Memory Foam Pillows Reviews

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Memory Foam Pillows

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Memory Foam pillows are some of the most popular pillows on the market today. They come in two varieties one-piece foam pillows and shredded foam fill pillows. For those that are looking for something that is similar to a traditional pillow, shredded fill pillows are the most popular and comfortable for most sleepers. However, the one-piece foam alternatives are great for sleepers that have specific neck or spine alignment issues and need something firmer. We'll go through the details below for the best memory foam pillows available.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Material Quality: 9.5/10

Comfort: 9.7/10

Support: 9.5/10

Cooling: 9.3/10

Odor: 9.4/10

Price: $35-$109

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Memory Foam Pillows Details

Memory foam pillows have quickly become some of the most popular pillows available. They come in two different configurations -- one-piece foam and shredded foam varieties. These pillows are some of the most well rated options available, but not all pillows are created equally.

Because there has been more demand for memory foam pillow products, there are countless options in multiple styles. However, with more excitement, there have also been low quality knockoffs and tricks sold to eager customers. Recently, there have been an influx of sellers on popular buying sites that have sold low quality products, which is why we only recommend buying directly from the brand for guaranteed quality. Also, popular 'as seen on TV' options are oftentimes not as high quality as other bedding brands.

We'll go through the top 5 memory foam pillows below, rated highly by customers:

Nest Easy Breather Pillow

The Outside: The original version of the Easy Breather comes with cooling Tencel® material that whicks away moisture and is cooling to the face. The latex version comes with all natural organic cotton as its cover, which is safe and soft for sleepers. These covers are both zippable for easy adjustment of the fill within.

The Insides: The insides of the pillow are made of memory foam or latex micro-noodles. These fillings provide air movement and superior support while still being fluffed. Both options of this pillow come overstuffed so they can be adjusted to your exact firmness and fluffiness.

What Customers Say: These pillows are some of the highest rated available to customers. Customers report being able to find the perfect fluffiness and support for them by adjusting the pillow. Also, those that want an all-natural and safe version for them and their children will love the all-natural latex version.

The Rating : 9.8 / 10

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Level Restore Pillow

The Outside: On the outside, this pillow looks very similar to a one-piece foam option, but there is so much more going on inside. The cover layer around the pillow is made of 'Recoveree' fabric that facilitates greater cooling on the top layer. Additionally, there are indentations visible that are ear holes for side sleepers. These provide greater airflow for cooler side sleeping.

The Insides: The insides of the pillow feature a larger piece of foam that is the size of the pillow with removable foam inserts for the middle of the pillow. These inserts allow the sleeper to adjust the height of the pillow for better comfort. There are also larger ear holes to the sides of the pillow for more comfortable side sleeping.

What Customers Say: This pillow is one of the only large piece foam pillows that offers adjustable heights for sleepers. For this reason, many sleepers report better comfort and easier adjustment. With better durability and less contouring than shredded options, this pillow is well rated for neck pain alleviation.

The Rating : 9.7 / 10

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Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

The Outside: This pillow has a traditional pillow look from the outside with a fluffy exterior. The pillow's cover is made of bamboo viscose, which is soft to the touch with moisture whicking and cooling properties. Also, the cover is zippable for easy adjustment of the fill inside.

The Insides: The inside is made of shredded memory foam fillings. These are overstuffed so that you can remove the fill to create the perfect fluffiness for you.

What Customers Say: These pillows are very well rated by customers with most finding them extremely comfortable throughout the night. The few negative reviews mentioned some heat retention.

The Rating : 9.7 / 10

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The Outside: The Tempur-Cloud pillow looks like a traditional pillow on the outside, though not as fluffy as other offerings. It feels softer to the touch versus other single piece options. It comes with 100% polyester cover that helps keep the pillow soft and dry.

The Insides: From the outside, you may not expect this pillow to have a one-piece design, but the inside is one piece of Tempur material that is soft for extra conforming to the head and neck. It is a soft pillow, ideal for back sleepers and those that don't need as much support.

What Customers Say: Customers have good things to say about these pillows with them being some of the highest rated Tempur-Pedic options. There were a couple complaints about lack of support for some that expected more.

The Rating : 9.3 / 10

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Tempur-Neck Pillow

The Outside: The Tempur Neck pillow is the original memory foam pillow, developed over the past two decades by Tempur-Pedic. This pillow features a one-piece design with a special contour to support the neck and straighten the spine while sleeping on the back. On the outside of the pillow is a 100% polyester knit cover, which whicks away moisture and is smooth to the touch.

The Insides: The inside of the pillow is one piece of Tempur material that is extra-firm for added support for the head, neck, and spine. This pillow is ideal for back sleeping and average sized side sleepers that don't need extra support.

What Customers Say: These pillows have been around for years and have many happy customers. Some folks love the design and have found exactly what they want with the firm support, but there are many customers that have embraced the more traditional pillow designs of the shredded foam varieties.

The Rating : 9.2 / 10

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Due to the fact that there are multiple types of memory foam pillow designs to choose from, some are much more traditionally fluffy than others.

* The Nest Easy Breather and Coop Home Goods Original pillows come overstuffed and can be adjusted by removing some of the fill. The Level Restore's height can be adjusted by removing foam inserts in the center of the pillow.

Who Are Memory Foam Pillows Best For?

Due to the versatility of memory foam pillow options with both traditional feeling shredded fill designs and one-piece options, all ranges of sleepers can find what they are looking for with these pillows.

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Soft and supportive [Nest Easy Sleeper]

I had a soft down pillow before which I liked for the soft sinking feeling but was always waking up to fold it up to make it more supportive. This pillow is really amazing. It has the soft sinking feeling but has no pressure support also! I really love it.

BEST PILLOW EVER! [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Love this pillow. Very soft. Cushions and conforms to my head beautifully. I have tried many pillows and have felt like Goldilocks...this one is too firm...this one is too soft...but the Easy Breather Pillow is JUST RIGHT! I love it so much that I have bought them for my family as well and they love the pillow just as much as I do.

The pillows are unbelievable comfortable [Nest Easy Sleeper]

My wife and I had a hard time sleeping. More her then me but after buying the neck problem pillow for her and the side sleeper for me. We get the best sleep ever and I don’t leave reviews but had to here thank nest bedding

Best Pillow Money Can Buy [Nest Easy Sleeper]

No Really... It is the best pillow money can buy! I have shopped and shopped for the perfect pillow... and this one is it! Totally worth the investment of a great nights sleep.

Easy Breather Pillow - Adjustable [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Great pillow for side sleepers!

Seems to lose firmness. [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Seems to lose firmness.

Comfortable and adjustable. [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Great pillow. I’ve tried a bunch and this provides the best adjustability and comfort for me. I sleep in all different positions works great.

Best pillow ever! [Nest Easy Sleeper]

I recommend this pillow. It has significantly improved the quality of my sleep!

Easy breather pillow [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Amazing pillow upgrade ☁️

Its okay [Nest Easy Sleeper]

I think my expectations were too high. Although this is a comfortable pillow and it is made very well, I am sadly not amazed by it, nor has it help support my neck and I have woken several times in a bit of pain. I will keep trying to get it in the right position for support as I truly want to love this pillow!

Best pillow [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Great pillow. Status cool and adjusts to my head.

Great Pillows [Nest Easy Sleeper]

We really like these pillows and that they are adjustable is great, my wife took some filler out of hers and I added it to mine now our pillows are just right!

Easy Breather Pillow [Nest Easy Sleeper]

I would have given it five stars except you don’t provide or sell a pillow protector/zip case for the queen pillow or the side sleeper pillow. I love the material that the pillow is made from. Why can’t you sell/provide a zip case with the same material. When you use a pillow protector bought from a local bedding store it does not work well. The protector is not large enough and does not stretch. This makes the pillow much firmer/uncomfortable after it gets stuffed in and zipped closed. Please make a pillow protector out of the same stretchy fabric that covers it now. Otherwise I love these pillows. My sleep has never been better. Well, maybe not as good as when I was a young adult but super for my age.

Most comfortable pillow I've ever used [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Solid yet soft. Dense. Durable. This pillow really is better than practically every other run of the mill stuffed rectangle. I even like it better than the Leesa pillow.

Loved it so much I bought it twice~ [Nest Easy Sleeper]

I bought myself a Nest pillow because we had a bedbug scare & had to toss our old memory foam pillows. After I pulled out enough stuffing, it felt so good that my boyfriend would steal it from me every time he could. Finally bought him one of his own as a birthday gift, & it's great that we have different levels of softness. Great pillow!

THE pillow to have [Nest Easy Sleeper]

This is by far the most comfortable pillow I've ever had. The ability to adjust the fill, combined with the softness and luxurious feel, is fantastic. I have slept SO much more soundly with this pillow. In my opinion, this pillow is worth every penny!

Great, supportive pillow [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Really have liked this pillow so far. Soft, yet still supportive.

Easy breather pillow [Nest Easy Sleeper]

This has been a great pillow. Great temperature control and ability to adjust to your liking. I would definitely recommend!

Now my spouse likes to get one [Nest Easy Sleeper]

Many things you like to try by yourself to see how they work on you. You cannot just rely on paper or site reputations. Now we are getting another one; my spouse likes to have for himself.

Sounded too good to be true, but..... [Level Sleep Pillow]

After a client requested a pillow to help cure snoring, my online research led me to your website. After only three nights, my client called and said he was "recommending me for sainthood," and requested that I order two more pillows. Thank you for your amazing pillow and for making me look like a rock star.

Improved sleep and decreased neck pain [Level Sleep Pillow]

I used to wake up with neck, back and shoulders pain. The pillow has really helped with this. It takes a little while to get used to sleeping on it, but I wake up with less pain. The only thing I wish they did was provide more information on how to best adjust it to fit you personally. Otherwise I am very happy so far.

Extremely Happy! [Level Sleep Pillow]

I have not snored since I purchased the pillow which makes my wife extremely happy!

Best team with the best bed ever! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Thanks to Zack for helping us decide on purchasing this great mattress. He was so patient and helpful with me and my wife. The bed got to our home in great shape, and the sleep experience has been exceptional.

Love it [Level Sleep Pillow]

Love it

Arrived quick! Amazing pillow! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Arrived quick! Amazing pillow!

The Pillow....Pure Magic! [Level Sleep Pillow]

I was pleasantly surprised by how this pillow functions and the difference it makes with my sleep. It really makes a difference with your neck and shoulders, ultimately giving you a better sleep. If the mattress is designed and built anything like the pillow, it'll be my next purchase!

Awesome [Level Sleep Pillow]


Thank You!!! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Finally I am able to sleep through the night without snoring and waking up my significant other! I have tried literally everything and the level sleep pillow is truly the only product that has worked for me!!!

Restore Anti snore pillow [Level Sleep Pillow]

This is a wonderful pillow without any added chemicals and the design does help prevent snoring and sleep apnoea which my sister and l both have. Neither of us have been able to use CPAP machines or mouth guards so we are so glad that there has been this pillow to try. I also have arthritis in my neck and back which is more comfortable now that l have a more level sleep. Many thanks from us in Melbourne Australia. Christina. C

level sleep pillow [Level Sleep Pillow]

I have only had this pillow for a couple of days, but so far it has been very comfortable and supportive. I have been sleeping better too.

Still snoring [Level Sleep Pillow]

I bought the pillow to help stop that but it has had no impact

Absolutely great! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Absolutely great!

Level Sleep Pillow [Level Sleep Pillow]

I’m a side sleeper with large shoulders & this pillow allows me to sleep in the proper position so I don’t wake up with soreness for a good night sleep!

So far, I give it [Level Sleep Pillow]

So far, I give it 5 stars. I have had very little trouble using my C-Pap while sleeping with this pillow, and also no neck pain upon waking up.

So far, I give it [Level Sleep Pillow]

So far, I give it 5 stars. I have had very little trouble using my C-Pap while sleeping with this pillow, and also no neck pain upon waking up.

So far, I give it [Level Sleep Pillow]

So far, I give it 5 stars. I have had very little trouble using my C-Pap while sleeping with this pillow, and also no neck pain upon waking up.

I was skeptical but not anymore! [Level Sleep Pillow]

So I snore or should say, I used to snore! At first I thought that the claims about this pillow were too good to be true but I was wrong! My husband was not getting very much sleep due to my snoring and I had already tried several different remedies which did not help. My back and neck were sore and my husband was waking up grumpy. The first night I used the pillow I did not snore and I woke up to a comfortable back and neck. It was remarkable! This pillow is totally worth it.

I was skeptical but not anymore! [Level Sleep Pillow]

So I snore or should say, I used to snore! At first I thought that the claims about this pillow were too good to be true but I was wrong! My husband was not getting very much sleep due to my snoring and I had already tried several different remedies which did not help. My back and neck were sore and my husband was waking up grumpy. The first night I used the pillow I did not snore and I woke up to a comfortable back and neck. It was remarkable! This pillow is totally worth it.

I was skeptical but not anymore! [Level Sleep Pillow]

So I snore or should say, I used to snore! At first I thought that the claims about this pillow were too good to be true but I was wrong! My husband was not getting very much sleep due to my snoring and I had already tried several different remedies which did not help. My back and neck were sore and my husband was waking up grumpy. The first night I used the pillow I did not snore and I woke up to a comfortable back and neck. It was remarkable! This pillow is totally worth it.

Love the's very comfortable! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Love the's very comfortable! love the part where you put your ear

Best Pillow Ever [Level Sleep Pillow]

I'm amazed with this pillow. My neck pain is 90% improved since I began using it. I love the way it cradles my head and gives so much support. I bought my husband one too and he can't believe how much better his neck feels. I'm so thrilled I found this pillow, I'm telling everyone!

Makes my night [Level Sleep Pillow]

I hada to give the pillow at least a week or two before i gave you my thoughts. Im impressed! I have positional sleep apnea. I was waking up with headaches, neck pain, general drowsiness because I wasnt gettign a restful sleep. This pillow absolutely did the trick. My only request would be that you make an “XL” thick version because my shoulders are wider than most. I use a small thin pillow under yours.. mdae all the difference! No more neck pain, no more snoring!

My wife loves that I'm using it [Level Sleep Pillow]

Received as a gift with no expectations. My wife loves me using this pillow. We are both sleeping better.

My wife loves that I'm using it [Level Sleep Pillow]

Received as a gift with no expectations. My wife loves me using this pillow. We are both sleeping better.

My wife loves that I’m using it [Level Sleep Pillow]

Received as a gift with no expectations. My wife loves me using this pillow. We are both sleeping better.

Best Pillow EVER! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Having slept on a pretty mashed, old and unsupportive pillow for many years, I can tell you this pillow is amazing! Not to say that I have not tried many varieties of pillows prior to this. SO many trials and errors in the process. It took me about a week to adjust to sleeping on the pillow all night. And for me that is a very short adjustment period! I do not like change especially when it comes to my sleeping habits. I honestly did not think I would use the “ear holes” and that is my favorite part of the side sleeping experience! I no longer awake with a stiff neck and my back feels better too (and I am two back surgeries into it). I also think it is dramatically helping my snoring - I am sleeping almost 6 hours now without waking up! Need to get my snoring app out… The other thing is that it is supportive but not so firm that it hurts my head! Even some of the super memory foam pillows feel like they are putting pressure on my head. I get full support, softness and no pressure on the cranium. I really do love this pillow! My only wish is that there was an option for a very soft, organic cotton pillow case. The case that comes with it is lovely and soft, but I think it is poly/blend and I am bit of a fanatic about sleeping on silk or cotton. So to remedy that I use my own pillowcase over the pillow which does create a little tension on the surface around the ear hole. Highly recommend this pillow! So unique and I really appreciate all the thought and attention to detail. Thank you Level Sleep!

Comfortable and easy snoring solution [Level Sleep Pillow]

Having tried numerous pillows, wedges, inserting snoring cones, and even taping my mouth to stop snoring, the Level Sleep pillow outperformed all of the above. My chiropractor, who does not sell any products in his office, recommended I get an anti-snore pillow. Extensive research lead me to Level Sleep. I had greater confidence knowing that many chiropractors around the country endorse this product.

Love it! [Level Sleep Pillow]

Comfortable. Good support for side and back sleeping. I'm told I snore less and not at all some nights. Was easy to get used to. Yay!

Love my Restore Pillow [Level Sleep Pillow]

I have been looking a long time for a comfortable pillow and have finally found it. I have not had any neck pain since using this pillow. Recently purchased two more for other members of my family. I highly recommend the Restore Pillow.

Not sure how it works. [Level Sleep Pillow]

Not sure how it works. But since I've been using your pillow, I don't snore anymore

Level Sleep Pillow is Effective [Level Sleep Pillow]

I wake my poor wife up in the middle of the night, snoring. I wanted to find a non-invasive and reasonable priced solution to my snoring. What convinced me was the evaluation from Stanford University, suggesting that the Level Sleep pillow was found to be 82% effective. I may have to get one for my wife, because she read that it may also reduce wrinkling!

After i purchased my sleep [Level Sleep Pillow]

After i purchased my sleep level pillow, I have never slept better!

Great pillow! [Level Sleep Pillow]

I stopped snoring after using the pillow!

So far, so good! [Level Sleep Pillow]

I've only had my Restore pillow for two weeks and am still adjusting; so far I'm very pleased. As a side sleeper, I'm taking some time to get used to the ear wells, though I feel it will become automatic to find them each time I roll from one side to the other. The position for back sleeping is great, and the ability to adjust height has been helpful.

Better sleep since night 1 [Level Sleep Pillow]

While there is definitely an adjustment period, I slept better than I had even from the first night. I certainly miss the ritual of fluffing a pillow to just the way I want it when I crawl into bed, but that is really the only thing I miss so far. Only on week two, but considering buying another so my husband can try it out. I don't want to go back to my old pillow to let him try mine, so that tells you something!

The non-snore pillow [Level Sleep Pillow]

This pillow helps both my wife and I sleep:)

Was skeptical at first but... [Level Sleep Pillow]

My experience with pillows has been like Goldilocks and the 3 bears - too hard, too soft, too thick, too thin, etc. It was time for a new pillow again, so in my search for something "just right" I came across an article comparing pillows that are supposed to quiet snoring (of all things). This was one of the pillows reviewed. The design made sense to me the reviews were positive, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did! Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side, but you get a fair amount of time to test it out and can return it if you don't like it. There's a lot of pros with this pillow and it's worth the expense if it works for you. I usually sleep on my side or back and this is a perfect pillow for that. The pillow sides are for sleeping on your side and are higher to accommodate the height from your neck to the bed when sleeping in that position. The cutout for your ear is very comfortable. The ability to change the height of the sides to meet your individual comfort is a great idea and allows you to experiment to get the "just right" spot. The middle is lower for sleeping on your back. Rolling from side to back is a natural motion and I'm no longer adjusting my pillow to get comfortable again. My neck feels supported and in a neutral position - no more waking up with a sore neck for me! It also helps with the open mouth snoring issue that can happen when sleeping on your back. Although I'm told I still snore, it has become less often and much quieter when I do. I know I sleep better and don't wake up feeling like I didn't sleep at all. For me, this has become my "just right" pillow. If you're still looking, give this one a try. You can always return it if you don't like it, but seriously, use it for more that a couple nights and take advantage of the ability to adjust the height to fit you.

These pillows are amazing. It even travels! [Level Sleep Pillow]

This pillow had to find its way onto the airplane because I refuse to sleep on any other pillow at this point.

Sleeping a lot better [Level Sleep Pillow]

Sleeping a lot better

The Original Pillow Review [Coop Home Goods Original]

Although it was a little work to get the pillow to the right "level" of support, after coming out to the dryer, it felt like a nice fluffy pillow. The pillow has proved very comfortable and after a week of use, I've been very pleased.

Fantastic pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

This is the best pillow for a good night sleep whether you have a bad neck or not

Couldn't ask more for a pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

Took a couple of nights to tailor the pillow to my exact wants by removing some stuffing slowly, but it's great now. Comfy and adaptable, what else more do you need?

Pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

Enjoying my pillow so far and I’m seeing improvement in my quality of sleep. The only down side is that the pillow is way too fluffy. I have removed more stuffing than what was originally inside and while that seemed to help, it is still very “plump”.

Greatest pillow ever [Coop Home Goods Original]

My overall experience is great. I had to take out stuffing and more stuffing so my head would lay flat in the back, sleep on my side. I still haven't gotten it just right but it's better than my old pillow. My husband stole my other pillow, so now I have to buy him some, lol. Thanks for making a wonderful pillow, plan on buying his pillows and a body pillow for me.

Don’t wait buy one now! [Coop Home Goods Original]

This is the most comfortable and best night sleep pillow ever! I have looked for so long. Do yourself a favor and just get it now!

Amazing pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

The pillow is perfect soft and supportive . As a side /back sleeper i need that it's great how ajustable they are .

Best pillow ever! [Coop Home Goods Original]

This pillow has changed my sleeping experience. I have gone from using multiple pillows to one — the coop original. I usually sleep on my side but I sometimes sleep on my back. The pillow is great either way. I bought it after ordering the toddler pillow for our 3 year old. He used to throw his old toddler pillow off the bed. He uses the coop pillow every night and loves it.

Life changing pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

Additional/removable stuffing creates adjustable pillow perfect for any size/style sleeper.

Great pillow!! [Coop Home Goods Original]

Love this pillow!! Was having neck issues. Love how you get extra stuffing too!!

Very comfortable [Coop Home Goods Original]

I really enjoy the pillow. It has helped me begin sleeping much more soundly. My only complaint is that it does get hot, and I find myself sweating a bit much throughout the night.

Great pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

Great pillow. Bought one for my wife and myself and love how the pillow can be customized to each of our preferences!! Very comfortable too.

Love the pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

Love it and got these for a gift!

Sweet Dreams [Coop Home Goods Original]

Just what I was hoping for. Great pillow from a great company. My order was filled quickly and fast shipping.

Love it [Coop Home Goods Original]

I really like that that I can add more filling if needed to customize this to what’s most comfortable for me.

Amazing. So comfortable, all adult [Coop Home Goods Original]

Amazing. So comfortable, all adult kids getting one for Christmas.

Best pillow ever! [Coop Home Goods Original]

Extremely comfortable and provides good support.

Love the Pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

I have bought over 2 dozen pillows looking for the right one, I FOUND IT! Thank you!

At long last!!! Finally!!! Where have you been all my life? [Coop Home Goods Original]

I've tried just about every down alternative pillow on the market and was hesitant to try another. But I'm so glad I did. After two neck surgeries I've been using nothing but down pillows for 20+ years and have been looking for something that is cheaper, lasts me longer than a year, maybe 2, and that I can scrunch up to support my neck. This pillow does it all do far and is more comfortable. The key, I believe, is the shredded memory foam. It's not chopped and that seems to make all the difference for me. I don't know how long it will last but I have the extra stuffing that came with it and even took some out. It comes quite full plus includes an extra bag. With free returns, this pillow is worth a shot. It's great for me and I believe there's a good chance you will like it too.

Pretty much the best pillow [Coop Home Goods Original]

First I'll start with what negatives I can possibly nitpick: Cons: 1. It takes a little while to get adjusted just right, but after 3 nights, it's perfect. 2. It runs a little warm I think but I run really warm so take that for what you will. Pros: 1. Outrageously comfortable once adjusted 2. Neck pain subsided 3. Great quality with minimal odor

Love this pillow [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Since the first day we opened our pillows, they have helped me melt away my day. Doesn't matter if I sleep on my belly, side, or back. This pillow is awesome.

i would buy this pillow again [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

love this pillow have the temper cloud bed and I have problem's with my neck and this pillow I love no neck problem's thanks temper pedic

Have had tempurpedic mattress several years and the pillows [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Am replacing my first pillows after years. The new ones are much softer and my cat is constantly stealing them.

Love these pillows! [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

A while back, I received an email for Tempur-Cloud Pillows and thought I would give them a try. I am so glad I did. They are very comfortable and hold their shape better than any pillow I have ever had.

Best Pillow Ever [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

I always was skeptical about buying tempurpedic products when there are so many cheap knockoffs available. I finally pulled the trigger on trying the new Tempur-Cloud because my neck has been hurting so much every morning and I will say it is most definitely worth the money. Perfect neck support and there isn't a single uncomfortable position with this pillow. I've even started going to bed earlier just because I enjoy being in bed so much now.

No imitations are as comfortable. [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Altho the chemical smell was off-putting the final result was fabulous. Using toppers on all my other beds and they are excellent as well. A topper changed the sofa pull out at my grand daughters home from barely bearable to night heaven. My youngest grandchild thought it was "magic."

I would buy this product again and again. [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

The TEMPUR-Cloud Pillows have been wonderful. Supportive and cooling. I highly recommend this product.

Worst Pillow ever [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

This pillow is by far the worst. Your head weighs it down and it feels like your head is resting on a Rock!

Best pillows I have ever slept on. [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Stopped my neck pain.

Very comfortable! [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Nightly and is my main pillow

Great Pillow! [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

We are very pleased with our purchase of 2 Tempurpedic Cloud Pillows!

What a great pillow! [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

I love the tempur-cloud pillows that I purchased for my husband and me. It's the best pillow I've ever used in 45 years of trying different options.

Literally sleeping on a cloud [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Use this pillow every night and it has decreased my neck pain. I work in physical therapy and I preach all the time about getting the proper pillow to support your head and neck. This does the job for me

Fantastic [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Great but. My last pillow was too soft and mushy and it wasn't supportive. This is much better, much more comfortable. Too bad I only bought one.

Finally found a pillow that works!!! [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Memory foam, my pillow, and others can't hold a candle to this pillow. Sweet dreams

Great pillow but not for all sleep positions [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

Love this pillow when I'm laying on my back or my sides, but it's not as comfortable when laying on my stomach, which was my fav sleep position.

I would buy this product again. [Tempur Cloud Pillow]

This is my sleep pillow. I love the way it allows my head to rest in one spot without moving throughout the night.

5 years later, it's still works! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I was given this pillow about 5 years ago in 2013 as a gift by a good friend who also suffers from neck/shoulder pain from work related injuries. We both love our pillow. I use it every day and I always have a good night's rest when I use it. My boyfriend has been steeling my pillow at night so I'm on looking into getting him one for Christmas. I would by this pillow over and over again!

Does not work for me [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I measured myself carefully and ordered the large pillow per the online measuring guide. It was way too big. Tempur-Pedic exchanged it or a medium which still feels too large as well as being about as hard as a rock. It did not help my neck pain. It simply does not work for me.

Buy this pillow [Tempur Neck Pillow]

This pillow works great for a well rested night of sleep. Hold to it form, great support for your neck wether your a dude sleeper or back sleeper.

Took some time, but it's become my favorite pillow - ever! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

Since the shape/contour of this pillow is so different, it took me some time to get used to it. However, I've had this pillow for a few months, and I can definitely say that it's my favorite pillow I've ever had. It's done wonders for my neck pain and I wake up having slept better too! I highly recommend this pillow!

Best pillows I've ever owned [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I used to wake up with headaches and feeling really tired when I would wake up. This pillow changed that! I bought two and I love them so much.

I want to buy the product again and again [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I will buy it again

Good for neck support [Tempur Neck Pillow]

Sometimes a bit much leverage, so I turn it over and use the smaller end when I don't need as much support.

Awesome pillow [Tempur Neck Pillow]

Pillow is great

My morning headaches disappeared [Tempur Neck Pillow]

About 12 years ago, I was gifted a Tempur-pedic neck pillow in the small size by a loved one. I am 5 foot 1 and have the petite stature in the diagram provided by Tempur-pedic. Prior to this gift, I had no idea the impact my pillow was having on me nor that due to my stature - a pillow might greatly impact my comfort in sleep. I often took ibuprofen in the morning due to the pain and tension I woke with. Instantly, my pain went away...with this new pillow. Now 12 years later, my pillow is still of use but it is a bit squishy...a bit too easily squishy. I am sad to let go of my old pillow now...but I have decided to go ahead and buy my second pillow of this type as I truly believe this pillow equals quality of life for me. :) There is nothing I don't love about the pillow. It lasted a good 12 years....I see the warranty is five years. I have well worn out the warranty and feel confident in buying a second.

Excellent Mattress [Tempur Neck Pillow]

Caused back pain for the first month. After that it's great. Super comfortable.

Improved sleep and quality of life [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I no longer wake up with a stiff neck. This has greatly improved my sleep and quality of life. Also, I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore

Great to sleep with [Tempur Neck Pillow]

Have a bad neck it's the only pillow I can use helps eliminate migraines

Love this pillow! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

This is my second one. Love it!

Great pillow [Tempur Neck Pillow]

The third one I've bought

I would buy again [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I wish the curve was slightly larger. I sleep on my side. Pillow helps with neck pain.

I would definitely buy it again! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I sleep on my pillow every night and love it!

Quality Pillow, but Small [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I've purchased 3 neck pillows in the past at Brookstone and they offered the "queen size", which was a bit wider than the 2 I purchased a few weeks ago. The pillows received are still good quality (with the smell, which goes away after a couple weeks) and extra firm. But, they are narrower than I expected. Still, a very good pillow.

Love the Neck Pillow! It Cured my TMJ! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

Been using the Tempurpedic Neck pillow for years. Its the only pillow that I don't have neck pain with and it also cured my TMJ because I sleep on my back and side and it totally removed the pressure off of my face while sleeping. I was very surprised!

A Sweaty Head! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

This here neck pillow is good, but makes my head sweat like crazy. The pillow is not breathable.

Helped my neck and shoulder pain [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I tired this pillow when I sublet an apartment for six months and it happened to be in the bedroom. And it reduced my chronic neck and shoulder pain by a lot. So I bought one for myself upon return. Works great!

bye bye neck pains [Tempur Neck Pillow]

This pillow gives the best neck support and the most pleasant sleep i've had ever!

Helped me slept better! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

The shape of this pillow allows your head and neck to rest as it properly should versus a normal pillow. Really helped me slept better once I started to sleep on this!

This is my only pillow for 20 years!!!! [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I got small neck pillow again and this is my third time of purchased this pillow. Support and soft enough! I can't sleep without this one!!

This pillow supports my neck well. [Tempur Neck Pillow]

It molds perfectly to my neck and head!

I have these on all my beds [Tempur Neck Pillow]

I have neck and back issues, I can only sleep on these pillows or I wake in pain. I even have a travel pillow for when I stay in hotels.


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