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Mattress World Mattress Reviews

Mattress World is a mattress retailer with multiple locations across the US. They sell a variety of mattresses including name-brands like Beautyrest, Serta, and Chattam & Wells. Overall, they get good reviews from customers on customer service. However, due to markups, there is likely better value for the money found buying direct online.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $150-$4334

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mattress World's Specifics

Mattress World sells both name-brand mattresses and discount varieties. Like other mattress retailers, they make money providing personalized service and marking up the mattresses. Although this tactic has been around for a while, online brands that ship direct can offer more value as they cut out the middleman. For quality alternatives, See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands that sell online and ship direct to customers.

Quality of Materials

Mattress World sells popular name-brand mattresses like Simmons Beautyrest and Serta, and also discount varieties like Five Star and Primo at some stores.

We'll go through Mattress World's options below so you can get a sense of what interests you before going into the store. Here are the details:

Simmons: Simmons is popular for their Beautyrest mattresses and associated pillow top options. Mattress World also carries their lower priced Beauty Sleep mattresses as well. These mattresses provide most customers with good levels of initial comfort. However, there are some that complained about durability.

Chattam & Wells (Spring Air): Chattam & Wells is a traditional innerspring mattress brand by Spring Air. They strive for a more luxury mattress design and have desirable features like pillow tops, euro tops, and multiple firmness options. The negative of this brand is the complaints about sagging.

Serta: Serta has a a good blend of pricepoint options in both memory foam and pocketed coil systems. Their iComfort line is their most popular and has multiple firmness options as well. However, customers had problems with sagging in some of these models over a short period of time.

Other Brands: Depending on the store location, Mattress World could also include some other brands. Some of these include Primo and Five Star. These discount brands offer a good deal, but customers report some disappointment with the material quality.

Overall Comfort

Customers have mixed things to say about their mattress comfort level. For some, they found exactly what they wanted and walked away happy. But, there were some reviewers that mentioned issues with sagging over a short period. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands for more options.


Mattress World has a variety of different firmness options available to customers. The above graphic displays the range of offerings that you can expect to find. Those that are lighter in body size and side sleepers should aim for softer mattresses. Those that are heavy or stomach sleepers will do better with firmer options.

Back Pain Relief

The offerings from Simmons and Serta offer good spinal alignment benefits. However, be warned that if your mattress starts to degrade faster than normal, you may experience worsening posture and pain issues.


Mattress World offers a good blend of airy mattresses, but these are not specialized for cooling in all environments or for people that are very warm sleepers. See our top mattresses for warm sleepers for those that do the best job.

Who Are Mattress World Mattresses Right For?

Mattress World is great if you need personalized service when finding a new mattress and don't mind paying a premium for the materials and craftsmanship. For those that are looking for more value for their money, take a look at our 2023 Mattress Buying Guide to learn more about why buying a mattress online offers more value than in-store.

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We went to the store...

We went to the store reading all the wonderful reviews it has. It truly deserves it. We got two complete bed and mattresses from the mattress world. They have great variety to choose from. Irvine gave us a good deal on the complete purchase. Delivery was on time as promised and the people who came to fix the bed was extremely nice too.

Delivery is free. I like the fact that they weren't very pushy trying to sell expensive mattresses. Definitely recommend.

I talked to Mariano & Erwin...

I talked to Mariano & Erwin on the phone before I went in the store. They were both really friendly and helpful. Erwin ended up helping me at the store. I had a specific request that the box spring had to be exactly 11-12 inches high. Erwin went through all the options and finally came up with a solution. Thanks for making it happen in such a quick and professional manner.

I hope the owner of this store...

I hope the owner of this store reads this review because I have never been treated so inappropriately before in my life! My boyfriend and I were shopping for mattresses the day after the Fourth of July and walked into mattress world. The employee seems nice at first but every time my boyfriend walked away to look at another mattress the man working would try to lead me to another mattress, and was inappropriately touching my bare skin on my lower back. Simone should tell him that he is not allowed to touch women in that way while working.

We decided to buy our mattress at Bronts Mattress.

My wife and I were looking for a queen mattress...

My wife and I were looking for a queen mattress set for our new place . Upon going to numerous places with no success, we found Mattress World. Max was our sales rep and he gave us valuable information and catered to our needs. We are very happy with the purchase of our i-Serta mattress and will continue to do more business with them. I highly recommend their store. Thanks

Although Irvin was helpful...

Although Irvin was helpful, I honestly hate my new bed. I purchased a queen mattress set as my old bed was long overdue. When it arrived it was much stiffer than the bed I tried st the store. I bought a mattress topper to help soften it up and that didn't work. I went to see if I could trade it for something softer but they do not allow returns or trade in is. My back problems have shifted, my shoulder and neck now hurt, and I believe my mattress is far too stiff. I hate it and now I'm stuck with an uncomfortable mattress according to them. I wish I went somewhere with a 90 day trial period or somewhere that would at least try to correct my issue.

This place was way too great...

This place was way too great, after stopping by 6 places, Irvin helped my friend and I buy two mattresses. In the store we were able to take our time and weren't bothered to make a sale. I ended up with a great Spinal Care bed that I know will last a great time! The drop off was super easy too with fast and friendly service. Will definitely recommend and come to again for all the mattress or bedding needs!

I had a great experience here...

I had a great experience here! Max helped me find the perfect mattress. The place is very clean and stocked with great options. He was knowledgeable and I would recommend this place, for sure!

They made this very easy...

They made this very easy, great service, clean and convenient store. Max was very helpful he gave us a great deal better price I've seen elsewhere and the qualities are very high. Thank you! Highly recommended. Also, they delivered it the same day!!! and made it very fast and easy.

We came in...

We came in to find a middle of the road mattress and were given unbiased advise from the person working that day. I can't remember his name, but he also had a big cute dog as a partner that day. I would highly recommend purchasing a mattress here if you want excellent customer service without being hassled!

Got my bed...

Got my bed, a box from here. Irvin was very helpful in helping me select the exact one I wanted. They delivered and set it up for me. Got a very good price as well. Definitely would recommend this store.

I've purchased two mattresses...

I've purchased two mattresses here within the past three years, and this place gave me a good deal on both occasions. The service was friendly too, I definitely recommend this place.

If you are looking for a mattress...

If you are looking for a mattress you should definitely check out mattress world first and you won't regret it. This place is top notch! They have everything and are really helpful. Irvin helped us pick a mattress and was extremely knowledgeable. The experience has been great so far in terms of pricing they can't be beat and I will update as soon as the entire process is finished. We are waiting for the furniture to be delivered now.

Excellent service...

Excellent service! Immediately assisted, given plenty of options to find the perfect mattress to fit my needs..highly recommend

I came to mattress world...

I came to mattress world expecting just to look around and I was very impressed with the selection, the price and with Irvin. He was very knowledgeable and honest. I ended up purchasing the mattress same day! It's good to know I'm supporting a family owned business as well. Thank you for your professionalism Irvin!

Very happy with Mattress World...

Very happy with Mattress World! Went in here twice in the last few years to buy a mattress.

The first time I ended up just browsing and then purchasing a mattress closer to where I lived in Sherman Oaks (mistake) but when I moved back to Canoga Park and needed another new bed I knew exactly where to go!

My wife had been having some problems...

My wife had been having some problems with her neck and we suspected our aging pillows were to blame. We had previously purchased our son's bed here and recalled getting great customer service back then.

It was great to see that nothing had changed at Mattress World. Holly took time to discuss our purchase and make recommendations, even for something as simple as two pillows. She described the differences between brands and fillers and recommended the perfect fit. Holly's professionalism and patience are a credit to her store and we look forward to visiting again.

Went in looking to find a mattress...

Went in looking to find a mattress and was promptly greeted with a smile by holly, she helped me to find the perfect mattress with no stress at all. She didn't try to show me any mattresses except for the ones that were in my price range. She had great customer service and made my trip fun and easy.

I bought a twin size mattress from Holly...

I bought a twin size mattress from Holly. I walked in not knowing what to buy my daughter, but I knew I wanted a nice soft bed. Holly S. Was very informative and nice. She wasn't pushy at all and made me feel very welcomed. I will be back soon to buy a new box spring for my son.

We had a wonderful experience...

We had a wonderful experience with Luis today! He was super knowledgeable and met our needs with a great Sealy Hybrid mattress. He made mattress shopping fun and we are so excited to get our new mattress tomorrow!!!


DO NOT BUY HERE DECEPTIVE SALES TACTICS $1100 MATTRESS FAILED AFTER 5 MONTHS I purchased a mattress here for almost $1100, it was almost $300 less online. One of the big selling points the salesman used was if we ever had a problem with it Mattress World stands by their product and we would go through them instead of trying to exchange it through some online webpage. So it made sense. If I was going to spend this much if I had a problem with it, I would rather just have the store deal with the exchange instead of trying to deal with someone online. So 5 months has gone by and our very expensive mattress blew up its edge support. If either my girlfriend or me sleep on that side its impossible to not toss and turn or feel like the edge is dipping in. Its not much better for the 2nd sleeper as its ruined the support of the whole mattress. So I called MW they said use their online warranty support claim, they said someone would call back in 2 days. Waited 2 days called them, talked to someone who told me it would be 5 to 7 days before someone called me and 2 to 3 weeks before I would see a new mattress and I would also be looking at a delivery fee. What? I brought up everything the salesman said and the perception he gave me that any issues would be handled through the store and not the manufacturer. He basically told me they call the manufacture for me, but that is it. I paid almost 300 bucks extra for them to place a phone call, he said they have no power or ability to expedite the process, and I have to wait through the manufacture. So for $1100 I got 5 months use out of this mattress and now UP TO A MONTH of us not being able to sleep on the mattress.

If I could add stars...

If I could add stars, I would. From start to finish, BEST bed buying experience I've ever had!!

Holly in sales is AMAZING!! She listened to my previous bad bed story, took in the details that made that mattress terrible for me, and steered me straight to four mattresses that she knew would fit my criteria & preference. I literally had a mattress picked out within a half hour and the purchase completed within 45 minutes of driving up to the shop. Simple, Quick & Confident!

The mattress was actually back ordered AND it was Thanksgiving weekend so I had guests coming, but Mattress World didn't leave me high & dry... in a timely manner, they delivered a nice loaner to hold me over.

Another reason for over five stars... Mattress World has THE BEST delivery service system OF ALL TIME!! Good Lord, Comcast and Best Buy need to take a page from these guy's book!! An automated service calls to confirm a two hour window, then calls again when the truck is 10 minutes out to help you narrow that window still further on delivery day. They wasted ZERO of my time, which is the worst aspect of any delivery service. The drivers were timely, polite, and efficient... in & out (with my old mattress in tow) within a half hour, even though I had them move three different mattresses around in order to get everything where I wanted it.

Last night was the first night on my new mattress. Time will tell, but I think I love it. One thing is for certain... I loved my experience with Mattress World, Holly, and the delivery crew. I will never go anywhere else when needing a new mattress. KUDOS for a job well done and a company worth raving about!!!!!

USE THESE GUYS and make getting your next bed a great experience!!!

Went to buy a new mattress...

Went to buy a new mattress and Luis was terrific. Had it delivered and that went perfectly. Delivery guys were fantastic. Came on time and hauled away our old mattress. From start to finish this was all good. Highly recommend Luis.

My girlfriend and I landed here...

My girlfriend and I landed here after window shopping at about 4 other dealers. We loved the Englander series they sell, and couldn't say no to the special they had at the time; king for the price of a full. They threw in the frame for free, and we took delivery just yesterday.

I will say that the company they use to deliver the new mattress, while very kind, were quite loud and didn't take any measures to protect our carpet while brining everything in. If you opt for delivery, be prepared to lay down towels, rugs, or whatever you've got to protect your carpet during delivery.

Bought our mattress from here couple years ago...

Bought our mattress from here couple years ago and now is ready for the garbage. I have constant pain in my back so does my husband. Very low quality and we paid $500 for it .. I for sure won't be going back to this company and I advise you as future buyer to avoid them as well..

I purchased a mattress a few weeks ago...

I purchased a mattress a few weeks ago. I was not expecting to buy the day I went in as I was still doing research. I was so impressed with Luis Pon and his salesmanship. No hard sale and gave me great information that I ended up putting down a deposit. I would highly recommend this store. I have had my mattress now for a week (Seely) and it is great.

The delivery company, which is a third party, were an hour and 15 minutes earlier than the time I was given. The 2 delivery guys were good but they had to wait because I wasn't quite ready for them. It all worked out and of course they took my old mattress and box springs away at no cost.

I will be back when it is time to buy a mattress for my guest room.


NO !!! First experience worked with Luis- told him my price range and he said bring my wife in-- how nice? Came back- he said he wasn't interested in meeting my price as it wasn't profitable for the company---(they say they will honor other prices- he said he would not). How nice--- Guess it was good I didn't bring my wife in and go through that game--- Called back a few weeks later and spoke to another salesman about a mattress- Was quoted 1500 for the mattress-- how nice- looked up some prices- Vancouver stores quote 1100 dollars-- bought it at a small chain in hillsboro for 950 dollars- could it be any clearer? Gorgeous showroom!!!!!

Matress shopping here was a smooth experience...

Matress shopping here was a smooth experience. Luis was very helpful and attentive when we bought our original bed. We ended up returning and replacing that matress 3 months later, and Luis made sure that the exchange process was a simple one. We truly appreciate how involved he was in assisting us with our second matress selection. Definitely recommend this place.

First time mattress buyers...

First time mattress buyers and we couldn't have asked for better. Ryan helped us out and was fantastic. He was professional but causal and friendly. He was patient through all of my questions, gave straight forward answers and efficiently guided us through the options; letting us try enough out to get a good understanding without being overwhelming. Five stars for the company and five stars for Ryan for being an awesome employee.

My daughter and I had seen an ad...

My daughter and I had seen an ad on their website and went to the store. Luis was our salesman. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We bought the bed listed in the ad and are very happy with it. I recommend Luis highly.

I am so impressed with the professionalism...

I am so impressed with the professionalism and service.

I was seeking a queen mattress as a birthday gift for one of my sons.

I found, what I thought, was a great deal on a new mattress on Craigslist. What a mistake. "The Mattress King", Matt W., misrepresented his capabilities. After talking and trying to coordinate efforts with Matt, it was evident to me I was working with a dishonest individual fabricating about product and services. Robert Waters at Mattress World saved the day and saved the birthday gift. Robert helped me find a beautiful new queen mattress at an excellent price point. Nothing but professionalism every step of the way. My son is thrilled with his birthday gift. Thanks for saving the day, Robert.

We had a very bad experience...

We had a very bad experience with Mattress World. Staff placed an order different than requested, but refused to acknowledge their error, an exchange/return was denied. They were uncooperative, unprofessional, impolite and unwilling to help. We will certainly not go back there.

Shopping for mattresses usually means...

Shopping for mattresses usually means dealing with the kind of unsavory salespeople who have been drummed out of drug rings for having no moral center. You can count on encountering that exact type here. They pack their lies with mistruths and even the occasional prevarication.

If you happen to find a mattress among this junk that's comfortable enough to nap on, check your pockets before leaving the store.


Above and Beyond

I went to the Clackamas Mattress World and was greeted by Holly Shea. I was there to compare and search out the best mattress for us. She was SUPER KNOWLEDGABLE and very personable. I had already purchased a mattress somewhere else and was having some trouble with it and was thinking I was going to have to start all over. She guided me to a Latex mattress and I fell in love with it. I told her my situation and she said that perhaps they have latex too. She then called them to find out. She gave me her price and told me that perhaps they will make things right for me and if not, to come back to her. She told me, "I want you to be happy." She could have bad mouthed them, told me to demand my money back and come back to her. But she was so respectful of the situation that I wanted to give her the business! The other place, I will not name, did make things right for me and exchanged the bed for me. But I am going to tell all my friends and family to go see Holly at the Mattress World in Clackamas!!! She is great! Very nice and honest. Let's give good people our business!!!

Outstanding customer service

We started our search at another mattress store. After vague answers to our questions, pushing us to make a commitment and a total dismissal of us when we declined to commit, we went to Mattress World. What a difference. The gentleman helping us was knowledgable, helpful, friendly and not at all pushy. Offered lots of options and asked questions to help narrow down the search. We were able to find exactly what we wanted and were told we couldn't get at the first store, at a very reasonable price with great customer service. We will be shopping for another mattress in 5-6 months and this will be our first, and I am sure, only stop.

Terrible experience.

I purchased a mattress from this company and it has been an awful experience. The mattress is of poor quality. It's lumpy, uneven and your body sinks into the mattress. It's so loose until you can form a roll into the mattress with your hand. Customer support was of no vlaue only to state the mattress could not be replaced.

Great Local Business

This was our second purchase from Mattress World. We were very pleased with the sales staff at the store and helping us to find just the kind of mattress and box springs we wanted for our guest bedroom. Order was completed quickly and delivery and set up was on time. Great place to deal with locally.

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