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Mattress Warehouse Mattress Reviews

Mattress Warehouse is a popular mattress retailer with locations across the eastern US. They sell mattresses from many popular name-brand mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, and Serta. They also have budget friendly options with the addition of lesser-known brands. Overall, they get good reception for in-store customer service at many locations, but some mattresses are better appreciated than others offered.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $109-$6814

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mattress Warehouse's Specifics

Mattress Warehouse is one of the largest mattress retailers in the eastern US with more than 250 mattress stores. They have the bedMatch™ system that is a brief test to pick your firmness and match you with the right mattress.

What does that mean about their selection? They have focused on having a wider selection than many competitors, which can be a win if you don't know what you want.

But with that selection comes a hidden truth:

The prices are often much higher for the materials used.

This is because Mattress Warehouse has to pay its sales people commissions, keep the store operating, and make a profit. Also, the brands that they are selling need to make a profit too.

What you are buying is personal customer service.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

Mattress Warehouse has done a good job providing a wide-ranging selection for its customers. However, not all mattress brands are created equal.

We'll go through each brand in depth and discuss the positives and negatives so you can get an idea of what you want before even walking into the store.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most popular names in the mattress industry. They revolutionized the industry with memory foam mattresses and have even added pocketed coil and cooling options. Their big negative is their high prices so it is better to buy direct and during a sale period.

The pros: Wide range of memory foam and hybrid mattress options with multiple firmness choices.

The cons: Prices can be very high versus other online brands with similar materials.

Price Range: $1499-$6949

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#2 Aireloom

Aireloom makes high end, handcrafted mattresses that feature luxury materials like cashmere and pocketed coils. They get good initial reviews from customers when it comes to comfort, but some have had problems with the beds sagging over a shorter than average period. High end materials, but needing a more durable design.

The pros: High end mattresses that are initially comfortable with luxury materials.

The cons: Problems with durability reported during regular sleeping use.

Price Range: $3033-$6813

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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#3 Stearns & Foster

Stearns and Foster is a big name in the mattress world. They make luxury mattresses that are thick and high profile, featuring luxury materials. They are more competitive in price than some other luxury brands, but they have some drawbacks. Some customers have found them to sag over a short period. Others felt that initial comfort declined.

The pros: Luxury materials and thick mattress designs that are generally comfortable initially.

The cons: Some reports of durability problems over a short period.

Price Range: $2649-$9849

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#4 Sealy

Sealy is a name-brand mattress maker that offers a wide range of pricepoints and firmness choices. Their most popular Posturepedic line comes with zoned support for cradling the spine. These mattresses get good initial reception from customers, but there were customers that reported some models broke down quickly.

The pros: Wide range of mattress designs and pricepoints. Posture support.

The cons: Durability concerns were reported by customers.

Price Range: $494-$4942

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#5 Cheswick Manor

Cheswick Manor is a brand sold mainly at Mattress Warehouse that makes a blend of innerspring and hybrid mattresses at competitive pricepoints. They are the higher end of the budget range and some customers reported finding a deal. However, there were reports of folks having their mattress break down over a short period.

The pros: Competitively priced innerspring and hybrid mattresses with a range of options.

The cons: Problems with durability reported.

Price Range: $529-$1259

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

#6 Kingsdown

Kingsdown makes a variety of luxury-style hybrid, pocketed coil, and latex mattresses. They are high profile mattresses and the brand features a good variety of firmness options with a mid-grade pricepoint. These get mixed reviews from customers. Some find them initially comfortable, but there were others that had problems with durability.

The pros: High profile mattresses in a varied range of firmness and design.

The cons: Some problems reported about durability and initial comfort.

Price Range: $1490-$3430

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#7 Serta

Serta is a popular name-brand that is known for their iComfort and iSeries lines. They come with a wide range of options in both firmness and pricepoint. Also, they have designs in both all-foam and innerspring. These mattresses get good initial comfort scores from their customers, but there were some that had problems with durability.

The pros: Range of products in both innerspring and all-foam mattresses.

The cons: Some issues with durability for some customers.

Price Range: $409-$2449

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#8 Budget Brands

Mattress Warehouse also carries a range of budget-friendly mattress options that start at incredibly low prices. These mattresses can be quite tempting when on the search for a new mattress. However, there are many reports of sagging and mattress break down over a short period. If you are in the market for an affordable mattress, please take a look at our list of best mattresses for your money to get the best value.

The pros: Very affordable mattresses available in both innerspring and foam designs.

The cons: Reports of sagging and break down over a short period.

Price Range: $109-$1139

Final Score: 6.9 / 10

Mattress Warehouse Alternatives

Surprisingly, this is one of the best times to buy a new mattress. There are hundreds of new mattress brands that have come onto the market over the last few years to compete for your business and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress direct from an online mattress brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about which mattresses will fit your body and budget, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or explore our reviews for the Top Rated Mattresses.

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Browse Mattress Warehouse Customer Reviews

I love this store...

I love this store...Clarence is awesome and always puts the customer first. Very knowledgeable and makes the bed buying experience very personable.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a bed!

Just came in on a recommendation...

Just came in on a recommendation and a fabulous man named Clarence and jay helped me.

I needed a twin mattress for my guest room and wanted it to be extra comfortable. Clarence said they had a sale going on and bam!! I own a twin mattress set!! Best customer service I have ever experienced at a mattress shop

Man what great service...

Man what great service. I was in and out in 10 min thanks to the great service of the manager Clarence Beverly. Clarence was knowledgeable and professional. There was no upwelling or awkward pressure to buy something I wasn't looking for. He arranged delivery and double checked to make sure I was happy. I never thought I would review a mattress purchase but it really was that good. Thanks Clarence.

The actual process of picking out...

The actual process of picking out the mattress was fairly routine but the delivery aspect of the purchase was very frustrating. I was told that the delivery would take place during a three hour window of my choosing but the night before the delivery date, I was emailed an incorrect time frame for delivery. I tried calling both the warehouse and the store to fix this problem but was told that the delivery could not be made when I wanted it, despite this initially being part of the agreement. Neither the store nor the delivery warehouse could even give me a time frame to expect the mattress on the new rescheduled date. If you are considering buying it from here I would recommend picking it up yourself, since that would definitely be less work than navigating their delivery service.

Mr. Clarence was fantastic...

Mr. Clarence was fantastic. He was extremely informative about the different TempurPedic options. Once he'd answered our questions, he returned to his desk and gave us plenty of time to try all of the beds. He is clearly an educated professional salesperson with integrity. My husband and I would highly recommend this store and Mr. Clarence in particular.

Ordered our temper-pedic mattress...

Ordered our temper-pedic mattress from this store, received it right on time at the day we wanted it to be shipped without paying anything for the shipment. Professional and reliable store.

Great customer service...

Great customer service and easy next day delivery. Glen was awesome and very knowledgeable. I'd definitely recommend, especially to AU college kids.

We needed mattresses and read the reviews...

We needed mattresses and read the reviews. Everyone was right, Clarence is wonderful! I called and got a great price out the door sight unseen. He set up everything and it was delivered with no issues. Clarence was so knowledgeable and super nice.

We walked in an hour before closing...

We walked in an hour before closing and bought our first king sized mattress at the Tenleytown location. Xavier really helped us out, answered any questions we had, and gave us an amazing deal. Couldn't be happier, and we highly recommend Xavier and Mattress Warehouse!

I can't say enough positive things...

I can't say enough positive things about my experience buying a mattress from this place! Clarence is a rare gem; a true professional with fantastic customer service, and has the experience to back it all up (30 years!). The price he gave us was the exact price we paid. He is friendly, patient, not pushy at all, and can help you find exactly what you need. Thank you Clarence! You are the best!

Had a FANTASTIC customer experience here...

Had a FANTASTIC customer experience here! The Store Manager Clarence was fantastic and got us into the perfect bed for us and not just the most expensive bed he could find. Thank you so much Clarence!!

I bought a new mattress here...

I bought a new mattress here and the process was relatively painless. It's a little pricier than I had hoped it would be, but I justified it since it's something I will use literally every single day for 8 hours at a time.

The experience I had was pretty standard - they have you lie on several mattresses and tell them what you like/don't like about it. My tip would be to bring your own pillow if you usually sleep on 2 so you can get a realistic idea of how the mattress will feel in your own home. Sure, you'll look a little crazy but who cares? It's your money so spend it wisely! They also threw in free delivery and a frame, which was nice.

Be sure to ask if any of the mattress companies are offering promotions - I was able to get a free set of queen sheets (400 count, thankyouverymuch) with the Simmon's Beautyrest promotion that ran last month. Don't be shy - ask and you might be able to save yourself a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond!

To recap: queen bed, free delivery, free frame, free 400 count sheets. I'm a happy customer!

I was on a serious budget...

I was on a serious budget when looking to purchase my next mattress. However, when I went to Mattress Warehouse, Clarence seemed to be wheeling and dealing to make the prices as high as he could, even though he knew I was strapped for cash at the time as a recent graduate with loans. He claimed queen beds were going to be $500 or over, and at one point exclaimed "you could get this mattress (it was the crappiest and absolute softest in the store, mind you) for just $489!" Five minutes later he quoted the same mattress' price at "Just $498!" The prices were constantly changing!

Anyway, I ended up going just up the block to Mattress Discounters where the guy (I wish I could remember his name) worked with me to get me the best mattress he could in my price range. He was pleasant and funny. And, while he was obviously trying to make as much off me as possible too (inevitable at these places), at least he didn't seem to be sneaky about anything. Ended up getting a good-quality Sealy firm queen mattress for under $500 there.

Low pressure sales...

Low pressure sales. Helpful. Good selection.

Here's the rub. We bought an IComfort Serta 18 months a go and it didn't hold up.

The warranty was challenging, someone comes to the house to measure how far the mattress sags when no one is one the bed! We were told there was a problem with the box spring which was patently absurd because the mattress was only sort where we slept.

So, as another writer mentioned -the warranties are "problematic ".

Jay, our salesperson wasn't . He listened to our complaints, looked at the warranty letter and made a very reasonable discount for a new mattress. Forget about memory foam products.

So, we were pleased with the outcome, Jay is fair and a good business person

I bought a 1500.00 mattress just 3 months ago...

I bought a 1500.00 mattress just 3 months ago and it's as lumpy as my last one that was 10 years old. I've asked for an exchange, but now it comes to the paperwork and fine print of your warranty. Apparently you cannot file a claim unless you have your original receipt (credit card slip attached) and don't forget to never take the tag off your bed; otherwise, you'd be out of luck for any recompense. My first crack at getting a refund was rejected because I filled out my name on the warranty information instead of my wife's.

On round two, I'm told to file a different claim. BTW Clarence was very easy to deal with but the Warranty department is another story. I'd be happy to change my rating once my 3 month old mattress is replaced, but I won't hold my breath.

So if you find a blue-faced man with a sore back in the Cleveland Park area, you'll know that nothing was done.

I just realized that this is my second 1 star rating and it has tied with the DMV in DC which has since been closed.

On round three, I'm told that Mattress Warehouse is not responsible for the products they sell.

Round four, and thankfully I have a wife that can cry on cue, but they caved in and gave us full store credit and admitted "off the record" that they mattress we bought was one that was having many problems.

We had a great experience...

We had a great experience at Mattress Warehouse. Charles was great. Showed us many options. Very informative and never pushy. Actually showed us cheaper options than what we were initially looking for. Clarence also helped out and the two gave us a good deal with a no hassle process. I actually enjoyed them so much we ended up chatting for another 20 minutes while my wife dozed off on our chosen mattress. Now I know why they have such great reviews

I bought my mattress...

I bought my mattress from Jay last weekend and he was fantastic! I told him my price range and he was able to narrow it down to 2 mattresses for me. I tested them both out, took a few hours to think it over and research the mattress online to find out that he's as honest as it gets. He gave me the lowest price on the mattress in the area and compared to online. Thanks for a quick and honest experience! Already got the call this morning that my new queen size mattress will be delivered today!

Service was excellent...

Service was excellent. Clarence is a great manager. I bought a very comfortable full set mattress with metal frame for 344.50. I lucked out and got free delivery too. Service was professional and on time.

I would definitely use again.

I needed a new mattress...

I needed a new mattress and I knew going in that this Mattress Warehouse location had some incredible sales people who would be helpful in getting me a great mattress that I could actually afford. A friend of mine had gotten a great deal and I liked her mattress so I was actually able to go in and get the same deal as her. The manager that was there made the process really quick which was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a new mattress, mine ended up being over 50% off, 10 year warranty and free delivery.

The salesperson Brian was nice to work with...

The salesperson Brian was nice to work with, but I have to give this store two stars. The mattress I purchased here was much firmer than it felt in the store, and is quite uncomfortable to sleep on. Unfortunately for me, the store has a strict no exchange policy and was unable to offer any solution.

The next time I am mattress shopping I will shop at a store with a less restrictive exchange policy.

The salesmen were super nice...

The salesmen were super nice, very helpful, and pleasant. I hit up the 4th of July sale and got a great price. Even the delivery experience was fantastic. Quick, efficient, and didn't make a mess of things. I asked them to be as quiet as possible because the baby was sleeping and they were curtious and polite. I would definitely recommend this location.

Beware of this outlet...

Beware of this outlet. I bought a set and had to return the box and frame. No paper work was issued and several calls and visits later I succeeded in negotiating a refund (no actual value amounts were ever posted or legitimate receipts issued). Clarence the manager and Nancy the salesperson did not make it easy. Reassurances but no action. Finally I forced them to give me refund receipts but the amounts were never posted to my credit card. Ultimately I had to rely on Citibank to settle the dispute. My advice. STAY AWAY.

Caveat emptor...

Caveat emptor. I should have looked at the reviews online respecting mattresses and mattress stores, but even if I had, I might not have believed that this business could be so shady.

Long story short: purchased $800 mattress that caved in within a few months of owning it. Thanks to the ten-year warranty, they sent someone over to evaluate the claim. Finding the mattress was defective, they authorized a new mattress to be sent to me (or $750 store credit, less than my purchase price). I paid the $70 delivery fee, which had been waived on my first purchase, to receive the same mattress. It shows up, but it is obviously a refurbished mattress, which was something online reviews had warned about. (I, of course, had been promised a new and identical mattress when I went into the store.) The color of the stitching was yellow in some places and white in others, and the stitching was highly uneven, making it obvious that someone had opened up the mattress and pieced it back together. It's a Franken-mattress. I complained via email and received no response. Within two and a half months, the refurbished mattress has now collapsed in the middle.

Not much more to say, but if you plan to purchase a mattress from this store, you'll save a lot of time just lighting a thousand dollars on fire.

And a small postscript about the service: Clarence was in the store and his minions helped me each time I was there. The whole set-up and exchange had the ambience of a used car sales lot, and the results were roughly the same.

I had an amazing experience here...

I had an amazing experience here. After going to other mattress stores where the salespeople didn't know what they were talking about and were completely unhelpful, I met Clarence at Mattress Warehouse. He was kind, calm, very knowledgeable and patiently walked us through our options. We walked out very happy with our purchase. The customer service was great. I highly highly recommend Mattress Warehouse in Tenleytown.

I want to echo the previous post...

I want to echo the previous post and say that my experience with Mattress Warehouse was fantastic. Clarence, the manager, is both incredibly helpful and kind. I had asked around and gotten several quotes -- Clarence offered the best deal by far. The price was great, the turnaround the delivery was very quick, and the delivery guys came withing the first 15 minutes of the three-hour time range I was given! In conclusion, Mattress Warehouse (not to be confused with Discounters) on Wisconsin Ave. is great and Clarence is fantastic.

Shopping for mattresses can be painful and confusing...

Shopping for mattresses can be painful and confusing. If you have done any mattress shopping you know how bad it can get at some stores, but not at Mattress Warehouse! Cody was awesome. Great information, better prices and only the highest quality mattresses. Cody handled delivery and got us our new mattress 2 days after purchasing it and was communicative about the process the entire time.

This is a family run, locally owned small business offering better service and prices than the big chains. Why would you choose to go anywhere else? Do yourself a favor and visit Mattress Warehouse today!

Great store!

Great store! My husband and I worked with both Casey and Cody both were great to work with. They let us take our time deciding, provided good information and they weren't pushy. All in all an awesome mattress shopping experience, how many times can you say that? Now we have a comfy mattress for a great price, couldn't be happier, thanks guys!!

I've bought inexpensive mattresses...

I've bought inexpensive mattresses here twice now and have been happy with the comfort of them for the price. I came in last time looking for a guest room mattress. Found something in 5 minutes. Had bought it in 5 more and it was delivered the next day. They will try to hard sell you on expensive mattress covers that can be bought anywhere. Family owned business. Friendly staff.

Cody took great care of us...

Cody took great care of us. We got a really great deal on mattress than at any other store we visited (and we visited a lot of stores). No gimmick going back and forth, he gave us a good deal, we shook hand and take the deal.

Purchasing a new mattress is time consuming...

Purchasing a new mattress is time consuming, involves a lot of price checking, and lots of decisions & eliminations. Mattress Warehouse made our process a very pleasant one. Casey helped us out and he's not the typical pushy salesmen, which we really appreciated. He was so easy going and helpful. This wasn't our only stop, but we came back because the bed we liked was great quality, great price and by far the best customer service. They also helped with delivery. We learned that they are a family owned business, so it's great knowing that we are supporting a local small business! Thanks so much Mattress Warehouse! We are loving our bed :)

Great store to get your mattress...

Great store to get your mattress! Incredible deals, clean&new wide variety of models. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Great place and wonderful service...

Great place and wonderful service. Cody was super helpful to find the right mattress.

Fabulous experience!

Fabulous experience! We shopped quite a bit for our mattress. Cody sold us with his incredible customer service and his ability to answer all our questions. We felt we got a great price, personalized service and a smooth delivery experience. We liked the fact that it's a family owned business as well. I would highly recommend Mattress Warehouse. Many thanks to Cody!

Best deals ever!!

Best deals ever!! An they couldn't of been more helpful:) Delivering our mattress for us, even helped unload it and setting it up. If you want a real nice comfortable mattress I highly recommend going to Mattress Warehouse! Cause I couldn't be happier:)

A bunch of great guys...

A bunch of great guys who will gladly explain anything you need to make the right buy.

We just had an amazing experience...

We just had an amazing experience buying with Casey at Mattress Warehouse! We went not knowing where to start, but after just a few questions, he found us the perfect mattress. Great prices, even better service and we were in and out in less than an hour! Highly recommend checking Mattress Warehouse out for your next purchase!

Great prices and even better customer service...

Great prices and even better customer service!! So glad we checked this place out!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress! Thanks guys... We love are new bed!!

We were on our way to a club store...

We were on our way to a club store to purchase a king mattress/box spring set. My girlfriend spotted the Mattress Warehouse sign and said let's look I made my way into the lot. Upon entering, we were greeted by Howard whom directed us to what we were interested in (price and comfort wise) after trying out a few of the mattress sets, we found "the one". We told him about the sale we were heading to and he said he would beat the price of what we were about to spend. Lo and behold!! He did beat the price AND I didn't have to ask a friend for the use of his truck for transport! THEY DELIVER FREE! We got an amazing deal on an awesome Serta mattress set! Thank you Howard! You were very pleasant, very knowledgeable, and very helpful! I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a new mattress set to go to Mattress Warehouse! You won't be disappointed!

My experience was a perfect example...

My experience was a perfect example of pure salesperson gimmicks. The salesman (I think his name was Howard), tried every trick in the book to get us to buy a bed that we clearly stated was out of our price range. He never even showed us any beds that were in our price range. So my fiancee and I left, and Howard CAME OUT TO OUR CAR to try to convince us to come back inside. He said he had his manager on the phone on hold and he was trying to negotiate a better price. When we walked back into the store, he picked up the phone and pretended to talk to someone, then he knocked the price down by like $50, but it was still $400 OVER the budget that we told him multiple times. Howard wasn't even knowledgeable about the products. He said all he does is sell them, but he had a machine that printed out a list of beds for him to show us. Then he couldn't even answer the questions we had about the beds. My fiancee and I went to the Lancaster location the next day and ended up getting a Serta name-brand bed for literally half the price of what Howard tried to charge us for a lesser quality mattress.

I found the bed made for me...

I found the bed made for me and definitely recommend the bed match program they use. However, I have to say I was left a little frustrated with my experience at Mattress Warehouse in Waldorf. I made my initial visit to locate and price my perfect mattress. I selected a Sterns and Foster bed and was satisfied with my selection. I left to price the mattress at a competing business and returned the next day to purchase. When I made my purchase, the salesperson forgot to charge me tax. He voided the sale and tried to recharge the amount. I don't know about ya'll, but I don't have loads of miscellaneous cash hanging around, so the new sale was declined because the first sale did not go through. This resulted in two more return trips, a 7 day delay in receiving my mattress, and still not receiving the mattress protector that I was assured would be on the truck for delivery with my mattress. A lot of frustration and wasted gas traveling back and forth to the store left me frustrated with this whole process, however, I do love my new bed...

Worst experience ever!

Worst experience ever! Purchase a mattress from here in July, the delivery date was a week after I paid for the mattress. They waited until the morning of the delivery to call and say they did not have my Mattress in stock and that they would have one in stock on Monday (this was Saturday), and would be able to deliver it on Tuesday! No one could accommodate the time which would have been after work on Tuesday. I'm not sure why, since they supposedly deliver up to 7:00pm during the week. I ended up purchasing a similar mattress the same day from Sam's and had family pick it up the next day (since I had already given my original mattress set away an hour before my mattress was to be delivered). The funny thing is when I called this store in waldorf , the young lady who sold it to me

was not very sympathetic at all! When I came in the same day to get a refund, then she wanted to upgrade the mattress, but I told her it was too late! She should have shown more concern when I was upset on the phone after finding out they were not delivering the mattress! It to 8 business days for them to credit my money back to my credit card! I had to call several times until I was able to get a contact number for the GM. I should have checked the reviews for this particular store! My mistake! Lesson learned!

Got a good deal...

Got a good deal on the mattress which ended up having stains on it when it was picked up. The poor customer service ruined the benefit of the financial savings. I'd recommend spending a bit more somewhere else to get great service and higher quality product.

Their return policy sucks!!!

Their return policy sucks!!! I cancelled my order 24hrs after i paid and cancelled the delivery. I never received anything and i had to wait 2 weeks to get my money back to my debit card. They took my money in 2 days but took their precious time to return my cash. I will never shoo here again!!

Back in January we were closing...

Back in January we were closing on our house on the 6th so we needed a mattress delivered ASAP. My fault for waiting so long but anyone who has bought a house knows you can't make big purchases before closing. We went here just after a huge snow storm. I actually thought it was closed because the parking lot wasn't plowed. We called and bob answered and said he would be there all day. After trudging through the snow we made it inside and bob made us some coffee and said take a look around. After figuring out that we had no clue where to start we asked for some input from bob who pointed us to the machine that maps your body out for a mattress. Although it was pretty nice I don't think we ended up even getting a mattress it suggested. (Can't remember). Anyways, Bob was very nice and great us a promised delivery and a great deal since we would probably be his only customer that day. I'm sorry about he other person who had a bad experience with bob however, I never felt pushed around and felt like I could leave anytime without being hounded. People have to realize that you can't get everything for free and if you are nice you can always get a deal such as free shipping or tax.

TERRIBLE experience...

TERRIBLE experience with an incredibly rude salesman, Bob. I would not send anyone there, not worth the frustration of being insulted by a pushy employee.


Horrible! Lied about delivery time! Had to leave work early! Poor customer service, don't care attitude!!

If you're like me...

If you're like me, you don't look forward to mattress shopping. It's expensive and often a little stressful trying to make a good choice. But the team at Mattress Warehouse Bethesda were simply great, providing thoughtful information about my different options and ultimately helping me to arrive at a great choice at a great price. (I know it's a great price because I ordered a Tempurpedic bed so there's good price transparency.). Nancy, the store manager was terrific and I would definitely shop here again when we next need a mattress.

I bought a mattress here...

I bought a mattress here, it was delivered lopsided. When I say lopsided I mean the left side of the bed was one foot higher than the right side. So you couldn't sleep on it as you would end up rolling off. I called the store and they gave me a very hard time to get a replacement one. I said I would return it and they told me if I returned it they would charge me a fee. They ended up making things right by giving me a free pillow with the replacement mattress. But it took about a week to get a new mattress. But the whole process was awful I would not recommend going here.

Went here to pick out a matress...

Went here to pick out a matress for me and my partner. Got a great deal on a memory foam matress set and frame for under 400:-) sales person was very friendly she did an awesome job in getting what we wanted sughanda is awesome very nice

I was so disappointed...

I was so disappointed with Mattress Warehouse. The staff hides in back gabbing and you have to go after them for customer service. We had a sealy mattress in mind, and we tried to work with Nancy who would only take off 5% of the list price and if you read Consumer Report you know that mattresses have a huge markup. I guess she can command these ridiculous prices as she wasn't interested in our business.

After shopping around we went to Mattress Connection in Rockville and got much better customer service and a reasonable price, a few hundred less, for the same mattress.

I have to say what an excellent buying experience...

I have to say what an excellent buying experience my fiancé and I had here! In order to find out what type of mattress you need, there is a body type analyzer. This is perfect considering I haven't purchased a mattress for myself in a while. Sugandha was wonderful in assisting us with our purchase! She wasn't pushy and made us feel very comfortable when asked about our budget. Her manager is a great guy as well. He combined with Sugandha were able to get us a great mattress at an affordable price!

This store and the products it sells on sale...

This store and the products it sells on sale are for crap. I spent $1,659.00 on a bed and adjustable base. The very first time I used the adjustable base it froze in the upright position. I went back to the store and ensured I had the paper work need for service call for the warranty which I purchased. I called the service number three times in one week close to (but before tbe posted hours on the web site) to report my problem and was told to call back between at 8am and 8pm eastern. After being and then called the store back and reported to my saleswoman who graciously said she wo call service to let them know I know had two problems (1) adjustable bed not working & (2) I had called 3 times during working hours and emailed help desk to no avail. The very saleswoman called me back tbe next day to inform that she was assures of I called during the correct hours - they would take my call.and solve my problems. Horsepucky. I called during posted hours and have the phone log to show calls. So on Thursday I came home early from work to call and get help. Calling service I got a relatively helpful many who asked me for a serial number which of course was not on any paperwork. He suggested several places under the bed to look for a serial number. Having no luck I called back to tbe store in Betbesda and talked to Chuck. He called me three or four timss trying to identify tbe serial number. On the third call we thought we hand answer - look on remote! Yes it was not there. He tben told me repeatedly to take apart tbe remote. I assured him se eral times the remote would not come apart. He suggested I bring in said remote and that he had successfully opened several remotes. Finally after going back and forth he realized that my remote was wired had no batteries & and that I had a wired device. Agh simple look at coord three feet down and find a sticker with tbe illusive number. But as luck would have it tbe only way to get at wire where the information was included taking apart the king size bed, flipping it over and sure enough there were several stickers on the base. Serial number in hand three more calls to service and support including two dropped calls to get at the truth. The motor after one (1) use was blown. Also the real reason the sales people didnt want talk to me but wanted service to talk to me was to tell me tbe parts but no labor is covered under the warranty. So I paid for parts shipping and in 7 working days and with the luck of the Irish I may receive parts and then go hire a qualified installer. Fyi nobody told me but I figured out as I had the bed upside down, I could take out two kotter pins and lower the bed. resolving my inability to sleep on the bed. 30 hour effort and my bed is at least flat again. We'll see if parts come and how much the 1 time use motor will cost for installation. I'll never buy another on sale or any other mattress from this joint. Recommend you don't either cause it is crap, the support team are demonstrated flat out liars and people like Chuck who basiclly called me a dumbass for not being able to open a remote (which was not designed to open) works there in Besthesda store.

Went in on my lunch break...

Went in on my lunch break to find out some prices and information, and was blown away by the wonderful service I received. I met with Nancy the store owner and she hooked me up with an amazing deal on a full size mattress. Nancy was excellent and listened to my budget requests. Also, If you're a student or recent grad let her know, she is very accommodating to students! I felt comfortable and that I was being offered a very good deal.

Overall very satisfied with my experience and am looking forward to placing my order with Mattress Warehouse.

(Work with Nancy!!!)

I really had a pleasant experience here...

I really had a pleasant experience here. After Sleepy's tried to bait and switch me with the fine print on a sales flier, I headed down the block to these folks. Skeptical, I did notice a big crowd and while we did have to wait a bit, when we did meet with Nancy and her sales associate, it was an easy and enjoyable experience. We got a very good mattress, for a fair price, and there were zero hiccups from payment to delivery. Good job.

Went out this evening...

Went out this evening with the intention of comparison shopping at the 3 mattress stores, thinking things over, looking online and then making a purchase in a few weeks. After meeting Nancy, we walked away having purchased a brand new mattress and are looking forward to delivery this Friday. We walked in at 8:15pm and walked out at 9. Nancy was excellent. She listened to our needs and preferences and was able to narrow down the mattresses to 4. Having just come from Sleepys (which was a great shopping experience, but the prices were just a bit out of our budget) Nancy was sensitive to what our budget was and helped steer us in the direction of the highest quality mattress within our budget. She knows what she is talking about and is very friendly and personable. On top of giving us a number of options she was able to offer us great deals with prices that beat the competitors we found online and in person. I felt like this was a great shopping experience that was straight to the point with reasonable prices. I am happy to learn that this is locally owned business and I am supporting my local economy with this purchase.

On a note about parking, there are plentiful signs explaining the lot is for customers only. I am positive the people who posted about parking issues wanted free parking in downtown Bethesda on a weekend and were to cheap to pay the meter or lot across the street. Ignore the negative reviews about parking and go for the good customer service.

Went in to get a headboard...

Went in to get a headboard, sale went fine, Lucas said it would be delivered on Monday etc. No call on Monday-when I called back another guy said it was 'out of stock til who knows when'. Wouldn't that have been super easy to check?! Supposedly I got a full refund, and the guy on the phone was nice, but I'm still totally pissed off. Will never come here again-try a different store.

My daughter slept on her mattress...

My daughter slept on her mattress for about 40 days and said the living room sofa was more comfortable. I went back to Mattress Warehouse, since they said they had a 120 return policy. What was not mentioned was the 25% restocking fee - and it is not a return policy - it is an exchange policy. Now Nancy, the store manager, insisted she had told us the full policy, but I would say not. Plus a 25% restocking fee - shop at Bloomingdale's - better quality and if you don't like the mattress - it is only a 10% restocking fee. I am not happy.

Great buying experience...

Great buying experience with Nancy. We bought a queen foam mattress last week and not only were we pleased with the mattress but Nancy took the time to discuss the benefits and differences among mattresses and find a fit for our needs and price. Like several reviews below we also did some comparison shopping with other stores. Mattress Warehouse gave us the best price and accessories compared to competitors. After the transaction we learned that Mattress Warehouse is a locally owned business so not only were we getting a great deal, we were also supporting a local business rather than a chain store. We'll be purchasing a second mattress for a guest room in the next few months and it will be from Mattress Warehouse.

I usually find the process of selecting and purchasing a mattress overwhelming...

I usually find the process of selecting and purchasing a mattress overwhelming, but Lucas made the buying experience a breeze. He knew what he was talking about about and very clearly explained the differences to us. It didn't take long to hone in on which one we wanted. I was particularly impressed that he didn't try to steer us toward the most expensive one, but rather toward the one that best met our needs. He even pointed out less expensive, but comparable quality alternatives. He was also extremely patient, which was much appreciated. He never tried to rush us. We started at Sleepy's - a very unsatisfying experience - though it provided a helpful baseline. Next time, though, we'll go straight to Mattress Warehouse.

I purchased a mattress here a month ago...

I purchased a mattress here a month ago. Paid for it up front, and set up delivery for 3 weeks from then even though they told me they could ship the next day. I had to wait until I closed on my house. They called the day before, and said the mattress was not available for delivery. Although that very call delayed my move by a week, I stomached it and figured it was just a one-time thing. The following Tuesday (when they were supposed to get it back in stock), I called again and they said they had delivery schedule for Wednesday. I said that wouldn't work, let's do Friday. So we set it up for Friday. Friday morning when they were supposed to call to give me my delivery window, they called and said I would not be getting a delivery today (despite me having taken off work JUST to be here for the delivery). I called the store and they said they would hopefully get them in today and they would deliver tomorrow, and would call me with a 3 hour window. I said that wasn't going to happen, I needed assurance it would be first thing in the morning. They couldn't give me that. Fed up, I went into the store and demanded a refund. They offered me $100 off, which as of now I accepted. I am waiting to see if they have it in stock today. If they don't, I will return it and go to sleepy's two doors down, which I have now realized is a much better store and where I should have gone in the first place. I will update when my experience with them is finished.

Don't let their prompt response fool you...

Don't let their prompt response fool you. I reached out to them after they so quickly followed up with me, but I've heard literally nothing from them since. What was the point of reaching out just to fall silent when I do my part? This just goes to further prove my point that that organization is a bit deceitful and they are fully complicit with the less than reputable practices of their staff.

I'm sure you could find a mattress from a place that didn't feel so shady and be afforded better peace of mind. Take your money elsewhere.

Was assured next day delivery...

Was assured next day delivery by this location, so chose it over a competitor, despite a higher price (I have no bed so swiftness in delivery was more important than price). Called to place my order on Tuesday, after visiting the store that same day. The salesperson was unable to send me the invoice via email because he could not figure his system out, but assured me I could come in the next day since next day delivery was available. He did not want to take my payment over the phone. I went in the very next day, Wednesday, to place the order for delivery on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was told by the salesperson that Saturday delivery could not be booked.

The next day I was called and told Saturday delivery may be worked out if I was willing to pay an extra $100. This was not acceptable to me, as I was already paying more for the mattresses than I had planned.

I am very disappointed by this location's service, and his disingenuous line about next day delivery. I am now without a bed for another week, and will now purchase a top-line bed somewhere else. I would not recommend this location, as they are not truthful and most certainly do not offer best pricing.

We spent a long time in the store...

We spent a long time in the store, finally settling on a $2300 mattress (ouch!). As we were leaving the parking lot, I asked my husband to run out and make sure that we could return it. The store told us within 30 days we could exchange it. We had a lot of miscommunication with the store and the main office trying to make an exchange. It turns out that the policy is that they will not refund your money, but make an exchange (even if the exchange is of lesser value). Needless to say, we were not happy with this policy. That said, once we found another mattress we liked (we picked one of equal value), the exchange was finally smooth.

Quick and Easy

In and out with the mattress, all good

Great service

I have been shopping for a new mattress for approximately 4 months. While my wife went shopping in another store I walked into The Mattress Warehouse in Monroeville and met Karl. He was very knowledgable and helpful. He is the reason I walked out with my new mattress. Great person!

They do not back-up their merchandise

Do not buy from Mattress Warehouse. They do not back-up their merchandise and middle management/customer service is completely dismissive of client concerns. For example, I bought a twin mattress that turned out to be 1x3 inches too short. Mattress warehouse has refused to return my phone calls and/or emails to return the mattress. We took pictures with a tape measure sent the evidence to them. Manager of the sales person at the Tyson's store that we purchased the mattress was completely dismissive and implied that we were lying. Same for the customer service people. We have since purchased a mattress on Amazon and have settled to eat the cost of the mattress.

Very Happy

I made a purchase today at the Chambersburg store and I’m very satisfied. I want to say that the man who helped me Bryan was super sweet and knowledgeable. He went out of his way to help. Good choice on hiring him.

Outstanding service

We received excellent service from Bernard, our salesperson at the Deptford store. He was professional, courteous, patient, non aggressive and just an overall joy to have met and helped by.

Misleading Salesman

We purchased a mattress, mattress cover and two pillows but only after asking the salesman (Rte 40 Frederick, MD store). We found out when trying to return the mattress cover that practically everything he told us about Mattress Warehouse's return policy was untrue. We are partially to blame because we didn't carefully read ALL the paperwork at time of sale.

Best Buy Ever

Went to Mattress Warehouse to just look. Very nice salesman put me on their testing bed to help me find right mattress for my body needs. Great experience and I bought the mattress due to a great deal. Now I am sleeping great.

poor service

store failed to notify us when mattress arrived and then due to the coronavirus closed the store. took two weeks to get in touch with a manager then he makes it our fault saying we were called which we were not. very unhappy with service sure hope mattress is worth the problems.

Me, my wife, and 18 month old son...

Me, my wife, and 18 month old son went in to look at a mattress. Travis was wonderful to work with! He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable! Mattress Warehouse is lucky to have him! The store was very clean and they had great deals on everything! Check them out!

I went into MW to get a frame for my mattress

I went into MW to get a frame for my mattress. Christopher was super helpful and provided me with my options without trying to up sell me. Check out was fast and he carried the box to my car. The store was clean and looked to have many options.

Ordered a king size mattress

Ordered a king size mattress that I was picking up a few days after ordering, since it was being delivered to the store. Was guaranteed that it was in stock at the warehouse. Received a call the day of pick up and was told it was not available. The sales person offered an upgrade and free home delivery for the following day. I had company coming and needed the mattress, so I was ok with this, although I had not tried or seen the new mattress. The delivery was made, but the mattress was damaged. We were told we would be contacted when a new mattress was available for delivery. That never happened. After visitors and vacations we touched base with the company, and they don't want to do ANYTHING to help us. At this point we just want a refund. This is not a company that we want to give our business to! Update: We emailed as asked and NOTHING has been done. No response. 7 months later-nothing. We paid 600 for a damaged mattress. No one at the store or corporate did anything to help resolve the problem.

Had an outstanding customer service

Had an outstanding customer service experience with Travis Ranshaw at this Mattress Warehouse location. He spent a good deal of time with my son and I to ensure we got the right product and best suited for my son. He did not try to oversell and no pressure. We were able to leave, do a little research, and comeback later that day to make our purchase. Even helped us load it up. I would highly recommend Travis to anyone interested in purchasing a mattress.

Went into Mattress Warehouse...

Went into Mattress Warehouse to purchase extra long twin mattress sets this morning. I was surprised by the size of the store & the wide variety of beds available. William was very friendly & helpful. Looking forward to trying out our new beds upon their delivery!

I also had a very good experience at Mattress Warehouse

I also had a very good experience at Mattress Warehouse. William was very pleasant and helpful. I got a beautiful bed for a great price. The delivery guys were also prompt and personable.

My wife and I needed a new mattress

My wife and I needed a new mattress and went out looking, thinking we'd need to stop at several places. This was our first stop and we ended up buying here. Great selection, and the store has a machine that helps calculate your mattress type needed in about 5 minutes. But, most of all, the manager/salesperson, Valerie, was exceptional. Very friendly and knowledgeable. She greeted us as soon as we came in, listened to what we wanted, helped us find not just the mattress but better pillows, and took a lot of time with us. We didn't feel pressured to buy, and she truly was knowledgeable about the various types of mattresses, etc. We ended up going with a higher priced mattress, but she had shown us another that was comparable and about half the price. So, she really wasn't pushing us to buy the highest priced mattress, but genuinely seemed to want us to get the best thing for us and ensure a better night's sleep. I would highly recommend this store, but definitely ask for Valerie!


DO NOT BUY A MATTRESS PROTECTOR THEY high pressured me into it AND THEY ARE $100-$300 AND they will not allow you to return it even if the thing has never been opened. It's certainly a form of robbery. My car just broke down after I just bought a $3000 set here and they won't allow me to return the mattress pad? Seriously? Have a freaking heart d*cks. I was pressuring my mom to replace her bed. She picked out an adjustable split king with all the bells but I will certainly be looking elsewhere since they needed my $100 so bad now the $5000 mom was about to spend here will not be occurring. Stay classy mattress warehouse.

Love my mattress but absolutely hate the mattress pad

Love my mattress but absolutely hate the mattress pad we bought from them. Contacted them the next day after we slept on the mattress pad asking about returning it, I was told no!!! DO NOT BUT THE MATTRESS PADS!!! I felt like I was sleeping on a slip n slide!!! I was told they would speak to the district manager but haven't heard a thing!!!

extremely happy!!

Kudos to the Forked River Mattress Warehouse!! Leigh was our sales associate, she could NOT have been more knowledgeable, courteous,and professional!! The delivery was actually early and the delivery team were great, too! This bed is perfect for me, my back feels better already!! Thank you, Leigh, I highly recommend you and your store! You have very happy repeat customers!!

Takes 4-6 weeks to refund cancelled order!

Ordered mattress on evening of Friday, June 26, 2020 (delivery scheduled July 3, 2020). Cancelled order on the morning of Monday, June 29, 2020 (i.e., less than 1 business day later). Was told by sales rep it would take 5-7 business days to process refund because they don't do it in the store - it's sent to corporate. July 13th - still no refund and when I called I was told it could take 3-4 weeks now. July 23rd - spoke to district manager and was told it now could take 4-6 weeks for refund! This is totally unacceptable for a cancelled order (i.e., nothing was received so nothing needed to be returned)! EXTREMELY POOR accounting practices with this company - COVID-19 or not! It should NOT take that long to process a cancellation. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company in the future. Be warned!

Do not buy from these people

These people are liars and they will put you through hell, to solve a problem. It is hard to get customer service.

Off Gassing Mattress Is Making Me Sick

The salesman sold me a mattress (RT 541 Burlington NJ 08016) which has an off-gas smell and its making me nauseous and sick. The salesman should have told me this type of mattress releases off gassing before I bought it. After I called to ask what is this horrible smell he said casually "It's off gassing and I should open the windows or spray some Lysol on the mattress, If I can find some. Every night and day I live in torment from this horrible smell. There should be a low that the salesman be required to tell the consumer before they purchase a mattress that releases these terrible off gassing smells especially when it can affect your health. Living in misery Shearlyn Wyatt

Best customer service

Stopped in the store in Altoona, PA to buy a full size mattress. Mike was very helpful. He answered all my questions and was a wealth of knowledge about all the mattresses. Plan on getting my queen mattress there.

Don't be fooled by Bob's fake customer service, it's only about making the sale.

1 star for Bob, who showed great customer service skills on the surface. But he responded in a truly unprofessional manner when we had an issue with our box spring purchase. He showed his true colors, after making a purchase there, he did not want to be bothered with us when we had to switch out the box spring. You should consider finding a more genuine mattress professional for your purchase, and not Bob who is a salesman who is clearly out just for the sales and the commission. He was high pressure with his pricing to buy on the spot. It’s not a good feeling when a salesman like Bob doesn’t continue providing great customer service that you deserve after the delivery of your mattress is over. Mattress Warehouse should be aware, we discovered other customers agreed and did not make a purchase there. Wish we went to Mattress Firm or somewhere else instead. 3 stars for the great price we were given on our mattress and free pillows.


I went into Mattress Warehouse looking for a new mattress. I fell in love with the Nectar Mattress and told the salesperson I wanted a king size. He ordered the mattress and was delivered on the correct day. The delivery man opened the mattress and brought it into the house for me. The instructions said to open and let inflate for up to 72 hours which I did. I not ever inflated correctly. Went into the store and spoke with the manager about the issue. He told me my California King was probably defective and would have to order another one. 1st mistake I didn’t order a California King I ordered a king. I already disposed of my old mattress so he instructed me that a new correct mattress wasn’t available for 3 weeks which is not acceptable. I asked for a refund and he said they didn’t do refunds on delivered merchandise. I accepted it so I was stuck with the exchange. It’s not my fault they delivered the wrong mattress and a defective one at that. So I have no mattress and was told by the manager that it was my problem not theirs that I had nothing to sleep on. So not only do I not have something to sleep on but have to wait 3 weeks for a replacement. Poor customer service. Their mistake they need to make it right by refunding my money and letting me buy one somewhere since I need one now

Great Service and Communication

Dave Harrison is amazing. He was very understanding of my limitations and took the time to make sure I purchased the "right" mattress and frame. He made sure I understood everything. Absolutely wonderful. The delivery process was great with text messages on arrival times and the delivery gentlemen were quick and efficient and explained everything to me. About an hour or so after delivery, Dave called me to make sure everything was perfect. Great service and great personnel.

Ty , sales man

Ty, was my sales person he demonstrated excellent salesmanship by listening to my needs , and educated me when I had questions , overall I would gladly refer Mattress Warehouse to my friends, thank, you TY,

Mattress full of bugs

Mattress were house sold me a mattress and box sling full of bugs.and won’t take them back

Experience with Julia at Mattress Warehouse

Julia was very helpful when I was looking for a new mattress. She helped me find the mattress that I felt was comfortable & affordable. She has a very pleasant personality & loved that she smiled alot & she was very knowledgeable. Thank you Julia

Mattress Warehouse of Arden

Angelo gave us great service and great advice. He worked hard to stay within our budget. we recommend Angelo for his professionalism.

Very good product

I love this store. I Walked in to browse during lunch and John Smith helped me immediately. No waiting. I tried a couple of mattresses and loved them. He was extremely knowledgeable of the mattresses and walked me thru thru the process. My mattress was delivered the next day on time by 2 very friendly young men. I am enjoying my sleep and will definitely recommend this store to my friends and co-workers.

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