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Maxim Mattress Reviews

Maxim mattress is a California based mattress company that has been building innerspring and hybrid mattresses for the past 30+ years. They are well priced and offer a good variety of different mattresses for the budget conscious shopper. In terms of comfort, most find these mattresses comfortable, but some had concerns about durability and material quality.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $699-$2699

Trial Period: No Trial

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Maxim's Owner Satisfaction

If you are thinking about this one, do more research below to learn if this mattress will work for you. Unfortunately, they get poor ratings from some customers. Some have had great things to say about how their mattresses work for them, but many others have had complaints about feel.

Maxim's Supportiveness

Support isn't exactly the same as firmness. Support is great if it aligns the spine and leads to a healthy night's sleep. Sadly, these mattresses have some mixed reviews when it comes to support. Most folks find the mattress to be supportive at the beginning, but some have reported support issues as time as gone on.

Edge Support
For folks that sit or lay on the edge of their mattress, edge support is essential. These mattresses do well with edge support at first, but some found it didn't last as well as they would have hoped.

Maxim's Durability

These mattresses may not give the lasting comfort that you are striving to find. On a shorter than average basis, some sleepers have reported feel and durability issues. If you are larger or are looking for something supportive, these mattresses may provide good comfort initially, but take a look at the mattress specifications and reviews before buying.

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Best quality

Best quality, best customer service. Been working with this company for years! They are a wonderful company who stands behind their product and truly cares about the customer's needs. I reccomend them to everybody!

Bought my mattress

Bought my mattress from Just Like Home furniture in Tarzana. We purchased a Blue Mist, the manufacturer is Maxim Mattress. WOW! I LOVE MY MATTRESS! Thank you Maxim for such a great nights sleep!

Highly recommended

Highly recommended to buying maxim mattresses, lowest price with high quality, after I got this mattress my pain already said goodbye to me!!!!!

Highly recommended

Being an Asian, it is common for us to sleep on very firm beds. When I first moved to the US, it was a pain looking for a firm mattress which was affordable at the same time. I went to so many stores looking for a cal king firm mattress with a budget of $800 and it proved to be impossible until I saw the reviews from Yelp on Maxims Mattress.

I went to Maxims Mattress and the showroom is nothing to shout about. It looks like a typical warehouse. Turns out, they manufacture mattresses too. The people at the store were straightforward about their products. They were not pushy. I just had to tell them exactly what I was looking for and my budget and they sold me a cal king firm mattress for $700. It was a brilliant deal. I could check out their stock, pick the mattress and they helped tie up the mattress on my ride. I saved on delivery charges and brought home the mattress that day itself. The whole process of purchasing the mattress and having it tied on my ride took less than 30 minutes.

Since I share the bed with my American boyfriend who likes his bed soft, we compromised and bought a 2 inch memory foam topper from Target and we now agree that it is the best bed ever. It is firm with a slight plush. No more backaches for us. In fact, we get backaches when we sleep on other beds. The next time we move, we are definitely bringing this mattress with us no matter what. Best investment ever.

I also went to Just Like Home furniture

I also went to Just Like Home furniture since they carry all the Maxim mattress models and they were so helpful and offered the best customer service and pricing!

Worst mattress ever!

Worst mattress ever! We purchased a mattress from this place. Both my husband and I have developed back pain. We wake up with pain to the point that hour limbs feel numb. We don't experience back pain when we travel or sleep on another mattress. We have ordered a new mattress after only five months of purchasing a Maxim mattress. I can't wait to receive the new one. I don't recommend this brand at all.

I bought a king size mattress

I bought a king size mattress a couple of years ago at first it was good but after about a year it started getting lopsided my wife's started complaining about back pains and I felt the same way so we contacted maxim and they said it was past a year so I had missed the warranty by two weeks I guess my bad but if you pay $800 bucks for a mattress it should last at least 3-4 years I learned my lesson I just went to sit n sleep they gave me 3 years and there just down the street on telegraph rd ask for Johnny he's good people!!!

I purchased a king size mattress

I purchased a king size mattress from maxim Cony and they send me a California king size which does not fit my bed. The most ridiculous thing is they ask me to pay extra $50 for the second delivery. Which means I am paying extra money for to fix their mistakes. They should have compliment my delivery at all. Poor customer services! Irresponsible for their own mistakes. The delivery guy told me their king = California king!?!Why wouldn't they confirm the measurements before selling but instead they sell / push selling people what they already have in stock and ask the customer to suffer for the delivery cost if there was internal mistake made within themselves. Very poor sales skill and after sale service.

Not convinced of the quality

Not convinced of the quality of these mattresses. Wasted over $1,000 on a mattress I purchased directly from the company. It sleeps very hot and the bottom is covered in a fragile, almost paper-like fabric that easily rips. The sewn seams are also fragile and easily ripped. Not sure why one would spend money here when there are plenty of quality, inexpensive online retailers that offer generous return policies.

Oh yes I bought my second mattress

Oh yes I bought my second mattress at maxim mattress there warehouse in City of Commerce and its My 2nd mattress I get from them I am a native of Los Angeles California leaving now in Montebello and I am overwhelmed with the quality of the mattresses from this company is it it's just one of a kind it's quality. The service I gave him between 1 and 10, they get them at 10 for their honesty me and my wife are really totally over satisfied with their mattress I actually give them a five star and I hope they never go away because I always get my mattress there thanks thank you thanks to Connie it's a family business they do an excellent job thank you very much Jose your loyal customer

Bought a mattress with box springs

Bought a mattress with box springs manufactured by Maxim. At first, I was very satisfied and loved the feel of the mattress (perfect blend of firm but soft). Less than 4 months in and the box spring made so much noise, we sought to have it refunded. The store we purchased from stated the manufacturer was out of business and someone else was taking care of their warranties. I had a lot of issues with the store I purchased from following up on my request for exchange under warranty. Six months later we finally received a new box spring. At this point the mattress started to collapse on both side and the edges bulge out. The new box spring now makes the same noises as the old one. Save your money and steer clear of their products.

We love selling Maxim Mattresses

We love selling Maxim Mattresses at our business - WEST COAST FURNITURE OUTLET. The quality is superior to all other mattress brands. It is a great feeling knowing that our customers are always pleased with their mattress sets from Maxim. The sales rep Mario is always helpful with any questions we have. The company owner is also super friendly with the customers. We really enjoy doing business with a mattress manufacturer that is run in such an honest and caring manner. Thanks!

You've been warned

You've been warned. Do not buy a Maxim mattress, as you will regret it. Six months and nearly $1,500.00 later, my Maxim mattress was concaved and I was sleeping cocked. Their distributor sent me to them, where their customer service was non existent, zero follow up, and even less help on warranty or repair assistance. Being a small business owner myself focused on customer satisfaction, it disgusts me that they claim this on their website.

Great value

Great value for the buck. Better than Kluft/Airloom at fraction of the price. I highly would buy this product anytime I'm in market for another mattress.

Long Overdue

A review, long overdue! I purchased a Maxim mattress - Island Bamboo Mattress, 2 years ago and it is still super comfortable! Naturally I came back with my mom, to purchase one for her! Another great quality mattress! Highly recommend!!

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