held up 5 years great. we got a king. We purchased this mattress in February (8 months ago), my husband is 180/90lbs, 6,3, athletic. It has always sunken down quite a bit on his side of the bed, it’s memory foam that’s fair. But about two months ago (so 6 months after purchasing) we’ve noticed it’s gotten significantly worse. It’s to the point where he sinks so low into his side of the mattress, he is lower than me by 6 inches, so when we’re laying side to side he is literally 6 inches lower than me. There is basically a line down the middle of the mattress between good memory foam and bad. And don’t get me wrong - the mattress still looks great, you can’t tell it dips low unless you lay on that side, even if i lay on it that side sinks a good 4 inches lower than my side would. I am 5”4, 120lbs. Long story short, only get this mattress if you’re under 130-140 lbs and even then, in a year, I’m sure my side would be sunken down, although I’m just getting a new mattress.

Great for the price

This mattress is great for the price. It took only a day to fully expand. I like firm mattress, but it was a bit too firm for me. I got a pillow top mattress pad that helped make the bed super comfortable. Can't beat the price.

Firm but great mattress

I wanted PLUSH, so had to get a 3" cover bc this is too firm for my liking. It's perfect with the cover, mattress is great deal and quality.


If you are looking to sleep on a HARD surface this is the Mattress for you. Slept on it 1 night and returning today at my cost to have UPS pick it up plus i have to package it SMH so disappointed

Does not inflate to full size!!

Overall a very firm bed. Hoping it softens after a while because it kind of hurts. However, I know for some people they would love this. Also, inflated to about 8in instead of a 12 :(

Amazing mattress

Bought this a couple months ago. It has been the best mattress I’ve ever owned. This has help my back so much! 10 out 10 recommend.

Omg! This matresss!

Besides being heavy af! Once opened and put up. Waited the recommended wait time for mattress to fully expand. I like a firm mattress and this right here for the money!! Soooo worth it!!! I have slept through every night since I got this without tossing and turning! VERY COMFORTABLE! Simple and easy installation. 10/10 highly recommended

Better quality than expected

Re-inflated quicker than expected. First couple nights I was afraid it was too firm. I thought maybe I should have ordered the less firm, but I have been sleeping very well since third night. I am more than happy with this mattress and you cannot go wrong for the price!!


This mattress is the worse one I have ever bought it’s hard as a rock haven’t been able to sleep since I got it not worth it no wonder it was on sale

Great purchase

Filled out great, no odors that are noticeable. Nice and comfortable. Really good bang for the buck


This mattress is WAYYYYY too soft. It is like sleeping on a soft sponge and feels like it will sufficate you when you lay on it. Anyone that says it is "somewhat firm" must be full of helium and floating above the mattress. Sure, you can TRY to get it back in the box and send it back. Good luck. I took a chance and it didn't go well. If you're going to buy a mattress, GO TO A STORE AND TRY IT OUT! Otherwise you can be VERY disappointed.

Very FIRM!

The three stars I give this product are based solely on comfort. The quality of the product is great! The material doesn’t feel cheap, the mattress inflated about 98% of the cover, there was no foam smell, and the cover felt soft and no fiberglass. Now the comfort: I travel around a lot and sleep on different beds and am comfortable on any bed most of the time. I was excited to buy this bed because it is affordable and has very good reviews about being the perfect amount of firmness/softness. I even made sure not to buy the “firm” version of this mattress to ensure it was more on the soft side. I’ve had it for a week now and it is SOO FIRM! By the fourth night on it I couldn’t even sleep anymore I had constant pain no matter how I slept. I even woke up feeling like my sides were bruised. I am 5’6” and 260 lbs (so I’m a bit on the heavier side) but my fiancé also complained about it being really firm and she’s not overweight. We ended up buying a 3 inch foam topper and it still feels pretty firm but at least I no longer feel pain. The point is it’s VERY FIRM and felt similar to sleeping on thick carpet floors. That being said, I’d still recommend because of the price and quality but you will likely need a foam topper if you don’t like sleeping on extra firm mattresses.


I knew buying such an inexpensive bed, that it would not be perfect. Truthfully the bed is so very firm. I did purchase a 3" foam topper so hopefully that helps just a little bit. It was quite surprising how SMALL the box was it came in. I was almost ready to return it before i opened it. Butnl i was intrigued, as many many reviews were quite good. I gave it a shot and am happy! Besides the firmness :) id recommended this bed if you're in a pinch financially.

Too firm

It’s way to firm for a medium firm I have back problems and having a very firm mattress doesn’t help it’s had to fall asleep took me a while to get adjusted to it :

Incredible mattress

I love this mattress, incredibly comfortable, supportive, and relaxing. I bought three, one for each of my kids. We all sleep incredibly well. Would totally buy this mattress again.

A little firm for my liking

arrived on time, had a weird smell when first opened but quickly went away after a couple of hours. this is a GREAT little mattress for the price. I normally sleep on a memory foam cool gel mattress, so this is a little firm for my liking. Use it in the grandkids room on a futon and it works great and stands up to the bouncing and playing. would buy again.

Way Too Soft Over Time

My smaller partner slept alone on this mattress for about 6 months and likes it just fine. I am heavier than him but still an average weight for the US. This mattress frequently gives me aches pains and headaches if I don't choose and position my pillow carefully. Because it sinks so readily we end up squished into each other in the middle of the mattress because that's where the hole is and sleep worse for it. I often have to drape my leg or arm over the side just to make sure I don't end up in the middle. For lighter individuals who sleep alone and do not have neck or back issues, this mattress is probably fine for a while.


I bought this mattress July 12, 2023. After having this mattress for about four months I would not recommend buying this mattress. I never knew pain until buying this mattress. Ever since I bought this mattress I’ve been having pain all over my body from back pain, to neck pain which would make me lightheaded. The mattress is way too soft to the point it have no support for the body. I wish I could return it to buy a new mattress because it literally messed up my everyday life. I haven’t went a day without pain because of this mattress.

Very hard and uncomfortable

After a few months of having this mattress, the softness has definitely gone away. I noticed it a bit earlier when i received it but i was just grateful to find a mattress for the price. Now im just aggravated and in pain from how hard this mattress feels every night i sleep on it. do not purchase this mattress if you’re looking for a long term thing.

Firmer than i thought but okay

Just got this in evening. I been hesitant on foam mattresses due to fiber glass. But this one says there is no fiber Glass in its materials. I did take a picture so interested buyers can see the material content. That is one reason i chose this mattress. So its been 1 hour and its almost gotten to 9 inches. But i notice its still puffing up more to its size gradually. I did lay on it and it does feel firm but soft. I plan on putting 2 mattress toppers that are cushioned on top. I wont be laying on it tonight im gonna wait another 24 hrs then i will measure it again. It was too heavy for me to bring upstairs i had someone help. It did have a slight smell was not overbearing but i could tell. Over time smell goes away. I plan to update my review after i actually sleep on it. And maybe i will rate with more stars for now i rate 3 till i sleep on it. Update..... So at first i was leary because its a bit firmer than im use to...But i needed to sleep on it. So its okay its firm with support but does form your body. So its comfortable and supportive. And im pleased with the mattress. I have degenerative disc disease in 2 areas in my back. And i been sleeping good with the mattress . I will rate 4 stars.

Do not hesitate!!

This is an incredibly comfortable, I wish I had purchased it for the king size bed too. Our little guy loves it!! This will not disappoint!!

So comfortable and inexpensive

We are a large family in a tight space and I am post partum mom and this bed has been so comfortable, so big, and so helpful for a decent price!!

Has groves/depressions from where me and the wife have been sleeping, not even 5 months old

Has groves/depressions from where me and the wife have been sleeping, not even 5 months old. This makes cuddle/tv time frustrating. Only reason I didn't give it 1 star is because it doesn't build heat while sleeping which is nice.

Height Misleading

All the reviews I read in this mattress majority is correct but with one flaw. The height of the mattress doesn’t reach to 12 inches and at 72 hours of unpacking, it did NOT rise up as it should even though the packaging labels says it’s 12inches so in a way it’s misleading.

Great firm memory foam mattress!

I ordered this for my daughter and got the 8 inch. Very thick and firm yet comfortable mattress! She loves it, I recommend it. Just be careful when you use the white plastic cutter it comes with as I snagged the mattress cover and ripped it but still fine after.


Bought this for my college student to use in his apartment. It puffed up quickly and after 2 months of use there are no complaints.

So hard

I was looking for a mattress on the cheaper side and chose this one for the reviews. It is SO hard, not comfortable at all. My child even realized how hard and uncomfortable it is. Unless you like a firm, hard mattress then go for it.

Great price average experience

I wanna start by saying this if you are looking for an affordable bed that is semi comfortable then yes I definitely think this bed could be good for someone in certain situations... with that said I found the bed to be too firm for my liking and I found myself tossing and turning a lot. Im about a month in now and personally if i can go back i would have paid the extra couple hundred to get better quality but overall i would say this bed is about a 3/5

Not 8 in

The mattress is indeed very firm but might not be too bad if you're a back sleeper like me. My main gripe is that it is not a full 8 inches once left to inflate for few days.

Very satisfied

OMG! I usually don't bother writing reviews, but this mattress deserves one. The quality of this mattress is astounding! I bought a $1000 mattress from The Mattress firm which didn't even last 1 year before it started sagging in the middle. They even declined my warranty claim saying my bed frame was incompatible although the mattress was supported with a box spring... Moral of the story: DON'T SHOP WITH MATTRESS FIRM, THEY SUCK!! I hesitated to buy this at first because of the low price, BUT ITS WORTH IT (even more than its currently priced at). Do not get deceived by those salesman; a good quality product doesn't have to be expensive! It's produced with high quality material and a professional sleeper (like myself) can tell this mattress will last for a long time! Highly recommend! 100/10

Highly recommend

I purchased 14" great quality and very comfortable! I love my new mattress!!

Waste of money

Not worth it. It has been 8 hours and need to return this asap

Very comfortable

I bought this for my 12 year old grandson and he absolutely loves this mattress. Would definitely buy it again for someone.

Absolutely PERFECT !!!

I'm so impressed by the mattress quality!!! I was a little hesitant because the price was so low for a mattress this large ( thickness) and this thick!! It is so very comfortable!! I'm in love with it!!!

Too Hard

The bed is barely memory foam. It is like sleeping on the floor but a little softer. I got the bed because of the reviews but the bed is super hard and not comfortable at all.

Mattress Queen

Used for our spare bedroom, my company loved the bed, it’s really comfortable.

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