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Midwest Mattress Mattress Reviews

Midwest Mattress is a mattress retailer based in Iowa that carries a mattress selection ranging in price from budget mattresses to higher priced, name-brand options such as Beautyrest and Serta. With 9 locations across Iowa, most shoppers have had positive things to say about their customer service overall. However, there are some complaints about cost, delivery, and about mattress durability in some cases.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $129-$4999

Trial Period: 1 Year Exchange

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Midwest Mattress's Specifics

Midwest Mattress is an Iowa based mattress retailer that sells both budget and higher priced mattresses. With a selection of just under 100 different mattress models to choose from, Midwest Mattress even carries a handful of mattresses exclusively created in collaboration with knitting company Lava Textiles. While the majority of their mattress options tends towards a higher price point, they do offer free shipping to Iowa metro areas and have a reputation for having a helpful sales staff.

When it comes to customer experiences, there are many customers who report having a good experience working with the sales staff. While some customers mention being satisfied with the delivery service, others did bring up issues return/exchange delivery fees. Some customers also brought up issues with mattress prices and durability in some cases. For those looking for high quality mattresses for their budget, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

Midwest Mattress carries both name-brand and off-brand budget mattresses. In terms of value, some shoppers did mention that mattresses were overpriced, while others were able to find mattresses within their desired budget. Some customers have also brought up issues with the durability of the mattress they purchased.

We'll go through some of their main mattress options below. Here are the details:

Weekender: Midwest Mattress carries a selection of mattresses from budget-focused brand Weekender. Most of these mattresses are made with a traditional innerspring support system with synthetic fabrics and foam. Weekender mattresses have shorter warranty time periods than some other brands carried by Midwest Mattress, and some reviews have pointed to issues with longevity and durability.

TEMPTEC™: These memory foam mattresses were designed to help warm sleepers with cooling technology. Most of these mattresses will be quite firm in feel, so shoppers looking for a medium-firm or a soft mattress may do better looking elsewhere.

Scott Living: Midwest Mattress carries a handful of mattresses from Scott Living, the brand created by home and design stars Drew and Jonathan Scott. These hybrid mattresses come in firm, plush, and euro-top, and feature individually wrapped coils and memory foam. With prices starting at around $900 for a twin and going up to $2400 for a king, shoppers may be able to find a better deal on similar hybrid mattresses from other brands.

Wellsville: Wellsville offers both all foam and hybrid mattresses at a higher-price point. Most sleepers will feel initial comfort with these mattresses, although there has been some complaints long term comfort and high prices.

Serta iComfort: The iComfort line by Serta are some of the most expensive mattresses that this well-known brand makes. With both memory foam and hybrid options, the Serta iComfort mattresses come in varying levels of cooling upgrades and firmness options. Some sleepers have brought up issues with durability and high prices.

Beautyrest: The Beautyrest Silver line of mattresses are the more affordable options from this long-standing mattress brand. Still, there have been some complaints from shoppers online about issues with longevity and diminishing support for these mattresses. Midwest Mattress also carries a number of the most expensive line, Beautyrest Black, mattresses. For shoppers who are interested in buying these mattresses, it may be worthwhile to check out our review for Beautyrest mattresses.

Overall Comfort

Reviews seem to be mixed when it comes to overall mattress comfort. While many have good things to say about the sales experience, there have been some complaints about return and exchange fees, which may mean that shoppers are not finding the right mattress for them.


Midwest Mattress carries a variety of firmness options across the mattress brands available in-store and online. Those that are stomach sleepers may do better with firmer options, while side sleepers may feel best with a softer variety.

Back Pain Relief

With name-brand options, some customers may be able to find options that will provide relief from back discomfort. However, if mattresses have durability issues, relief may diminish over time.


Some of these brands have created mattresses with cooling in mind. Beautyrest Black, for example, includes cooling technology in their mattresses and even let shoppers choose specific cooling upgrades when buying direct from them online.

Who Is Midwest Mattress Right For?

Midwest Mattress offers good service for those that want to go in-store. However, with a lack of customer reviews on specific mattress models and concerns with returns and exchanges reported, some may want to take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for top rated alternatives.

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The salesman that assisted us

The salesman that assisted us in the Cedar Rapids store was very knowledgeable and helpful. He did not push and made the experience very pleasant and buying a mattress very easy.

Last June I went in to Midwest Mattress

Last June I went in to Midwest Mattress to purchase something new. The salesman was very well informed and I selected a Restonic mattress and box spring. I slept comfortably on it for a couple of months and noticed that it seemed to be sagging in the middle. For personal health reasons I did not go back until the end of October to report it. Long story short, I measured the mattress according to the video and went back today with my pictures showing that the mattress sagged almost two inches in the middle. I understand I had the comfort guarantee for one year but I was hesitant to get another Restonic as I don't want to be in this spot in a few more months. I picked another mattress and box springs which cost more and that is fine. What I don't think is very fair is paying $65 for a delivery/exchange when if the mattress would have held up, I wouldn't be making an exchange. The salesmen are very pleasant and knowledgeable but I can tell you, I think the delivery fee should be waived. Thank you.

The sales man at the Cedar falls

The sales man at the Cedar falls lowa location was AMAZING! He was able to answer every single question we had regarding our new bed. Unfortunately we’re not sure of his name though. I think he was kind of new but he really knew what he was talking about. He sold us a $4,000 with all accessories! Very smooth transaction!

Great service.

Great service. Friendly staff. Mattresses in all price points. Will shop there again.

Spent some time here looking for a new bed

Spent some time here looking for a new bed. They carry a local Iowa brand of bed that was comfy and affordable, definitely worth a look. The salesperson was helpful and knowledgeable, but clearly pushing pretty hard to sell. He wasn't pushy on more expensive beds (quite the opposite actually) but was pushy on pillows, adjustable frames and mattress protectors. My wife and I had difficulty getting time alone to just look around and test beds. I'd go back here if I ever needed another bed, but be prepared to have to stand your ground some . 😀

The service we received was prompt

The service we received was prompt and professional! Sam Trusty helped me find the perfect mattress and even gave us a discounted upgrade when they didn’t have the one we wanted in stock at the warehouse! 10/10 would recommend

We came to look for a new king size bed

We came to look for a new king size bed. Ryan, the Store manager, showed us several different kinds of king-size mattresses for sale. He did not rush us; he answered all our questions and gave us plenty of time to learn about the different mattresses to find just the right one for us. I I felt every minute he was there to offer information but not overly pushy. The whole experience turned out to be enjoyable.

What a wonderful experience!

What a wonderful experience! Mike has excellent customer service and knows so much about every mattress he sales! He took great care of me and made sure I was happy walking out the door. Thanks to Mike and his manger who made me and my family’s day today!

Our experience here today was so great

Our experience here today was so great! The sales employee, Sunshine, was the nicest and so very helpful! She answered all of my questions and gave me all the info I needed and had a great attitude while doing it. I will definitely refer people to go here!

Sunshine was so helpful and patient with us

Sunshine was so helpful and patient with us as we found our new bed. She did not start us off high end and followed our lead as we tried each bed. Very friendly! Now we hope our bed lives up to everything we experienced.

We purchased a mattress and adjustable base

We purchased a mattress and adjustable base. The service was great. The sales person was very knowledgable. This will be delivered in one week.

The sales people in the store were amazing

The sales people in the store were amazing! The mattress and bed are amazing as well! However the delivery service was not! We were told it was white glove delivery but the guys had dirty shoes and got out floor all dirty. They drug the box across the floor instead of carrying. They had no concern to anything around them.

Picked out a mattress adjustable bed

Picked out a mattress adjustable bed in Cedar Rapids, great manager there. I live in Iowa City and bought the bed in Coralville. Very next day the bed was delivered and the delivery people work excellent and the manager of the Coralville store was helpful and knew her product. Great stores great prices quality materials I had priced at other stores and adjustable bed, but mattress was the very best price.

Bought 300.00 mattress

Bought 300.00 mattress. Within that year we replaced 300.00 for a Wal-Mart 70. Air matress.

Bed was delivered today

Bed was delivered today by Alex and Rexx, who were very friendly, professional and knowledgable. They did a very nice job!

In the store, Mike was great

In the store, Mike was great. He was well-informed, patient, and answered all our questions. My girlfriend needed to think about it for a bit and when we came back he was ready to assist. The delivery guys were really fast and respectful.

Excellent experience and quality service

Excellent experience and quality service. Hannah helped us get exactly what we wanted. She walked us through all of the options and shared her personal experience and knowledge based with us to ensure we ended up with the best option.

I'm not sure I'd call it a discount mattress company

I'm not sure I'd call it a discount mattress company, but it is a mattress company and worth a look if you're in the market. It's located on Army Post Road, near Southridge Mall.

This place is great!

This place is great! The mattress I wanted wasn't in stock, so they drove one down from a Cedar Rapids location same day, no charge. 10 out of 10, would recommend.

We have gotten several mattresses here

We have gotten several mattresses here the past couple years and they have made it very easy. We haven’t used our new queen yet but the others for our children have held up very well. Delivery was without issues and driver arrived almost exactly when he said. There is a reason we have been back several times

I thought the mattresses were kind of sub- standard

I thought the mattresses were kind of sub- standard, I'd rather spend a dollar more to get a better quality product.

Had to call to find out when my mattress

Had to call to find out when my mattress was going to be delivered. Otherwise the service was good and very friendly

Outstanding service both in store and delivery

Outstanding service both in store and delivery. We just did a comfort swap this week and had the same experience as 10 months ago with original purchase. Highly recommend.

Great customer service

Great customer service. Jim actually listened to our needs and helped us get into something that will make the nights pass by with more ease.. thank you!!

Purchasing a mattress and box spring

Purchasing a mattress and box spring from Midwest Mattress has been one of the worst investments I have made. Unfortunately I am stuck with a poor quality mattress that has sunk in significantly within the first few weeks. The box spring I now have still is not the correct fit for my bed frame either. And, my wood floors were scratched in the process of delivery and installation. I am very disappointed with the service and the salesman who sold me the new mattress and box spring. For a consumer, I believe the salesman could have offered better guidance on a mattress purchase. He has not been helpful at all and does not seem to care or want to help with this situation. I have stopped in the store several times and have emailed the manager 3 times with no reply. Each time I talked with this salesman, his excuse for no reply is ''it is a busy time of year''. Dealing with Midwest Mattress has been a huge waste of my time and money. I highly recommend shopping elsewhere for this long term expensive investment.

We enjoyed meeting w Eric at the Coralville store

We enjoyed meeting w Eric at the Coralville store. He was very knowledgeable and helped us pick the perfect mattress and platform. We finished our purchase at the Westdale/Cedar Rapids store. Eric continued to work w until our mattress was delivered. The delivery crew was also very professional. They explained the set up and workings of the platform. I highly recommend Midwest Mattress.

Bought several mattresses

Bought several mattresses and always get friendly no pressure sales. Like the 1 year guarantee and used recently with not issue.

Edit: After 6 months

Edit: After 6 months, they finally came to fix the problem. One side of the adjustable bed has to be replaced, so we shall see how long that takes and I'll provide an updated review then! Original: Do not ever order from this company. That is, unless you’re okay with them giving you the runaround for months if you have any issues. Zero care from them. 10 year warranty means nothing. Been sleeping on a an adjustable bed base stuck in a terrible position since March and they continually just drop off the face of earth. Warranty company is also a helpless joke.

First time buying a mattress

First time buying a mattress. Justin in Ames was very, very knowledgeable. He knew details on every item in the store. He made sure to fully inform us while never pressured us to buy. I would recommend to anyone.

Went in ready to purchase

Went in ready to purchase and Justin was such a pleasure to work with. He was knowledge and honest. He found a couple of beds for us to try and let us take our time trying the beds out. He did not pressure us at all. Free delivery and haul off!! 20/10 recommend!!!!!

Great experience

Great experience! Our sales gal was very knowledgeable and we never felt that she was just out for the sale. She took the time to understand why we were looking for a new bed and showed us the best fit for our wants and needs. The entire process was stress free and she kept it fun. We can't wait to sleep on the bed we purchased! I highly recommend Midwest Mattress in Ames, Iowa.

Our sales professional asked relevant questions

Our sales professional asked relevant questions about our needs, chatted with courtesy and respect, and provided low-pressure customer service.

The salesman was very nice and personabl

The salesman was very nice and personable, definitely went above and beyond for his job, we told him our budget and what we were looking for, and he gave us the rundown of what would best fit us, while trying to stay within our budget, he helped us to the car with our purchase, and we left very happy customers, I would definitely recommend stopping by here if you're in the market for a new mattress.

The delivery went very well

The delivery went very well. Guys came in, set everything up, explained the controller function, took the old mattress and was off. It couldn't have gone better!

Our experience was awesome

Our experience was awesome! We were running late to get to the store and the manager was willing to stay that extra couple minutes after closing to help us with our purchase!

I had a great experience until delivery

I had a great experience until delivery. I was told delivery would be between 12:00-3:30. It showed up about 4:20. The guy I talked to at the store about it got snippy and didn't offer anything to correct it. If I'm down the line for delivery and the truck doesn't start delivering until noon on Saturday, don't give me a start time of noon. The delivery guys were great though.

Don't go here

Don't go here over priced and lots of hidden details

I was looking for a nice mattress

I was looking for a nice mattress for my elderly mother who lives in Ankeny, but I live in Colorado. I googled for best mattress in Ankeny, IA and found Midwest Mattresd. Roger Fenton helped me with all my questions and was so polite and knowledgeable. I bought my mom the best mattress after Roger navigated me through all the products I was looking at on their website. He was efficient and made my purchase so easy.

Giving Midwest Mattress 1 star

Giving Midwest Mattress 1 star because of the salesman (Scott) who helped us. It was clear to us that our 2 young children were a nuisance to him. Any questions we had annoyed him judging by how he just spouted off facts with out even caring to explain it to us & it also showed by his lack of eye contact the entire time. He was clearly irritated as he got our information for our $1,200(!) sale, getting impatient and irritated as he entered our email & address in. Honestly, if we didn’t need a bed so quickly we would have said forget it and took our business elsewhere.

Had the best experience

Had the best experience buying a new mattress at Midwest Mattress. It was all because of the great customer service by Dakota Houston. Was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable. Very rare to see that level of customer service now a days. I would recommend anyone looking for a new mattress to go talk with Dakota. You won’t be disappointed.

Very clean store

Very clean store, knowledgeable staff and plenty of affordable + nice beds to choose from. We were happy with the delivery speed.

Just too expensive

Just too expensive for me.

Great customer service!

Great customer service! Ben spent a lot of time explaining the adjustable bases as well as mattresses that compliment those bases. He wanted our business and told us he would treat us right...well he did! I can't wait till our new king sized adjustable base & mattress arrive! Looking forward to sum great zzzzzzzz's! Thanks Ben Havill!

I came to get a bed

I came to get a bed and was help excellent. The only issue I had is if they deliver they take the old bed. Should have still took the old bed anyway. Back pain doesn't wait for delivery.

We bought 2 twin mattresses

We bought 2 twin mattresses and a twin spring box by mistake. After they’re delivered we realized that so we came back to the store and talked to an employee to have them exchanged to the queen size. Unlike the first time, which was free delivery, they charged us ~$70. But that was totally fine to us because it was our fault in the first place and it’s their policy. We was trying to be nice and didn’t complain or asked them to ship it with no charges. But the attitude of that employee was so unfriendly, as if we were being obnoxious there or something. 2 stars because it was sort of our fault. But tbh, customers buy something by mistakes all the time. That’s why there is a return & exchange policy in this country. There’s no need to have that attitude towards your customers.

Very helpful service

Very helpful service, they didn’t rush us. Super knowledgeable on all the different mattresses we tried out. And COVID compliant which made us feel comfortable.

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