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Mattress Ranch Mattress Reviews

Mattress Ranch is a mattress brand and retailer in the northwestern US. They provide their own line of mattresses by working with a local mattress retailer. Their mattresses are more cost effective than buying a name-brand mattress and they boast similar designs. Most describe initial comfort, but some describe issues with durability over a short time.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.5/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 7.6/10

Price: $219-$769+

Trial Period: 90 Days (*Charge for Shipping)

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Mattress Ranch's Specifics

Mattress Ranch crafts a variety of their own mattresses using a partnership with Lady Americana, a mattress manufacturer with multiple facilities. This is one of the ways that they are able to keep their prices low, by working with an independent manufacturer to replicate name-brand quality.

In terms of their mattress options in-store, they focus on both in-home mattresses and have a line of RV mattresses that will fit the common RV sizes like RV-queen and RV-king. In addition to these, they have online collections as well, including the Bella, Chesnut, and Princeton.

Quality of Materials

Mattress Ranch has focused on creating name-brand styles at a discount price. Although much of the cost savings is found through working with an independent manufacturer, there may also be lesser quality materials depending on the mattresses selected. Some reviewers have mentioned durability issues with some models.

We'll go through their mattress lines below so that you'll know what to expect before buying. Here are the details:

Bronze (In-Store): The Bronze collection is the most affordable mattress line from Mattress Ranch. They use traditional innerspring designs and are lower quality in terms of materials versus other options available.

Silver (In-Store): The Silver and Silver Signature collections offer higher end pocketed coil hybrid options, which also include comfort layers that are gel memory foam, latex, or memory foam depending on the mattress. These are still competitively priced versus name-brands.

Gold (In-Store): The Gold mattresses are higher end hybrid designs with multiple layers of pocketed and micro-pocket coils and gel memory foam, latex, or eco flex comfort layers. These mattresses are higher end, but still cheaper than name-brands of similar builds.

Gel Tech (In-Store): The Gel Tech and Gel Tech Hybrid mattresses are most similar to all-foam products and have Micropure memory foam on the top layer and either pocket coils or support foam. Although these mattresses will be cheaper than name-brands, there are so many options available online directly from other brands for similar mattresses that may be better suited and last longer.

Sweda (In-Store): The Sweda collection contains latex comfort layers and air chambers. These mattresses are unique and more responsible than foam but may not have universal comfort.

AGT (In-Store): The AGT (Advanced Gel Technology) mattresses are the newest in-store line and feature specially formulated gel-infused memory foam with a full-foam mattress design.

Bella (Online): The Bella is a mattress in a box option that is extremely affordable, but also quite low profile. At only 8'' thick, it may be best only for children or a temporary mattress.

Chesnut Pocketed Coil (Online): The Chesnut is a 10'' thick pocketed coil mattress with poly-foam comfort layers. The price for these mattresses are very low compared to similar, and cause concern about the longevity. May be a fine temporary solution.

Princeton (Online): The Princeton mattress contains gel memory foam for added contour. However, due to the 8'' thickness, it will likely degrade quickly for many. Could be an ok option for children who need a temporary mattress.

Overall Comfort

Customers report good initial comfort overall from Mattress Ranch, but there are others that reported having issues with durability. Overall, the reviews and low pricepoints cast doubt on the longevity of many of the offerings.


Mattress Ranch has a variety of firmness options for customers. The above is an illustration of the range of mattress firmnesses that they offer in-store and online. This type of versatility is a nice bonus for customers that don't know what they need before entering the store.

Back Pain Relief

Many customers report feeling good initial support and comfort from the Mattress Ranch mattresses. In these cases, there could be initial back pain relief for many. However, for those that had issues with sagging and durability, they may experience worsening pain.


Customers don't have much to say in the way of heat problems with Mattress Ranch mattresses. Mattress Ranch makes good use of cooling technologies like gel and gel memory foam. For those that get their mattresses with comfort layers with latex, gel, or gel memory foam, they will likely not have any issues with heat.

Who Are Mattress Ranch Mattresses Right For?

Those looking for super-affordable RV and temporary mattresses, Mattress Ranch should be on your radar. For those looking for an every night mattress, these may leave something to be desired in terms of durability.

Browse Mattress Ranch Customer Reviews

Came in, said I wanted a cheap-o kids...

Came in, said I wanted a cheap-o kids twin mattress. Salesman pointed at the cheap-o kids mattresses and left me alone, which I liked. When I picked the second to cheapest one, he didn't try to pressure me or sell me something more pricey, which I also liked. He didn't try to sell me add-ons, which I super liked. Then he carried it out to the truck for me and I was done. In & out in less than 20 mins. Will definitely be back when I need my expensive cali-king replaced, and when my other kids need new mattresses.

BEST Management team ever

The "BEST" Management team ever!!! Customer service uncompromised!! Intelligent, informed, courteous, all in all the best experience ever!! Join a team that cares for their associates!!Thank you for everything!! Tara, Molly, Brandy, over the top!! You rock Puyallup! Love this place!! Highly recommended!!

Thanks for the memories!! Love you guys!!

This great guy Mike helped my boyfriend and me

This great guy Mike helped my boyfriend and me out he was super honest & kept it real (not like a car sales man) we got a great bed, sheets the whole deal for such a great price. Couldn't be more happy!

I recently visited Mattress Ranch

I recently visited Mattress Ranch while on a search for a same day mattress. I went in knowing what I needed, and planning to purchase.

Unfortunately, this location is sad and dingy. The mattresses displayed appear to be low quality, and the service is lacking.

The sales person who called out to me from the back of the store was not welcoming and did not seem motivated, or like he wanted to be there (which may be a testament to how they treat their employees)

It took me less than ten minutes to test multiple beds and simply walk out.

I wasn't provided any information about delivery, and referred to another company for pick up and disposal of my old mattress.

A few years ago I had visited a Mattress Ranch in Silverdale and purchased a pillow top mattress, the sides of which blew out within a month of ownership, and couldn't be replaced due to a small soda stain (understandable).

Having thought that maybe it was a one time negative experience, I gave them another chance and it turned out that Mattress Ranch is just a sad, sad place.

I would not recommend this place at all

I would not recommend this place at all.

A friend of mine bought a mattress from here and was only given 3 days to return the mattress. Most all places I've gotten quotes from five at least a 30-60 day satisfaction guarantee. I don't understand how they can only give 3 days. That's not even close to a ample amount of time to break in a mattress.

When I spoke to one of the reps for her they said if she purchases some kind of care warranty or something to that nature the period could have been extended to 7 days or possibly a 1 year depending on the one she would have purchased. I didn't get the prices of those warranties but it seems even though the deals they have by default are great the customer satisfaction portion of their service is absolutely horrible and not worth it. Much better shopping around for sales at places where they offer better customer satisfaction return policies. There are sales that occur at other places that can be better than this place. If I could give them a zero I surely would. Not even worth wasting the gas to drive here or any of them in that case.

My 81 year old mother went into store to check out their beds

My 81 year old mother went into store to check out their beds. She was 5' tall and some jerk salesman sold her a bed that she needed a step ladder to get into. Couldn't believe it. I usually shop with her, but she is pretty independent and she made a poor choice. But a good salesman should have been more interested in her well being, and seen that she at least needed a very low boxspring to comfortably and safely get into and out of her bed. The place to buy a bed these days is Sears. They have an awesome selection and very good prices! And you can return it if it just won't do.

Tried out some mattresses

Tried out some mattresses, salesman wasn't pressuring at all. Our finance approval was immediate and the transaction was painless. We really enjoyed our visit and we will be sending more people here. Thank You Ashley here in Lakewood very much, you're very knowledgeable on your products and warranty information.

Good selection

Good selection, decent prices, friendly employees. We bought 3 mattresses from here so far.

If you are looking for a good price on a mattress and good selection and quality check them out! :)

I'd never buy from any other place

I'd never buy from any other place good prices n good Warrenty .thank you Mattress Ranch

Honestly, that funny looking old man dancing on tv is what lured me

Honestly, that funny looking old man dancing on tv is what lured me to take a look at this places selection of mattresses.

Came in here today with my husband to look at them with my husband.

The gentleman who helped us was super informative about each mattress. Showed the selection he had in store and explained how they were made, what they were made of etc..

Store was clean. The prices are insanely low!

What I liked is that he did not pressure us into buying anything. Told us to shop around or sleep on our decision. To come back if we wanted to purchase a mattress from his store. That's just what we did.

I may update this review tomorrow. ;)

Be warned

Be warned they will not honor the warranty they will do everything in their power to weasel their way out of the warranty.

I bought a mattress four years ago it has a 10 year warranty on it, now the side has blown out and they are trying to blame the mattress cover company

I am SO disappointed

I am SO disappointed that my first experience with this place turned SO sour!!

PROS: Yes, they do have pretty good deals and you can pay for same day delivery if the driver guy they use is available. There was no pressure from the staff, like the others stated.

HOWEVER, BE CAUTIOUS! I took my Mother in Law there to check out the adjustable beds. She has stage 3 cancer and is undergoing a really tough round of chemo. She wanted a bed she could be more comfortable in while she gets better.

She landed on one that seemed good. She was hoping for same day delivery - and paid extra for the delivery driver to go to another store to pick up the bed and deliver it to her later that day. The driver was not able to deliver the bed as promised ... and the bed came the next day. (Not the end of the world, but disappointing)

When purchasing, she spent a lot of time as the associates were on the phones hunting to find a local bed that could be delivered that day. (kudos for their efforts!) They found the mattress in a neighboring town and then were happy to take her credit card info and accept her payment.

No warranty information was exchanged. We had assumed (wrongly) that they had a set amount of time for a sleep trial guarantee. You know, the kind EVERY other place has. (from 30-100 days... and if you're not happy, you can exchange) They DO have this guarantee ONLINE, by the way (90 days with a 20% restocking fee).

After 6 days, she realized it wouldn't work. When she called to see about exchanging the mattress, they informed her that because she had not used THEIR mattress pad, she was SOL.


SO, while they have decent value (the reason they get 2 instead of 1 star), and passive sales people -- know that they are passive all around. Including disseminating vital information as well as making the customer happy with their purchase.

This place is likely OK for getting a kid's mattress or a guest room. But if you are looking for your own, be warned and double, triple check their warranty/guarantee on their things.

Or, better yet, only buy online, then you can be sure of a warranty.... either way, I'll stick with the competitors who want to make sure every sale ends happily.

I needed a new good quality mattress

I needed a new good quality mattress that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. My mother had suggested checking at the Mattress Ranch. When I arrived, no other customers were there and I was approached immediately. The sales associate was very attentive when I tried explaining what I was looking for.

He led me to several different beds to tryout and within the first 30 minutes of me being in the store, I was able to pick out a mattress that was perfect for my needs. They don't deliver, but gave me the information of someone who delivered and the price was very reasonable. I was able to have my mattress delivered the same day.

They provided excellent customer service and I plan on purchasing all my future mattresses from the same place.

I can't believe this place

I can't believe this place only has a few reviews. Best place hands down to buy a mattress. Prices are amazing and no pressure. I came out here from the Seatac area and don't regret it one bit. The store does not deliver but they have someone who will deliver for a fee. Very satisfied and will direct everyone to the ranch.

No over priced mattresses

No over priced mattresses, no sales people to try to get you to buy something you don't want. No pressure, make yourself comfortable with testing out the floor demo's. Don't have truck? No problem just $45 bucks cash for someone to deliver it to your house same day service!!

No pressure by sale associates

No pressure by sale associates or credit cards pushed at you with a light touch of music to create a calm and peaceful environment. Those prior elements give the product a chance to sell itself because of the quality placed into each mattress.

My wife and I visited this store

My wife and I visited this store for the first time a few weeks ago although we've driven past there a lot. The store exclusively carries Lady Americana line of mattresses which are made in Sumner, WA. We had never heard of this brand but they've proven to be top quality at an exceptional value and, of course, made in USA.

The staff was very friendly and the best part was that they left you alone to try out the mattresses but made themselves instantly available for answering questions. This was the easiest time we've ever had purchasing a mattress set. We bought a double bed mattress set for the guest room but our next purchase at this store will be a mattress set for our bedroom.

We ended up buying our mattress at Ikea instead

We ended up buying our mattress at Ikea instead, and not convinced we made the right decision. We visited the one in Gorst, a town that is a horrifying ugly place with a major highway cutting it in half, just a terrible foul place. You can't get to Mattress Ranch coming from Bremerton without turning around and heading back from Tacoma or Port Orchard. It's an annoying location for so many reasons (fortunately there are other locations and if/when we go again we'll likely try the one in Silverdale).

The parking lot is a garish thing the children ought to enjoy, plenty of their totem animal, the cow, decorating the place.

The prices within are cheaper than elsewhere in the region, and the quality probably the same. I'm old and crabby and the carnival atmosphere put me in a bad mood; not the company's fault. The ads that turn up on tv are creepy beyond belief, the owner doing what amount to clown routines, and clownishness is not reassuring business-wise.

So I remind myself they have had promotionals that include giving a percentage of sales to charity (for Cystic Fibrosis); their social dedication is fantastic. Anyway, though we ultimately bought elsewhere, we may be back here after all, eventually, for a better mattress. I'd rate them a decent mattress store once you overlook the corniness of the ads and the parking lot and the location in a polluted town held down by constant freeway noise.

I came in last night a half an hour before close

I came in last night a half an hour before close and the man working there was very courteous and helped me to pick a bed and get set up with financing. He was not pushy and let me make my own choices, providing helpful suggestions. He worked past closing time to help me leave with a bed, which I was very thankful for because I had been moving all day and badly needed it! Thank you for being awesome!

Also, the financing was very easy. One year, no interest is perfect. And the prices were unbeatable. I can see now why everyone told me this was the place to go.

Good place to by your mat

Good place to by your thing is after you buy it,have a track.they don't deliver.good need to shop around, just deliver mat yourself is a minus.

Spent my Saturday mattress shopping

Spent my Saturday mattress shopping, starting at Mattress Ranch. I brought my pillow, planning to spend some time. Unlike other showrooms, at this store the least expensive product is what you see first. As you go in the store further, the prices go up.

My salesman was Nate (in Gorst). I told him what I needed and he steered me around the store. In the end, what I liked best was a Preston Gel Tech bamboo mattress for $699.00.

He told me what I had selected was very popular. They also had good prices, and a good selection of waterproof mattress pads. The base was an additional 90 bucks. At another high end store I visited later in the day, the base was $300!

I haven't purchased this mattress yet, but I'm basically done shopping. If you like the no pressure, low-key way of buying something (think Les Schwab) this is the place to go.

Mattresses are made locally with many eco-friendly features.

I met Ted Sadler a couple years ago at the store, he was tending the flower beds. Interesting guy, he shared his story about the history of Mattress Ranch. I was only slightly disappointed that he didn't sing or dance for me..

The twin mattresses I purchased is working out well

The twin mattresses I purchased is working out well. It's very comfortable for my daughter. Zero complaints :)

Mattress Ranch carries a line of natural latex mattresses

Mattress Ranch carries a line of natural latex mattresses and we got the firm hypoallergenic natural Latex foam one. I am very happy with my purchase so far, and the sales people were very helpful without being pushy.

I've been to Mattress Ranch a bunch of times

I've been to Mattress Ranch a bunch of times over the past few years and I finally bought some thing from them. Each time I've gone there, there have been no pressure salesmen bugging me, which I appreciate. But they were also happy to answer my questions when I inquired.

They have all kinds of mattresses at Mattress Ranch, bamboo, memory foam, and traditional spring, and combo. We'll see how the mattress holds up, but they had exactly what I wanted (a traditional construction mattress- I hate that memory foam crap) at an affordable price. I am very very pleased with my experience with Mattress Ranch.

This time around I did purchase a mattress but they didn't have it in stock at this location, so they made arrangements to have it delivered to the store the next day. The next day I got a call from the store that there had been an error and the mattress hadn't been loaded on the truck and I was offered a free upgrade because of the delay or I could wait for the mattress I ordered. They offered me a bunch of options to make it right and they were AMAZINGLY nice.

I bought a mattress from this place a year ago

I bought a mattress from this place a year ago. It was comfortable for about a week, and then started to sag. We measured it and took pictures and they were good enough to replace it on factory warantee.

However, the replacement mattress was equally bad, and also started to sag inside a week.

It's not like I'm a powerlifter or a professional hotdog eater. I weigh 160 lbs, so it seems a little unreasonable that in 3 months I should be sleeping in a trough and getting sore from a bad mattress.

And these were NOT cheap mattresses! So now I'm saving up $$$ to buy a mattress at another store.

Mattress Ranch gets all their mattresses made at a factory down in Washington. I can only guess that the factory makes sub-par mattresses.

The salesmen are helpful, the store is nice, the mattresses are terrible.

Do not buy anything from these guys.

I'm not sure how anyone can rate mattress ranch with any stars

I'm not sure how anyone can rate mattress ranch with any stars!!! I purchased a king size bed in 2008 for $2000 and it was "the best" mattress they had. HA! By no means!!! I had back problems instantly and went back to the Fairbanks store within a week and told them. They said because I was used to a spring mattress it could take a month for my back to get used to the foam type. After a month I was even worse off!! I told them and they said they don't allow returns after 30 days! What?! I let them know what I was told within the first week I purchased it, and they said I could submit a claim to the manufacturer and it might be a manufacturer defect. After countless phone calls emails and letters and pictures submitted, finally 3 months later I was approved for a replacement. The next mattress was just as horrible!! So I went through the process again bust specified I wanted a mattress from a different manufacturer, same thing! Horrible mattress!!! And I attempted to get my money back and was laughed at, so I said I would try a different manufacturer, and when that finally got processed and approved, they asked me to bring in the 3rd one, there was a faint stain on this one and they denied me, I used their mattress protector religiously, the thing leaked! $2000+ in the hole and 3 years later nothing to show for it!!!!!

I stopped in here looking for a queen box spring

I stopped in here looking for a queen box spring for my spare bedroom and a new king mattress and box set. If the colorful cows aren't reason enough to entice you to check this place out, I'll give you a couple more.

For a small store they have a pretty nice selection of mattresses, all locally made. I get a little overwhelmed in larger mattress stores and usually find myself more inclined to just taking a nap on the floor models rather than hearing about springs and foam mechanics. Super intriguing stuff, lemme tell you. This was the Goldilocks of selection options. Not too many to put me into a boredom coma, but just enough to make me feel like I was getting a selection.

On top of that, the sales associate was very friendly and helpful with all of my questions and concerns and even went as far as helping me measure my beast truck to determine if I could potentially fit a king sized mattress in it.

I ended up making a purchase at another location, but the shopping experience and selection was great here, the cows aren't too shabby either.

Black Mattress

I bought two mattresses for my daughter's daybed. I picked out two white mattresses. But one of the ones I purchased was nearly black when I unrolled it at home. I called the store a few times. The first time I left a message, I only received a return message that "If I was given the wrong mattress...". Um, I ordered a white mattress and got a black one, so yeah, it's the wrong one. For the second call, I spoke to someone there, who said they needed to talk to their manager and would call me back. Six days later and no call back, I called again, only to be told that I received the same mattress that I ordered. My complaint is not something subjective, like the one I received is firmer than the one I ordered. It's black and white, literally. I got a black mattress and ordered a white one. They refused to help in any way.

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