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Metro Mattress Reviews

Metro Mattress is a major mattress and sleep furniture retailer in upstate New York. They focus on providing a wide array of mattress offerings -- from high priced name-brands like Tempur-Pedic to budget-friendly options like Comfort Concepts. Over the years, they have innovated upon their selection to deliver more value to their customers. Overall, customers like their experience with Metro Mattress, with the exception of some complaints around service.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $199-$7999

Trial Period: 30 Day Exchange For Fee

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Metro's Specifics

Metro Mattress is one of the largest mattress retailers in New York state. They are one of the few mattress retailers that consistently innovate with their mattress selection, embracing both name-brand brands like Tempur-Pedic, and lesser known brands like American Splendor.

But they don't stop there...they also have a wide array of popular models from mid-grade mattress brands like Sealy.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated mattresses.

Mattress Brands

Metro Mattress sells multiple name-brand and budget-friendly mattress options. They have 9 brands that they actively sell at their locations as of the writing of this review. We'll go through each brand in detail below so you know the ins and outs before you step into the store.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the most popular memory foam mattress brand with its original memory foam blend developed by NASA. Their most popular TEMPUR-Breeze is cooler than previous memory foam iterations and excites sleepers. Overall, they have a bunch of versatility with multiple firmness options available for sleepers that need something specialized. The biggest issue is that their price points are higher than some customers think their mattress feel deserves.

The pros: A variety of memory foam and hybrid mattresses with the original memory foam blend and new innovations.

The cons: The prices are high for the foam used -- especially when compared against others.

Price Range: $1949-$6149

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#2 American Splendor

American Splendor is a recent American-made mattress brand. In addition to their Made in the USA seal, some of their differentiators are pocketed coil designs, competitive prices, and multiple firmness options. Starting at just over $1000, most sleepers can find a mattress that works for them.

The pros: Moderately priced pocket coil mattresses with multiple firmness options.

The cons: Some concerns about longevity.

Price Range: $1099-$2399

Final Score: 7.6 / 10

#3 Sealy

Sealy has a variety of mattress options -- including their Posturepedic line that focuses on providing the right amount of support to the back and spine. The mattresses sold by Metro Mattress are competitively priced hybrid options with pocketed coils and foam. These mattresses get good initial reception, but better value is found elsewhere. There are also issues with some durability complaints.

The pros: Competitive hybrid and innerspring options from a name-brand.

The cons: Value for materials used is not always up to par. Some durability concerns.

Price Range: $429-$3299

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#4 Spring Air

Spring Air is rapidly becoming a household name with their inclusion in multiple mattress retailers across the US. They have been around since the 1920s and start at a low entry price point. Their mattresses focus on pocketed coil designs with many quilted top offerings at different firmness ranges. While most customers like their Spring Air mattresses after the first few nights, there were some reports about sagging and durability complaints for some sleepers.

The pros: Affordable entry price points for a pocketed coil hybrid mattress.

The cons: Value and durability are some areas of concern for sleepers.

Price Range: $1399-$3699

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#5 Chattam & Wells

Chattam & Wells is a coil mattress brand by Spring Air. It is well known for its thick pocketed coil designs with plenty of plush comfort layers and hand-tufted covers. These mattresses receive high praise for their initial comfort, but with high entry prices, they also have some reports of quick sagging in the top layers.

The pros: High profile, luxurious coil mattress designs.

The cons: Durability has been a complaint for buyers.

Price Range: $1599-$7999

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#6 Back Supporter

Back Supporter is another sub-brand by Spring Air. Their tufted mattresses feature multiple layers of memory and gel-infused foams. These layers are coupled with pocket coil systems for enhanced support. Starting just shy of $1500, these mattresses offer moderate price points. Most customers have good things to say about initial comfort, but there were some disagreements about durability and degrading firmness.

The pros: Balanced hybrid mattresses with eurotop and pillow top options.

The cons: Some durability issues reported.

Price Range: $1399-$3699

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#7 Dura-Last

Designed for large body types, Dura-Last is Spring Air's answer to mattress longevity. With the use of heavy duty coils and super dense foams, these mattresses are designed to maintain their feel over time. With 3 firmness options ranging firm to plush, these mattresses offer something positive for larger body types.

The pros: Competitively priced mattresses for larger sleepers with firmness options.

The cons: With higher coil guage, feel may not be for everyone.

Price Range: $1799-$2999

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#8 Comfort Concepts

Comfort Concepts is an exclusive Metro Mattress brand that offers both all-foam and pocketed coil mattress options. Some of the highlights of these mattresses are that some of the offerings use innovative materials like cooling gel-infused memory foam that help warm sleepers get a cooler night sleep. However, there are some concerns around the material quality for the price used in some of these options.

The pros: Mid-priced mattress options with some innovative features like gel-infused memory foam.

The cons: Some may find similar products for more competitive price points buying direct.

Price Range: $199-$5799

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

#9 Chill Mattress

The Chill Mattress sub-brand of Comfort Concepts offers multiple memory foam mattress-in-a-box options. With multiple firmness options ranging in thickness (8" - 12") from slimmer and firmer to thicker and more plush, they feature cooling gel-infused foams for better temperature regulation while sleeping. These mattresses get good initial scores from customers, but may leave something to be desired long term for the price.

The pros: Cooling all-foam mattress options with multiple firmness choices.

The cons: Some longevity and price value concerns.

Price Range: $749-$1749

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

Metro Mattress Alternatives

This is something that not a lot of people know: this is one of the best times to buy a mattress ever. The mattress industry is going through a period of disruption, which means there are hundreds of new mattress makers and brands that are coming into the market and selling directly to customers online like never before. This means:

Lower prices for great products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get higher quality for less and it may mean more convenience to you.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Browse Metro Customer Reviews

John, the salesman at Metro Mattress, was so easy-going

John, the salesman at Metro Mattress, was so easy-going, not pushy, but was also knowledgeable about the product (TempurPedic ProAdapt). In addition, he was enthusiastic about my purchase - nearly as much as I was. He went out of his way to follow through with a request I had for a particular accessory -- he got on the phone with someone and arranged for me to receive my choice -- I was very happy and impressed with that. I'm also happy that the delivery was soon after the t...ime of purchase.

Rose she took her time with me

Rose she took her time with me. she listened, and showed different products. asked and listened and she gave her personal and professional advice to come to a bed I would love. I waited long enough to try the bed and I love it. Rose is a gem. Can't for get the delivery guys from Syracuse. they had a long drive many stops I think I was #10 and these guys were still friendly respectful helpful and kind. if they were tired they didn't show it. I know I would. These guys closed the deal. From Rose to the guys who delivered my bed made my experience top notch, a home run, out of the. It is these reasons I will recommend metro to all my friends thank you all

Chris waited on me and he was very kind and helpful

Chris waited on me and he was very kind and helpful. He has a great sense of humor. I had a good experience there and i would recommend anyone to go to metro mattress. Having my new mattress for about a week now, i sleep better , my body use to ache from my old mattress and the new one seems to help that a lot. thank you Chris for waiting on me and making me laugh at your silly humor!

I was at the Williamsville location and saleswoman Kayla Helped me out

I was at the Williamsville location and saleswoman Kayla Helped me out she has great customer service, She was able to stay in a price range that was needed and I am now sleeping better than I have in a long time! I recommended her to family and friends! So if your looking for a great place to buy a bed from I would go see Kayla!

Initially nice and helpful and bought a mattress there

Initially nice and helpful and bought a mattress there. After looking for a bed I found a bed and mattress for a better deal and canceled my order. They clearly did not like that I canceled my order and were a bit abrasive about it. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

If you are looking

If you are looking for a new mattress, or complete bed, go to Metro Mattress in Glenmont and speak with Andrew Norris. He is very knowledgeable, and will make sure you leave with the mattress that is perfect for you, and that fits within your budget. I very highly recommend them.

Nicole was fantastic

Nicole was fantastic! She helped us figure out what kind of matress we needed and one that fit our budget! Metro Mattress New Hartford was our first and only stop on our mattress hunt and our delivery was the next morning! Can't wait to have a nights rest on our new mattress!

This is our second mattress

This is our second mattress from the Brunswick store. Stephen is very knowledgeable and spends a lot of time helping you find just the right mattress within your budget. He also is great with kids, which made our shopping experience so much easier!

Such an amazing experience

Such an amazing experience from start to finish! Mike was a great person to work with and took the time to help my husband and I find a mattress that worked for both of us. I can’t wait to get my new Tempur-Pedic mattress!

This was our second purchase

This was our second purchase with Metro Mattress in Cortland, NY. We purchased a bed in 2006 and decided it was time to replace with a new one. Terry is awesome and walked us through the process (again) and helped us decide on the right mattress for our needs.

Metro Mattress delivered the best shopping experience

Metro Mattress delivered the best shopping experience. Mark was really patient as we tried out several different beds basically taking little naps on them to see how they felt. His recommendations we're on point and we left as very satisfied customers.

Our salesman Michael was excellent

Our salesman Michael was excellent, very pleasant and personable. He helped us pick the perfect mattress and base along with sheets and a pillow!! I would recommend this location above others in the Olean area based on their knowledge of each mattress!

Sales person (Chris) was respectful

Sales person (Chris) was respectful and didn’t use high pressure tactics to get a sale. We purchased a mattress and adjustable base. Delivery crew was fast, friendly and answered all of our questions regarding our new mattress and adjustable base. Highly recommend Metro Mattress.

Rose was very helpful

Rose was very helpful in suggesting good options for my daughter's mattress. She was friendly and there was no pressure to buy more expensive models. We got a good deal and felt good when we left.

Ryan C was amazing

Ryan C was amazing. He was the only employee at the time and had at least 5 clients in the showroom. He was very professional, greeted everyone and made them feel important. He was very knowledgeable about the products, courteous and took his time with everyone. He was not pushy, made sure I found the right mattress. Your company is very fortunate to have Ryan as an employee. SLG

Great place to shop

Great place to shop! No pressure. Nice salesman Chris showed us many to choose from! Very happy with the place!

Went there with my spouse

Went there with my spouse for a new mattress. Mike the sales manager was great. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional and not pushy. We spent almost 2 hours there! This was our first and last stop. Thank you Mike and Metro Mattress!

No pressure salesmen

No pressure salesmen, took our feedback into consideration before recommending the next one to try based on what we said. Delivery was great too, they took care of our old mattresses and everything!

Kenny at the Geneva ny store was great

Kenny at the Geneva ny store was great. Highly reccomend. He worked with us and answered all our questions and we even got next day delivery!

Aymee helped me find such a great deal

Aymee helped me find such a great deal! As a struggling college student, I was certainly in need of a new bed, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to afford it! She helped me find everything I needed, plus more!

Peggy was a great

Peggy was a great and knowledgeable resource. Helped me pick the right mattress and stuck to my budget!

I called and asked about buying a queen

I called and asked about buying a queen split box spring with delivery. The woman hurriedly told me she would have to call me back because she had a store full of customers. So I went into the store because I was really serious about getting a box spring that day. The two women at the front desk were pushing me to get a single box spring instead of a split box spring, instead of listening to what I wanted. They were condescending and gave me a bad vibe. Although I want to patronize a nice local mattress store, it won't be this one!

I heard a couple next to me saying they didn't want to blow $300 on pillows, which is perfectly understandable...geez, what kind of predatory place is this?!

Our whole experience was really great

Our whole experience was really great. They had toys in the store for our 2 year old to play with while we tried out different mattresses. Gina was really knowledgeable and helped us understand what we were looking for in a mattress. Once we realized what we liked, she showed us several different brands until we found the one we wanted. It was a great experience because we really felt like we found what we liked and weren't being pushed into a particular brand or just the most expensive mattress. It was such a great experience that we ended up buying a mattress for our 5 year old from them as well. Overall an excellent experience for buying a mattress!

Don't Go here Ever! Period.

Don't Go here Ever! Period.

By the end of my post, you would think twice before stepping foot into Metro Mattress.

I had the most ridiculous experience of my lifetime at this store. I am a graduate student at SU and had recently moved into a new apartment. I needed a Futon and was going through various mattress stores on Erie Blvd. to get the best deal.

I walked into this store and a lady approached me. She was pleasant to talk to and I clearly stated that I was a student and on a budget. I didn't want to spend much as I would be using my Futon as a secondary bed and would only need it for a couple of months. She showed me a Futon brochure with its price mentioned on it. It was way beyond my budget and I told her as much. She asked me to wait while she talked to her manager.

Here is where things started getting really ugly. The manager asked me my budget. I clearly stated it. He offered me a Futon which was a $100 above it. I again mentioned him my range. He asked if that price was inclusive of taxes. I said yes that's the most I could spend and would ideally want it to be less than that.

He suddenly said that they might have some deal in the warehouse. He told me he would take approval from his manager. He brought the price down exactly to my budget to the last cent. I found that weird and unethical and made me wonder what if I would have quoted a lesser number?

Throughout the transaction, he was hostile and pushy. He wanted to know if I would buy it now with the reduced price. (Mind you, I hadn't even seen the futon, had no ideas how thick the mattress was and hadn't even tried it)

I told him let me think about it and I asked for his business card.

That's when he snapped at me. He told me that he disturbed his manager on a Sunday for me and now I was backing out. I couldn't believe my ears. I told him that I was a customer and had a right to think through my decision. He snapped again and told me the conversation was over and he saw no point in giving me his business card.

I came out of the store all furious and feeling disgusted. I felt better when I read from other reviews on Yelp that I wasn't alone. Every single review speaks about a similar experience.

I finally bought my futon from Syracuse Mattress and got a good deal.

My advice is for customers to beware of this store and avoid it at all cost. The entire experience was demeaning and derogatory, to say the least.

This is a review for the Metro Mattress on Erie Blvd

This is a review for the Metro Mattress on Erie Blvd. (I wrote another one for the one on Genessee, very different experiences!)

You would think that a business based on SALES would have far more winsome sales reps, but based on my experience, that is not the case. My fiance and I walked into this establishment on a Sunday afternoon. Granted, it was about an hour from closing time, but we were in the mattress-buying business, and we wanted to get an idea of what our options were, and potentially buy one that day. As soon as we walked in, the salesmen must have thought we didn't look like the buying type (I guess we look like students?) and were total jerks. The first guy acted as if we were complete idiots ("you know it's a Sunday right?" "we have REAL mattresses here" "oh, so you're here for an education...") and weren't worth his time (he took us immediately to where the cheapest mattresses were, and then didn't say much more to us, we had to wait for his colleague to finally approach us to get an idea of details and prices).

Eventually we got fed up with their attitude and left. The mattresses were great, and seemed of good value, but what do we know? We were just "there for an education," and they didn't teach us anything, except that some kindness and consideration for your customer goes a LONG way.



I'm an SU student and I was in the area looking for a mattress for my apartment. All I can say is I left this place hysterically crying!! The salesman greeted me when I walked into the door..seemingly friendly I was shown a few beds within my price range. I had just come from driving 5hours and was very tired and indecisive. The Beds were nothing special and I continued to call my mom asking for her advice (which by the way I was never given a moment alone on the phone) -after hanging up I was guilt tripped by him several times, he got me as far as the register when my mom spoke to him on the phone (for she was the one who would be paying) and told him I needed to leave and come back another time, HE THEN THREW MY PHONE DOWN and slid it across the counter to me, and in an aggressive tone, replied "I'm done". I left the store terribly upset when I went down the street to sleep master, LOVELY women gave me a great price and offered several times for me to think about it for a day and get back to her(which was the opposite at metro) I explained how she's the opposite of what I just dealt with (while starting to cry again to her) and she knew exactly the store and man I had come from!! She even told me a few of her own horror stories from metro, one of who the same salesman told a Mother and her daughter that if all they could afford was 500 dollars for a mattress than that was all they were worth!!!!! She even threw in a free mattress cover because of what I dealt with earlier! BOTTOM LINE DONT EVER GO TO METRO MATTRESS AND INSTEAD GO TO SLEEP MASTER!!!!!

I went here looking for a mattress with my boyfriend

I went here looking for a mattress with my boyfriend who has a large moving van. I tried several mattress which all were very over priced. The sales man was a complete character like he had to be on some kind of uppers.

I told him i wanted a queen sized bed and he kept showing me beds that were twin or king ... like ... what? not only that when he finally pushed me into agreeing on a queen size bed i hated. I went outside to see if it would fit in the van, and he started saying really vulgar things to my boyfriend about me, the mattress and the van. my boyfriend texted me to just stay in the car, and he said he was going to come out and help me and we just left. The things we were saying were so sick he didn't want me to even come back into the store it was insane. I slept on the floor for a few days then bought a great mattress at sams club for like half the price. Its a great mattress.

Don't go here! I've heard so many similar stories to mine about the sales people being insane.

Terrible place

Terrible place. Their attitudes are as though you owe them something. Very unethical. They will try and get you to pay a lot more then you should at first. As soon as you say you are not going to buy for any reason they will find a reason to drop price which any half witted person can see what they are doing. Terrible customer service. They will hire anyone who wants to work for them. Do not go here.

We had an excellent experience at Metro Mattress

We had an excellent experience at Metro Mattress searching for and finding our new mattress and foundation. From the moment we walked in we were provided top level service from an extremely knowledgeable staff. We were offered several different mattress choices in the price range we wished to stay within and was given all the time we needed to demo each choice and make a final decision. Delivery was the next day and took about 20 minutes. The delivery men wore booties over their shoes as to not dirty our floors when they removed our old set and set up the new. The exchange option is an added bonus if after a week or two we felt that another mattress would be better suited to our needs but we never needed to exercise it. We absolutely love our new mattress and definitely recommend Metro Mattress to anyone needing the same!

Fast, easy, great experience

Fast, easy, great experience!! Don't be fooled by those other radio and TV commercials. If you need a bed you need not ho anywhere else.

Went on a Friday evening, bought 2 beds for my kids, great service, great price. No wait, beds delivered the very next morning at 9am!

Picked beds out, bought, had them delivered and set up in less than 14 hours!!!!

We were looking for a replacement...

We were looking for a replacement for our 25 year old mattress, and were dreading the task of dealing with pushy salespeople. We worried for nothing. Jared made the whole experience easy and lead us to mattresses that fit our requirements, explained the features and costs, but left us to decide. We were expecting car dealer-like pressure and pricing games, but that didn't happen. Jared found us a coupon code, for a mattress we were already going to buy, that got us a couple free pillows, mattress cover and sheet set. He also waived the charge to take away our old set. We were very happy with the experience, and would recommend Metro (and Jared) to anyone looking for a mattress.

Went looking for a new queen size mattress...

Went looking for a new queen size mattress and decided to check out Metro Mattress since they were advertising a big sale. Was not impressed with the sales staff. No sales prices listed on anything we looked at. When we were asked what our budget was they only showed us mattresses that were at or above our limit. Sales manager came across like a pushy car salesman. Left the store and went back to Sleep City where the prices were much better and the salesman was friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy at all.

Very pushy and aggressive sales staff...

Very pushy and aggressive sales staff. Guy said his regional manager would give me a price of 1100.00 when I said I would come back at 6 he said offer was off the table. Very very aggressive guy. Would not recommend.

Great service...

Great service, they made finding a new bed so easy and fast. I felt heard through the whole purchase and was very happy with the results. I love my new bed and while it took awhile to find I know I needed up with a great value and purchase. I will be going back to them in the future for any more mattress needs.

Had a good experience with Brett

Had a good experience with Brett and his coworkers when we stopped in to look at mattresses. Felt we got a great deal and had lots of freebies thrown in too. So far we are enjoying our new tempurpedic and would recommend both the mattress and the store!

Enjoyed the process...

Enjoyed the process of shopping for my new Mattress. Lot of selection to choose from and helpful staff!

Chris at the Webster New York Metro mattress...

Chris at the Webster New York Metro mattress helped me so much. He took his time and helps me not only pick out a mattress that I thought I wanted, but helps me replace it with the one that I really wanted and needed. Delivery was quick the first time and even faster the second time... It came the very next day. I have slept wonderfully every since my mattress was delivered. Thank you Chris I appreciate you immensely

Our salesman Chris...

Our salesman Chris was great. He made the deal happen with our terms and budget! We had a good experience and would definitely recommend Metro Mattress to friends and family.

My mom and I visited Metro Mattress...

My mom and I visited Metro Mattress to get a new mattress and bed frame for me when I moved into a new apartment this summer. Buying the mattress was a pretty efficient process, although the salesgirl there insisted showing us $1000 mattresses which were WAY out of our budget, even though my mom told her that we were looking for cheap options. The salesgirl there just didn't have the right expertise so to speak, but she was young and it was her very first week. Once we met with the store manager, he helped us arrange delivery of the mattress to my apartment in Buffalo. He even applied a back-to-school discount even though it was July and it technically didn't start until August, which was very nice of him to do. I was given an estimate on the delivery time for the mattress to arrive in Buffalo at my apartment. Once I was all moved in (on a VERY hot afternoon), I called for an estimated time of arrival. They were right on with the timing, and the delivery men couldn't be any more helpful! They even adjusted the head board so that the bed frame would attach to it just right, instead of having my mattress be free standing away from the head board. The two must've gone back and forth to their truck 4 times in 90 degree heat before getting everything set up, which was done perfectly. They were very personable and I'm so grateful they made the long trip to deliver my mattress on my move in day. So far, my mattress is very comfortable and I'll surely do service again with Metro Mattress.

Beware Who You Purchase Your Nectar Bed From

I purchased my mattress directly from Nectar just over 1 year ago and it has been great! So I suggested my sister to purchase one. She purchased her Nectar bed on 12/30/20 from Metro Mattress in Albany, NY. What they delivered was dirty used pillows and possibly a used mattress returned by a college student at the end of their semester. A manager told her that it's common for them to do that. (If returned within 365 days, you can get a full refund.) A Nectar Mattress should arrive rolled with the pillows inside the mattress and vacuumed packed in plastic. This mattress arrived loosely wrapped in plastic, completely inflated, with loose pillows outside of the packaging. The pillows were dirty and under-stuffed. Metro Mattress offered to allow her to come into the store to pick out 1 floor model pillow! Who wants a floor model that people have been testing and laying on (Corona)? She paid for NEW and deserves to have NEW. More than likely they delivered her a returned mattress and pillows and now they are unwilling to rectify this problem. They told her it would take 12 weeks to receive new pillows from Nectar! Hogwash!! She has reached out to them on several occasions since January 2, 2021 and has yet to see any results! Metro Mattress @metromattressalbany this is bad business.

Irresponsible !

The sales people were great, and the process was smooth. But they brought the wrong size bed, and had to take it back. We now have to put eveything back where it was , and do it all over again when they bring the right size bed. Worse, when we called the local office, the Manager was casual "These things happen! she said. Wonderful! Corporate competence in action!

Be careful!

A word of caution- be very clear about what you are purchasing and if it does not meet your criteria upon delivery, do not sign off on the product. If there’s at all a chance for confusion when price matching a product, be diligent. We worked out a deal regarding an adjustable base for a comparable price of that from a big box national retailer. We were under the impression that the base we were receiving was “comparable” to that from the other store. I mentioned a specific feature we required multiple times and clarified it when agreeing to the purchase in store. The associates even brought out a tape measure knowing that this particular feature was necessary for us to be pleased with their version of the product. What we received was price matched but a much lower quality product, lacking key features we had discussed. Unfortunately, because we were not aware of the lack of their features upon receipt, we agreed to the delivery. I would encourage others to observe every aspect of the delivery process and ask questions to ensure that the product is correct. Because we signed off on the delivery, the company was unable to assist us beyond an apology. Moving forward with future mattress purchases, we will likely avoid this company due to this unfortunate misunderstanding. I would caution others in the market for a new mattress to be sure that they were being provided the correct product. The store does offer a wide variety of items but beware of inferior products. The staff is friendly and willing to work with you on finding a product that best suits your needs and budget, but be cautious with their price matching tactics. The delivery is FAST!

Sold a bent adjustable frame

purchased two adjustable bed frames and mattress over 6000 dollars ,from day one bottom of frame kept popping off called salesman at horseheads store ,just giving run around ,called several times no satisfaction ,do not call back ,afford this company bad news


don't buy pillows because once the pillow is out of the plastic, you won't be able to return it. The sales person don't tell you that. How are you to test the pillow if you can't take it out of the plastic.


If you are in the market to purchase a tempurpedic mattress BUY DIRECTLY FROM TEMPURPEDIC. THEY WILL WORK TO SETTLE ANY ISSUES INCLUDING RETURNING YOUR PURCHASE PRICE IF YOU RETURN MATTRESS BEFORE THE TIME LIMIT METRO MATTRESS WILL NOT RETURN ANYTHING FOR ANY REASON My honest advice is to check out the full line of tempurpedic mattress’s at a Metro Mattress showroom. Find the one you like and then BUY DIRECTLY FROM TEMPURPEDIC

poor quality

the mattress was falling apart in 3 months,,, this company delays stall, send emails back aforth , they said, ignore you,,, stay away from this company23

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