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+1.3x better cooling

+/- expense

+/- lasting comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 150 Overall

Top 100 For Warm Sleepers


Autumn 2021 Updates: Shoppers can find Mlily in local furniture stores and smaller mattress chains. Recent customers mostly like their mattresses except for reports of firmness issues by some.

Mlily® is a global mattress brand that is well known for being a global partner of Manchester United, and is available at local mattress retailers across the USA and on Amazon. Some of their mattresses feature trendy materials like bamboo charcoal and CBD infused fabric, which is a major differentiator vs many other online options. They blend these materials with foam focused mattresses with and without coils.


+1.3x better cooling
+/- expense
+/- lasting comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 150 Overall
Top 100 For Warm Sleepers

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $899-$5500

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mlily's Specifics

Mlily is a global mattress brand that offers moderately to high priced memory foam and pocket spring mattresses across the world, including the English speaking world and other major countries in Asia and Europe. Their offerings focus on competitively priced all-foam designs to more traditional spring and pocket spring mattresses.

Quality of Materials

Mlily uses a variety of materials, some of which are quite trendy -- such as bamboo charcoal foam and CBD infused fabric offered in some locations. In addition to these more specialty materials, their foams are made within the CertiPUR-US standard so they won't offgas nasty toxins and they also use Oeko-Tex certified textiles. That said, customers have had mixed reviews in their responses to the comfort of the materials and the durability contained within them.

If long term comfort is a major concern when buying a new mattress, take a look at our list of best mattresses or specifically, our our top rated hybrid mattresses for those with pocketed coil support systems and strong reviews from customers.

Mattress Types

Mlily has a variety of mattress offerings, all made with slightly different materials. We'll go through each of them and discuss the positives and negatives so that you can find the right fit for you. Here is the breakdown...


One of the newer offerings from Mlily, the PowerCool offers both a mattress and a cooling adjustable base, ideal for sleepers that want to truly live in their bed. The mattress includes multiple layers of memory foam, including ventilated smart foam and bamboo charcoal memory foam. It also offers a pocket spring support system. The adjustable base offers fans that blow air into the mattress for enhanced airflow and cooling.

The pros are a cooling and comfortable sleep for those looking for an adjustable base and mattress combination.

The cons is the high price point and most cooling comes from the fans in the base.

Price Range: $3,200-$5,500

Final Score: 8.2 / 10

Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series offers over 5 mattress options starting at $899 for their firmest option, Fusion Ortho. Their other options include their most popular Fusion Luxe, which offers a pressure relieving medium-plush feel. It features a cooling knit cover, soft AirCell foam, 2 more types of foam for support and airflow, and a pocket spring support system. These mattresses offer thicknesses over 10'' and come at a higher than average price point.

The pros: Multiple firmness options featuring both pressure relieving foam and supportive coil systems.

The cons: Durability and hot sleeping are an issue for some sleepers. Additionally, the price points are comparable to high end brands.

Price Range: $899-$3,999

Final Score: 8.2 / 10

Foam Series

Mlily Foam Series mattresses offer all-foam mattress designs comparable in price to top of the line Tempur® mattresses. With 6+ options to choose from, they offer two 'Chill' varieties that feature gel infused, bamboo charcoal, and open cell foams for additional airflow and cooling.

The pros: CertiPUR-US foams and some thick mattress designs vs competitors.

The cons: Higher prices than expected and some concerns about durability.

Price Range: $899-$3,499

Final Score: 8.0 / 10


The Mlily CBD mattress offers CBD infused fabric cover, bamboo charcoal foam, and copper infused memory foam for additional cooling and pressure relief. Most sleepers have good things to say about initial comfort, but there are some disagreements about price point and doubts that CBD infusion is enough to lead to more restful sleep.

The pros: Cooling foam and one of the only CBD infused offerings on the market.

The cons: Price is higher than expected for some and CBD infusion have some doubts.

Price Range: $1,799-$3,499

Final Score: 7.5 / 10


The Mlily Fusion offers three firmness options with their medium-soft Fusion Luxe being the most popular hybrid mattress offered by Mlily. These mattresses feature multiple layers of foam, including open cell technology for additional tempurature regulation. Customers have good things to say overall about these mattresses, but there were some disagreements about prices and durability in some cases.

The pros: Competitively built hybrid mattresses with airflow and cooling optimizations.

The cons: Some higher prices than expected and some have complained about durability.

Price Range: $999-$1,899

Final Score: 8.2 / 10


The Mlily Harmony offers three mattresses, including their Harmony Chill 2.0, Harmony Chill 3.0, and Harmony+. Their most popular Chill 2.0 is a 13'' profile and comes with five layers of foam with AirCell open-cell technology for additional airflow in the top layer. It offers a softer feel ideal for side sleeping. However, there have been complaints about durability, price points, and warranty issues.

The pros: 3 all-foam mattresses with good cooling features.

The cons: The price point and durability may be issues for some.

Price Range: $899-$3,499

Final Score: 8.0 / 10

Dream Series

The Dream Series focuses on a firmer field for those that are stomach sleepers and need additional support. They feature layers of AirCell and airy foam on the surface layers, and supportive coil systems beneath. While most find these mattresses comfortable, the prices are high for the materials.

The pros: Cooling and supportive mattresses ideal for firm lovers and stomach sleepers.

The cons: Some disagreements about price for the materials.

Price Range: $1,599-$3,999

Final Score: 8.0 / 10


The Mlily WellFlex series offers two mattresses, the WellFlex 1.0 and 2.0. These offer two different firmness options -- a medium firm and medium soft option with all foam designs. These incorporate the AirCell foam and cooling cover fabric for tempurature regulation. Customers like the comfort levels of these mattresses overall, but there were some disagreements about price value and durability.

The pros: Good blend of support and pressure relief in these all-foam mattresses.

The cons: Some disagreements about price value and durability.

Price Range: $1,099-$2,499

Final Score: 8.0 / 10

Browse Mlily Customer Reviews

[Bliss] Best Gift I ever gave myself!

I have a MLily Bliss King Size Mattress and it's the BEST mattress I've ever slept on! For the first time in YEARS I am sleeping through the night and I don't wake up with aches and pains! It also doesn't make you hot! LOVE THAT! You can't pay enough money for how a great night sleep makes you feel in the morning! So thankful I have my MLily Bliss!

[Bliss] Incredible deal.

I bought this mattress its by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I previously owned a tempurpedic mattress and it use to always make me hot, I had had back problems for years until getting one, and within 2 days of sleeping on it, they went away. The cover on the mattress feels great, this was a fantastic deal and I'm thrilled.

[Bliss] Love it

Best mattress I have ever owned. Good support yet soft and comfortable. My wife and I are now spoiled as we cannot sleep on motel mattresses

[Bliss] It feels like luxury at first

It feels like luxury at first. I've owned a queen size for about a month now. I have woke up almost every night with severe sciatic and mid back pain. It's way to soft and offers no support.

[Bliss] I purchased this mattress in queen size.

I purchased this months 4 months ago. It has the cooling gel in it, but I wake up with night sweats and hot., I also started to develop an allergy to it, I sleep on my back, it causes me to itch like crazy, and doesn't stop. I had to buy a mattress topper 3'' thick to put on top of it to keep away from the memory foam, even with a mattress protector on it. Helped some, but now I am stuck with it. It is however very soft and comfortable. Pity about the heat and itching though. I upgraded to this from a Serta memory foam without cooling gel, and I should have kept it.

[Bliss] One Star

Without a doubt the WORST investment in a mattress I have ever made. One star is six too many.

[Energize] A BIG THANK YOU!

Thank you Elliot & friend for personally coming to my house to drop off my mattress the next day after purchasing! Couldnt be happier! THANK YOU! - Christy W

[Energize] Comfy but on the warm side

This is the second Mlily mattress I have purchased in the last two years. I love my original one though you have to spin them around every other month or so because they really do form to your body...They also tend to be a little warm, I live in Ohio and rarely used more than a sheet all winter long, with my house set to 62 (62 is totally not low because my house keeps the heat in so it feels warmer for those of you that think I might possibly be a penguin). This mattress I bought for a friend of mine and it's just as comfy as mine. The off gas usually goes away within 24 hours and for some reason I tend to believe this mattress has less off gas than mine. So the sole reason for not giving it a 5 star is because I sleep hot and it isn't the coolest bed I've slept in, but it's uber comfy.

[Energize] Great mattress for a great price

I bought one of these two years ago, paid about 750 for it and in my opinion, I got a heck of a deal. The bed is super comfortable and is comparable to other more expensive mattresses. I spin it about every six months or so and bc its a coil/foam hybrid, it's kept its shape nicely. Everyone who has slept a night in this bed says it's one of the better sleeps they've had. I recommend it.

[Harmony] 5-10 of these vs. a Sleep Number or Temperpedic - no brainier!

So far so awesome. I'm a big guy with a serious accumulation of orthopedic issues. Used this to replace a twelve year old top of the line Sealy king size that was keeping both my wife and I up tossing and turning all night. Tried this in a showroom and I was so relaxed in five minutes I almost couldn't get up. It does sleep warmer than a conventional mattress, no doubt about it, BUT, it's a whole lot cooler than the old1st generation foams ( which I found intolerably hot). Super simple pakage shipping makes it a whole lot simpler to handle than a conventional, and we experienced very little if any issues with degassing odors or the foam reaching it's advertised thickness. Due to space issues our two new mattresses were unwrapped and left to reshape standing on their side, which may have actually helped, given the greater surface area exposure and reduced resistance that that orientation allowed. We've now had them (a pair of long twins) for several months and my 110 lb. wife found it too firm, so we replaced hers with something better suited to the princess and the pea and gave hers to our son, and he loves it. We'll see how well it holds up over time, but considering the difference in cost I could replace this every 3-4 years for what we spent on the last Sealy. We did also try probably two dozen similar offerings from the major names and the fanciest Sealy foam mattress was the only one we found that we liked as much or better, just not several thousand dollars better. I consider this proof that you don't have to sell a kidney to get decent night's sleep. Just hope it lasts. We also purchased a pair of the adjustable bed frames with the wired remotes (Pragma) and are equally impressed with them in terms of function and value. The wired remotes are actually a blessing in disguise for folks like me who are constantly losing one. The only caveat is that the twins tend to slide apart on their frames, so I'm working on addressing that (maybe Velcro or a retainer such as is used on the foot of the bed) but overall sleeping better than I have in years.

[Harmony] Three years in...still saving my back

My wife and I have had this mattress for 3 years now, and it's still great. There is a little bit of a break in now, but it's still very comfortable and not too soft. It doesn't feel like a hammock as a spring mattress would, and it's actually still medium firm. I have back problems, namely lower back spasms, and this has helped me greatly. It works for back and side sleepers (myself) and stomach sleepers (my wife).

[Harmony] Firm and perfect

I actually bought this from a local vendor in my area. For years I have favored what my family lovingly calls an 'iron slab' for a mattress. I'm a firm supporter of a firm mattress. However, as I get older I got more aches and pains to go with my years and a hard as rock mattress is no longer ideal. But I didn't really want a cloud to sleep on. I cannot remember how I got turned on to memory foam mattresses, but after exhaustive research I surmised which one would be the best, this one wasn't even on my radar. Before buying the one I had selected online, I wanted to test out some memory foam mattresses in the store to make sure that it was possible for them to be comfortable and yet firm enough that I wasn't sinking into them. I went to 5 stores locally, 4 of the stores encouraged me to look at a Sealy, however, the vendor I had gotten my previous mattress from showed me the M Lily. I fell in love with the Lily, but I'm a cautious buyer, so I went home and did some research, and liked what I found. So I bought it two days later. I have had this mattress now for a week and I love it. I won't say that it wasn't an adjustment coming off of a spring mattress, because it was. This mattress is firm, I tried to punch it and it actually hurt my fist. However, the human body is heavy and this mattress will sink a little on the areas where you put the most pressure, namely your butt. LOL. And if you stay in one area for long and warm up I have noticed that the mattress foam seems to get almost 'gooey', however, move from that spot and everything goes back to the way it was. I love the quilted cover, I loved it so much I actually didn't put a fitted sheet on the mattress for the first 5 days. The top layer of foam is some sort of cool gel formula and you can feel it if you run your hand over the quilted top. Altogether, if you like a firm spring mattress than I would recommend this mattress for you.

[Harmony] I've literally been in it all night and day it's awesome I weigh close to 300 lbs my wife doesn't ...

Just bought one of these here in town. I've literally been in it all night and day it's awesome I weigh close to 300 lbs my wife doesn't feel me get in and out of bed it cushions my weight it's just a great mattress. Even our lil boston terrier loves it lol. Only thing I suggest is make sure buying online like this that you don't lose the 10 year warranty it's great for piece of mind

[Harmony] Second time to, win!

I bought my daughter this mattress a couple years ago. She loves is so much, I just bought another for my son. He is sleeping very well and loves it, too.

[Harmony] It offers great support while molding to your body and relieving pressure ...

had back pain, headache and tired all the time, and all of it is fixed with this mattress. It offers great support while molding to your body and relieving pressure points. I weigh 240 lbs. Lets hope it lasts a long time

[Harmony] love this mattress

We just bought this mattress about a week ago and we absolutely love it! I was afraid of buying a mattress online so we went to our local furniture store where they had one of these for us to test out. Loved it, bought it, no regrets. It's not too soft not too firm. My husband doesn't like soft beds and I don't like firm beds but we both agree this is the best mattress ever. Also very afordable for what you get.

[Harmony] Bad warranty fast deformation.

Bed will not last more than a couple years. Mattress will deform under your body weight until it is virtually impossible to stay on bed. Warranty is a scam. They will not honor the integrity of the mattress.

[Premier] The futon was so hard it was like sleeping on a stone floor

We were replacing a futon mattress on a day bed in our office/spare room. The futon was so hard it was like sleeping on a stone floor. The new mattress is perfect for me to sleep on when my partner has the flu etc. It has enough support but is similar to our memory foam mattress. When we unpacked it there was a slight smell as it aired but it was minimal and went away quickly. I'm quite happy with this mattress. It's perfect for my day bed. Other reviews have commented on how it bears up over time, obviously I can't speak to that concern.

[Premier] worth the price

7'' size is very comfortable: supportive yet soft. Makes my sleeper chair very accommodating, especially for older guests. Arrived quickly; packing odors dissipated within 24 hours.

[Premier] Five Stars

Excellent product and great delivery service for a bulky product

[Serenity] Good, but not great.

We had purchased two 10'' Mlily mattresses for our vacation and everyone raves about them. So, when it was time to invest in a mattress for our main home, we thought we'd do the same. After reading dozens of reviews, we went with the 13'' Serenity pillow top model. The first night seemed like a dream. After the first night, my wife and I have experienced nagging lower back pain that can only be caused by the mattress. We are hoping that the mattress softens a bit with time, but so far we are less than completely happy.

[Serenity] Sleeping on cloud

Love it it's like sleeping on a cloud best purchase I've made so far

[Serenity] Five Stars

A great mattress, finally found the one!

[Serenity] VERY glad we went this route

Very impressed. Had reservations buying a cheaper brand as opposed to Tempurpedic, but the cost savings made it worth the gamble. We've had it for a month now. VERY glad we went this route. The bed is comfortable, sucking you in yet still firm. And the cost savings makes it even more worth it. I would recommend this bed.

[Serenity] excellent

It's high quality and makes spring mattresses seems like something dinosaurs would sleep on. If you can imagine being on a distant planet in anothe galaxy sleeping like a boss, this bed is what you'd be sleeping on. Seriously though, it's very supportive yet very comfortable. Stains easy but the lady who sold it to me said any foam mattress needs a waterproof cover. Why the cover isn't washable on this model is anyone's guess. Maybe the makers of the bed thought the buyers for these things were going to be single people that happen to be extremely careful about not having wine in bed...Also, yes, as the other review states, it is very comparable to the mattress at Ashley furniture and such. Maybe more comfy.

[Serenity] The most comfortable mattress I've ever had the privilege of lying on

Heavenly. The most comfortable mattress I've ever had the privilege of lying on. I replaced my $3k Tempurpedic with the MLily and have slept much better.

[Tranquility] Wonderful!!!!!!

I must admit I never would have imagined I would buy a mattress on the Internet without even trying it out first. Well we took a chance, and the whole experience has far surpassed my expectations. My husband and I were disappointed with our local store who carries Mlily. We went there and I liked the Bliss mattress and he thought it was too soft. So we tried out the Energize model and it was too firm for me. So while looking at the Mlily catalog they gave us, we both liked the tranquility mattress and thought that would be a good choice for us. Hybrid , middle of the road firmness, cooling feature and it was one of their higher end models as well as being featured on the cover of the Mlily catalog. Well our local store told us this Tranquility mattress was not available here and was mostly sold in Europe! Really??? Well I immediately looked it up online and found it on here for close to 500 dollars less than the bliss model at the store, with free shipping!!! Now...about the mattress...... It is absolutely wonderful!!! It arrived within 3 days of ordering it and came rolled up nicely in a blue tarp to protect it. We opened it and let it expand for 24 hours.... now keep in mind: I was sleeping on a 19 year old innerspring mattress and I was used to it being very soft, and having the roll to the middle and sink feature lol! Anyway at first I thought it was a bit firm for me, but I have been sleeping on this for almost 2 months and it has softened up just a little and I have been sleeping soundly throughout the night! Its firm but soft if that makes sense. I absolutely love this mattress and would highly recommend it!!! You have lots of support but when you lay down, it conforms to your body without sinking and it just feels dreamy!!! I feel more rested the next day and don't wake up 6 or 7 times throughout the night like I did on our old mattress. The seller we got it from was wonderful too! He went above and beyond to make sure some details were ironed out and helped with us choosing a new foundation for this mattress. We tried out several mattresses locally which were in the 3000 dollar range and this mattress feels just as good if not better than those. I highly recommend this mattress as my husband I have both recieved many positive ramifications as a result of purchasing this mattress:)

[Tranquility] Love it.

We stayed in a hotel suite that had this mattress. We loved it so much we bought one on amazon and it is exceeding our expectations. Love the gel that helps keep the bed feeling cool. The memory foam has great support and doesn't give you the 'sinking' feeling. It conforms to your body very nicely with comfortable support, it doesn't swallow you up. Overall we love this mattress, couldn't be happier.

[Tranquility] Didn't Last

We have had this mattress for two years. It started off great but not so good now. I wake up around 3:00 am now with my back hurting. The mattress top has gotten loose with the material pooching up. The support is just not there any more. Have slept on other beds (hotels, visiting family, etc) and I sleep well with no back pain. So now I have to put out another chunk of money for another mattress - not an easy thing to do with our income.

[Vitality] Great Bed

Never had any complaints for this bed. Very comfortable and at a great value. Do not pay over 800 for a queen size, otherwise you are getting majorly ripped off.

[Vitality] Worst Choice I Ever Made

I have only had this bed for under 30 days but I am so sad I spent $2700 on it. I told the sales person I wanted a bed similar to my ICloud Tempurpedic. I was told this is better than the ICloud. Well, I feel like I am laying in a coffin. The bed sags so bad in the middle and to get out of it is like climbing Mount Everest. I do not have this kind of money to be spending on a mattress. Am so so sad I purchased this product. I would not even sell it to anyone but just take it to the dump.

Was decieved

I have had 6 back surgeries getting ready for #7 ,when I contacted the company about a problem with the mattress that I paid $1200 for in April I was told to dismantle and lay everything on the floor and lay a broomstick on it and take pictures of it, I tried this and was layed up for 4 days on a mattress that hurts my back, thank you very much I guess I am stuck with it so when I can I will buy another one, mostly upset about being deceived about warranty and comfort level thank you and very happy I will never have to deal with this company again

These are the best beds around

We have bought 2 beds from Mlily and they are the best beds. We also have bought several pillows and they do not go flat like your normal pillows. I would highly recommend there beds and pillows to anyone. I have back problems and since we have bought our bed I don't wake up in pain like I use to.

Great mattress

The first time I laid down on my MLILY queen mattress, I knew it was the best. A year later it still is. It is quality and comfort.

Avoid Mlily

Recently purchased an Mlily at a fairly expensive price, after receiving it and getting it on the bed, it was impossible to sleep on.TOO HARD,like sleeping on a concrete floor, the place we bought it from says oh just give it time.well we gave it time and then some more time. So we went back to where we purchased the mattress,and all they would say is that Mlily does not have a comfort guarentee.. So after giving it another month and not hearing it back from the store where we purchased it. The mlily went to the dump this morning. We never heard back from the store or the company.. Pretty sorry. Every friend i have will know to avoid mlily...Terry SheltonJackson Tn.

Best Mattress Ever for the Cost

Made my purchase for the King 13" Semi Firm and I've had the best sleep ever... Would make sure that I ordered the cooling Pillows also. Do not have the model numbers for my items but I am very HAPPY with MY PURCHASE... Thanks, Tammy

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